South Motors Mazda in Miami, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company South Motors Mazda in Miami, FL.

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South Motors Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 234-5500
Address:18010 South Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL, 33157
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on South Motors Mazda

Robert C. | 2015-03-01

i came here as the buying agent for a family member that was car shopping. being in the car business, this person gave me the reigns to pick out and work the deal on their car.

the salesman tried to work it a bit as expected but backed off once he noticed he was working with someone knowledgeable. from that point he worked fairly and with a good attitude. we agreed on a price. this was the end of the fun.

next comes the finance guy, a pitbull fan club looking guy with a cocky attitude. right off the bat this guy came in with attitude telling what we HAD to do. i put the brakes in that and called his bluff. he stated the deal was only if we financed with them at their (obviously) higher rate. i asked for our written price agreement and to be showed where it said that? his attitude grew worse and my desire to piss him off grew as well.

after some back and forth, we got up and walked. largo honda up the road has a significantly better attitude. as a paying customer i wasn't going to stick around and let the president of the pittbull fanclub tell us what to do.

on our way out we were intercepted by the sales manager. he seemed personable and much more level headed. i explained our deal situation, the price we agreed upon, and pointed at his finance guy and flat out told him "your attitude sucks!". the sales manager promised to make the deal happen and he did.

this wasn't with one last attempt at screwing us though. the number on the sales contract didn't match the agreed upon numbers we reached with the salesman. if it wasn't for careful scrutiny before signing, it would have cost us thousands.

moral of the story.. it was against my better judgement to go to south motors and even though we got our car at our price, it took above average skills to keep them in line.

Elizabeth C. | 2014-10-08

Apparently you have to give a star minimum but I wouldn't give any if it was possible. Though I am happy with my Mazda, the service department's lack of attention and professionalism makes me want to turn my keys in immediately. Bryan, the manager, shows no eagerness to help even though his employee Chris totally messed up and had me come in on Tuesday after getting out of work at 530 pm and being stuck in an hour of traffic only to realize it had been a waste of both time and gas! Not only had he left without any notice, he also didn't leave the loaner he promised so I could get my car fixed. Of course, there was no manager there but then was reassured by another service agent I'd get a call today whether or not there was a loaner so I could stay informed. Never having received this call, I call the service department only to be pleased that it was a manager who answered. However, to my disdain this call would prove futile as he did not apologize for the thoughtlessness of his employees and made no attempt at assisting me. So, ladies and gentlemen if you do get a Mazda and need to deal with a service department please STAY AWAY from South Motors Mazda, you'll be happy you did!

Daniela R. | 2014-08-12

Lack of professionalism and moral ethics is too kind when describing the operation at South Motors Mazda.
Jorge Ovaellas is a snake. A sleazebag in training! Don't let his sad story fool you! He's only blindsiding you before he sucker punches you!
Even more horrifying is the Sales Manager Franly Machado. A self proclaimed "nice guy" who when asked for the GM replied "I'm the guy in charge, I make all the decisions around here".
Here you have it ladies and gents losers who never received an education. Punks who do not know the first thing about selling, customer service or how to speak proper English for that matter.
Putting on a cheap suit & screwing people out of money is not what makes you good at sales. Being honest, professional and courteous makes you well rounded and successful.
Good luck losers! You're going to need it!!

Tia W. | 2014-06-03

I'm not sure about the dealership but the Service team is top notch. I have serviced my car twice now and they've been quick, professional, and honest. They even were sympathetic when I discovered the shady dealership that I purchased my car from didn't process the "included" maintenance package (meaning I'm now paying for them).  Not feeling scammed and speedy, professional service is worth every bit of my 50min trek to South Motors Mazda.

Caz N. | 2013-11-09

My dealings with this location has been getting my car serviced, it's always been done in a timely fashion, military gets a 10% discount if you ask. Mario always hook a me up.

Kyung P. | 2013-10-27

Worst Mazda Dealership. They are a scam. While all dealerships are trying best to make as much profit as they can, South Motors Mazda is particularly bad. They over price everything to the extreme from the beginning. And Avoid dealing with Shawn Heath!! As other reviewers have indicated, this man is rude, unprofessional and should not be in sales business. When we told him what other dealership is offering, he simply to told us to leave.
Don't go there.

Justin D. | 2013-06-10

During the sales process the manager was called over, Shawn Heath.  He was upset that we had brought an email showing a better offer for a mazda 3 in Naples.   He threw what can be only described as a tantrum and stormed away from us. This was after we told him we were going to buy from another dealership that was significantly lower than the 16,900 before taxes, offer he eventually went down to.  He was unprofessional, rude and childishly aggressive.

Prepare to be bullied by a sad team.  Naples or Delray Beach mazda were superior and professional with lower prices.

Shawn followed up with me via email after I purchased from Delray.  I informed him of what I paid and he emailed me back calling me a liar and to "quit wasting his time".  Photograph of email is in photos of dealership.

Sari V. | 2013-03-30

I went in today to look at a  2014 Mazda6 Gran Touring. Salesman was new but helpful. Whatever he didn't know he asked. I asked for leasing information, he went to ask the manager. Then the manager came over looking upset because I was asking too many questions. I told him I was trading in my car, he assumed I was $5000 upside down and quoted me approx $500 a month on a $26k car. WHAT??? He was impressed that I knew my numbers since I have been car shopping. He said I needed to pay him $5000 down and my payments would be less than $400. I told him I got better numbers with his competitors across the street. He told me to go there instead.  What kind of customer service is this? I was out of there within 30 min. No room for nego. He never appraised my car for trade in. He simply didn't want to sell a car. This place was HORRIBLE! March has been slow for Mazda and now I see why!

Robert D. | 2013-01-16

Do Not Trust This Dealer!!!!!!! Stay Away!! Go Elsewhere!!!

Worst Car Sales experience ever!!!  
I recently went to SM to purchase a Mazda2. My experience with them was less than perfect. In all honestly some of the sales people were nicer than others. With car salesman however you can never really tell if they are being sincere or not. I didn't like the sales tactics used by this dealer. When I explained I wanted to stay within a specific payment range I was encouraged to go over that range. The reason being I was "young and going places. I would not always make the same amount of money that I am making now".  I did not appreciate being encouraged to live beyond my means by this dealer.

As part of closing the deal I requested the dealer throw in the integrated Bluetooth that would be an option on the Car. The Sales Manager agreed to my terms and said he would throw in the Bluetooth I wanted. It wasn't till after I signed the paperwork I was shown the Bluetooth I was going to be given. A cheap looking Motorola Bluetooth that you can get on Amazon for $30. Why on earth would I close the deal on a car based on getting a free $30 item. I have since tried contacting the dealer in the hopes they can at the very least give me a small discount off the install for the integrated blue tooth. They have ignored my emails.

The Finance Portion of the sale was not pleasant either. I was allowed to leave without even being told what bank I had been approved with. Lesson learned NEVER do this. I am not saying SM intentions were bad however you should not be allowed to leave without something this important being finalized.  
In closing please go elsewhere when shopping for a car! Deceitful Dealer with Horrible Sales Practices!

Sarah O. | 2012-11-03

We were purchasing a CX5 on a Saturday afternoon after days of discussing our financing through a credit union.  When we went to purchase the car, we were verbally attacked and yelled at by two managers who told us they thought it was a cash sale when it was clearly not.  We would have stayed to purchase the vehicle if they had calmly an respectfully told us of the mis-communication but instead they yelled at us and mad us feel threatened and embarrassed in font of the entire dealership.  We left asking them if they were joking and one of the managers  responded to my husband by yelling across the showroom floor "Do I look like I'm joking?". If you want good customer service for purchasing a brand new Mazda, I suggest looking elsewhere.  Hopefully there is better at other South Motors dealerships, but I would be cautious.

Betsy A. | 2012-01-16

Life has been tough lately and I decided I needed to down size my car payments. My heart and pocketbook were set on the Mazda 3 Wagon. After no less than 2 sales men and a supervisor, and hours of what was available, we agreed on a specific car and price. I had been up front with everyone involved and there should have been no issues keeping me from the car. The paperwork got started and my deal came crashing to an end. You see that no one listened when I said I had no current job but did have a co-signer. The smugness of the boss man was disgusting as he bid us farewell. But that's okay because two hours later I drove off a nearby lot with a great car and a much better deal. Bye bye South Motors Mazda. There are too many other salesmen out here who listen and deal with a potential customers, and work to make deals happen.

Michelle C. | 2011-01-28

I had a nice experience.

But it's not fair to compare trying to buy a car to trying to service one.
They always treat you better when your in the market.

And I didn't have any problems with pushy salesman, because I didn't bring my husband or father. That means I'm not serious yet, since I didn't bring the money, and allowed for a more casual comparative shopping.

Siuwai M. | 2011-01-15

I recently bought a used car there and I was leaving with the car they told me they only have one key to the car. WTH! Wouldn't you think they would let me know before I signed all the papers? Also, as I was driving off the lot I had a broken headlight. I had to waste another day to buy myself a key and get my headlight fixed. Will not be recommending this place to anyone.

Nick M. | 2010-07-06

We recently bought a Mazda3s Hatchback from Shawn Heath of South Mazda. The car is great so far. However, during the sales process, we were told that we had 6 months of free Sirius satellite radio service with the purchase of the car. Great! After a couple of weeks of trying to get signed in on the Sirius satellite radio service, after several calls to Shawn and another sales associate, I was informed today via phone message by Shawn that in order for us to receive the service, we would have to spend $500 to have the hardware installed for the satellite radio. Excellent bait and switch Shawn. Very pathetic, lying to get the sale, then running away once the commission check is in your pocket.
Do not trust this dealership, as Shawn is not a rookie, he is head of internet sales as well. And remember, all the "South" dealerships are connected, and one can assume that they follow in the footsteps of Shawn Heath.
I will be looking for another Mazda dealer to service my vehicle, as I would not trust this company in any area.

Daniel G. | 2010-02-08

I took my 2005 Mazda RX-8 in for service in December to get a few things fixed, some maintenance and a new key with remote.

I found Brian Morales to be very helpful. He didn't mind taking extra time to explain things to me in detail. A big plus in my book.

After a suitable period in their small but comfy waiting area I was told that everything was done except for a door switch part which they put in an order for.

I left feeling pretty good about the transaction.

A week later my wife was checking the oil in the car when she found out that it was below the low mark. Quite a shock since part of the Mazda service was supposed to check the engine oil level. I in fact still had the paper that said they did and that everything was good. Hmm...

I got a follow up call about my door part which had come in. I took that opportunity to explain that the trunk release  and emergency buttons were not working on the new remote. The person said that they would order a spare and give me a call when that came in so I would only have to make one trip in case my remote turned out to be unfixable.

Fast forward to February 2010 and I get a call saying that my door switch part has been there so long that they'll have to send it back soon. I told the person on the phone that I had been waiting for a call about a new remote being in stock at which point they seemed unphased and said we have those here so you can come in anytime.

I went in soon after and was taken care of by Guillermo Jaurequi. Seems like a nice guy but definitely doesn't stick around to explain things as well as Brian does.

My key fob was fixed and the new door switch seemed to be in good order too.

Again, I left feeling like everything had gone ok.

Reviewing the "Mazda Full Circle Service Report Card" for both transactions showed that on my first visit they thought (and rightly so) that my tire tread depth was in the red zone. The second trip two months later with the SAME tires? Yep, treads looks great in the green zone. Sure...

Realizing that my wife and I found TWO major oversights between two trips is very disturbing. How can we be sure the more complex mechanic things (that we can't audit) were surveyed or serviced properly?

I'll try a different place next time I need service.

The people seem nice but something is amiss with their quality.