Orlando Kia East in Orlando, FL

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Orlando Kia East

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 333-2190
Address:8701 East Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL, 32817

Reviews on Orlando Kia East

linda d. | 2014-11-14

Horrible experience.  Do not bother.  Held my keys hostage while they were getting me 'approved.'  I told them I wanted my keys and they acknowledged that it was against the law to hold my keys, but I had to ask AGAIN for my keys to leave.  Then I left without taking their ridiculous deal and they kept calling me saying they had GREAT NEWS because they'd submitted it to four other banks, but I had to come in to hear the good news.
Got called twice, and an email and two empty form letter emails asking what they could do for me.
Ah..........try just doing what you say and stop wasting my time!
Went in to find out the good news and waited another 30 minutes until I asked them what I was waiting for.  Said they were waiting for 'the bank.'  I guess they could tell I was about to leave, so they brought over an approval signed by the 'manager.'  This deal was far worse than the one I'd rejected earlier - after sitting around the first day for almost two hours.
What an unprofessional outlet.  Maybe they get enough fools who are willing to tolerate their grotesque business ethnic.  Not here, buddy.  
Moving right along down Colonial to dealerships who will respect my time.

David K. | 2014-09-22

The staff really, really worked hard......to try and overcome the $5000 "market adjustment* bump price they put on all their new cars. Sure it sounds like they are adding "value" to the car (as they will tell you), but the last time I checked, nitrogen to fill the tires and a wax job didn't cost that much. They also try and convince you there is some sort of "sync" system in the car, but nobody seemed to quite know how to explain what that is. Both salespeople I dealt with responded to my outcries of shock with "Oh, that's not a problem, we won't lose your business over price. I am sure I can work with my manager to bring it down to MSRP or close to that."

WHAT?!? I've NEVER and WILL NEVER pay anything CLOSE to MSRP for a car. Since the dawn of manufacturers rebates, nobody should have ever paid MSRP. Furthermore, whoever had the idea to add $5000 to the MSRP of these mass-produced Korean econoboxes must have a few screws loose. By the way, that's before the $900 worth of "dealer and document prep" fees (aka DEALER PROFIT) is added on. Save yourself the hassle and headache and more than $6000, and go ANYwhere else but here. If the choice came down to dealing with the clearly apparent hassle of buying a car from Orlando Kia or taking the Lynx bus, I'd gladly ride the bus.

Joe H. | 2014-08-29

Went to buy a car, ended up leaving. Salesman was clueless and couldn't find keys to car. Lied to us and told us a Pathfinder gets good gas mileage. After leaving us waiting in the hot sun for 30 minutes without offering us water, we left.

Stephen N. | 2014-08-20

Brought my own oil and filter and being Kia dealer they did great job on my Audi that requires specific oil and filter that is quite pricey especially if you purchase it from your regular chain oil service place.

Friendly staff and ALL THIS FOR UNDER $20. I couldn't be happier that I found as most other places designated won't allow you to bring your own oil & filter and if they do; no way they touch Kia's service pricing, staff, and professionalism.

Thanks and see you all again in another 3500 miles.

Felicia P. | 2014-05-25

worst dealership ever, had us there for 4 hours to show us cars that were over priced then tried to get us not to trade in our car. really insulted us by trying to offer us $500 for our 2003 Acura MCX which is fully loaded when we told them we were not buying a car with out a trade. manager was really rude.

Peter D. | 2014-04-26

Have to agree wholeheartedly with reviews saying this place brings back all the memories of an old fashioned sleazy car dealership. If you have a trade in, they'll take those keys and "lose" them so you are stuck longer to talk you into a deal. I was lied to constantly, because they didn't want to lease and certainly were never going to honor the National offer that was currently available. One minute you need a 700 credit rating to get a lease and the next it's 720, after I refuse on buying a lesser model I miraculously could get a lease.

Austin R. | 2014-02-27

Do NOT go here. This dealership will promise you something so you buy the car, then won't follow through with it as planned. They were close to committing fraud, and I would say to never, EVER, go here or any of their other stores (West or North).

My mother recently purchased a new Optima from Orlando Kia East. I have to say this has been the worst experience ever. I mean ever, not just in the car buying world. They pressured us to get a car that day, but didn't have the car in the configuration we wanted. So they sent for one from Orlando Kia North. They said it would be there in an hour or two, so about 2:00PM. The car didn't show up until around 7:00PM. We were in our car about to leave when it showed up, and now regret not just leaving.

One of the things she wanted was a rear view camera. Since they couldn't make that package work, the sales manager promised to install one in the mirror. When we called back to find out about this they said it would cost an extra $200. This was after we had already bought the car and were promised one would be installed. After about a week of arguing they agreed that it would be all on them, but she would lose her compass (something she really values and needs in her car), the garage door opener and the automatic dimming. None of that was told to us when purchasing the car.

Anytime you call they either don't return your call, or if they do it is to talk about something completely different than what you were inquiring. This has caused more stress than anything we have ever encountered.

drew c. | 2014-02-19

I was not there to buy a car. I walked in needing a place to use internet to book a room for the night after a very long and hard day where I was having car trouble. Everyone there was very nice and very helpful. I am in business myself and could tell that it was a very classy operation. I had called a cab after booking a room but one never showed up. The receptionist was very helpful in helping me get numbers to cab companies. They were closer and she gave me a ride to my hotel. Was a very pleasant experience. Also after googling them their reviews are very good I can see.

Kim H. | 2014-01-07

Last I checked this is America and our native language is ENGLISH! My husband and I came to Orlando Kia to buy our daughter a car. The salespeople speak to each other in some wort of Arabic language behind your back. They don't have offices for their customers, they have you sit at a little table and shout out your personal information across the showroom floor. It was the most unprofessional dealership I've ever been to. We finally just slipped out the side door and went to Deland Kia and were delightfully welcomed by an English speaking staff and our purchase was hassle free!

April J. | 2013-11-17

Awful service. First off, couldnt find keys to cars on the lot, so test driving cars I am not interested because they "drive similar".  Try to sweet talk you into a deal even though you tell them you are no longer interested.  Sell you a car and tell you you are approved, sign all the papers, let you drive off the lot.  Only to call you 3 days later to let you know you are not approved by the bank, though you have papers and their word you are.  Cars should not go off the lot if you do not have a bank approval.  How nice is it to give a child a new toy only to take it back and get rid of it a day later?  And their longwood location owned by them is not any better.  Almost no cars on the lot, and they cant work their computer system to save their life.   Took a week and a half to get results on a bank approval when it was done mid day during the week.

Michelle M. | 2013-08-02

I'm really not the type to write reviews but i had such a horrible expierience that i HAD to. My story is quite a long one, but to cut it short I signed a contract for a price and payment that I agreed on, got lured back in only to be presented with a new contract with a higher price and a longer term. I would not agree seeing as I had already signed a contract and had had the car in my posession for over a week. Infact I was confused as to why I was even there in the first place. When I refused to sign a new contract I was told to give the car back ??? I already had a contract that I was approved through the bank for! The sales woman went and got her manager who came over pointed and screamed in my face and then called me a child. He then told me not to get my a** off the chair because he was giving me my down payment back (That escalated quickly) If thats not horrible customer service then... anyway. Mind you I'm a 100 lb 5 foot 19 year old girl and this was a 50 year old huge man. I asked him to not point in my face and that I wasn't a child and he proceeded to yell more. As all of this was going on I was actually on the phone with my mother (who lives two hours away) because they had asked for the car back so I needed to know what to do next. She heard the whole thing and how he was yelling so she called the police, they called me and asked me to meet the officer in front of the dealership. As i was waiting outside the manager came outside again with the sales person and told me that if I call the police he's not going to refund my down payment, he wouldn't be selling me a car, AND he would be trespassing me. WHAT?! These people are crazy. Long story short I'm filing a police report and hiring a lawyer. i was also not allowed to retrieve my personal property out of the car. I had to come back the next day. AND when I did I was told they moved the car to another dealership down the road. Should have seen that one coming, so I had to wait At a near by church. As i was waiting an employee (who shall remain nameless) came out in secret to give me his card. He told me that he witnessed everything that happened yesterday and that he's seen it happen a lot. He told me the name of the owner and told me to hire a lawyer.

James W. | 2013-01-23

Ralphael Quinn is very professional salesman. There was no pressure when it came dow to going over payments. The dealership is beautiful. Everyone should go to Orlando Kia East

Steven F. | 2012-09-20

I came into the service center with a clutch pedal issue, and after they spent 15 minutes or less looking at it, they told me that I would need a new clutch. They claimed that it was worn out, and it would not be covered under my warranty. I have had friends whose clutches have worn out and none of them had a pedal issue as a symptom....I asked if it could be anything else and they said it could be the master cylinder but wouldn't know until it was taken apart and I agreed to the 1000 repair quote if that wasn't the issue...I declined it. I called a few friends who all said it was BS, and went to Orlando Kia West. They were much nicer, they told me it had air in the lines, and then after removing the air they found that the master cylinder was broken, and repaired it under Warranty with no hassel. If I had let Orlando Kia East repair my car, I have no idea if they would have told me it was a covered repair or still charge me, not telling me.

Jessica D. | 2011-08-28

This was the worst experience at a car dealer I have ever had.  My husband and I were VERY serious about buying a car yesterday.  We went to this Kia dealer to look at the Sportage and not only did no one even offer to help us after walking around the entire sales floor (which is ghetto) and their two parking lots of cars (which are sparse at best) not one person even so much as GREETED us.  They were also playing some loud club-like music (my husband and I are in our 20s and 30s, we are not old people who are offended easily) and it was SO unprofessional.  They turned up the volume extremely loud, the receptionist and sales people were dancing around, and still no one even said hello to us.  We went down the street to Honda and spent 30K on a beautiful new CRV.  I would NEVER go back to this dealership and I wouldn't even recommend it to my worst enemy.  A terrible experience, especially considering the marketing and design efforts Kia has been attempting.

Alfonso S. | 2011-06-28

Do you miss the old days of fast-talking, freewheeling, sleazeball salemen, and management who hold you hostage in a chintzy lobby for hours and won't magically "find" the car you want "in the back" until you're leaving? Come to this dealer for an authentic Reagan-era car dealer experience. Sit back, have a laugh, then go to another Kia dealer if you're actually planning on buying a car, but be warned, Orlando Kia North in Longwood is owned by the same people, so it's just as sleazy.


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