Toyota of Orlando in Orlando, FL

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Toyota of Orlando offers new Toyota, used cars, and certified used cars in Orlando, FL.


Established in 1994.

Toyota of Orlando has been family owned and operated since 1994.  After 18 years on West Colonial Drive, Toyota of Orlando has moved to an all new 25 acre facility located across from the Millenia Mall on Vineland Rd.

Toyota of Orlando

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 725-3520
Address:3575 Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL, 32811
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota of Orlando

Steven B. | 2015-04-25

This dealership's service department has always treated me really well. They  are generous with the loaner cars. And always wash my car without even having to be asked.

They know their product.  Emil is great.

Thank you!

Florida M. | 2015-04-24

From start to finish we were very pleased with the great service!  Kyle helped us to narrow down the best car for us. Fred was top notch, a true professional with ver, very little BS!  For me that says a lot in the car sales business!  

We worked hard to keep Fred on his toes, I know we weren't easy Customers. But the truth is he really worked hard to make us a great deal that we were very happy with. This was probably my 5th Toyota, so I didn't need to be sold on the car, it was all about the price of the car and my trade in value.  I feel we got a very fair deal, and I think that is rare in any Dealership.

Truly EXCELLENT service!!  Even Christina who did the final paperwork sat in the car afterwards and made sure we knew what every button and feature did. She was truly professional.
Needless to say we would recommend this Dealership for a variety of reasons.

Carolyn C. | 2015-04-24

I always have a pleasant experience at this dealership. They take excellent care of my car. The dealership has lots of room to sit and wait and they even have a place to get food and drink while you wait. The most recent visit, Katie Arvidson was my advisor. She listened to me carefully and had them take my car back to check all the tires. I had my low tire pressure light come on, and after trying to fill them with air at a gas station (unsuccessfully) I told her they might be messed up. They checked each tire and got the pressure right, and even found a small nail in one tire and patched it. Then, they washed the car and had her looking all nice and we were on our way in short order. I am so glad I had them take care of it. A real top notch operation, if you ask me. Thanks, Toyota of Orlando!!

Avins F. | 2015-04-24

From start to finish we were very pleased with the great service!  Kyle helped us to narrow down the best car for us. Fred was top notch, a true professional with ver, very little BS!  For me that says a lot in the car sales business!  

We worked hard to keep Fred Robertson on his toes, I know we weren't easy Customers. But the truth is he really worked hard to make us a great deal that we were very happy with. This was probably my 5th Toyota, so I didn't need to be sold on the car, it was all about the price of the car and my trade in value.  I feel we got a very fair deal, and I think that is rare in any Dealership.

Truly EXCELLENT service!!  Even Christina who did the final paperwork sat in the car afterwards and made sure we knew what every button and feature did. She was truly professional.
Needless to say we would recommend this Dealership for a variety of reasons.

Keith F. | 2015-01-29

Don't waste your time with these jokers.  Unprofessional, rude, and as slick as they come.  Do your research and you'll see these guys prey off of ignorance.  Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.   Salesperson I dealt with was completely clueless about their own products.  They didn't even know what options their cars came with.

Tammy H. | 2014-12-15

I was in town to visit my son who works at Disney.  He had a check engine light on the car.  I was grateful to find they were open on Sunday (12/7/14).  That was the only good news.  After being told it would cost 1200 to fix the car...and waiting 4 hours because of their policy of a 10 mile radius and we were 11 miles away....a week and a half later the check engine light comes back on.  Now my son has to take the car back and I hope they do the right thing.  I expect a refund since what they "fixed" was not the problem!!!

Update:  12/16/14 Another 4/5 hours for them to reset the computer because they think it just needed to be reset.  Hopeful that is the case.  Will keep updating as needed.

Update: 12/24/14 Just talked to my son who informed me the check engine light is back again.  Due to his work schedule and the holidays will try to get the car back to the dealer after the new year.

Update 1/20/15  1/20/15 back in again for intermittent check engine light. Let's see if the service department can redeem themselves. Still not resolved. When my son drove up the service advisor Eduardo said he smelled gas. They think it may be a sensor (funny I said it was probably a sensor to Tony when I drove up the very first time for service), or it may be a small gas leak they can't find?, or it could be the gas cap (which they replaced on the first visit), to replace the sensor another $511, or we could leave it with them for approximately a week to see if they can determine exactly why the sensor is still on. Wondering about why the paperwork says the "customer" reported a gas smell...when it was really the Service Rep Eduardo? What would you do?

Liz G. | 2014-12-10

I LOVE this Toyota dealership. I bring my car here for service. This is the only Toyota dealer in the orlando area with EXCEPTIONAL service!!!

Tony is my preferred service adviser but I've also been helped my Melissa; they are both so very nice and helpful. Actually the majority of the people here are nice to you. Great customer service! You are looked in the eyes and greeted by so many people. At the Toyota in winter park you get ignored (only the sales people want to talk to you)

I had a stain in my brand new car from my kids spilling juice. The winter park Toyota couldn't and didn't want to do anything. I took it here instead and amazingly the problem is fixed. Mike Natali is the man for detailing here. The stains looked so bad and one dealer already told me there was nothing they could do so I didn't have high hopes. Omg Mike did it!!! The stains are gone and my car smells amazing. I

If my Camry ever dies, this dealer would get my business for sales. They already won me over in service!

Lisa C. | 2014-12-10

I'm glad they didn't earn my business tonight because they are rude and unprofessional. I did online research and had called for a quote. The sales representative (Tamela) gave me a great price but wouldn't email it to me and confirmed that she had already talked to the GM and confirmed pricing and just needed me to come in. She said she would have the price paper printed out and be in my file waiting. They handed us off to a different rep (Kyle) to pick the "actual" car. Then, a "specialist" (Luis) had to negotiate the price. Then, they had the director of sales (Mo) come out to lead us around in a circle and say it's almost $10,000 more than what the first phone rep quoted! When we asked for her, they said she had left! Even though, I had to call the dealership to ask to get a hold of her and she said she would be right out. The director then replied that, " I told her not to come out because I'm her boss." Don't waste your time here.

Carlos P. | 2014-11-28

Useless!!! I scheduled an appointment for an appraisal. Was met by a sales guy in the parking lot and he took my information. Then he said he was going to get someone to help me. After an hour of waiting I left. I then called to let them know about their crappy service and the girl in the phone just told me to go to the "desk" like I'm supposed to know what that means. After asking which desk, she says the appraisal desk in the back and someone should be able to help me out. Needless to say I didn't go back because I didn't feel like waiting another hour. What the hell was the point of making an appointment??? I'm sure that if I was trying to buy a car I would have 5 sales guys circling me like vultures. I sat there and observed their sales and they are all full of shit. This coming from someone who works in sales. Avoid at all cost

Jay R. | 2014-11-14

The buildings themselves and grounds may not look it, but the atmosphere inside is nothing short of an urban ghetto experience.

Look, I'm human just like everybody else, and I understand that people have their bad days. But if a customer notices a certain type of behavior on multiple occasions, then either the customer is just so lucky to visit on what just so happens to be a bad day, or the negativity is merely the modus operandi of the employees. (meaning the employees are just generally rude and unprofessional)

Example: just a few weeks ago I went in to purchase an item from the service and parts department. Standing in front of the counter for about 30 seconds I had to wait and listen to a not so nice conversation about someone who wasn't there; presumably another employee. I chalked it up to a bad day and maybe the employee had to get it out. Whatever, human, right? Unprofessional by every means, yet it was the first offense. I can let it go.

So I went back, not even thinking about possibly facing the same situation but was taken aback as to how much worse the experience was this time. I went to the counter to be "greeted" by a clerk. I say "greeted" in the most sarcastic of manners as what I received was merely a menacing look. No biggie. I'm used to it. Judging by his accent, the clerk was either a gangster from New York or working his way to be one. When I bring up the accent from New York I don't mean upscale Manhattan, I mean street thug. By now you're probably seeing a colorful representation of this man's character and asking why is I would paint such a picture based on his appearance and accent. It's because the ink with which I paint is based on more. As I begin to converse with the man, his upbringing and social ideals become apparent. None of this normally matters but when it comes to a place of business, especially one that relies on customer satisfaction, this is totally unacceptable. My six year old daughter is standing next to me and he says, "Can we take this back? It's all broken and shit. Take a loss? Fuck it."
I was taken aback. Wow. The complete and utter disrespect. Usually, I would have said something immediately, but I did not feel like furthering an altercation with my child being there. I figured this review and speaking to the general manager was a more fruitful course of action.

It may be that these employees are victims of perhaps some draconian environment, a tyrannical manager. Perhaps the employees are lashing out because of pressure from above. Or maybe these employees act like model citizens during interview time and then act like they're running a prohibition era speakeasy for the mafia once they've been hired.

I go to Toyota dealers for service because I expect a professional experience as opposed to going to a sleazy, dirty mechanic shop. It's the ambience I'm willing to pay for. But while the physical ambience at Toyota of Orlando is great, the attitude of the employees leaves much to be desired. The management team has a lot of work ahead of them in terms of corporate style training if they're going to improve.

Definitely, if you care about professionalism and manners, go somewhere else. You'd get better service at a gas station.

Kami T. | 2014-11-06

My Corolla was recalled for a part so I took my car to this dealership.  I made an appointment in advance and had no wait to check my car in.  The courtesy shuttle driver was very friendly and she dropped us off at the mall.  We enjoyed dinner and the shuttle came back to get us.  The whole process was easy and smooth.

Hieu L. | 2014-11-02

Got my truck from Clermont and My mothers Corolla here. The wait and the process was not too long. Of course with most dealership there is haggling and such... just the nature of the beast but after all said and done we got the car we needed. But my fav part is free car wash for life!! This does come in handy for me.

Engelberth S. | 2014-10-15…

By causality I have a Corolla 2014 from this dealer and I had a problem with the breake sensor with the Air Conditioner and the car have a few noises and is ridiculous because is a brand new car and the paint in front have a few spot like loose the paint

Scott D. | 2014-10-03

Had scheduled an appointment for an oil change at 9:45 AM got there at 9:30 was told at 10:45 that two more cars are in front of me and it could be an hour and a half to two hours longer great  place to go if you like a three hour oil change I don't know why nobody told me it would take that long in the beginning instead of keeping me waiting over an hour to then come and tell me .

Vanessa J. | 2014-09-28

Is it sad that after, close to a year of purchasing my car, I'm finally writing a review? I believe it's because my experience was so horrific, I don't wish that horrendous day upon anyone.

It was a two day process, the first day I test drove my "dream car" and discussed my potential purchase with a gentleman (Theo), who was utterly rude! If he works on commission, I have no idea how he is still employed. My brother and I sat down with him & right off the bat he asked me how much I mad a year, I replied with my answer, he clearly didn't believe me and said "can you prove that" I was a little offended, && said "Ummm of course" then he aggressively said "well you have to pay $410 a month, with $4,500 down, 60 months, with a 10.1% interest rate.... What?! Must I remind you... This is all prior to even checking my credit score! I kindly declined and hinted to my brother I wanted to go. Theo showed my brother a quote of the details of the car purchase which included, $450 worth of carpets.... Really?! Like be honest, do you really think two individuals will ever sign a contract with that kind of pricing for... Carpets. Well to make a long story short, we left!

On to day number TWO, I went back.... This time... With the BOSS... My dad! Why would I go back? Bc I was desperate for that specific car and I was short on time bc my car was totaled and I had to drive back to Miami! Well fast forward to the negotiation part, the manager actually took care of us, excuse my language, he was the biggest prick, Huge republican (typical white collar) asshole I have ever met... Andre! During the whole process he mentioned his negative views on the average working American, and how HE just paid off his and his wives cars in less than a year, and looked at my family like the biggest piece of scum, bc we weren't capable of doing the same. At this point my father and I were in complete disgust! So What did we do? We left!

Another gentleman CHASED us in the parking lot!!! Apologizing for his managers rants and offered an amazing deal we couldn't refuse. So we took it. If it wasn't for my need for the car in such short notice, we would've taken our business else where.

I'm a business major who graduated with Honors, & my father & brother OWN their own business. We are typical average
Joes trying to live the American Dream, so to be treated like dirt, was pretty humiliating.

If I could give NO stars I would! Sharks isn't the word to describe these individuals in this location.... They truly are... The Anti Christ!!!

George W. | 2014-07-01

BAIT & SWITCH. These people are the largest bait and switchers in the country. I was at IKA across the street from them. My wife and Doughter were shopping at IKA. I called Toyota of Orlando and ask for a sales person and got a girl name Aisha who told me that they had a blue Prius 2014 for 20 k. I drove over in less than five minutes to the place. Aisha would not come out to meet with us. They send a guy name john who could not find the exit door if you know what I mean. John took us out on the yard for about 10 minutes, we looked at everything under the sun except what we had come to see.  At this time I came back in and talked to a whit shirt manager who assured us that the car was on the property. He send john out for another 20 min. Looking for it.  You are not going to believe this, but he could not find it. So another manager walks up and says oh we must have sold it. I took it on myself to walk over to a so called sales manager and express my disappointment.  He kept trying to cut me off but I managed to get my story out. He could not careless how disappointed and upset I was.  His answer was oh the system is slow and that it take 24 hours to update. Likely story. I have been in Florida for 54 years. These guys used to be on the west side of Orlando, and in 1993. They did the same thing to me with a toyota Camry.  I was cross the street at the Chevy dealer looking at cars, I decided to called to see how much a Camry WAS. I GOT LIED TO Back them then as well. They told me they had three on the yard for 17 k.  not realizing that I was being lied to I walked cross the street and ask to see the cars that they told me about. 42 min. Later they informed me that they had sold them all.  But they have others that are very comparable to what I wanted but not what I had asked for.. Another bait and switch.  I honestly thought with them moving out of that crapy place in west colonial and moving to this nice location, they would quit these sleezy business practices. But I guess the sleezy methods got them to the new location and they are not ready to give it up yet.  I wish I would have read some of these reviews before I called them again, as I would not have called and wasted my time. I hope this help some other poor unsuspecting customer not fall victim to these BAIT AND SWITCHERS.  Funny thing is that if you read some of these complaints you notice they are doing this sleezy practice in sales, service, parts as well. This is clearly coming from the very top. DO NOT DO BUSINESS. WE DID NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM BUT WAS DISAPOINTED ENOUGH TO WRITE THIS

Wolff C. | 2014-06-10

if you like to be treat like s.., if you like to waste your time, listen to lies you are at the right place, 1st and last time for me..

Cherine A. | 2014-05-27

Somewhere between the Port St. Lucie and Fort Drum service plazas on my way up to Orlando this past Friday, a piece of metal debris came flying from under an 18-wheeler and hit my Prius. I heard it banging all the way under my car, and braced myself for warning lights to come flashing on. Nothing happened, and I felt relieved that I had dodged a bullet. Ah, if only that were actually the case. About 15 minutes later, my air conditioning started blowing hot air. This was in the dead of the afternoon, and it was a balmy 95 degrees outside. My car very soon became a sauna inside. I rolled down the windows, only to get sunburned on half of my face. Desperate to get it fixed, I googled Toyota in Orlando, and drove straight there. By the time I pulled up to the dealership, I was drenched in sweat.

I arrived around 8 pm, and was greeted by Travis. He informed me that it would be $129 just to diagnose the problem, because of course everything costs more when your car is a hybrid. But what choice did I have? So I signed the paper, and let him know I had a CarMax extended warranty. Don't ever run into car trouble over a holiday weekend... because he said they wouldn't be able to reach CarMax until Tuesday at the earliest due to the Memorial Day weekend. And if they didn't have the part in stock or nearby, the warehouse in Jacksonville wouldn't be able to deliver until Tuesday either. Again, I felt rather stuck, but how could I drive my sauna car back down to South Florida in the high 90s? So I still said to go ahead and do the diagnosis. Travis said there were about 6 cars ahead of me, and brought me inside to their waiting lounge. While I waited for the verdict, I pondered the worst-case scenario for how much this was going to cost. Best case: just needs more freon. Worst case: it could be like my old Jeep Wrangler's leak behind the dashboard, which set me back about $800 back in 2004.

Travis came back and told me a rock or piece of debris (hmm, wonder what it was...) blew a hole into my AC condenser. He then asked if I wanted the good news or the bad news first. That's never a good sign. The good news was that they had the part in stock, and it could be fixed by noon the next day. As for the bad news, he put the estimate in front of me, which showed a grand total of $1,936 for the repair. This was so far beyond what my worst-case scenario was in my head that I literally yelled, "WHAT?!" to the point where I'm pretty sure my voice echoed throughout the dealership. Travis looked apologetic, and then broke some even worse news to me: my CarMax warranty was most likely not going to cover this either, since it was considered an "impact". Awesome. I could maybe run it through my insurance, but they'd have to send an adjuster out, and even then, I'd have to pay for my deductible, and lower the value of my car since it'll be considered an accident. It should go without saying that I was ready to cry.

I told Travis that there was just no scenario where I could possibly pay this. He understood, and told me he wouldn't add insult to injury by charging me the $129 diagnostic fee. Quite honestly, that was the only good news to come out of this weekend trip, and his kindness there is the reason I'm giving this place three stars. I think the almost $2,000 repair estimate is laughable, but I shouldn't be entirely surprised given that this is a dealership and they're notorious for being much pricier. Even so, they could've easily charged me that diagnostic fee, and I wouldn't have blinked an eye... after all, I signed a paper at the beginning authorizing that very charge. So I'm thankful that he was kind enough to let me drive away without forking over that money... since soon enough, I'll have to spend way more than that to get this thing fixed.

Sam C. | 2014-04-02

This is the fourth car that I have purchased and it is the first time I can honestly say that I had a good car buying experience.  There was the usual negotiation, but Steve and Alex in sales and Tim and James in finance/contracts were great to deal with.  I know they made their profit, but it was fair, and they kept their word on everything they said.  No bait and switch.  No up-selling.  I'm a Toyota person and this is the best Toyota dealership in Florida.

Ben L. | 2014-01-27

BUYER BEWARE!!!  I gave this dealership a 1 out of 10 on the Toyota survey after their hustling sales tatics. I went in to to compare prices and thought I would get a better out the door sale price then the other dealerships in the area.  Instead I got a worse deal because they kept pushing a payment rather then sale price. I had to calculate the price from the payment myself.  Big mistake and it cost me.  They even lied to me about the blue color not being available in this model. They are the stereotypical used car salesman!

Phu N. | 2014-01-04

I'm glad I'm not spent money here. I have internet sale call me @4pm today Jan 4 2014 she gave me special deal on Camry LE. Black for $18995.00. I call her back at 6:00 pm to confirm because I coming long ride from Tampa I wanna car ready b4 I get there. I get there 8:30 ask for her but they say she left. Other Sale man try to sale another Camry LE for higher price, I ask for black Camry LE then they say sold !!!
I wanna straight out with sale manager but he want me to leave....
Don't even think to come here.

Gigi R. | 2014-01-03

I've been coming here since I was 17 when they had their dealership on W. Colonial. My family has been with this dealership for over two decades and purchased 4 cars from them. From growing up with this dealership I've learned that they are the epitome of sleazy sales tactics. I've witnessed so many disbelieving situations that the dealership inflicted upon customers that it's almost laughable.

For example, while I was I waiting for an oil change the female customer beside me was complaining how the dealership "lost" her car and that she was going to call the police to report her car stolen. An associate approached her and reassured that they were doing everything in their power to look for her vehicle and that she did not need to file a report with the police. The female customer retorted that her car has been missing for 3 hours now and if they did not return her car within the next five minutes she would call the police. I didn't not see what the end result was since my oil change was finished.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty means nothing to them. Every time I visit this dealership for an oil change I get hit with a slew of must fixes. A month later, I would come in to inquire about their "must fix" list and they note that nothing was wrong after they checked my vehicle again.

When I did go in for an issue such as rattling in my engine they inform me that there is nothing wrong. I went in for half a year inquiring about the issue and they never fixed it. It was only when the rattling worsened that I went in every week to address it.

I went in every Friday on my day off  and sometimes twice a week to get car check out. They could never find the issue. After six visits in one month. Each visit I waited 3+ hours. Finally after googling the issue for months I located a Toyota service bulletin on a forum that addressed the rattling problem. I printed the TSB out and verified that my car was still under warranty.

At first the service associate said that the TSB did not cover my model. I had to argue with him, contact corporate, and finally locating another TSB that addressed the same issue that said my model was covered.

Eventually the service guy was a bit bashful that I had to do so much research and go through so much trouble  to resolve such a simple problem. I was incredibly pissed off because it was complete waste of my time.

What I find incredibly deceitful is that they label themselves superior in customer service. In reality the survey questions that they conduct are not scientific and are very skewed. The associates automatically circle excellent, cover the survey questions, and then ask the customer to sign to acknowledge the work was completed. When I go to the register to pay, I ask why the survey was filled out and why all was circled excellent, the cashier would ask me if I'd to speak to the manager to change my answer. After 6+ hours of waiting in the dealership I had major migraine and just wanted to go home. I did not want to dispute with a manager why my experience was not "excellent."

Contacted corporate about my fiasco. They inquired why I didn't just go to another dealership. I told them because this location was more convenient and in the hindsight I should've.

Six months later went back to the location because my check engine light came on. Associate informed it would cost $100 to diagnose the issue. He was an older gentlemen that limped and was incredibly condescending towards me. Just because I look young and I'm a female does not make me stupid. Fed up with the horrible treatment, I immediately declined the service and drove straight to the Central Florida Toyota location off Central Florida Parkway.

At Central Florida, they informed me that a TSB covered the check engine issue and I was not charged.

Now I go to the Central Florida by John Young for any service jobs. Their associates were very gracious, friendly and I never get the impression that they trying to scam me and take advantage of me because I'm younger.

After not visiting the Millenia location for months, they contact every once in awhile to lure me back in with a "recall" that needs to be addressed immediately. I google and I could not find a recall concerning my model. I guess when they're slow they feel the need to drive up business so they cold call customers.

Overall, Toyota owners beware of this dealership. They may look shiny and new but don't the let their beautiful specious exterior fool you. Their associates are rude, condescending, and they have no idea what they're doing. They will try to sell you on services that are not necessary. Come in with an issue and expect them to diagnose it? Forget it. You're better off googling the problem and printing a Toyota Service Bulletin for them so they know step by step how to fix it. YOU must spoon feed them how to fix it your car. It's so incredibly ridiculous.

Also, notice how they have 69 filtered reviews.

R A. | 2013-11-30

I come here to get my oil changed and the associates are friendly but I would say as far as the service station is concerned they take too long to come out to the car. Once waited 15 min and gave up to ask if I was going to be assisted and the response was oh ok yeah we'll get someone.
I've also been here to try and purchase a car (I ultimately bought from a different Toyota dealership bc of this) I browsed around for about 45 min and no one approached me so I went to ask for a salesperson. But he was heavily involved in a conversation with another associate and seemed annoyed to be pulled away. He was short with us and not pleasant. We ended up walking out.

Natalie H. | 2013-11-18

I've taken my Corolla here for service several times, mostly relating to recalls. The new location has a larger waiting area and is comfortable, with a combination of couches, tables, high tops and a cafe.

The reason for the less than perfect review involve the completeness of their inspections and the care they take. I had my car serviced before a long road trip only to hear something scraping against my tire. On another occasion trash was left in my trunk. I also came to pick up my car before work only to find that the battery was dead. All of these things could have been prevented by taking more time or care in their work.

Lani G. | 2013-11-05

Horrible. Sales person was rude and abrasive. Finance guy lied and stalled (wasted hours of our time). Service department told me to come on in - I'd be in and out in 20 minutes. After 45 minutes in traffic I get there to be told it will be 2 hours. Awesome. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone and will NOT be a return customer!

Shelika B. | 2013-11-05

This past Saturday I went to Toyota of Orlando to purchase my first car. Needless to say I was scared about the entire process, after all, it would be my first purchase. However, as soon as I walked in I was greeted warmly by the sales manager Mo Salah who assured me he'd handpick the sales person and help me make the best purchase. Leo showed me cars according to the qualities I looked for : Fuel efficiency, updated technology and reliability. After test driving and looking at a view new and old models I settled on the 2014 Corolla. From that point forward, not only did Leo and Mo check in on me constantly but, they also enlisted the help of Jerry Sun who went the extra mile to help me secure my first insurance policy. Finally, after all the process was coming to an end, the finance services Alberto Granadillo walked me step by step thru the payment and sale process. In less than 3 hours I was driving off in my new car, 0 miles and a huge smile :) Very pleased with their service

Tom K. | 2013-08-26

It probably goes without saying, but the chief architectural features of the greater Orlando area, as well as Florida in general, are strip malls and car dealerships. My experience at Toyota of Orlando has only reinforced that this is a terrible idea. A ranting review filled with plenty of irrelevant information follows.

I limped into the dealership towing my DOA 1997 Toyota Camry--that's right, I can feel your jealousy from here. James from the service department greeted me and told me they'd take a look at it and let me know the diagnosis.

I'll point out here that ToO has a pretty swanky interior--nice seats, nice TV's, Wi-Fi, etc. They even have a coffee bar! It definitely helps to make waits there more bearable.

Anyways, James told me that the engine in my Camry had seized up, and they'd have to replace the engine to fix the car. He quoted the repairs at $3000 (!!). While I sometimes act like an arrogant playboy à la Bruce Wayne, I actually don't have his kind of money. I declined the repairs and said I'd be shopping for a used car later. I asked if there was anything they could get me for my Camry. I mean, it's got to be an artifact of historical significance at this point, right? James was a bit cagey and replied that he didn't think there was really anything he could give for a car that can't even start.

I returned to my lair to brood on my options. I spent some time researching ToO's used car inventory. I was ready to buy from them if they had something appealing, partly out of convenience. I settled on two cars I was interested in, a 2008 Corolla and a 2007 Prius. James called me a couple of days later to say that oh hey whaddaya know, they could actually get me 10% off the price of my repairs (oh boy, now it's only $2700!). In addition if I didn't repair it, they could get me $400 for it since that's about what I would get for scrapping it myself. Clearly my master negotiation strategy of inaction was working.

When I returned to the dealership, I was assisted in checking out cars by Derek B. I actually forget if that's his name, but if it's not let's just say we've altered his name to protect the innocent. As it turned out they'd already sold the Corolla, so I checked out the Prius instead. Derek was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful while I was driving. I said I was interested in the car, but I wouldn't go for the sticker price on the car. Yes, Tom "PDLC PHONE CALL TIC-TAC" K. came prepared. Derek was very agreeable and said he'd set me up to meet with a sales specialist. This was my first indication that things were about to suck.

From what I can tell, this hand-off of responsibility is ToO's (and I'm sure dealerships in general) version of playing good-cop bad-cop. I shudder to think of doing financing as well and getting passed off to a third person. I was introduced to Antonio/Tony, who, like any good Soprano, quickly tried to shake me down. The car I was looking at had a sticker price of $13,000. Tony offered it to me, after fees and such, at $16,000 (WTF?). Unable to disguise my bewilderment, I asked him to break down how the heck he got that number. Well, obviously there's tax, which is $1000 (sales tax on cars in Florida is 6%, or $780 in this case). Then there's the tag/title fees which are $500 ($400 is about all I can come up with from research, nevermind that I was transferring my tag so it was much cheaper). Some sort of sticker fee of $150 (wat? This sounds like the name of a fee a child would make up while playing DMV). And then the dealer fee of $700 (which, as the name implies, is a fee the dealer wants you to pay because screw you I want more money). Notice how these fees, even taking them at the face value, don't add up to $3000? Yeah. On top of that, if we accept for a moment that the dealer fee is somehow legitimate, when you look on their website, they clearly state that the sticker price on the car already includes the dealer fee! I know that the dealer has to make a profit on the car, but this is just ridiculous. My understanding is that dealers already work in a fair amount of profit (like 20+%) into their sticker price compared to the wholesale price they paid for the car, so they should have some wiggle room on the price.

To cut this review short (as I'm approaching the character limit) after Tony tried every psychological manipulation negotiation tactic in the book on me, I walked away. I know your games. In retrospect, I might have been willing to pay his final price under other circumstances (still more than I wanted), but the negotiation process really soured me.  My message to Toyota of Orlando is this: just because you *can* take advantage of someone, doesn't mean you *should*.

My dealings with James and Derek were overall positive, but the sales experience really ruined it. I know it's not supposed to be personal, but I felt insulted and disrespected. Mix in the incessant phoning and pestering that ToO does and you get yourself a solid two stars.

Sonya M. | 2013-08-24

Purchased a used vehicle not too long ago---
Friendly service, Alicia Brown from Financial Services made the tedious paper-work signing go by quickly and efficiently--

Beau B. | 2013-08-04

Came in early Sunday Morning for a 55k service on my 2011 Tundra. I was greeted by a service advisor quickly. The waiting area is nice; has wi-fi, and a snack bar. The service took a little longer than expected. All the staff was courteous. They even run it through a car wash.

Shawb M. | 2013-07-28

I had a pleasant experience at Toyota of Orlando, I didn't feel pressured when looking for a vehicle. They worked with me to find a vehicle that fits my budget and I really appreciate that. Shawn Sibley the Assistant Finance Director was friendly and very helpful. He keep in contact with me with question I had. Also thanks to Birdie for his kindness, I felt a great support from both Shawn and Birdie, thanks you guys for making this a great experience for me.

Mike B. | 2013-04-03

Somehow a used truck they advertised mysteriously "disappeared" when it went out for auction and never came back.

But more than this, after 6-7 phone calls I still to this date have never received a call back.  To me Toyota of Orlando seems like it's "too big" to really show any attention or care about their customers.  I've been to other large dealerships since who still seemed to care about my business, but Toyota of Orlando specifically made me feel fairly unimportant.  That doesn't earn my business.

Andrea H. | 2013-03-26

I always dread going to a car dealership to get my oil changed but I do it anways.  Normally my experience is a 1 or 2 star.  But now at the new Toyota of Orlando, it bumped up a  star.  Yes, the person who helped me tried to get me to buy more service options, just like they always do (I hate this!  I hate saying no, but I don't want to spend more money!)  Luckily the guy today didn't pressure me too much.

But now the new dealership has a Apple Spice Junction inside so you can order order food.  And there's a much nicer waiting area.  Lots of seats and tables with tvs.  And its clean.  So that makes the wait bearable.  Unfortunately, the guy today told me it would be "an hour-ish".  That hour was actually 2 hours.  Yikes!

Craig C. | 2013-03-25

This place plays shell games with the consumer, so buyer beware. We looked at two different vehicles, and would not disclose #'s until I was ready to make a deal.

We were at the end of a Toyota lease and had made our final payment. These guys said "yeah, we can take the car off your hands if you want"

What the dealer TRIED to do was incorporate $2800 of a fictitious negative equity into a loan.

When I figured out what they were trying to do, I confronted the closer and asked "why did you do that?"  

He really had no response, and then said that we would save $600 in sales tax by letting the dealer acquire our expiring lease. And then I said "umm, then what about the other $2200?"

This is a deceptive dealer that plays shell games to the detriment of the consumer.

My advice is to stay away!!!!!

L L. | 2012-10-31

As an update to this review, after having visited the dealership and done a test drive on Sunday, I had received a follow up call on Monday, another on Tuesday and THREE follow up calls on Wednesday!


BTW - Your incessant follow up calls have completely turned me off to your dealership and your entire line of products.

Becky S. | 2012-07-20

I went there today to look at Camry's and had a terrible experience. I bought a Camry from here in 1998 and my family has also purchased cars from here in the past. But today I was treated so horribly and I had four sales people try and pressure me. I won't be returning here again and I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone. Stay away and go somewhere else!

Jason m. | 2012-05-30

I have  waited over a year for the scion fr-s. When I called to check availability I was invited in for a test drive. I drove 20 miles out of my way only to be told they do not test drive those cars. I called later and as different person and was invited in to test drive the car and confronted them. They offered no help at all. I drove up in a late model BMW 3 series and am a white well dressed male. I would just like a dealership that doesn't play games.

Dashawn R. | 2012-04-22

THE WORST CAR EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! Rude, Snobby and Unhelpful classic "Car-Salesmen" liars are the first words to come to mind when I hear the name Toyota of Orlando ! I was there on Saturday April 14 assisting with a car purchase, receiving what seemed like the lowest form of customer service from Anthony AKA Tony (sales specialist). After submitting complaints to the company, they called Thursday (today) and said they have a 2010 Toyota on lot for $12,995. As contracts are being filled out, we notice the contract say "2009 Toyota for $14,995" (Not what we discussed!!!), after some words and considering that fact that this is our third trip. we request a manager. That's when Kevin the supposedly (Finance Manger) comes in and takes customer service to an all time low!!! When he enters the office we inform him that this is our third trip here, your salesmen are rude and the contracts are staying different prices then we discussed. He actually ask "What do you want me to do!?" We reply some form of apology would be a start! He then states (almost like he was forced) ""Fine! I apologize for the mistake that they made!" He then tells us the original car we looked at did not have a warrantee and when we bring up the fact that it was advertised "With Warrantee: attached to the window" he states "Yeah, we accidentally left the paper in the car" he then starts speaking in a childish way, writing everything down as he says it then, turning the paper for us to read it as if we did not understand his words!!! Needless to say, we walked out angry and insulted (to say the least)! In our eyes their actions went past BUSINESS disputes and escalated into personal attacks.

It could be FOOLISH to believe that because, of the success of this company that you'd actually receive some quality customer service! I would NOT recommend Toyota of Orlando.

Gene D. | 2012-02-20

In my opinion, this is the most dishonest dealership on the planet. I had all of my stuff stolen out of my trade in while they were looking at it, and they refused to do anything about it. Not a very good way to start with a new customer. Be very careful with these people.

Erika D. | 2011-10-12

I bought a car from them 7 years ago. That time, I took my ex-husband with me and I had no problem. I was planning on buying again and my ex-husband is also cosigning this time, but did not go with me. The way I was treated was completely different. It was HORRIBLE. First I called. I was transferred to a woman who said she was a sales person. She told me the car I was interested in was in the 15-16K range and convinced me to come in. An hour and half drive, but I figured since I had a good experience the first time, I'd just go with the same dealership this time again. When I got there, they asked me who I spoke with and they gave her name. That was the last time I saw her, she came out, met me and handed me off to some guy to have me "pick out a car". So I chose a 2011 and test drove it. I was then brought back and handed off to someone else. I told him my ex was cosigning and he suggested I go to lunch while he handled that. He gave my ex his cell number and told him to call. Then did not answer the phone several times, which was a real inconvenience as my ex was having to drive to business with a fax machine to give his information. When I got back after an hour, there was still a long wait and my ex called me yet again to complain the salesman was not answering the phone to take his info. After another hour, the salesman came back and told me I was approved and that my ex had excellent credit. I knew that already. So then I had to wait another hour to see what I could get for a trade in on my current vehicle. He would not talk price with me until he saw what he could get for my trade in. He finally came back. The price was 17,988, nearly $2000.00 more than what I was told on the phone. So i asked him to take at least $1000.00 off. He refused and said the car was already "on sale" at that price. That is not what I was told on the phone, nor is it what is on their website. He said I had bad credit, which I do due to medical bills. I pointed out that my exhusband was cosigning and he has perfect credit. Furthermore, credit would affect the interest rate not the price. He wouldn't budge. I was tired by this time so just agreed to it, even though it was 2K more than they said on the phone. And the amount of the payments with a low interest rate made no sense to me, but as I said, I was tired by this time, just wanted to take the car and go home. He told me he was bringing back papers for me to sign. 4 hours later, nothing. i went back in and waited and he came to sit down to make conversation with me and kept telling me it would be any minute. For some weird reason, he kept mentioning instead of driving home, why don't I get a hotel room for the night there. I thought that was very weird. Finally, at 6 PM, after spending all day there, he left and came back and told me that i was approved but needed to make a 1500 down payment. I said no, because they were only giving me 2300 on my trade in which is REALLY low compared to what the other dealerships offered. He tried to negotiate with me, told me well how about just 800? 500? I told him no. And walked out. They called me back this morning and whomever called acted really confused but I am not purchasing a car from them again, ever, The difference in the way I was treated the first time, when I had a man with me , and the second time, when I came alone, was astounding. My ex and I got a loan through our bank for a better interest rate than their financing and are shopping elsewhere for my new car. I feel they were just trying to wear me down by wasting my time as they acted like they were doing me a favor and their customer service was horrible. I will never go back.

Lauren D. | 2011-02-03

Been here a few times.nice ppl.more helpful then the toyota near our home in pgh.

Ben L. | 2009-11-20

If you're looking to get your car fixed or serviced, avoid this place like the plague.

Seems like during these slow economic times, they have moved their used car salesmen to the garage.

Brought my car in a for a simple fix, throttle was stuck and had to be cleaned.  Instead, I got a "full diagnostic" report that had a laundry list of things they recommended to be fixed asap.  When I bulked at the $1200 quote, they were kind enough to keep dropping their prices up to 40% for these fixes.

After I requested that only the throttle be cleaned, their final bill came out higher than was quoted on paper.    Found out after the fact that I could have gotten the service done for half the price at various other places.