Midway Ford Miami in Miami, FL

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Whether you're looking for a new or previously owned Ford car, truck, or SUV our friendly, professional staff is ready to provide you with all the help you need. New cars, used cars, financing, leasing, auto service, auto parts & supplies, body repair, diesel repair & car rental.


Established in 1903.

Midway Ford was established in Miami on October of 1979 with one goal, to partner with a company of prestige and industrial quality called Ford Motor Co of America. At the time Ford Motor Co. of America was already well known worldwide, especially in Latin America.

Midway Ford Miami

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 266-3000
Address:8155 W Flagler St, Miami, FL, 33144
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Midway Ford Miami

Guillermo A. | 2015-03-30

Worst service EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not a single individual is willing to take accountability for their actions.  Tried to order part from dealership for over 2 weeks.  One excuse after another why part couldn't be shipped.  No one was willing to take care of the problem or responsibility for the mistake.

If every department at this dealership runs like this I don't understand how they stay in business.

Christian A. | 2015-02-11

I love Ford coupons, Owners advantage reward club card, deals along with their Ford service card. Even their Extended warranty plan which is good within the continental USA from coast to coast and border to border. There is no option the service advisors won't try, to get you the best deal possible. This place is a gem. Whether you're the type that sees the rough around the edges or the rock for what it is. A true gem.

Miguel A. | 2014-11-07

Poor customer service, service department never has anyone to answer a question on the phone and when the secretary ask if you want to leave your phone number so that a service representative can call you no one ever calls you back. This has happened to me multiple times. Go to another Ford dealer that wants customers and appreciate them.

Mike A. | 2014-10-24

Excellent salesman ... Great service and super fast attention when I went to service my car

Rebecca P. | 2014-10-06

Truly terrible service. I initially took my car in for a recall on my transmission. I called first and asked for an appointment and I was told there was no need to make an appointment. When I arrived I was told that I would need an appointment. I told them what I was told over the phone and said that I could leave my car there over the weekend and pick it up when it was ready. I had to contact them a few days later, because I never received a call from them. When I finally spoke to someone that could give me an answer, I was told that my car hadn't been looked at, but I was first on their list of the next day. I called about 10:15 the next day to ask about the status, and I was told that the mechanic was not arriving until 11:00 that day. I finally got someone to call me back later that day, and was told it was the issue of the recall but they would have to test it again with the engine cold the next day. I didn't receive any more information from them. I called them on Friday morning (1 week after initially dropping off my car) and I was told that the problem had not been diagnosed yet (despite being told earlier in the week that it was diagnosed as the transmission problem. I then received a TEXT that my car was ready to be picked up at 6:00pm on Friday. I picked up my car on the following Monday before work. I asked what was done to the car and they said they fixed the computer regarding the transmission and they did the best they could but I might still experience the jumping of the transmission. Basically, it sounds like the issue was not taken care of. I will have to see if the actually fixed the problem or not, but regardless I will never bring my car in for service to this location!

Rinel Alexander L. | 2013-11-15

Worst possible service you can find.

The sole purpose I'm not ever buying a ford again is the dealer service and way of no caring for clients. The premises look poorly maintained and the managers are not readily available for you... Ford had come leaps forward in products but the service is still subpar to say the least.

No loaners... Regardless of how long the repair takes. So you're basically on your own.... And they apparently do so well their prices are not negotiable.

Gene R. | 2013-09-16

One star is not even worth it.  These guys are completely incompetent!!!  I won't boar you with all the details but all I needed was a KEY!!!!!  After 15 days I had to step in and not only find the part for them from another dealership but the wanted me to go pick it up...... ghetto!!!!!  The car wasn't even mine but that of a friends (I lost his key, my bad).  I checked it in w/o signing the standard work order permit requiring a written or verbal estimate, as Fl law requires.  They charged me $530 for two keys.  I picked it up no problem....... BUT I'M NOT THE OWNER OF THE CAR!!!!!!!   I signed nothing and picked up a car w/o ID or anything just a credit card.  This place is horrific!

Margot R. | 2013-07-12

I've been here many times, but the service never got any better. This will likely be my final visit. The only reason I came in today was because they sent me a bill in the mail for a service that wasn't performed, and to get anyone on the phone is impossible. They say they'll have someone call you back, but three times they never called me back. I will be going to another dealership, though further for me, in the hopes that the service will be better.

Boris M. | 2013-06-25

I took my Ford  for service....    what can I say....   the worst service ever.  One guy only and nobody even noticed me when I got there. After waiting for a while finally I got to tell them why I went there in the first place.  Just pray that any of their friends arrive while you are there because you are gonna have to wait a little longer.. just saying.  My car was supposed to be ready the same day... not really... not even the second day when they told me.  Computer down, short staff.. etc...  full of excuses to give you one of the worst customer service I ever witnessed.  I was thinking of changing my car for a new car.. and there is NO WAY I will buy it there.  Oh.. almost forgot....  don't even try to go at lunch time....  I think they take the siesta like Spain..lol.

Mike is nice.. but I can only imagine working in that environment....   I will not be coming back or any of my friends and family.

Lauren C. | 2013-04-24

If I could give them zero stars I would. The experience here is great, until you have a problem. Absolutley the worst customer service and complaint department I have ever dealt with.

I purchased a new Ford (My very first new car that I worked hella hard for!!) at Midway Ford which began displaying several small issues covered under the warranty. I took the car in to have the issues fixed at their service department and had no worries, as I felt my car would be in the hands of people who specialize in well, Ford. When I first arrived to drop off the car it was near impossible to hunt someone down in the service department and I was ignored anytime I made an effort to flag someone down. I finally found someone who was helpful. When he took the car I also handed in a coupon for "free" maintenance services. A couple days later I went to retrieve the "fixed" car only to find that they attempted to fix a cosmetic issue by replacing it with a color that was completely off from the interior of the car. Additionally, none of the other issues were fixed either. The guy who brought me the car tried to convince me that the new color was nice. Unsatisfied with the COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLOR, he referred me to customer care who took one look and agreed right away that this mistake needed to be fixed along with the others.

A few days later, I received another call stating my car was ready for pickup. This time the cosmetic issue was fixed and so was one other issue. However the last issue they could not fix. They simply stated that the problem was specific to this model and they did not know how to fix it. I began the process of signing the car out and to my surprise was hit with a bill of over $100 dollars for performing services that I never requested. It turns out they did completely different services that were not stated on the coupon. They also conveniently lost the coupon altogether! The man insisted that I pay. I asked to speak to management who told me off until I was in tears - really didn't even allow me to speak. I began to realize how sexist this place is towards woman as I stood there in disbelief. I honestly could not believe a company like this would treat a customer so poorly. My family owns 7 fords already and I would have expected better service. Completely stressed, I pulled myself together and found the head of customer care. She was pleasant to deal with, but her only answer was to call their complaint line, a 1-800 number that acts as a mediator and determines who is at fault.

The 1-800 line was no better as all they did is report my complaint and called me back days later to say that the dealership would not budge on the issue. I eventually paid the money for services I never asked for to avoid being thrown into collections because I was in the process of trying to buy a home at the time. I still pursued the issue and eventually spoke with a manager who stated that I was trying to "rip them off" and even began yelling until he hung up on me. I decided then that it was a useless fight and to let it go.

I laugh at a news story I read of a South FL man who became so frustrated with a dealership, he crashed his car into the showroom in a fit of rage. Although I don't condone the act, I certainly understand his feeling of frustration after my experience with Midway!

I have never stepped foot inside this dealer again. I buy my cars elsewhere. I still own the car that has the "unfixable" issue and yes, the problem still exists and just has become something I have come to accept, unfortunately.

Alex H. | 2013-03-18

My three stars are not indicative of a positive or negative view of Midway. Quite frankly, "A-OK" doesn't describe my feelings. I fall more towards the "Meh-I-Don-t-Care" description.

Car shopping is one of those things you will hate in life. You have no choice but to do it at some point in life. Walking becomes impossible if you have to work 25 miles away. Public transportation is not always feasible either. You end up needing personal transportation. Step in car dealers.

Midway Ford isn't much of dealership. Yes, you have you sales-critters. Yes, you have a large selection of vehicles. Yes, they are reputable. Unfortunately, nothing stands out; but that's no fault of Midway. Who's fault do you ask? Ford. Ford vehicles are just terrible. Some might call them "terri-bad". Midway itself feels old and empty. The (indoor) sales floors feel sparse, old, and empty. The sales people aren't really trained well to know their products. They aren't given a chance to succeed by corporate. What is the problem? A weak product.

I was looking at two specific vehicles, the 2013 Ford Mustang and 2013 Ford Fusion. From the outside,  both cars are stunning. The Mustang more the Fusion. When you get in, blam! That's when you start seeing the flaws. The cars feel cheap. Everything is plastic. The leather even feels cheap. The controls are not intuitive. The features feel lack-luster. I couldn't even justify taking them for a test drive. Why would I want to waste the time of a sales person if the cars just didn't sit right?

With a thank-you and goodbye, I departed. There is a 1% chance I will ever return. Luring me in with a good looking vehicle then the ugly spots show even before you drive off is not a way to get a customer.

Bottom Line: Don't buy American cars. Sorry Detroit!

Noelain M. | 2011-08-15

Great Service! I got my first car, a Ford Fiesta there. A little pushy, BUT they let you test drive ANY car you want no questions asked. They immediately want to run credit though something my mom doesn't like at all. Another thing, if you don't get the car of your choice and provide your cell phone or house number, they WILL call you repeatedly day after day. Overall Good Service and Great Maintenance.