Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet in Miami, FL

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Your local family owned Chevrolet dealership with the lowest prices and the best service.


Established in 2010.

We are a family owned and operated dealership serving Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and the Florida Keys.  We believe in the customer for life philosophy.  We treat our customers like family, you will LOVE the way we do business.  We have been a proud recipients of the GM "Mark of Excellence" award for Outstanding Sales and Service for four consecutive years.
Our mission is to provide our customers with a dealer experience that is second to none through teamwork, trust and respect, a commitment to customer enthusiasm and accountability at all levels of our business. We are driven for continuous improvement in every facet of our operations and your experience with us will be more of a relationship rather than a transaction.

Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 740-7475
Address:8455 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL, 33143
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet

E. G. | 2015-04-25

I have called multiple times and can't even get anyone to answer the phone. You can't even leave a message because the mail box is full.

Brian B. | 2015-04-23

Charged more than the agreed/advertised price.  Then tried to sell me a car other than the one I was told I was buying.  The car they tried to sell me was dented on the doors, roof and hood.  I will never go back to this dealership.

mike p. | 2015-04-16

STAY AWAY. This dealership is a disaster. Clearly the owners (and Chevrolet for that matter) don't care because this dealership ranks consistenly low even here on Yelp for years with nothing being done.

I went with my wife and daughter with the intention of buying a new Suburban. Given our needs its just a matter of which model and options to choose from but we have decided its going to be the new 2015 Suburban. After parking, we got out of the car and are immediately greated by salesman Mr. De Guevara. He asked us what we are interested in. I told him the Suburban and asked him about the different models. He can't answer some basic questions and then asks me bluntly "listen you want the cheapest one or the most expensive one?" I told him that's not how I buy a car - I want to know what the different models/versions offer and what options each offer. So he grudgingly takes us to a White Suburban LTZ and says something like "I have to go" and just dumps us there and doesn't come back. RUDE and not knowledgeable.

I find another salesman sitting at a desk staring at his cellphone. I tell him that another salesperson didn't really click with us and I want someone to help me with a Suburban. He jumps out of his seat and says "listen I'm waiting for somebody" and walks away. What is wrong here!?

Finally Mr. Alberto Diaz (by now the third salesperson we dealt with) comes over and answers some basic questions. He was polite. I wanted him to open the trunk and put up the third row of seats so we could see them. He tells me the battery is dead so he can't. He takes us to a second one parked outside. He doesn't have the keys to that one. He proceeds to tell him how they have dozens of these vehicles in stock. I tell him I just want to see one. He starts walking around the lot and shows us a third one that's locked form the outside but then tells us we can't see that one because it belongs to a friend of one of the managers.

I tell him look we don't want to walk around the whole lot. Which one can we see? He tells us he doesn't know where the keys are to the suburbans but to take a seat inside and he'll get them. We wait for 15 minutes and he never comes back!!  WE WALKED OUT.

I can only imagine how they treat you AFTER you buy if this is how they treat potential customers. Frankly if that's how they operate I have to quesiton how they can afford such a large dealership. Something doesn't make sense. STAY AWAY.

Lauren C. | 2015-04-01

My mom was searching for a new car and came across an add for a demo Chevy Malibu priced at $15k with emphasis that this was "THE REAL PRICE."  She showed up at the dealership, test drove the car, decided she wanted to go forward and when the car salesman came back from "working out the numbers" the car came out to 20K with the "accessory" fees, the pre-rebate taxes, electronic filing fees etc etc, B.S, B.S.  I understand that there are fees and taxes, but it's beyond me what finagling they did to increase the price of the car by 30%.  The epitome of car dealership scum. Don't waste your time.

J J. | 2015-03-16

They sold me a new Chevy Silverado with problems in the AC. Just a few miles of driving it, took it to the service department, after 4 hours there they gave me back the truck and said there was nothing wrong with it. The next day the problem persisted, took it back. They said customer satisfaction was important to them and they were going to hook me up with a few accessories for the truck. Never heard back from them.
Worst dealer ever!

Jared M. | 2015-03-07

Fabio Foletto sold me a used 2010 BMW M3 in October of 2014. When asked about accident history, he indicated it has never been in one. When asked about some minor denting in car passenger roof pilar, he indicated that it was unrelated to a possible accident. When asked if the vehicle shows any signs or conditions that could indicate an unreported accident, he indicated there was none.

4 months later I take the car to BMW service and possible trade in for a new car. BMW service indicate that hood, front bumper, and both side b body panels are non-original. Their professional assesment is that this vehicle was very likely in a front-end accident. Vehicle value is now significantly less due to these conditions. Approximately $4k. Upon calling Lorenzo Bomin Chevrolet (spoke with Manny Acosta - Sales Manager) they indicated that items such as this do not need to be disclosed and they only need to tell me what the carfax says.

Manny indicated the only way they would even be willing to work with me/ continue talking with me about this issue was if I would purchase a new vehicle from them. Due to prior handling, this would be greatly ill-advised.

This place is a typical slimy used car sales lot full of dishonest tactics. Stay away.

Disly J. | 2015-02-20

I reached out to them via the internet to price a Chevy Spark. After 5 days of back and forth emails some requiring me to follow up again to get a response I get a quote with a padded $900 dealer fee. I kindly requested this be taken off, and I get no answer for 2 days. I ultimately called the salesman directly and he tells me on the phone that its a no cause it is "sacred" to them.

So considering I was ok paying MSRP, considering I let slide a $200 inflated electronic filing fee. They still let a deal pass by over pure greed. So that tells you the type of people that you would find here.

Melody S. | 2015-02-18

Miami is known for the poorest service in the country but Lorenzo's takes the cake for the worst. Bought a car and was advised some service and a detail would be done and car would be available in two days. No one called after that.

It's ten days later and I do not have my car. they gave it to me for a day but it wasn't fixed. It wasn't detailed.

They're backed up. Every time I call that's what I get. Imagine purchasing a car THEN not getting it for five days. The service manager Juan Carlos doesn't have any decency or customer service skills to return one of fifteen phone calls.

This place is a wreck. Never ever buy or lease or get service here.

MARIA E. | 2015-02-17

Zero in customer service. I have no idea how this dealer still open to the public. They have zero customer service specially  the reseptionist Nancy that hangs up on everyone who ask for a manager, she argues with customers with zero professionalism, unsble to solve any problem.
I bought my kid a car there in Dec 17, they lost my file and now they can't get my lic plate... A dealership that "misplaces" titles and sales files... Worst experience ever!

Patrick S. | 2015-02-06

Very unhappy and disappointed.  Had a car I wanted, price looked great, but I needed to work out pricing remotely since I live 4 hours away.  Someone warned me they would add $600-800 to the price when I got there and they had high dealer fees.  So I made sure to get a buyers order before going down.. They still ended up low balling the trade and correcting a typo adding $700 to my cost!!!  Well now it wasn't such a great deal!  Took no responsibility and didn't seem to care that I drove my family across the state to get the car.  They would not budge so we left on principle... Or lack thereof. Shame.. Pedro seems great, and called me a few hours later but I was gone and they had already lost the deal.  I'm sad this happened.

Psufamily L. | 2015-01-31

I'm writing you  explaining my disgust and utter disappointment at the service I received for my Chevy Cobalt on Saturday, Jan 31st.  

I had an appointment for 11:30am for an oil change + tire rotation, a turn signal bulb replacement, a transmission flush and a new air filter.  This should not take 4 1/2 hours to do.  That is a disgrace.  I've had many more services done at our Nissan dealership for our other vehicle and it maybe takes 90 minutes.  

My car didn't get put in the service garage until after 12:15pm.  What is the point of having an appointment if other cars are getting in ahead of mine?

The worst part, after my Saturday was destroyed waiting the whole day, they drive my car out to me and what do I know, the tires were not rotated.  I paid for a service on my sheet that it says you guys performed, and it flat out wasn't.  I was lied to.  I tracked down Michael, who was my technician and he says he is a new employee and flat out forgot.  Now, I'm not sure if he is telling the truth or was hoping I wouldn't notice and decided not do it.  Well I did notice...I mark the tires everytime before coming in.  I will not be fooled, this is bull****.  How do I know the other services were performed?  Michael asked if I could wait like 20 minutes, he would put my car in immediately.  I said no, I waited over four hours, signed and PAID for my bill, I expected it to be done. I had family plans that I was late for because of this horrible service and couldn't wait any longer. I take care of my kids during the day, I can't just bring the car in that easily.  This ruined our whole Saturday.

 Two visits ago, I spent alot of money on four new tires from your dealership, and on this visit spent over $230 for services as well.  We are regular customers servicing our Cobalt, but I'm seriously wondering if we should continue.  Your service department, especially on Saturday's is a joke...I feel bad for Rene who works his butt off but is the only guy there.  He was literally the only guy helping people up front.  One person left in a vulgar tirade because she had an appointment and two cars that didn't were taken in before hers.

I want to know what you are going to do about it?  When somebody signs a service description, and work wasn't performed, that is bad business and borderline criminal.  What can you do for me?  Based on other service reviews I'm seeing, apparently this is a trend that obviously hasn't been corrected.

Jason G. | 2014-12-31

I feel that is Dealership is very Misleading. Their "Dealer Price" is marked up $1000 more than the msrp. When called out on it, the salesmen have said that includes wheel locks and a drop in bedliner (less than $500 on chevy msrp pricing). Additionally, eduardo was rude and matthew, who others recommended, would not call me back after calling him for 3 days in a row and him promising for 3 days to call back.
I add that I was wanting to purchase two trucks...I'll take my business elsewhere..
thanks but no thanks.

Chris P. | 2014-12-30

RUN AWAY! Liars and a waste of time, unprofessional sales rep and dodgy GM keep you hanging and waiting telling you they can offer a certain price and when you come and pay they say they can not honor it because the boss did not accept. Just wasted 4 hours. Also beware of the dealer fee which is twice their competitors. And pre owned cars are not certified which is dodgy.  Avoid at all cost!!!!!

Christina C. | 2014-12-01



I leased my first 2011 Chevy Camaro RS here in 2010. My lease was coming to an end, so naturally I thought to return the dealer where I had first leased my car from to lease my new vehicle. I arrived on a Saturday evening & was not greeted by ANYONE! You'd think a dealership looking to move some inventory would approach a customer? Think again! After 20 minutes of roaming the lot, I had to approach a salesman. I told him I was interested in leasing the same vehicle, but of course, the 2015 model. He brought me the car & tried to convince me that it was a back-up camera, but it didn't. When I told him the car didn't have a back-up camera, he proceeded to tell me how to put the car in reverse....yeah. After that, the salesman asked me to fill-out a form that asked for all of my personal information that was titled "Ally". I told him I had a current lease through US Bank & would like to continue my financing through them as I was happy with them. He got very defensive & told me he could not tell me anything price wise until I filled this paper out. I told him  that I understood that, BUT that I didn't want to be financed with Ally Bank. I filled out the form & after he spoke with finance he basically came at me with the same monthly payment I had already been paying when the MSRP on the car was substantially less than my 2011 Camaro. He then quoted me through my current lessee, US Bank, for the price you'd lease a BMW. RIDICULOUS! I countered their offer, but they couldn't do better than that, so I walked away. This dealership is why people have a negative connotation with car salesman.

I should've known better though, when I went to Grand Prize to have my vehicle serviced after calling Lorenzo Bomnin for WEEKS to get the recall taken care of on my car, the salesman over there told me they were "crooks" at Lorenzo Bomnin. I see it now. NOT TO MENTION, that when I went to lease my 2015 Chevy Camaro at AutoNation Chevrolet Pembroke Pines, another gentleman had gone there that morning to purchase a truck & he had a terrible experience there. He ended up at AutoNation Chevrolet Pembroke Pines. My suggestion if you are looking for a Chevy, go to AutoNation Chevrolet Pembroke Pines!

Daniel S. | 2014-09-22

After posting this review, management contacted me and offered to compensate me for the time and gas wasted for the travel. I was skeptical, but they delivered, so i have to give them props for trying to correct a bad experience.

Ashley B. | 2014-08-19

BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! As a young female, I am often overlooked and underestimated when it comes to my car buying experience and knowledge. From the moment I walked into the dealership, I was treated with respect. INTI was a great salesperson and was not pushy at all. I went in knowing the exact car I wanted. He was very helpful and attentive. Not only was INTI amazing, but MANNY was also incredibly helpful in making sure the car was in pristine condition when I was ready to pick up the car.

It was such a great experience and they have easily earned a customer for many cars to come.

Thank you!!!!

Salmon C. | 2014-07-22

This place is horrible.. Yes, this is my worst experience buying a car for the simple fact their careless to handle things correctly to this day. I've gone back to the dealer to complain about my temporary tag. Every time I go there I have to wait over an hour to get another temporary tag, but they told me this is the first time that ever happened, but every time I'm there, there was always customer complaining about the same thing that I'm there for (their tag). The last time I went to get another temporary tag I told them I wanted to speak to the manager they made me wait for a long time when I was practically standing in front if his office and still he doesn't have comment courtesy to talk to me.  So I must day after that I was very disappointed. Good luck to whoever has to deal with their nonsense.

Kathleen S. | 2014-07-10

Update:  7/2014  
I purchased my new car from Lorenzo Bomnin in 1/14 & wish to add that Matthew Price is by far the best sales person I have ever dealt with at a dealership.  He still sends me emails & text messages  to see how I am enjoying my new car.  I will go back to Lorenzo Bomnin to buy another car & pray that Matthew is still working there.
You are the BEST- thank you Matthew.

John P. | 2014-05-30

Let me tell you about my experience... The sales person "Matthew" very attentive during the whole process however like a typical sales person once you leave the lot to get something taken care of that is pending is like winning the lottery... My suggestion is, if you are thinking of buying a car here don't leave until every thing is satisfactory...

Damian A. | 2014-04-18

Newly rebuilt..this is a great location to get your car serviced.  I recommend you ask for Alex or Rene...they are both excellent advisors that go the extra mile for their customers.

The newly rebuilt dealership makes it a pleasure to buy a vehicle here and who wouldn't like to test drive a new corvette.

Jack S. | 2014-03-27

I was looking for a suburban and found one online that I liked at this dealer.  I got an email from willie.  I had a few questions for him but he did not answer any of them.  I wanted to find out price etc before I drove the 1 hour + to the dealership.  He only wanted to know when I could come in.  No time for questions.  I decided that I would not take my chances and went there.  This way I could start fresh and didn't have to deal with Willie.

I got to the store and was very impressed with the new facility.  Beautiful!  I asked where the used vehicles were and was directed to the back of the lot.  I saw the one that I liked online and went inside to take a drive.  It took a while to get waited on as all of the salespeople were eating.  They offered me a cookie but I declined.

I met Dewan and he got the keys to the 2013 suburban 4x4 that I liked.  It looked great!  When we got to the car, I confirmed that the internet price was $39,990.  He said yes....plus the $2500 for the wheels on it that were upgraded.  He pointed out in the ad that 22' wheels and tires are listed under optional equipment.  They would not sell the truck without them.  I was very turned off by this and told him that I thought it was false advertising.  He said "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."
The ironic thing is, If the car was listed at 39,990 + $2500, I would have bought it.  I just felt like I was being taken advantage of and I hadn't even gone inside yet.

If you are looking for an easy, upfront transaction...This is not the place!

Ashley F. | 2014-03-03

I visited this dealer 3/1/14 because I saw a 2011 Malibu LTZ online for $14,995. The car was very clean and they had about 2 others of the exact same car on the lot (one had cloth instead of leather, one was 1 year older).

First of all, then I got to the dealer I was on the lot for about 15 minutes and no one came out to even say Hello or ask if I needed help. I then went into the show room hoping someone would at least acknowledge me. Unfortunately they did not, I was standing in the show room for about 15-20 minutes and not a single sales person made eye contact with me. Correction- one guy did walk by, looked at me and continued walking without a word. I was surprised to see a dealer that didn't even greet it's potential customers.

Although this left a bad taste I waved a sales guy down and asked for help as I already did all my research online. When I told him no one had came by to help he responded that I should have asked if I needed assistance. Rude. I was mortified that Arnaldo made me feel wrong for wanting to purchase a car from a sales person, awful service. I told him the car I was interested in, we went to see it and took it around the block for a 2 minute test drive.

When I decided this was the car I wanted I was told there was an almost $700 dealer fee. In my attempt to negotiate I told Arnaldo I was ready to drive off the lot for the car if they would agree to lower it from $14,995 to $14,000, this was a 7% decrease in price. I considered this reasonable as the car has been in the inventory for about 5-6 months and they had 2 other identical models. Initially they only offer presented was to lower the cost by $200, ridiculous. The 2nd time he came back he said he can do $14,000 with a $999 dealer fee which was even more absurd. The next offer was $14,500 with an almost $700 dealer fee. These guys did NOT negotiate or help me AT ALL, they just kept moving numbers around. After this I was insulted, they also charged about $198 to detail and "inspect" the car, mind you a corner of the wood trim was peeling off and the door panels leather was scuffed.

Point blank these guys are sharks, they wouldn't sacrifice a 7% discount to sell a car that has been sitting around for almost half a year. What a shame, I could have been driving my car and have left a rave review and ended up a happy PAYING customer. Terrible.

Robert M. | 2013-12-31

Be careful with the guys at financing more than the salesman. Don't let yourself get fooled by "..they will only finance you if you get an aftermarket warranty". That is just another way to 'steal' more of your hard earned money, well at least that is how they got me. The warranty was $4k and they also threw in a useless GAP insurance for $900. Even if you cancel after, you still paying for the interest of something you don't even have.

Now you know.. Proceed at your own risk.

gabriel v. | 2013-12-12

wow. worst dealership/salesmanship in kendall due to the unnecessary attitude and non listening skills of Sales Car Mgr Pedro and Sales rep Fabio. Horrible place. better off going ANYWHERE else than this place.

Maki S. | 2013-09-01

Please don't doubt this rating based on the history of one-star ratings.
This is based on MY experience.

As I pulled up in the parking lot of this 4 month old (recently relocated, and currently under construction) dealership, a car salesman named Matt approached me. He is the ONLY non-spanish speaking dealer. He also sold 20 cars in the past month. He has multiple awards and I highly recommend requesting his service personally.

I've never been greeted within seconds of parking, or immediately asked what I was looking for. I had the vin numbers of 3 cars ready, as well as the prices listed online (you want the best deal? Hold the dealership to their word regarding online specials by showing them on their own computers!).

He showed me two cars, and after talking it over with my bank, I drove off of the lot with my very first car!

I want to let you all know the warranties and prices are VERY hard to beat. Oil changes for the next 2 years. Bumper to bumper for the next 5 years. Just two examples of what you'll get if you go to a Chevy dealer.

As Karen said, this is a "NO BS" kind of place. You want the bottom line, you'll get it in under a sentence.

I couldn't ask for a better car buying experience.

Tony C. | 2013-02-10

First thing first, the sale person was very mean because I cough he's cigarette time, I ask very polite, can you show me some cars, I ask about the 3 Suburban they have in the lot, he says: (Yeah still available). I said, can you show me, then we start walking to the car I notice this dealer was under construction you can not see the cars with all the dust and dirty,  finally we get to the car after we have to walk 1 mile back the building, when we get there the car was all dirty inside and out, I couldn't see the color, I was triyng to look for some scratches and dent's,  I ask for this sale guy, how can you advertise this on Internet and leave this car dirty like, he just says  (we are under construction), ok I can see that why you don't move those cars out here and treat them as they should, clean, vacuum do a detail and maintain clean and nice to when a buyer come to see it is all nice, bottom line this Dealer was the worst dealer I ever went to, don't waste your time come over this place and one more thing ask for CARFAX before buy any car from them.

Harvey V. | 2013-02-05

Run, DON'T Walk...

I Can Not recommend for you to stay away from this dishonest dealership enough!

I have purchased 9 vehicles between the prices of  $30,000-$75,000 in my lifetime. I only deal with big car dealers because they will tell you the truth 99% of the time about their cars. They don't want negative feedback that will hurt their Internet Sales and they are generally honest about the vehicles condition.

LORENZO BOMNIN Chevrolet is the exception to this rule. I dealt with 3 different people including the Internet Manager at this dealership. I was told on the phone as well as in email that the vehicle I was inquiring about was, and I quote word for word from email of the Internet Manager Willy Gabbart :

"The Lincoln Navigator is super clean and there's nothing wrong with it."

This was in response to my email to him and I quote:

"I am in Austin Texas so a test ride is out of the question. My question is what is your best price on the truck? I am looking for one of these for my transportation company.
Please let me know of any cosmetic problems or any other issues the truck has also."

I explained on the phone to him and to the salesman Pedro, that  the vehicle has to be excellent shape because we use it to pick high profile clients, entertainers, and VIP's and transport them to their venues.

They both assured me that the truck was in excellent shape and that I would be very happy with it. Since I have done this many times before with no issues, I bought the truck. That was over 2 weeks ago. I had a car transporter pick up the truck and bring it here to me.  

When the truck arrived it was very clear that it had been in at least once rear end accident.

The rear bumper was scraped up and had white paint scratches on it where the collision took place.

The front bumper has 6 inch swirl paint cracks due to a collision of some sort.

There was a 3-4 inch dent in the rear lift gate door. There are MANY scrapes, scratches and dings in the paint on all 4 sides of the truck.

The passenger side mirror was actually barely holding on to the truck with two rusty DRYWALL screws. The mirror was only halfway on the truck.

The passenger side rear pillar (top back corner of truck) has a 2-3 inch square of paint chipped off.

The font grill of the truck is cracked in multiple places and just sits in the front of the grill not actually snapped in.

The front passenger side headlight is not attached to the vehicle. It acrually was just set in the opening and you can pull the headlight all the way out of the truck with your hand. The connection to the frame is actually snapped in half ,which means the truck was obviously in a  hard collision in the front as well as rear.

The  auto floor boards on the side of the vehicle do not work, one side was actually unplugged from it's motor.

One of the fog lights is MISSING and has no mounting bracket for it to be replaced.

The paper work (car hauler vehicle inspection) that the car hauler filled out and that the dealership rep signed shows all of theses issues were there when the truck was picked up from the dealer.

Once I received the truck, I was dumbfounded! We took pictures of all of the damage and emailed them to Willy Gabbart, the Internet Sales Manager.

That was AFTER calling him to complain and it took me 3 days for them to acknowledge receiving the pictures. Then I got the run around and no call backs for several days. I called and left messages and actually spent 30 mins on hold and being transferred to Willy and then the GM of the dealership. I got no callbacks until I let them know I own a highly successful Internet Marketing company who knows how to generate a massive amount of negative publicity.

So at least then I got a call from the GM, Miguel Ranillo who proceeded to try to explain to me that it was my own fault and that his Internet Sales Manager meant by "The Lincoln Navigator is super clean and there's nothing wrong with it", was that the interior and engine were in perfect shape, not the exterior.

After a short conversation about that he then asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I had already gotten a bod to fix all of the issues that would be fairly cheap to do and that it was going to cost $1200 which is much cheaper than taking it to the dealer to fix all of these issues. I told him I could send him the estimate if he wanted and he could pay them directly.

He said he would call me back that Friday afternoon. He never called.

I called him and got no call back on the following Monday and got no call. When I emailed him explaining what my options were for getting my negative experience  out in masse on the Internet I got a quick call saying he had to talk with the owner of the dealership and that he would call me back that day for sure.

Needless to say, I got no phone call. So here I am, beginning day 1 on the mission to make sure as many people hear about the way these people do business.

Karen M. | 2013-01-19

If you want a straight up NO BS deal go check them out. Willy in internet gave me a price better than anyone and stood by it. RIcardo sales man also great person. Strongly recommend this dealer for a NO BS approach. Best chevy prices in MIAMI

John S. | 2012-11-26

I would not wish this dealership on my worst enemy. 37 days after trading my Mercedes Benz on a new Corvette, I received a late payment notice on the Mercedes Benz. Lorenzo Bomnin did not pay-off my trade-in, and it's still sitting on their lot today. Now, I am incurring a late fee from MBUSA and it may also ruin my perfect credit score. I have called Lorenzo Bomnin 7 times before actually speaking with the Title Clerk, who made excuses. I'm taking this matter straight to GM and and an attorney to protect myself and my credit. The WORST dealership I have ever dealt with, so be for warned.

Kevin T. | 2012-11-18

We went down to Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet on Friday 11/9/12 who claims on their website to be a local family owned Miami Chevrolet dealership. After a two hour drive to purchase a Pre-Owned 2012 Limited Ford Explorer advertised at $31995 on their website, our experience was less than enjoyable!

We specifically called ahead to confirm they had the 2011 & 2012 Limited Ford Explorers that were advertised on their site. Pedro from the dealership called back & confirmed they did have both silver with black interior fully loaded with sunroofs so we were on our way! I told him how far we were driving from because they had 2 of what we were looking for which ended up NOT being correct NO sunroofs & they were not fully loaded, just basic Limited Model.

After arriving & looking at the two vehicles neither of which had the sunroof we were looking for we decided on the 2012 Limited Ford Explorer. This vehicle was listed on the internet for $31995 & offered on the lot for $35995. They did offer the discounted price of $31995 we saw on the internet without asking for it. We then showed them an internet Google Maps Ad for "20% Off All Pre-Owned Vehicles valid through 11/10/12." (That popped up immediately when searching for directions to the dealership)  Fabio said they had no clue about the ad or if it was valid. So Fabio went to his manager to inquire, came back & said, yes it's valid but you can't use that for this vehicle because it would be too much off but we could do 10-15%. Upon hearing that, we were immediately on our toes, they didn't say it wasn't valid, they didn't say it says only on certain vehicles they just said we can't use it because they wouldn't make enough money. I said, was unacceptable & not what the ad clearly states: "20% Off On All Pre-Owned Vehicles - Valid every day through November 10, 2012."

Fabio said there is nothing else he can do, so we asked to speak to the manager or whoever held responsibility there.  After waiting 15 minutes the manager Miguel Ranilla was ready to speak with us. He asked us to go into a private office to have this discussion out of the view of customers in the area. His response about the ad was that it was something new the owner was trying out. "So you are going to honor it that's great!" we said, he replied "No we can't." So we asked again why they weren't going to honor the 20% ad but again offered the same 12% discount on the advertised price of $35995 as Fabio did earlier.

As any smart consumer would do, we asked; why would you not honor the price as stated in the ad?  Miguel said that he was not able to because there wasn't enough room in the price for them to make enough & that they are now in the process of doing everything they can to revise the ad since we inquired about it to put the fine print in there. He said it was supposed to be 10-20% off with restrictions. Which our reply again was, that's not our fault & asked if they would honor the ad even if it was their mistake & offer us the advertised price minus the 20% off coupon that stated it could be used on any pre-owned vehicle, he said no.
We were being as reasonable as possible after going back & forth for over an hour & we even said it was fine for the coupon to be based off the sticker price not even asking for it to be off the internet price with all info given. There was no budging & he had no validity in his reasons for them not honoring it. We told them, we are very dissatisfied with their unethical way of handling a client's valid complaint.

Miguel then realized we weren't backing down & now it was a matter of principle & tried to backpedal & say they'll give the 20% off the NADA price (of $40275 on the window in less than half the font size above the OUR PRICE of $35995.) If the 20% price coupon was off of the book value not the advertise price stated OUR PRICE then this should have been stated in the Google Ad discount advertisement. I feel this is false advertising since their internet price of $31995 is already less than the NADA price anyway so there really isn't any benefit or discount to the 20% coupon price!

NADA PRICE $40275 less 20% = $32220 ~ Internet Advertised Price - $31995.

They are not honoring the coupon, they admitted that the Google Ad was being revised because they made a mistake by not adding the details & fine print & it has since been revised hours later. They admitted that the owner was trying this as a new marketing effort & we can see why they would need more marketing efforts because I'm sure most people would never go back there! It's so disappointing to see what could have been a simple transaction with rave reviews amongst local business owners can turn out so negative. We all make mistakes but as respectable & lawful business owners, we are supposed to make every effort to correct them when brought to our attention and not at the expense of the consumer.

Vicky K. | 2012-08-21

Service there is horrible, bad attitude, too long, waiting room stinks (literally) associates curse in front of me, rude, never be back again.

The associate gave me an on line coupon for rebate, when he saw I concern I was, and it has expired.

don't go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geovanie C. | 2012-07-03

Same as the other reviewer! Promises & 3 months later I still don't have the parts I was promised! And its a business package that comes from the factory & they can't even get that right! Horrible. Was going ti but more vehies from then because of the good price & because i'm expanding my business but after this never again!

Update. They finally came thru with their offers. They , made it right. Took a while but they did it.

Chris C. | 2011-01-19

My last visit here was night and day from the one before. My dad is thinking about getting a new truck, so we decided to stop.

We pulled up (no attacking sale-sharks) and walked towards the trucks. One salesman followed us, all he did was say hi.

When he heard what we were looking for, directed us to the right trucks, still hung back.

When we decided on a truck, he ran off to get the keys.

Not once did he try to pressure us, or talk numbers.

When we left all he did was give up a card.

It was my first and only no pressure car dealership experience at a normal dealership. (can't compare the collection to a normal car lot)