Toyota of South Florida in Miami, FL

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We strive to provide our customers with an excellent experience when shopping for a new or used Toyota in South Florida. We service Miami shoppers with Toyota Parts, service , and auto collision repair in South Florida.


Established in 1969.

We have been selling cars to the people of South Florida for over 45 years!

Toyota of South Florida

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 261-2181
Address:9775 NW 12th St, Miami, FL, 33172
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota of South Florida

Maria M. | 2015-03-07

This is the first time I buy a new car and I might say my experience was positive. I originally did my inquiry on line and went I got there my sales person was not available but his manager helped me out and was very knowledgeable and helpful. The price of the vehicle and what i received for my trade in was very good. I would recommend this place.

J. B. | 2015-03-03

My husband and I purchased a car from Toyota of South Florida. The service was amazing! We had Lindsay help us choose the car that best suited us. Her customer service was above and beyond, and she gave us a great deal! The customer service exceeded my expectations and more, on top of the great deal we got on our car! Two thumbs up!!!!

Steve T. | 2015-02-28

Let me start by stating that my car has always been serviced by a dealer.  Usually I go to Lipton Toyota in Fort Lauderdale but am now living with friends in Little Havana and therefore decided to go to Toyota of South Florida for service.  Upon arrival there was nobody to greet me like at Lipton and I had to go inside and find someone to help me.  Once I did I was informed that my basic service (which is more expensive than at Lipton) would take a minimum of two hours. It took them over 30 minutes just to put the plastic on my seat and move my car and while it waited in the driveway it had the key attached to a card with a number stuck in the door and anyone could have come over and driven my car out of the lot.  Part of the problem is that employees are having too good a time talking and laughing to take their jobs seriously. Of course once they started they came back with many other things that were wrong.  Even though I found it hard to believe that Lipton wouldn't have told me I would be needing these services  5000 miles earlier I agreed for the sake of time to have the work done.  Over 4 hours and $400 later I finally got my car back.  I tried to exit and the exit was blocked by a car with nobody in it and a gate that was not operational so I had to drive around all the new cars to get out the front.  Part of what I did was a front end alignment, but my car steering is all over the place now.  It was just fine before. I would never, ever return here.  I have no confidence in this service department and doubt some of the work I paid for was ever performed and whatever they did to my car, it sure does not handle the way it does when I pick it up from Lipton.

L G. | 2015-01-02

I am a critical reviewer, because I am a physician, have mechanical knowledge, and have high standards of work quality and ethics. This place rates well with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which speaks volumes for any company in the auto industry. They rated better with BBB than other Toyota dealerships in the area.

They have earned my trust, after bouts of distrust which were actually the fault of a shop before them. It was just that the problem showed itself after time. They have even charged me under what I expected to pay, in compensation for problems that other shops incurred. This definitely built trust, which is truly not found often in a verifiably corrupt field of auto mechanics.

Several advisors, as well as the manager, have been involved in and helpful with my car's care.

Kelly M. | 2014-12-04

Worst buying experience.
No experience in customer service what so ever.
I will never go back to that place, not for purchasing and not for taking care of my car.

Rey my sales person did a terrible job, never picked up his phone and for every question I had the answer was I dont know.

The manager, bernie was very unpleasant to speak with him on the phone and in person.

All of the other staff don't care about customer walking in and / or out. They sit around all they and whistle to women. Which I thought is degrading.

I hope someone with a power to improve that dealership reads it and do something about it.
Or at least I had the ability to effect other customers opinion's.


Sharon W. | 2014-11-10

Their Sales Prevention Department does a very good job discouraging sales. I went on Friday, interested in either a new or used Prius. We were immediately approached by a salesperson speaking in Spanish. We asked for an English speaker and he insisted he spoke English when his command of it was very poor.

Next, he didn't understand that we wanted to see both new AND used inventory. We finally gave up and asked to just look at whatever Priuses (Priuii?) he had on the lot. We trekked out to the back of the lot and observed several cars. He had ZERO knowledge of the Prius line, what came with each package, what the options were, etc. They were all locked, so he went BACK inside to get the keys. I mean, we're going to want to at least sit in one, you'd think he'd be prepared with the keys.

We took the car for a little spin and on the way back to the lot, spotted a used Prius that we hadn't previously seen in their online inventory. So, he jotted down the number and when we got back inside, he said he'd look it up to see the details. Took the dude like 15 minutes to find out it was a 2012 with 96,000 miles on in.

We noticed on the new cars that the window sticker had the MSRP and then a $4,999 charge. When I asked what that was, he said, "Dealer profit"... um.... OK, thanks for putting it out there for us to see, but seems excessive, no? For such crappy customer service, I would prefer to order directly from the factory and skip the $4,999 dealer profit.

I mean, really, just poor customer service. I am not opposed to spending the bucks on a new or high quality used car, but I only want to do it if I feel like the sales person knows the product and is helping me make a good selection.

Jose L. | 2014-11-10

please keep away from toyota, and the general manager mr. avila, he is unprofessional, not courteous, too busy to call a customer back, the salesperson alfonso has no knowledge or maybe he is a liar, have been waiting for my money of a traded in 4 weeks, noone wants to help, the account dept is useless starting with bertha

Manisha B. | 2014-08-23

Lindsay the fleet manager is great.   Awesome experience dealing with her.  Finance on the other hand is absolutely horrible.  I waited for over an hour and a half so that they could approve the college graduate program discount since there was clearly a disconnect between the finance manager and the general manager.  The finance manager refused to honor the discount which was a clearly written and publicized policy.  Waste of time on a Saturday and it was discussed between at least 4 different people and still could not be resolved.  I heard that owner was a millionaire and they can't even offer free water or coffee but you have to buy it from their cafeteria.   Do yourself a favor and go to another Toyota.

Howard H. | 2014-07-09

I am doing this review based on their service department.  I purchased my 2012 Prius from another dealer and decided to get all my regular maintenance at this dealership since it's close to my work.

I got the 2 years free maintenance contract when I purchased my car so the first few services seemed fine and trouble free.  Even though I was not impressed about the customer service at their service department, but as long as they do a decent job on my car, I can care less.

Well, maybe that dream was short lived.  After the free maintenance contract expired, I took my car in again for the 30K service.  I called a few other dealers around and they all quoted me pretty much the same price.  But, since I got a 10% off coupon from this place I thought okay let me take my car back.  Only this time it was a mistake.

The 30K service is a big job which includes the oil and filter change.  I got my car back after about an hour and drove off the lot.  As I drove off, I realized that there were strange noises coming from the bottom of my car.  I parked my car and looked and I saw that the oil pan from the bottom of my car was not put back in correctly.  Half of the pan is dangling from the bottom of the car where the oil filter is clearly visible.  And the part of the pan where is hanging is too close to the ground, which could be very dangerous if it get caught from something on the ground.

Clearly I was not happy about that so I took my car back the next day.  I got there but no one came out and greeted me so I walked in the office and grabbed the first service adviser I see.  I told him what happened and he proceeded to take my car to the garage.  20 minters later he came back and said apparently the clip was lose and they had put it back together.

What I did not appreciate was that they didn't even apologize to me for what happened to my car.  They obviously did not take good care of my car, and all the service adviser had to say to me was "It wouldn't happen again".  Well, it wouldn't happen again because I am not coming back.  After you mishandled my car and I have to spend my time and come back to you to fix it, you don't think you owe the customer a sincere apology?  I don't think that's good customer service, and for that I am not coming back.

Ashley R. | 2014-05-13

The worst experience I have ever had...had my car towed there because my alternator went...mind you I bought this car less then 12 months ago and it was Toyota certified...LARRY in services called me and tells me that he can't find the warranty on my I call west Kendall Toyota where I bought it an they found my certification in less then 5 mins then when I tell Larry he tells me that they use different warranty companies then west Kendall...seriously Toyota warranty is Toyota warranty Danny at West Kendall had my car picked up brought to him since Larry didn't want to help me...what a joke their service center is

Debbie A. | 2014-05-04

I came in on a sunday with a cut check from the bank. I was ready to buy the Prius C. When i get there all the sales people were sitting around, on their phones and talking among each other. When i ask the receptionist to call a sales person all of them kept telling her that they needed to leave home early or at 630. I decided to take my business elsewhere. If they don't want my 22,000 someone else will. Never again am i coming here again!

Nancy O. | 2014-03-11

My friend had absolutely no credit and the salesperson was very patient and spend the whole day getting an approval to allow my friend to drive off the lot with a pre-owned car. I was very satisfied with the experience here. Granted we had done our research and came prepared with copies of pay slips and such. They also have computers available in the showroom that help you look up documents you may need to provide them if you're a serious buyer. I definitely recommend this dealer. The staff is very friendly. P.s. There's a cafe in the back that has coffee, pastries, sandwiches and drinks. One of the best Cuban coffee I've had in a while. So don't hold your hunger and eat!

Yani D. | 2014-01-30

I bought my new car today And im so happy.. Miguel , Omar(Manager ) And everybody that Works there aré so nice, very Good customer service!!!

Kalvin K. | 2014-01-11

Rick Anderson was very pleasurable to deal with.  The receptionist there was pretty useless, though.  I asked her to page Rick and she said that she didn't know who he was.  Additionally, she asked me to sit and wait while she was talking to a customer that was waiting in line after me.  I didn't get any help from her so I asked another sales representative who pointed me in the right direction.

Mady L. | 2013-12-30

My husband and I had such a great experience buying our new car at this Toyota.

After having our main car totaled by a drunk driver we had no other option than to buy a new one because we don't like buying used cars. It has been such a stressful couple of weeks since the accident and we are still in a lot of pain so having to go to a dealer was one of those things we really really REALLY didn't want to do.

We went through a special program and didn't have to deal with any sales men which was great. The whole process didn't take more than two hours which was even better and since it was the 30th of the month AND the day before the last day of the year we were able to take advantage of all the deals they had! With all the money we saved we were able to upgrade to a nicer version of the car we had planned on getting and ended up with the lowest monthly payment I have ever had in a car.

We are very happy and all of a sudden the loss of our other car doesn't hurt  so bad.

Christina C. | 2013-09-30

I had a great experience here.  I was not pressured into buying the car and the whole process was fast and easy.  I was worried because I'm a young female who went in to a car dealership alone, but I had no problems.  Got a great deal. I've also have not had any problems in the service department when I've taken my car in.  No complaints here!

Adry S. | 2013-07-29

The service department is absolute GARBAGE.  I had my Yaris towed there after it powered off and wouldn't start, and they condescendingly asked me if i was sure that I hadn't just "run out of gas" (I was towed by roadside assistance from a gas station).  They charged $200 to change the spark plugs and not surprisingly, the problem persisted.  When I posted a complaint to Toyota, the mechanic called to harass me about him getting in trouble thanks to my review.  I will NOT be returning to this dealership for service or purchases ever again and suggest that you stay away as well.

Amy W. | 2013-04-11

****This represents the typical and so stereotyped dealership.

****The salesman is nice and attentive "UNTIL they close the deals, once they are done, business is over.

Found a car I liked with ok price, I was a very easy customer.
The salesman ADOLFO was very nice "initially" and I signed the document.
During the deal process, he has promised to try to get me 1) free oil change  2) seat cover  3) spare key (I got only one key), etc.

He NEVER followed through or tried, I contacted him at least 10 times to get what he promised ... and I did not hear back from him.

Only the times he ever called back or answered was "when he needed something" or "when he was in front of the customer... picked up the phone promised to call back after he is done with the customer".. and of course I never heard back from him.

My license plate was delayed for delivery, I had to wait 2 mos to receive... but never heard back from him.

I ended up dealing with his supervisor, who at least obtained my spare key and sent me another temporary license.  Apparently Alolfo, the original sales person, that promised to contact the previous owner for a spare key, again, did not even try once.

So if you ever deal with this type of salesman (or if you suspect) make sure to get all what promised in writing....

People will get referral if they remain decent, attentive, but this kind of follow-up (i.e., non-follow up, bunch of empty promises) will not get any referral, and I am and was a very reasonable buyer, I do wish I had given the business to someone/somewhere else had I known that.

I am VERY disappointed, the first good experience all went sower.

Erika S. | 2012-06-25

Came to get my car serviced for the first time here. The service was great and simple. I was in an out in about 15 minutes. The car was done in an hour as promised and I was good to go. Feels very nice to actually get something done that involves a car without leaving with a headache.

Jennifer S. | 2012-05-13

Do not even try to buy a used car from this dealership.  Waste of your time.  Would not recommend to anyone.  Used car salesman I spoke to and had a confirmed appt with wasn't even scheduled to be at work until 3 hours later.  Next sales person never called to follow up.  The used car I test drove was clean but not spotless. Received an email from the director of sales and asked him to call me. No call. Needless to say I purchased a Toyota from another dealership. I guess this one doesn't need the business.  Would give it 0 stars of I could.

Franco T. | 2012-03-23

I take my 2007 Corolla S to be serviced here regularly. Luis takes care of my car well and makes sure to always give me an honest assessment of what my car needs and what services can wait. I appreciate that and the quality of service, so I've become a regular.

Jessica C. | 2010-11-12

I went to this dealer looking for a new car. I was approached by a salesman, Alex. He asked me what I was looking for and what was important to me. After listening to what I needed, he showed me different cars at different prices so i could make the right decision. I fell in love with the Venza. He explained all the features and safety equipment that the car had. We were able to agree on a price without all the back and forth. I told him what I could pay and he made it possible.
I left extremely happy in my new car and look forward to my free service.

emmy a. | 2009-06-28

There is just no nice way of putting it, THIS DEALER SUCKS!

I offered my car for trade in at first they gave me one price for the car, then  i guess they thought it was too much so they gave me another. LIE!

Spent over three hours of my time at this dealership, sales person showed me a Yaris, I test drove a Yaris, I wanted a Yaris.

When i sit down to sign the buyers agreement with the finance guy, he feeds me some lie about how they didn't have any Yaris, at the price point we had verbaly agreed on in stock. If it wasn't available then why did they show it?LIE!

He tried to get me to buy a Corolla instead by saying, "its only 40$ a month",  so I was furious I walked up and left. The Corolla almost doubles the price of the Yaris. Two minutes later they call me back saying that they did have a one for me in stock.

These people will say or do anything to get you to by the car THEY want. These are just some of the things they told, a lot more too many to enumerate.

They don't even deserve a star. One star is too much.