Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Tampa, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Tampa, FL.

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Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 402-0841
Address:9207 Adamo Drive, Tampa, FL, 33619
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Sarah R. | 2015-02-15

Horrible customer service. We knew that salesmen at dealerships are pushy but this takes the price. When we said we will wait and see they didn't give up but we left angry and really upset - completely the opposite what you should feel when you purchase a car!!!
We bought a car from another dealership and during my first days with it I got a flat tire and took it to this Chrysler dealership where the manager said "ha ha ha so NOW you want my help? I'm going to kill you!!" I felt really stupid and left right away. I will never ever go back to this dealership. At least not now when the present staff is still there.

Ferdnan H. | 2015-01-24

buyer beware. Read your contract and ALL of the numbers. Slide of hand cost me 6K! The dealer changed all the numbers two weeks after our deal. The pitch was to give me $100. I was asked to sign a piece of paper. The paper was a new deal! I trusted my salesman like an idiot but none the less the dealer changed all of the numbers costing me $6000. One week after that they called for me to come in. I assumed to get my $100 back? Nope! I was told by the manager at the time (Doug) I don't give a F+++ what the customers financial problems are I just want my F++++++ money. WOW! I vowed to never buy from them again. Trust me as a Ram fan this is painful. I have purchased several Fords as a result of this rip off!
There is no guarantee it will or will not happen to you but beware it in fact did happen to me!
Hope this helps!

Matt B. | 2014-12-30

I purchased a Truck from this dealership this weekend.  My salesman Brandon was really good.  He worked with me to find a truck within my budget, and he explained the warranties, and features well.  I had a little issue the day after purchase, but Brandon and a manager "Cuff" worked thru it with excellent customer service.  I am driving away a very happy customer with a new Ram.

P O. | 2014-11-24

I have been bringing both of my vehicles, 2012 Chrysler Town & Country and a 2013 Dodge Journey to this dealership for routine maintenance since I moved into the area last fall (2013).  They weren't nearly as courteous as the dealership that I bought them from but it's the closest one to me so I figured they're ok.  I just took my van in for an oil change on Saturday, 11/15.  At that time, it was not making any noise and I had no concerns.  By Monday, my van was making noises that made it sound like an old piece of crap.  I took it over on Thursday, 11/20 and David Colvin didn't greet me or tell me anything at all.  All he said was do I need a rental? And I'm thinking what for??? He then says he won't even be able to look at my car until Monday and I said well, of course, I need a rental then.  I have 5 kids, I need my van!  Next thing I know, he says Hertz will come pick me up and I'm thinking, whoa!!! I wasn't expecting to have to leave my van, I've got a 3 month old in a car seat with me, I now have to get the stroller, infant car seat base, infant in car seat, and my toddler's car seat out of the car.  He just walked away and no one offered to help while I struggled to grab all of these things.
When I get to Hertz, I'm informed that they only cover a full size car.  That's obviously not going to work but it's too late for me to have any other choices now isn't it?  I should've gone back to my car and taken it somewhere else!   Saturday evening, after being busy all weekend, I see that I received a message that my car is ready.  They're closed on Sunday so I go to pick it up Monday morning and once again nothing but MESS!  I called several times before going over to confirm that it was ready.  First, I was hung up on; then, sent straight to voicemail; the 3rd time, I was put on hold for 7 minutes before I hung up.  The 4th time, I finally got an answer that my car was indeed ready.  
When I got there, lackluster Dave was nowhere to be found.  Seeing that I had a baby with me, an older gentleman tried to get someone to take care of me, he found another reluctant, lackluster fellow.  Finally, Dave appears and informs me he's only paying for 2 days of the rental because he left a message that it was ready.  So, now I'm stuck with the extra costs of a larger car and the additional days.  Maybe if he had tried to say it in a somewhat empathetic way, I would understand but he said it like he could care less about my business or the situation.  The company I bought my cars from would've given me a free loaner, same size!  Dave basically told me to kick rocks, it's not his problem that I need a larger car for my family.  
The clincher is that they claim to have done safety recall work that I already had done when the recall was announced.  And that is why they won't be touching my cars again; I'm wondering if they actually created the problem that needed to be fixed so suddenly.  They're obviously unscrupulous and not about courtesy at all!!!  I have owned lots of cars and repaired almost everything under the hood in the last 20 years.  Never,  have I ever been told it won't be seen until one day and then when the work has been diagnosed, not receive a call to let me know, it will be earlier than expected or to at least tell me what was wrong.  No one ever said what was wrong.  I just had to read the printout that the flexplate was fractured and they replaced it.
Like I said, I'm not going back.  My cars and I deserve better!  And if this is what service is like in Florida, I might just have to drive my cars back up to ILLINOIS!!!

Manny M. | 2014-09-26

Hands down the worst dealership I have ever been to. Made the mistake of buying my first new car here and now I have to deal with them all the time. Do yourself a favor and don't even think of stopping here!

Lisa G. | 2014-09-07

I want to give zero stars... But u can't!!! So one it is. Ok. My last vehicle was a caddy, so I was use to better service. Now that I have a jeep - a very expensive jeep- Summit. What I have given up was excellent service. The service department absolutely sucks. I have decided that I may need to get rid of the jeep because of the sub-par service. My service guy sent me an inappropriate tex message that I promptly went to the manager and shared with him. Anyway, the rentals they give you are disgusting, dirty, cheap, old 40k miles on them type cars.  I'm so very unhappy. I really hope I receive an opportunity to do a survey, cause it's not gonna be pretty. Even the waiting area is dirty, cold and uninviting. I'm use to the same attention, I received when I was shopping for the vehicle. At this rate I won't buy another car from there, because the back end service is utterly and completely awful. Every single time.

Hawg M. | 2014-07-22

Don't Go!

Richard M. | 2014-05-08

I have had the worst experience in car buying in over 50 years.  They know it because the answers to the survey they sent me were not good.  You would think that a simple apology is in order.  Instead, they seem to want to antagonize me more.  My next Jeep (or any kind of car) will not be purchased from there... and I can assure you the maintenance will be done at the dealership on Dale Mabry.  Why these people are in business is a mystery to me.

BTW:  I did call Bob O'Neal, the GM, and he never returned my call.

Sharina J. | 2013-12-15

Went to purchase a new Cherokee yesterday and at first my experience was great but after three hours turned sour. Let me highlight the reason.
1-Salesperson told me in order to get the 4x4 I would have to purchase the more expensive trail rated version.  Well I found out that is just not true.  The latitude also comes in a 4x4 version they just don't have it.  But he assured me it wasn't an option not just a location issue. Also, he kept telling me it was real wood inside but when I tapped on it you could easily see it wasn't. Then he tried to talk me out of the color I wanted because he didn't have it.
2-They wanted to offer me about$3000 less than our Michigan based Jeep dealership. Hey we are in Florida for the next few months and I thought it would be a great Christmas present to myself.  Think I'll wait to go back to a reputable dealership! Sales guy told me "I know what you paid for it and you got an employee discount plus you don't owe anything".  So I guess he felt like he should reap the reward of me having paid my car off in less than two years rather than myself.  I said so if I bought this brand new car for $1 its value to you is a quarter even though it's a thirty thousand dollar car?  Hmmmm that's when my doubts came.
3- Another reason I didn't want the trail rated version is because it is a few inches higher and being in a wheelchair the lower the better.  But I really need 4x4 for our usual Michigan weather. Although the sales guy never lived in Michigan, he assured me the front wheel drive would work wonderfully in our weather.  After time and time again me explaining to him it won't.
4-Tried to sell me an overpriced 4 cylinder even though I wanted a 6.  The transmission sounded and felt like crap.  But he thought it was good.  I guess that's relative and thus point should be removed.
5-This tops the cake!  It was nearing the two hour mark and my jeep was finished getting appraised but they hadn't handed me my keys yet.  I asked him for them three times before I told my husband to go and get them.  The salesperson kept saying they are running the numbers on your new car and they will bring your keys in five minutes.  Over an hour later when I was passed the point of ticked off and went outside the manager came with the keys and guess what a more reasonable trade in offer.  Holding my keys for ransom until I agree to buy a car...not a cool thing.  I guess that's the way they work but they won't be getting my business.  

I understand it's the end of the year and quotas need to be met but might I suggest training your sales team on honesty, integrity and the Chrysler might just make a sale.  Because as most people know Jeep drivers are some of the most loyal consumers.  Don't get me wrong I will get my new Cherokee but just not there.

Cody T. | 2013-05-22

This place is a joke!  I went in there to look at  a new Jeep.   The salesmen had only been there for a few weeks and it showed in his lack of product knowledge.  I did like the fact he said he didn't know instead of making something up.  All their Jeeps come with BS dealer installed accessories.  Basically a way for them to make extra cash.  I told them I would order a car before I would pay for a bunch of accessories that were of no value to me.   Anyways, after being there for 2 hours they gave me prices for a purchase when I said from the beginning I was planning to lease.  I have the Chrysler family discount so I already know that I qualify for 5% back of invoice for this model.  Just glancing at the purchase price I told the Sales Mgr that the discount was incorrect as I get 5% back of invoice.  He asked me if I had a calculator!!!!!   I can just look at the number and know off the top that its not correct.  They asked me to wait around to rerun the numbers but I had an appointment and had to leave.  I got a call from someone lady in the office the next day asking why I didn't buy, I told her I was still waiting for lease payments.  She said someone would get back to me the same day.  I emailed the sales guy twice and it's been two weeks and I still do not have the numbers!  I am not going to beg to buy a car from you.  Typical domestic!!!

KC K. | 2013-03-04

Be prepared to empty your wallet if you go this Courtesy Chryser Jeep Dodge Service Center. I paid $90 for a diagnosis for a rubbing noise I started hearing when turning my wheels either directions.  $90 is reasonable for a diagnosis.  But then I receive a call from Courtesy that they now need an additional $400 to pull the car apart to further diagnosis.  So I now just lost my $90 which only paid for them to drive my Jeep around and stick their head underneath to confirm the trusts were lubed.  I doubt they spent more than 15 minutes on my Jeep to diagnose it.  An honest auto service would have mentioned that an additional $400 fee could possibly be required to pull apart the car and further diagnose.  But Courtesy wanted to keep this a surprise until after I pay them the initial $90.

My story gets better.  Courtesy also said that I am probably looking at a couple thousand dollars to replace the differential even though they are not able to determine this is definitely the diagnosis.  But at least they advised me somewhat of a worst case scenario.  

At his point I am in shock and tell them to hold off for now and I would call back.  I am thinking to myself that if I end up having to spend a couple thousand dollars I might be better off just buying a new car.  But then I am thinking what if they pull it apart and its something minor.  

So I call back and asked what are the chances that when you pull it apart and find its something minor.  Their answer was irrelevant to my story.  What is relevant was their reply when I jokingly asked if they are going to also charge me to put my car back together again.  Your not going to believe Courtesy's reply.  They said "yes, actually you would have to pay us to put it back together if you decide not to pay whatever their asking fee is to fix the care".  So I would be charged an additional $400 to put the car back together.  I ask why didn't you tell me this ahead of time.  You mean to tell me that it would have been a big surprise had I not jokingly asked you if you were going to charge me to put my care back together?  Wow what an absolute scam!  I wonder how many people end up falling for this.

Lindsay D. | 2012-11-28

First off, this review is for the Service Department. I can't say anything about their sales office.

I'm going up north in a few weeks, so my mom insisted we get my car checked out and get an oil change beforehand. I would never go to a dealership mechanic if I wasn't under warranty, but she felt that they were trustworthy.


As I drop the car off, I tell the guy specifically that my car isn't starting properly and that something may be wrong with the battery. He says sure, that they'll check it, and when they check the battery, they will be sure to call me and let me know what they find. We dropped it off at about 2:45pm. 5:30pm rolls around, still no word from them. Since I know they'll be closing soon, I give them a call myself. At first, the person on the phone can't even find me on their records. Finally the second person says, "Oh yeah, it's been ready for awhile."

Maybe the battery was fine, since they didn't even bother to tell me it was ready?

We get there at 5:45pm and the guy at the register goes to ring us up. As I ask what they found out about the battery, they guy (didn't remember his name) has to go look through the papers to find out (because, you know, communication is difficult).

Turns out the battery was severely corroded and needed to be changed ASAP. While it may have "passed" the voltage test, it was still in bad shape. And, of course, oh so conveniently, their service department was closed for the day. Come back tomorrow.

So first of all, they can't even call me to tell me what they found. I guess they saved me some money because now I can get a less expensive battery from someplace that's not as lazy. Secondly, they couldn't even call me to tell me the car was ready. That's not that hard to do. After all was said and done, I even wondered if they had checked anything at all.  I ended up feeling like I had to check the oil myself, just to make sure they'd done it.  Should a customer have to worry about that?

If you still have a warranty, then go here because its free. Otherwise, don't even consider it. Huge waste of time and money.