Massey Cadillac Orlando North in Orlando, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Massey Cadillac Orlando North in Orlando, FL.

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Massey Cadillac Orlando North

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 680-2153
Address:4241 North John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL, 32809
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Massey Cadillac Orlando North

David K. | 2015-01-13

In the past 3 months, Richard Angelotti has been a breath of fresh air to deal with compared to the nightmare in my previous review. Billy Waddle also stepped up and apologized for the previous incident that occurred, and both he and Bill Hull offered me the tire policy to avoid any further issues with regards to that area of concern.

However, my lemon of a car continues to have issues. Just over 17,000 miles and the Bluetooth, a seemingly simple feature found in the majority of cars today continues to be sporadically operational, and I could get better gas mileage driving an Escalade. Just recently my check engine light came on due to a faulty vacuum hose and I discovered while driving the loaner Richard provided me with, that my iPod is not connecting to the USB port in my car.

Massey Cadillac itself is a good dealership, it's the car I bought that's the problem.

Linda C. | 2014-12-02

Massey North is very attentive and concerned with doing the job right the first time.

Karen A. | 2014-11-11

it was expensive but worth it if we don't have this same problem for a few years

Samantha R. | 2014-09-23

It was nice to get a call from Bill Hull. He asked the right questions and seemed to truly care. Sometimes, in this high-tech society, a simple phone call makes all the difference! Massey Cadillac, you have my business!

David D. | 2014-07-18

Excellent service as usual.  Marget is the best!

Bill S. | 2014-07-04

"Comment from Paul B. of Massey Cadillac of Orlando
Business Owner
7/2/2014 Hi Bill, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We appreciate the time you spent with our dealership, but to be fair to all of our customers, we have a no-hold policy on our vehicles. We would be happy to contact you if a similar car becomes available in the near future. Please call our General Sales Manager, Alfredo Moreno at 407-299-6161 and he would be glad to discuss this with you further."

I would like to thank Paul (whatever your name is) B. for validating my previous review! If you had taken the time to actually read my post you would understand that I did not have a problem with you selling the car, that's what you do to make money, my problem is that Ali and Christina Osterholt knew 20 hours in advance that I would be driving over one hour to view the car, no one at massey's had the common courtesy or decency to call me and let me know. The only mantra was "get them in here and sell them something" You are no different then the unprofessional individuals outlined in my previous review.

Again I would like to thank you for the validation, and had you read the review you would have seen that I have purchased a new vehicle, the thought of contacting your business to find me a vehicle never would ever cross my mind again. Oh by the way, I am still looking for that fuel reimbursement promised by Keen, I guess I shouldn't hold my breath, to actually think he was telling the truth.

Bill Senick

Stephen G. | 2014-07-03

Sad excuse for service.....
I received a phone call from someone who advertised being an employee of Massey and wanted me to consider selling my vehicle because they desperately needed to "up their used card inventory".  I scheduled an appointment almost a week in advance and even had a follow up phone call from a lady to confirm.  When I arrived to the dealership no one knew who I was, why I was there and who I was asking for.  They young guy they finally pitched me too admitted that it was a third party who tries to bring in customers and that they never inform the dealership of any conversations or appointments get setup. They ran the carfax and not something which we could negotiate with (which I very adamantly discussed with the phone salesman) and much to my dismay and everyone's waste of time left without much accomplished.  I phoned the next day to obtain a copy of the carfax report and the salesman I worked with begrudgingly said he'd email it right away.  3 days later and nothing still. So I phoned again and he again offered to fax. He seemed surprised it hadnt been received and his response was the would send immediately.  Still nothing.  Thanks for a complete waste of time and despite having used the collision center in the past, I can assure you nothing will persuade me to visit or refer any business to this dealership again.

Audrey R. | 2014-06-06

Enjoyed my car shopping experience with the people at Massey North. Darrel, my salesman, was very patient with me & listened to what I wanted & amount I wanted to spend. Found the car I wanted, a 2012  CTS Coupe, but didn't care for the custom grill & the tint was to dark. No problem, the grill was switched out & tint removed. Melinda in financing was wonderful to deal with.  She was very knowledgeable & made suggestions that I found helpful in purchasing my car. She was also a delight to just talk to-a wonderful sense of humor! I had never considered a Cadillac before, but after visiting this dealership, I will definitely be back for my next car (hopefully not to soon though). I should mention that I had gone to 3 other dealerships that weekend & decided to purchase from Massey. I will have no problem referring people to them.

Kate S. | 2014-04-30

My dad always owned Cadillacs so I followed in his footsteps. Always had great experiences elsewhere. Moved to Orlando and have tried BOTH locations for service and have looked at new cars. If I have to choose this dealer for service I will choose the SOUTH OBT location every time. Their service people are far better and more knowledgable than the JYP North location.
The salesmen are dishonest (as most) and I've recently decided after my last bad experience there I have decided as sad as this is to buy a different brand all together. I will miss Cadillac but this dealer has jaded me THAT much that I dread going there for service.

Chris W. | 2014-04-30

I told the dealership to install all-new equipment, as that was what was on my vehicle before I was hit.  I was assured over the phone that my bumper was not a reconditioned (RECON) bumper.  

All my documents say reconditioned...

Who is the boss here?  Me or GEICO?  Apparently GEICO tells Massey how to fix mine and your cars.

Great employees, but the company doesn't respect their customer's wishes.

Karen R. | 2014-03-02

I have bought two vehicles from this dealership and will continue to go back. The service is wonderful, the employees are all friendly and helpful. These newer cars have all kinds of bells and whistles on them and it is nice to have someone who knows about them to explain them to you. My salesperson was very knowledgeable and made the full transaction quite easy. A great place to go if you love a great American car!

Jude D. | 2013-11-20

I leased a 2014 CTS Coupe from Tim Holcomb. He had my cars of interest up front upon arrival. He was courteous and professional while describing the vehicle in full detail. He was able to secure the vehicle for me at the price range that was comfortable for me. Finance manager, Melinda Canter, was also very courteous, professional and detail oriented. I've had an excellent experience with Massey Cadillac North and would highly recommend this dealership, Tim and Melinda to anybody. I am sure I will be back at the end of my lease.

Thank you.


Madi T. | 2013-09-07

Service is always top shelf! I brought in mt 2011 SRX for oil change and a few questions. Questions were answered by my Service Advisor, Margaret Clevengwr. She is amazing. Car was ready when promised and it was washed and standing tall. This was my first Cadillac and it will not be my last. Massey gets the job done right!

Andi G. | 2013-03-29

Tire sensor was going off, and Margaret our service agent had the technician come to my place of work to fix it.  All is fantastic, great dealership, great service...

Lori G. | 2008-10-14

I needed a tune up. Or I should say my beloved Sam Saab the second did (yes I name my cars). I own a Saab 9-3 and this would be its first servicing in Florida. I have noticed Saabs are not as wide spread down south as they were up north. After some Internet research I figured out this was the only Saab dealer in the area. And it actually was first and foremost a Cadillac dealer. Strange combination. I made an appointment for a Thursday and dropped off my car that morning. I needed several fixes as well as the 90,000 mile checkup. My rear view mirror motor wasn't operating and my driver's side window would get stuck down on occasion. I also needed a small side grill replaced. To my utter amazement all parts needed for these repairs were in stock. Even the miniature grill that I was sure they'd have to order. They also gave me a discount since the mirror motor and window motor were both located in the driver's side door and it required little labor to take care of the duo. The waiting room was pleasant. I didn't spend much time there, as I didn't wait for my car to be serviced, but I did take advantage of the free bagels and bottles of Dr. Pepper.  I noticed the ceiling was high letting in a lot of light and they had flat screens in various places. Not the usual doom and gloom variety of waiting rooms I was used to. Massey was a positive experience doing a chore I tend to put off as long as possible. And for the record Sam seconds my positive review.