Airport Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Orlando, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Airport Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Orlando, FL.

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Airport Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(407) 541-6200
Address:5751 Eagle Vail Dr, Orlando, FL, 32822
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Airport Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Ray C. | 2015-01-23

One of my fav dealers and typically I hate these places. The shear cost of everything is crazy expensive. That being said the customer service is definitely top notch. I mean if you're going to be paying top dollar to get some work done at least you're getting top dollar service.

Another thing that makes this particular dealer stand out is they offer the oil change package which saves you so much money and getting upgrades to synthetic oils are dirt cheap once you have this package.

John M. | 2014-06-25

A person's financial situation is of no business to anyone other than themselves, and if they're married, their spouse. With that being said, for the sake of this review I will state that during both experiences with this location, I had more than enough money to buy multiples of the vehicle that I was looking at.
It was early 2012 and I was in need of a new car. I had done some serious research on the Charger, Challenger, and Camaro. I decided that the Dodge Charger was the vehicle I wanted, and set out to buy myself one. So when, with perfect timing, my sister-in-law needed a ride to this location to pick up a Jeep that she had just purchased, I volunteered, fully planning to drive away in my new Charger. I pulled into the dealership in my paid off 2010 Kia Soul (so it's not like I pulled in driving a hunk of junk). As my sister-in-law disappeared to sign the final papers, my wife and I approached the Chargers, particularly a burnt orange Charger R/T that had a duel black racing stripe down the hood, and beautiful black rims. I circled this car at least five times, sat in it, circled it again numerous times, and sat in it again. At the time I was only 21, a few months away from my 22nd birthday, but regardless of how young I looked, a good car salesman will still ask if I need help. Instead, numerous salesmen looked over at me, walked by me, etc., but not one person stopped to see if I needed help. After almost 20 minutes, I walked up to one of the salesmen who had been standing near me pretty much the entire time, but who had not once seen if I needed assistance. I approached him, and stated that I was interested in buying the Charger and would like some information on it. He looked at me, asked if I knew it was almost 40 grand, and then kind of snickered. I stated that I had a trade in valued at almost 20K, and asked if he knew that he was talking to a customer who could very easily buy 20 of those cars, to which he said "yeah right" and literally laughed. Right about then, my sister-in-law finished up, so I pulled out the piece of paper my personal banker had just emailed me that morning, known as a "proof of funds", showed it to the salesman, and then as his eyes went wide, I told him I would be taking my business somewhere else. My wife and I then immediately left with my sister-in-law driving away in her new Jeep, but us still in the car we arrived in. I ended up buying a 2012 CR-V from a friend's dealership (I know, huge difference).
Two years later, it had now become time to get a bigger vehicle, particularly one with third row seating. After doing some research, I settled on the Dodge Journey SXT. I found a one-year-old used one which happened to be at this location. Remembering my previous experience, I reluctantly drove out here, but this time was given some pretty decent service. Maybe it was because the car was half the price of the Charger I had looked at before, maybe it's because in the two years since my prior experience, I have grown to look a little bit older. Regardless the reason, I was helped immediately. Ran into a few bumps when it came time to prove income, however the difference in value between my trade-in and the car I was trying to get was only four grand, and after printing out a letter from my financial advisor showing that I had substantially more than that immediately available in the bank, everything was pushed through. I drove off the lot in the car I wanted, and I'm incredibly happy. Plus, on a sidenote, I had Kelley Blue Booked the value of my CR-V prior to bringing it in, and this place valued it within $100 of what KBB had told me I should get for it.

A L. | 2014-04-22

My situation originally started with an issue on a ultra-low mileage collectible car that was handled by another local dealership, Napleton's in Kissimmee.  After being charged originally in excess of $600 for removal of a gas tank to fix a fuel filler neck issue (which, come to find out the gas tank did NOT have to be removed), this garage kept once-a-month car's original issues reappeared.    After not even receiving a response from the Service Manager there (I waited a week and a half's time for a response--nothing), I had enough and called the Chrysler Corporate Headquarters directly.   Needless to say, the dealership's reputation on review sites and the BBB was unfortunately re-affirmed.  A true nightmare indeed.  After speaking with Luanne, my Chrysler case manager, an arrangement was made to meet with the JR the service specialist at Airport Chrysler Jeep.  After my previous experience, to say that I was a little apprehensive was an understatement.  

    Well, let me say that the service specialists JR and Beth, Tim, Kevin Savage and the rest of the gang took my concerns eased them with their demeanor and service.  I have never been treated so openly and warmly by JR and the gang (what service specialist  calls you, on his cell, to follow up and to invite you to call with any questions?)!   Despite the matter being prolonged by unavoidable spare part issues, JR called me every day to report back on the status of my collectible car.  I was so astonished and elated at the level of service, that I took my regular vehicle back for an oil change and will be back for future servicing.  And I recommend others to do so and give these folks a try.  If I ran a service-oriented business, this is how I would like to see it being done.    They literally took care of me, much like how an old friend welcomes someone warmly into their own home.  

     Like I had said earlier, I do NOT write many reviews because of time , but what they do there at Airport Chrysler Jeep is nothing short of admirable and special.  I am a person that holds his end of the bargain and expect other to reciprocate in kind.  Well, JR and the gang has met  that...and they have garnered my gratitude as a result.  

***UPDATE 8/2014: I have been dealing with a potential gas filling issue with the above involved vehicle and overall, service is great.  HOWEVER, there is one caveat: when I had talked to several more knowledgeable people than me about a solution to the issue with my vehicle, I ultimately decided to opt out of ordering a part (that had been ordered the day prior) because it was advised that there was no assurance that the part might not fix the issue.  I voiced my concerns with JR about the issue and was told that the part was not returnable.

Now up to this point the service and attentiveness was great.  Feeling bad for JR's situation (even though I did not sign any form agreeing to pay for the item yet)  I looked up the parts company from which they ordered from...and to my surprise, there WAS a 30 day return policy and no restocking fee!  In addition,  I had found out that the very same part costs ~50% less than what was being charged to me and Chrysler Corporate!!  Since Chrysler Corporate was working with me and the dealer...I relayed the message to JR and my rep at Chrysler Corporate (Luanne).  After an seemingly uphill battle with the dealership about returning it, it was returned and Chrysler covered the costs.

Now, I understand a business has to make their profit but geez--when your working with the company that supplies your brand of vehicles, there should be more transparency and honesty about the costs of the parts!  Nevertheless, everyone wound up unscathed...despite being alluded to otherwise.  I do not know how much JR was involved in the "cannot return/upcharge" situation,  but I still applaud him for the level of service he provided up to that point.  I have to downgrade from 5 to 3 stars because of this.  Lesson learned.

Stephanie W. | 2013-08-04

I've come here a few times now for the $12.95 oil change. It's also $10 to have your tires rotated. They're usually fairly quick. My normal wait is about 45 minutes. Try and get there early.

Sometimes it feels like the process of getting checked in and out depends on the guy you get. I had no problems and wasn't given a huge list of items of what's "wrong" with my car like most places do. They did my oil change and tire rotation and didn't try and sell me on anything. My gf on the other hand was given a list and then her car sat out front for an extra 10-15 minutes and her bill wasn't brought to her or told her car was ready. I just luckily saw it drive by the window.

Check out can sometimes be slow. We waited in a line while one guy was on a long phone call and the other was having a hard time looking up a part for someone. Even the sales/service guys in the line with us were frustrated and asked the phone guy what the hold up was.

But overall for the price, I haven't had any major problems. I expect them to be busy for how little you pay.

Idalia D. | 2013-08-03

I bought my car at this dealer and I love this place not only are they super nice their oil changes are under $13 you can't beat that. They have 2 waiting areas one if you have kids and another for just adults. The wait is not too long but you want to make sure they don't forget about you when they are busy.

They are honest and they don't try and rip you off like most places.
I have taken my car to them since day one and I have my gf hooked as well!

Give them a try for sure!

Rod O. | 2013-06-23

Had an oil change here. I noted leaking/oil spots on the driveway. Inspection of the oil pan drain plug showed it to be easily turned without need of a tool with fingers only. It was the cause of the leaking. This engine does not otherwise leak. Fortunately I caught this and avoided possible catastrophic engine failure. Stay away from this business if they can't get the simplest procedure correct.

Marc C. | 2012-11-05

I came here with low expectations for a cheap oil change.

Knowing that I needed a new air filter, I stopped by one of the auto part stores to have it changed (20 minuted before showing up here).

Getting checked in was a slow process that wasn't clear as no one greeted me. After approching the wrong person I was directed to the right area. The guy didn't say a word to me for about 10 minutes (he was processing paperwork to get others checked out).

Once they had my keys and a simple form filled out, I specifically intructed them to only change my oil. The wait time from when they took my keys to me getting back in the car was just over an hour. They of course proceeded to perform a coutesy check. The conclusion of this check was:

All four of my tires were worn the same, and will soon need to be replaced. This is not the case. Two of my tires are a few months old, while the other two are about 50% through their life.

My air filter (the one that I just replaced 20 minutes before handing them the keys) was marked as 'red'. This means it should be replaced immediatly.

They also found some other issues that my car actually does have, and marked some things that didn't need to be replaced as good.

All said and done, I'll come back for an oil change in the future.

Tania M. | 2012-08-01

very good service (service department)  and cheap oil change ! No complains

Doug T. | 2012-06-25

The service department partially makes up for the terrible sales department.
My experience with their sales team was extremely poor. We went in knowing exactly which vehicle on their lot we wanted based on an on-line add. We were already ok on the price and ready to pay. Five hours later we left with the car. At least one of these hours was due to the finance guy accidentally recording the wrong annual income and getting us approved by a bank that wouldn't have otherwise approved us. Once realized, he actually asked us if we had more money to put down to cover his mistake. Now, the manager did a great job of helping the situation when he decided they would eat the cost to get the price down enough for the bank to finance us. Then he threw in the best service deal for free. Thank you for that. This of course was followed by another hour long delay by the detail guys to get the already clean car ready. After multiple times of complaining to the sales person he finally realized the car was ready the whole time and we were waiting for nothing.
Now, since then we have used the service department for maintenance and have been very pleased. Their customer service is excellent, and the mechanics were very knowledgeable. I still wouldn't drive all that way if it weren't for the service discounts we were given though.

T H. | 2012-05-05

They sold me a car that had received major collision service and denied it even though I asked. Should have used carfax.

Jay C. | 2011-07-26

I get my oil changed here for my '94 Dodge truck, always a bargain at $12.95 oil and filter. Of course, it get's you in the door for more services. But stick to your guns. The wait for an oil change is quite long, one hour to two hours both times I went. The lounge has a tv, snack machine and plenty to read.

Robbie D. | 2011-04-14

Avoid at all costs. The sales managers are so shifty - used car salesmen through and through. The service dept is a joke. They're rude, don't know what they're doing, and sloppy. It took me contacting the GM to get any service, yet I find myself sitting in the dirty waiting room for the 5th time trying to fix things that were wrong when I bought the vehicle and things they broke trying to fix the first time around.