Ferman Nissan in Tampa, FL

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We specialize in new and used Nissans in the Tampa area.


Established in 1895.

Established in 1895 The Ferman family of companies provides service, satisfaction, and value to the motoring public in west central Florida, rewarding careers for our valued employees, a fair return on the investment of our shareholders, and a generous contribution of volunteer time, talent, and financial support to the communities we serve.

Since 1895, our core values remain unchanged: honesty, integrity, and responsibility to customer, employee, and community. That legacy provides a foundation upon which we fulfill our mission while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Ferman Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 745-9032
Address:11001 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL, 33612
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Ferman Nissan

Dawn S. | 2015-04-07

It's been about a month since I bought my car here and I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this place. I'm not sure if they have shady business practices or are just incredibly unorganized. I was using a "car buying service" from my bank. Basically the program just requires me to find a car using their database. I searched and found a car I wanted to test drive and it happened to be at Ferman so I headed over. I showed the sales guy the printed flyer of the car and he arranged a test drive. It wasn't until after I test drove it that he informs me that the car I test drove was actually a different car than I showed him from the flyer. Then confusion ensued in which he tried to find the car. Apparently the car was just sold at auction this morning....sure it was. The car I test drove was same mileage, year, color....and 2,000 more expensive. I was annoyed by how unorganized and shady they were coming across. I decided I wanted to just go home. I expected them to try to work out a deal with me but nope. They just let me walk out. I was motivated to buy, I was pre approved from my bank and desperately needed a car bc mine had died. The sales guy called me the next day to apologize. I told him that I was going to come back and allow them the opportunity to earn my business. I was expecting them to give me a good deal-but they only wanted to give me 500 off....and since using the car buying service from my bank guaranteed 250 off-they really only gave me 250 off the price. I ended up buying the car-only because I couldn't go another day without having a car to get to work. The whole experience was disappointing. Not sure if a man would have been treated this way-I doubt.

Amber H. | 2015-03-07

I have been bringing my Altima into this dealership to get serviced for a couple years now, and the employees are always personable and treat me extremely well. They seem to go out of their way to keep me satisfied. I have zero complaints with customer service, as it is top-notch. My only complaint is the wait times. I have waited a couple hours for an oil change, but I do understand that they get busy. Even with the wait times, I don't think I will take my car anywhere else, because these guys are just super nice.

Donna A. | 2014-10-30

I purchased a car here and it was the worst experience ever. I purchased a used 2012 Altima which I was told just came on the lot. I asked for a carfax report several times but was told that the car was too new to get one. They reassured me that nothing had ever happened to the car and that an employee was returning it due to a divorce. After taking my car to a repair shop, I was advised that the bumper had been replaced improperly. They also gave me mats out of another vehicle and promised to order new mats. I contacted them on several occasions for the new mats but only got the run around. Needless to say, they lied on several occasions and I would never go there again!

Rachel H. | 2014-03-18

This place almost warrants five stars.  I'll definitely keep getting our car serviced there so I'll update my review as I feel necessary.  

I only came in because I got a coupon for a $5.99 oil/filter change when I ran the Gasparilla Classic.  After making an appointment online, I was good to go.  

I came in on a Monday morning around 11am and pulled up, dropped off my keys, and the technician on duty showed me where I could wait.  I was led to a well stocked waiting room equipped with a free soda fountain, coffee bar, fresh locally baked donuts, popcorn machine, new magazines, and the television flipped to the The View.  Is this what heaven is like?

Another television screen has my name up along with the other customers who were waiting with the progress of my car.  

It took about 20 minutes and there was no over selling when I checked out.  $5.99 out the door.  

As a woman, that is so appreciated, I feel there is a sexist inclination to let me know that there are things wrong with my car that aren't and I pay for those things only to find out it either A- wasn't necessary or B- something anyone with a 2nd grade education could do.  

The only snafu in my experience with Ferman Nissan was the first appointment I made was for 12:30pm during my lunch hour.  I showed up and was told it might take 1-2 hours because everyone goes to lunch at that time.  Then why make that time available to book?  

Again, the next visit was great and I have already forgotten about the previous experience.  Just note, don't book at lunch time:)

Jason C. | 2013-11-08

Not impressed.  The service was extremely slow - waited two hours for a basic oil change!!  They wanted to add on additional services without explaining the additional price, which seems a bit shady to me.  Not the friendliest place I've been and the waiting area is very bland compared to other dealerships in the area.

Eleni D. | 2012-09-12

Bought my car here, what a great experience. Ask for Anthony Suda. After making my rounds to several car dealers, this one was a relief because they were really straightforward.


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