Brandon Volkswagen in Tampa, FL

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At Brandon VW, we always strive to provide our customers with excellent service before, during and after the sale.  We have access to over 80 banks and credit unions, which will ensure that you will receive the best possible rates and terms on your next auto loan.   As the largest volume new and Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen dealer in the region, Brandon VW will not only provide you with the best price on any vehicle, but also will exceed your expectations throughout your entire experience with us.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Brandon Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 630-4000
Address:9816 E Adamo Dr, Tampa, FL, 33619
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Brandon Volkswagen

Mike S. | 2015-03-24

These guys are criminals. They should be completely boycotted until they go out of business.

That is the best I can think to say about this "business".

Cody T. | 2015-01-13

This frustrates me every single time I have to come here.  Today I had an appt for service.  I walk in and here are 3 advisors sitting there and not a single one stands up to greet me.  I walk up to one and gave him my name.  He said my advisor was at lunch he would be back in 10 minutes.  He expected me to wait, seriously?!  How about you take care of the client standing in front of you!  When I made appt I was advised it would take 1 1/2 hours.  I asked him again to reconfirm as I have an appt afterwards that I cannot be late for.  He wouldn't really answer and went on this rant about how they are short handed, a tech was a no show another was at tech school and the techs are now going to lunch now.  Totally unnecessary, all I care to know is how long I am going to have to wait.  

The waiting area is clean but the TV is blaring, you need to get a token from the cashier to get a free coffee and they really need to have a selection of magazines.

Michael W. | 2014-10-22

Started my car search online at and found the exact car I wanted.  VW referred me to Brandon Volkswagen as the dealer that had the car.  I submitted an online "quote request" through VW and a Brandon VW Sales Rep called me within 30 minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised by their online price ($6000 below MSRP) that I was willing to drive from Orlando, about 75 miles, to see this car. I set up an appointment the next day to see the car and was very impressed with the dealership.  Sales and Finance staff were friendly and efficient, and the overall process was great.  Since I already had my own financing coming in, the entire process only took about 3 hours at the dealership - which is the fastest I've ever bought a car. They honored their online price to the cent, and didn't add any "hidden" fees or extras.  In fact, their destination/dealer fee is about $100 lower than all the other dealers in the area. The only area I saw for improvement was their detailing.  I purchased a 2014 Jetta with 14 miles, yet even after two washes the car looked dirty and the windows needed a good cleaning.  I chalked it up to being a late in the day and just did the detailing myself when I got home.  Overall, I'd recommend Brandon VW across the board.

Debbie D. | 2014-09-30

My experience with Brandon VW was beyond impressive!  From the sales team (Moe)to the service department (Travis).  They all took really good care of my vehicle needs from day one and when I brought my new Passat in for first oil change, was given a rental for any inconvenience of time waiting and had zero hassle with the whole process.  Very impressed with the level of customer service for sure!

Kate B. | 2014-09-27

Received a price for a 1.8 SE Jetta and offer for trade in...two weeks would not honor it. In addition to that...they spent two hours selling us on a used diesel Passat to find out when we were ready to buy that he had given us the wrong price by $8,000...SO DISSAPOINTING...HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE...So sad from a family dealership that is supposed to be so good. It was even beneath the owner to come out and appologize for all the screw ups. WOW. Shocking....hard to believe but true. Shame on you.

Essie B. | 2014-07-26

I had a great experience today with Mike (sales) and Chris (financing). I went in knowing exactly what kind of financing I needed in order to drive out with a used car. I didn't expect the type of car I ended up with at all, but Mike and Chris worked with my bottom lines and delivered. The only setback was that it was a lengthy process, however, I did go in on a busy Saturday. There was a lot of back and forth that had to be done to get the financing squared away to what I was going to spend. All in all it was a great experience! It's important to go into ANY dealership with a clear, CLEAR idea of what you want / need so that the dealership can work with you, otherwise you can be talked into anything. I didn't feel pressure at this dealership and felt like my expectations were exceeded. If you go in for a car ask for Mike Kaden to help with sales and Chris for financing!

Zach P. | 2013-12-13

Just a heads up for people....VW owns Audi just so you know and this is why this place blew my freaking mind.  I went in for an oil change and they told me it was going to be $120....  Are you kidding me?  I could have drove the extra miles to drop of my car at Audi and gotten better service for $75.  Then the rep tried telling me that Audi doesn't use OEM parts when they do this service, in which I produced the web ad for the local Audi which states that they use ALL OEM products.  Guess from now on I'll drive the extra distance for quality service at a reasonable price instead of convenience for an @$$ raping or just start doing the oil myself.  They also said that my battery was low and asked if I ever have trouble starting my car......ummmm nope!  Then came the "your spark plugs should be replaced because your car is over 4 years old even though you only have 36,000 miles on it"  Nope again!  Tire rotation for $79, nope.....get free rotation and balance at Costco where I bought the tires!  Then came the the filters need to be changed crap with every oil change......nope!  Stop trying to nickle and dime people to death.  No wonder more people tend to buy cars that they can take to any quick lube to get service for under $50.  SMH @ this place.

To top it off....there was an guy on the phone with his son in the customer waiting area chatting away about random news issues for the entire 1.75 hours of my being there.....The beginning of the conversation was....."Yeah I'm just sitting here at work." REALLY????  Just "SITTING HERE AT WORK"?  I guess this place has their priorities wrong when you got a guy that is dressed like a slob talking on the phone while he should be working.....other employees standing around discussing what to get for their holiday dinner.  How about a little more professionalism?

Julie W. | 2013-08-27

Agree with other reviewers. This dealership lies and is very deceitful. False advertising.  They have an Internet price but didn't honor it, stating 'they made a mistake' and immediately changed the price.  Rude and disrespectful to women.  It must be a sign that went to use their restroom and they were both  clogged with feces.  Obviously they are full of Sh$t.

Craig P. | 2013-04-26

I drove from Dallas Texas to help my cousin get a car. Our salesman, Darrell Fowler, went above and beyond the call of duty in finding the best deal for my cousin and the car she wanted down to the very last detail. We took a total of three days overall to find what she wanted Darrell and the Brandon Volkswagen staff was very professional and took the time to explain everything to my cousin and I. I would 100% recommend taking your Volkswagen wants to Darrell Flowler and this dealership. They really know the meaning of customer service, hands down five STARS!!!!

Turbo B. | 2012-06-23

Do NOT purchase a certified pre-owned car from these people: they are extremely untrustworthy and appear to be taking lease returns, slapping on a "certified pre-owned" sticker and reselling them with a warranty. Warranties won't cover missing parts or things that are considered normal wear and tear!

I bought a car from these people over the weekend. We were considering two different cars, both out of state, and decided on this one - my mistake. I spent several days talking to Steve from Brandon VW about the car, asking plenty of questions. He promised me that the condition was pristine, gave me a "out the door price" offer in writing, and in the same letter promised the car would be freshly detailed with a full tank of gas.

We put down a deposit and flew into Tampa to pick up our "perfect" pre-owned car. Everything started to go wrong when we saw the paperwork - it was for $500 more than we'd agreed to. After a great deal of hassle, we got them to go back to the earlier "out the door price", mostly because I pointed out that I had a letter from THEM promising that would be the price, and a cashier's check for that exact amount. It only got worse when we saw the car. The damage totaled 2 6" scrapes with all the paint gone, a cracked tail light cover, stains on the upholstery and a missing radio antenna, rendering the radio useless. Just to add insult to injury, the car was dirty (thick wad of gum stuck to the back of one of the rear seats) and had 1/3 of a tank of gas.

When we tried to talk to Steve about the issue, he agreed after a lot of arguing to order us a replacement for the tail light cover (note: we haven't got it yet, so who knows if that promise will be fulfilled) then told me "I can't do anything else for you" and walked away. He didn't ever talk to him again (though we spotted him skulking around the dealership waiting for us to leave).

Ken the finance guy seemed like a good guy, and Mike the Sales Manager didn't balk at all when we told him the antenna was missing, just replaced it. I wish we'd talked to Mike in the first place, his pleasant demeanor and clear communication style might have salvaged the experience for us. Instead, Steve didn't even bother shaking our hands, just did his best to hide in back from us until we left.

Kathryn S. | 2011-09-01

I guess their Sales department isn't very eager to sell any cars, I filled out a credit application online two weeks ago and never heard back from anyone....poor customer service to say the least!!