South Motors Honda in Miami, FL

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South Honda is a part of the South Motors Automotive Group, and has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. Located in Miami, FL, we offer a full array of Honda new car lease and finance offers and a new car inventory of over 500 new Honda models in stock. South Motors Honda Service Center offers competitive pricing for all makes and models, and low prices on all name brand tires.

South Motors Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 256-2250
Address:16165 South Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL, 33157
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on South Motors Honda

Marysabel M. | 2015-04-07

I'm so happy to have gone to South Motors for my car.  Cary Molk was my salesman and he was exceptionally wonderful to have.  He has followed up from time to time even though I bought my car 3 years ago and remembers me each time I've gone to have my car's routine service done.  Roger in the Services Department is a joy to deal with as well!  He's very attentive to the needs of my car and will search if deals offered for any of the services needed.

Ruth A. | 2015-03-31

After a highly frustrating search for information and service for my Honda that was nearby my home I reluctantly went south to South Motors. What a relief...there was no confusing run around or lengthy wait times...just straight courteous help. Both Brickell Honda and Brahman Honda had been a nightmare. Especially Brickell... In contrast Honda South was simple and direct. The next day, I was awakened 1-1/2 hours before I was told service opened by a cheerful voice- the service department was calling to report the diagnosis. I had been told that if it was more than a battery that I'd have to wait till Monday but the service department ran a complete electrical diagnosis. My car was ready before I was (a few hours) and a cheerful Jennifer had even found missing sunglasses. Except for a broken car wash, my service was complete. Thank you Honda South for excellent courteous service on a Sunday.

Katerine S. | 2015-03-20

Excellent maintenance services for your Honda. Even if you bought your car at a different dealer, they treat you like you are one of their own.

Adela L. | 2015-03-17

I did my homework and let my fingers do the walking.  I took certificates from other dealters that I obtained through and not only did they match the lowest, but they gave me an additional discount.  I was very pleased with Pablo, the salesman, a well as with their finance department.  I recommend that if you're buying a car, do your homework, then go see Pablo at South Motors Honda.

Annette R. | 2015-03-10

A lot of my friends ask why do you go to the dealer to get your oil change and service when there are so many other less expensive places, my answer is simple, #1 the service I receive from Roger Pereyra is amazing and #2 it isn't that much less and I am guaranteed to have my car serviced by Honda professionals, if anything goes wrong they are there to fix it. My appts are always on time and my wait time isn't so bad, I kill time by crossing to Brandsmart or Marshalls that are within walking distance.

Daddy A. | 2015-03-06

This is a good dealership, but the service people I had was really bad. I when for a recall and oil change that I br I ng my our oil. He told me it would be $15, than charge me $36 dollars. Than try to make me pay for it. Call the Mgr of the department but still waiting on a call after 2 weeks. Also take 4 hrs on a recall that takes 30 mins. I had to call the service advisor 4 times just to get him on the phone. So I will ever go back to this dealership EVER.

jiat j. | 2015-03-01

no quality control, horrible customer service. brought my car for $600 service package, specifically asking them to add air to the tires. when i get home one of the front tires was on the floor! good luck trying to speak to a manager---no one seems to know who is in charge here. service tech andy rivera could care less about any complaints--he shrugged and walked away.

bottom line---dont bring your car for service here. they are happy to take your money but are quick to ignore any complaints.

Eric V. | 2014-12-04

Went in for my first service.  They did the same as Rick Case yet was half the price.  Only reason for not giving 5 Stars is due to the fact I scheduled an appointment and still waited more than an hour. I was expecting that but a scheduled oil change fluid top off and tire rotation shouldn't take that long.  If I didn't have an appointment I would have expected to be there that long but with an appointment and arriving 10 mins early that needs to be improved.  Overall good experience staff was friendly and well mannered and were up front and personable.

Dianne J. | 2014-11-21

SO HAPPY!! So I needed to change my car but I have horrible credit and no $$$. I had my eye on a 2015 Honda Civic EX-L with Navigation. The dash in this car is just beautiful, almost 3D like. So I tried this thing called and dealers respond to you with their best prices. South Motors Honda was the lowest of all. But despite that I still shopped around. Needless to say that with my Champagne Taste and Beer Budget, the other dealers practically ran me off their lots. But not at South Motors!! Rafael Abreu in the Internet Department was the first contact. He was professional and attentive and met with me in person and told me he knew they could help me. Jose let me test drive the car and showed me some the of great features I already knew about but had yet to experience live. Then Elcris Matias, the director made everything happen. When I tell you that I got the car EXACTLY how I wanted with all the tech stuff, NAVI, beautiful rims, black leather interior and for almost $2,000 UNDER MSRP. I am still in shock. What I paid out the door was what most of the dealers were pricing the car at BEFORE taxes and all that! Oh and the deal was done so fast! I didn't have to play the back and forth game with them. I asked for what I was looking for and they said YES! Then in the financing department, the person there (Jerry it might have been, I'm telling you it was that fast I didn't catch his name) had all the papers ready for me to just sign and go get my beautifully washed and waxed car. I must mention that I had the pleasure of being showed all of the fun stuff my car can do my Jody Sinanan. He was patient and went over all of my tech gadgets and helped me set up my connections. I could tell he really loved the car and enjoyed showing me all of these things. I have never been happier not just with the car but with the experience I had at South Motors Honda. I think I'll go frame my contract now! Thank you to all of you who helped me get the car I really wanted for a price that others can only hope for!

Judy B. | 2014-11-04

Car still needs repair on broken latch on seat that was that way since I bought it. Hurts my wrist, can't put seat down. Still covered under warranty, they don't call back but still solicit me with ads to buy from them. Dislike their negative attitude, next car VW, driving all the way to Fl City Honda dealership to have repaired while under extended warranty, that I paid extra for and never used. They treat high end cars better based on the reviews. Lost our business for good.

Jose G. | 2014-10-14

On October 8th I brought my car in at 9:59am for a simple oil change and left after 1:30pm! That's over 3  1/2 hours I was sitting in the waiting area for something that should not have taken more than 30 minutes - and that's even excessive! And let me reiterate again it was a Wednesday (and not a Saturday when I assume they are busier).  
Apparently bringing my car in for an oil change was less of a priority to them! To anyone's standards or level of acceptance, the amount of time that I was there for an oil change should be considered a joke and definitely not an acceptable amount of time for such a simple and routine service. But what's more inexcusable is that after the service was complete and paid for, it took 30-45 minutes to retrieve my car!
Apparently the service advisor never brought my keys to the office - I had to personally go remind him that he was still holding onto my keys. Then, in the sad comedy of errors which followed, the receptionist didn't expedite the process by giving my keys to the valet. After complaining about the situation that had ensued, once my keys were handed off, they couldn't find my car. Who loses a car?
By this time I was livid! And to add insult to injury, after waiting several more minutes to reclaim my car, all the while thinking that perhaps they were washing it and shining my tires at some sort of attempt to reconcile and apologize for their responsibility, when my car did screech around the pick-up location it was NOT washed at all!
I was so upset by the situation and shocked at everything that had occurred that I left South Motors without having the issue resolved at the precise moment. And honestly, at this point, the mere mention of "South Motors" has more than left a bad taste in my mouth. The customer service at that location over the years has fallen to the wayside and become more than deplorable!
And to top everything off, instead of receiving a letter of apology, the manager sends me an email suggesting that when it's time to upgrade my car that I come back and they'll reward me for my loyalty (Yeah, with a bill!).  Their implication of purchasing another car at South Motors is definitely NOT a consideration I even would even think about at this moment, NOR is returning to their service department!

Odele G. | 2014-09-25

The best car buying experience.... My sales man was Jorge Garcia, he was very helpful with picking out my accord and with helping get me all set-up. Jerry is financing made everything clear and effortless... If you are looking for a Honda and want an experience from days gone by, go to South Honda....

Yadel G. | 2014-09-10

Amazing customer service of my BMW Z4. It exceeded all my expectations and more. I was called with updates on my car each day. I was provided with a upgrade on my rental....Mustang GT Convertible. Even replaced two items on my car which were not covered under factory warranty at no cost. I would highly recommend to is see Tony in service department at Cutler Ridge BMW.

Robert H. | 2014-08-20

Miami's worst dealership we got 2 cars a pilot and a civic   I turned in my Acura lease paid them the extra miles  , on the contract they used it as a down payment and I had to pay two times for them the extra mile on car.
Manager or finance department will not answer or reply my calls when I went to see them it was too late there is nothing they can do sorry your screw that was there reply in simple words.
Will never return or promote dealer I'll tell the disappointing story to every one every chance I get. Bunch of crooks.

Matthew G. | 2014-08-14

If you have any other option besides this place, do not come here!  My one year-old car started having issues with the AC, so I made an appointment to bring it in around 3:00pm. They didn't bother to tell me in the phone that they wouldn't be able to diagnose the problem that day. They told me my best bet would be to come the following day (Saturday) in the morning so they could diagnose it. So I did that. They told me when I arrived that they don't do ANY diagnostics on Saturdays, so I would need to come back. I came back in for the THIRD time on Monday and left my car.

They ended up keeping my car until FRIDAY because they said they couldn't reproduce the problem. Finally they said they had it fixed. I went to pick up my car, and found that they had chipped some paint of the passenger door handle and left me with NO gas (I dropped it off with 1/4 tank). I tried to speak to a manager about these things but the manager wasn't there, so I just left.

I drove it around for a few days only to find out that they did NOT fix the problem. So I brought it back and told them I needed them to fix it and that I would need some transportation. They told me my only option was to pay $30/day for a rental.

So I left and went to Braman Honda. They were MUCH nicer to me and at least offered me shuttle service. They even washed my car when all was said and done. So if you have any choice, go to BRAMAN HONDA. Not South Motors.

Jose P. | 2014-03-27

If I could give this place a negative -5  i would but for now the review must do. I came to this dealership about two months ago looking for a working car to keep the miles low on  my bmw. OK so I pull up to the front parking of the building overlooking the main door in my 2012 bmw m3 and the people just stay there staring at me, may a mention that the place was completely empty the salesman where just talking to each other. so I vet out my car start looking for a accord to buy the same day cash but still I was there for one hour walking around testing  the cars and no one would help me out or tell me the specs of the car. even though I knew but the simple fact that they saw I was young and had a bmw they assumed that I wasn't going  trade in my bmw . which was true I was going to buy a accord Cash  but the fact that they look down on you if you don't seem like your dying for the car. horrible service horrible dealer if you can drive and go to a dealer up north at least the sales men up north pretend to care

Michael M. | 2014-01-30

I bought a used car here.  The price that I was told did not turn out to be the final price.  I put down a deposit; and, then when I returned the price that I was told jumped up over a thousand dollars higher on the official documents.

Oh, and, what's worse is I was very clear about what I could and could not afford.  I'm now in a bad spot trying to pay for this car - I have to ask for more hours at work, if nothing else.

That said, if you go here and you feel like these guys aren't being straight forward with you understand that it is not their fault.  They are just trying to survive, like so many of us.

All that said, I have had worse experiences with car sales.  Independent used car lots and individual resellers have tried to do me so much worse than I felt like I was being treated here.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up going back there. I'll just be a lot harsher and a lot more careful.

Mya G. | 2013-12-30

DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING FROM THESE PEOPLE OR BUYING A HONDA IN GENERAL.   This company does not believe in customer servce as competitors Toyota, GMC, Cadillac,  etc.   They think their product is all that, but have you driven the competition lately.   Honda is still back in the 80's.  As other reviewers have said run the other way.   Sales people make you feel like it's a first class organization, but don't be fooled.  It's only because you're lining their pockets.   If you ever have any issues the response you will receive are "if you ever need a car call me"  No customer service,   the service center is one of the worst in the Miami area. We had lease and when it was time to turn in the car.  The car was spotless, no accidents, not even dings on the doors as with other cars.  The inspector got on hishands and knees to point out a small bump which is barely discernable.   They wanted $1,000 to fix it and got 3 quotes for under $350.   BUYER/LEASER beware. It's worth the drive to Williamson were customer service is their top priority.   Last Honda ever for me !!!!   Good luck.

Olga D. | 2013-10-07

I leased an Accord from them 3 years ago.  That was a fiasco.... they gave me one price and when I'm signing the contract they give me that "oh by the way, its gonna be $30 more per month" which isn't a lot per month but it adds up.  Walked out, had them chase me to my car at which point they agreed to their original price.  Should've run for my life.

Fast forward to present.  My lease is up.  I did not get another car from them, but since I did not get another Honda, the car has to be returned to them.  I call to see about returning the car, they tell me any day before 6.  Sounds great.  I go Saturday, apparently Saturday isn't considered a day because they don't take back leases on Saturdays.  I speak with a manager who tells me I need to make an appointment abut they are flexible and they can make it up to 7:30pm if I need to.  I'm annoyed but OK.  Monday morning I have to call 10 times, and leave 4 messages before I can actually speak to the person who does returns (mind you she never called back, it was me calling her) and she informs me that she does not stay past 5.   NEVER doing business with them again.  Worst experience, terrible service, shady people.

Jackie P. | 2013-09-16

I bought a Crosstour here a year and 8 months ago.  The experience with my sales guy (Jose) was great.  He was very pleasant and helpful.  However, once the sale was done and I started to go in for routine service the problems started.  First off, I purchased the Service package and was very clear that I did not want to have to pay for anything or deal with any surprise bills when I came in so to be sure that add a service package that would cover everything.  Supposedly they did, though on my first visit for service they tried to charge me over $200 for who knows what, I fought it and they removed the charges.  When I arrived I also asked that they was the car, when they brought it out it was still dirty and when I asked why they said that they took it through a drive thru car wash but to do an actual wash it is $35!  I was so upset, I told the girl if she had told me that I would have paid it so they would just do it but that I was not about to sit there and wait another hour and a half just for that!! Each time I went in it was the same thing, always a fight always an issue.  The last time I went in I called ahead to request that the shuttle drop me somewhere that was 5 minutes away and the girl said yes, he is here waiting for you.  I get there and am made to wait over an hour for the shuttle to show up, he came to me and said he was at lunch (why was I told to come in at that time then?!) and asked if I still wanted a ride.  I asked how much longer my car would take and was told 15 minutes so I told him no, at that point I may as well just wait.  An HOUR later my car was ready. Needless to say, I just bought a new car it is not a Honda!
WARNING you may have a good buying experience her but do not get your car serviced here!!!

Angel M. | 2013-09-13

I leased my Honda with these guys back in 2010. It was time for a new lease and after doing tons of online research and test drives, I wanted to come back to South Motors and be shown a bit of appreciation for my loyalty. Didn't happen! I had contacted their internet manager, Rupert Garcia, who would reply to me in short, incomplete sentences; very unprofessional! After contacting other dealers for their best quotes, I came into their office with the email offer from a competitor to see if they would beat it or even match it. I made sure I had all the details and was very thorough in my search for all the final surprises to be had. South Motors didn't even try to negotiate any sort of deals with me. They said they just couldn't make the deal. I was ready to take the car I wanted on the spot that day. They kept passing the buck to their "manager" who was nowhere to be found, saying he would not budge. I left, drove up to Pompano at Hendrick Honda, where they not only honored the email, they actually beat it!! It was a bit of a drive (over an hour on the highway from where I live), but well worth it. I don't think I'll come back to South Motors, despite being the closest dealer to my house.

Silvia B. | 2013-04-03

I had a really bad experience with the service department they are out for your money regardless of your needs  knowbody can help except the secratary very sweet girl, i have a honda 2007 CRV.  I recieved alot better service on the phone and in person in BRICKELL HONDA DONT GO TO SOUTH MOTORS DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY GO TO BRICKELL HONDA FOR ANY OF YOUR SERVICE NEEDS!!!!!

Jamie S. | 2013-02-13

I was shopping for a car a few years back as my lease was almost up. I came to South Motors in search of an Accord. I spoke with Moe and he was very helpful. I wanted to continue to shop around at other dealers. Moe was OK with that. He wasn't pushy or mean. All he said was "Shop around but before you buy somewhere else, give me a chance to give you an offer." I was impressed by his calm, cool, collected not like other car salesman. Most don't even let you leave without putting up a fight.

Long story short and other dealer visits later, I return here a week later and left with an Accord. Best part was that he remembered me by name. To this day, whenever I've come for service, he's remembered me. He even asked for my mom and my friend that came with me that day, by name. If that's not the right way to sell cars, I don't know what is. Thanks Moe!

Shanna W. | 2013-02-09

live in Ft. Lauderdale and I bought my car here at this location which is 52 mins from my house. Sales Jose Fernandez was amazing and this is my first car purchase. Thank you

Risa B. | 2013-01-22

I had a great sales rep, Guierrmo, couldn't have been nicer or more professional sales guy. But the buck stops there. Unfortunately the deal couldn't go through and I needed to get my money back. I was promised at 11am I would be refunded by the end of the day, the money I had put down on the car the previous night. When I realized at 7pm the credit hadn't been process I called. I first spoke with a gentleman, who was not familiar with my case. He was rude and yelled at me when I insisted on getting my money back, that was promised to me. Then the man who had run my debit card the previous night when we thought the deal was on, Sisi, was next to him. He was familiar with my case, so he was handed the phone. He was nothing but rude and unprofessional. He went as far to insult me over the phone, told me I inconvenienced him (making him do his job), then hung up on me. Totally unprofessional. Says a lot for a company who has this caliber of people working for them. This type of unprofessionalism and ghettoness, is no way to talk to anyone much less a woman and client.
I have purchased many Honda's before, one here at South Motors but I've learned my lesson. You want a good sales experience with Honda go to Rick Case Honda. It's a bit of a drive but Rick Case Honda wouldn't have that. They kick that type of trash out where is belongs, and I guess they all end up here at South Motors.

Alison M. | 2012-02-17

This review is for the service dept. Their prices are pretty competitive especially if they have specials. Make sure you ask before you agree to pay more and check the website. I got a new timing belt package there for a good $300 less then 2 other places quoted me. I also believe that they are honest and don't push unnecessary service. It's hard to be that stoked when you have to shell out almost $1,000 bucks to keep your car alive, but South Motors Honda deserves 4 stars. They work fast and do quality work. Some other good things: the waiting room is nice and clean, there's TV, wifi, free coffee and a complementary shuttle.

Carolyn D. | 2011-10-25

Car shopping = my new least favorite activity.

This was our first stop. We were greeted at the door with 2 employees throwing fists at each other. We almost walked out.

We worked with a salesman who had a good attitude and was decently helpful, for the rookie that he was. After test driving the first car of the day, a civic, we got a price estimate and went on our merry way.

We were immediately called back by the manager who said to come by later to see if he could price match what we found at other dealerships.

We came back at the end of the day and he could not get the color we wanted or the price we wanted. I would say it was a waste of time, except we had fun talking to the manager and he offered my husband a job because of his good sales techniques!  

As a side note: neither of the employees were even reprimanded for the fighting. When we came back the second time the manager apologized, but basically said that they are" just like that."

Michelle C. | 2010-11-05

My father was rooting for an Odyssey the whole time, my husband was rooting for pretty much anything but a minivan.

Since I was being pulled in different directions, I decided that I needed to sit and try out all vehicles with 3rd row seating. I went to Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, VW & Mazda. Sometimes I was looking at SUVs, sometimes Mini-vans and sometimes "crossovers" (think pussified SUV. Looks like an SUV, but can't tow shit because it's on a car chassis not a pick-up chassis so it has a nicer ride.)

Everything is in the same price range, of $30,000. After climbing into 3rd rows to check how much adult leg room, seeing what child friendly (and mom friendly) accessories there were, how well everything flipped and folded to make the most of the room and storage, my definite final answer was the all new 2011 Honda Odyssey.

Learned a lot about car dealers in all this looking around.

1) Ladies, look by yourself. You don't get hassled when you don't have a husband or father with you. Totally play off their stereotypes (cause' obviously a little lady can't be serious about a vehicle until she has a man with her to pay.) Salesmen will politely assist you without making you sit down fill out contact info or any such bullshit.

2) Not all car dealerships, even within the same brand, are the same.
My husband, father, and I visited this dealership many times in my comparison shopping, separately and together, and they were always polite and helpful without being annoying. Seriously, they should start giving lessons to other dealerships.

They have great inventory. It makes it easy to figure out what you want when you compare the 3 different levels because they are parked next to each other. Hop in and out and figure out what options you like.

My old car being a Honda Fit, I used to come here all the time for service. Quick and professional.

I can whole heartedly recommend this dealership.

Florence Y. | 2009-07-15

I had to give them 3 stars because they tried to rip me off for an alternator and brake line job..(like most dealers would)...but they did provide me with pretty good service.

Day 1: Went in for a CEL...diagnosed it the same way Autozone did. The job was $500...I agreed and grumbled under my breath.

Day 1 evening: Called me to say my car will be kept overnight cuz the car was STILL jerking after all the work was done.

Day 2: Alternator needs to be replaced, and so does the brake line. They offered to do the alternator for free since it should have been caught on Day 1. That was very nice of them.

Day 2 afternoon: Picked up my car...ranted about how I wouldn't have spent $500 if I knew I need to spend $2500 for the brake line. Service advisor was extremely sweet and offered me a great deal: take the car as is and we won't charge you for Day 1 work...except for diagnostic fees of $92. I took the deal.

Day 3: 2nd opinion to fix alternator and brake line...$640.

Bottom line: They tried to rip me ALL dealers do..but they were also fairly kind and reasonable.

My service advisor was Fernando A. Very nice guy, even called Enterprise for me to check car rental rates. If I ever were to go back to Honda, I will look him up.

Shuttle service to/from work or home, supposedly 10 miles radius
Motor cafe at the dealer looks blah. Try at your own risk.

Chris C. | 2009-06-17

We have bought three cars from here, and each time went very well.

They understand that selling the car is the important part and are willing to work with you on pricing.

The last car we bought from they is an Element, we told them the price we wanted (a few thousand under sticker) and we were signing papers.

They also have a great service department. We have brought my sister's car here a few times for oil changes, everything went quick and easy.

While I'd rather be buy a vette, when I have to go to Honda, this is the only dealer for us.