Coggin Honda of Orlando in Orlando, FL

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We are proud to be a member of the Coggin Automotive Family and even more proud that we can make a positive impact in so many lives in and around Orlando. Whether it's helping someone buy their first car, reestablish a credit history, find a great lease deal, or service their Honda automobile as if it were our own, we are committed to your satisfaction. Perhaps you didn't know that we've been servicing Orlando area for more than 35 years. The foundation of Coggin's philosophy is nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. That same philosophy continues to guide every business decision made by Coggin Automotive today. We want your experience with Coggin Dealers to be Fun, Fast & Friendly -- Car Buying Made Easy.

Coggin Honda of Orlando

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 792-1211
Address:11051 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL, 32837
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Coggin Honda of Orlando

Jarrod C. | 2015-02-25

Outstanding Service! Honest, professional and thorough.

Wellington J. | 2015-01-08

My family and I were in town for vacation from California. We had done some research on cars and wanted to do a test drive. We let the salesman know we were from Cali and that we were planning to buy the car in Cali. The salesman was still very attentive, and even allowed my daughter to test drive a car, even though she had forgotten to bring her license!! He answered all of our questions, and the manager was very courteous.

Cindy M. | 2014-10-26

Just want to give everyone fair warning about Coggin: an oil change will pretty much take all day and anything beyond that, make sure you have a ride home!  I was one of the unlucky recipients of a recall notice for airbags that might kill you. I have a 2006 CRV which I love and have never had a problem with other than maintenance (almost 150,000 miles). Per the notice, the actual work would take 30 minutes but plan on 3-4 hours. Okay, I'll drop it off on my way to work, told them at 7 I'd be back at 4. I tried to call and check several times during the day, no one picked up the phone.  I thought it was weird I didn't hear from them all day as they usually call at least once to try the up-sell. Returned to Coggin at 4:30, not done.  Are you kidding???  To add to the insult, Chris has a list of $1500 worth of work I "should" have done, then claimed none of the phone numbers he had were in service!  Excuse me, I'm holding the phone with that number in my frigging hand!!  I'm very sorry to say I will not buy another Honda solely because of Coggin, being held hostage probably a dozen times in the past 9 years is too much. I hear the Toyota dealer across the road is nice...

Jo B. | 2014-09-23

I just recently moved to Kissimmee from Indiana. I have always been a fan of the Honda brand, particularly the service I had previously received from the Honda dealerships back home. Thought I would take my car in for a diagnostic and maintenance at this location, it being the closest to me. I have been disappointed to say the least. I took my car in on a Saturday. They told me it would be done by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. It has been over a week and a half, and I still haven't gotten my car back. With the excuses of technicians being sick and ridiculously overpriced services, I don't know if I will  be coming back to this Honda dealership.

Eric P. | 2014-09-03

So my wife and I have been going to Coggin for years. Jeremy was our service consultant and he was fantastic.  Since Jeremy left the service has been horrible. We just took my wife's car I'm for an oil change and 4 brand new tires.

We picked the car up and it turns out that it was pulling severely to the left. Took it back first thing they ask is "Did you hit a pot hole.." , turns out the directional tires we purchased were put on backwards and the alignment was not completed.

Also they checked our battery off as good but we drove the car later that night, and when we were trying to leave, the car wouldn't start. Popped the hood, my battery had dried up acid near the contacts!!! Needless to say a letter is being drafted pictures will be made available. The way they treated us during the whole ordeal was horrid.
Coggins service department is a shell of what it once was. Sad.

Sam V. | 2014-08-26

I lasted 3 years in car sales do to their untruthfulness. Now my Honda on OBT story. My sister wants to buy a brand new car. Not knowing what brand I took her to 6 different makes. She chose Honda. We went to OBT Honda and met the salesperson who was nice until the Manager got involved.  I decided to communicate with OBT Honda via internet due to their high pressure manager and all the Honda's have unnecessary add on's to jack up their prices. The internet manager was just as bad, evading questions and never really giving me hope of buying a Honda at a fair price.

08-27-14 Update: We  traveled to Winter Haven Honda and spoke with Dave Hepler the internet salesman...send him an e mail first he was great and honest.  Even though we had to travel 50 miles from Kissimmee to Winter Haven it was better than dealing with Coggin Honda or Headquarters Honda both of which played the price game and the many add on to a vehicle  game on vehicles that are already greatly equipped. We purchased a brand new Honda at $1000 under sticker which was a very fair price.

Kalvin K. | 2014-06-16

This dealer used to be my staple for maintenance during my days of owning a Honda.  It's been a while since I stepped foot into the dealership (had to drop off my mom to get her Honda serviced).  The amenities used to be plentiful for waiters (water, drinks, muffins, coffees, and popcorn), but now both coffee machines (the ones where you can select what you want and it brews it there) were broken.  The apples looked old, but the popcorn did smell freshly popped.

R P. | 2013-01-20

While making a run down the east coast, the service light came on and the lights in the vehicle began to dim.  A regular service station reported that there was low voltage, but could not diagnose the problem further.  After a lot of phone calls, I found the Honda dealer in the Orland area could "load test the alternator", so after a couple hour detour I arrived to find a very pleasant staff.  They were very polite and assured me that I was in good hands.  Bolstered by their confidence I presented the following list - making clear that the electrical problem was the priority.

1) Load test the alternator.
2) Provide a quote to replace the electric window switch.
3) Identify a "clunking" noise in what appeared to be the rear end.

After a few hours I found the vehicle in the rear of the building and two mechanics had spent hour disassembling the driver's door.  I asked what they were doing and they explained, trying to remove the door switch panel... I showed then that the switch panel popped out... it took two hours to reassemble the door.  Another two hours and it vehicle was returned.  They reported that the electrical system was fine, the rear end was fine and the rear window switch would cost more to replace than the vehicle was worth; all this in almost 10 hours of "diagnostics".

A little lighter in the wallet for the diagnostics I headed south and by sundown the vehicle was in desperate shape.  I pulled into Sears, who insisted that the alternator was fine, but the battery was no good and replaced it; insisting on keeping the old one.  The next day the battery was depleted and the vehicle was in desperate shape.
Desperate I pulled into an oil change place and they said the alternator was bad and could replace it in a couple hours.  While waiting I asked them to inspect the rear end and they reported the gear oil was of the wrong type.  They replaced the alternator with an OEM unit and replaced the gear oil in the rear end - all in under 2 hours.

The team was more than willing to "bend the rules" to get my vehicle working... and did it all for what I was quoted for a rebuilt aftermarket alternator.  Kudos to the oil change place!

The rear end clunk gone, the power system working fine I continued the trip.

At home in 15 minutes of futzing and a drop of glue, the rear window switch was repaired.

The folks at the Orlando Honda dealer were nice and provided plenty of popcorn and movies and drinks.  But, failed to address the issues presented or the others that were apparent and lied about doing a load test on the alternator (they later reported that they don't have the load test equipment).  Worse, they let me on the road with bad information and left me at the mercy of the next shop down the road.

So, if you want to hang with happy people, eat popcorn, watch movies and drink Starbucks and soda, this in the place!  If you need to deal with icky mechanical things, maybe you would do better to look for some folks on the side of the road that have dirty hands...

Modesto R. | 2013-01-20

I needed a Honda O ring and they had it in stock. I spoke to a young lady on the phone from Parts Dept. and she was very helpful. When I arrived the parts counter the employees were extremely helpful and answered all my questions.  I will go back for my Genuine Honda Parts. The prices were great.

Paul P. | 2013-01-15

Bought a number of cars from Coggin. Last experience was very disappointing. Try another dealer.

Brittany B. | 2012-07-30

At first I was very impressed by Coggin Honda: friendly associates, free Starbucks coffee, and a great selection of used vehicles. They pull you in by having an ad on the online information for every used car about Coggin offering "certified used vehicles" that offer many of the protections as buying a new car. However, very few of their vehicles are actually certified (meaning, they come with a 30 day/1,000 mile guarantee). They just like placing the advertisement for certified cars on non-certified cars' individual pages. Upon arriving at the used department at Coggin Honda of Orlando, they did not have a Honda Civic that met my requirements (and told me the car I saw online was sold the previous day -- yet 20 days later it is STILL on their website, but now for $1,000 less. Switch and bait?). My salesman Keith McCook, showed me a 2003 Civic that was just traded in that "hadn't been serviced yet." The engine light was on, had two bald tires, and had keyed doors. All of these were to be addressed prior to receiving the car. I paid and signed paperwork saying the doors would be painted and new tires would be put on the car. When I asked about the engine light, Keith looked at me like I was out of my mind. "Why would Coggin EVER sell a car with an engine light on!? We are a respectable dealership! I don't even need to write that down." Upon receiving the car, the engine light was simply turned off, yet the real problem wasn't fixed. The associate, Edgar Rodriguez who was dealing with the receiving end of my vehicle told me the engine light was taken care of. I asked him what the code was and how it was fixed, since my paperwork didn't identify the cause of the light. He told me "probably a loose gas cap." That seemed odd to me. Trusting no one, I decided to pull out my car computer scanner. A code came up for the catalytic converter. I told Edgar and he told me to go to service. Service told me to go to Edgar. Edgar told me I needed to talk to a particular manager that wouldn't be at Coggin for several days. I took the car home so I didn't have to rent a car. In a few days, I called to speak to a used car manager. I was told by this manager (Jason) that I could have spoken to ANY manager about this problem, not just the one Edgar was referring to; in fact, he told me there is always a manager there to speak with. Jason got me in touch with the service manager, Chuck, and took care of a new catalytic converter. Noise continued to come from the wheels, in which I assumed incorrectly that it was simply a balancing issue. I got them balanced at a local Tires Plus, but the noise continued. I took the car to Holler Honda (which is closer to me than Coggin) and they told me my wheel bushings were cracking, transmission fluid was pitch black, and motor mount was busted. The noise, they said, could be from the struts or from the motor mount.
Upon calling management at Coggin, they told me all that is taken care of for "as is" cars (like the 2003 Civic I purchased) is a basic safety inspection. Anything beyond that needs to be a written agreement between the sales associate and the buyer. I learned the hard way that everything needs to be in writing. Black transmission fluid, dear associates, is not okay. A busted motor mount is not okay. If the car is too expensive to fix, either a.) auction the car or b.) give the seller of the vehicle a lower amount for trading it in so you, the dealer, can still make a major profit.I understand that used cars are just that: used cars. However, I could have gotten this same car that needs a bunch of work from an individual seller for close to half the price. The reason I bought from Coggin in the first place is so that I could have a "trustworthy" vehicle that was problem-free the day I bought it. I didn't want to buy from a "buy here, pay here" junk yard.  I knew all future problems would be mine to take care of, but I didn't think the problems would need to be paid for out of my pocket from existing issues at a "respectable" dealership.
For everyone out there looking to buy a used car: look under the hood yourself even if you don't know about cars. Check all of your fluid levels and fluid colors. Learn how to properly check the transmission fluid level (car warmed up in neutral) Here's a hint: transmission fluid should be reddish, not black! Hear a noise? Don't trust them to "service" it. Get everything down in writing, or it didn't happen! Drive it in the city, and then on the highway. Most importantly, have a second eye give it a look after you purchase it (or better yet, BEFORE you purchase it) . If I didn't, I could have had some serious transmission issues in the very near future and would be stuck having my engine shaking around making loud vibrations at varying speeds.

Kathy T. | 2011-11-17

I guess it makes me a repeat customer here when my vehicle is due for an oil change since I believe that going to a certified Honda dealer vs an independent repair shop is the right way to go because I trust that the mechanics know what their doing with my "Honda."

They usually take about an hour without appointment, depending on how busy they get. The last time, an oil change took about 2.5 hours on a Wednesday afternoon, even with an appointment! I would probably call ahead and inquire about the estimated wait time if your ever in a rush. They have a decent waiting area with a flat screen (always showing interesting movies), snacks, and coffee, or you can hop on the computers to keep you busy while you wait; the internet is really slow though.

Beware, they will charge $70 bucks to easily change the cabin air filter. That's a lot of money when all they do is simply open the glove box, take out filter, and swap the old with a new one. If you want to save your hard earned money, just order the OEM cabin filter and DIY, (YouTube has lots of helpful tutorials.) I'm pretty sure AutoZone / Advance Auto Parts will show you how to install a new filter. Just an fyi, before getting something serviced such as SIMPLY replacing filters (which they over charge because of labor), I would definitely ask around and compare prices, or do your own research first. Thus, saving you lots of money in the long run!

Overall service is decent,  they are courteous, but nothing spectacular. Josh H. who works in the collision repair building is good at what he does. He'll work with you and get your car repaired in no time and makes sure that you're satisfied with their work.

Annette G. | 2010-12-29

3.5 stars

Of the Honda dealerships in Orlando, this one is the only one I'll go to.  The service department has not disappointed me.  I do wish things could go a little faster, but I'll take quality over speed any day.

Today in the waiting room they were showing Inception and then The Back Up Plan.  That plus an abundance of fresh popped popcorn kept me from minding the 2 hour wait for the oil change.

The waiting area is rather small and can get loud, if you're not interested in watching what is on TV, you are SOL.

F. D. | 2009-05-18

My husband bought his car last year and the service is great! I just took his car for an oil change and was amazed by their great customer service. Plus I was able to watch a movie, eat donuts and drink coffee while I waited. :-) FOR FREE