Infiniti of Tampa in Tampa, FL

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Infiniti of Tampa is the new and used car dealership to do business with. Serving Tampa, Orlando, St Pete, Palm Harbor, Holiday or anywhere in Hillsborough or Pinellas county.

Infiniti of Tampa

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 235-0317
Address:4600 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL, 33614
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Infiniti of Tampa

Angie B. | 2015-04-22

I bought my Infinity last October. All of the staff that we have come in contact with have been very helpful. I have never felt like a number especially in the service department. Brian has been our service consultant since day one. They all work together and get what you need done very quickly. Good communication about what they can offer and no pressure to make a decision. Will definitely be staying with Infinity for a while!

Sam T. | 2015-04-21

This dealership has the worst service writers I've encountered to date.
I had called the dealership a week in advance to set up an apt. to have some work done on my vehicle. I spoke to Brian and had explained to him that I had purchased a navi system with rear camera from the dealership which in turn they outsourced so I told him that they should have whoever installed the system there, since I was told when they installed that they had to call them in if something  goes wrong, I told Brian that the rear camera isn't working and that the reverse lights aren't working either and that the two problems might be connected. He told me no worries I'll have everything setup for my apt. Skip to a week later Brian wasn't working so I explained to the service writer that I had called Brian and explained everything to him and he should check Brian's notes nonetheless he had me repeat everything over. So after a three hour wait the service writer tells me that the camera was installed by a third party and that the problem with the lights is due to the installer of camera splicing into the wiring harness and that I should take the vehicle to whoever installed it.  that's when I had to explain to him again that the system was installed at their dealership after giving me a dumbf$&k look he asked for a few minutes to confer with someone else. 15 minutes later he comes back and says I need two more hours of diagnostic time to figure out the problem.  The issue  here I can see my car the whole time it was actually in the shop the tech opened my trunk revealed the wiring in trunk, which took him 10 minutes, had three people look at it and walked now I have this inept service writer telling me that he needs more diagnostic time which I wouldn't mind if the tech had actually spent some amount of time trying to figure out what's wrong. Worst dealership ever. And the kicker is he kept asking me if I wanted a damn car wash.

Alvin G. | 2015-04-15

Everything was great until the past two and a half months. I decided to cancel their elite protection plan (cancel within 60 days) for full refund. They (not sure if blame falls on Finance Manager or Accounts Dept) but it took them 2.5 months to mail the refund to the bank holding the lien. I emailed the Finance Manager several times over the course of two months, asking for status on refund, NO RESPONSE.

Called the bank, no signs of adjustments on the balance on their end. Received a call from someone at Infiniti stating my info was not showing up. The gentleman called me back minutes later and said the refund was sent a week after I emailed my cancelation request (Feb. 12, 2015). So where was the refund you ask?

Minutes later, the same gentleman states he just received an email, saying the refund was sent today. YES, TODAY! Oh, how convenient... The day I get someone on the phone at the dealership, the refund gets sent when I was advised it was sent 2 months ago. Thanks for the BS.

Not sure how much more business I'll do with them.

Karen E. | 2015-04-12

Just moved to Tampa from the Northeast. Have had my fx35 serviced by Hartford Infinity dealer only, since purchased 5 years ago.  I thought this dealership was really great, until Friday when I had my first appointment with Tampa Infinity.  We made appointment with Kevin, who was polite and eager to please us setting up appointment times etc.  We were helped in service by Mike Barna, who then took over and attended to every detail.  Mike informed us of every step, such as what we should have done and what could wait etc.  He is extremely professional, curteous and knowledgeable.  We were very impressed. He also arranged for a loaner car since this service would take approx. 2 hours.

 He promised to call when car was ready and true to his word he did call almost to the minute of expected time done.  We were not dissapointed at all.

The most important part of a car purchase will be the service end of things.  This infinity dealership will not dissapointed. Thank you Mike for taking such good care of us. Karen and Joe

Wayne C. | 2015-04-06

I normally go to Firestone for my oil changed b/c of price and convenience. NEVER again! The service from beginning to end was nothing short of exceptional. Every oil change and routine maintenance will be done here as long as I own an Infiniti.

Tina G. | 2015-03-27

First time taking my Infiniti to this dealership, as it needed a routine oil change.  Spoke with Kevin to schedule an appointment...very courteous!  In fact, everyone, from the minute I entered the parking lot, to leaving, was helpful and extremely nice.  Fadi, was especially a pleasure to speak with.  I had a few questions about my car and he took his time explaining  it to me.  Thank you to all the employees there, they  obviously take great pride in their job and have exceptional customer service!

Christian C. | 2015-03-26

Infiniti of Tampa were both professional and efficient with their service. I have been coming here to service my vehicle for some time now and they have always treated me with the same efficiency. Mike was very helpful last time that I was there getting my car serviced and provided very useful information about my vehicle's diagnostics and good tips to keep it in tip top condition. Very reliable people.

Rosy T. | 2015-03-02

My fiance and I came to get an oil change for our cars. Excellent service! I like that they have a cafe bar at the waiting area with a panoramic window to view the service garage. It's good to see that your car is being worked on. I highly recommend this place!

Gabriela A. | 2015-02-26

My boyfriend and I bought our cars at Infiniti of Tampa a little over two years ago. We have had the best experience with the customer service at Infiniti. The gentleman that always and assist us "Paul" has done everything in his power to make our car servicing experience smooth and easy. I would not only recommend Infiniti as a great reliable car but also Infiniti of Tampa as an excellent dealership.

William D. | 2015-02-20

Very pleased with Infiniti of Tampa. My g37 convertible has a very complex folding hardtop that really rattled over brick streets. Service tech Fadi told me he could fix it and he did. Terrific service dept compared to other luxury dealer nearby.

S O. | 2015-02-17

So I truly believe that I should have written a review sooner, as I've been coming to infinity and tampa to service my infiniti for years. I've had many different service advisors however Fadi has been my service advisor for the last few years. Let's start off with their outstanding customer service and staff, here they always keep me up to date at this dealership and never disappointed. They are so transparency with my maintenance and results, they make sure to promote communication between their service advisor and the customer, I think this is great because keeping me as a customer, communication is key.

Something else being a female but I can't really appreciate from the dealership, it is how kind they are to explain to me how things work. New advisor here has ever made me feel naive or uneducated they're always willing to share their knowledge. Love that!

Lastly I am on the go type of person and one of the things I find here to be the most convenient is that at infiniti of tampa if you need to stay on the move they have available loaners and will make sure that you get moving. As a busy business person this is crucial to my experience with my dealership.

Thank you guys so much for the outstanding customer service and a special thanks to Amber, Fadi you always make the experience outstanding and stress free and I will always come back for that.

William S. | 2015-02-17

I wouldn't take my Infiniti anywhere else!! Service is top notch, treated very well and had my car fixed in no time!! They covered the repair on my car and I wasn't even expecting that!  Thanks again for over the top service! If you need excellent service ask for Paul Massidas you will not be disappointed!

Scott R. | 2015-02-14

Awesome Service Different , Top Notch Service

T K. | 2014-12-15

I hate the car buying experience, but this Infiniti dealer is ONE of a kind. Sammy, my advisor, is a rockstar - never pushy, obnoxious or "sales-y" and is incredibly candid and fair. Truly a great dealership and respectable establishment worthy of your business in a sea of scoundrels  

When I came back an oil change a year later, I ran into Sammy who not only recognized me, but asked how my family was doing in Orlando and my boyfriend in Atlanta. Now that is GREAT customer service!

Raquel Z. | 2014-12-14

I am going on my fourth infiniti. I owned a QX56, 2dr G35, 4dr G35 and now a M37. All my vehicles were bought newer. I have had warranty on all of them.

Fadi my service advisor is fantastic. He always gets me in and out and if there's any issues he addresses them immediately.

Erika C. | 2014-12-02

The service department at this location is one of a kind! Although I did not purchase my Infiniti at this location, I wish I had! From the moment I pulled up, I was greeted by every employee. I typically find it generally difficult to obtain any type of enjoyable experience at car dealerships but my visit yesterday has changed my mind. My service advisor, Brian, was extremely personable and went beyond expectations to ensure I was updated and knowledgeable on the servicing of my car. Thanks again Brian for the awesome service!

Christina B. | 2014-10-24

My car was part of the recent airbag recall. Inifiniti was great: scheduled me right away, made it easy to get a loaner AND had a barista on site providing free coffee with the works.
Safety recalls are never fun but Infiniti of Tampa made it a very pleasant experience.

Kendy U. | 2014-09-19

This post is for the service department in general but specifically for Fadi!!! Is it even possible to enjoy getting your car serviced? Fadi has made that possible! Fadi is always demonstrating what it truly means to go above and beyond for his customers. Thank you so much Infiniti of Tampa bay for providing our family with such a wonderful service department guru who we can depend on!!!!

Colin R. | 2014-09-16

Unfortunately there are not a lot of options for Infiniti dealers in Tampa.   As a paying customer in the service department service was reasonable albeit expensive. As my vehicle approached the end of its warranty I booked an appointment on my last day of coverage. Warranty was about to expire by time not mileage. I had two minor issues. One was with some play in the drivers seat and the other had to do with an intermittent problem related to the turn signals.

Without looking at the vehicle I was informed that the seat required a new frame which would not be covered under warranty. Cost $1000 for the frame plus 4 hours of labor @ $125 / hour. Despite reviewing my warranty agreement and finding nothing that would exclude the seat from coverage the warranty claim was denied.   I spoke with a lady identified as the warranty manager. I asked her why there was no mention of the seat or seat assembly in the warranty booklet under the section clearly identified as "what is not covered". She said that the booklet was more of a guideline and was not binding. Keep in mind that this is the Infiniti booklet that came with the vehicle at the time of purchase. It has the start of service date, warranty expiration date, VIN, and customer information (name, address, etc) printed on the first page.

2nd problem was an intermittent issue with the turn signals. I say intermittent but the problem was there 90% of the time. I mentioned it was intermittent to ensure that the technician  would try more than once to replicate the problem if it did not surface the first time. Amazingly enough I was told that they could not recreate the problem and I could pickup my car.

I arrived at the dealership around 5:30 that evening to retrieve the car.  A gentleman drove the car around to the service area for me. He left the car running as he handed it over to me. I sat down and tried the turn signals and sure enough the problem was clearly there. Without turning off the car I went back in and brought the service advisor out to demonstrate what they failed to replicate.  He brought out a technician and then took the car back into the service bay for further testing. About 20 minutes later they brought the car back out and said there was an electrical short in the instrument cluster. They said they would call me  the next day after they verified that the part was covered under warranty.  I drove the car home with me.

The next day at 2pm I called to check on the status as nobody had contacted me. I was told that the part was covered under the warranty but they were waiting to hear back from Infiniti.  I spoke with the service advisor again a couple of hours later.  This time I was told that the warranty claim was denied because my warranty had expired that morning. Really?!  I reminded him that the problem was diagnosed and verified the previous day. He said there was nothing he could do.

Obviously this service department is not looking out for the best interest of their customers. I find it hard to believe that there is no process in place for this as the problem was confirmed prior to the warranty expiration. I suspect they would rather customers pay the high parts and labor markup instead of settling for the predetermined rates they would receive from the manufacturer as a warranty claim.

Allison B. | 2014-08-11

Exceptional service !!! I would never think to take my car anywhere else. Every time I get my car serviced Fadi makes my experience stress and worry free. The new building is beautiful as well.

jeffrey h. | 2014-07-12

i have been a loyal customer of infiniti of tampa for 10 years and have never had the slightest problem,its always been an exceptional experience,the entire staff is helpful,not pushy and always looking out for me,will always use them for my car needs!!

Cynthia P. | 2014-06-25

As a previous Infiniti owner years ago, we had the best performance and dependable  service of our car.  We had  a SUV which was almost 10 years, so we needed a brand new
2014 car.  We remembered about our past Infiniti that we thought we would check out the new Infiniti's.  Needless to say we had the most congenital staff assisting us that we bought a new 2014 QX60.  But before that we purchased a QX50, brought it home, then decided we needed a step up to the QX60.  We want to thank our salesman, Kevin Michaels who was so patient with us.  He wanted us to be happy with our choices of getting the right car for our needs.
Thank you Tampa Infiniti for your assistance.
Romeo & Cynthia Patriarca

Fadi A. | 2014-05-06

They'll beat any tire deal around! And will match price anything you find cheaper AND give you a loaner for free! And this isn't just a one time special it's all the time.

Jeff A. | 2014-05-03

Since moving to Tampa Bay, I have been using Infinity of Tampa for all my Infinity maintenance needs! Paul, my service manager is the best. Honest, genuinely caring and just an overall nice guy.

The facility is clean and comfortable. And every time I am there, the other customers are always fun and cordial - must be a trait of Infinity owners!

Nick B. | 2014-03-30

Follow up to a previous post!!!

The salesman was very nice, and I also enjoyed chatting with Jamal in F&I.
I purchased a 2010 Ford Flex from this dealer in December of '13.  While I'm happy with the vehicle overall, it's clear the dealer didn't really inspect this vehicle beforehand.
There were numerous problems which really should not have escaped any attempt at inspection.  One of the window switches was inoperative, the windshield washer didn't work at all, the spray nozzle for the rear windshield was missing entirely, and the radio antenna was broken.  The brakes were at less than 3% left.  This vehicle needed lots of work but they assured me it was fine.

Then in the sales area they charged me an additional fee of $650 and told me that it was nothing more than additional dealer markup...extra profit for the company.  This is wrong on so many levels.  They said that all car dealers do this, but I've since found this is not true at all.  I don't appreciate being penalized for doing business with them, especially since I had driven 1.5 hours to see this specific automobile.  


After posting on yelp, the GM asked me to phone him which I did but nothing ever came of it.  They wanted me to take a day off, drive 3 hours round trip so they could "look at" a window switch and the antennae, both of which were/are minor things.  They didn't offer to participate in the $600+ I'd already spent, or offer to return the $650 the sales dept strong-armed from me.  So after seeing some hope for a happy resolution, my opinion now is even lower than before.

1.  Their used car inspection is a joke.
2.  They force you to spend $650 as a dealer fee which they surprise you with on the paperwork.
3.  They pretend to care about after-the-sale concerns but don't really do anything.

I know it's a used vehicle, and I understand that things aren't going to be perfect.  But my issue is that they clearly did not inspect this vehicle, AND they wrestled an extra $650.00 from me, after I told them I'd taken that day off just to buy a vehicle...I guess they figured I was a captive audience and took advantage of that.  So I got a nice auto but learned my lesson about this company.  I won't be back nor would I recommend them.  

N. Boyd
Kissimmee, FL

Alicia P. | 2014-01-28

Part 2:
I also splurged on a detail.  It was my birthday.  Why not.  Welp.  There was visible dirt on the headliner, around the head rests, under the seatbelts and other spots on the leather.
We left it and expected that the issues would be addressed.
When I went to pick up the car a few days later, reviewing the car, it was out in the bright sun beating down and I focused only on the weather stripping which had been re-replaced and the glue/silicon appeared to all be underneath.  But I did see a scratch in the paint that was not adhesive and would not come out.
It was a Friday and went to take it home so my husband could look over the car and stated that I'd be calling Saturday to find out what could be done about the paint scratch.  I took it home, parked it under the carport as usual and didn't go back out to look at it until Saturday afternoon.
When we looked the car over again in the shade, I pointed out the paint scratch and my husband said what's worse was that there were 2 dents in the top which were certainly not there before but it was not seen because of the glare from the sun and my focus on the weather stripping the day before.

I immediately called the service department, my contacts were not there, the Service Manager was not there and I was told I'd get a call back from the Assistant Service Manager, which I never heard back from.
I called just before they closed expecting some sort of response on how to address and resolve and was told that Monday would be the soonest we could do anything about it.
First thing Monday morning, I had reached out to the Service Manager and my husband called the GM, Mr Johnson, to help get these issues rectified - this was horrifying!

We brought the car in within the next day or 2 and the Service Manager bent over backwards to ensure we covered all the items that needed to be corrected and then some.  They offered to not only correct the items that were wrong but also to clean up the scratches on a wheel and even to take the front license plate holder that is not necessary on FL cars but that would have required removing the bumper, the plate holder, filling in the holes, repainting and reinstalling - I didn't want to chance starting to take on other work that wasn't needed - in my opinion "don't fix it if it ain't broke."  So, rather, he offered to resolve that another time if we wanted.

All I wanted was for my hardly used Inifiniti Sport 6MT convertible back to 100%, clean, pretty and properly fixed leaks and other items and to maintain its value.  I have an 8 year warranty on it (I certainly won't hit the miles before that time), I expect it to be in TOP NOTCH condition, especially after taking it to the direct dealer that I bought it from!  I have not and would never bring it to some other repair shop  even for oil is only at the dealership!

It wasn't until that last call both to the Service Manager (although I had spoken with the Service Manager before) and the GM that day that made the difference.
It has since been approximately 4 months, the rattling is still there some, there are no leaks (although it's been in 1 carwash and only a few rain days), the weather stripping appears to be fine now, the temperature gauge seems to be reading properly, I do not feel or hear any noise when the steering wheel is slowly turned but with the recent cold snaps I am still getting low tire pressure notifications.

When I get any other major work done, I will update how my experience has been, I'm due for an oil change soon which is not major.

Right now, I don't have the most positive feelings about the service department, but they did finally address the issues, bending over backwards to make me happy with the final results.  I just don't feel like it should have to get to that level to have the positive experience customers should have starting from the beginning.
Hopefully, this improves.

David A. | 2014-01-27

This is where you should buy your next car, if you like infiniti that is. The staff is fantastic in a very laid back environment.
Negotiation was easy and they stayed late to make it happen.
Highly recommended!

Kelly K. | 2014-01-22

If you are looking for a New or Used Infiniti, look no further. I stopped by in hopes of saying Hello to the recently dubbed GM and GSM, Paul and Jeremy and was wowed instantly. The new exterior is handsome and ascetically pleasing. But the inside is well-appointed with custom glass imported from Italy and mirrored glass clean enough the receptionist mentioned an array of individuals had run into them. The personal consultants offices are inviting and non-confrontational, a plus when searching for a new vehicle. The spacious showroom boasts an array of New Infiniti's in all kinds of colors and equipment and the fresh staff is ready and willing to answer any questions. Around the corner from the receptionist desk is the service wait room full of refreshments and TV's for viewing. I had the opportunity to speak with a gentlemen having has vehicle worked on and he expressed the level of customer service being top notch. I'm starting to get the itch, may be a new Infiniti in my future!

Shane R. | 2014-01-14

Stacey Wolf at Infiniti of Tampa was such a pleasure to work with. She was very professional from start to finish. Stacey and I work from a distance and she made purchasing (QX60) the car across the state (Florida) very easy. Stacey exceeded all my expectations and was able to beat my local dealership close to where we live. The service that Stacey provided was excellent, A+.

Shabba R. | 2014-01-13

Stopped here recently while shopping for an SUV.  Considering similar models from Cadillac, Lexus and Audi.  The dealership is very nice and clean, newly built, modern look.  We met with a sales person and the sales manager and both were very polite and helpful.  I can say that of the four places we've looked, this one did come the closest to feeling like a car dealership since there was a lot more question and answer time spent with the sales person making notes when we all know that if you're looking at cars, you want to see what you're interested in and drive it as soon as you walk in the door, not talk about what you did and don't like about every other car you've driven.  In any case, it was minor and we were test driving about ten minutes later.  Didn't end up going with an Infiniti but I'll certainly keep them in mind next time around, and wouldn't have an issue going back to this dealer.

Edward J. | 2013-11-03

Wow, BEWARE OF THIS THUG INCUBATING SERVICE CENTER ! You know that dreaded feeling you get when needing to take your car to get service, but feel they are not to be trusted? Well, this location is the epitome of it.  traveling through tampa to clear water fl, on vacation, had one bag left in back seat due to trunk full. They service center didn't tell me I needed to make sure all bags are out of vehicle due to them having thugs that work on your car... After driving away from the location, reached in my bag for electronics, and bag had been rambled and camera stolen... Called them about the issue, no remorse, they stated you can't prove it. They have in very fine writing, " they are not responsible to any damage to vehicle or any missing items from car", thus, saying they can damage your car or steel whatever they like. it's like they have a work plan with the local prison system to employ convicts.. Stay away from this place.

Chris From M. | 2013-06-30

Absolutely AWFUL. I am a Director who works 10-12 hour days, often 7 days a week. I've been looking for a specific used car, a BMW 3 series. I saw one on Auto Trader and called Tampa Infinity with questions. Eddie, the pre owned sales manager, proceeded to place me on hold and go "look at the car and options." He came back on the line and answered my questions. 1) The Dark Blue BMW was an automatic WITH steptronic. 2) The car had charcoal leatherette interior. 3) The car was in great condition. He proceeded to tell me he "knew that car" because he almost sold it a few days earlier, and he had driven it.

I put someone in charge of my people for 30 minutes and rushed out the door at work. After the 20 minute drive to Tampa Infinity, I was told Eddie was out grabbing the car. I waited about 5 minutes, then Eddie pulled up. He walked in, shook my hand, and said "You must be Chris. Here's the car!" I looked outside and was shocked to see not a Dark Blue 2 door BMW 3 series, but a Gray, 4 door, BMW 5 series. I said 'Eddie thats not the car we spoke about." He procceeded, in typical dirbag- used car bait and switch fashion, to say "Oh, you meant the Blue 3 series. Well this one is much nicer.."

I was FURIOUS. I am newly married and barely even have time to see my wife I am so busy. This scumbag lied on the phone and tricked me into taking time out of MY workday, made me not be available to the team I manage while I was out, waste gas, drive 20 minutes, and forever lost an Infinity customer.

A note to Tampa Infinity- successful people with graduate degrees, incomes high enough to purchase your highline brand, and the ability to splurge on a luxury car are not only hard to find in this economy, they are also used to being treated correctly. At BMW dealerships you get coffee, a snack, a lounge, and an amazing experience where you feel important.

At Tampa Infinity you get lied to, swindled into coming on to the lot, bait and switched, hustled by a slimy used car dude, and leave the lot telling all of your friends never to visit your dealership.

I've been a sales director for a long time. A happy customer tells an average of 5 people about their great experience. An unhappy customer tells an average of 25. Make sure you are putting out the message you want to. Today you didn't.

Suzette J. | 2013-04-25

We purchased a JX35 on Saturday from Rich and had a great experience.  We want to thank Rich and Robert for all their help.  I am sure I am going to love my new car!  
Thanks for everything!  Suzette J.

Paul H. | 2013-03-04

I have to say first off that our salesperson Eddie was a nice guy.
My issue is that after purchasing a 350Z we noticed a small chip in the windshield the next morning, within 12 hours of the sale.
Infiniti used the gel crack fix and said to bring it back to have it replaced in 30 days (when my warranty from the dealership would no longer be valid). When we asked who would be responsible for the bill we were told it would be covered by our insurance company whom we had just started our policy with. I don't think my insurance company should be responsible for the issue when the car should not have been sold with a crack in the windshield. Needless to say, Infiniti never fixed it and stopped returning our calls.
I will not be returning to this dealership nor do I recommend them.

Boston L. | 2013-02-21

Our dealer, Abe Gupta, made the deal pleasant and fair. After the standard negotiation, Abe took the time and came down to the price we were comfortable with.  I did plenty of research and searched multiple dealers within 500 miles.  Abe and Inifiniti Tampa had the best deal and they delivered as promised. There were no hidden fees, nor were there any upsells. Straightforward and honest. They shipped the car to Pensacola and it arrived on a flat bed in immaculate, showroom condition.  I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a new Infinti.

henry b. | 2012-11-26

Jim Matthew, our salesperson, was the best at working with us...he was not pushy but very informative about the cars etc...I would highly recommend this place to anybody who is looking to get a fair price for a great car...Thanks Henry

Dietrich S. | 2012-06-13

Not sure why the previous poster was short and nondescript about his issues with Marc Fisher, but in my dealings with him I have nothing but high remarks. I was concerned that I would have the same hurdles that I had when I approached other Infiniti dealers; mainly them not taking me seriously because of my age, but throughout the entire process I was treated as a valuable and serious customer. Not once feeling like a burden or an incontinence to anyone at the dealership.

My first dealings with Marc Fisher was over the phone concerning a vehicle I expressed interest about on their website. Shortly a price was agreed upon but to my dismay the car was already sold. What I thought was superb service was that Marc Fisher was able to find another model at another dealership in a different part of the state, with the exact same color configuration that I had wanted plus it had a few more options that the previous car did not. Wanting to stand by his word Marc agreed to give me the second car for the originally agreed upon price even though with the second car, there was the added cost of shipping and the extra features that were not passed onto me.

I'm addition, Marc offered me transportation to and from the airport so I did not have to worry while my car was being delivered.

This is my first time buying a new car and the experience was expeditious and smooth, if I choose to buy another Infiniti in the future, Infiniti of Tampa is the first place that I plan to search.

Victoria A. | 2012-04-07

Friendly people clean place and hey nice cars!