David Maus Volkswagen South in Orlando, FL

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David Maus Volkswagen South

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 412-9080
Address:5474 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL, 32839
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on David Maus Volkswagen South

Daphne C. | 2015-04-18

I was need of a car but desperately did not want to go through the process of looking for one. I finally found a vehicle I was interested in, so I began communicating with Keyla. We scheduled a test drive on Wed and I was driving on Fri. Keyla made the process of car buying easy and efficient. Once we completed all of the paper work I was stuck at the dealership with two cars. Keyla was kind enough to follow me home in the new ride...no charge! Keyla was helpful, knowledgable and NOT pushy. Everyone was kind and polite.  Steven in the finance department got me in and out in no time and I was on time for work even, I definitely appreciate that.

Damian M. | 2015-04-12

My wife had VW envy after I got my GTI so I went back to get her a Jetta. It was another great experience. Gigi and Steven were both out but Steven referred me to work with Keyla. The sales process as good as last time. Keyla treated me with respect and the dealership made me feel comfortable and treated me very fairly. My only disappointment this time around (and it's relatively minor) was that the finance department was backed up so after we agreed on the terms, it took about 90 minutes of waiting before I could get in to sign the paperwork. Once I got in however, they were very efficient.

My wife is happy with her new car and I'm still a fan of David Maus VW.

Resa G. | 2015-03-25

One of the worst places I have ever been in my life. What a bunch of scam artists.
PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE FOR SERVICE. It is disorganized and after three attempts to have things rectified they did not want to give a refund. Officially, I will be filling a complaint with the better business bureau. Do yourself a favor go anywhere else for service.

Erick G. | 2015-03-16

Thank you David Maus

Sergio F. | 2015-03-06

2 for 2!!!! Yusuf is the man! Completely different experience I've ever had compared to other dealerships that I've been to. This place actually helps you out, gives you different options, and explains everything in full detail. I purchased my car last year from him and I told him that I'd come back to him when it was time to get my wife into a new car. He remembered everything we had talked about that day, so when I set up the appointment with him over the phone he asked me how I was doing at school and at work, even asked if my wife was ready to graduate this semester! He took the time to personalize the experience instead of making it feel like a transaction. I can say that he is my friend and not just a car salesman. Actually, he was just promoted to the finance department, but he still came out and helped me. He told me that he would always help me out anytime I come back. I highly highly recommend this dealership and Yusuf. He is the epitome of what a guest service representative should be. The rest of the staff here is friendly and helpful, but this gentleman stands out the most. Should you look into getting a VW, definitely come to David Maus VW South and ask for Yusuf!

Paril M. | 2014-12-28

Rude and unfair. I was about to purchase a car with a trade in and got the price that I wanted. However, when my friend and I had gone into the financing department to wrap things up (as they were aware I was on a time crunch). The financing director had started to go over all the extra protection and additional services they offer, I had declined them all because I felt it was not necessary at the time and it ranged out of my budget. He was persistent, yes I understand but then he said "may I ask why?" I told him don't need anything extra and my payments would be too high. My friend and I had gotten a moment to discuss alone after we asked him to leave the room. He came back in and we told him "we did not want any addition services, please let's move on". After that he leaves the room again, and the financing manager comes in and tried to pressure us to get this GAP insurance that I did not want. They made it feel as though my car was going to get totaled the minute I left the lot. I was felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave the situation. The finance manager was a woman who was rude and mumbled her words as she walked out the door because she did not get her way. The other guy comes back in and at this point I am very angry because I have declined and they will not take no for an answer. One of the sales guys comes into the office and tries to persuade us to do a good review on them and ask if there is anything that he can do. We say no. Just want the car, let's wrap things up. At this point they are still going on about GAP protection. WHICH I DID NOT WANT TO ADD. He gives me the papers to sign and I see that the selling price of the car went from 18,000.00 to 18,500.00. We get the sales guy back in and he tells us that this is the 500.00 rebate which he never mentioned. I also signed a paper when we first made a deal that stated the car was 18,000.00. They were smirking and laughing as if it was a joke. The sales guy then says "you know since you guys are unhappy, my manager does not want to go through with the deal." If this is how they deal with unhappy clients then I don't see a future for ANY of them. I was miserable just being there. They were not supportive or helpful. They wanted money. And more money. I do not get lied to and will definitely not get lied to after I know the truth. My friend and I got up and started to leave. We pulled the GENERAL MANAGER aside and asked to speak with him. He pulls us into one of the offices and says that we are in the wrong and he yells "GET OUT!" At this point in time I am shocked. I asked for my old car's tag back and he said "it'll come out when it is good and ready." No remorse from any of them as you can see. I will never step foot into this place ever again. They lost business from a potential client and potential referrals. Never will I get my old car serviced here again. Goodbye VW, hello better business bureau.

Addison A. | 2014-12-27

ZERO stars. Started off as a good experience.  And then the finance department ruined it.  Ridiculous hard sell which tried to take advantage of a young car buyer and add on about $100 a month to the payments.  Then when they were told NO THANK YOU 15 times - the raised the price of the car and acted like it was fine. This is NOT a fair practice dealership. Do not take your business here.  I and my walked out and did not purchase the car. After wasting a day there and feeling horribly lied to and taken advantage of.  This is like out of a movie almost. Official complaints filed with VW USA and the Orlando Better Business Bureau.

Nuria C. | 2014-12-23

These people are the best!! They know they're stuff they're patient, nice, and really look out for you. Drew Wyatt was unpushy, conversational and helped me out to the best ability. I went to Reed Nissan and had a horrible experience and went to David Maus they treated me with unparalleled service!! I'll never go back to anyone else, they gave me a great price explained the financials perfectly and it felt like we were just hanging out looking at numbers and cars. Definitely not your average car dealership!!

John H. | 2014-12-19

If this was a review on the maintenance dept id give 5 starts. They are fast and good at their job. The sales side however is shocking. When I first got my lease and were were doing the deal, we were going over numbers and it came to about 270pm. I clarified IS THIS THE ABSOLUTE TOTAL I WILL PAY EACH MONTH. The answer was repeatedly YES. He was a LIAR. Once you add on this coverage and that package etc etc it's 350pm. As I was getting my dream childhood car and I was trying to build credit I went ahead and did it anyway. I needed a car that day. THEN as my lease was about to end I went to talk about options. Either to buy the car, lease another etc. The most arrogant staff you can imagine. Rude. Unprofessional. Unhelpful. I got no answers to my questions except for one.......  I will NOT do business with these people again.

Josh P. | 2014-12-10

So after shopping around and calling many dealers, I ended up buying here. Now i had been in contact with one salesman, Yusuf Sert, and i ended up calling him on a Sunday to tell him i wanted to do the deal today. He told me it was his day off of work but after I told him that it could wait a day, he told me he could meet me at the dealership in 30 minutes. I ended up buying the car with Yusuf, who throughout the whole process was NEVER pushy or salesman-y. He was helpful, knowledgeable about the cars (trust me i know VWs and so does he), never rude, very patient, and just a good guy. you could tell he really cared about my wants and how my sales experience was. Even after i bought the car, i left my other car there and he even offered to pick me up and take me to pick it after (#aboveandbeyond)! Yusuf was definitely the best salesman I've encountered and i would definitely send family and friends to him. The only reason for the 4 stars are the other people who i encountered who were just "meh". I love my new GTI!

J J. | 2014-12-09

Terrible service department.  The worst five hours of my life spent in the waiting room.

Renee S. | 2014-11-30

Great dealership!

We had been looking for a diesel Volkswagen for a while, and found one here at a great price. Very clean, low miles and in great shape. Prices were very good compared to other dealerships we were looking at, and we got a great deal for our trade-in.

Staff was friendly and not at all pushy. I especially liked how kid-friendly they were- popcorn and balloons sure helped to keep my little one entertained! Thanks Neil, we love our new car!

Norman S. | 2014-11-21

Moms car of 15 years finally died and she just wanted to fix it.   I finally convinced her to get a new one and junk the old bmw.  Went to carmax first.  That was a mistake.  Carmax cars were over priced and salesmen were pushy..    Mom says what about David Maus Volkswagon.  She sees the comercials on the television all the time.  I said why not.  First we looked online and called the dealership.  Chris promptly called us back and was awesome.  We went in the next day and test drove a few cars.  Found a pre leased jetta with very low miles in near mint condition.  Price was a little high and payments too but Troy and Chris worked with us and got both down to where we wanted them.. Then even surprised us by throwing in extended warranty and gap coverage.  Chris even told mom that she could bring her car back anytime and he would personally wash it for her...   These guys were awesome...    Chris and Troy   you ROCK!!!!!  

                                        Thank You for your awesomeness!!!!!!!

Paul R. | 2014-11-08

I bought my golf from here and they were very nice right up until I bought my car. When I bring the car in the service side folks are always very nasty and short staffed so everyone has a attitude. I will never come back here again. If I could, I wish I have gone back and bought my VW from a different location who treat you with respect before and after a sale. As far as the sales side they have ALWAYS been sweet and nice before and after the sale.  

Service people to avoid
-Deven Deman
-Darren Russo
-Kenneth Grosse

People who have been very nice
-James Devore
-Roger Phipps  
- pretty much all sales men

This is only from my experience the last two times I have been, but there will not be a third time at this location.

Kyle M. | 2014-11-05

Took my car in for one of the free service appointments after another dealership in Melbourne, FL disappointed me 3 times.

The Darren and Deven were my service consultants and were great. They gave me a time estimate of 1 hr 30 min and I was pleasantly surprised that my car was done and washed about 20 minutes ahead of time. Both were very professional and real people.

They also helped me CYA for a very minor annoyance, the rear window nozzle for wiper fluid leaks and leaves streak marks where fluid dries on the window. I got to speak with a technician who assured me it is a known issue that has been around for years, even back to his 2007 VW. They made sure my complaint was documented on the service paperwork so I have something official in case VW corporate ever decides to send out a fix.

David M. | 2014-06-06

Lost my car key and had my car towed in the night before to have my other key that originally came with the car get a new battery and have it programmed to my vehicle. I spoke to Deven a service rep early in the morning and he informed me that it would be under 100 dollars for the battery and the programming of the key. I was fine with that and he told me it would be done by the end of the day. During the day i didn't receive any updates on the status of my vehicle. I decided to call them instead and when i spoke to Deven around 1pm to see what time my car would be ready and he told me they have it in a bay and are working on it now. I was pleased to hear that and told him that i would be there around 5pm to get my car. I called back around 4:30pm to inform him that i had someone picking me up and i was on my way. He then told me that the vw tech was working on my car in the parking spot where the tow truck left it. Now earlier he told me it was in a service bay, now I feel like I'm being lied to. However he did assure me and said it would be done by the time i get there. So while i was on the way to the dealership to pick up my car Deven called me to tell me we have a problem now. He told me that the steering wheel lock was engaged and will not respond. Great! So i asked him how much is this going to cost me now. He then replied 590 dollars! WTF! I asked him if they could do anything about it thru VAG-COM and he said he was gonna put someone on the phone who could answer my question. So he put his manager Rob on the phone while speaking to Rob i expressed my concerns and told him i felt like i was getting the SHAFT. He RUDELY told me "well you can come up here and take your car somewhere else". I work in the customer service industry and understand clearly the importance of professionalism while communicating with your customer. And the way he handled himself was unacceptable by any standards. He then told me that he did have all the parts in stock to expedite the repairs tomorrow. The next day no-one called me at all about an update on my vehicle. I borrowed a car from my sister and personally drove up to the dealership around 3:30pm and my car was sitting in the same spot it was left days before. I spoke to Rob and Deven and they told me they were waiting for a part from Jacksonville. Remember yesterday they were in stock. Another lie. I asked Rob if the steering wheel lock was my fault and he told me no and couldn't explain why it happened. I finally picked up my car 2 1/2 days later. This place lacks communication and is a rip off. Make a wise decision before you decide to get your car serviced it could save you hundreds if not thousands depending on where you go. There are plenty of independent vw service shops with better service than this place.

Steven D. | 2014-06-03

Service manager told me it would be fixed before end of day.  Car was left overnight the day before.  Right before they about to leave for the day he tells me it won't be, then said if I didn't like it I'm more than welcome to take my car somewhere else.  Fuck you

Cristian H. | 2014-05-22

I had never been to this place and as soon as I got there someone right away helped me find the auto parts section. Went to pick up some ac parts and sensors and the staff member whom I had spoken to on the phone (I believe his name was Jason) was very friendly and helped me with everything I needed and set me on my way. They had all the parts in stock that I needed so I didn't have to run around central Florida just to get the parts I need. Great place with great staff!

Mohammad N. | 2013-12-27

I live in Orlando I bought a gti from fields Daytona. Since David Maus VW is the closest I figured I'd use them for service and all maintenance in future on the vehicle. I showed up yesterday at service I had no response from any of the advisors sat there. After 10min of standing at the service drive I had to ask if I need to see someone or wait to be asked. Finally Rob asked me and I explained I needed the churp sound switching off when the vehicle is locked. He clearly asked me where the vehicle was purchased and I said Fields VW Daytona. I asked if there would be a charge and he said since it was going to be done by the computer It is covered by warranty. So he set up an appointment for the following day. I travelled 20 miles to the dealership when I got there I waited as usual then I advised him and he asked a service advisor to see if he could do it via the inst cluster, no joy. He turns around and says there is a $58 charge to disable it because the vehicle was purchased from fields even tho I told him and asked him the day before.. I tried to tell him that he already told me it would be done under warranty and I travelled all the way there, he could have told me the day before. I was fobbed off and told to contact fields and see if they will pay David Maus to do it. Asked for a manager and Kevin said Rob is the manager and whatever he said goes. If this is the service the managers are giving I don't want to see what the advisors are offering.

Very unhappy with the customer service, I strongly do not recommend this dealership.

Christin G. | 2013-08-16

Just leased my 2nd Jetta here (1st experience at this vw dealership) and couldn't be happier. Paul, my salesman, was professional, informative, and sincere. He made working through deal a pleasure despite my anxiety over negotiating the new lease. I went to several dealerships throughout the day and by far, this VW dealership exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!

Robert T. | 2013-04-06

I have only been here once and it was to pop in when my tire pressure system was registering low pressure.  The service desk was at first slow to help me, but once they knew what I needed, I was out of there very quickly after they checked each of my tires and filled to the appropriate pressure. I will return for my future services.

James O. | 2013-01-27

I have unfortunately been here several times and have always been met with rude staff. They are crass and highly unprofessional. Under no circumstances should you ever purchase any parts. They do not stand behind their parts and WILL sell you parts that are faulty, and they WILL NOT accept returns. This place is really sketchy and rather ghetto. Leave your kids at home.

Timothy M. | 2013-01-11

Where to start, probably the same question the service employees were asking themselves when they saw my wife walk in. They started with an oil change that cost $130 with a $25 tire rotation. They were kind enough to offer a "free" $15 inspection that found $2000 in parts that needed to be replaced. They had plenty of time to do this, because it took over two hours to complete an oil change, WITH an appointment. David Maus is not a family of dealerships I will or plan on ever doing business with again.

Nobuyuki S. | 2012-11-18

I'm not quite sure what to think.

I had a headlight/daytime running light out.  One of them is in an awkward position and I can't handle that on my own.  The other is easy to handle but I didn't want to buy a bulb and find out that it was the other side.

Service Advisor Kevin gave me a clear estimate, and I asked if they had a radio antenna since mine had disintegrated to where it was falling apart during the trip.

After a while, they had replaced the light bulb, but he said that they didn't have radio antennas in stock and that it would be $80 anyway.  I was a bit shocked.

Minutes later, he came to tell me that they had finished with the car and he was going to show me another light that was out, but would require pulling the headlight assembly to replace.  He also mentioned that he "found some old antennas" and replaced mine for free.

Cynical me thinks that this was some game, similar to the games the sales people play when you're trying to buy a vehicle and they need to talk to their manager.  If it's not a game, that's just great.

In any case, I avoided going to Aristocrat, whose service advisor spoke to me in an irritated tone of voice, as though my having service from 1999 to 2007 wasn't enough for him, even though he had just started there.

If Kevin is typical of David Maus VW, I'd be pleased to have them as my dealership.

Update: Oh, I loved (sarcasm) the call from the sales person today.  I explained where I lived immediately, which is not Florida, and that my fourth VW was likely my last.  He continued.  I didn't have the title, but he continued anyway.  How was I going to buy anything that I didn't want to buy?  I can appreciate that service gives them sales leads, but use your brains!  :-D

Libby W. | 2010-09-26

The first time I came here was to get my battery replaced on my 2003 Volkswagen Beetle.  

The first person I came in contact acted like I was bothering her but then another person helped me and everything was wonderful. I had to wait for 3 hours but, thanks to the suggestion by the guy they were able to give me a ride to the mall to get something to eat and shop around while I waited.  Perfect Idea.

Fast forward to today.  Last Friday my vw bug was squashed. I was hit and ended up in the guard rail. My car was deemed totaled.

So off to the VW dealership to get another one. Just in case you were wondering if I am a fan of VW or the beetle for that matter, now you know I am.

They are sturdy, reliable, fuel efficiency, little buggy's of fun. They just suit me and I never for a minute thought about buying a different car.

Our Sales guy was very nice, no pressure, and was very knowledgeable bout the VW bug. Pointing out all the new features since he knew I previously owned a 2003 vw beetle.

I'm happy to report that there are some great improvements. The car is just solid. They use virginized Steel instead of recycled. The car really has been perfected more over the years.

I had brought along my father in law to help facilitate and go over the numbers.

Here's the bad news.
They add on a $699 dealers fee. It's a Florida thing, they won't take it off. They say that all dealerships in Orlando have a dealers fee some are up to $800.

If you know differently let me know. For 700 smackaroos I could go visit a friend in another state, fly up, purchase the car and drive down with it, and I get a mini vacation.

Here's the good news.
They aren't a place that does high pressure sales. It's one of the reasons I do like VW dealerships.

Like I said the guy was knowledgeable  about the bug. friendly, and relatable.

If they dropped the dealers fee, and were a tad more accommodating on the price it would a lot better.

I got a good deal but not a great deal.