South Motors BMW in Miami, FL

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South Motors BMW is a Miami Florida car dealership offering new BMW and MINI sales, BMW Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and used car sales, and Factory Authorized Automotive Service seven days a week.

We know that finding that perfectly configured BMW can be difficult, which is why we have one of the largest selections in South Florida. For those of you that already have BMWs, our certified technicians in our service bays know your BMW best, and you can trust them to fix or service it right the first time. With Genuine BMW Parts, the most advanced diagnostic and repair tools, and years of experience, our service staff is trained to get you quickly back on the road.

South Motors BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 256-2200
Address:16215 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL, 33157
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on South Motors BMW

Marlene R. | 2015-04-22

South Motors Finance is horrible. I will not go back ever.
The Finance Department are very unprofessional and they treated me with disrespect. They used inappropriate language and I have reported this incident to BMW North America. Both Finance Managers Michael Rodda and Angel Acosta were examples of bad customer service.
Stay away from this dealer as they employee bad managers.

The only reason I posted 1 star is because you can't post on Yelp without the minimum star which is 1.

Trevor M. | 2015-03-11

Not a good reflection on such a great car company. When you drive a luxury car you come to expect a higher quality of service. My experiences at South Motors BMW has been consistently disappointing over the years. Honestly, the only reason I come here is convenience, which I have decided is not worth it anymore. From the time you buy a car to your regular appointments, its just one let down after another. After buying my first BMW I came back to trade up... I walked in with my mom to look around; after awhile it was noticeable that the sales reps were ignoring us or all on break at the same time.  It came to the point that we had to ask the receptionist if anyone was working. Maybe we didn't look like we were supposed to be there? Needles to say I was offended. When we were finally introduced to a sales rep, he wasn't able to close the deal, making the experience no better. Thank God for Ira, the salesman that closed the deal. After then, I have been back several times for service appointments. One of the best things about owning a BMW is free services for the life of the warranty. Problem with South Motors is, they do as little as possible! If you schedule a break change, and they notice your horn doesn't work, you will get your car back with new brakes and a horn that still doesn't work! I have noticed that there are a lot of new people working there and the internal and external complaints just keep mounting. As a customer of 6 years, its very clear where the problem is... MANAGEMENT!! There are a few really good people working here, that deserve some credit. They have lost me as a customer, but for the sake of my favorite car brand, I hope they get it together.

Becky A. | 2015-02-26

Doesn't even deserve a star but oh well. Service dept is a disaster and your bill will be a ridiculous amount. Don't be surprised to find things undone/unchecked to your car. It's been 4 years of disappointment with this place.

Took my mini since it malfunctioned and shut down on me, paid over $1,000 in service and two days later my battery died along w other problems. Great right? Try going elsewhere.

Karla S. | 2014-12-29

MINI ...

I have to update this SOLELY based on their finance team. This is seriously getting ridiculous and on my last nerve.

Sales and the genius techs there are absolutely wonderful. I could not say more good things about them and are the only reason I am giving the extra star.... but BEWARE for their finance department. I have had nothing but a sour taste in my mouth with their finance department and I've had my car less than two months.

I have a three year lease and I can already sense I would not do business with them again (even though I absolutely love the car) solely based on their finance department thus far. Since I walked in through those doors on day 1 they've dropped the ball a few times...

Now I'm having to hound my 63 year old mother who lives in South America taking care of my 90 year old grandmother!!!! for a damn document they desperately need thanks to their big time screw up. My mom was the main person on my title and they noticed that AFTER the fact..

Now my poor mom is running around while taking care of my elderly grandmother to try and send them back a document that they a) SENT OUT LATE and B) SENT TO HER STAINED and almost couldn't get notarized!! It is NOT right to have to put my mom through this mess and even worse --  is incredibly unprofessional to now have to be pressured to get this done within the next three days when they're the ones who sent it late and screwed up to begin with.

On top of all of this --  on my first day there during my lease contract, my finance person (who is no longer employed there) was a complete liar and used tactics to scare me into buying a policy I later cancelled. Get your finance department together please!

Mary P. | 2014-12-20

Horrible, horrible!  I actually have bought two BMWs here, not because they were a better dealership than competitor, but because they are close to my home.  Yes,  they do give loaner cars, which is possibly the only positive point. When I went to pick up my new 2015 X3, there was a scratch on the back of it. Silly me, I told them that as long as they fixed it so it looked like new I was ok with it. (As you can see, I am pretty tolerant). They did and the car looked fine. When I took my car in for the first interval service, I told the advisor that I was having problems with the computer. It had crashed three times in the past month. After having the car for 10 days, they finally returned the car. They replaced the computer and other things including the satellite radio (which had nothing wrong with it in the first place).  At the time of writing this, I have now made 10 phone calls, sent several emails (including to BMW North America)  repeated the story over and over ad nauseum and still have no functioning satellite radio. Having purchased the car new, I was supposed to have one year trial service, which I had in the working radio (which they removed from the car). When I called Sirius, I was told the dealer would have to call. It has now been 10 days since I picked up my car from the service department and am still trying to have the radio activated.  All this for something that should have been done while the car was still in their service department.

Dania M. | 2014-12-03

I don't see how anyone can complain about BMW's customer service....I mean they give you a loaner for a 3 hour oil change! Best part is service is included with your purchase or lease! I'm not complaining...I appreciate you BMW!

Maria P. | 2014-09-07

Be cautious when signing the financing contract in this dealer . In my horrible experience with them I financed a car for five years to later be told I have a so called "balloon payment" of $16,900 and I had to refinance my car for another five years. This wasnt never talked about in the negotiation we had the day of purchased . I was very disappointed because they have such good reputation and who would expect this from a high quality company .. Just be very careful and read everything before signing anything because this is what they usually do .

K T. | 2014-08-02

Received the best customer service from JANO!!! If you are looking for a used BMW and need a sales representative, I would highly recommend him.  If you care to hear my experience keep reading. If not, stop here.

I was interested in a used BMW, after searching around I didn't see anything I wanted.  Finally, a vehicle that I liked came up in my search so I decided to call South Motors BMW to see the car.  Jano answered (client advisor) however; the vehicle was no longer available. I was disappointed and decided to continue my search.

The next morning I received a follow-up call from Jano, needless to say, I ended up at the dealership. Jano worked with me and was willing to show me as many cars as I wanted to see with no hesitation.  I was even ready to leave because finding the perfect car for me was too over whelming, yet Jano always suggested that if there were other vehicles that I saw and/or liked that I could take it for a test drive.  We test drove and looked at so many vehicles over and over in the heat and not once did Jano's composure change.  

Finally, I was exhausted and told Jano that I was going to leave and search another time but Jano insisted that I pick any car on the lot (in my budget) and he would help to get me a good deal.  He did exactly that and I drove off the lot in my new BMW 5-series.  Because of the upgrade I was not too familiar with some of the advanced features of the  car so before I drove off he gave me a full tutorial of every feature and also suggested that if I had any questions or problems to give him a call.

Two days later Jano called me to make sure everything was running smoothly with the car and that I had everything figured out.  

Thank you JANO!! In my opinion he represents the epitome of what a great salesman should be.  I never felt pushed or swayed, I was only given options after other options failed.  To include this wasn't my first time talking to a South Motors BMW salesman who previously treated me as if he didn't want to waste his time... but thats another story.

Clay A. | 2014-07-18

I purchased a used 2014 Jeep Grand Cherockee here with 2600 miles in July 2014.  I had a great purchase experience here and Francesco, the sales person, was very helpful.   I researched for weeks to find the best deal, and  I paid less than Kelley Blue Book trade-In value at South Motors BMW.  I get the impression that  they are eager to move non-BMW cars off their lot and seem to offer pretty good deals to move them quickly.  I am very satisfied with my purchase and had a very good experience here.

Nataly D. | 2014-07-17

Their service department is the APOTHEOSIS (yes a big word but its use is warranted here) of why you should NEVER take your car to a dealership for service. $160/hr for labor is criminal especially when there isn't any "labor" involved. (I needed a new battery but my trunk couldn't open so they supposedly took 5 days to open it and charged me 3 hours of labor. Did they spread the labor over the 5 days?!? That's 13 minutes a day they worked on my car if you do the math.) After forking over the $480 to open the trunk, they had the audacity to try and charge me $468 for the new battery, $80 to put it in, oh and while my pocketbook was still open, an inexplicable oil change for the "special low price" (yes, their words) of $283 after I refused the new battery. There must be a special school to breed "servicemen" who can work there and sleep comfortably at night after the daily extortion emanating from this place. The following is what actually came out of Service Manager Danny Davila's mouth after quoting me those ridiculous prices: "if you buy a BMW you must expect to pay BMW prices". He might as well told me since I have blood he has the right to make me bleed. Avoid this racket like the rat that started the bubonic plague.

P.S. If anyone is willing to picket in front of this place, I'll bring the pitchforks and torches.

Sunem N. | 2014-07-12

Took my car in for service. Instead of having to wait 3 hours there was given a loaner car. Got to try out a different model and run my errands around the area. Got a call when my car was ready, got my receipt at the cashier and got my car back washed and serviced. Best part of BMW is having all the service included without having to pay anything extra.

Enri G. | 2014-06-28

Got a car here a few years back, used so called certified. .. finally sold it and hot an upgrade on both service and dealership.... got an acura... mdx.... for some reason everything I drive on us1 and 160 Sr I feel life I'm being robbed.... oh wait it's cause south motors bmw is there... untrustworthy,  lies lies lies at closing.

Carlo G. | 2014-05-04

Custom ordered a 2014 328i Luxury Line. Pedro Cañas made sure that I was satisfied with my purchase and that the car was presented properly. Months later, I realized the wood trim was chipped but didn't notice. Went to service where the first service guy told me it was cosmetic and that I had to pay. Unhappy, I wrote to BMW of NA. The next week, I got a call from the dealer telling me to bring the car in. Francisco Esteves and Pedro Cañas worked with me to resolve the problem, a new part was ordered and installed free of charge. Both Pedro and Francisco really showed great customer service and were dedicated to my satisfaction. Showroom is super clean and shiny with premium cars, store has everything from floor mats to key covers.  Great guys and great car. Thank you.

Jackie S. | 2014-04-03

No one likes buying a car. However, my experience here was awesome. I returned my lease here and got a new car and the transition was great. Robert Moring was my salesman and he was great I spoke to him a couple of times on the phone and via email during the entire process. I had to wait for my car to arrive so kept me in the loop. This place is very competitive!

Carolina M. | 2014-03-28

This is the worst place ever. I dropped off my car to be evaluated they called me 2 days later to tell me they could not find anything wrong even though the check engine light was on. So I insisted they hold on to it and keep testing it. Finally an additional 2 days later they call me and tell me that they finally found what was wrong and I needed a new battery and alternator. They then told me my car was ready when I showed up to pick it up it took me 2 hours to pay just to be told my car is actually not ready.... Oooooops! So I wasted my morning and missed a day of work for nothing. Finally 2 days later I pick up my car only to have the exact same problem less than 24 hours later. I then took the car to Brahman mini and they told me they totally misdiagnosed the car and whatever technician looked at it here must have been "blind" to not see the problem since
It was a corroded ignition coil which is fairly cheap and simple to fix. Yet I paid over a grand to get my batter and alternator replaced. When I called mini south motors to explain that I had to go to the other mini because my car nearly broke down in the middle of the road they told me I need to tow it to them or else they can't do anything about it and they may not even cover my towing expenses. I missed a day of work to get the car to them and now I am waiting in the lobby next to a snoring smelling huge man. Seriously this place sucks. And they better give me the money back I spent on replacing something that was not the problem to begin with.

Luiz B. | 2014-01-07

Simply put, not on par with the BMW brand. Had three cars from there and from sales to service, very disappointing. Repar shop is unprepared to deal with the technology and the sales department wants to sell a car like selling a pair of shoes.

Alex S. | 2013-11-23

Horrible place... Super slow service, crappy car washes, and ppl working there have the worst manners

Ive been here 3 times and im done... I will drive extra next time and give braman a try

Ann F. | 2013-10-28

I made the drive from WPB to Miami to take my chances on getting a car here. Robert was personable and friendly. Showed me the cars based on my preferences. They gave me exactly what I wanted on my trade and hooked me up with a car that was better than I expected. He literally spent several hours helping me get what I want and answering my questions. A+ for patience in putting up with me! Had to dock a star for the finance department. They won't return calls. But overall good experience. I wouldn't come here for maintenance just because it's so far, but I would return if I needed to purchase another vehicle.

Stephen G. | 2013-10-21

Ya, left message next day, but, no return call.  I found and bought a car at EU Motorsports.  Month later a customer service manager called me, I told him that he needs to get a new used car manager that wants to sell cars.

TamEra M. | 2013-07-10

My check in guy for service is cool. It's the others that annoy me and make me upset.

You would think that u have a pretty expensive vehicle and paying to take care of it is costly that the service would be more efficient.

First off, u never get ur car back at the time or day they tell u. I understand about ordering parts and stuff and that takes time, but don't guarantee it bcuz when u guarantee something to me it's ur word and I'm sticking to it. Also, I recently took my car in for new tires, alignment and fluid check to go out of town and how in the heck u put my tires and align them but don't balance them?! It comes w the purchase of new tires and it wasn't done!

Further more they did not ck my fluids bcu when I was half way to my destination my oil light came on saying I was low! Ugh !  

This place suck major German balls! The receptionists are clueless and too busy txn on their phones. BMW needs to tighten up for real!

Hesham E. | 2013-04-12

I purchased my BMW from Robert Moring and had a great experience! Robert was very polite and professional thru the whole process; I never felt pressure to buy at any point. After test driving, playing with the online configurator, I went home to sleep on it. A few days later I called Rob to order the car. He kept me updated the whole way through on the status of my order. When I picked up, I was in and out!

I had such a great experience, I returned with my fianceé to purchase a new MINI. That was just as easy!

Bruno P. | 2013-04-11

I don't even understand how an oil change can take 4 hours 10 minutes. The service on this dealer ship is awful, either they need to hire more people, and do something because they are selling tons of cars

Oscar A. | 2013-03-12

The worst service dealership experience EVER. I took my 08 BMW for a recall service. My appointment was at 8:30am but being that I work nightshift and got out at 6 am, I got home showered quick then went to the South Motors a quarter to 7am. I finally saw the service rep at 7:30am and ask him how long the service was going to take. He told me an hour to an hour and a half in which I also explained to him that I had just got out of a 12 hr workshift. After 1 1/2 hours the service rep told me that they did not have the part so my car had to stay at the dealership. That got me pretty upset since the rep should have known beforehand that they did not have the part. The rep thereafter rented me a car, not a loaner cause they did not have any according to them, and that it would be 20 mins that they would come get me to give me the rental. The 20 mins ended up being an 90 minutes and furthermore the car that they gave me for a rental was a crappy one. On that day, I had arrived at my house at 12 noon losing a lot of sleep knowing that I had to go to work at 6 pm that day.

On Saturday my vehicle was supposedly ready and upon recieving my vehicle the iDrive/Navigation was not working at all so I had to leave the car for another few days. Good thing for them I returned the crappy car I was given as a rental and was given a brand new 2013 BMW 1 series as a loaner. At that point I'd give them some credit but still utterly upset at the service.

A few days after, on a Tuesday, which is today as I continue with this review, I was told to puck up my vehicle upon receiving the call that it was ready. I received my vehicle 25 minutes after arriving as I was in a rush to get to work.

In conclusion, I would give this dealership a -5 stars if there is such a thing. The service was indeed terrible if not worse than that. The service reps need major improvement in building rapport and maintaining customers informed on what's going on in terms of service with customers vehicles. To say that the day I arrived there and was talking to a MINI sales rep in purchasing a MINI Countryman S John Cooper Works model and to look at the service that I have experienced that time I was there completely turned me off into buying a vehicle from that dealership. The women that work at that dealership, the majority are beautiful but are somewhat stuck up and care more about texting on their smartphones and raving about gossip than offering great quality customer service. Hope this review helps anybody and everybody who are thinking about purchasing a vehicle from South BMW/MINI

Dave D. | 2012-10-02

I brought a car here to have a pre-buyer inspection performed. The service technician really spent a lot of time answering my questions about BMW maintenance and costs to get repairs done if I were to purchase the car from the private owner. In the end I did not buy the car I was having an inspection done, but their service was worth the money, despite the very high hourly rate ($160 / hr.  Sep. 2012).

Tasha D. | 2012-09-10

Horrible customer service, the ladies at the front desk are more concerned about their iPhone texting than helping you. If you don't have an appointment, expect to wait very long hours or don't even bother coming in. I waited for 5 and a half hours, only for them to say they didn't do anything to service my car and just "checked it out". Didn't even have a rental car available after they requested to keep the car overnight. The coffee machine had ants crawling on it, and the bathrooms were questionable. In addition to the rudeness, the staff loudly discuss their party plans while using foul and crude language. Avoid this dealership if you can. Very unprofessional, and won't even offer you a customer satisfaction survey like other dealerships-which proves that even THEY know how bad it is.

Bruce K. | 2012-03-19

I got dragged to help a friend turn back his leased Beemer and pick up a new one. He couldn't stop raving about what a great job these South Motors folks were doing and how they cut him a fantastic deal on his new car. Which oddly is exactly the same model as his old car, just three years newer.

But we can't review businesses that we haven't personally visited on Yelp, so I'll get to the personal part. Since there were some paperwork issues to be dealt with, I had two hours to wander the showroom (which includes the attached Mini folks), sit in some VERY overpriced cars and get accosted by some super polite sales guys. Let me tell you - if I wanted to spend $50k or more on a set of wheels, this is the place I would go. No hassle, no pain, just a bunch of really nice guys who know their product and want to get you into it.

And when I wasn't talking to a sales guy or checking to see how well my butt fits in a new car (the Mini is too Mini, but the 5 series is nice), they have free wifi and there are a couple of computers available if you want to turn your kids loose on the Internet while you negotiate. Also a TV (looped Kung Fu Panda) and a free coffee machine.

No, I didn't drive away in a new car. Cars just don't mean that much to me and there's just no bleeping way that I would ever spend this kind of money on a vehicle. Put gas in 'em, change the oil every few thousand miles and drive it until the doors fall off. I have a used Pontiac that I got at Carmax. I don't need German engineering, even if it is the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Ed's B. | 2012-03-05

This place is complete garbage. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.
Hope that you BMW does not need service because these people are thieves.
Their primary concern is upselling you service. I had a BMW and leased a Mini for my wife. It's unbelievable to me how they are mutilating the BMW reputation..
Do yourself a favor .... Go elsewhere. It's a shame but unfortunately true.
The sales department isn't that hot either. If the management cared they would realize that the service department directly affects return customer sales...

Mark L. | 2012-02-10

South Motors BMW (Miami, FL): Earns Failing Grade from Better Business Bureau!…

Carlos G. | 2011-05-21

Quite possibly the worst service department I have ever visited. Here's my story: I recently bought a new 2011 Mini Copper for my daughter. After a month, the plastic cover on the sun visor broke off. I setup appt at South Motors to replace, and after dropping off car, waited 2 hours to be told the part needed to be ordered. OK, so weeks go by, and no response to the part, until I get a survey a month later and I kill them on it. Within an hour someone calls me apologizing, to let me know the person that was supposed to order the part quit, and didn't place my order (??!!). By now I'm thinking this place is a little disorganized, but no worries. I make a follow-up appt and arrive to get the new visor installed. Now a new service advisor comes to me to tell me the cost is $130 for the part and installation. When I ask why I would need to pay anything, hios response is "broken parts are covered under warranty". Now I'm really pissed, and I tell him to just give me my car back. I figure I'll write a letter to them and complain later. By now I've wasted 2 mornings, and nothing's been done. Finally when I go get the car, I'm told the key's been "misplaced". After another hour, I'm told it was put in another customer's car, so they need to go pick it up. Long story short - it took me 3 hours to get my car, and no visor replaced.


J C. | 2010-12-28

Very nice people & trustworthy! Will always come here while im in MIAMI!

Eliza T. | 2010-09-20

If i could give them zero stars I would-

I've been their twice and my second time was the worst of all.  My car was towed there not by choice and sat for two days before I called and had them look for it.  No one would return my phone calls, not even the service manager.  Upon completion I show up and the girl asked me if I was here to pick up my 2001 bmw.  Yes, the 2001 that I totaled 3 years ago and have not had in for service in 4 years, YOU GOT IT!  I corrected her politely that I needed my 2008 while her coworker interrupted our conversation for some topcoat the nails she was painting.  I cannot make this stuff up!

They did not go over the invoice with me, I'm lucky I understood everything on my own.  I got outside to get the car and they asked me to wait because it was not washed.  I informed him the car was ready yesterday and asked what have they done with it for the last 24 hours?

A disaster is an understatement- I do not know how they are still in business.

Adriana S. | 2010-06-28

I visited BMW South while I was visiting other car dealerships in the area searching for a new vehicle. I test drove and began negotiations with Carlos Dieseldorff, Sales Representative, for the purchase of a 128 series. After negotiating, I advised Mr. Dieseldorff that I still was not sure if I wanted to take the car. He then suggested I take the car for the day as a loaner. There would be no cost and I can return the next day without any obligation. I agreed to take the car and signed a Borrowed Vehicle agreement and provided them with my credit card and insurance, in case of any damages. At this point, Mr. Dieseldorff had been polite, courteous, and very professional.
The next day I decided to visit Braman BMW who is located only 5 minutes from my home. Braman gave me a better deal on the car so I decided to make the purchase through them. They also offered to have the loaner returned to South BMW on their flatbed tow truck. I appreciated the extra service since BMW South was about 40 minutes away. I later spoke with Mr. Dieseldorff and advised them I decided to purchase the vehicle through Braman the car was enroute to their dealership. While, understandably Mr. Dieseldorff was not happy I did not close the deal with him he was not rude or out of line. He was concerned because the car had his dealer tag on it and he said he could get in trouble. I told him I would be happy to contact Braman so they can provide him with an exact time the car will arrive and proceeded to call Braman. While I was on the phone with Braman, I received a call from a gentleman that identified himself as Marco Ruiz, "Directory of Security" for BMW South (I later came to find out no such position exists and in fact this was the Sales Manager), advising (or better said screaming) at me that "if the car was not there in 1 hour he would report the call stolen and charge $3000 to my credit card." Literally this man was talking to me like a common day thief at which point I told him he can speak with Braman directly because I would not allow for him to speak to me that way.

The car was delivered as promised but two days later I was charged $500 on my credit card by BMW South. American Express has been investigating the incident and BMW South is now stating the charge is because the car was returned without floor mats. #1) The car NEVER had floor mats---it had paper mats like the ones used after your car has been washed--Interesting note that they did not state the car was damaged because obviously they would need to show photos and actually proof, instead they opt to state things are missing that were never there. #2) There are NO floormats on for $500!! The most expensive on the whole site are $245. #3) They are accusing me of STEALING and basically committing FRAUD to try and get whatever money they can. This is the most blatant non-ethical and unprofessional behavior I have ever been involved in a sales transaction. I work in sales so I COMPLETELY understand how it feels to lose a deal but NEVER would I resort to such disgusting and ludicrous behavior.  

I had stopped by BMW South just because I was in the area looking at other cars or I would have gone to BMW Braman to begin with. Especially ironic, is that my sister bought her first BMW with BMW South and had a similar situation. She was sold the car which supposedly had the Bluetooth feature where you can control your IPOD through the radio of the car. After she purchased the car and tried to use the feature, it would not work--she later found out it in fact did NOT have the feature. When she complained to the sales manager (don't know if it is the same one), he offered her free floor mats instead of properly installing the feature she was promised. It's ironic that in this whole process I believed I received better treatment from the sales representative than the Sales Manager. But unfortunately if crooks are running the management of the establishment, it will ruin it for all parties involved. I HIGHLY SUGGEST NEVER PURCHASING A VEHICLE FROM BMW SOUTH!!!

jen r. | 2009-05-12

ok so i had a tough time deciding the star rating for this one...

sales dept is great, esp my salesman tim. he is soo nice and friendly and doesnt seem like the typical shark!

service - im not about to complain about free service (well just incl in the other costs) yes sometimes it takes long but hey its freeee..

now my only main gripe was a major mix up when i purchased my car back in sept. they put my old tag on the new car and said they would transfer title.
so i get my tag renewal notice the other for a tag # ive never seen. apparently they never transfered tag title. they ordered a new one and its been sitting at the dealer since october -- and no one has ever called me about it..
so basically ive been driving around town for 7 months with an expired tag and no registration!!

i guess when all is said and done im lucky that nothing happened..

Renier C. | 2009-05-03

Meh. A friendly place, generally speaking, but a little dry.

The salespeople are mostly friendly but lack a certain factor --they seemed a little amateur.

The body shop is okay, but braman's works much more efficiently.
Especially in service... seems like the "special" kids work there with an exception of a few. None of the service guys ever return a phone call and the parts always seem to be on order and never come in. The old assistant manager was fantastic though, but he left to work at The Collection. Now im contemplating a porsche just to have him help me out. The south motors service department sure could use some new management or something.... maybe "un despojo?"

On my last visit, they crashed my car; a huge scrape on the corner bumper of the drivers side. Funny thing is that i didn't notice it until i got home. I didnt stop on the way nor did i get a chance to hit anyone either. A dead giveaway should have been when i found my car parked... they never have it parked.... The valet always brings it to me. Well, after screaming and complaining once i got home, i got a free hat. Yes. A free hat and 20% off the repair. I said i wanted them to cover it all or nothing.

My car still has the big scrape in the front... i hope someone hits me soon enough.
i havent gone back, and have left several complaints for their incompetencies to BMW NA. Turns out im not the only one this has happened to. Two people on my twitter responded with: "oh you too?"

Edgar C. | 2009-03-24

The place has been around a while and they represent a broad range of marques, but BMW is probably among their best seller.  I happen to know a few people that work here and so they pointed me over to a friendly sales guy and I decided on what I wanted and got just that.  This was a couple of years back and I'm slowly payin' this bad boy off, but I'm not in any rush as I'll hang onto her for a while.

How can you honestly review a car dealership and get all stars?  By getting a free car I suppose.  That wasn't the case for me, I actually bought my car instead of leasing for two reasons: 1) leasing has aggressive mileage limits and 2) as I knew I wasn't going to leave well enough alone and customize it, and that I've done.  Nothing too drastic, just a bit of refinement in handling, acceleration and breaking performance.  Just enough to outrun the cops after a deal turns bad...... (oh wait, that's an old Miami Vice episode).

Having the car serviced there every once in a while happens less often these days as the factory service has now expired and I found a shop I really like, but when it comes to parts this is still the place I turn as they're usually pretty fair in that department.