Bill Currie Ford in Tampa, FL

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Bill Currie Ford in Tampa, FL, has been a premier new Ford dealer serving Tampa Bay Area customers for more than 50 years. Customers from Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Land O' Lakes, Westchase and throughout the region can attest to the quality vehicles and expert service.  We don't just say we appreciate your business, we prove it.


Established in 1960.

Bill Currie Ford has been serving the Tampa Bay area for over 50 years.  An abundant selection of new Fords and used vehicles at THE best price. A full service department fully able to service all brands and if the need arises, our Body Shop can certainly help where needed.   Bill Currie Ford is part of Tampa's history and truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family with your automotive needs.

Bill Currie Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 872-5555
Address:5815 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL, 33614
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Bill Currie Ford

Sebastian N. | 2015-02-17

As far as I was doing just WORKS with them everything was fine. But when I came to them with an issue (hearing noises coming from driver's side of my vehicle) my service advisor Leo Geary told me that this is "just a moisture". I still got a paper for that. Other than that he claimed he didn't hear any noises after.
Same day I went on the highway and guess what. Noises are still there. They did nothing. I called Leo and he blew me off.
At this point I stopped doing service in Bill Currie and decided to go to Brandon Ford since I've heard good things about them. I asked them for the same thing - what is wrong with my car and why do I hear those weird metallic noises.
Their service men spent a few days looking for it because it wasn't that easy to find a reason, then they took me for a test drive, came back fixed the problem and took me for a test drive again just to make sure I am satisfied. And I was. Because now I know what was wrong, problem is fixed and I am happy with the service provided.
Sorry guys but your service department is very unfriendly and other than that they cannot do their job.

Amy W. | 2014-09-24

Wasted time with unmotivated and unorganized sales people and manger. Why didn't I consult Yelp prior to wasting my precious time at Bill Currie Ford? Ugh! I'm so disappointed in my attempt to choose a Ford SUV from Bill Currie Ford that I feel sick. Well I sort of felt sick with just the thought of buying a new car...and now I wonder how long I can avoid it and just stick with my old car. Sigh. However...this is my current story/situation:

I need a new car for work. I want a small car but I need a lot of cargo room to hold all my work stuff. Ford has at least four options (Escape, Edge, Flex, & Explorer) that I wanted to check out before deciding which one to get (I had already talked myself into a Ford mostly because I liked their audio package that can syncs with the iphone.)

I also have zero time to look for a new car and even less time with my Fiance to help me test drive get his opinions. However, we had rare time together after work on a Tues night (but before dinner) to do some test drives together. After the test drive the plan was I'd choose which car I liked and make a purchase. Easy Peasy! Right? Wrong...

I thought to make things easier by calling and setting up an appointment the day befofe. So Monday I called Bill Currie Ford and asked to speak to someone in the Sales Department. I was transferred. I spoke to someone in Sales who then transferred me back to the main operator. It took her about 5-8 minutes of me being on hold to finally speak with Laura in Sales. Yay!

Laura and I spoke for awhile and we specifically discussed what I wanted: small car with a lot of cargo room, the audio system that syncs with iphone, leather interior that is not black, "Auto" features (seats, rear hatch, etc) & not interested in navigation, sun roof or towing. I asked her to look through their inventory and to pull a car from each SUV model for me to quick test drive when we get there around 5:30pm Tuesday, the next day. I told her I was ready to purchase right away & yes, I understood it was a wide range of prices. I was most interested in the vehicle that met my requirements. I took her number and told her I'd call her if I wasn't able to make the appointment.

Work kept me right up to 5pm on Tues so I called her as I was headed home to pick up my Fiance and let her know we'd be there closer to 6pm. She interrupted me and told me she was called away for an "emergency." She said when I got there just to ask for anyone in the "Internet Sales Department." To which I asked "Why Internet Sales?" She said that was where she worked and that it would be in my favor because they give better deals and she hung up...WTH was up with that? I thought I had been speaking to a "Sales" person...

So I told my fiance that we were ditched by that Sales Lady I spoke with and I wasn't sure what was in store for us when we arrived... but we headed to Bill Currie Ford anyway. Right away were greeted by a Salesman. My fiance told him we'd been ditched by our Saleslady and was peeved but that we were supposed to ask for someone in Internet Sales but that they'd know we were coming and what we wanted. He brought us to the main desk and suggested the Internet Sales Manager come meet us. The lovely lady at the desk paged the Internet Sales Manager to come meet us on the floor.

We waited...& waited...& waited. After about 20 minutes (it seemed like FOREVER) I went back to the desk and asked her to get someone else from Internet Sales to come meet us... a gentleman came down and introduced himself (not the manager) and I introduced myself. I told him that Laura probably left a car list for us to test drive or gave my information to someone so we'd have 4 cars to quick drive & look at. He was unaware and said that Laura had left this morning. They did not have any cars pulled for us to look at and it was already almost 6:30 going on 7pm. I was starving & unwilling to waste any more of my time with a dealership that couldn't help me preserve my time. Tuesday was really the only night I have free between now and Oct 14 or Nov 15 for the weekend. (It upsets me because this was part of my discussion with Laura.) Plus I was really hoping to have a new car to drive during my vacation next week...I will try again with another dealership & hopefully my review will be better. (I've even had a few friends who gave me names of sales folks who will bring the car to you to test drive. Now if that could happen...that would be great customer service.)

I'm putting my own spin on one of the previous reviews comments. "I'd rather be trampled on by dancing elephants than buy a car from Bill Currie Ford."

James R. | 2014-09-12

The service is horrible!!

Both my brother & parents bought a brand new vehicle from there.
I went in & sale associate, Pete Horn, was so shady.  He kept dismissing my price questions saying that the guy in the finance office would answer.  I get into the finance office & they guy is printing up paperwork to buy the car. I told him we hadn't even settle on a price or a trade-in.
That guy said it was Pete's job & everything should have been worked out before I even spoke with him.

I think Pete Horn tricks people into that room.  I would never be bullied, but some customers might be.
He should be fired.  He has no integrity. He is a filthy, old man & an embarrassment to the Ford company & all car salesmen worldwide.

I left there & went straight to a Elder Ford where I purchased a brand new vehicle. If u do the same, ask for Nacer. He is amazing & knowledgable.
If he wasn't such garbage, he could have had a longtime, loyal customer. I got another new car from Nacer a couple months ago.

AVOID BILL CURRIE!!!!   & especially Pete Horn

I would rather be trampled to death by a mix of Asian & African elephants than ever step foot on Bill Currie property again.

Shabba R. | 2014-01-21

Apparently they don't actually educate their sales folks on the products they're selling.  I'm looking for a mid size SUV, comparing options such as Audi Q7, Acura MDX, etc. and stopped in to look at an Explorer Sport.  I chose the Sport specifically because of the EcoBoost v6 with the much higher power output compared to the regular Explorer base V6.  Well the sales person tells me they all have the same engine so no reason to look at the Sport other than for the differences in body style.  Umm, no; across the Explorer line, the EcoBoost engine is available solely on the Explorer Sport.  Okay, moving on, then I'm told explicitly that the Sport ONLY comes with two bucket seats as the second row seating option.  Nope, again, completely wrong; you have to pay an extra $750 to get the second row in buckets instead of the normal three seat bench setup, and if you want a 2nd row center console, that's an additional $100 on top of that.  From Ford's own website, the standard config is "Second-row 60/40 split-fold-flat bench seat with armrest and dual cupholders " and the option is described as "The available six-passenger seating configuration in the XLT, Limited and Sport models includes second-row bucket seats with a pass-through to the third row. Available with optional second-row center console."

In any case, I escalated to the sales manager at this point since talking to someone who has no idea what the product's options are is pointless; guess what; I'm told the exact same thing.  My only guess is this was due to the two Explorer Sports on the lot both having the bucket seat option, so if you wanted something they don't have apparently it doesn't exist.  Discovered later that Brandon Ford apparently has a Sport that doesn't exist; i.e. one with a second row bench seat setup.

I gave up after the second attempt to get someone who actually knew the product.  Would have just ignored this whole experience and went elsewhere but it follows two past experiences I had at Bill Currie Ford.  The more recent of the two; in 2008 I attempted to have them source a (used) Ford GT car for me, that were of course no longer in production but still readily available at that point, and not only was I told yes we'll find some options and follow up with you, but I was told by the sales manager himself, after I complained weeks later no one had bothered to even call me and say they had exhausted their options, that he'd personally work on the search and call me back; nothing ever came of it, zero contact.  This follows an experience I had in mid-1996 (yes 13 years earlier) where I attempted to purchase a '96 Mustang Cobra from them, got a serious run around on price and ended up purchasing from Walker Ford in Clearwater for several thousand less.  At that point, my family had been loyal Bill Currie Ford customers, having purchased at least three cars from them across a decade, so my history with this dealer, even though I was a child for the start of it, spans 20 years.

Anyway, I can understand green sales folks, even if they should actually learn the products they're selling before being thrown to the wolves, but having absolutely no idea about the products you're selling, the sales manager backing those incorrect statements up, and me having multiple poor experiences many years apart, let alone one involving a search for what would have been a $150k purchase, suggests the issues here run deeper than just bad luck and I'm done attempting to give them business.

Noelle L. | 2013-12-31

I came here in search of a Ford Fusion. Jonathan, a new sales associate, was gracious and helpful. When it came time to run numbers, the sales manager, Daniel, was rude, arrogant, and unprofessional. He first told me that in order to run numbers that I needed to fill out a credit check. I told him that I would like to see numbers first because if their numbers are not competitive with the other dealerships I have been shopping, I do not want my credit to be pulled for no reason.

Daniel was insistent, and also belittled Jonathan in front of me three times reminding me that Jonathan was new and "doesn't really know what's going on" with a condescending tone and a big smirk on his face. Daniel then asked where I'd like to be with monthly payments, in which I told him and also added that I will not do financing for anything more than 60 months. Daniel replied with a smirk, "there's no way you'll be at that price point!" I said to him that on their website their advertised prices supported my price point with small negotiations. Daniel snidely retorted, "We don't put our SECOND best prices on the internet" and laughed.

I then requested my keys immediately. Not sure what Bill Currie Ford's definition of customer service is, but belittling employees and an arrogant attitude from a sales manager making $40K a year is unwarranted and disgusting. I will never recommend this place to anyone.

Mike S. | 2013-08-15

Have bought one new car there, a few parts and several service jobs.  This is the most attentive, reasonable dealership I have ever patronized.  Good price/discount on the car with minimal histrionics about "checking with the manager."   Servicedis quick and dependable on finish time.  Had one warranty battery replacement without quibbling and they are fanatic about follow-up to verify customer, phone and postal.

Camaron A. | 2013-08-14

This review is based on just a estimate for one of my business vehicles. I was in the area and I needed to a get a price on a part that you can only get at a dealer, So I visited the parts dept located in the front of the building , they were helpful and gave me a ballpark price on the part on account its something they don't keep in stock,        

 Well I figured while I was there I would visit the service dept and humor myself  and get a price to see what it would cost to install it.  I walked in the rear entrance and the place was very busy. There are 4-5 service desks , I stood there waiting for my turn at least 15 min before a woman at the desk asked me if I needed assistance.  She said there would someone with me shortly , 15 min later I am still waiting for a simple estimate.  Once I got up there , the service rep who was friendly could not give me an estimate on account they have not did a repair like this in a long time.  Oh ok thats acceptable its only a Ford dealership who is the company who produced my vehicle..  Instead of saying , please a hold a few minutes and let me call someone so I can get you the information you need after standing for 30 minutes.  Just for this one time I would not buy a vehicle here, Also the parking for service is horrendous and completely unorganized.

Deanna C. | 2012-06-07

My review is mixed.
The sales department has been wonderful to me (thanks Geoff!).
Unfortunately, the service department is appalling.  
I bought a 2012 Ford Focus in July of 2011.  The engine exploded three days after I bought it.  After having the engine completely replaced, it consistently got 17mpg on city streets.  I documented every tank of gas & the service department kept insisting that it somehow must be the way that I drive!  They treated me like some stupid woman who must not know what I'm talking about.
Fortunately, after months of this drama, Geoff in the sale department came to my rescue.  He was the only one who believed me.  He pulled every string imaginable to arrange a trade.  I now have a car (still 2012 Focus) that gets around 24 mpg on city streets.
I will never forget how I was treated by the service department at Bill Currie and I could never adequately express my gratitude to Geoff in the sales department for getting me out of that mess.

Sam Q. | 2012-02-10

I've bought two vehicles from Bill Currie Ford and both times I had a positive experience.  I'll just say they play a lot less games than most other dealers. My favorite dealer is Stingray Chevrolet, but alas they don't sell Fords. If I ever fulfill my childhood dream of a souped up Mustang, it will very likely be from Bill Currie Ford.  I'm a fan!