Potamkin Hyundai in Miami, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Potamkin Hyundai in Miami, FL.

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Potamkin Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 728-5000
Address:6200 NW 167th St, Miami, FL, 33014

Reviews on Potamkin Hyundai

Mark G. | 2015-04-20

Have been bringing my SUVs here since 2005. Was there this past Friday . Oil change and tire rotation done and they discovered a nail in one of the tires. Was given estimates up front and all work was done within an hour and a half. Imperative that you call for an appt if u can. Place gets packed, especially on the weekends

Hampus J. | 2015-04-02

I wrote a review about braman hyundai about my first time buying a car experience that didn't turn out very well. So this time i had done my research and came across many good things about this dealership. I took an Uber there since i don't have a car, 40 dollars, so it was pretty far from where i live. There i got met by 5 salespersons outside, NONE of them said hi, NONE of them opened the door for me and my girlfriend !! I had booked an appointment with Gelson, who is a nice guy and we spoke during the week to make sure they have what i want. We meet Gelson and he says he was busy with other customers so Melvin Diamond will take care of us today. So I had to repeat everything i already had spoke about with Gelson. Melvin Diamond was not really friendly and kept his eyes on my girlfriend the whole time, answered my questions to my girlfriend and so on. I said i have the money to buy a car today just give me a fare price. The best price he could offer was 24000 and i was gonna go for it BUT then it was a 800 dollars dealership fee, 450 for a tag and some other stupid fees i never heard of, so out the door price would be 28000 !! The whole time he was really rude and made us feel stupid, we left after 15 minutes very angry and very sad!!! I would not recommend anyone to this dealership and i think Gelson should try to get a job somewhere else cause his nice and way to good for this bad place.

Next door the is a carmax, we went in there and found Philipe. A super nice and honest guy. We actually found the car I was looking for plus extra, like navigation, turbo, tinted windows, for 18.999 ! No extra fees ! it is a used car but it had clean record and low miles. The whole process took 45 minutes and i had my first car.

Christine L. | 2015-01-07

The worse customer service I have ever experienced!!!!! Good luck getting anything accomplished with these people. This dealership is a freaking joke. Dealing with Potampkin Hyundai has been nothing but a nightmare!

Javi V. | 2014-11-23

Went in after confirming a certain car (year/model/trim/package/colors) were in stock; get there and the car is not the color described. Not a good intro (in my mind I'm thinking the same thing you all are which is bait and switch), none the less the sales person, Gelson Gomez,  apologized and promised to make right with another colored Santa Fe with the same package. We had brought in a true car estimate @ 30,984, Gelson comes back with 31,133. The reasoning? First aid kits, and other misc add ons for this car. We go back and forth on the price, rebates, the breakdown of the fees the dealer is making, etc.. about an hour into this, one of the floor managers, JOHN ESCOVAR, comes in.

John Escovar, starts spouting how true car is not a dealership, they don't know what it is, and that as a small dealership, they are willing to be close to the price but to work with him. I remind him I'm not a charity, and that the price I'm countering with is more than fair for a 14 santa fe (mind you they're about 20 or so in different trims and models) some sitting there since June, and the fact that its a sunday and there is tumble weed going through their show room.

John then suggests if we don't like the price he's come up with, that maybe we are out of our price range and we should go look at something cheaper. I chuckled (seeing as they learnt later on when verifying income, when you make 100k+ a year you can definitely afford the car but you're not going to give out money), and walked out.

The GSM, GREG MUIR, has me make a detour as I'm walking out, tries explaining the same things John does, asks me the famous "what do you wanna spend a month" line, after I ignore him and tell him my price on the vehicle, he says "have a nice day" and turns away.

Out in the parking lot, my sales person Gelson, who's the only one by now that hasn't been absurdly rude after finding out that I'm not some uneducated consumer they can con, comes and tries to rectify the situation. We spend another 2 hours at this point going back and forth on the hood of the car; him trying to get the GSM to lower the price, the GSM not budging (I'm guessing out of spite now since I walked out on bad terms).

Finally the GSM gets in contact with Frank Pena, the actual manager at Potamkin Hyundai, who approves the price I wanted. Finally some common sense demonstrated by the management in this place.

After this things went fairly smooth; John Escovar, comes into the office (at this point after agreeing we move the party back in doors), and goes to shake hands like if nothing happened. (Imagine my amusement and thrill.) We agree on a price, fill out the credit forms, etc..head to finance with Freddy Duran, decline all the add-ons, go over the contract with a fine tooth comb making sure all the fees are explained, taxes, etc.. add up, sign, and get out of here!

6-7 hours later, the parts department is closed, can't get our books, spare keys, and mats. Should hopefully be taken care of tomorrow (this happened today, 11-23-2014).

To summize, Gelson Gomez was a pleasure to deal with, tried his best to seal the deal, and did so...no thanks to his management (John and Greg) who would rather let a 2014 santa fe sit next to the other 16 on the lot and go to auction or have to get sent back to make room for the 2015s at a WAY deeper slash than that I offered.

Did I mention we were 1 of the 2-3 people I saw actively working out a deal in the whole show room which I was in from 1 to about 7:30 pm?? And the only ones I saw closing a deal was me and my fiancé? They would rather not close a deal (which they would not budge with 700-800 until the GM phoned in from home), than to close a deal in a desolate dealership on a  weekend.

Greg and John were insulting, scoffing at me and my fiancé, insulting my ability to purchase a car which is well below what we can afford (its called being savvy buddy, sorry your usual clientele lets you rip them any which way); my suggestion is to reevaluate this choice of management, letting money slip to other dealers and retaining inventory that's been sitting for 6+ months.

Thanks again Gelsen; as for the GSM and floor manager, I will escalate this further up. Learn to take care of your customers.

Rachael C. | 2014-09-29

Terrible customer service. Rude salesmen and managers! This dealership is highly unprofessional and has NO appreciation for possible buyers! Point blank: DO NOT GO HERE. IT WILL NOT END WELL.

Margo C. | 2014-07-29

After a long search for a good car, I found this dealership by chance. Was taken care of by Eddy Shejtman. Great guy!! Very informative, made me feel at ease, found exactly what I needed and did not pressure me into something else!! Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills!!

Chris S. | 2014-06-30

We leased our car from them, then when it was time to purchase, it was a bad experience (to make a long story short). The entire lease term and since we have owned it, I've never gotten great customer service, let alone good customer service.

All over their showroom walls, they brag about how many cars they've sold, but you won't see 1 item that brags about customer service - that's because customer service is a foreign language to this dealership. Never will I deal with them again.

I've had to use Braman Hyundai a few times, and at least they are nice.

Cynthia E. | 2014-05-10

Absolutely the worst car buying experience ever!!!!!!!     DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE.  You will regret it !  I came in March 12 2014. And I have been back to the dealership every week since. It is now May I think they should start paying me a salary!   They changed my payment three times since the first time I came in, registered my car with the state under another persons name. WTF. And now I'm starting to think that the car they gave me was not new.  Since when does a new car not smell like a new car !!!!
Buyers beware !!!!!!!

Michael G. | 2012-03-15

We were in line to invest in a new car and my wife has had her eyes on the new 2012 models from Hyundai. Checked in and was well received by Jimmy or JIM he told us with a straight arrow how it was and we liked it. We did the whole 9 yards "the test drive""what you get and don't get etc" "calculating numbers" . Overall a very smooth transition with a very organized staff. Nothing weird just the facts. Jim really gave us the sincerity we were looking for as well as the assurance of the investment we were making in getting a new car. There are many important steps for me and my wife towards starting a family and this is one of them.
Thank you Potamkin Hyundai


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