Courtesy Toyota of Brandon in Tampa, FL

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Courtesy Toyota of Brandon

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 639-8045
Address:9210 Adamo Dr, Tampa, FL, 33619
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Courtesy Toyota of Brandon

James C. | 2015-04-16

Went in for an oil change and rotation, as I got there they had a major rush and got a bit behind. Normally this would bother me but the service rep Wesley kept me posted on progress, he listened to me talk a lot, and made it right. I'll be back.

Stacey M. | 2015-03-02

Where do I continue to go back to for a lease or finance? Courtesy. I have had a great experience with the Nissan store over on hillsborough but I decided to get a Toyota Camry. The service was top notch.... Down to presetting all of the stations in my radio! They gave me a great price... Believe me when I saw the finance manager sweat. :) although the store is in needs of some cosmetic updates, it means that they can keep the prices low for this lady. One thing, Jose needs to loosen up a little! Otherwise, great job guys! Will return in 3 years!

Marie W. | 2015-02-17

Horrible, HORRIBLE car service.
I can assure you that once you have purchased your car (and the car purchase was the only non-headche, process, everything, EVERYTHING has been a nightmare here from financing to maintenance), you will want to take your car elsewhere for maintence... They have no regard here for anything.

I purchased a certified, preowned car, only 2 yrs old with 20,000. Let me tell you how every time I bring this car in for a simple oil change, they tell me all the things that I need to do to it.
If this is a certified preowned, why was the car never maintenced and never had replacements done???


OH I love how the maintenance guys here love to pick out $200-600 priced, supposed work that needs yo be done. Yea, OK buddy, I'll bet. You greedy liars.

Service employees are rude, worst...WORST service ever.
So I come in for an oil change, today, I make the assistant manager aware (after he wants to say my tires aren't safe, of course the tread is still in tact and the whole nine, but I am a woman so we know what entails with that), so I tell him I'm not getting tires today, and I rant about the crappy service, the major upsell issue on a car I got just 8 months ago that I was mislead to believe was a REAL certified preowned (not real, apparently, they did nothing to the car, nothing. It's like I'm driving it after the original owner just dropped it off), so he claims he wants me to leave happy abs blah blah and that's why the price is cheap and yada yada, that he's giving it to me for a super low rate.
I deny that. Needless to say after 1.5 hrs, that jerk-o has come in to yet again, upsell, and when I deny he walks away with an OK but the annoyed OK.
Here I am, 2 hours later, still waiting and no word of anything. Let me add that I got here before 8am and there were only 2-3 people in here.

Guess they don't care to maintain the next in line process when you refuse service.

I'll add that when I pulled up, this jerk assistant manager of the service department (he looks like he's 18), didn't bother to ask the person who was blocking me from pulling in to be helped. Nope, he kept talking to the lady with no regard that I was sitting and waiting to move up. Oh let me add, that lady never got any work done, so I sat in my car for almost 5 mins. held up by her and the jerk assistant manager to be helped.

I warn you, please-feel free to visit my profile and see I am a 2 yr. Yelp Elite with detailed reviews--i WARN you, this is a horrible dealership.

If you buy your Toyota from here, that's fine. Expect a good sales person with a financing person who is kind but not time efficient or thorough for that matter...

Needless to say this assistant manager caught attitude when he heard me complaining because I wanted to know why other people after me were done first.

He also told me he would have the car washed and vacuumed. Nope. Not done.

The nice lady in the front apologied a million times but was a witness to him being rude.

Take your car for service elsewhere. That's your best bet.

Maria S. | 2015-02-08

Worse customer service ever! Too bad i can't put minus! If you appreciate your time never go there coz they will just waste it....
Big disappointment, shame on toyota!

Jacob F. | 2014-11-22

I only went for an oil change and tire rotation which were done well. But the service adviser Gary was very friendly and helpful.  They make you feel welcome and that your business is wanted. They also even took care of a factory software update so that was a bonus.. I will take my truck back.

Scott H. | 2014-11-06

I bought my 2011 Tacoma 4x4 there new in 2010. I got the best price online in a 100 mile radials.  I also have a 1997 Toyota Land cruiser  I called to get a quote to have a a new steering gearbox installed on my LC.  I was told by the service adviser that I'd have to bring it in so they could but it on the machine to evaluate it.

First off if you know anything about vehicles, a diagnostics will not detect a problem with a non electric mechanical part.  In this case this gear box has NO sensors.  Instead they wanted to charge me a diagnostic fee to assess the problem where a test drive would suffice and would cost nothing.  I finally got and installation price of nearly $1000 and I'd have to by their part which was located in Oregon.  This part was $1200 and they would NOT install a non Toyota part.  A comparable part through NAPA they would not install.  Which is weird because my cousin who works for NAPA delivers NAPA parts to Courtesy Toyota and it's sister dealers all the time/

I am a total and permanent disabled veteran.  I live month to month and anyway I can save money helps.  This was not the first time that this dealer has attempted to overcharge me, but it was the last.  I took my truck to Wesley Chapel Toyota where they allowed me to buy my own part and they installed it.  

They even found that parts that were previously installed by Courtesy that I was charged for a a new part were used parts or parts that were mended to work.  Wesley Chapel is the place to go.

Kris C. | 2014-08-19

My Toyota Sienna started smoking on the highway so I brought it to Courtesy Toyota. I have a warranty for the vehicle and I brought it here because of that. I read the reviews prior to turning my Sienna over to them and was a little worried.

They had my car for a couple days and informed my part would be in that weekend. Weekend roles around and no part. I received an update from the service department that the part was coming from California and it would be there in a couple days. So they gave us a loaner car free of charge until the part came in.

I call back after a couple days and am told the part has not arrived and that the part is not available in the U.S. and that it would have to be shipped from Japan. The new delivery date, August 29th! For the record, my vehicle was turned in during the last week in July.

I call the service Manager, Tom. He tells me that the part has to be ordered from the factory and that there are none in the world at this time. In the world, there are parts for my Toyota Sienna. I call BS.

Then a couple days later Tom calls and says that the part has miraculously turned up in the U.S. and that I was very lucky.

I received my Sienna back today, August 19th. Courtesy Toyota had my Sienna for 25 days. I will never return to this dealership again.

Chelsea W. | 2014-08-14


TERRIBLE experience. Called in at about 2PM on a Wednesday about a vehicle that I found on the internet. I was  VERY interested. This literally could have been the easiest and fastest car sale they ever had. I told them that I was on a time crunch and I didn't even want to haggle on price. I filled out a credit app. The salesman said that he was going to have his Finance Manager call me about financing options. 2 hours later the Manager calls me and during this conversation he says that the model "Oh this is not a Prius five, this is a Prius three." On their website it says Prius five and I specifically talked about this and the features that come with the Prius five with the salesman. I would have put a deposit down then and there. Hell I could have paid the entire thing outright. So I call the salesman and he says it is a mistake. It IS the prius five he will fix it in the morning and agrees to call me at 10:30. 11:30 rolls around and I call. He texts me back saying he will call me back in about 15 minutes. 12:30 rolls around and I still have not heard form him so I text him. He responds with "I am all over it. I'll call you in just a moment" Then at 2:30 I text him saying that I am really on a deadline to purchase the car. He texts me back at 3--oh someone bought it YESTERDAY. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I have 48 hours to purchase a car. I was willing to do it all the same day and because they 1. don't know what they are doing or anything about their inventory and 2. don't give a heck about anyone's time but their own, I have now lost 24 hours. I called and asked to speak with the GM. Got a voicemail. Left a voicemail asking for a return call. Have not heard back. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE experience. My guess is that I never will.

Peter C. | 2014-07-12

I was looking for a used car and asked  the salesman to show me cars 10k and under.. He kept showing me new cars and I said please only show me what's in my budget and he refused and said I don't want that so I left never to return... Probably the worst customer service I ever experienced.

Kirk K. | 2014-06-23

This is the response that I received from the General Manager of Courtesy Toyota.  I wonder if RJ knows he/she just confirmed what I posted, Courtesy Toyota of Tampa wasted my time.  

No RJ I will not be returning to your dealership to go over those options with you because I sent the options I wanted on the vehicle via the buying service and I re-iterated those same options in a follow-up email to your sales representatives.  

It's really not that hard.  I have used my insurance company's buying service for my last two vehicle purchases and it was a painless process but apparently your dealership hasn't figured that out yet.  

Hey RJ thanks for letting me know that the options do change the price on the vehicle, wow I thought you were in the business of giving vehicle options away.  Are you for real?  I wanted a Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double cab with a Limited Package and the out the door quote with the trade-in allowance was $28,258 but when I went in, your sale representative actually gave me the quote for the TRD package which was about half ($3,500) of the limited package ($7,000).  The classic bait and switch.   And as I told your sales manager, a waste of my time.  

So thank you for finally getting back to me as I left a detailed complaint with your customer service representative the week before last.  Not to worry I have forwarded a complaint to my insurance company, who in turn forwarded my complaint to TrueCar, the buying service.  I am sure they will be in touch and I will be sure to forward this information, i.e., that you have confirmed your sales representative wasted my time.   Good day!

Hannah W.
Comment from Hannah W. of Courtesy Toyota of Tampa  
Business Owner
Thank you for your opinion. We are proud of the selection we offer because it allows us to help customers like you find exactly what they are looking for, however the various options available do change the pricing of vehicles. I understand that you sent us what it was you were looking for and I am willing to go over those options and the quotes you had received as well as the valuation of your trade-in. Please contact me at 813-639-8045 to begin this process and we can work together to provide you the answers you're looking for in a time frame that you are comfortable with.

Thank you,
General Manager Read less

Derek N. | 2014-05-02

I love oil changes for 10$ coupons. This makes my synthetic oil change for my 4runner affordable at 39$.

Of course it is a dealership, so they want to recommend everything under the sun. At least this is what I always thought. They told me my tires needed to be replaced (knew this) and that I needed a new battery (even though my car worked fine). Me being a skeptic, I went to an auto parts store to have it tested. The Toyota dealership was right. The tech told me that I probably had a month left but "don't go to far from home". I love doing my own car work when possible so I decided to do my own battery change. I would do my oil change but Toyota made some car maintenance unfriendly to do in the drive way.

They do price matching on tires. So if you need new tires, do some shopping around and bring in the price quote. Save some $$$ because their tire prices and installation is a little high.

Mitch M. | 2014-02-27

I bought my dream truck in Courtesy Toyota a couple of weeks ago. I already know what i wanted in features and the price that I can live with. I was greeted by one of the Salesmen Frank Croner. I explained what I wanted features, pricing and acceptable trade price for my old truck. He brought the exact truck that I had in mind and helped me meet the price that I wanted. Overall, the experience was positive and my salesman spent the time to listen and get what I wanted. Happy Buyer. Would recommend Courtesy Toyota to my friends.

Steven N. | 2013-11-13

I got there around 5pm to buy a Prius stayed to around 8pm cause i found out that i could not finance the car on my own i needed my wife to co sign and get a better interest rate. They tell me to bring the car home and to let my wife test drive it. so i get home and of course there not the only dealership i called to look for pricing. so i have a message saying they will beat any price so i call Toyota of Tampa back and the beat the price by 600 dollars. I call back Courtesy Toyota and they were really upset saying that wasn't the right price and that there was no way they could make a deal like that. my dealer says he will call me back. so 5 min later he calls me back says he can not match the deal and to bring the car back now or they will call the police. i was like what did you just say and he said my boss told me to tell you if you don't bring the car back right now hes calling the cops on you. So i bring back the car and the salesmen seems really upset. i was like you know what Tell you boss to say sorry to me and ill buy the car. hes like i will say sorry for him but he wasn't going to say sorry because he bugged him at home and the reason he said that was because he was annoyed. So i leave to walk back to my car and he tells me he sells lots of cars and that i wasted his time on his day off.

Ryan S. | 2013-11-04

Pulled in at 9:20 this morning (only customer there). I walked up to 5 salespeople chatting and smoking...not one person greeted me. I walked all the through the showroom...not one person greeted me. I walked back outside (past the 5 salespeople again...and still no greeting) over to a $30k one came over. Are you actually in business to sell cars? Put a call in to the GM to make him aware of the situation...have yet to hear back from him!?!

UPDATE: This review was typed about 3 months ago, and for whatever reason, didn't post. Since this post, the GM did contact me and apologize. However, I was offered an "I'm Sorry discount" that was still $3000 more than Wesley Chapel Toyota (I went to WC Toyota after the Courtesy debacle) on a comparable van (same sticker price). I do appreciate the GM returning my call and making an effort to make things right.

Corey B. | 2013-09-16

Would rate ZERO stars if I could.  If you want to waste half of your day getting something done as simple as an oil change or a tire installation this is the place for you.  

Want to be felt that you're to blame when you get 2 flat tires because the service department damaged your tires while installing them?  Do you like being called a liar or forced to confront an employee by a manager?  Look no further!  

I recently brought in 4 brand new tires to be installed on my vehicle.  Within days I had air leaks and one tired damaged.  Within 3 weeks, I had one completely destroyed.  Instead of giving them the satisfaction and also wasting yet another half day sitting there I took my vehicle to tires plus.  I paid $110 for a new tire and have had ZERO issues.  The manager at tires plus showed me the "old" tire and told me the reason it went flat was because it was damaged on installation.  I sent a very lengthy and detailed email to Courtesty's customer service manager, twice, after waiting over 2 weeks of non response from the first attempt to contact them, i sent a second email, with no response whatsoever.  They blamed me for the damage because these were not the right size tires.  Note: these are the same size tires that have been on this vehicle for 7 years, with no issues and have been installed at this very same location!!!!  In my opinion, they were just butt hurt because I didn't actually purchase the tires there.

At no time did this dealership take responsibility for their actions.  Phone calls and emails left unreturned.  And even after getting a second opinion from another tire installer, who said the dealership is to blame, I basically got the finger from these people.  This vehicle has gotten every service done on it since the day it was purchased at this location.  I guess customer loyalty is not something this place values.  Instead of taking ownership for their mistakes over a couple hundred bucks they'd rather lose a very loyal and longstanding customer, as well as any future vehicle sales to my friends or family.  From now on I will take the extra drive to another Toyota dealership to get my work done where I will be treated with courtesy and respect.  

Don't let this deter you from buying a Toyota or Scion.  I would just suggest a more reputable dealer in the Tampa Bay area.

Norman M. | 2013-04-24

Marco was my service rep and I absolutely do not recommend him.

I brought my Truck to Courtesy Toyota in Brandon to get my front brakes changed.  
After my service, my wheels wobbled when I initiated braking and my TPMS monitor was blinking.

I do not blame them for the TPMS problem, but coincidentally, it started after they changed my brakes.  I spent a total of 5 hours (2 trips) at Brandon Toyota, and another 3 hours (2 trips)  at another tire center to resolve an issue that was initiated by Brandon Toyota Service.

Marco tried to sell me a new TMPS Sensor for $200.00 (that's after a "discount") on my return visit. I took my TMPS to a Tire Center Franchise where they replaced my Tire Sensor for less than $60.00. What a rip-off.

In the end, I had to escalate to a Manager because Marco lied to me about trying to resolve it for close to 3 weeks. Actually but the 2nd week, Marco already forgot who I was.  The Manager who had no recollection of Marco ever approaching him was able resolved it in 1 day.

Thank you, Frank (the manager), for being kind, sympathetic and finally resolving this problem. Unfortunately,  I will not recommend Brandon Toyota Service to anyone because of the time I wasted.

The other review is 100% accurate about the sales staff.   I literally spent 1 hour looking at a used BMW that I wanted by myself. No one approached me, instead, they watched me from afar as they just chit chatted.

Kelly K. | 2013-03-20

I've been a fan of the Courtesy group for a number of years now, I asked the GSM Jeremy to keep an eye out for me for a vehicle. He understood my needs and wants in a vehicle and as soon as he found something called me. Communication when purchasing a vehicle is critical. I appreciated the attention to detail.

The process was quick and painless and at no time did I second guess any decision. The price on my new car was more than fair and my trade in value was spot on. My salesmen was attentive and Coop my Finance was impressive and explained everything in detail.  

I would recommend Courtesy to everyone! They are more willing to bend over backwards to accommodate customers.

Zao Z. | 2013-01-18

They randomly quote service fees.   Very bad service.  The mechanic wrote a random price quote.    I don't trust them one bit.   They don't even have proper electronic itemalized receipts.

C J. | 2012-09-04

I am very disappointed in the waiting area for service.  This is my first time at this Toyota Dealership and has been by far the worst regarding waiting area conveniences and comfort.   I used to take my vehicle north to Wesley Chapel but freeway construction and schedules has prevented me from making the trip.  Anyway, the waiting room is small, with several cheap chairs and a large television.  There are signs that the dealership has tried to improve the area but it lacks in conveniences that we have all come accustomed to having.   There are no tables for those that prefer to work on their laptops and even fewer power outlets. There is a real lack of comfortable seating,  and i was never able to connect to their wifi.   They did provide free coffee, mini-muffins and some sort of frozen "slurpee" like drink.   The staff was super friendly and very helpful which was nice but didn't do much for the uncomfortable positions I had to force my self in to type.   The length of time for my service was a little longer than I am used to getting but not really noticeable.  Overall, my experience was mediocre and I don't think I will return for service next time.

Sara H. | 2011-08-13

I went to Courtesy to buy a new car and had a specific model in mind. I was largely ignored by the sales staff and when they finally did talk to me, they were rude, uninformed and condescending. The saleswoman actually showed me the *steering wheel* of the model car I was interested in (as in "and you've got some nice vanity mirrors, and here's the steering wheel"). I use a bank that pre-negotiates new car prices, so I negotiated a price for my trade in before letting them know about my bank. They offered me $9,000 for my trade in; I accepted this offer, but once I told them that I had a pre-negotiated price, they dropped the trade in price to $5.500. I decided I would sell the car on my own (I got $8,600) and they were very rude and complained about ME reneging on the trade in when THEY were the ones who took $3,500 off their offer. I bought the car, but over the next couple of months, I realized how much they HAD NOT told me about the car, such as how to use the auto-adjusting audio volume. All-around, it was a really shady experience. The sales people were rude and uninformed and looking back, I wish I had walked away and bought the car from another Toyota dealership. I won't even go back for service.

Carlos H. | 2009-06-28

I come here to get my car maintenance done and they usually do a pretty good job, although the wait can be sometimes painfully long, even in the early mornings on work days, probably thanks to it being on Adamo, a major road in Brandon. Usually I will take a courtesy truck to the Brandon Mall to wait while they repair my car. One of their salespersons tried to pull a fast one me once, but my uncle caught their scheme. I suppose that is just the job of a salesperson though, to make as much money, even if what they sell is not exactly what you need. Most workers are very friendly though and try to take care of you while you are there.