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Greenway Ford is the flagship store of the Greenway Automotive Group - one of the world's most progressive, privately held automotive companies.  Building upon the foundation of Greenway Ford, the organization now proudly serves as an ambassador for the Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Kia, Honda, Hyundai and Mitsubishi brands in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and China.

The Group's 24 domestic automotive dealerships include some of the nation's top ranked performers in customer satisfaction, sales, service.  In 2011, the Greenway Automotive Group was ranked #13 among Automotive News' Top 125 Automotive Groups and ranked #32 on Ward's Top 100 Mega Dealer listing.

As the flagship store and home base for Greenway Automotive, Greenway Ford's success in large part can be attributed to the dealership's ability to attract and retain some of the industry's most talented associates and our singular focus on customer satisfaction.

Greenway Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 832-6125
Address:9001 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL, 32817
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Greenway Ford

David K. | 2015-04-07

**Please note, this rating is comprised of several areas, Sales, Service and Collision.**

Sales: 1 Star

Like Greenway Dodge, the Ford dealership, which has been around even longer, is set up much like a hotel, designed to make you feel as though you are in a comfortable, relaxing environment as you sign your life away to the second most important purchase you can ever make (next to a house). The salesperson setup employs the same rotation system as found at Dodge next door, where you aren't bombarded with salespeople, but after the greeter gets your information, you are handed off to the next salesperson in line for a customer.

During my two recent visits, I had an appointment set through the internet department to meet with a specific internet Sales Representative assigned by Theresa Hordge, the Internet Sales Director. One thing I noticed is that this dealership is against doing ANYthing over the phone except convincing you that you need to come in and see/sit in the vehicle you are inquiring about. Even if you have driven 10 vehicles exactly like the one that they have at Greenway, they will still insist that you come in and sit in theirs just to make sure you like it. Does Ford build the vehicles Greenway orders differently? No. This is just a tactic to get you in the dealership and sell you a car. If your ability to avoid the slightest bit of pressure is lacking, I would avoid going in until you had all the information that you wanted. On more than one occasion, at other Ford dealerships along with dealerships of competing makes, they were more than willing to work numbers over the phone regarding my trade and the vehicle I was interested in, prior to me coming into the dealership.

On both occasions, because I was very close by, I drove into the dealership. Theresa greeted me before introducing me to the rep I would be dealing with, and each time I had a different sales rep. Both reps, Juan and Louis were helpful in answering any of my questions regarding the vehicles I looked at. When the time came to discuss numbers though, I noticed something very disturbing. Greenway has one of, if not the highest dealer fee I've seen in the Greater Orlando area. $900 of what is basically pure profit. Most other dealers (including their own Dodge store across the street) charge an average of $700 which is still high, a few dealers charge less than that, and some, like Mullinax Ford, don't have a dealer fee at all. Dealerships that have a dealer fee  will usually argue that dealers without a fee build it into their no-haggle price, like Mullinax. The difference in price between identical vehicles is so minute though, that I would probably spend a few hundred dollars more just to avoid having to go back and forth so many times my price sheet looked like a football play.

Another first for me occurred during my second visit to look at a new-but-leftover 2014 Ford C-Max. The advertised price on the internet was $23,xxx but I was informed that price was incorrectly advertised, and instead of offering to honor the price if I purchased today as I was expecting, they raised it to close to $25,000. I've never seen a dealership RAISE a price before working numbers on it, and I wondered how many other vehicles that happened with. Was it an advertising scheme to get people to come in the door? I even found another new 2014 C-Max with more options, and at a lower price, at another Ford dealership in Florida. They even had a lower dealer fee! Think of all the savings...

Yes the dealership is pretty, and yes the salespeople are nice, but I'm not at a car dealership to buy kindess or live there, I want to buy a car! When it all boils down, I'd rather buy a car for an honest price out of a trailer than pay way more than I should at a fancy dealership. They should think about changing their slogan from "Nobody Beats A Greenway Ford Deal" to "We kill them financially, with kindness and comfy chairs".

Service: 4 stars

My last visit to the service department to get my mom's Escape serviced was quite surprising. Approaching 50,000 miles, I was sure that they would have a laundry list of things that needed to be done, especially since I was the prior owner and had never needed anything but oil changes and tire rotations. I even asked them to check the brakes and brake fluid to make sure they were ok. A little over an hour, and I was told that all that it needed was an oil change and tire rotation. I was shocked that it was going to cost me so little, but a little disappointed it took over an hour to find all that out when it didn't appear to be all that busy. A visit to the friendly cashier, and I was out the door and on my way with much less out of pocket than I anticipated.

Collision: 5 Stars

Due to a 5000 character limit, I can only say that each of the few times I've been here, I left with a vehicle that looked just as good as the before the damage occurred.

Courtney H. | 2015-04-07

I called to schedule an appointment for an oil change and tail light replacement on my Ford Escape for the following day, assuming this would be a no fuss service. The appointment was scheduled for 12:30, which allowed me to drop my car off over my lunch break. As 5:00pm rolled around (the end of my work day), I decided to call Greenway as I had not yet received confirmation that my service was completed yet. Although I had my service (appointment) number and the first name of my servicer, the man who answered rudely indicated that he would not be able to find my file unless I had the last name of my servicer (which had not been provided to me previously). He said it was going to "take a while" for him to locate my file and he put me on hold. 5 minutes later he comes back on the line to tell me he'd found my file but he didn't know the status of my vehicle so I'd need to wait another 5-10 minutes for my servicer to call me back. My servicer did call me back within the indicated timeframe to let me know that my car was not yet completed and that it was being worked on as we spoke, at approximately 5:15pm. He said he'd call once the service was complete and proceeded to notify me once it was done. I received the final call around 6:40pm. By this time, I was unable to pick up my car before the shop closed and I had to wait until the following day to get it. I felt that this was an unreasonable amount of time to complete an oil change and a light replacement, especially considering I'd scheduled an appointment time. There was very little customer service provided during the handling of my vehicle. I would have been understanding had the shop called me after 2-3 hours of having my car to tell me the service schedule was being pushed back. Based on the lack of communication, it gave me the impression that the shop had not started on my vehicle until I called to check. Upon pick up, I was given no explanation of why the service took longer than expected and was even told that my diagnostic/inspection checked out perfectly. I had high expectations for Greenway (which probably would have been different had I read these reviews prior) and left thoroughly disappointed.

Brittany B. | 2015-03-31

I had a really great, positive experience when purchasing my 2014 Honda Accord EX-L. While the original Honda I came in to see had just sold the day before, Baylee showed me a 2014 that I was certain was out of my price range but we made the numbers work. I got an above fair value for my trade in, and his customer service was excellent. The only hiccup part was waiting to sign the final paperwork with the finance folks -- I had clearly stated I needed to leave at a certain time due to a drs appt and unfortunately I missed that appointment bc I waited for 45 minutes to get in and sign my paperwork. I understand that orders get backed up, but I was a little off put when I was led back to take care of it finally and saw a room full of people laughing and joking and sitting around, giving the illusion I was waiting around and missing my appointment while the finance group was lounging and chatting and snacking. That moment wasn't enough to dull my entire experience, but I would suggest it get some consideration in terms of presentation to the customer because we want to know that our time is just as valuable to you as our money.

Elissa W. | 2015-03-27

Becky was great! We came in for an oil change. They initially thought we needed to change our break pads. She was really attentive and eventually came back to let us know we did not need to change them after all. What was great is at any other place they would have just changed them.. Get every penny they can! For that reason alone we will be back!

Sandra L. | 2015-01-29

Don't waste ur time! This place is full of sleaze balls. The run around that they gave me was beyond ridiculous. I went in there hoping to trade in my 09 corolla for a 2015 fiesta. I had recently received a letter through the mail stating they'd be able to help me reduce my interest rate on my payments since I'm always up to date with them. Pretty much wasted my time driving over there. When we got to the negotiation part of the deal he was unable to bring down the price to where I could pay. So then they decide to bring in another sales men to offer me a different car. Not a 2015 white fiesta. But a used 2014 silver one that was soon to be traded in by a lady who recently bought a new car but was waiting for it to come in. It was essentially the same vehicle I was told only a more upgraded radio, touchscreen. I didn't care for touchscreen but whatever. They finally were able to get the price of that one down for me id just have to wait till Monday for the car to come back to the lot. ( I went in on a Saturday. Stayed for six hrs working on the deal..) I proceeded to sign all the documents and was told all was okk. Even got my license plate taken off my car and swapped with a dealer plate. Which I found weird and unorthodox but I was assured that it was to rush the transfer over on Monday. So finally come Monday I call and ask if my car is ready and to also inform them they gave me a EXPIRED tag to drive around with!!!! They let me kno that my car was being worked on getting detailed. I was then informed I was going to get a call back in twenty mins regarding the tag issue. They didn't. I call back at ten asking about the car, still getting detailed. Ok. Finally got ahold of Shane my car salesman which was half asleep at the time I called, 11am. Telling me my car will be ready by one. I told him I needed it before then I had to go to work. He called me back saying oo I'm sorry we need u to bring back our tag. I'm like what!? U just told me my car is being detailed. He starts saying it's due to negative equity that I couldn't get it. I have all the paperwork with me that I signed for the car. There was no negative equity the credit clerk assured me of that. Then i ask to speak to a manager which then tells me the banks want $5,000 down for me to be able to get the car. So since Saturday till ten am Monday I thought I was getting my car only to be given a bullshit excuse and harassed for more money and not even get a car. When going to turn in the dealer plate I ended up atleast getting free gas out of it. Don't bother with these people. They're all crooks.

Geoff R. | 2015-01-10

Frustrated by a recent experience here trying to sell a used Ford.  We had received a letter from Greenway Ford's used car acquisition direction just a few months ago, and so when we decided to sell the car at the end of the year thought of Greenway Ford.  We called in the morning and asked about making an appointment to bring by the car and see if they want it, and if so for how much.  On the phone, the receptionist asks year, model, how many miles.  When told how many miles (92k), she says, oh, yes, we are interested in those.  So, I make the appointment, and drive across town to show the car at the appointed time.  When I show up there, the staff act like they now are put out that I have shown up, can't find the appointment or my name in their system, bring out the acquisitions guy, who tells me without looking at the car that they're not interested in that year of car anymore, and then goes out and looks at the car, just totally superficially, doubles what he was saying a few minutes before was the maximum payment, but is still totally showing lack of interest.  Strange.  Wish they would have spared me the drive and told me on the phone to begin with that they didn't really want this kind of car anymore.  They must have sent out lots of solicitation letters when they sent ours and in the intervening 3 months must have bought up more than enough of them.  Still, it was frustrating, and the acquisitions director guy was really not pleasant - acted like the five minutes he spent with me was a total waste of his time and he wished I hadn't shown up to bother him.

Todd G. | 2014-10-18

Made a Saturday appointment for my '94 Mustang after the Check Engine light came on.  Arrived on time for my appointment, described the problem to the service guy, he says "sorry, we can't diagnose the check engine light because your car is too old." So I describe the symptoms my car has - occasional misfires - and he says, "sorry, my drive-ability mechanic is off today. You can either leave the car here until Monday or come back then."  What kind of place offers Saturday service appointments but then turns you away when you get there and says to come back on Monday?  Thanks for wasting my Saturday.

Eric O. | 2014-05-29

Visited dealership today, I was quickly greated on the service drive. Very nice staff and facility.

Bob S. | 2014-03-18

I haven't even been there yet and my experience is awful.

I have very minor damage to my car, and need an oil change and check engine light looked at.  

The collision department and the service department do not speak to each other, because that would be impossible, so I have to set up separate appointments.  Then, to get an appointment for the oil change and check engine light, I went through no less than 5 different people before it was set.

Let's think about this...

They make about $85 an hour, roughly, on service.  Cars cost $20,000 - $30,000.  Is that not enough to maybe HOPE for just medicore service?  

This is in light of the fact that my first attempt at calling met with a phone that rang....and rang....and rang...

I truly dread going there tomorrow for my appointment (which was finally made after a grand total of 6 people, plus typing to the chat person for the on-line chat, who seemed confused as to why it was all so difficult.  

I have a shade tree mechanic I would rather use, but this is a work fleet vehicle, so I have no choice in the matter.  

One more thing - research, and find a good shade tree mechanic.  On my personal car, I was quoted $2,900 for various work items, and went to my shade tree mechanic, who charged me $600 for the same work, that was done flawlessly, with superior parts.

Tom D. | 2013-08-11

I recently looked at a used car for my son recently and my experience was very poor and had all of the elements of a good mystery; chaos, lies, deceit, and the mystery faceless man known simply as the Sales Manager. First off, we had someone brand new help us. He knew nothing about the vehicles, nothing about what the ford certified pre owned program, and had such a strong accent, I could not understand much of anything he said.  We demo'd a car we were interested in and then came sales guy number two whom was going to " work the deal". First the car was listed at $16,900, he writes the order with a list price of $18,200. Then he shows me some flashy graphs and says he can sell it to me for $15,900. He says that is his best offer, shoots me an apr rate of 7.9 percent. Tells me he is "uncomfortable" quoting anything lower until his "phantom-like" F and I guy runs our credit. He NEVER tells me there is 1.9 apr on used through ford motor credit at all, when asked if he could throw two new tires on to replace the bald front tires, he tells me those tires are fine even though there is zero tread. When we advise we are done and going to leave, we had to get the permission of the sales manager to bless our exit of the facility. There was more shanigans with these jokers but that was the jist.  Stay away at all costs. How did the story end? Found a newer used car for less money at Don Reid Ford whom was up front and honest through the whole transaction, made it easy and would highly recommend them.

Fred F. | 2013-07-11

I tell the negative story at AutoNation first to emphasize my POSITIVE one at Greenway Ford!

I went to AutoNation Ford in Sanford, FL and worked with a sales consultant named E****** R******. They had several Mustangs in the showroom. We started working on the specific details & I settled on a Black GT Premium with Saddle Leather & no other options.

E****** looked in his system and found an exact match to the car I wanted at a dealer in West Palm Beach. He went off to the Sales Manager's office, came back about 10 minutes later, and said "yes, we can get that car. I can have it here in 72 hours". I said, ok let's work on the numbers.

After working the pricing, my final all-in total was $32,700. I said "Write up the paperwork." About 1/2 hour later, my paperwork was all signed, and I had put a $500 deposit on the car in anticipation of having it in about "3-4 business days". I said there was no rush as I had to take care of the financials with the bank anyway.

10 days went by, and I had not heard anything from Esteban. Tuesday, May 28th, I sent him an email:
-----Original Message-----
From: Fred F******
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 11:34 AM
To: 'R******, E*******'
Subject: RE: Copy of Paperwork

Hey E******,

Do you have an ETA on delivery of my car?



I received NO RESPONSE, and on Friday, May 31st, I sent a follow-up email:
-----Original Message-----
From: Fred F******
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 9:08 AM
To: 'R******, E******'
Subject: FW: Copy of Paperwork


Has the car arrived yet?



Then this email came in:
-----Original Message-----
From: R******, E******
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 9:14 AM
To: Fred F******
Subject: RE: Copy of Paperwork

Please call me when you get a chance.###-###-####, having a Huge problem locating the car.

I called, and he told me the story about the car coming in with a damaged hood, but never mentioned to me the other car that Mullinax had wasn't going to be release to him. Disappointed, but understanding, I sent back the following response:
-----Original Message-----
From: Fred F******
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 7:49 PM
To: R******, E******
Subject: RE: Copy of Paperwork

What time will you be in tomorrow? I would like to discuss our options.



...and received the following reply:
-----Original Message-----
From: R*******, E******
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 8:17 PM
To: Fred F******
Subject: RE: Copy of Paperwork

At this point I do not have any options.

I was basically told that they didn't want to try and do anything to earn my business. Options I would have been willing to consider were 1) waiting for another car that matched my criteria; 2)Possibly picking a different car color/option (I also liked the Race Red one I test drove); or 3) ORDERING a new car built from Ford specifically the way I wanted it configured.

I called GREENWAY FORD to see what options they had. He talked with a man named C**** P***, who called me and said "let me do some research and get back with you". I told him I'd come down Saturday around 10am to discuss options.

I met C**** around 10:15am and he said "Great News! I think I found the exact car you're looking for. He pulled out the paperwork, and presented me with the details for THE EXACT SAME CAR (matching VIN#) that I had paperwork signed for at AutoNation.

I said no, this must be a mistake - I already have this car on order at AutoNation, and they said the dealer wasn't going to release it. He said, no, his sales manager checked, and they could come get it today if they wanted. I said ok, let's talk price.

Long story short, the delta between the two dealers was about $380. I had him bring me the Director of Sales R*** R****** to look me square in the eye and tell me that this wasn't going to be a repeat of AutoNation. They promised I could have the car by this time tomorrow. I said ok, go get the car, and I'll sign the paperwork now.

Sunday morning I went down to GREENWAY and sure enough - there was the car, complete with the Mullinax decal right on the car. VIN number matched the paperwork, and there was nothing wrong with the hood. We finalized paperwork, went through the technical specs of the car, and off I went. It took a grand total of 1 1/2 hours from the minute we walked in the door on Sunday to being on our way. I went straight to AutoNation to go get my deposit refunded.

The folks at Greenway Ford have been wonderful - from C**** P*** to R*** R******* all the way up to L** M*******, the General Manager - all have been fantastic to work with! THIS is how a dealership should be. I am honestly surprised to read the negative reviews. This was not my experience at all. Very laid back, casual, friendly, low pressure, helpful, positive....I would have to say the opposite of what I've experienced at other dealerships in town. Give GREENWAY a chance, and tell them Fred sent you - you'll be glad you did! I promise!

Ray N. | 2013-07-01

Well I'm at service just to get one tire change! I mean just one. Nothing else. It's been one hour and half and I'm still here! WTF! Worst place for service. Take your car to somewhere else.

Jeremiah Z. | 2013-02-27

I used to only own Toyotas but we just bought 2 new Fords (2012 Fusion and 2012 Focus). I had some body damage to the Fusion (my own fault) so I decided to have Greenway do the body repair (they did a Great Job). However Greenway doesn't have their own loaner car fleet (like Toyota does). So I had to pay Hertz and use my insurance to get a reasonable rate. Toyota will loan their cars at no cost and it doesn't matter if it an auto repair or body repair.  Greenway, you need to catch up with the times and put your customers first.

Kristin L. | 2012-06-25

Worst possible place to buy a car.  They LIE!!  Convinced me to "leave" my car there and then make me take a rental home.  Now here it is one and a half weeks later and I'm still driving a rental.  They give you the run's a nightmare!!  Don't do it.....I would PAY more just to go somewhere else.

Matt B. | 2011-12-25

After weeks of searching for a used car and doing all the necessary research, I decided on three cars at Greenway Ford because A) the price was right and B) I had bought my truck from them in 2003 and it was a decent experience. Here is where everything gets flipped upside down...

All the typical car dealer BS was used. The painfully long waits (which resulted in negotiations that took 6 hours), the sales manager visits, undervaluing my trade-in, etc. All of this was expected so if nothing else went wrong, we would be at 3-4 stars now.

I managed to drive my trade-in up by $2000 (because I had the paperwork from KBB, Edmunds and NADA to back me up) but they wouldn't bring the price of the vehicle down. I left. I drive all the way across town and I get a phone call saying they will take the $500 off that I asked for. I come back and at this point I get a different salesman, Farooq, who thinks by being disrespectful and pushy that he will get me to sign the papers. I had to tell him twice to change his attitude and to keep his comments in check. He did...reluctantly. Overall, the car is a steal at this point so I sign the papers for the price I wanted on both the car and trade-in.

I was told earlier the car is equipped with keyless entry. I get the keys and there is no keyless entry. There is also no spare key. I insist on both. They agree. They needed my dad to sign some things so on our next trip, they promise they will have the key made with a keyless remote. The key guy is there and like a dummy, I sign the papers while he works on my car. Surprise!! When I come out, there is no key guy, no key and no keyless entry. They say he will call me. Seven days later and no call.

Here is where it gets nasty. They discover they needs more docs. I insist on getting the key and keyless entry BEFORE I sign anything. Robert, the sales manager, gets loud on the phone and we have words until he says he will take care of me.

I get there that night with my girlfriend. Key guy is there. I insist on waiting till the job is done before I sign. Al, a different manager, tries to persuade to come inside anyways. I say no thanks to his multiple requests. He raises his voice and says "Come inside and sign the paperwork, NOW!" I tell him no so he runs and says something to the key guy and then says to me "When you're done screwing around, come inside". Nasty...

My girlfriend and the key guy both speak spanish and he says that he works with them often and that when customers sign the paperwork, they call him on his cell and tell him they don't need the keys anymore. THEY HAD NO INTENTION OF GIVING ME THE KEY THEY PROMISED ME!! Unfortunately for them, I stayed and got my key, costing them $200.

The deal is done and I love the car but the last piece to this puzzle is that they are a preferred dealership with Bank of America. I plan on squawking to as many people in BOA as I can to get that title removed. They don't deserve any more business.

It was disgusting how they treated me and I hope that if you are in the market for a vehicle, you shop somewhere else. Even if the list price is cheaper, it is not worth it. I promise you.

nate b. | 2011-11-02

Someday maybe places this sleazy for used car sales will cease to exist. My grandpa found an ad for a used Chrysler convertible for $7,900 in the paper, and since every grandpa should get to buy a convertible, we called to see if it was in stock at 10am. They said yes, and that they could email us the CarFax report, but that it actually costs $9,900 because they list prices assuming a $2k trade-in value. Sleaze #1, but acceptable.

11am, they sent some other bullshit report that was not CarFax. Sleaze #2. I asked them about it and they said "well it's like CarFax." Okay, I purchased the $30 CarFax report for my grandpa. Fine.

12pm, we showed up, and asked to see the Chrysler. We wait 30min.

12:30pm, they come out and tell us they don't have that car because it didn't pass inspection that morning and needed $1,800 worth of repairs. In fact, it had already been sent to auction. Sales guy says "We do have *another* Chrysler that costs $3k more. Want to see it?" Sleaze #3. Game over.

12:45pm My grandpa gives the guy a look approximating "fuck you guys" and we all leave.

In the car we decide that it was a decent bait & switch attempt, but that there are actually laws prohibiting that kind of thing.

Tom G. | 2011-10-09

The worst experience I've ever had trying to buy a car.

Found a Ranger with over 100K miles, with dents and scratches so deep they couldn't repair them and the smell of a colostomy bag. I was willing to get past that, because the engine was in great shape.

I put in my initial offer which was the KBB value. Brad, my salesman who seemed quite pleasant at first, became indignant and shocked that I would offer such a price.  I threatened the walkout and told him "that's a shame because I'm sure you're willing compromise..." He said "let me see what I can do".  And shockingly came back asking for over $1000 than the listed price!!! Yeah, you read that correctly. I kept my cool and offered the listed price in cold hard cash, and he told me "that's ridiculous!" Went back to his manager and printed out a magical list that compares all of the similar Rangers.  I said "All I'm willing to pay is my final offer of the listed price". He turned red, raised his voice and sarcastically told me "good luck with that!" and that I wouldn't find a car anywhere near that price.

Tomorrow I'm going to Sensible Choice to look a similar Ranger listed $2000 cheaper than the overpriced peemobile.

Morale of the Story: as Hoopie B. said, Avoid Greenway Ford.

Luis R. | 2011-08-13

The car industry is such a scam.

I have brought my car to Greenway Ford for multiple reasons, all in the span of 4 years.  But the ones that stick out all revolve around the same electrical problems.

Twice have I had to bring it in due to alternator issues.  Both times, it had to be replaced.  A new car.  Twice.  Seriously?  The second time around they also replaced battery cables and my dash cluster.  Thank the Lord in heaven my car is under warranty and I only had to pay a $75 deductible.

Well my car was having issues again that could have been possibly alternator issue.  I brought it in with this information along with all the symptoms she was showing that weren't normal.  After their "testing," they said it was a bad battery.  I had bought the battery at AutoZone and it, too, was under warranty.  So I got a new one, gave it to them to install, and they gave me the OK to take it home.  I pay $50.00 deductible and am on my way.

I didn't even make it out of their service department and my car died.  She died four times as I tried to turn it around to the service department.  I handed the keys back over with the problem and my representative stated it was possible the mechanic just did an alternator test and didn't test drive the car.  Good job.

So the next day I get called up saying the car is ready and that it was a throttle body that was having problems.  Ok.  Cool.  Whatever.  I go to pick it up and they still want me to pay my $75 deductible.  When asked why, even after I payed the day before for what was thought to be a finished repair job but clearly not, he stated that the prior services weren't covered in my warranty.  Alternator test not covered in my warranty.  Right.  Even though the two times I had been there before they clearly did alternator tests which were included in the deductibles.  Right, so since you THOUGHT the car was repaired and I paid, only to find out it wasn't repaired, only to have it repaired AGAIN, you want me to pay ANOTHER fee?!  All which, had they followed procedure, all this could have been avoided, fixed at once, with one payment.

I try to reason with him and he gives me the spiel "Let me see what my service manager can do."  So off he goes to a glass office where they're obviously BS'ing around considering they are laughing loud enough for everyone in the lobby to hear.  Upon his return, he says that sure enough they're two different charges but, because I'm a "nice young man" he'll cut the price down.  I had had a long day prior to that and was just ready to go home so I payed and walked out.

I really wish I had brought my previous work orders/receipts to show him that in fact I shouldn't be charged a ridiculous separate "alternator check" fee.  Whatever.  Greenway Ford techs don't know what the hell they're doing back there.  If my car wasn't under a warranty, you can bet I would be doing this work myself.  At least I know I'd fix it right the first time.

I have a personal close friend who used to be a mechanic there.  When I told him what was going on he nearly slapped me.  He said to never take any vehicle to their service department.  They are a sham and know it.  He said if I ever take it to a dealership for work (since I'm under warranty) to take it to Sun State Ford on Colonial.  According to him, they have a better rep and customer satisfaction.  This is a Greenway Ford Mechanic telling me to take my vehicle to another dealership for servicing.  You know Greenway dropped the ball.

Please.  If you don't want any heartache or headaches, avoid Greenway Ford at all costs.  You'll waste your money, time, and you won't leave happy.  If you use their service department, chances are you car didn't even get fixed despite what their techs say or how much you paid up.  I'm willing to make the drive and try out Sun State.  I hear they're much better off.

Oh yeah, the D-Bag Rep in Service was named Rick.  He doesn't care about you.

Lisse C. | 2011-05-11

The sales person was very friendly but they obviously just throw people out on the car lot without proper training. They did'nt have the color car we wanted but swore it would be no problem to get. They checked other dealers inventory and found it so we told them to order the car and worked out financing. I just happened to look up the vin# of the car that same day and when a picture popped up it was the wrong color. Even better, it was the exact same car they had on the lot that we test drove but did'nt like the color. When I called the next day to tell them they ordered the wrong car they were slow to return my calls and to answer whether they could get the right color which they could not. Since we were in need of a car quickly we agreed to buy the ordered car and gave them half the price of the car upfront in cash.
Over a month later and after several trips to drop off documentation, they still have not secured financing because they were running the wrong social security number. I am the one that noticed it and pointed it out to them! What is even more awesome is not only was the new car sales manager rude and demeaning, he refuses to give us a new temp tag since the old one expired, until they get the loan secured but they sure did cash the $13,000.00 check we gave them a long time ago. Save yourself the stress and aggrevation and go somewhere else!

Dana F. | 2008-10-31

I had a pretty average experience at Greenway Ford. The hubby and I stopped in to shop for a new car for him. Specifically, an SUV that could carry A LOT of weight (for his job). The salesman that helped us was very friendly without being pushy. He told us that he'd only been working there for a few months, and he seemed a little unsure of the information he was giving us.

The downsides - We had to wait LONG for him to go find the weight capacities of a few cars. He didn't know where to find the info, and his supervisor was too busy gossiping at the service desk to help him. Meanwhile, we're sitting in their showroom FOREVER to try and get the info we needed.

The upsides - Friendly, accommodating, non-pushy salesman. We ended up having to leave because they made us wait so long... but my husband gave the salesman his phone number and said we'd come back once he got us the info we needed... but we never received a call back...

All in all, an average experience.