Central Florida Toyota in Orlando, FL

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Call our friendly staff today to learn about our latest specials, for details on any vehicle, or even to request a brochure or a quick quote. We'll also be happy to talk about financing options or to help schedule a test drive. Test out any of our award winning vehicles, including the #1 selling hybrid in the world, the Toyota Prius!

As one of the hardest working Toyota dealers in FL, Central Florida Toyota focuses on customer satisfaction and provides the highest quality service in both our sales and service departments. Find the new or used vehicle you are looking for or simply have the peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle is being serviced by our certified technicians.

Central Florida Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 472-5200
Address:11020 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL, 32837
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Central Florida Toyota

Angie M. | 2015-02-21

Best experience ever.  Ask for Ryan P.  He's amazing...  As weird as it may sound he really looks out for his customers need.  I got my car from him when he was at Daytona and now he's here.  at first the numbers didn't work out and then the didn't have the color I wanted.  I ended up leaving without a deal.   A month later, he calls me back and I got what I wanted, not the color I originally wanted but I love my car ('15 Camry sport ).  He made the deal go as fast and as smooth as possible.  You won't be disappointed. Go with RP

Mara L. | 2014-12-09

The service here is great! Sam has always taken good care of my car since my brother first owned it. Toyota schedules appointments with no hassle, and everything runs smoothly. They're nice and understanding and make sure you're okay. They'll even get a van to drive you if you want to get something else to eat other than the vending machines! You will not be disappointed.

Marty C. | 2014-10-11

Just browsing, the sales people were very friendly and actually not high pressure!  The dealership is easy to get into and plenty vehicles in stock. We came to check out the new Camry and just had to test drive it!:)

Joe F. | 2014-09-13

This review is only for the service department, which I've found to be one of the best I've ever dealt with. Gabriel is my service advisor, and he gets that a relationship with a customer is a long-term thing and doesn't try to screw me in the short term. Today, I needed tires. He quoted me a number and I price checked it. I could get it for $60-100 cheaper elsewhere. Gave him an opportunity to come down on price and get the work done here - he finds a way. They do follow up calls. They have a great system for check-in. Popcorn in the waiting area.

My Prius has 150,000 miles on it. Drives like new still. Gabriel, Central Florida Toyota and a touch of TLC are responsible for that.

Kalvin K. | 2014-09-08

We bought a Rav4 from CFT.  They are a no fuss, no muss dealership and we were able to get a car pretty quickly.  The amenities for waiters are severely lacking though.  For service, I would expect some waters, popcorn, apples, or other snacks.  The Honda dealership right across the street from them certainly offers these for their patrons.

Juan V. | 2014-08-22

Buyer beware!!!
You have been warned!!

I went in with full intention of buying the brand new 4runner/highlander I wanted, the vehicle showing was fine, but when we got to the working the deal part it got interesting! first the salesman comes back with a paper with ridiculous numbers (I know they have bills to pay, but come on), then it came the ridiculous $799 low jack. Why would you need it on a regular truck? A Ferrari maybe and I would think twice about it, the salesman got mad and didn't let me write in the deal paper, I had to beg him to go talk to his manager with my counter offer, I asked him to bring the manager and he refused said he was eating, etc, after begging him to tell the manager my offer I was ok with it, went ahead and started getting official numbers and then got to a certain point about the trade payoff and I had gotten it ahead, they refused to honor it, then I proposed to take down credit and do a tentative deal while the bank opened next day, nope didn't bother......so I assumed my bussiness was much more appreciated elsewhere where I got the keys to my brand new 4Runner in just 45 min =]

Geo T. | 2014-07-24

After calling Michelle she said the Scion IQ was in the dealership at 11,000.On Sat July 19,   upon arrival she never showed. Oliver and Mr. Robinson, a sales manager took care of me. After seeing the car, they informed me they knew nothing about the special price on that IQ. As I was not  allowed to use the internet in the dealership I drove back home with the task as per his request, to show the advertisement in order to honor the special. So I  e-mailed with ad attachment of the ad. No reply. I called him next morning, to hear him picking around the bushes trying to convince me to get to the dealer to negotiate a price. He said he did not receive the e-mail, so my assistant faxed it. Then he said he received it but images were not clear to read (selective nearsightedness). Like a defective vinyl record, he kept on repeating I should get to the dealer to negotiate. I was firm telling him I was waiting to know he would honor the ad. He kept picking around the bushes and finally said he could call me back to let me know. No call back for two days. This irresponsible, make a joke out of clients, or at least try to. My money will not go to a company where they do not show some respect to clients, not even if they mark it down to $1000. It is a matter of respect and dignity. I am a healthcare worker, this empty skulls should know how difficult it was for me to take that day off to get to them.

Jorge T. | 2014-07-23

My second visit to this dealership. First one was a similar one. Picking around the bushes, incomplete info/answers, and trying to see who was their next prey. Then treating me like a retard. Well the retard has graduate diploma. And I do not leave money where I am not treated like a serious citizen. My hard earned money goes to descent companies!!!

Gigi R. | 2014-05-16

Not really sure why they asked me to contact them when the end result was to assist me in rescheduling my appointment which I am fully capable of doing it myself. After initiallly scheduling my appointment online on their glitchy website, showing up on time, and being turned away I took it upon myself to schedule an appointment via phone call this time to ensure that it went through properly. The receptionist did mention to me that their website was down but they failed to communicate that with the customers. Irregardless I made a second trip to the dealership and paid for the services. On the plus side, this dealership offers free subs during lunch time.

Amy S. | 2014-04-06

Do NOT purchase a car from here!  We purchased our last car from here (a Toyota) and had the most horrible experience.  At this point in my life, I've purchased my fair share of cars and have had to deal with dealerships.  It's never a "fun" experience, but this is this was an absolute nightmare!

We went through 3 different salesmen.  Yes.  THREE.  Why?  The first one we had helped find the car and we went for a test drive.  Got back on the lot after the test drive and he saw some new customers pull up.  Said he'd be right back.  20 minutes later and he was still helping them and we were there first.  WTF?!  Asked for another salesman.  Was given a new one.  It was getting really, really late at this point, so this one said he'd have the paperwork finished the next morning and would call us when it was time to come sign the final papers and pick up the car.  Never called.  I finally called him and he kept saying he was busy with other customers and we'd have to wait.  Ummm... no.  Spoke to a manager and was given a third salesman who finished the papers and told us to come pick up the car.  All of this had my nerves on end.  It's a big enough of a pain in the a$$ to have to deal with 1 salesmen, let alone 3!  

When we test drove the car, it had floor mats in it.  The salesman told us it came with the floor mats.  I specifically asked.  While we were signing the papers, they took the car to wash it and do whatever they do it before they hand it over to you.  Again, it was very late at night, we had been dealing with this for 2 days straight, were tired, and just wanted to go home.  They only gave us one key and said they would mail the other one to us ASAP.  I drove the car home while hubby followed in our other car.  I realized when I got home that the floor mats were gone.  I had not noticed at the dealership.  I called first thing the next morning because they were already closed by the time we got home.  They told me they guys that had cleaned the car had thrown away our floor mats and they were ordering new ones.  Over a 6 month period, I called this store at least a dozen times and went there 3 different times about our floor mats and our extra key.  it has now been 3 years and do I have my floor mats or my extra key?  NO!  I DO NOT!  I'm especially pissed off about the extra key because you have to go through the dealership to get them b/c of those fancy "chip" thingies in them and I'm not paying that kind of money for a 2nd key.  So we only have one key to our car.  Actually, I'm just as pissed off about the floor mats.  They threw them away.  I have to say that again... they THREW THEM AWAY!  The floors of my car now look like crap because I never got my floor mats.

We also had problems getting our tag.  We went through 3 temporary FL tags and 3 trips to the dealership before we finally got our tag.  Each time we were there, we were made to wait well over an hour before we could talk to the woman who dealt with getting the tags because they were more concerned with helping the brand new customers in the store who were trying to buy a car.  Basically, we had already bought one and signed the papers, so screw us, right?  Yes, yes, that's exactly what they did.  They totally screwed us.

After not getting my 2nd key and our floor mats, I even called the big Toyota Corporation to complain about the dealership.  They took the complaint, but did they do anything about it?  No.

Finally, the first idiot of a salesmen we had gave me wrong information.  I specifically asked while we were test driving the car if there was an auxiliary input in the car so we could plus out iPod in.  He said there was definitely one in the car and it as in the glove box.  I was driving, so he said he'd show it to me as soon as we got back to the dealership.  Like I said, he went off to help some other new customers, so I never got to ask him about it when we returned to the dealership.  Because we had to find a new salesman, I forgot about it.  Is there an auxiliary input in my car?  NO!  Do I have a way to plug my iPod in?  NO!  My bad though, right?  I should have remember to ask the 2nd salesman to show it to me.  But they had us so mixed up and confused.  

Like I said when I started this review.  DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!  I really wish I could go back and do it all over again and I can promise you this will NEVER happen to me again.  NEVER!  Hubby and I usually buy Hondas.  This is the first Toyota we have ever purchased and thanks to this crappy dealership, we will not only never purchase a car from here again, but we will never purchase another Toyota again.  EVER!

PS:  If someone at this horrid dealership happens to read this review.  I'd still like my damn second key to my car and my floor mats!

Chika I. | 2014-03-23

Went to the dealership to trade in our old car. Was told that it had no value since there was an issue with the shift (which in fact, was proven wrong when we took it to Honda afterwards). So we asked to speak to a manager and he was unbelievably rude. Accused us of trying to "deceive" them, while yelling and using sarcasm. Told the manager we are going to Honda across the street, and he openly threatened to call Honda and "warn" them how bad of a customer we are. Exhausted from the rudeness I said "wow", and he then proceeds to shout "WOW. WOW. WOW" in a mocking manner.

I have never experienced such uncivil customer service in my life, it is ridiculous that they threaten and yell at a CUSTOMER like that.

Chamberlaine B. | 2013-11-20

Conveniently located away from the hub of the  Orlando traffic, this dealership provided quick service without an appointment.

As somebody who knows little to nothing about cars, the service rep was willing to sit down and explain the issues with my car and how to fix them as affordable as possible.

Be sure to check their website for coupons. You can also make service appointments online!

Sherry B. | 2013-09-09

I have my vehicle serviced here and find the service dept to be reasonably priced.
fast and honest. I ask for Ms. Branham when I come in.

Greg M. | 2013-08-16

#Yelp100 Still wish for negative numbers for this place...

Was contacted via Yelp to provide details and speak to the GM, called twice, left messages, never called me back.

This is what to expect.  I love @TOYOTA, but this dealership how they have dealt with ME, is a NO GO, I'll drive elsewhere for service and my next two cars (in the next year).

Edward T. | 2013-08-14

I have purchased two vehicles from Central Florida Toyota.  I have always had good customer service with the dealership.  Every time I have brought my vehicles for service from Oil Changes to more major services, I have had great advisers and the prices are not outrageous.  Because I have so many great experiences with this dealership and their cars, I will make sure that my next car is purchased from Central Florida Toyota.

Rosie P. | 2013-07-26

Ehhh... They are nice until they make the sell... after that they could care less about ya. Never again.

Bill T. | 2013-07-21

I am writing this regarding the service dept. and my overall service experience was very good. They have a good system of reminding you by email when service is needed (based on the fact that I purchased the vehicle here as well. This was actually my first time getting my scheduled service and they did a great job of getting me in and giving an honest expectation of  how long the service would take. I had a number of minor concerns and they brought me back to discuss them with the tech who was doing the work. They addressed my minor concerns as well as adjusted my brakes and drivers seat and changed the oil. They were done in less time than they said would be needed. Ryan, my service advisor was excellent and would highly recommend their service department. Ryan also let me know they would do a hand wash and full detail for a good price for those who have the maintenance and "Toyoguard" package when you get your normal service. I will definitely take advantage of this next time.

Sophi C. | 2013-04-09

This dealership is a HOT MESS hotter then the devils toenail, matter fact the devil sells car there anyways. Bought a car there only lasted 5 month, now im broke, lost my new job and can't go to school. and dear evil Toyota Please don't leave a stupid comment on my review about how i need to contact you so you can have someone to contact me because not a dam thing will be solved. OH by the way one of your managers asked me what i wanted from them I WANT MY CAR BACK YOU CAN KEEP THE MONEY YOU GREEDY FOOLS! WAS PROBLEM RESOLVED HECK NAWWWW. Am i angry as hell? HELLL YESS!! This dealership sucks and Toyota doesn't give a care anymore....

Jonathan R. | 2012-12-16

Just normal service. Getting my free oil change and tire rotation.

Kathleen S. | 2012-08-23

Toyota has a defect on its scion that it needs to recall and back up. Sam "helped" us when we called to see about getting this problem repaired. Instead of going to a higher level or trying to fix anything verbally or with effort... he just said "it's out of my hands"....well who the hecks hands is it in if not the people who MAKE my car?? Toyota you have a common defect on your car that you need to fix and not make the costumer pay the price (230$+!!!) for your poor craftsmanship. Even so the way we were handled in customer service was terrible. Might be trading my toyota for another brand soon if a "simple" problem like this cant be handled. Terrible!!!

Eric P. | 2011-12-11

I bought my car here in 2006, and I'm still bringing it back here for service when needed. I like being able to contact a specific service advisor, as I've been able to establish a relationship with one person who knows my car and treats me well. That attention keeps me coming back.

They offer complimentary shuttle transportation (within a reasonable distance), so I was able to get my car serviced AND hit a local mall without having to deal with parking there during the holiday madness. Heck, I'd have paid for the shuttle if it meant avoiding the mall parking lot.

Honestly, I'm more inclined to buy a Toyota for my next car, just based on how well I've been treated here.

Keith T. | 2011-10-02

Great initial internet quote on the new vehicle - dealer fee a lot higher but still decent. However, first trade quote was WAY low and, when challenged was met with a very aggressive tirade including "it's worth what it's worth" and "tell me what you want for it and I'll ask, I don't care, I get $100 for the sale no matter what the price"! Only when we got up to leave did he offer to take it back for review, and miraculously came back with an offer increased by $4500! Interesting because he initially pointed us towards Autotrader instead of kbb and the "revised" trade was exactly where they were! So why mess around and try to get me for $4500 less? We went to another dealer next day and bettered the deal on new and got $29k for the trade! Overally we saved over $6k by leaving CF Toyota.

Wasn't close to where we needed to be so we left but I don't know why it was taken so personally by Ed. My Wife (who was with me) told me as we left that she felt uncomfortable at Ed's reaction and was pleased we were leaving and not buying from him as she thought he was overly aggressive and attempting to intimidate.

Dan H. | 2010-10-27

This is a review of the service department.

My experiences hear have been pretty average.  My major complaint is just that the wait to check-in your car can be long and confusing.  They assign a salesperson to each customer, which in the long run is very nice.  But I don't know if they quite have figured out how to do the assigning in an efficient and, more importantly, understandably way for the customer.  The last two times I visited, people who arrived after me were acknowledged and serviced first.

However, once the car is in service, you're good to go.  The service is speedy, professional, and prices are to be expected.  And, they call you when they say they're going to call you!

I'll keep going back, and hopefully I'll learn the check-in system after a few more visits.