West Kendall Toyota in Miami, FL

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Professional Sales Staff. Competitive prices. State of the Art facility. Easy access and parking. Customer service oriented. Open Monday thru Saturday 9am - 9pm. Sundays open 10am - 8 pm.
Service and Parts open Sundays 8am - 2pm

West Kendall Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(786) 345-2650
Address:13800 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL, 33186
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on West Kendall Toyota

Ryan L. | 2015-02-04

I love West Kendall Toyota! I bought my Nissan Rouge from Kendall Toyota about two weeks ago. I just noticed the rotors on all four sides were pretty bad. Without many questions, they quickly replaced all four brakes. Gotta love it when an auto dealership doesn't take advantage of a single woman!

Maria A. | 2014-09-14

My husband went yesterday to get a used car because credit and down payment were in issue we thought it would be possible. But not so, after 8 hrs he drove away with a a nice car that he felt comfortable with. They tried everything they could to get him the car and that is why I am giving them 4 stars.

Next year I will need to buy my son a car and would definitely check them out to see if they can help my son get into his first car.

Y B. | 2013-08-24

Went to West Kendall Toyota on a Saturday morning to buy a used Prius. Was disappointed that they only had 2 used Prius and not the colors we wanted. Salesperson Vicente was a typical car salesman, lots of blah blah talk, wanted us to get a new Prius. We said no so many times and finally got up and left after he told us, "You don't have to go to school to calculate how much your payments would be if you buy a new car, 0% finance!" Ended up buying a used Prius at Kendall Toyota! Much better experience, great salesperson Ovady Mugica, down to earth, not pushy, real nice guy! Save time and money... go straight to Kendall Toyota and ask for Ovady!

Gisy V. | 2013-05-08

After doing my research on purchasing my new car and looking at different auto dealers for good deals on a Toyota, I found West Kendall Toyota had decent deals on their pre-owned vehicles.  I went on a Saturday with my husband and the first thing I noticed is that the sales personnel do not approach you when you come into the dealership which made me feel comfortable.  The salesman Alain was a very nice guy at first but that did not last for long.  We explained exactly what we were looking for and he immediately tried pushing the sales of a new Camry model 2013 versus the preowned 2012 we were looking to buy.  I test drove the newer model but found out quickly the 2012 had the exact same features but was $6,000 less.  Meanwhile, we waiting two hours just to get into see the financing department because they were "short staffed", Alain kept coming by to touch base with us, however, the entire time he kept pushing the sale of the new model and tried to sell us other things we did not need.  At this point we were getting frusterated since we had made it clear we were interested in the 2012 model.  Finally, we get into the finance department and the finance rep. played the same game in trying to push us for 2013 model at which point we were about to walk out and then finally they stopped pushing us the newer model and gave us what we wanted.  This ordeal took about six hours but we walked out with the car we wanted. We even added a 100,000 warranty which they offered at decent price.

I definetly did not like their sales approach and will probably consider going to another dealership when it comes time to trade in my car.  If you go to this dealership, just be very aware they are playing you every step of the way so stand your ground until you get what you really want.

Naty K. | 2011-09-21

Good service department.  They are friendly and if something is not done properly, they will fix it, for free.  They have no problem going on a test drive with you to uncover your vehicle's issue by replicating it, whereas other places will either say they found nothing on inspection or that you are crazy for thinking you heard/saw something happen when in fact it didn't.  I did not like Lehman's service people for that very reason, but here, they're willing to spend as much time as necessary to diagnose and resolve my issue.  

Some of the parts and labor can be overpriced though, so you have to be selective (it's not the dealership's fault per se, I am sure these prices are set state-wide).  If you need a new belt or lights for example, a generic one at another mechanic will do, but if you want genuine parts, this is the best Toyota service department for the job.  I have been to Lehman & Kendall Toyota and was not impressed.  Their wait times were ridiculous and they were not as friendly.  Also, because their service department at Kendall Toyota is inside the dealership itself, it's hard to dodge the pesky salesmen pressuring you to buy a new car or trade yours in.  I seriously felt like a fresh piece of meat thrown to the vultures when I went there.

At West Kendall, the cashiers are very nice, the parts department is extensive and if they don't have a part for you, they will order it.  There's also a cafeteria on site, as well as a play room with toys for the kids while you wait for your vehicle.

After coming several times because of an unresolved issue with my brakes, the issue was not only resolved, but I was given a free rotation, which I thought was pretty nice.  They also have loaner cars, which again, other dealerships do not have.  Mr. Aponte is one of the nicest people I've met, and has no problem listening to you and helping you find a solution to your problems.

Frank E. | 2011-06-19

I take my car, they do what needs to be done, I leave...

its a car repair shop, I am sure its full of horror stories, I have none... so you know... I keep coming lol

Gaby M. | 2011-01-03

HORRIBLE place! They don't deserve a single star! This is a long review, but read it: it might save you THOUSANDS of dollars and a nasty migraine or two.

My whole family are pretty loyal Toyota customers, and my mother and I came here on a lovely December morning, at around 11am or so, looking for a Certified Used Car, since my regular Toyota on US1 didn't have any I liked. I walked in and was greeted by Eddy Mayorga, salesman. He was a gruff kind of person, and didn't take us seriously, maybe because we were just two women. I explained to him I had recently divorced, and was looking for a used car. I ALSO explained to him that I already had two cars to my name (both of which were really my ex-husband's, not mine). I emphasized this, because I'd already been told at Kendall Toyota that they would have to make different arrangements for the purchase, since my name was already on two cars. He spent the majority of the time texting and at one point, even taking a phone call.

After an hour or so, I managed to get him to steer me in the direction of some cars I could afford, as he kept trying to push a  NEW car on me. I picked a used car out and asked to test-drive it. I decided on that one (since I was pretty certain of what I wanted) and he said he'd go talk to the financial guy to start the paperwork.

We waited for about three hours while, supposedly, Eddy The Salesman and Financial Guy drew up the paperwork. I caught Eddy chatting it up with the receptionists, and putzing around not doing much, so I'm sure they were just trying to wear us down for the looming financial debate.

Eventually he took us to Financial Guy, aka Martin Bustamante who was somewhat nicer than Eddy, and introduced us to him. Before I even sat down at his desk, I told HIM my situation with the divorce and the two cars. Martin's words? "No problem! We have many banks we can get you a loan with! We'll figure something out, don't worry"

He started printing out a small forest of documents with dollar signs everywhere. He pushed Lo-Jack, Extended Protection, Warranty This, Security That, key replacements, alarm thingees, a kitchen sink and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. I told him I was interested in a Certified Pre-Owned because they stood behind their cars, but that beyond that, I couldn't afford much because my ex-husband had left me in dire financial straits. He encouraged me to at least get the protection with GAP and key replacements (since, apparently, keys run upwards of $300). Since money's pretty tight, I asked him to let me discuss it with my mom (whose financial acuity was the reason I dragged her along in my expedition). He rolled his eyes and started surfing the web, calling his wife, etc. Finally I decided to go ahead with it, since it would raise my monthly payments by about $20 (pushing my budget to its very limit), but would give me peace of mind. By now, it was close to 9pm. I gave him my check for the down payment, which their machine couldn't process because its connection was down. So after half an hour of putzing around with my check, they came to ask me for a credit card. I gave them that, too. Finally, they shepherded us out of Martin the Financial Guy's office back to the lobby, where they sat us down to wait for the car to be washed and brought around. In the meantime, I signed my life away, promised the salesman my firstborn, the financial guy my second born, and wrote the deed to Toyota entitling them to one of my arms and one of my legs. At around 11pm (twelve hours later!!), they finally gave me my ONE beat-up key (though they had promised me two), and sent me home.


Wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG, wrong! For the past EFFING MONTH, they have been calling me NONSTOP. Apparently, they were in such a hurry to get me to sign everything and kick me out the door, that they didn't check my credit (which, luckily for them, is excellent), nor did they remember THAT I HAD TWO CARS TO MY NAME! So the bank came down on their asses, letting them know that they weren't going to approve a loan because I already had two cars to my name (none of which were in my possession). They started running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

They've called my jobs, they've called my family members and friends (whose information they asked for "just as references, but don't worry, no one'll call them"). They've harassed my friends. They're demanding I turn in one of the other cars (which are not mine to give) as a down payment for this one (as if my ex would happily trade one of his cars for me to get one of my own!). I've bent over BACKWARDS for them, getting every last document I possibly could, signing everything they want. And over a month later, I still don't have a solution. I call, they don't answer. I email, they don't respond. I complained (very politely, I might add) to the manager, and he simply walked away from me. Take your money elsewhere, these people don't deserve it!

Fernanda C. | 2010-10-06

sales man are very nice and the receptionist is very pretty