Sun State Ford in Orlando, FL

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Sun State Ford wants to sell you your next car, truck, or SUV. We provide new and pre-owned sales, service, parts and financing. Please visit us to view and test-drive a Ford, including the Ford Mustang, Escape, and Focus. Orlando, FL, Ocoee, Windermere, Winter Garden, and Winter Park, FL.


Established in 1983.

Family owned and operated.

Sun State Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 299-5900
Address:3535 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL, 32808
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Sun State Ford

Kelsi A. | 2015-03-16

If I could give this review zero stars it would be a more accurate representation of our experience.

This past weekend we were car shopping and had done weeks of research deciding which car was going to be the best for our needs. After pricing and finding the best options we decided on the Ford Edge.
As we pulled up to Sun State there was a gentleman( I use that term loosely) who met us at our car and immediately asked for our keys for our trade to be appraised. I thought this was odd because we hadn't even seen any cars to show interest in buying from them.
He then told us to go look at a certain row of cars and he would be out in a minute. Ten minutes later he walked out and asked what car we wanted to buy. I was taken aback because he hadn't helped us at all or answered any questions. I told him I liked one particular car but not the color. He then said wait out here at this table and I will be right back with some more information about the car. 30 MINUTES LATER in 90° weather he came out to get us and bring us in. At this point I was very upset and felt trapped because they had our car keys.

After bringing us inside to his office he then laid out two offers with detailed price breakdowns and asked which option we wanted to go with. I was shocked. We had not even been given the option to test drive the car!! My boyfriend politely said that we were not interested in that car and needed to shop around at different dealerships.  The salesman made a complete flip and had a very bad attitude with us saying " Just go then - go ahead!". We couldn't leave because they still had our keys at this point.
He told us to wait outside yet again until he brought the car around to us.

I have never been treated so badly by someone I was wanting to give money to! I had heard great things about this dealership and was completely disappointed.  I thought maybe we just got a dud of a salesman, but every employee that passed us( as we were waiting 30 minutes outside) was rude.

I left disgusted and disappointed in what I had just experienced.  We actually ended up at Greenway jeep/Dodge and had the best experience. In and out within 2 hours and purchased the best car for us!

Court T. | 2015-02-08

I'm sure all service representatives are great at sun state ford but wanted to give a special thanks to Stacey Robinson. I can always get my truck in and out quickly when going through Stacey. Stacey always goes over warranty information with me and makes sure to give me any refunds for something I have paid for in the past that has been recalled by ford to get new my money back. I have never had that level of service from any other ford dealership/service representative. I can honestly say I will follow Stacey to any ford dealership she may go to in the surrounding area if she were to ever leave. Keep up the great work Stacey and sun state ford!

Maria P. | 2014-12-23

We needed a very specific vehicle called Sun State Ford and spoke with our salesperson Josh Hosenbold. He found the vehicle we needed right on his lot. He was willing to do whatever it would take to help us purchase our vehicle. He listened to what we needed in a vehicle. He made the process smooth and effortless. If you are looking for a new vehicle, make sure you make Josh Hosenbold your salesperson. No high pressure sales tactics, just someone willing to help you select the vehicle that's right for you. Working with Josh was a very pleasant experience compared to other dealerships that we went to 1st. Usually people dread having to deal with car salesperson however Josh has totally changed our perspective. We are very happy with our new vehicle. Thanks Josh and Sun State Ford!

Tony Q. | 2014-11-25

1hr & 30 minutes from the time they were looking at it to "we found nothing" with a noise in the front of my car.  1hr30min really wow ... after the 1hr oil change.

Jack L. | 2014-11-11

You never know what you're going to get when using the service department. Always have to check the work and sometimes that is hard to do. Over filled the oil 2 out of the last 5 oil changes. Like at least 1 to 1.5 quarts over. Last time the service rep and mechanic gave me issues for even checking. Then after they took another hour to fix it the car keyed. The dealer is just to run down and people just don't care about about anything. Just take your vehicle to a different Ford dealer if you care about your vehicle.

Annette M. | 2014-09-09

All the guys in the service department are always friendly and helpful, even when you just show up with no appointment. They have always worked me in and taken care of the issue that was presented to them. A big Thank You to them.

Rita P. | 2014-07-16

I went with my husband to Sun State Ford over the weekend to check out a truck he wants to buy and I ended up trading in my car for a new Edge.    Mike Abbott our salesman was helpful, knowledgeable and though the process is a long one (all car buying seems to take 6 hours) he made sure everything was done correctly and efficiently.   The gentleman (I think his name was Carlos) in the finance area was so friendly and had everything prepared we were out of there in a snap!   All in all our experience with Sun State was very good and we will be heading back soon for that truck my husband still wants.

Nancy W. | 2014-07-09

I just got a new 2014 Ford Escape from Sun State Ford and the experience was wonderful! I went online and knew what car I wanted. One of the Internet Sales Managers, Ryan Hinkley, contacted me shortly thereafter and I met with him the next day. There was no pressure, and he did everything he could to find a car with the features I wanted. They didn't have on on the lot but get one from a dealer about 50 miles away. During the whole process, Ryan kept in touch with me and let me know what was going on. I couldn't be happier with my new car! He even called the next day to see if I had any questions and to see if I was happy with everything. I would definitely do business there again.

Brian J. | 2014-06-01

We bought a new Fiesta at Sun State last week. Our salesman was Juan. Absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend him (especially if you are a native Spanish speaker). We told Juan what we wanted, he found us the car, and we were out in record time. (For a car dealership anyway.) This is our second vehicle from Sun State. We bought the first in 2008. Would definitely use them again, but I have to get my next car in California. :)

Susan C. | 2014-05-28

After a week of working with Mullinax Ford on the purchase of an SUV, the deal fell through. I was left feeling misled and a bit dismissed after I refused to abandon my budget.

I reached out to Sunstate Ford Internet Manager John Higley.

Mr. Higley had emailed me a few days earlier after I made an online inquiry to the Ford website. He was one of three dealers who contacted me. While the Greenway manager was creepy and pushy, Mr. Higley was a true gentleman. He made me and my wish list for a car his priorities immediately.

Throughout the sales process and purchase, Mr. Higley was patient and helpful. He took the time to find me the perfect vehicle, provide a test drive, explain all vehicle features, vehicle history and potential financing options. He worked within my budget and honored my AAA discount with no questions.

Understandably, most people anticipate car buying to be a frustrating and tedious process. What a breath of fresh air to work with Mr. Higley. He treated me like I was an old friend. I really appreciated his time, attention and willingness to go the extra mile for me. No request I made was too insignificant to him.

A special shout out to Accessories Manager Solomon Shubin, who worked with me on a steering wheel cover and key protector. He also explained additional items that might be useful for my nonprofit dog rescue.

In all, this dealership is a diamond in the rough. I hope to have the same good fortune when dealing with the service department. Perhaps, I will buy a second vehicle here in the next year. No question I will refer my friends and family to Mr. Higley at Sunstate Ford.

Thanks again for a great experience!

Felicia P. | 2014-05-25

very nice group even though we did not make a deal

Mark M. | 2014-04-20

Major rear brake work. Stacey was my service adviser. She is always helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable. The price was fair, the service was prompt, and all work was properly completed. Plus, I was provided a $40 on-line rebate by Stacey, which was easily completed. Within 24 hours I received confirmation that the rebate was approved. Excellent! Sun State Ford has always treated me fairly, and I will buy my next car from them. (I've been a regular customer for seven years.)

Thomas B. | 2014-04-01

I was looking for a new car for seemingly 10 years and finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I tried a car that I was really stoked about from another brand, but after the test drive I realized it wasn't a fit. So I switched gears and went to Sun State Ford. I worked with David Paris, whom both my girlfriend and I liked very much. He has been doing this for a long time and he really made it simple and clear. I had been pre-approved from my bank for a loan with a great rate, so he didn't bother pulling my credit because he knew they couldn't match it and he didn't want to ding my credit for no reason. I really appreciated that. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable and I never felt like they were selling me something they didn't believe in, it was always a "well, you could get this, but you might not need" type thing. Which was nice to not have a pushy salesman on you about every upgrade. The only downside, and something I'm still confused about is Fords 60 minute guarantee. Apparently they guarantee you to be in an out in an hour (is what it read as to me), but in reality, my girlfriend and I were there for 5 hours, and I think the 60 minute thing is from when you start paper work, which I guess they did accomplish. The last car I bought was pretty much the same experience, so I guess it just how it is. But in the end David was really helpful and thorough, and I won't hesitate to call him if I have any questions.

James N. | 2014-03-11

I purchased a Focus this weekend, and I'm pleased with the experience at this dealership.  It did take a little longer than I had hoped, but that seems to be the case everywhere these days.

Bill N. | 2014-01-04

Ever since the global launch of the Fiesta, I thought it was a great little car.  A recent weekend car rental where I was issued a 2013 Fiesta confirmed my thoughts.  Shift forward to needing a new car, I went through Ford online, and Sun State was not only the first to respond over a holiday weekend, Mike Abbott -the internet sales person was actually working on New Years Day.  Their 'deal' was very fair and I'm pleased.  Most of all, I was treated as a valued customer even though I was at the low end of the price spectrum.  BTW:  their destination fee is several hundred dollars less than the standard.  Even without other discounts, it's worth checking them out.

Roberto T. | 2013-09-15

I write this review as a person who has, in the past, purchase numerous Ford trucks and SUV's. I also have close friends who were Ford employees. I am the type of purchaser who does thorough research about a vehicle before I set foot on a lot. I know when sticker prices are inflated and I am a pro at not getting juiced.

I've been to this dealership 3 times because I do concede there are some salesmen who can hang a bad name on a business. I did give them a chance. However, ALL 3 times I got a full flavored bait and switch, sleazy car salesman experience.

The last time I came knowing what I would pay for a new for F150, which included a fair profit amount for the business. I was literally told my offer would force the business to sell the vehicle at a loss. I allowed myself to be shuffled through the tiered process where I ultimately broke out my folder and showed the "manager" what his business paid for the vehicle. After I left, I drove across town and purchased the same vehicle for less than I was willing to offer Sun State Ford. It was actually the no-haggle sticker price on the truck that I paid too. The competing dealership also threw in extras.

I hope this business changes its tune because the sticker prices I saw when I went there were truly and insult to my intelligence. I actually may purchase another F150 in the future for hauling furniture and I will again give this place a shot. If they have changed their practices I will gladly update this review with a fair and honest re-evaluation.

Cherry J. | 2010-10-02

I went to several car dealerships along Colonial looking for my next car.  This Ford dealership was by far the best.  They were so helpful, without being at all pushy, and they didn't grill me for all my financial info right off the bat (or ever).  They also printed out a detailed quote on the car I test-drove, which I was able to take home for my records.  And, they followed up with a friendly, non-annoying phone call.