Orlando Kia West in Orlando, FL

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Orlando Kia West

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 806-0543
Address:3407 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL, 32808
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Orlando Kia West

Amber M. | 2014-11-12

Let me start out by saying that if I could give this place negative stars I definitely would.  

I've recently become interested in purchasing a new car.  All of the cars I've bought previous have been used and I really want to get a nice, inexpensive, new car for the first time in my life.  I really like the Kia Soul so I figured it was worth checking into/taking a test drive.  It definitely wasn't worth checking into it, at least not at this place.

My boyfriend and I drive up to the dealership and we just stepped out of the car when a short, african american sales man (can't remember his name) runs out of the building to see if he can help us.  Now keep in mind, I'M THE ONE WANTING TO BUY THE CAR. The sales man spends a good 5-10 minutes only talking to my boyfriend and ignoring me.  Guess us females can't have anything important to say about cars??  He then asks for the keys to my boyfriend's car, takes a look around the car, and tells us he's going to get us an offer on a trade-in and we aren't going to need to go to any other places to look at cars.  We were so shocked by how horrible he was as a salesman to even say anything.  

Finally, we get outside and I tell him that I want to test drive a Soul.  He doesn't say anything and keeps talking to my boyfriend asking him what he's interested in.  He tells the man that he would really like to have a manual.  Not only did they not have any manuals at the entire dealership, the guy suggested that my boyfriend buy a Mustang....  Ok??

He let me test drive the Soul by taking it around the block.  When I asked to go on the freeway he said he didn't grab a plate to put on the car so we can only take it around the block.  

When we got back to the dealership, we quickly got out of the car, went inside to get my boyfriend's keys (that they were holding for some strange reason), and got out of there.  The salesman even asked if we wanted to buy the car!?  

If and when I buy a car it will DEFINITELY not be from this dealership.  One of the worst experiences I've ever had.

Greg N. | 2014-11-11

First off, I read a few reviews, with the top one clearly being written by the owner of the place. Isn't that against some kind of rule on Yelp? Anyways, he could not be more wrong with his statements. I literally have zero nice things to say about my experience today at this dealer. My girlfriend and I are both in the market for new cars. I've been a fan of the Kia brand for a while, and actually consider myself to be a bit of fanboy, and thus know the brand, and it's cars pretty well. We drove up and parked, and immediately were approached by a salesman. This started off normal enough, but quickly went to the wayside.
-The salesman was very quick with his sentences, and I even had a hard time understanding what he was saying. Furthermore, he also assumed that because I am the man that I am the one in need of a new car. My girlfriend is actually the one who is more in need of a new car, and wanted to test drive. Even after we pointed this out, all his questions were directed at me.
-Also, it's been a while since I've been to a dealer, but going back to the trade in thing, he asked for my keys, and then WENT INSIDE MY CAR TO TAKE THE VIN. I couldn't EFFIng believe it.
-Not wanting to be confrontational, I just went with his little spiel. He asked my what kind of car I wanted(Again, forgetting about my girlfriend) I said that I really like manuals, but that she preferred an automatic. We both really like the newly refreshed Souls. I went into detail about how I knew that the higher end trims don't come with a manual, and that I would like to take out a Forte5 with a manual. He then informed me that not one single vehicle on the lot is a manual, and that he would like to try out the used mustang they had. IF I WANTED A MUSTANG I WOULD HAVE GONE TO A FORD DEALER!

-At this point we did actually take it for a test drive. Surprise! Mr. lazy butt fails to grab a dealer plate so we can't take the car on the freeway as part of the test drive. Instead, he gives us the "dealer" route, which wasn't even a full mile circle around the dealership. At this point I was pretty furious. We got back and I told the guy give me my keys to my car, because we're done. Flabbergasted, he asks what the problem was and I said you don't want to know. If you can't figure it out, you don't deserve to have this job.

I will never go to this dealer ever again. And I don't suggest anyone else does either.

Felicia P. | 2014-05-25

very nice people but very over priced cars

Roberto T. | 2013-09-15

I purchased my Soul here and its the best little SUV I've ever owned. They don't play the typical games here either. Low, no haggle experience and out the door with a smile. Best of all, $29 oil change with a FREE quality car wash. Synthetic oil too! While they are at it, they check every inch of your system and let you know if any levels are low or you have an impending problem that will need to be address proactively. There are absolutely no sleazy tactics as they want your repeat business and also to be able to sell your car as they WILL offer to buy it back at a VERY reasonable price.

Kia has come a LONG way. I was in the market for a new car a 2 years ago and money was not an issue. I wanted a vehicle with ALL the modern bells and whistles. The Kia Soul looks tiny from the outside but reality is transformed when you actually sit inside one. Many of my friends have commented about the spacious and modern interior. Bluetooth, cell phone, iPod compatible and satellite radio that runs impeccably out of the box. It was literally impossible for me to pay $5 -10k more for vehicles that had the same capabilities, even though I could afford it. The bumper to bumper warranty also can't be beat. I have had 1 recall and a couple minor issues that were fixed absolutely free of charge. I've driven into customer service a couple times and was accommodated on the the spot without an appointment.

I am 100% thrilled with my vehicle and will probably upgrade to one of their other SUV's in the future. The ONLY complaint I have is their claims for MPG are substantially exaggerated. It was alleged my Soul would get 35-38 MPG on the highway and my SOUL has never come close to that kind of performance. I usually get around 25-27 MPG and have never seen over 30. However I am fine with that as the rest of my experience with my wonderful little SOUL has been awesome.

You can get with this or you can get with that. But "that" won't make you happy as this sucka! Get to Kia and pick out the car for you. I demand it sucka!

John A. | 2013-08-29

First off, some of the other reviews are probably right. While this isn't a five star customer experience by any stretch of the imagination the end result,  at least for me was a good deal. I started looking at our 2013 Optima at this location then after two days of shopping elsewhere (City and Crown Kia) they matched the deal. Geographic proximity to our home made me come back to Kia West. We had nice sales people (MJ and Jorge). The process went relatively smooth and as long as you're willing to play the car-dealer game and stand firm on the deal you want you'll find that they are willing to play too. I'm thoroughly pleased with my purchase and would recommend you talking with the salesman listed above.

Joe C. | 2011-08-01

It took a long day of negotiating, but my wife and I recently purchased two brand new Kias (an Optima and a Soul) from this dealership.

They're a little less pressuring than most dealerships I've dealt with during the shopping portion of the experience. Our salesman was able to answer our questions, and had no problems letting us take a few cars out to test drive.

Of course, he used all the standard tricks - taking us out in the better equipped package car, and trying to squeeze a little more money out of us.

But, we were resolute in our requirements and budgets.

After a number of long conversations with the salesman, sales manager and the finance manager, we were able to get the cars we wanted for the prices we were willing to pay.

I didn't really *need* a new car, but my wife did. In the negotiations for my new Optima, the finance manager kept trying to tell me that I needed to work with him on the price - but I really didn't. My old car was fully paid for and  in good shape and I could have kept it for another few years. I explained this to him and that all negotiations would have to come from his end - I had a budget, and if they wanted me to purchase a car that I didn't need, they were going to have to meet my terms. It took time, but I got what I wanted.

The biggest headache here was that they didn't have the Soul in either of the colors my wife was willing to purchase. They offered her more expensive models in different colors for the same price as the base model she was willing to pay for, but she was adamant that the Soul be either green or orange. In the end, much to the dismay of the dealer, they were forced to drive to West Palm Beach, pick up an orange one and drive it back to Orlando to make the sale. It took a lot of discussion and explaining that she just didn't like the other colors, but she got the car she wanted (with a few extra options) for the price she was willing to pay.

Since it was going to take a few days to get the car from West Palm Beach, they provided her with a loaner Soul to drive and get accustomed to. It ended up taking an extra day to get the car, but everything went smoothly otherwise.

This really should go without saying, but this is a car dealership. They make their money by trying to sell you on the slightly higher priced car or the small add-ons or warranties. They try to wear you down by making you wait long periods of time while they do whatever it is they do in the back. They'll tell you little half truths and exaggerations to get you into a car. Every dealer does this - not just Orlando Kia.

I've dealt with friendlier and more accommodating salesmen - including at other Kia dealerships - but we had an acceptable, if very long, experience here.

Brian H. | 2011-07-02

At the beginning of this year I made the decision to upgrade my vehicle. I did weeks of research both online and at dealerships - test driving, comparing options, and negotiating prices.
I finally decided on the 2011 Kia Soul+ and after pitting Orlando Kia, Bill Bryan Kia, and City Kia against each other - I finally got the deal I wanted at Orlando Kia.
My biggest reason for writing this review is in regard to the way customers are treated after they've purchased a vehicle.  
I took my car in at 6,500 miles. It was overdue for an oil change (5,000 miles) but not quite ready for the first scheduled maintenance check (7,500 miles) so I went ahead and had the scheduled maintenance done. The Service Technician promoted the maintenance package as an all-inclusive experience for the car - tire rotation, air filter, oil change, etc.
What didn't happen was anything to make me feel like being a customer there meant something. My car was not washed, was not vacuumed, the windshields weren't even cleaned.
Why would I continue to go there and pay dealership prices when I'm not getting any perks?
I have written a letter to Kia Corporate and am waiting a reply.
In this day of everyone struggling, a little Customer Service goes a long way.

Alex E. | 2011-04-03

I was absolutely shocked at how rude the salesman at this dealership was.  

We were looking at a new Kia Rio but needed them to work with us on the APR or sticker price (which the salesman admitted to us was inflated by at least 3,000$).  

We asked for him to give us more value on our trade-in to bring the new car into a more reasonable price range.  He said he would check.

He then decided to insult our intelligence by bringing up a folded piece of paper to the table.  He said, "This is what your trade-in is actually worth to us" and unfolded the paper to reveal a single dollar bill.

We got up and left at that point because if that's how you're going to sell us a car, I can only imagine how you'll act once you have our money.  

Avoid this place at all costs unless you like being insulted and overpaying for budget cars.

Adora B. | 2011-02-11

Horrible. If I could give them a zero, I would.

They definitely take advantage of people who aren't business savvy. They tried to swindle my dad out of way more than the car was worth but luckily I was there to get them to lower the price (not enough in my opinion). At one point, the salesman completely started ignoring me because he realized I was the hard sell. If you appear stupid, they will take advantage of you.

Also, if you call to speak with someone, the number on the web site and in the phone book is a generic number that goes to someone in another state. I told the woman on the phone not to transfer me to the Colonial number because no one answers. It rings and rings and theres no answering machine. I had to call the generic number 3 times before finally someone got the message and stayed on the line so that they could see how no one answers the phone at Colonial. You havta call for a service call to get someone to answer. They will sell you a car, but they wont call you back or answer the phone unless you want to give them money via a car repair.

I went to get a spare key made and they lost my key. It was the only key I had and they werent able to make me another key on the spot. They made me wait 45 minutes to drive to another dealership and get me a key because the guy lost it. When I was irate, no one apologized because of how upset I got. I missed a doctor's appointment and received no apology. "Maybe you lost it." So I said "Maybe I should have bought a car from Toyota."

The warranty isnt worth anything. The first week I had the car, the windows stopped working.

If you leave a message, no one calls back. Try to find somewhere to complain online - you cant.