MercedesBenz of Miami in Miami, FL

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Mercedes Benz of Miami, a Miami Mercedes Benz dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used Mercedes cars, trucks and SUVs. We offer vehicle financing, Mercedes OEM factory service & auto parts.

MercedesBenz of Miami

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 919-8000
Address:1200 NW 167th Street, Miami, FL, 33169
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on MercedesBenz of Miami

Jim C. | 2015-04-14

I recently purchased a 2015 Mercedes Benz CLA250 from Mercedes Benz of Miami.  Overall, the experience was good and I am satisfied.  The only concern I have is regarding some difficulty in getting a solid response on optional rims for my car - minor in the grand scheme of things. It seems getting information is somewhat difficult and no one takes ownership - just send to other departments and I have to do the follow up.

Jessica W. | 2015-04-09

I wish I had something positive to say about my experience here, but unfortunately getting my car repaired here has been very frustrating.  First, when I went to pick up my vehicle at 6pm, I realized that the cables I had requested to be installed were the wrong ones.  Since there was no one available at that time to fix this, I had to leave my car here one extra night for them to look at it the next day. The next day I picked up my car and drove it home, which was when I realized that one of the repairs to the window was not completed.  I should have double checked when I was at the dealer, but I had faith that after paying for the repair that it would have been completed.  This means that I now must venture out here one more time to hopefully have my car repaired.  Overall, I have been very frustrated with my experience at this dealer and would not recommend their service department.

Patrick H. | 2015-04-09

Don't even think about working at Mercedes Benz of Miami they are the worst managed place in the car business! Stay away trust me,if you are a customer go somewhere else they will rip you off. I know I used to work there.

Katrina W. | 2015-04-07

Buying a car is always a stressful situation and the salespeople don't help a whole lot either.

I traveled up to this dealership to see a specific car that I found in their inventory online. I made sure to call ahead and confirm that it had everything I was looking for and that it was still available for purchase.

When I arrived, I discovered that the car advertised online was not the same one at the dealership. It was a different model and thus, lacked a variety of technology features that I required. This problem would have been avoided if the person answering the phone knew anything about anything.

In addition, the salesman brought us over to look at the car and it was flithy. They must have just purchased it from the owner and did not have it in show-worthy shape. I was disappointed all around. Traveling over an hour to the dealership was a complete waste.

Like the customer review before, I too tried to conduct a vehicle trade-in for my car and was offered a joke of a price. I could've sold my car to a junkyard or in parts for more money than they were willing to give to me.

Only good thing that came out of this experience, was that the salesman we dealt with was truly genuine and wanted to be more helpful. Unfortunately, he was not in a situation of authority to make any decisions or to offer us what we were looking for. I feel bad for him having to work under the terrible management at this location.

In general, I do not recommend this dealership. They handled this business transaction poorly and did not attempt to recover from all of the complaints. Sketchy place.

Charley W. | 2015-04-06

Amir, the used vehicle manager, seems to follow the sterio type of car shark or heartless salesman. On a trade in from a 2001 Mercedes to a 2012, he would not budge on a $1000 offer for the trade in. It was an insult. He further bragged about buying the exact same year model for $1,000 and was selling it on the lot for $4,995. A 500% markup!  He paid 20 cents on the dollar. I see how they view their vehicles value with age.

He obviously got to his position by screwing customers over.  Corporate may be happy with these practices and his attitude, but I am asking all car buyers out there to look past this place of shady sales practices and try somewhere else. They say things have changed since auto nation purchased this dealership but buying cars is still a pain and the managers there are old school predators in a new fish tank.

Dave R. | 2015-03-27

I drove to this dealership from Coral Springs to see a vehicle that was posted on their website.  The salesman I spoke with(didn't introduce himself or shake my hand) told me the car was no longer there, that it was sold the other day, and that sold vehicles are not removed from their website immediately.

Thanks for wasting my time!  I won't be back.

Katia F. | 2015-01-23

Hmmm...where do I start? LONG STORY SHORT Took my ML550 in for an oil leak which cost $4,250. Two weeks later I get a warning signal to check oil engine level and I proceeded to take it back to them stating that the oil signal is going off...they took the car back and 20 minutes later they give it back to me washed saying nothing is wrong...2 weeks later I take it for an oil change and out of curiosity I ask the to check for oil leaks and sure enough they showed me the engine full of oil. I took the car back once again and Roman (service advisor) told me it could be an oil leak coming from somewhere else (in less than 6 weeks after initially serviced) I did not buy it so I came back with my ex for a third time and they found an additional oil leak that they didn't catch at the original is the thing...they said they needed to take the car for a "test drive" never telling us how far they will drive the car..I turned in my car 3/4 full of gas and they gave it back to me 3/4 empty and dirty. I complained and they took it back to clean it up and fill it with gas. As I waited I decided out of curiosity to check my sunpass statement and they drove the car 208 miles all the way to Homestead and Coral Reef for 2 days and charging all the tolls under my Sunpass (10 tolls)... DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE! THESE PEOPLE ARE SHARKS, THIVES, LIARS!!!! They completely abused their power! Not only has my trust in them been shattered I also feel like my privacy has been invaded. I am filing a report with BBB and to any extent of the the law as I can.. There is a difference between a "test drive" and a "joy ride".

Ryan P. | 2015-01-08

Just got my car here. Super happy.

Bought a used 2012 gti they were selling at a super low price compared to others here in south florida. The dealer fees were the only thing I didnt like, 800 dollars my ass compared to others. At least they werent adding more fees either.

Other then that, I went in there, test drove the car, negotiated price, and drove off in the car the same day. It wouldnt have been possible without their team and management that I was able to drive it home same day.

Jennifer C. | 2015-01-04

Don't waste your time or gas driving to this horrible place.

We drove 30 miles to view a used vehicle they had listed on . The salesman who showed us the car was Stefano Simionescu. We had a HORRIBLE experience with him. The vehicle was involved in a car accident according to the CARFAX and they had no file of the extent of the car accident. The sales associate asked the manager and we were told they did not know anything about the accident. It was clearly in a serious accident because the front bumper had dents, lights were not original, the entire car was misaligned as though it had been in a front end collision. The passenger side of the vehicle was missing clear coat, the back bumper was also misaligned. The passenger side mirror was glued on with construction adhesive glue and consequently could not be adjusted in any way. When we told the salesmen he said " we do 180 degree inspection on the car, maybe this car only passed 80.." as if they did not complete the inspection. He said " hey look, we have been selling cars for 80 can't walk in here and tell us how to inspect and price our vehicles." The car was in poor condition and the selling price was listed as if it was in excellent condition. Stefano said they are the "Wal-Mart of car dealerships" in terms of price, but he did not mention the service was the same if not worse than what one would experience in Wal-Mart. We walked inside and made an offer on the vehicle considering the extremely poor condition of the Lexus. He called manager whom was extremely rude to us. He first shook our hands, than sat down and told us " It's obvious you don't want the car," in a sarcastic rude way. Then I said we didn't like the way the car looks for the price, I never said I don't like the car. Then the manager cut me off and said "You don't like it, so there is nothing we could do about that. What other car in here interests you?" He said it knowing I could not afford any of the other new cars on the lot and basically telling me to leave. I got up, said thank you and left.

We went to Mercedes-Benz of Pembroke Pines afterwards where we received superior service and purchased the same car with no accidents and excellent condition for a better price than what Miami had.

We will never think of returning or recommending anyone to Mercedes-Benz of Miami where we received such distasteful service.

James P. | 2014-10-12

This business does not deserve any stars whatsoever!! Here is why......about 6 months ago, I was vacationing in FL, driving my brand new 2014 GL 350. After visiting a local shopping mall, I found three screws in one of my tires. I called Mercedes Benz of Miami and they said that there were 12 tires my dimensions in stock but they will keep one aside for me just in case. Once I got to my appointment, they made me wait 2 hours before telling me that they do not have my tire in stock and to try another dealership. This was a Friday late afternoon, I was 1200 mi away from home, and was supposed to start driving back home the next morning! I went to speak to the service manager, in hopes he will figure something out. He was unwilling to hear me out, did not care about my situation, was extremely rude, yelled at me and told me to go to another dealership. I was shocked, to say the least - I was never treated by any business in this manner, MB of Miami made a big mistake and did not even care to at least treat me in a professional way, I did not know the area at all, and absolutely no apology or help of any sort was offered to me!

Peter R. | 2014-08-26

They were very professional and thorough but very very expensive. In just wear and tear my estimate was about $10K! After comparing with other specialists they ended up being three times more, perhaps because it's the dealership.

Kim J. | 2014-08-25

Alex Marin was very helpful and responsive when I went in the get my new Mercedes.  He assisted me from the start, and was patient and thorough with all of my inquiries.  I would recommend him without hesitation if you decide to get a new car.

Armando A. | 2014-06-16

Hate this place with a passion!!!!!

Came here with my wife to buy a car in which they did not have in stock. After walking the lot to look around she found a car she liked. Some negotiating back and forth we agreed upon a number which was not what they had in mind as they were preparing to pull a bait and switch. Once we got into finance the payment jumped up about $50 "because this was the first Mercedes in her name." I knew exactly what was happening but my wife was so in love with the car I had no option but to get it for her. HOWEVER, I refuse to service the car with them and have told her several times we or anyone we know will never step foot into this dealership.

Drive the extra 10 minutes and head over to Pembroke Pines MB. I have never been there myself but prefer anywhere but here!!!

Lei R. | 2014-04-08

I recently bought a Mercedes Benz C300, it was used but in excellent shape.
I decided to shop around for a good price on a maintenance program which I realize Mercedes Benz Offered.

I went to the Mercedes Benz in Pembroke since it was closer to my job and they gave me a quote of a little over 1k for the prepaid plan. It seemed reasonable but I couldn't make a commitment at that time. So i called back a month later for the service but they were full that day, so I decided to call Miami.

They told me to come in, everything was going fine until the sales rep told me that the prepaid plan is crap and only covers oil changes. Long story short he tells me don't buy it, just pay for the regular service and it comes up to 1500, I am infuriated by this.
I call to talk to the manager of the Mercedes Benz of Miami office and this occurred in Nov 2013 and its now April and he is yet to return my call.

This is the most unprofessional and dishonest dealership I have ever been to and it is definitely my last time there. I will never recommend anyone to go there, the sales associates are not honest, and Managers are IMPOSSIBLE to get unto.

I even got a call from corporate or whoever does their follow up calls and I told her the same scenario and she just said wow ok and nothing happened after that.

This reason why I bring this up now is that guess what MY Awesome C300 is due for a service again and guess where I WILL NEVER GO AGAIN.

Mercedes Benz Of Miami
P.S. - don't reply to my post nothing can every get me to change my mind unless I get a free pre paid maintenance plan since I was lied to by (I won't call his name)

Jorge C. | 2014-03-22

I have been going to them for a couple of years because I bought my car there.  They had always been very expensive but I figured it was the price to pay for having a Mercedes Benz.  I will NEVER return to them, unfortunate sequence of events:

- AC in my car stopped cooling
- took it in, they kept it seven days, found 4 other things that were wrong with the car, I authorized them to fix them, and the bill was about $1,600.  I asked them about the AC and they told me "it was probably a loose screw because it is now working fine.
- Took the car home and 2 days later AGAIN the AC was not cooling, so I took it back in.
-  Two weeks later, the rep calls me to say that they cannot figure it our and that they were getting Mercedes Benz involved - come again?  I thought they were Mercedes Benz!
- Another week goes by, and they call me to tell be that the needed to replace the compressor and everything else and that they could do it for $4,200.  
- I go to pick up the car, the bill?  $4,800 and the rep claimed that was price he had quoted me.  Paid and took the car home.
- Two weeks later, the A/C did not cool again!!!!
- I made an appointment and specifically asked to meet with the manager.  I get there and they directed me to the same rep !!
- I refused go speak to him and told him to get the manager, twenty minutes later, the manager came.  The guy had the nerve to ask me my name!  The manager did not even know my name.
- A week later they called to tell me that it was another part that was wrong and that they were not going to charge me for the labor but only the $400 for the part!!!!!

Can somebody please recommend any place close to Miami that can be trusted for Mercedes Benz maintenance?  This place really is a joke and considering the investment in these cars, people should go someplace else.

Jay G. | 2014-03-19

I bought my Mercedes from this dealership and from the moment I took it off the lot there's been problems. I felt like before I plunked down the cash they treated me like royalty. Afterwards, not so much. From calls not being answered to service issues not being addressed. Please stay away from this dealership at ALL COSTS!

John O. | 2014-03-07

It is hard for me to upgrade my review for this particular store and their GM. But there are good people their like Larry B. my salesperson and Carlos my Service Rep and a mechanic that personally worked on my car, each time reporting back to me personally. Basically my problem was only with management.
After a stalled 11 month dispute, I got to "the right people" at Autonation HQ and Tony G. made everything right in 30 minutes! Now they have a customer again, I have purchased both new & used, 3 Jags,  an Infiniti, and a Lincoln, in last 10 years. My daughter has been test driving the new Caddy CTS and ATS at a non-Autonation store. Guess what? We are off to the Autonation Caddy dealer in Delray!! That's how ya do it Tony! You're a pro Brudda!
And I did post a 5-star review for Autonation HQ as a company.

Jeff G. | 2014-03-04

This place and how it's operated is unfortunately for them... a joke at best.  I went in knowing what I wanted and what I was looking for.  2013 CLS550 white with black interior.  I called in at the end of the month being that I'm in finance myself and understand the business and it's deadlines for quotas well.  First I was told over the phone that there were 2 CLS's on the lot exactly how I wanted them.  I arrived to the dealership within the hour just to walk the lot and have the "salesman" tell me they must have been sold in the last hour.  Classic BS song and dance used just to get you in the store.  Long and distasteful story short, I ended up looking at the S classes and found one I liked.  We worked out numbers, I was pleased with them and the credit app was put in.  Obviously being it was end of the month, I made sure we squared away all the numbers and locked them in so we were both on the same page.  The supposed General manager Ricardo Garcia looked me in the eye and told me I had nothing to worry about because all the paper work has been submitted already.  

I get a call the next day that my 2013 S class is good to go and all the paperwork is ready for signatures.  I again confirm that the payments are the same as we agreed to.  I again get assured that they are.  I arrive at the dealership and wait about an hour and 20 minutes for Ricardo Garcia to come out and pull the old sleazy car salesman move of "well the numbers changed a little".  Still being understanding, changing 20,30,40, shoot maybe even 50 dollars I'd understand.  But he goes on to tell me the payments are $214 MORE per month than what we had agreed to!!!  I was floored and could not believe he could even look at me with a straight face and say that.  I was absolutely disgusted at that point and I let him and his staff know that in a cool, calm, collective and professional manner.  Ricardo obviously upset that he couldn't screw me and upset that I was walking on a deal he clearly thought he was going to scheme, went on to tell me "you're not going to find that deal anywhere".  

I left Mercedes of Miami, called Mercedes of Palm Beach and picked up the same exact model car, the same day, at $14 LESS per month than the original price he could NOT honor.  What a pathetic individual Ricardo Garcia is and what a deplorable way of doing business.  

There are better places to spend your hard earned money.  Places where you'll be treated with respect and the staff will stand by their word.  Ricardo Garcia and his POOR excuse for a sales team are pathetic to say the least.  I wouldn't step foot in this circus if I were you... what a joke.

Kathleen M. | 2014-02-15

A few years ago I stopped in to ask a few questions about getting my car serviced there.  I was pretty much brushed aside. The service advisor didn't seem to be interested in helping me so I left and vowed never to go there again.  Then, last weekend the top on my convertible would not go up. Around 6pm on  Saturday, I called out of desperation. The woman who took my call said they were open on Sunday and a service technician would call me then to schedule an appointment.  Well it's been a week....and no call yet! This place *does not* live up to the quality, professionalism,  and service you would expect from Mercedes Benz.  Don't waste your time with this place.

MICHELLE C. | 2014-01-18

Do I love their cars?  Yes I have had about six different Benz cars. I'm a fan of their cars but definitely not this dealership.  Years ago I went here cause they had an SUV that I wanted on the lot.

Oh was it ever a horrible waste of about three hours. Between the sales guy and the manager I wanted to strangle them.  Typical sales people quoting ridiculous prices blah blah on this particular occasion I went to my usual location where my amazing sales guy Peter is in Fort Lauderdale. Got the SUV I wanted and for the price I was willing to pay.

Last week I had to come to this dealership to buy a part that they had in stock. It was my emergency handle that broke off for the second time. Is it covered under warranty? Yes but only if they fix it. So we ask for them to fix it but nope service department was to busy for the next two days. So my husband decides to buy the cheap part and try to replace himself.

Here we go he can't replace it because now he needs another part to fix,  I mean they couldn't have told us this while we were there? No now we call and they say I need to make an appointment just to bring in my car for them to see what part to order then wait til it comes in then make another appointment for them to fix,

You can barely get an appointment here, they are not friendly or helpful. Could really care less. Same treatment we got when I went to buy a car here.

I will stick to my Fort  Lauderdale dealership where Peter takes great care of us,  I'm ready for a new car and he's looking for one now for me.

I will never visit this location again!!!

Paul S. | 2014-01-18

Was the worst experience ever order a new car was told to have it in 3-4 months after waiting for almost 5 months sales person told me I need to wait 5 more months to get the car. After talking to sales manager to see what is going on why is some people order cars later get it before and  driving the cars already he basically told me if u don't like u can get your deposit back. I would not recommend this dealership to any one sales people are lazy and managers are very rude even the general manager was like you got your money back and didn't even care. WORST PLACE AVER!!! No one cares at all

Michael M. | 2013-11-21

I am reviewing primarily their service center.
This dealership has taken care of me since I moved back to Miami in 2010. I initially bought my car at Bill Ussery. I had many issues at Bill  Ussery with items missing from my car every time I took my car in for service.  
Mercedes of Miami has been excellent in taking care of me. They give me a  loaner even though I didn't buy the car from that dealership.
They have lots of cars they deal with so sometimes it may take an extra day or two to get your car; however when they fix it they fix it right.

I have not bought a car from them yet but have been dealing with their sales department to find me a particular used car. The sales person I am dealing with is very pleasant and very practical in terms of not trying to oversell to me.

Adriano P. | 2013-10-13

Try to get Stephano to help you out. He is the is super neat. Full of your dream car. They treat you incredibly. Even coffee and pastry for free.

Kwasi F. | 2013-07-10

I would not recommend this dealership. I purchased a 2010 CPO C300. To start the dealer never registered the vin number on the car that I purchased, they took my temporary tag from the car I traded in and placed it on the mercedes. A couple weeks later I was driving on south beach and I was pulled over because the tag wasnt registered to the mercedes. When the officer ran the Vin number for the Mercedes it showed that the can was unregistered.  This was the second time I had been pulled over because of the same issue. The first time I was issued a warning, but the second time the police thought the car was stolen and I was issed a ticket. I contacted the finance department and she simply told me that I needed to come get a new temporary tag.. no apology, no compensation for the ticket I received. Secondly the bank I financed my car through called me 3 weeks later and told me my loan was not approved because my file was incomplete and that I might have to return the car. I was so confused by the entire situation. How could I have spent 30 minutes signing papers detailing my contract with the the bank and the dealership and not have secured financing for the car I had possession of for 3 weeks??? After calling the dealership to see what was going and never receiving a call back I was simply sent a text saying deal is good financing is completed. I didn't receive a call from a professional saying they apologize or to explain the situation. I was simply sent a text message. I honestly feel like I could have received better customer service from some run down dealership but would have never expected this from this dealership. I would not recommend visiting this dealership.

Michael L. | 2013-05-10

I highly recommend Mercedes-Benz of Miami and their staff.

I was very impressed with Mercedes-Benz of Miami. Specifically, William Gonzalez, the Sales Representative that contacted me within minutes of submitting an online inquiry. After dealing with other Mercedes-Benz dealerships in an effort to find more than one vehicle--I was disappointed with the overall lack of customer service and an overwhelming insistence on overpricing. After a brief conversation with William, I was able to secure a price that was well below what I had been previously offered.

While at the dealership, I was also helped by the Sales Manager (Edgard Puente) and the Financial Services Manager (Carlos Pizzi)--both of whom were very personable and forthright with respect to the vehicles I was interested in.

The attention to detail was greatly appreciated as was their very direct approach insofar as negotiation and price point. I plan on returning to this dealership for years to come.

You can reach William Gonzalez at (305) 919-8000 or (786) 355-4679.