Brandon Honda in Tampa, FL

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Our specialty is Sale of New Honda Cars and Certified Pre-Owned Honda Inventory. We also have a wide variety of all makes and models on our used car lot and our dealership services all makes and models.

Our Service facility is green star certified as well as state of the art (under two years old). We also have a deli/cafe for our customers convenience so they can take a break and enjoy a snack or smoothie while they shop.

We offer many great benefits as a part of our "Brandon Honda Promise" including lifetime warranty on new cars, free maintenance for a year and our 3-day exchange policy. Check our website for more information.

The Brandon Honda Promise:

1. Lifetime Warranty on New Hondas
2. 10Year/100KWarranty on Pre-Owned
3. Breakdown Coverage on Pre-Owned
4. $1,000 Risk-Free Price Protection
5. 3-Day Exchange Policy
6. Service Rewards Program
7. Car Wash With Service
8. First 2 Oil Changes Free


Established in 2011.

Brandon Honda has been around quite a while but was purchased by John Marazzi and Larry & Brett Morgan of the Morgan Auto Group in 2011.

Brandon Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 699-3653
Address:9209 E Adamo Dr, Tampa, FL, 33619
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Brandon Honda

Rosalie T. | 2015-03-03

Horrible horrible horrible!!!!!!!!!!! First I have to say my salesman was great. Nice guy, nothing wrong with him. But let me tell you getting my tag has been a nightmare!!! I've had to go up to that place three times to get replacement tags on my new vehicle that I bought three months ago. I called someone from the tag department and they had no idea what was going on and they were very rude to me. Told me they would have to call me back to see what was going on but I haven't gotten any responses from anyone.I now have to go up there for the fourth time in person to see what is happening because I'm completely fed up with the whole situation. If you're willing to make several trips to get replacement tags for your car and receive no help then this is the dealership for you. Absolutely unnecessary inconvenience. And makes me never want to recommend them to anyone!!!!

Edward T. | 2015-02-27

A great experience.  Our car broke down and this dealership made it easier.  We had our car repaired at another Honda dealer before we left to travel back home to Philadelphia.  On the way home the car had a problem caused by the first repair.  Jenn, the service tech was excellent.  She contacted the other dealer who quickly agreed to pay for the repair.  Jenn found the part and we were on our way the next morning.  She also helped us to get a rental car at a very good price.  The dealership was also very nice.  The waiting area was so comfortable and pleasant.  Thank you Jenn and Brandon Honda

Mailoha A. | 2015-02-16

Brandon Honda please read this and stop the madness! It is not okay for the salesmen to be such SHARKS. They literally wait in a golf cart and the second they see you get out of your car they come running over to you. "Hey are you interested in buying a new car?" "No?" "What are you walking inside for?" "Is someone waiting for you?" "Is you car being serviced here?" "If it's being serviced you should come over and talk to me." "Just leave that car in service and buy a new car." All I wanted was to run out of there and be left alone. There is nothing friendly feeling about this dealership. The salesmen are sharks and the service guys and mechanics are no better. You come in for a simple oil change and they are prepared with their list of other things that your car "needs" and is past due on. They have been re modeling this location recently and putting in all of these fancy tire sensors and other things. I wish that they would understand that what people really care about is going to a dealership that they can TRUST.

Eugene Y. | 2014-12-30

After an hour of me posting a negative review about Brandon Honda, I immediately got a call from their service director and all my issues and concerns were immediately addressed. Now, this is what I call genuine and honest service. For a while I thought I was fighting a big car dealership who didn't care about honest and genuine service. I was wrong because they do.

Dan S. | 2014-10-22


Well the service (fixing two recalls) took about thirty minutes less than expected, so that was good. The waiting area was nice with TVs, cell phone charging station and some refreshments.

So why only two stars? They lost my keys. They somehow attached my keys to those of another customer. That customer drove away. It took that customer a while to figure out he had keys that weren't his. All the while the dealership is looking for them. The customer drove back and returned the keys. So in the end, it didn't matter that the service was quicker than expected because I was there longer than  I should have been waiting for them to find my keys.


Within a few hours of my yelp review I had a voice mail from the dealership trying to make amends. They were very nice, professional, and concerned that they didn't let me down. While still not downplaying the keys issue, the overall experience was smooth. I'm confident this unfortunate incident was an exception to the norm. Despite losing my keys, albeit temporarily, Brandon Honda did not lose my business. Their personalized care and customer service is the reason.

Rudy H. | 2014-06-30

Had an appointment for 9:30...oil change. Showed up @ 9. Waited until 10:30 until asking what was taking so long. 15 minutes after that I finally get a response that they had been looking for me. Threw the bs flag at them because I never moved from the waiting area. They apologized for the inconvenience. 30 minutes later I get my car. Not coming back.

Lourdes R. | 2014-06-06

Took my 2013 honda accord for a full inspection on a Friday at 10am- didn't leave until 2pm. While I was on the highway on my way back to my house the break light came on. I called the dealer they asked me to come back since they did not check everything off. Still I had to pay about $140 for the service that day and left at around 3pm. A week or so later my breaks started screeching. I called the same service admin and left a vm- he didn't get back for two days. Took the car back, service admin said technician did a thorough inspection and lubricated break slides but when I asked the technician he said he didn't touch the vehicle but only did a test drive and look below- not touching the car. My car is still screeching and I'm no longer going to be getting my car serviced here.

Ameesh P. | 2014-05-26

I was recently in the market for a Honda Accord and came across Brandon Honda as they seemed to have a good inventory of the specific model/options/colors I was interested in.  I had recently purchased a vehicle that I wasn't happy with and wasn't getting the gas mileage it should have, so I figured the new Accord would suit my fancy a bit better.  I did a lot of online research and checked out the inventory at all of the bay area Honda dealers online prior to making this the place I would stop at.  Not to mention it was already in a convenient location on my way home from work.  

On my initial visit, I met with a new sales person who would not stop talking.  I mean I get it is the sales person's goal to get to know the customer and make the sale, but when you don't listen to a thing I'm saying and ask me the same question over and over because you're not paying attention to anything I'm saying, it gets a bit aggravating.  Anyhow, I wasn't happy with the amount they would give me for my trade, but at least I was able to see the car I wanted and test drive it.  I ended up leaving that first day with no expectations of this going anywhere as the numbers just didn't make sense for me.  

Fast forward about a week later.  The sales person kept calling until I finally answered.  As soon as I picked up, his first words were asking me when I was coming in to wrap up the deal.  I didn't know what he was talking about as it was pretty straightforward at my visit that the numbers didn't make sense and we were not moving forward.  When I told him this, he went into his same song and dance about when I would come down to the dealer to discuss.  I told him there was nothing more to discuss unless they wanted to come down on the price to the TrueCar price I quoted him and come up on the extremely low trade value they offered.  His manager called back about 30 minutes later with some better numbers.  This prompted me to make another appointment to come in a few days later.  

On the day I went back for my second visit, I had asked my sales person to get the car in the exact color I wanted ready as I'd want to look it over and make sure that if the numbers did work that I wasn't wasting more time waiting for him to locate it.  Luckily I thought ahead as the car was at a different off site lot.  When I arrived, I met with the manager again that I had spoken to as I wanted to confirm the numbers I was given.  It all made sense and I was also pleased to learn that Honda Finance was also giving an additional $500 credit for financing with them.   I did notice a small scuff on the bumper that needed some touch up, but their detailer had already left so I was given a due bill to bring the car back in a few days to have that taken care of.  Needless to say the deal went through and after spending another hour there with the finance person, who tried in vain to sell me every additional item he could, I left with my new car.

Some issues came back when my sales person became unresponsive when I tried to make an appointment to take my vehicle back in to get that bumper scuff taken care of.  He just gave me the service advisors number and told me to call him.  I was a bit taken aback at where the customer service had gone now that he had made the sale and I wasn't a customer with a potential commission.  I had to escalate my issue to management before I was finally contacted by the service advisor.  My sales person did finally also call me back after I had contacted management but his sketchy story on that phone call went from being across the state on vacation to being out of state to visit a sick relative in the same conversation.  Kind of goes back to the part where I mentioned he seemed to talk just to talk and had no clue of what I had said.  Anyhow, all in all I got the car I wanted at a great deal and it's perfect.  Had I gotten a better response from my lackluster sales person and a bit more follow up to fix an issue that he and the dealer knew existed with the car, this probably would have been a 4-5 star review.

Kat E. | 2014-02-26

Not sure of why the negative reviews, I am assuming they were experienced before the new ownership transition. Brandon Honda was recommended to me by my parents who purchased their CRV there a few years ago and had a wonderful experience as well.

I can say that my experience at Brandon Honda was nothing less than 5 stars. Brian Penney was a pleasure to work with and I would absolutely recommend him and the team at Brandon Honda to anyone who is car shopping. Brian was so informative and honest throughout the entire experience. He was patient and understanding with our situation; we never felt uncomfortable during the car shopping process - which everyone knows that buying/leasing a car can be an extremely stressful decision to make. We ended up leasing a 2014 Honda Civic and couldn't be happier with the decision. After all of the financial details and forms were signed, Brian continued to extend his excellent quality of customer service by programming both of our iPhones with the car and showing us how to use all of the features. He is a vital asset to your team.  

Brian Penney and Brandon Honda made our experience seamless. Honda stands behind their brand and vehicles, and I am confident in my recommendation for Brandon Honda.

Thank you for everything!

Philip C. | 2014-02-09

My car would die every night so I took it in and they were able to diagnose the problem. They gave me the usual sale tactic. Would you like our 27 point free inspection ( where we always find something) of course they did! So I also had my cabin filter replaced as well as a relay. I felt with Bob H. He was very helpful and did an excellent job of following up with me. For being the highest volume dealership they did a great job making it personable.

Moe M. | 2014-01-21

U lost  a customer that have purchase 4 new honda from u. Thank to Joe sabb and Charlie in new car sale just pick up a 2014 accord sport from Wesley chapel Honda thank you Kevin Campbell for the great price and service new customer.

Natasha W. | 2013-12-17

On Friday, December 13th I brought my car into Brandon Honda for two reasons: to have the control arm replaced (manufacturing defect) and to have them check out a "humming/screeching" sound coming from the front passenger side of my car. I told them I think it's my brakes. Honda's diagnosis said no it's not the brakes but a bad differential bearing in my transmission and that the most cost effective way to correct that was to replace the transmission. Right then I should have asked to hear what sound they were hearing but I didn't; I should have taken it to get a second opinion, but I didn't. I should been smarter about spending so much money, but I wasn't. I trusted they knew what they were doing, looked up differential bearings on my phone and vouched that what they said was true, easier to replace transmission than fix bearing. And so I had them "fix" it. I picked up my car two days later, even though I was told it would take three to four days to replace since they had to order the transmission; I should have been suspicious about early finish, but I wasn't. While driving on the highway the "humming/screeching" sound starts again and louder than before. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?? This is not even 24 hours after they supposedly "fixed" it, after I paid over three grand to have that sound fixed! I was furious and more than upset. I felt like such an idiot because I just knew that when I brought it back to Brandon Honda they would say that "humming/screeching" sound was the brakes...and indeed that is exactly what is was. They put on new brakes, no charge...right.

I honestly don't know what my options are because my original transmission is gone; I didn't hear what they heard in their diagnosis and have no way to tell if there was anything actually wrong with my transmission, if it was actually even replaced! I bought the car brand new in '07, it has around 93,000 miles and I've been reading (after the fact) that transmissions are normally good for 120,000 - 150,000 miles. I feel like I may have just given Honda a perfectly fine transmission that they'll "rebuild" and charge another poor soul a few grand for. I feel so stupid, foolish, taken advantage of. I feel like I just paid $3,200 for an alignment and brakes. I feel like offering advice to anyone going to Brandon Honda: Be smarter than me.

UPDATE:  Less than a week later, I received a call from Brandon Honda and they were very concerned about my experience. I was able to explain what happened, express my feelings and they committed to remedying the situation, which is greatly appreciated on my part. It shows that they truly do care about their customers.

JT H. | 2013-05-10

Spectacular service adviser thank you so much for a perfect experience.  From start to finish a pretty easy turn around.  I'm only reviewing the service department because i thankfully did not have to deal with sales.  initially i was concerned about coming here because of previous reviews but the majority of them were about bad customer service with the sales department and that's entirely understandable.

Pulled up and got out and in about two min i was already being assisted.  The lot attendant was very cool made me laugh.  Service adviser came out about the same time the attendant pulled the car up further and got it ready for the shop.  I told them exactly what i needed plus some.  Adviser said total eta was about two hours and they had it all finish in one and half hours :)

All in all great experience, car needed its three quarter k mile check up and was able to get it done with no hassle or sales pitch.  Thanks service department.

Stacie S. | 2013-02-28

I came here to look into getting a used car for my mother.   She is getting older and her suv was just too big for her to handle anymore.   We expected the usual song and dance for the trade in value but was really surprised at the fair treatment JC the manager gave us.   Of course we wished we got more but they gave us real and honest reasons why we got the offer we did.   It took a while to get the paper work done but the finance office di their best to explain everything to my mom and I.
Mom likes her used civic which is all that matters to me.

Dale D. | 2012-10-30

encountered these scumbags at a tent sale. We were curious about the value of our existing vehicle, and what was available to trade it in for, as they advertised and unbelievable deal.
Having been in the auto industry, I was familiar with all the tricks, and was on my game as they began the standard tactics to hustle me out of my car, and into an overpriced, poorly maintained vehicle of lesser value.
We finally decided that there was an acceptable vehicle for our needs amongst the garbage they had brought to the sale and I attempted to negotiate a deal.
"Sam" the sales manager came to me with a disturbing offer, and we countered each other repeatedly until we reached and "acceptable" agreement.
During the conversation we discussed the options of the vehicle, and the fact that the owners manual and spare key were not present onsite at the tent sale, and Sam reassured me that he would make sure we received them promptly. This was not so!

Shortly after closing the deal and returning to our normal every day lives, we began receiving calls from our finance company(for the previous vehicle) explaining that collection proceedings were in play on the OUTSTANDING balance. I notified Sam at the dealership, and he assured me that he would address the problem ASAP and return my call to confirm. I never received a phone call and the debt collectors called for another week, and had already placed a hit on my credit. I again contacted Sam and he advised me they had JUST mailed the payment, and i should stop receiving calls. I addressed the concern for the Spare key, and manuals( as this is a Microsoft Sync vehicle that requires programming and maintenance) He explained that the salesman that prepared my deal would get them to me via mail at his earliest convenience.( this is now 3wks after the sale) He also attempted to dodge getting us the manuals, by explaining that they could be downloaded and printed from the internet, as if I would pay 36k for an automobile and drive around with a 197 page printout in my glovebox? I advised him we were promised the manuals, and that this was unacceptable, and that I expected a manual to be provided as promised.
We made several calls to the salesman for the key and he continuously made various excuses for why he had not gotten the key to us, and to date we still have not received the key. This poses to be a problem as the key is a digital cut computer key and costs in excess of $200 to replace, as we discovered when our Boxer, locked us out and we had to have a Locksmith open the vehicle via Fords direction for the key-less entry system, and added the frustration of a $233 bill.
I have already filed complaints with the chamber of commerce and the BBB.
Do not buy car here unless you enjoy the runaround.

Andrew N. | 2012-10-25

I came to Brandon Honda today at 7am right when it opened. I had never been to the revamped Brandon Honda facility but had been to it back in 2007. Never liked it back then and still not impressed today. The facilities although new, the staff i give a big "meh".  So i came for an oil change. It takes 1 hr 15 minutes for a freaking oil change! I had a coupon i got from their site for $14.95 but with some bullcrap tax it comes out to be 19.95.  The service guy came out and said i need new tires but then fell back to saying i could go without new tires by rotating them. Brandon Honda wanted $25 for a tire rotation($18 with a coupon but you can't use it if you already used a coupon like i did). So LAME. Anyways I took my car to a local service station down the road where they did it for $5.

On another note, I had 2 salesmen come up to me, trying to hawk a car. Although I was looking at the 2013 Honda Accord LX Sedan, I was just looking. I pretty much said this to them: "Do I need a car? No. Do I want a car? Sure Can I afford a car? Yes. And once again, Do i need a car? No. I think they got the point after that.

Will i be back? maybe. Maybe not. IF you are looking for a car. My advice is go through a car buying service like AmericanExpress, Costco or your employer. Makes it simple. They give better deals than in person or through dealership internet sales. I may be wrong but i feel the service does a better job especially if you are a member of the above 3.

Annette G. | 2009-06-16

This dealership knows something about customer service in their service department.  Orlando dealers should take note!

I've been able to schedule appointments and just walk in, every time I am treated with respect and attended to promptly.  I get mailers from the sales dept, but no hassles when waiting for my car.  Generally the service goes pretty quickly, I don't end up waiting long.

This dealership has restored my faith in Honda service.  Kudos!