Greenway Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Orlando, FL

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If you're looking for a top-quality vehicle, you want a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or RAM. If you want the best in sales and service, you want Greenway.

Greenway Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 704-2867
Address:9051 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL, 32817
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Greenway Dodge Chrysler Jeep

David K. | 2015-03-05

There are a few good things about Greenway Dodge that are unfortunately overshadowed by a few much larger issues. The good begins when you arrive at the dealership. They have a very good system in place inside to ensure that you are not being attacked from every angle by salespeople dying to make their next sale. You are greeted by a receptionist who takes some information and then hands you off to the next salesperson in line for a customer.

On my visit, there was a shortage of available salespeople, so I waited 5 minutes while she went to find someone who could help me, but even then, nobody was available. I then asked her if I could just walk out and look at the vehicles myself and if someone became available, to just send them out to me, and she nodded. I went out to look at the Jeeps. About 10 minutes passed and nobody came out, yet I saw other customers coming out with salespeople.

I walked back inside and up to the sales desk to see if any of the managers could help me find someone and what do you know, someone instantly became available. My salesperson introduced himself and then went into a somewhat robotic spiel where I had to cut him short and tell him that I was only there to test drive the vehicle to see if I liked it. We went out to the lot and picked a vehicle to drive.

During the drive, he rattled off the features, all of which I knew. I then asked him about the addendum sticker they had on all the cars, specifically the "Prtoection Pkg" (that's exactly how it's spelled on nearly all of the cars) which added $1,495 to the price. I could tell he wanted to avoid talking about this at all cost because he could barely spit out what it was. The first thing he said was Nitrogen in the tires, which should cost no more than $5 per tire, so including the spare, I'll give them $25 for that. The second thing he said was included was a wheel protectant, which you can pick up in a spray can at Walmart for $7.00. Lastly he said a "paint protectant clearcoat, but that's usually done at the factory unless Jeep is cutting corners. Orrrrr maybe it was just a glorified wax job which would cost $20 at most to do it yourself and maybe $170 to get it done professionally? So in total, this additional $1500 markup, if everything was done, just over $200 would be justifiable cost plus a slight additional markup for labor. Where is the extra $1300 going? THEIR POCKETS! And that's before the $700 dealer fee. Thankfully, the slightest opposition to paying for it is met with them taking it out of the equation almost instantly, but how many people even notice it?

When we got back, he had the used car manager come out and appraise my car just to see if it would be worth trading in. While this was taking place, my salesperson asked me if this was the vehicle I wanted and I mentioned that it was missing some features. He then went off to see if he had one with all the features, completely disregarding that I said I just wanted to drive one. Knowing I wasn't going to buy a car that day but having some time left to kill I said ok.

I had a seat as far away from the front desk and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally about 20 minutes later he came back and said he found one that he had which had the features I was looking for. We drove out to it, as it was in the back. It had one feature that I did not need and was missing one feature that I said I wanted. Back into the dealership we went, where again I waited and waited and waited. I was getting hungry at this point and with my salesperson MIA, I got up to leave.

I waited in the lobby for another minute just to see if he would come out and sure enough he did. I said I was tired of waiting and would be leaving to get food. He said he hadn't eaten all day either and he would be getting a "four-square" together for me *shudders*. Car dealers use this method when they tried to isolate you away from the price of the car and focus on down payment and monthly payment.… I told him it wouldn't be necessary if he didn't have a trade value that was at or close to my payoff. When I asked him what they were giving me for my trade and he didn't know, I knew I had to leave. There was just too much time being wasted and very little being accomplished. Over two hours had passed when I told him to just call me regarding the final numbers, and he did the following day, with a $230 a month higher payment. Needless to say I won't be buying the car from Greenway.

If the grandiose appearance of the dealership is worth the hassle of someone wasting time by not listening to what you're looking for, the haggle of trying to get clear numbers, and over $2,000 in needless dealer fees and astronomically marked up "packages", this is the dealership for you.

Stefanie B. | 2014-11-21

To start off, I did not buy my Jeep at this dealer, but I came to this dealer because they generally have very friendly staff. I took my jeep in for an oil change two weeks prior & got a quote for 4 new tires, made a appoitment to come back to have them put on. I arrived for my appointment (early) after I took half day off work. The service advisor told me the tires were not in stock, even having an appointment for a week, and that I'd have to come back "maybe Mondat or Tuesday next week." Since I had taken 3 hours off work, I explained that didnt work for me and would like to see if they had any other service center in town who could help. Nope.
Ofcourse the manager was unavailable, and I spent the next hour calling to find a service shop with tires in stock prior to my Thanksgiving road trip. I just dont get why its so important to make an appoitment if they are not going to have the tired in stock.

Jeff K. | 2014-11-13

Okay, look. It's been a bit of a roller coaster for me at this dealership. I've got two previous reviews here, the first one overall positive for the purchase of my new (at the time) Wrangler. The second when they started the dishonest practice of posting dozens and dozens of fake reviews with name drops in them, trying to drum up business for specific employees.

It's been a couple of years since then, and I figured I'd update with my latest service experience. I used to love the service department, but it really seems to be suffering right now. I was first quoted the price of a synthetic oil change, and I told them I didn't want synthetic. Okay. After a couple of minutes of the hard sell attempts on other services, that synthetic price came back up. I corrected him -- again, I don't want synthetic. I want regular.

So after the service is done, I go to pay. Guess what I got charged for? Synthetic. Eventually they discounted the price to make it equivalent to a regular oil change. I wouldn't have even mentioned it in a review, assuming an honest one-time mistake, except the guy in front of me was having the same problem -- getting charged double the price he was quoted for a different service. They were still fixing that for him when I left.

At best there are some communication issues that need to be resolved.

I'll probably return because of the convenient location, but I'm done having oil changes at the dealership. Once they offered them in blocks, where you could buy 4 or 5 for about $19 each, and that was a good enough deal that I could justify continuing to go to the dealership. But they didn't offer it this time, and the advertisements for it were taken down, so I guess it's no longer an option. And at the regular price, I'll just do it myself.

Christine R. | 2014-11-05

I have taken my vehicles to Greenway for years and have never had any major issues and this time was no exception.  I dropped the car off on Sunday evening and received a call Monday morning from Tyler, the service advisor with an estimate for the requested repairs.  He also had estimates for additional work that needed to be taken care of.  That information was not new to me, I had already been given an estimate for the front end repairs from an independent repair shop.  
My repairs were done in a timely manner and they even washed the car.  Not the cheapest but because I have a PT Cruiser, I prefer to take it to a dealer.

Michael B. | 2014-10-04

Nice enough people.  Came in for oil change, first in line at the express lane.  Been here little more than two hours now.  On the pleasant side, the waiting area is the nicest of any dealership I've been to.  Complimentary drinks and snack, separate seating areas and multiple TVs make the wait tolerable.   Still waiting on my vehicle though...

Jimmy R. | 2014-09-17

What an unscrupulous dealership... After purchase, things stopped working after 29 days. Thousands in repair and nothing but oh well from this dealer. Trade in value was a joke (I found out later...) and the purchase price was way more, given needed repair costs... What a shame.

Lee F. | 2014-07-29

OMG, this has to be the worst dealer I have ever been in. I have been searching for a used vehicle online and Greenway Dodge claimed to have one available. I called the dealership on Saturday morning to confirm that they had vehicle and I spoke with one of their salesman he claimed that vehicle was still on the premises. So I drive an hour and 15 minutes one way to look at the vehicle, as I walk through the front door to inquire about the vehicle in question I am informed that it has been sold. No, no they didn't sell it right before I showed up, they sold it 24 hours before. I get told their system hasn't "updated" yet, but I'm sure there's something else that I would be "interested in". This is one of the oldest lines in the book, get the potential customer through the door and switch them out. But Greenway Dodge takes it to a whole new level, two days later I get a phone call from one of their salesman. He informs me that they do have the vehicle in inventory and that I should come down immediately and look at it. At this point curiosity has the better of me; I travel a lot for business. So a few days later I was in the area and stopped in, guess what........
They didn't have the vehicle! I was told that it was sold 24 hours ago. You're going to love this, but they'd be "happy to find something else on their lot that would interest me"!
If it's was possible to give negative stars I would given them -5

Stephanie M. | 2014-06-29

The service department is so disorganized. I called and made an appointment and when you walk in NO ONE seems to greet you or acknowledge your existence. Finally when you get a tech if its under you're warranty forget about any quality service.

They don't even put protective mats down in your car. My care was left filthy from the service techs shoes and they didn't wash my care because "it was going to rain anyways" Its a JOKE.

The last time I needed service they didn't call me until 30 minutes before they closed telling me I needed to leave my car but I would have to pay for a rental car - EVEN THOUGH they were servicing it for a RECALL. this place is unbelievable. Im sorry I bought my car here but as soon as my warranty is up I probably will trade in my Vehicle and purchase elsewhere just so i don't have to deal with this people again.

I would say out of the last two years Ive been going in for services the only amazing experience was when I purchased my car - go figure.

Christina H. | 2014-06-20

I didn't buy my car here, but I have been taking my car to Greenway Dodge for service ever since I first purchased it. Overall I have been happy with the service. I do the prepaid oil change plan. It gives you an OK discount and keeps me coming back. For oil changes for the longest time I was calling and scheduling appointments and then one of the service advisers told me I could just come in anytime, so that's convenient.

Last month I had a medley of dash board lights go off. I scheduled a Friday afternoon service appointment to get it checked. When I arrived the service department manager apologized and told me they were full for the afternoon and wouldn't be able to get to it until the morning. Of course, I'm a busy person and I didn't go back the next morning. I took it back a couple weeks later. I was a little peeved that they couldn't even check my car during the appointment time, but they've always been nice, so I let it slide.

When I finally did take the car back for service there were several things that needed repair and the car ended up being in the shop for about a week. I have an extended warranty that they accept, so I have no problems with the price.

Now for the crazy part of my story:

When picking up my car one of the service technicians was driving it around to the drop-off through a single lane area. An employee from the neighboring Fiat dealership came speeding through at the same time and nearly hit my car. Then the Fiat employee decided to have major road-rage and start screaming at the guy driving my car. So now the poor frazzled guy driving my car tried to back up out of the crazy guy's way and hit the curb with my tire. And the tire actually popped off the rim. (Who knew such a thing could happen?)

Evidently the manager of Greenway did deal with crazy Fiat guy, but honestly, and I've never said this in a review, that dude should be fired. That is completely unacceptable and dangerous behavior towards another co-worker and in front of customers.

I'm surprisingly still satisfied with my service from Greenway. Everyone in the service department was extremely apologetic after the "incident" and we did walk away with our next oil change plan for free.

Bobby P. | 2014-05-27

Greenway Jeep was my first dealership car buying experience in years.  I'd done the usual research online and perused the online inventory on their website...pretty easy to use and after a couple weeks searching off the iPad poolside, I went in.
My friend Eric works there and upon arriving I was handed off to Sam. Dude knows his stuff - super knowledgable and accomodating with my non-traditional test drive. He was cool with me sleeping on it and was real responsive the next day while texting him. Eric and Sam had the paperwork ready to go and after a short wait with the closing office, I was on my way.

The 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland I got was stacked - and I've gotten tons of compliments on the interior...Sam recommended this one over the Grand Cherokee Limited.

Just got my 1st oil change at the dealership - only $50 for 7 quarts of synthetic!

Top notch service all the way around here.

This is one of the few 5 * ratings I've given...

Joshua B. | 2014-03-11

Called them about two jeep commanders and was told both are in stock. I got there before my wife and was told the cheaper of the two commanders had been sold. They showed it to me and were REALLY nice and let us test drive it. After the test drive they wanted to look at my wife's car which we were thinking about trading in. They proceed to pick apart the car which at a Toyota dealership quoted us $4500.  Greenway offered $3000 and then "graciously" upped it to $3500. They refused to give our car keys back for over an hour!!! I told them we needed to discuss over lunch and then return. They wouldn't accept that. They also wouldn't budge on the price of the used car or the dealer fees. They said they were losing money regardless. I asked about the cheaper commander one last time and was told it was sold. As we left I said the other commander sitting in the lot!!!! Liars, cheapskates, crooks. If you have two brain cells to rub together than heed my words STAY AWAY!!!!!

Lisa S. | 2014-02-14

Definitely not  a zero profit dealership as they advertise. They told me that they were giving me the best deal possible on my trade-in and ensured me that they wouldn't profit off of it.  I go online this morning and see that they are selling it for $6,000 more!  In addition, I never got floor mats for my new vehicle which is a Dodge... Was also told that I would have a free one year trial of Sirius radio, it was shut off not even one week after purchasing the vehicle.  I have called numerous times, e-mailed, sent text messages to the salesman (Derek Walker) and NO return phone calls. After the deal is done, they truly don't care about their customers. I have already reported their poor sales practices to the Better Business Bureau and will continue to leave honest reviews on every outlet possible.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND GREENWAY DODGE TO ANYONE!

Marcio D. | 2014-01-18

My experience with this dealership is mixed. We did not start well (was told we had a deal, then the car was no longer avail, then avail again) but I have to give them credit for making a strong effort to correct the situation. David was fair and straight-forward. Eric came over and apologized and made every effort to make sure I was happy. The pre-purchase inspection at a local mechanic revealed some things that I'm certain the dealership already knew but was hoping would go unnoticed. This is not unlike any other dealership I have dealt with but I would have wished they had been a bit more up-front about it.

Overall, they have a great collection of new and used vehicles at a decent price and I do think that they will make every effort to work with you. Their 150+ inspection on used cars leaves a lot to be desired so I would highly recommend getting a qualified second opinion before signing on the dotted line.

Stephanie S. | 2014-01-07

If I could click 0 stars I would. Customer Service was absolutely horrendous.
My husband and I brought in our USAA certificate which guaranteed a discount of at least $3000. The salesman (SAM HADDAD) was adamant about it being no problem to match this discount and "maybe even more!" We made it very clear to Sam that our biggest sticking points were 1) Matching the USAA price and 2) Not being excessively upside-down on our car we would be trading it.
They attempted to have our trade-in listed at the "fair" price on KBB. This was laughable because, we had printed papers from every website on what our car was worth. Each site we went to reflected how we had been paying our trade-in off early and it was actually worth more than owed on it!
Additionally, they would not honor our USAA price nor "Guarenteed Savings"!!!
Instead of saving $3000, the price on the car only went up close to $6000 than previously agreed upon. When my husband and I explained how insulting this was, they responed by showing us how many autos they sold the month before. As a result, my husband and I asked for our keys back. The next day we drove to Melbourne, FL and bought a brand new Jeep Cherokee for a better price than Greenway was offering with more Added Options in it!.

Tom G. | 2013-11-03

After having a very bad experience at Greenway Ford a while back, I reluctantly went over to Greenway Dodge to check out the Rams. My experience was much better, seeing how I wasn't insulted (you can find my review on that), lol. And I still can't get my review up to 2 stars.

Know that car dealers are there to make a profit, that's why everyone has a job and they're just doing theirs. But, I don't know why anyone would want to do what they do.

The truck I bought was new. My advice would be to shop around, get other quotes, research the car on NADA, KBB, and Edmunds. I saw one of their dealers print out a phony NADA price, so have that information printed out.  Don't try to be greedy. Understand they need your business more than you need a new car. Have something to show them that they can match or beat. Keep a cool head, know you're not going to get the greatest deal in the world and they're going to manipulate the numbers a lot. Be careful.

Jose the finance guy was nice, but watch out, the warranties are expensive! The dealers and managers are HIGH PRESSURE and it will be a stressful experience. If you can't handle it, go somewhere else. Don't let them ruin your day. There are some very shady blowhard salesmen in this place.

No coffee or drinks. Even sodas are marked up, $1.50!? Ha! Shysters.

I haven't used the service department yet.

Iryna S. | 2013-08-27

No coffee in this place and no water offered for customers ;( other than that they were not bad

Alex B. | 2013-06-28

Bought a 2014 Compass from Greenway, and was not overly satisfied by the whole situation.  I had a guaranteed price from , and Greenway was a "certified" dealer so I decided to visit them.

After looking at the compass I wanted, I handed my salesman the Trucar price sheet, and the KBB trade in evaluation ($4500 for FAIR quality), and asked if we could agree on these prices and call it a day! (This was roughly 10:30am). They wanted to inspect my trade in, and I had no problem with this.

15 minutes later they bring me a Microsoft word document with "" typed on the top of it, displaying that my vehicle was only worth $1,300.  I asked them to show me where on KBB they got this valuation, as I only put fair as the condition, and was honest about the miles.  They couldn't, and I showed them fit on my phone the real KBB evaluation.

Anyway, 3 hours later they came up to $4,000 for the trade in, and here's the catch.

(By the way, in the middle of this process, during the time I was asked to sit all by myself, I walked up to the "big desk" in the center of the room and asked if they had bottled water or a water fountain anywhere. And the manager I spoke with looked at me with disgust that I would even think of coming up to his counter, and replied "no". So yea, I was thirsty during this process as well.)

I told them if they could just match the 4,500, we would have a deal. The big manager said not possible, so I called another local dealer, who said the extra $500 was no problem, and proceeded to leave. The big manager said "hold on, let me get one more person for you" (this was honestly the 5th salesperson I'd been asked to talk to during this one visit).

The guy comes down, shows me the car again, and says the extra $500 is no problem.

Great! I'm getting a new Jeep! Awesomeness is imminent!

So he brings out the "purchase order" (be careful, they REALLY want you to sign this quickly). I review it, and verify that YES! I'm getting $4,500 for my trade. But then, I notice the price of the jeep went up exactly $500 from the Trucar price! I felt like they were trying to scam me here.  At the end, they fixed it, and I bought the car. But I didn't feel very good about it.  I will give props though to my last salesman, who did give me a bottled water for the drive home.

I left the dealership at 7:20pm, 8 hours after arriving. Overall, I wouldn't recommend greenway, way to much of a high-pressure sales atmosphere. I won't be back.

My problems:
1. Felt scammed about trade in price, since they showed me a typed up document that just said on the top
2. Felt pressured to buy every step of the way, needing to speak to 6 different people throughout the transaction for some reason.
3. Felt cheated when they agreed to my trade in value, but raised the car price.
4. Felt thirsty when I was declined water by a manager during negotiation.
4. Felt tired after being at the dealer for 8 hours

Victor J. | 2013-01-10

Worst Service department i've ever been in.  The people who call to make the appointment with you have no clue how long your vehicle will actually need to be in service, however, they have no problem quoting a time to you that must be, I can only guess, at best is a wild assumption on their part.  Upon arrival, I find out my vehicle will not be there for just one hour, but more like 3-4 hours!  Now i'm stuck here with no way to get home because their "courtesy" driver service is a joke as well.  When I have the nerve to complain about this stupid situation, i'm told I can always come back another time.  Not an apology, not a viable solution, just, "well you can always leave and come back again some other time"  Well guess what... You will put on the steering wheel on my brand new vehicle because it was falling apart, and I will leave, and NEVER return to your dealership for service or a new car.

Mike D. | 2012-12-06

4 hours for an alignment. They tried to upsell me from $100 to $1000.  Shameful!

Veronica J. | 2012-01-07

i bought a dodge journey from them but would not buy another car from them. did not try to give incentives etc.

Megan B. | 2011-12-16

David Pittman is Awesome! lol JUST KIDDING. He sucks. What a misleading man he is.

Tammer M. | 2011-11-09

If anyone buys a car from greenway dodge chrysler and has any issues requiring sevice, be prepared to experience the most incompetant service department and unprofessional staff u've ever delt with. Oh yeah, guys be prepared to have ur girlfriends asked out for lunch by the service advisors and then hide in the back when u go in. Pretty pathetic and my suggestion would be to buy ur next car at a different dealership.

Leigh N. | 2011-07-23

I would like to begin by stating the one star rating is only there because zero is not an option.

I am not sure why these people behaved the way that they did nor am I sure how they even get any business.

I am a USAA member therefore I get a special pricing discount from "preferred" dealerships.  My price is guaranteed, or so other dealerships say.

The first mistake they made was to assume that I am an uneducated moron.  They offered me an extremely low price for my trade.  Before going to this dealership I had gotten the trade value of my vehicle from several sources all of which were about $3k more than their offer.

The next mistake was lying to me.  They told me they did not have the model at their lot for the one whose price was guaranteed by USAA.  When I got to their lot I found 6 of them.  

Then they refused to honor the price which is guaranteed to me.  

The original sales person Joseph Pac lacked the intestinal fortitude to negotiate with me and tried to get his fat, unprofessional "manager" Brian to intimidate me.  

No problem.  I reported them to USAA and Zag.

I left, went to dinner with my husband, drove over to Orlando Dodge and found not one but two vehicles.  We returned today to purchase my vehicle, a Dodge Journey, and my husband decided he wanted a Charger so we got one of those too!

Tomorrow we will be picking up both of vehicles which will be detailed and filled with gas.

So way to go Greenway for blowing two sales just for being jerks and not wanting to honor an agreement that you have with a company that services Veterans, Military Members, and their families.  

I would suggest that if you are looking for an amazing deal and fantastic service go to Orlando Dodge.  You can message me for the sales person I dealt with who was phenomenal and I will send as much business his way as humanly possible.

Norman M. | 2011-05-15

We came here to check out the Jeep Compass for my girlfriend.  As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by two nice young ladies who immediately gathered our information and introduced us to Jahon (i believe that's the way he spells his name.)  Yes, i saw right through it, it was a pushy gather info for phone harrassing later - but it was MUCH better then Mazda, where noone greets you. Jahon was a really nice guy.  

What was wierd was that he attempted to walk us out into the rain without an umbrella or even asking.  I had to stop him and ask him to get one for my girlfriend so she wouldnt get soaked.  Perhaps it was normal because I saw another sales lady walk another couple out into the pouring rain too.  Once he came back with one, we went straight to the Compass lineup and he started showing us around. He explained the features pretty well, although you could tell he didnt have alot of knowledge on the vehicle.  I dont blame him, i'm not a fan of the Compass either =)  

He grabbed a key and let my girlfriend test drive the vehicle for a few blocks.  He was pretty informative once he got inside of the vehicle of the ever so outdated features of the base model Compass. He also gave us information on the perks of purchasing from chrysler/dodge/jeep/ford/everything else in the kitchen sink.  Pretty cool benefits, such as 3 years no maintenance costs, etc..

So far so good..   Just like I did at the Honda Dealership with Rick, I started quizzing him on the Jeep and how it compared to the other small SUV's.  He tried to upsell the cheaper/outdated features of the Jeep compared to the electronic controls and computer dash of the CRV.  My girlfriend might be distracted but I was focused!  This is where he lost 1 star because he started talking down on the other dealers about their quality.  Yes, again I will admit that I was baiting him but it's only fair that I do it to all the salespeople we encountered.  

We went around the 120983 parking lots of the giant car compound to look for a higher end Compass with Leather and he did get out of the car in the rain to look for one.  That was cool.

In the end, we couldnt find one so he drove us back to the lot and showed us the larger jeeps.

What took the last star was that even after we were extremely clear on why we werent buying a car today, he still made the slick move about "if i give you a killer price, would you like to drive off with a jeep today?" - Jahon! You were doing soo good man!  We will come back to see him if we decide on the Jeep Compass either way because he did make his best efforts to impress us.  

We're still in the initial phases of car shopping, so, like Ghost Hunters say, "onto the next!"

Heide E. | 2010-10-09

Purchasing a car at Greenway Dodge Jeep is actually fun. Everyone is extremely accommodating. No pushy salesmen to talk you into something you don't want to purchase nor do you need. The atmosphere is calming and relaxing. They have a large selection of vehicles and are honest about the right choice for you. They have a range of prices to fit various lifestyles. All of the used cars are quality and most of them are certified with an existing warranty. I recently purchased a car from Eric Wright and Ron Griffin. Ron was quick to answer my questions via email and when I arrived Eric was quick to answer all questions during the paperwork and test drive. All in all I walked away with a vehicle that I love and a customer service experience that was fun. I would recommend asking for Ron or Eric.