Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Orlando, FL

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New and Used Car sales and service.


Established in 1975.

Family owned and operated Since 1975 by the Smith Family.

Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 299-1120
Address:4101 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL, 32808
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep

DL B. | 2015-02-24

Sales associate, Henry Plass, was great to work with.  He worked hard in trying to locate a very specific build on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit model, that was difficult to come by, for about two months.  Unfortunately for Henry, another local dealership had a customer who ordered the same type of Summit, but back out.  That's why I went went them, and not Henry's dealership.

When I called Henry to give him the bad news, he was gracious and genuine, in wishing me well with my new Jeep... and thanked me for giving him a chance to earn my business.  That's class.

I'll definitely be referring anyone looking for a Chrysler product to Henry.

Joshua S. | 2015-02-12


When I went in for my follow up appointment, the situation got worse.  I was first in line and was almost the last one checked in.  I thought I was on reality TV.  It was the same advisor from last time so I was seeing a common occurrence.  Anyways, I was told about an hour and a half.  After almost an hour or more, I saw my truck still sitting there.  I went in to ask the service advisor why it hadn't went back yet.  He said, again, he'd go check.  He then never got back to me.  I went to ask him again and he told me that he didn't know when the tech would be in.  Umm, okay.  May I ask who's brilliant idea it was to schedule a 7am appointment if the one tech who can fix it isn't even in yet?!  Then, he got snappy at me and told me that my appointment was to meet him and get the vehicle checked in and that time is not actually when your vehicle goes back.  I felt like I was in script for a low budget reality show that gives the most patient person a prize or a Publishers Clearing House award if your blood pressure doesn't go through the roof.  I then emailed the service manager and paced the parking lot contemplating buying a pack of cigarettes next door and take up smoking.  Prior to that decision, the service manager found me in the lot.  That's when the situation got a whole heck of a lot BETTER.  I was very impressed with him, he didn't give a sales script to me, and seemed like he genuinely cared about my frustrating couple appointments.  He said he would immediately remedy the situation and he did.  I saw him go back, get my vehicle and find someone to fix the repair.  Within 30 minutes he personally drove it around, got in it and made sure it was good-to-go.  We also got in another new truck just like mine to make sure everything was A-OK.  He also followed up with an email to me to make sure everything was alright.  I was also contacted by the GM the following day via email and he was also very sorry and reiterated that is not how they do business.  So, to bring it home here, if it wasn't for these two managers reaching out and making it right, I would've left it at 1-star.  But, they did the right thing and made it right and got me out of the door.  I would definitely give them another whirl if I didn't just trade off the truck.

Gil D. | 2014-11-13

Had problems with fuel pump. At the time they fix it, they also located a battery issue and fixed that as well. Good service, but a bit pricey..

Ed H. | 2013-06-27

We definitely had a GREAT experience after just having the worst experience at a different dealer the day before.

Saw they had the Jeep I wanted on their website, gave them a call to speak with a salesman and get a price.  They called me right back with a decent price and I came back and told him if they went down to $X I would give them a deposit over the phone and come pick it up later that day, since it was an hour and a half drive for us. The sales guy called me right back and the deal was done.  Gave him a deposit over the phone and drove out pick it up

The upsells (warranty, protection, etc) were brief and when I told them I didn't want any of them, they just moved on to the next document I had to sign.  No pressure at all.  The reason that they did lose one star was because when we arrived we sat there for almost 2 hrs waiting to sign the paperwork.  I never would have thought it would have taken that long when there was only 1 person ahead of us.

I would highly recommend this dealership to my friends.

Pete W. | 2013-04-19

Low pressure sales. That pretty much sums it up, right?

Bought my new vehicle here, and was never once pressured in ANY way. Refreshing. Literally didn't even have to negotiate a price, the rep slid a number across the table and I was very happy. SOLD!

They made all the paperwork quick and painless, everyone was friendly, and the upsells (warranty, protection, etc) were brief and when refused just put away without a word.

A really pleasant experience. Three thumbs up.

Ashley H. | 2013-04-01

This review is for their service department.

I was having some problems with my Jeep and looking for a reliable mechanic to take a look at it. I was nervous about going to a dealership on my own, since a lot of times people try to take advantage of my lack of knowledge about cars. I chose this place based on the closeness to my house, and I'm glad I did. My experience was great from beginning to end. I brought my car in at 8am without an appointment on a busy Saturday, and they worked me in. The service advisor called me by 10:30 to tell me what was wrong with the car and the price of fixing it. He had everything done by 12:30 and it cost around what I expected (maybe even a little less). All the staff was nice and very helpful, and my car is running great once again! I'd definitely come back here again.

Ann Marie G. | 2013-01-05

Excellent, Honest, Fair New Car Sales

Tim and and the folks at Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep were great to work with.  We got burned by a dealer in North Palm Beach - Napleton) that sold us a car on a dealer's lot in Alabama that they never made any agreement with that dealer.  We were left with no Jeep and they kept our 5211.20 deposit!   We are still working with Better Business Bureau to get our money back).

We searched for the Jeep we wanted online and Orlando Jeep had a similar, more well appointed Jeep on their lot.  We contacted them and explained our plight.  In about 30 minutes we had a deal over the phone for an awesome Jeep at a BETTER price.

Once at the dealer the next day, they were respectful, accomodating and pleasant.  We found this to be such a rewarding and postiive experience- we will be back!

mark m. | 2012-11-02

My wife and I were looking to replace her dodge charger.  We went to Orlando dodge Chrysler Jeep  and met a really nice salesman  He showed us a few dodge durango citadels that we were in the market for.  He wasn't pushy and a really down to earth salesman.  My wife and I left that day and found a similar dodge citadel at another dealership that had the same specifications, but just in a different color.  We decided that we really liked the salesman and would see if he could work something out as we wanted him to get our commission.   We spoke to him over the phone and he assured us that they could work something out with us.  We went in and after spending 3 hours at the dealership, they quoted us a ridiculous interest rate would not budge on price.  
I told my wife let's go to Greenway Dodge.  I walked into Greenway Dodge at 830pm and told the salesman that I had just left another dealership, what interest rate I wanted, and that I wanted to walk out the door with the price listed and no fees.  When it was all said and done, the salesman at Greenway Dodge was able to come down on the listed price and my wife and I drove out of the dealership with a certified preowned Dodge Citadel (that had hardly been driven while it was on the lot...).  I received a call from Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep this morning...I told them Greenway Dodge was able to accommodate my Family.  I do not enjoy beating around the bush and like to get to the point.  I received excellent customer service at Greenway Dodge and was able to purchaes a vehicle in less than 1 hour.  Thank You Greenway dodge.

Natalie C. | 2008-09-18

This car dealer also serves as a great place to have your car looked at.  They provide you with honest answers and thus far, have not given me the "runaround" that some other car places tend to do.

Getting an oil changed does require a first come first serve place in line.  So if you are in a hurry, I would suggest you go in the morning when they open at 7:30am.  Or go on Saturday between 7:30am and 3pm.  Otherwise you may have to wait a bit.  I arrived around 9:30 and was told it would be about 20 minutes before my car would be serviced, and almost to the dot, that's how long it took for them to take it away.  It wasn't too much longer after that it was returned ready to go.  The cashier was quick and before I knew it I was on my way.  

While you are waiting they have complimentary coffee, magazines a plenty, and a flat screen TV to watch.  I believe if you are going for any other service related issue, you may make an appointment and can even do so online.  Plus, watch your mail because they will send coupons for basic car-related care.  They also offer coupons on their website.

I felt that my car was in good hands while I was there and hope the same for you and your vehicle since it's plays such an important part of our lives.