AutoNation Nissan Brandon in Tampa, FL

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Established in 1996.

AutoNation's roots trace back to 1996, when current Chairman H. Wayne Huizenga invested in an Atlanta-based waste management company that later became Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Republic Industries, Inc. Republic Industries would go on to acquire most of the more than 321 new vehicle franchises the Company operates today, as well as several waste management and vehicle rental companies, before changing its name on April 6, 1999 to "AutoNation, Inc."

AutoNation Nissan Brandon

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 623-1148
Address:9920 Adamo Drive, Tampa, FL, 33619
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on AutoNation Nissan Brandon

Karen N. | 2015-04-23

We just purchased a Nissan Versa Note from AutoNation Nissan Brandon.  Eddie from Brooklyn was great, he listened and found us the perfect vehicle.  No pressure, no attempt to get us to move up to a larger more expensive car. Even the sales manager surprised me he came over and introduced himself but did not try to take over. This was the least stressful, best vehicle purchase we have ever experienced. Thumbs up for AutoNation Nissan Brandon I go a great car at a great deal with no stress.

Andre N. | 2015-02-06

I give this dealership 5 stars on my new car purchase experience.  No matter how you look at it, I saved thousands on a new Altima that I purchased over the phone and Internet.  I live on the east coast and none of my local dealers could match the price.  I drove across the state and closed the deal without any attempts to change what we agreed to.  David Lee and Rob (the English Guy) were honest and helpful.

Chelsea B. | 2014-07-16

Having just moved here, I was unsure what to expect from dealerships around the area. I come from a Ford family, but have had too many difficulties over the last few years with the company that I didn't want to buy another car from them.

As I looked up reviews for other car companies, Nissan caught my eye for crash ratings, mpg, etc. The day after my fiancé and I arrived in Tampa, we went to this dealership.

From the time we arrived, Robert N. took great care of us. From answering our many questions to helping with finance, he was pleasant, funny, and up front, which I loved. I'm a no BS type of person, so Robert and I got along just fine!

I love the SUV I bought and plan on referring anyone who needs a new vehicle specifically to Robert at this Nissan dealership.

Melissa R. | 2014-05-27

My husband and I recently purchased two cars here.  Our sales person was Carlos E. and he was fantastic.  He was kind, patient and he wasn't pushy at all.  The entire experience was made pretty stress free from Carlos all the way to Katie, the finance manager.  They both went over everything with us so we felt comfortable with what we were buying as well as the terms we had.  This was definitely an above average car buying experience.

J D. | 2014-05-25

I leased an Armada, an Altima and purchased a BMW from this place! You would think that they would try to take care of repeat customers who's lease is up in September and wanted to purchase certified pre owned. This place has gone downhill!!!! I'm turning in this lease September and going to take my business elsewhere.

Turned the lease in early with 2000 less miles and they stilled charged me 350 dollars. These guys are slime balls!

Candace F. | 2014-04-29

Great dealership Great service department! I have been using this dealership for years and have purchased three cars from them. I use their service department because they are always up front and honest ! All around a great place!

Lindsey P. | 2014-01-26

After writing my first review, I was contacted by someone working for Nissan who asked me about my experience (presumably as a follow up to this review). After I explained the experience, the man hung up on me because he said that since I hadn't had the $2,200 worth of work done that my opinion didn't matter.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't go here. Don't let your friends go here. Don't let your enemies go here. Don't support such a ridiculous, awful business.

Evermorelust F. | 2014-01-12

Here for a recall on my ABS and generally don't enjoy these types of visits.

Pros: Stephanie, the service professional, was welcoming and pleasant she immediately met me and told me where I could go get some coffee and wait in reception.

Cons: waiting area could be warmer (it's 50 degrees this morning in Florida and no heat in waiting) and cleaner. The pic is of the cushions In The waiting area. Every visit I have here for service I see nasty crumbs and food and hair in the seats. I will admit that I'm a touch OCD but it's the same crumbs easily for over a year!

Also, as a final mention Nissan never offers a courtesy wash or vacuum and they frequently leave those plastic covers in vehicles when done. I usually have to pull them out. Just observations. I really prefer Nissan vehicles. Have bought for years, but its that attention to detail that the autonation office has continually missed the mark on.

Krissie C. | 2013-08-06

Being new to the area I was unsure of where to take my car for an oil change and tire rotation.  I own a 2012 Rogue so I brought it to the most convenient dealership location I could find.

I dropped the car off and was met by an older gentleman who was so nice and courteous! He reminded me of my dad! He asked what I wanted done, and then promptly showed me the waiting room.  I ended up having my family pick me up and picked the car up the next morning.

The same gentleman who greeted me called me back about 40 minutes after I dropped off my car and said they were able to get to it early!  Unfortunately I was already a few drinks in with the cousins (you know how family goes!) and I told him I would get it the next day.

The next day I went and everyone was friendly.  My car was parked right outside waiting on me and there was no problems identified.  Everything seemed pretty easy!

So for the service department and the old gentleman helping me out, thank you for making it simple!

Kat J. | 2013-05-10

If I could give 0 I would!

 My husband and I are having a real major problem with AutoNation Nissan in Brandon, FL.  We have a 2012 Rouge that is fully under warranty, purchased new in Wesley Chapel late last summer.  A few weeks back my husband went over a speed bump and the hood popped up slightly and since has not properly latched.  We called and took the car in and after first inspection they said they would order a part and provided us with a rental and said it would be ready in a few days.  Mid week we got a call saying that the car was in an accident, which it was not.  We explained to them that it was not, its very clear no parts were replaced and that this is not caused by anything we did to the car.  Twice the had us come back and say they would look into more and nothing was done.  We wasted a total of 4 trips back and forth and 3 weeks and we now have the car back and not one thing has been fixed.  They quoted us over $2,000 in damages and will not honor the warranty even though this car was never in an accident.  I have asked for them to get an inspector so they can prove as to how it was in this supposed accident and they will not work with us.  They are also saying our radiator and A/C needs to be replaced and no longer is covered because of the "accident".  We have never had an issue with while driving, A/C works fantastic and there has never been an issue.  The only issue is the hood latch and a crack in the steering wheel which they say they will fix but have been lax about it.

      They also had us drive down on a Saturday because they wanted the loaner back and said our steering wheel was done, which is wasn't, so they sent us back home with the loaner only to call 2 days later and say we had to pick up our car and they will call us when its ready.  

      We just want our car properly fixed, it was never in an accident, if it was we would have called our insurance and had it fixed, not fixed everything but a hood latch and try and claim a warranty job.  They won't even prove to us why they said it was in an accident and are just refusing to help us.  So many calls with the wrong information and having us run back and forth (I am 8 months pregnant on top of this) and they still won't do anything.  We want the car inspected and them to prove to us why they can't fix it, and also where on the CarFax it would report our accident.  Which it won't because we never were in one.  I am so upset about this, we just want our car fixed, we have a child on the way and we want the car in perfect order.  If we had been at fault we would properly fix it, this is purely a case of them not wanting to cover our valid warranty.

Ingrid R. | 2013-04-22

I recently visited Autoway Nissan of Brandon in search for a new car and was helped by Juan Torres, when I tell you this gentleman was so attentive and every little detail and silly question I had he patiently answered even considering the summer heat and bringing me inside intermittently so I could get out of the sun.  It took us much longer but its little things like those that make me want to give someone my business!   If you're shopping for a car see Juan Torres , he is bilingual and deserves being recommended!

Danesh J. | 2011-04-20


They went back on a deal for a 2011 Versa for $15,500.00. We got the price down by calling them out on their lie when they said that they have the lowest dealer fee  in the area and catching them when they said they could not lower the price any further.  

Ed, the salesperson, inflated their competitors' dealer fees by $400 when speaking to us, and Lin, the manager, after saying he could not take the price for the car down any further, cut the appearance package which was already taken out of the price.

After an intense discussion, Lin then stated that we can come Tuesday or Wednesday and get the Versa sedan 1.8 S for $15,500, touting that he is "an honest man" and that he stands by his word. We come Tuesday night and Lin is not there. Ed and Scott are.

Ed shows us the Versa and remembers the deal that was made with Lin, he even says that he does by stating the price and the type of car. We pick out the car we want then he has us wait. We see Ed just stand around for 30 minutes in the office opposite the front desk, then he walks out with Scott.

Scott, the sales manager, says that the price promised to us by Lin for the 2011 Versa Sedan 1.8 S was due to a "computer glitch"  and now the car costs $1000 more than what was promised and shook on. Conveniently, the numbers were whole dollar amounts and the Hatchback option, when the packages were deducted turned out to be $15,500. I found this pretty odd since the first time we came the price without packages and store deals were all dollars and cents (I think anyone who has bought a car can attest to that, and that a haggled price is usually whole round dollar amounts).

We left and went to Toyota down the street and got a Corolla for much less than what they offered for the Versa at both the "out-the-door" and "deal" price.

Bottom line:  This place runs on dishonesty. So stay clear of AutoWay.  Their prices are overinflated and their staff at all levels are deceiving. Their own staff is confused by their own presentation method. They say that when the deduct a package that the computer wont let it be taken off the print out they show you, so you have to look at the debit and credit for the package; but when Scott showed us the "adjusted" prices, this apparently was no longer the case. So, if you go there, push to see a print out that does not list what you don't want to buy as it can be done, they just want to confuse you. I filed a complaint with the BBB about this incident.