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Courtesy Nissan of Tampa

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 235-0318
Address:3800 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL, 33614
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Courtesy Nissan of Tampa

Stephanie V. | 2015-04-24

I came in for an oil change and the service desk guys were with customers or on the phone except this bald guy with a flat face (he had no name tag) he looked older than the other guys. But he was on the computer and I asked him if he was available and he said he was doing something and I waited, then he finished and said he had to fill out ANOTHER form, how ridiculous that you can't stop and help a customer!!!! Christian helped me then and he was okay, but i will never come back for any car service here, I was better off at Jiffy Lube!

Somebody needs to talk to their team about how the customer is always first, no matter what the customer should always feel like they are important and cared for, I felt like I was bothering him with my presence because he had forms to fill out, I HAVE THINGS I HAVE TO DO TOO!

Angie M. | 2015-02-28

I am extremely disappointed with this dealership.  I have been having issues with getting a hold of someone as far back as december.  Honestly, it truly is ridiculous.  I am a nice person and I definitely see how I was taken advantage of.  My first issue was a plan I signed up for with Peter in finance.  I was mailed out the wrong book although I was paying for a bigger package.  Ok, cool mistakes happen.  But 4 whole weeks to hear from you.  So then I had to actually drive to the dealership! Then I hear the same thing again a mistake was made I will fix guessed right never happened.  I was in the market for a new vehicle with all the features I wanted the first time around.  So silly me I bought a car from them.  But let's go back to the bigger issue.  I came in there to FIX THE PLAN!! It was supposed to be cancelled and all refunded to me.  Here is the real kicker!!!! 1/31 plan supposedly was cancelled and the refund was being processed....2/27 I was charged again for the plan!!!!  This dealership strongly represents "out of sight, out of mind"  Totally the worst experience I have had with any company.  Seriously!! Til this day I have not heard back from the finance department.  I just had a check up call and was told he would let Peter know.........I mean seriously!!  No one can find the time to correct an issue that they made.  I have patience but this has been on going for too long.  Hopefully you read until the end.  Just be careful with this dealership.  Maybe it's because I'm a female or maybe I just don't have enough bark!  But circling back to the beginning totally taken advantage of!  And NO ONE there even cares to make it right.  TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE "Out of sight, out of mind"

Reba B. | 2015-01-29

Unhelpful Rip-off! Called n spoke to Scot about electrical problems with my older Nissan and seat belt issues, I'd heard there were recalls on many Nissans due to these problems which I've been trying to fix for at least a year with no luck, but as soon as I asked about it I was told matter-of-factly "There are no recalls for those problems" REALLY??? I've done research online and saw a local news report about massive recalls for the same issue that causes fires but magically, according to Scott "There are no recalls". Only when I challenged him did he actually go to trouble of checking my VIN...and as for seat belt issues Nissan is sppsd to fix those for free but I was told there would be a diagnostic fee between $110-$150 REALLY??? For a free repair? Its obvious these guys don't care about the safety of their customers driving around with electrical sparks and broken seat I will find another dealer who appreciates the value of doing business in an honest and ethical manner

Todd W. | 2015-01-04

I should have known that no matter how much homework I did, I would experience one car buying experience that fit the negative stereotype.

This was it.

Congrats, Courtesy Nissan. You lived down to the reputation that so many of us have about this industry.

I came in to look at a specific model, make and color automobile that was clearly advertised on their dealership website for just over $14,000.

While my sales guy did everything right to pull that exact vehicle around for me to look at and test drive (and it really did take too long...but I didn't hold that against him), about an hour later his manager sat down with me and that's where things took an immediate and nasty turn.

This manager was named Rick and the instant he looked at me, I knew this wasn't going to be good because I can read people...especially dickheads.

Suddenly, the advertised numbers on the exact car that brought me into the dealership were increased in writing by nearly $6,000 if I wanted to drive it home.

After talking down to me about "my expectations" and scoffing at how I "did not qualify" for their advertised price (which had no fine print attached on their website), this manager then turned on the heavy pressure and asked me what it would take for me to sign a deal "right now."

This after I clearly said to him multiple times that I had other outside opinions to solicit that were important to me, no matter what their offer was at that moment on this particular vehicle.

I cannot stress enough how this manager attempted to intimidate me and it took everything I had to be the professional one, not tell him what I really thought of his tactics and let him walk away from me.

Minutes later, I calmly told the friendly salesperson that I would be in touch later the same day (and I kept my word on that), thanked him for his time and I left the property. Obviously, there was no way I was doing business with a company that was represented by such a major league asshole in a management capacity.

Ironically, I should thank this guy for turning me off...since I bought a better car at a better value from better people at another brand's dealership just a few hours later.

Carlin N. | 2014-12-28

I just left Courtesy Nissan with the worse encounter with the Used Car Manager, Michael Acord. My salespeson, Rick, was really nice and professional. I could not have asked for a better salesperson. However, since I was not ready to make a decision, Rick returned with Michael Acord in tow. The interaction was very confrontational. He was angry and said, "you are wasting my salesman's time." He proceeded by asking me what I want to pay. I told him, "since you cannot give me a good price, I don't want to make a decision today. I told Rick that I just need a price to go back home and think about it. If I decide to buy it then I would return to purchase it from Rick." Michael responded, "This is negotiations. There is no going back and thinking about it. What is your price that you want to pay so you leave today with the car." I reiterated that I am not ready to make a decision and would like his best price. He gets angrier and tells me again how I am wasting their time and wants to know what I want to pay to leave with the car. Then, I told him that I don't appreciate the strong-hold approach and that I do not like his abrasive attitude and disrespectful behavior. He got louder and I decided to leave. Before I left, I asked for his name and his general manager's name.

This is the worse service experience I have ever had. I would have returned to purchase a car from Rick. However, I will never return again.

They really need to change their process. If you are not ready to pay full price, they will bring in a manager and that manager will likely treat you as badly as Michael treated me. As a professor of marketing, this was embarrassing simply b/c his action exacerbates the negative stereotype and attitude that consumers have towards sales people and sales managers.

Joe S. | 2014-12-15

Came in response to an ad on their website for a new nissan frontier. Emailed the dealer to verify the price and called to verify verify it with "the internet sales manager'. I was told on the phone that she was in a meeting and would be free when i arrived. That was the first lie. When I offered to buy the truck I was told that the price reduction was based on nisaan incentives I did not qualify for That was total non sense the only nissan incentive was for $500 if I made a loan with nissan. Then i noticed a $1400 second sticker for "piant sealant" on the truck. Whe all know that is total BS. The salesman knew nothing both the product he was seeling the over weight "sales manager" was ignorant and condescending. Needless to say I would not give this dealer one cent of my money, STAY AWAY!!!!!

Marcia M. | 2014-10-28

Kareem, Brian and Marlin were so very helpful.  Yes I was there for 3.5 hours getting new set of tires and a 30,000 mile checkup but the guys educated me as to why I needed to new tires for my travels.  There was no pressure and I look forward to my next visit.

Amy W. | 2014-10-02

First sales guy, Jason Tyler, was five stars! He met us as soon as we stepped on the lot. He listened to all my requests. He took us on a test drive and "sold me" on a car (unfortunately this car didn't have the rebates that another car had so I walked out with another model). He then turned me over to a manager (at my request because I didn't want to keep going back & forth on my deal). He kept us well hydrated with water (however, this was a sticking point for my fiancé because he sells water to most of the dealerships in town & they would have given us a discount except I chose the one that buys generic water...yep I was lectured on the way home.)

I did leave the dealership with a great car and another chance to review the dealership because I need to bring it back for some detailing and window tints.

My beefs that don't make this dealership a 5 star rating:
1. Was that even though it made it a point to tell them I didn't want to haggle & I wanted to be quick. They still played the STUPID dealership game of making us wait. I almost left about 6 times...instead I got up and went to the bathroom and calmed myself down. Miraculously by the time I came back they came back with another offer. Then after we settled on a price, I waited for them to find a car at another dealership. Then after they found the car, I waited for the finance guy. In all I was there from10am to 4pm. No beuno.

2. Watch the rebate offers. I agreed on a $4500 rebate for the price of the sale. When the finance guy came back with an APR of 3.9%, I couldn't understand it. I have perfect credit. He said part of the rebate was based on me using Nissan financing. I had to forgo $500 of the rebate to get a low APR. This was not mentioned by the Sales Manager during negotiations. So The purchase price was actually $500 more than I agreed on.

3. The chairs all have very weird stains on them. It was disgusting to sit on them.

4. Trade in value. Ugh! This was the worst dealing and lesson learning experience. Unknown to old car had a car fax report with structural damage on it. It was not reported to me like that when I had brought it into the bodyshop after an accident but reported to insurance when they found more damage as they were fixing it. Well, Nissan does not re-sells cars with structural damage (even if it's fixed and lifetime warranty'd) but places them for sale at auction. This was their reason for giving me $6,000 less than trade-in value for my car. Lesson learned is if car has structural damage...have car totaled by insurance.

So even-though I feel I should have paid $4500 less than what I ended up paying for the car I got...I still feel good about my car purchase (I had $4K in rebates & $5K more off of MSRP) and love my new car, Nissan Morano ...& Jason my sales guy was awesome throughout the deal and has been great with my follow up questions.

Bridget M. | 2014-09-16

The other reviews are right. I came to this Nissan since it's close to my house but have been waiting for a hour just to check out my already finished car. Who knows if anything is done properly due to the wait. Will definitely be going to a further Nissan dealership for better service.

Cortney H. | 2014-09-13

I have been dealing with Courtesy Nissan for almost 2 years now, and after having repeated transmission and transmission-related issues, I will be taking it for a second opinion before I give them any more of my money. I no longer trust their ability to legitimately fix my problem. At this point, I'm not sure if they know what the issue is, or if they're guessing. My car is on it's 3rd transmission total (2nd in a year), and I keep having transmission hose leaks that result in my transmission slipping. After replacing one hose for $262, I am now told that a different transmission hose is leaking and will cost $76. I will be having that diagnosis verified elsewhere before I pay.

Joseph H. | 2014-08-02

I don't understand the negative reviews. I have been doing business with the service department on my 2002 Maxima since I bought it and have never received anything but excellent service and fair pricing. I bought my daughter her first car through USAA where you pick the car and the features and USAA gives you a price quote to print and take to a pre-approved dealer. I walked in, handed them the quote, signed the paperwork and left. Communication is the key. They aren't mind readers! If you are specific about what you need/want you will get it at this dealership. I suggest you bypass the salesmen and use a service like USAA provides or a credit union provides to get a quote that you are sure they will honor to belay any stress or misunderstandings in car choice/price. It worked great for me. The dealership has to pay USAA if you go through them to determine a price. Just go into the dealership, find the car you want, take a test drive and then tell them you are going home to print out a pre-approved price quote on "this" car and they will do it for you right there in their office. They don't want you to leave. They need your business. Use the salesmen to answer questions about the car and the test drive if you want. I would never buy a car I didn't drive first. Take charge when you go to buy a car. No one has a gun to your head. You can walk away anytime. Enjoy your new car!

Wendy C. | 2014-07-15

The service dept at this place is HORRIBLE. I made an appointment to drop my car off for an oil change and for them to check out a noise my car was doing and the appt was for 11:30; I dropped my car off at 11 and left. I called them at 2:30 and was told because I dropped the car off, their manager told them to work on another car and completely bypassed mine. Does making an appointment mean nothing to these people? I'm currently sitting here 4 HOURS AFTER I DROPPED MY CAR OFF still waiting for them to finish. I will never bring my car here ever again. Unprofessional beyond belief.

Kirk K. | 2014-06-17

Stay away from the Courtesy Auto group (Courtesy Toyota and Courtesy Nissan).  
I used my insurance company's car buying service several times before and it worked as advertised.  I sent in the specifications of the vehicle I wanted, the car buying service came back with a quote from the dealership, I walked into the dealership with a check in hand, and took delivery of the vehicle I wanted.  
However, when I tried to do that at Courtesy Toyota, despite the fact the car buyer service sent the exact specifications of the vehicle I wanted to Courtesy Toyota and despite my follow-up email specifying the options I wanted on the vehicle, the dealership gave me a quote on the wrong options.  In essence the dealership tried to do a bait and switch on me.
This is on top of low-balling me on my trade-in.  Courtesy Toyota offered me $4,500 trade-in value which was less than half the Kelly Blue Book value, and approximately 1/2 of the trade-in value I had received from a competitor.  When I received that low ball offer I got up and walked out.  The sales person immediately called and left a voicemail for me upping the trade-in value to $7,000.  
When I informed the sales manager that this is not how a buying service is supposed to work and that the dealership was wasting my time, he got in an intimating manner and asked me to step back into his office.  I told him that I would recommend my insurance company remove Courtesy Toyota from it's recommended dealers.  The sales manager laughed me off and said my insurance company wouldn't remove Courtesy Toyota from its buying service based on the complaint from one customer.

I subsequently went to Courtesy Nissan to obtain a repair estimate for the vehicle I wanted to trade in.  There were various issues that needed to be addressed, however the timing belt was not one of them.  However, when I received the repair estimate, the repair technician informed me the timing belt needed to be replaced at a cost of $1,750.   Upon further research I learned there is a class action law suit covering various Nissan Vehicles for defective timing belts.   I informed Courtesy Nissan of the class action law suit and asked if they would be willing to discount the timing belt chain due to the design defect.  I acknowledged that my vehicle had high mileage and was not looking for the dealership to cover the expense of the complete repair.   Courtesy Nissan offered me a $200 discount, which I rejected.

The class action lawsuit alleges Nissan and its affiliates knew about the design defect and actively concealed the defect since 2004.  

I would give the Courtesy Auto Group zero stars if that was allowed.   This conglomerate is greedy and unprofessional, I strongly recommend you take your business elsewhere.

Andrew G. | 2014-06-09

Called three times for the woman who posted to call her at the dealership and she has not called me back in 2 weeks. My initial opinion looks to be right about this dealership. They are not customer friendly at all.

Jonathan L. | 2014-04-04

Probably the WORST dealer ever. Stay away from this place!!! Staff was completely unhelpful and want to pinch anything they can out of anyone. I came in to the car buying world knowing exactly what I wanted with any research you could do on a car I wanted! They then preceded to tell me that I was having to pay a HUGE mark up for file fees and a ridiculous $700 dollar dealer fee that was apparently "mandatory". I even came to an agreement where I would pay part of the fee because I understand it was a business. After practically being in a yelling match with the apparent "owner" of the entire company telling me no the Fee could not be let go, I said well I'll pay your entire fee if you come down on the price for the difference you would like. Still nothing. Then after never being contacted and having to contact them at least 7 times to their once. they say oh yea some one bought the car for what we were asking for. As if the car was worth the price. When really they were just proud that they suckered someone in to the ridiculous fee before realizing I was correct about my views on the deal. I could not believe they could be so harsh to someone who voluntarily comes in to their place of business asking to buy a car at a profitable price and them yell the answer NO. I hope that I never encounter, not only a dealership, but people like this again. There are fair dealers out there people, just look, don't settle for this place because it's the closest place to you. This place as thwarted me away from the entire dealer car buying experience and I will now only look to buy privately.

Kris M. | 2013-12-30

Terrible client service.

Inquired about a 370z Nismo and the salesman took a long time to greet or acknowledge me. When I was finally tended to (they were not busy at all), the salesman did not listen to my needs or requests of what I wanted in a new car. The model he showed me was exactly what I saw on floor but it did not have a navigation system in it- which was something I wanted. He said I should look at a different 370z and asked if I owned a smartphone. I asked him if he thought I deserved less than what I was worth and yes I do own a smartphone. He proceeds to tell me that it would be stupid to have navigation in a vehicle because I have a smartphone and can "look down at my phone." I told him that was unsafe and completely the opposite of what I wanted in a new vehicle. He did not care about my needs or wants, did not have faith in my car choice, and it caused him to lose a sale. I have a very low opinion of this Nissan dealership. Naturally, this jerk of a salesman never exchanged names with me.

The only positive thing about this experience was speaking to a salesman named Ron. He listened to what I was looking for in a new vehicle, but unfortunately could not assist us due to prior obligations.

I will never purchase a vehicle or even inquire about one at this Nissan ever again.

Gerald M. | 2013-12-27

I stopped off at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa because I saw an add in the paper advertising the 2013 Nissan Rogue for 17 thousand and something.  When we stopped to look at the Rogue here, I thought it was odd the prices of the same vehicle were around 23K.  I told the sale rep I just wanted to test drive it. He quickly pulled around a 2014 that was priced a little over 24K.  Again I thought it odd they are asking nearly the same price for a model that is already a year old. When I told the rep about the add from the other dealership he said he could probably match the price with the add and went to talk to his floor manager.  With the office door open, I hear loudly "Oh, Bullshit."  Then they both come out and the floor manager smirking as if I were lying. He reminded me of the principle from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but only shorter and fatter. I still don't know the purpose of him coming out, I can only think it was to try and intimidate me. Meantime, 3 other salesmen are outside smoking, leaning all over our Toyota as if it were their lounge. After this experience,I would not recommend buying a car from this dealership.  Just hope you read the review before you make a HUGE mistake.

Sarah D. | 2013-09-22

I've been leasing a Nissan Sentra for three years, so when it came time to turn in the car and get a new one - I figured getting into a new Nissan would be the easiest choice. I had a great experience with my Sentra and was very happy with the car. I received a call from a few sales people as my lease started to approach its end and I kept telling them I wanted to get into a new Sentra for $0 down and less than $200 a month (in line with my initial lease). They told me to come in and it would be an easy process since I was an existing customer. My fiancé and I went in and the salesman told us that he'd talk to his manager and come back with a quote that was doable for a new 2013 Sentra. After a test drive and an appraisal on the current car, they came back and told us they would want $3000 down and $400 month. We should have walked out then --- why would we put $17k into leasing a car that was worth $19k?!  To make matters worse, after laughing at them and rejecting the initial offer, they came back with a $0 down and $225 a month. What a major leap in price! It was proof that initial offer was a joke! At that point, we asked what the smaller sedan would be -- the Versa -- if the Sentra was $225. When we went outside to the look at the Sentra, the salesman came back and said the manager couldn't give us either model for less than $250/month. Basically, within two minutes, they went back in on their deal of $225 (that they had written down and made me sign). At that point, we walked out. We knew this process was ridiculous and we wanted nothing to do with them. Do your research before we go buying a car --  I can't help but think that some sucker actually falls for this stuff and agrees to overpriced deals. Go to another Nissan or to another dealership --- Courtesy Nissan is not even worth a glance.

Jeffrey P. | 2013-09-12

I had the most upsetting time at a Nissan Dealer this weekend in Tampa. As you read this, Keep in mind that I am a long time Nissan owner...5 Armadas and still loving them.
I had a deal here in Miami to trade in an RV  for a special edition Armada Reserve. But I backed out of the deal because Courtesy Nissan in Tampa told me they would beat the deal and give me more for my trade in (because it was an RV and they get better value in Tampa) so they gave me an extra $6K and they had the the Armada I wanted. I sent them photos, told them every defect it had, just to avoid any issues from the start, so my trade in is going to be worth $32K and the new Armada is $56K...COOL...right!
I call to tell them I am coming in 5 hours so they can be ready for me, I get there and they take forever with the RV (later to find out they didn't know how to tell me about the mess up). Then an hour before they close they come back and tell me that the Used Car Manager made a mistake on the value. They say they can only give me $20K instead of $32...when I already had $26K in Miami. I was not very happy, and then they told me I would have to write them a check for $30K for the Armada reserve, I asked them to work with me and reduce the price by $2k and I'll write a check for $28K...they said no, they had no money in it. The worse part about this is that they had told me there was a $2,500 rebate from Nissan on the truck and when I got there they told me that Nissan had removed it for September for all Armada' convenient. I also told them that I would write a check for an additional $6k if they would just get me the Platinum Armada they were supposed to have, then they told me that the GM was driving it and that he would not bring it over for me. WOW!! Shouldn't a GM be happy to sell a car.
There was a reason I could not drive the RV back to Miami and the dealership knew I had no option, so they used that to make the deal. I went ahead and bought a lower model, and then after all is said and done and I am signing the papers, we get to the part where the mileage statement and there is over 400 miles on the car. (I did not test drive because I have had 5, remember, I just looked over it)...the sales man says no problem because your warranty starts at the mileage you buy it, and the finance guy argues, no it starts at 0 no matter what...aha, screwed again.
And then to top it all off as I am walking to get into the new car, the guy who prepped it says, "Too bad you couldn't get the reserve, it is really nice, just work on bringing up your credit score and maybe you can get it next time..." I saw the sales rep get super embarrassed, especially since my credit is awesome...I pulled out my American Express Black Card and told him that there is no credit problem, there is a problem with Dealers lying and luring customers away from other deals. I just wrote a check for $22K and I refused to give them another 10K for lying too me, and making me drive 5 hours to get screwed.
DEALERS...stop lying to people, this is why you get a bad rap...this weekend NISSAN lost a 15 year customer, and all my Armadas are Titanium or not a cheap customer either.
But now I will not buy another one, and I will write about my experience all over facebook, twitter, I am making a blog and any other social media sites just to show them how working with a long standing customer who drove 5 hours out of his a smart thing to do. I'm sure the $2,000 compromise would have been well worth it to keep me happy and quiet. Can anybody say WHOOOPS!!!

Jay J. | 2013-08-25

It's too bad you can't assign a half a star. Or maybe even zero stars. Because that's what I would give these folks. When buying a used car, there is always an expectation, at least on my part, of less than ideal service. It kind of goes with the territory.

However, these guys hit it out of the park in terms of bad service. I think the thing that stuck me the most, is that they provided horrible service from start to finish - we needed a car, I told them I want to buy a car, and still they messed it up. The sales guy, who I think's name was Matt, In my opinion, he was the most unprofessional person I have ever met in my life in any industry. I think if you see a guy who you believe is kind of dorky looking, with the bobble head, my opinion is that it is probably this guy. Beware, however, because in my case he surely wasn't looking out for us.

I really wanted this vehicle. I went into the finance manager, filled out all the paperwork, which took well over an hour, and then walked out.

A few days later, we get a phone call saying that he had messed the paperwork up. How on earth you mess up paperwork. All the figures are front of you, and you plug it into some prefabricated program which spits out the contracts. Nonetheless, he messed it up. And of course, it meant more money for us.

We ended up spending another hour and a half in his office, filling out the same paperwork again, just to make amends for his mistake.

If I were you, I would certainly take the time to go across the street to enterprise, where there is a standard price. There is no haggling, you know exactly what the blue book value is, and you either take it or leave it. Also, Barry, the manager at the Toyota dealership, was fairly accommodating. He is certainly not a pushover, and knows with his cars will command in the marketplace command. I do believe he is honest, and the layout the offer in front of you, which I have found to be honest.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share this information with you, because of how strongly I feel about the service I received at this dealership. I reached out to the managers, the regional manager, and even Nissan themselves to no avail. Maybe it's just business as usual for these folks.

Stacey M. | 2013-07-30

I had the easiest transition into a new lease.  Terry was truly exceptional and really cared about finding the best vehicle to suit me.  Max was a informative finance manager and gave me all the options that I could include to insure peace of mind with my Nissan Altima.  I have purchase two other vehicles at this location over the past 6 years and I always return.  I will never go to another dealership.

Robert G. | 2013-07-20

As a cash buyer, I spent 30 mins with Tim looking at 2013 Altima's including a 5 mile test drive - all good. Went home and discussed the car with the wife last night; went  back today (a 50 mile trip) and asked Tim if we could look at a Certified Pre-Owned.

Tim went inside to get the keys and came out with the sales manager who was clearly annoyed. Without word one from us he began telling us that we couldn't drive the car;  they all drive the same; your not going to waste my gas unless you make a decision to buy now - not end of day - now; his salesman was too busy to work with me yada, yada, yada.

I didn't understand a lot of his broken English but I did hear something about a new car for a few thousand more and possibly an insult directed at my dog who never left home.

We were so confused by his behavior, we left, drove to St Pete and bought a CPO with less than half the miles for $600 less. Absolute truth!

We've been laughing all day about our encounter with the angry sales manager trying to figure out whether his strategy was to bully us into buying a new car or whether he had confused us with someone else.

Obviously I won't go back, but I came here to see if my experience was unique. In reading some of the comments here it appears it isn't.

Lauren M. | 2013-05-13

I bought my first Hyundai from this location back before they built their new sales building.  I had an awesome experience with both their sales and service departments.  So when I was in the market for my newer car, I went here as I got a sales flyer in the mail.  The flyer promised they would buy my trade over KBB and work with us in the price of new car.  The sales manager tried to low ball my trade using a different appraisal site than KBB coming more than $2,000 under KBB value.  When I pointed out their flyer advertised they would take trades based on KBB they told me that is just for one model car and not the one I had.  After threatening to leave without purchase, they came back with the trade in amount I originally asked for.  Basically, we worked out an ok deal and I bought a new Hyundai.  Two months later, I'm sitting in the service section.  At purchase I was promised everything was covered under warranty, including tires for up to a year, then standard Hyundai warranty after that.  Today, they refuse to honor the warranty agreement I was offered and made me pay for the tire repair I came in for.  With my old Hyundai, they bent over backwards to make the customer happy.  Now, they do everything in their power to make it a frustrating experience from sale to service.  What a shame!  Will definitely not be dealing with this company when I purchase my next car.

Mark S. | 2013-02-17

Wow, it's been awhile since I looked for a new car, but up until this joint it had all been pretty pleasant.

My wife and I went to Nissan specifically to drive the new Altima. We've had them before and thought we should give them a shot even after being blown away by the impressive standard features and nice drive of the new Honda Accord.

Here's what happened:

1. the saleslady greets us, sit's  us at her desk and fills out a worksheet, constantly talking about this great color she's going to show us, and that she's sure we'll be able to negotiate a good deal.

2. she finds the pretty color (we hadn't said anything about color, and she really hadn't qualified us all. and we drive it. At this point we had asked her to drive the base unit, but she said no one buys that one as soon as they find out it doesn't come with exhaust pipe tips, etc.

3. We drive the car. The interior was so old..toggle switches for the audio on the steering wheel, etc. And they have some kind of continuous drive transmission, so you can't feel it go through the gears. Anyway, we didn't like it.

4. Back to the office  and a T.O. to the "Nissan Rep" who was READY TO MAKE A DEAL! This guy was a classic, sleazy 1985 style sales rep. We told him we just didn't like the car and he proceeded to try and make us feel bad for taking up the salesperson's time.

Stay away from this place..for your own good.

Mike Y. | 2012-10-14

I had two experiences with courtesy hyundai.  The first was positive, the second was a living nightmare, and my care still hasn't run right since they touched it.

The first experience was when I went to get my timing belt changed on my car.  They were fast courtesies and did the work for less then other mechanics.

The second experience was when the oil control valve failed in my car. They talked me into an air induction service which blew out my exhaust system.  After having the exhaust system repaired my car still has a vibration to it.

Jessica J. | 2012-09-15

This review is regarding the Courtesy Hyundai dealership. I went in toward the end of the day for an oil change and they took me on the spot. I got a great coupon deal from their website. Warren was the gentleman who assisted me. He was very friendly, easy-going, and had me laughing like we were old chums.

What really impressed me was that they didn't try to get me to spend any money fixing anything that I didn't ask for. My car got a clean report from their multi-point inspection. As someone who is not very knowledgeable about cars (my dad took care of all the upkeep for the past 5 years but now I'm on my own), I am very skeptical when mechanics tell me things. But now I feel comfortable that I can trust Courtesy with my car.

Why not 5 stars? Well it was just an oil change.. who knows how they'd handle other repairs, or sales. Also, the dealership is currently in a temporary building, as the new  one is under construction. The temporary site had no WiFi, and an out-of-order bathroom. However, awaiting next door for you at the Nissan dealer is a wonderful assortment of beverages, TV, WiFi, and fully functioning bathroom facilities!

N. Mary I. | 2012-04-19

For the last nine months, we've been researching, investigating, comparing, saving and scraping every spare penny to purchase a second Hyundai.  Our first stop was Courtesy Hyundai/Nissan in Tampa where Carlos Lima, a sales associate, took us on a test drive in the 2012 Genesis 3.8L V6 R-spec 6-speed manual coupe.  After talking it over, we started the buying process with Carlos and his manager Nick(?).
The manager's inital mistake was in only acknowledging my husband's presence and discussing the car buying process with him until I interrupted by sticking my hand out and introducing myself. I expected that kind of treatment at a dealership and the experience lived up to my expectation on multiple occasions when interacting with employees at that location. In any case, the advertized price was five thousand dollars lower than the sticker price which we brought to the attention of Carlos and his manager. Nick claimed that the advertized price was valid only after all qualifying rebates, financing, military service discount and other stipulations. None of this was listed on the AutoTrader website and when my husband spoke up about the inconsistencies, the manager agreed to lower the value to the advertized price but said there was no room for negotiating. Nick proceeded to go into the sales pitch of how the dealer really makes "no money" off of this car because he's selling it below MSRP. As politely as I could, I relayed the fact that Carlos had already gone over that information and in the end, as a consumer, our primary concern was about the value of the vehicle and what we were able to afford and not supposed profit margins. I also relayed the fact that my father worked in the automotive sales industry for over 25 years so between my husband and I, we were more than familiar with how car buying works. Immediately, the manager turned from someone who appeared willing to close the sale, into someone who was hostile, reactive and condescending. He threw his hands up in the air and said "Well, have fun shopping somewhere else, folks" and then proceeded to tell me to "call my dad" so that he can explain what it's like to buy a car at a dealership. As calmly as I could, I told him that there was no need for me to "call my dad" because my husband and I were fully capable of understanding car buying and that we were willing to purchase the car today if he was willing be flexible on the advertized price. If it weren't for our kind sales associate Carlos, we would have immediately walked out and never looked back. His manager's agressive attitude continued as we tried to bring up various factors into the negotiating process, details of which aren't important to list (such as cosmetic issues not related to the make/model). In the end, Carlos asked to close the sale but like any smart consumer, we were not going to sign at the first of three appointments. . We told Carlos that we liked the car, exchanged numbers and said we would call him after viewing our other options.
Four hours later, we had driven over a hundred miles to different dealerships and realized that our number one choice was the first car we saw, the V6 coupe at Courtesy Nissan/Hyundai. We called Carlos, asked him if the offer was still good, it was, and we asked him to start the paperwork because we were on the way. Ten minutes later Carlos called us sounding very upset, stating that his manager had already "traded" the coupe to another dealer in Ft. Myers, 130 miles away and that as much as he tried, he could not get his manager to reverse his decision and the car had already left the property.
Carlos worked hard to get us a great deal and he was trustworthy, but I can't say that about his manager given the fact that he directly undermined a sale.  The point of this is to shed light on Courtesy Autogroup's dubious dealership employees.
Never in my life have I experienced such lack of customer service, lack of integrity and employee undermining.