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Kendall Toyota is the place for all of your vehicle needs.  We offer a wide selection of new and used vehicles at very competitive prices.  We are conveniently open 7 days a week.
   Kendall Toyota is a proud recipient of the prestigious Board of Governors Award in 2012 for having achieved outstanding vehicle sales performance while demonstrating a commitment to maintaining Toyota's high standard for customer satisfaction.  Our professional staff is ready to assist you with all of your automotive needs. We strive to make sure every one of our guests has a positive car-buying experience. We have a diverse array of associates who speak a variety of languages including Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Indian and Creole, in addition to English.  When you buy a car at Kendall Toyota, it's personal.  We take pride getting to know our customers, their likes and dislikes, wants and needs.


Established in 1973.

Our company began around 1973, with the vision and determination of a man who built a family-owned business into a thriving enterprise that sells world-class automobile brands in South Florida. Through his leading expertise in a conventional and luxurious automobiles and his relentless ambition, Gerald Bean transformed a small car dealership into an automotive dynasty.

Kendall Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 728-6843
Address:10943 SOUTH DIXIE HWY, Miami, FL, 33156
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Kendall Toyota

Erika K. | 2015-04-24

I've been taking my vehicle here for service for 9 years and have been very happy with my service experience.  

Making an appointment is simple and can be done online.  They are open early which is great for those who need to head to work after their appointment.  Weekend hours are an added convenience.  Even on occasions where I've dropped in without and appointment, I've always been helped in a timely fashion.  Staff is polite and friendly.  

I've always felt that I received fair prices and thorough explanations for everything my vehicle needs.  They are completely honest and up front. Once I had lost my job and explained that I could only pay for things I absolutely needed and the service worker was up front about what was the most urgent which saved me tons of money on my bill.  They also treat loyal customers well.  Once I stopped in on my way back up north from the Keys when one of my tail lights burned out.  Since it was a quick fix, they moved my car to the front of the line and only charged me for the part and nothing for the labor.  That made a good impression on me.

Other convenient aspects of being a customer include the free shuttle service, service reminder e-mails, and frequent coupons.

I'm thankful to Kendall Toyota for keeping my little old car in great shape over the years.  I'm happy to be a customer here!

Javier G. | 2015-04-08

Im giving rhem 1 star cuse i can't give them
0 i went there to service my car and i was there 15 min waiting for the gay that supuose helpme  cuse i made an apoiment the day before ,antonio this gay ignored me and made me fell so bad that finally i left the place and i went to do doral toyota and i got all that i was needing there

Tom H. | 2015-03-20


I advise everyone never go there, they are insanely dishonest and do not come through on promises being made. They told me as part of the deal for purchasing my car that they would take care of all the dents and scratches, I went back 3 times, the first time they had excuses on not being able to take care of the car after they told me to come in and the third time they told me they couldn't fix all the scratches after promising they would.

So overall they break their promises, very unorganized and careless, lie and don't come through on their end of deal.

Mark D. | 2015-02-24

Although I bought my 2014 Toyota Avalon through my credit union from another dealer, I use Kendall Toyota for service. Both times I  have scheduled early morning appointments and they give me a Service advisor by the name of Thomas to see. Both times he has never been there. I think he is a ghost. On my second visit however I was taken care of by a delightful young woman named Giovanna. She quickly apologized for the mix up, and took care of my car. I was on my way in less than an hour. I was satisfied with my service and I would recommend seeing Giovanna  for your service needs.

Ryan P. | 2015-01-08

Was looking for car here. Was greeted and are somewhat nice.

After the test drive and looking at the condition of the car. They gave me the out the door price for the car and would not budge the price down.

For the condition it was in, WHO in their right mind would buy the car for 19k? It was 16k and another 2000 dollars of bullshit dealers fees  without adding tax.

For those going to here, Be careful and do your research for dealer fees and prices.

Tony H. | 2014-12-20

I am writing this with much uneasiness since I thought the salesman, Mr Domingo Lopez,  from Kendall Toyota was a responsible, honest, upfront person. Unfortunately, everything has changed after I took shipment of the used 2013 Lexus ES 350 on the day of 12/19/2014. Lawsuit is coming, and it is not a threat but a fact.  I have proof from several venues: the Trucking Company that shipped the car to me from Kendall Toyota, Miami FL to Texas,  Caliper Collision, Plano, TX,  Viable information from the Internet.

According to their website description, the car is supposed to be in pristine condition, no accidents, no paint jobs, excellent car fax report.  Well, the car fax report was perfect. But if the accident was not reported to insurance company or the police dept, you would never really know the full truth.  This is the case with this used Lexus I bought.  I also have accidentally found out that this car was a taxi/cap with rebuilt parts because the first invoice the salesman gave us said the car was taxi/cap and has rebuilt parts. But when I asked them about why it said that on the invoice, they removed those statements on the invoice and made a new one without those checked off.  Well, since I thought the salesman was honest and he did not make any indications to me that this car was rebuilt and a taxi, I did not question more, what a mistake I made !!!  In fact, I checked the GPS previous addresses the car has gone to.  There were several airports address showing up. This is a CAP!!!   But the salesman did not tell me so because that would jeopardize the possibility of the sale.  This is a major fraudulent act of the dealer.  Let me go over the pre-existing condition of this car when I took shipment:  

1. Both doors on the driver's side have been repainted entirely, you can even see the tape marks on the side mirror, and also oversprayed paint on the door seal, and the rock protective sticker on the very lower right edge of the rear door shows signs of paint right on top of it.  The body man did not even bothered to remove it before painting the door, what a sloppy job !!!

2.  Driver's door reinforced bar inside the door is not secured so it made vibrating noise when door is slam closed.

3. Oval shape dent in 3 inches diameter above gas tank lid.

4. Panel behind rear wheel on the passenger's side looks like it has been painted at home with a spray can, what a sub level quality of used car and not disclosed to buyers.

5  All floor mats are missing. I bought this car from them for over $30K, you would have thought that they would at least give you the original floor mats.

6. The car's interior was filthily dirty.  The seat belts were so dirty that it was supposed to be beige in color. But they look like they are bronze/brown with black soot on it.  This is also a sign of a cap.  And the dealer's website said that it is in pristine condition.

I wire transferred money to them on 12/10/2014.  When I called them on 12/19/2014 to ask why the title has not arrived in the mail yet, the salesman's answer was "O, we sell 1000's of cars in every month, it will at least take 10 days to even put it in the mail."  Let me tell you something, when they asked me to write an affidavit to say that I will not hold them liable to pay for Florida registration and tax, they wanted it overnight. But when I want my title, they really took their time.  What a way to reciprocate their care for their customers.  All it takes is someone, like Mr Domingo Lopez, to go over to the finance dept and continuously, faithfully check to see if the title has gone out yet from the day he got my wire transfer of the payment.  But once you paid, he will avoid phone calls from you. I have called him 5 times since yesterday. The first time was to ask him where the title is.  The other 4 calls were made after I found out the real terrible condition of the car.  Of course, he did not answer any of the 4 calls.  And no calling me back either.

Briana S. | 2014-12-02

It took this location over 4 hours to complete routine maintenance. After being told  it would take 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete and waiting on the premises,  I find this extremely excessive! After approaching the welcome desk several  times to find out what was taking so long, I was given no answer. This is completely ridiculous!

Noel C. | 2014-11-15

This place is such a disappointment compared to the North Miami Toyota dealership. I decided to bring my truck here because it was a bit closer, big mistake. No one speaks English and the place is a dump. Everything looks and feels dirty and the service is not near what I received at the other place. Next time I'll drive the extra 20 minutes.

Jose Z. | 2014-11-12

I wish I could rate 0 stars.  I had an appointment at 2. It is now 4 in the afternoon and I'm still sitting waiting for my oil change to be done. The gentleman that initially helped me said it would be 1 hour. Since 3 they have been saying that it'll be done in 15 minutes.  Is unacceptable for a dealership to take two hours for an oil change.specially since I had an appointment.  Second time I come here and both times it was the same wait.  Don't recommend it... never coming back.

Alex F. | 2014-11-07

I've been back three separate times to fix the same problem spent hours of my time sitting waiting while they have my car parked telling me they r working on it but can't figure out what's wrong is their some kind of lemon law??

Joel F. | 2014-10-26

I hate this place. It's nearly impossible to find an English salesman. The customer service is non-existent. The sales staff are crooks and sharks, there's a team of salesman waiting for you at the front door like hungry animals. The lady at the front desk has no personal skills, she was the worst part of that dealer. And if there's anything wrong with the vehicle you purchase, good luck getting any resolution to the problem. I will never return to this dealer.

Shawn S. | 2014-10-04

Went to Kendall Toyota to buy a Toyota Camry last Saturday. Worked with an older gentleman named "Joe". Though he was friendly, my husband and I were told that there were no cars available in our price range, despite our seeing an entire lot of Camrys stacked wall-to-wall in the garage. We were given a cockamamie story about overhead and various other expenses for this and that, which is why they couldn't reduce their $23,000 price. I sensed the presence of "B.S." My hubby and I promptly left and went to South Motors Kia down the road, where they offered us an even better Camry (a 2014 Camry SE with 15,000 miles, to be exact) that same day. We were only charged $18,360 for the car (included EVERYTHING), which was nearly $5,000 cheaper. What a blessing that we went somewhere else.

Word to the wise: Avoid Kendall Toyota at all costs. There are better and more affordable business out there that are willing to work with customers.

Jessica G. | 2014-08-20

I drove all the way from west palm to have service at this Toyota dealership! Everyone is very caring and the customer is the priority. I had a list that was given to me of what my car needed and half of the things were not needed. This dealership is honest and will not overcharge or trying selling this that are not needed! New management is awesome and communication is key. Service checks on customer and gives frequent updates. Defiantly the best Toyota dealership!

Jesse A. | 2014-08-12

Worst customer service I have ever had in my life anywhere, I've never been treated so bad by any company before, absolutely terrible. I would highly recommend going to another dealership to do your business If there was a negative star raining I'd be glad to give them a negative 5. I bought my brand new Toyota four runner at south Florida Toyota and had no issues whatsoever.

Gloria P. | 2014-08-03

Have bought 4 cars from Michael Cordero at Kendall Toyota and he always gives me a great deal, lots of help and makes sure that I get what I want.  I got a very good trade in value for my old car too and gift cards to Brandsmart.  Michael Cordero goes the extra mile to make you satisfied.

A H. | 2014-06-29

This is the WORST dealer in Miami, FL. I had been to several dealers today, including a different Toyota dealer, and the Kendall Toyota is overall the worst dealer if you're looking for great customer service, class, and overall common sense.

Upon on entering, no dealer approached us at all. I completely understand that there was a World Cup game occurring at the same time I, a CUSTOMER, arrived but that is no excuse for no customer service. I had to approach a secretary for help.

The secretary had to literally scream out the name of a salesman, whose eyes were glued on to the TV, in order to get him to realize that an actual customer needed help. While I even wanted to see that soccer game, you'd think that salesmen that rely on customers for their salary would actually give a damn about providing customer service to that client.

Without even introducing himself to me, he asked me what I was looking for. I'm not sure if other women experience this in visiting any dealer, but it's as if when a women is going to look for a car for herself the dealer automatically assumes she is less competent than her male counterpart. There was no greeting from this dealer, he just asked me to sit down and asked me what I was looking for. I gladly told him the specifications in cars I wanted and he leaped out of his seat and said he'd be back with cars he thought would fit my needs.

5 minutes later, an elderly salesman approached me. Again, no introduction was given until he gave his business card. Without even asking me what I was looking for in a used car, he asked me for my information. Dealers always ask for your information so that they can call you or email you about cars they get and to see if you're still interested in a car. I absolutely did not want this so I told him I was not going to give any information until they could help me find the right car for the right price.

This man did not have any knowledge of used cars and kept on pressuring me to buy a new car. I clearly told him that I wanted to find a car at a certain price and he kept on saying that that was not going to happen and that buying a new car was better than a used car. I obviously knew this, but when you have a budget you're trying to stick to, high monthly payments for a new car are not viable. Instead of respecting my wishes, this salesman kept pressuring me to consider a new car.

This dealership, from my experience, has no sense of respecting a customer, knowing how to treat a customer, or any sense of class or common sense.

I do not recommend this dealership. The Toyota dealership in Doral, FL has much better customer service than this one.

Chris T. | 2014-03-09

Once you make your way past the clusters of money-hungry salesmen loitering at the front of the dealership (AWKWARD), you are in for a day of being mistreated and lied to, at least if you are an English-speaking woman.  I went there with lots of research on how much a Camry lease should cost.  They had a limited number of Camrys available to consider.  They kept passing me from one person to the next to the next for financing.  At one point, while waiting to find out who was the next person that was supposed to help me, I went to the main desk to ask for assistance.  Numerous male employees were standing there, talking in Spanish, and I was totally ignored.  Finally someone directed me to the next person that was supposed to help me with financing.  The men began to (again) speak in Spanish to each other, then would speak with me in English.  So.  Very.  Rude.  I told them my bottom-line price.  We were literally only $10 per month apart.  They said No Deal.  So I walked.  I've been a loyal Toyota customer for more than 12 years but they shut down a deal over $10/month.  So I drove to Toyota of North Miami.  They treated me like a rock star, and made a deal for exactly the car I wanted at the price I was willing to pay.  Honestly, now that Toyota of North Miami will be expanding, I think that Kendall Toyota should be shaking in their shoes.  
I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend Kendall Toyota to anyone but male Spanish-speaking customers.  Maybe that's all Kendall Toyota cares about.  Because as an English speaking female customer, I can tell you that they treated me like I was lucky they gave me the time of day.  HA.  What a load of garbage.  
PS:  while I was at Toyota of North Miami, the salesman from Kendall Toyota called to ask if they could try again to make a sale.  No.  Freaking.  Way.  I would not set foot at that dealership again if you paid me.

Leo R. | 2014-01-17

Rude and zero  respect. After receiving an internet quote for a Corolla I went to see the car. Once I showed my quote none of the sales guys wanted to work with me and left me standing there. Finally one decided to help me out and showed me a more expensive car , once he noticed that I just wanted to see the one I quoted ,he also left me standing at the reception area..I just left.. Never going to that dealership again..

Abby G. | 2013-11-17

Extremely bad customer service, especially if you don't speak Spanish. For some reason there are always like 100 men standing outside the front entrance. Yet no one is actually helpful.

Yessi P. | 2013-09-11

This is absolutely the most disgraceful place to purchase a car from. I have been with Nissan and Mercedes Benz dealers throughout the country due to being military and my husband and I have received the best service even after purchasing our cars. The sales person whom I have decided not to name for his dignity was super awesome when we first purchased the car but after the problem came he started being a smart ass and treated my sister as if she was worth nothing. My sister purchased a car from these people because we were recommended by a family member, the car has already given her problems and they have given her the run around even though we purchased the gap insurance and the car itself still has warranty. Then to top it off she went to get her tag in which we had already paid for ( our contract states it) and this disgusting sales persons tells her that on top of everything that she has paid for she needs to pay $480 to get her tag!!!! $480 for a high school student who only works part time and pays for her car and insurance herself because she is not lucky to have mommy and daddy pay for her stuff. $480 is a lot of money, these people think money grows out of trees??? When she called me telling me this I was beyond pissed, never in a million years have I dealt with disgusting money hungry crooks. When i purchased my first car through Nissan in Miami never had this tag issue.  The issue has not been dealt with yet by these crooks but I can assure you I will get lawyers involved if this issue is not fixed and if my sister does not get her tag. DO NOT PURCHASE anything from these crooks. All they want is your money first and when your car starts having issues they treat you like shit. Customer Service is not in their vocabulary unless they're selling to you after they've received your money you are nothing but a bother to them.

natalie o. | 2013-05-24

Horrible service super slow they don't care that you spent $35000 on them ridiculous

Abe H. | 2013-01-01

Awful customer experience if you're not a "bro" or don't speak spanish. And god help you if you're a woman. Don't give these people your money.

Marc M. | 2012-05-11

Since they seem to have two pages with their same address they get this review twice!

It is not very often that I write a review with so much anger still in my throat one day after an incident like the one I experienced yesterday.

First a little background - I lease two Corollas for my business, and up until today I always took them to be serviced at Lehman's Toyota in North Miami, the same place where I got them. My office is in Brickell so we decided to try Kendall because it is much closer. We got there at 4:00PM and were told that it would take 2 hours to get the oil change in both cars. We thought that was long but figured it was ok, after all our next appointment was not until  7:30PM.

We sat in the waiting room and watched TV, some guy had gone crazy in Hollywood and had shot 2 police officers, and the traffic was at a stand still, so we were glad to be there avoiding that whole mess. Six o'clock came and went and no once called us. Around 7 I asked one of the girls if they could check on my car, she did not even ask my name and simply told me that the guys outside did that. I attempted to talk to them but they either ignored me or walked really fast past by me. Forty five minutes later our tempers were about to reach boiling point, so I tried again. I literally stood there for close to 5 minutes while some lady discussed her bill with the attendant, before he finally noticed me.

He checks the computer and tells me that both of my cars had been ready for a while. He then tells me to go to the cashier as if nothing was wrong. We get there and tell the lady to call the Manager. He shows up and does not even apologize, not once, no "We are sorry" no "This won't happen again", nothing! Instead another manager comes out and they both fold their arms and basically tell us that they have no idea why no body called us, their attitude continued when they had the audacity to ask us if we had left .... WE WERE IN THE WAITING ROOM THE WHOLE TIME AND WE WERE ALL WEARING MATCHING SHIRTS, HOW CAN YOU MISS US???!!!  

We are not the kind of people that get pushed around, and we are not unreasonable, we are business owners, we understand that mistakes happen, but one thing we always do is Man - Up and admit when we messed up and at least say "WE ARE SORRY". The lease for both Corollas will expire next year and we will be getting 3 new Prius's with all the bells and whistles, we can guarantee you that we will NOT be getting them from here. I will travel to West Palm Beach if need be to make sure this dealership does not get my business EVER!
Worse customer service I have received in the 16 years I have lived in Miami.

Jon R. | 2012-04-07

After calling prior to my arrival at Kendall Toyota to inquire about a specific car, the individual checked and double checked that the car was on the lot. An hour later, upon arrival to Kendall Toyota, the sales rep gave me the run around that the car was not on the lot but could be there in several hours. Subsequently, I went to its sister dealership - West Kendall Toyota - after calling to confirm the car was on the lot, but I happened to get the same results. At least these two dealers are consistent. I highly recommend that no one shop at these two Toyota dealerships. Unprofessional business practices!!!


Tiffanie S. | 2011-12-23

Jamie is the person to see when going to Kendall Toyota, and he's the reason I've given the location a good review.  He got me such a great deal on my new Yaris and helped me choose the best car for me when I was in a tight situation.

Thanks Jamie!

Matt G. | 2011-06-23

Oh, zero stars isn't an option?

Kendall Toyota just lost a loyal customer of many years. Why? After scheduling a lease return over a month ago and staying home from work for two days to have an inspection done - I call to confirm the return and I'm told 'sorry, we don't have the space - just go to another dealer'.

I bet they aren't saying that when it's time to sell a car or do an oil change. So you don't have the space to take BACK a lease, but you will take my money when it's time to lease it?

Maybe they didn't realize we have two other Toyota's in the family, which will no longer be serviced there. We will also seriously consider another brand next time around now that we know how customers are treated that aren't waiving cash.

Michelle C. | 2010-11-01

I went 3 times in the last month as what I thought I was buying next evolved (small SUV, 3rd row SUV, minivan).

The flock of salesmen gathered together on the front stoop like pigeons can be intimidating.

But each time, one of them greeted me, took us upstairs to the vehicles and politely showed us around.
The vehicles aren't locked (unless they are sold.)
They have a big inventory to look at.
Not one of those salesman asked me to sit down and fill out any contact info. They just offered me their card. One of them, that had spent some extra time with me comparing the Highlander to the Sienna, asked me to say Hi to the manager as he walked me out. It really was just a hi.

Although in the end, I bought a Honda, my experience at this dealership was wonderful and next time I start my comparison shopping, I will be back.

Valentina A. | 2009-11-11

RUDE~! Yep, Andres P. you are totally right about this place- if I could give it zero stars I would. Hubby & I were practically tackled in the parking lot by a greasy, sweaty, fake-smily car salesman, Roberto, ugh.

We too, were interested in test driving the 2010 Prius as we had seen it at the car show and were pleasantly surprised with its 50mpg & comfy roominess. When we asked Roberto to test drive it, his fake smile became even faker, then he walked off, muttering something about finding the keys.

So we waited...................he came back out, muttering something from the dealership door then disappeared back inside......

Finally he comes out, gives us an all too quick test drive. I felt he was very rude. He didn't even tell us anything about the car, in fact he was uncharacteristically quiet for being a car salesman . I've already done my research online but geez- it would be helpful to point out things about it I may not know. Roberto was all too happy to get us out of the car, shove business cards in our hands and run away.

From what I hear, Prius are on tremendous back order so maybe he knows he wouldn't be making a quick sale? RUDE!

Definitely won't be returning if I decide to purchase.

Stephanie C. | 2009-04-24

It was really one of the worst experiences with car dealers I have ever had. When I first arrived at Kendall Toyota, all the salesman were all sitting outside talking like animals waiting for their prey. The salesman that approached didnt even introduce himself. He sat us in 4 different places, didnt know what he had in his lot, the milage in any of the cars, or any of the valuable information that was asked of him.
I went to go look at Toyota Scion that was advertised in a magazine and his excuse for not having it in the lot was that it was in the "warehouse" when many older and used cars were sitting in a corner of their lot. He was constantly on the phone, and taking his pills in front of us.
The worst part was when I told him I was going to think about the deal he was giving me and I even thanked him he gave me the worst attitude ever. We were in a garage filled with cars and when we said our goodbyes to him he didnt even tell us that we needed a card to get out of the garage. So we ended up walking all the way to the end of the garage and walking back to him so he could tell us "Oh I wasn't going to run after you". Nobody told him to run after us, but atleast say "Hey, lets walk out together". I asked him nicely why he didnt say anything and it was just attitude all the way. I walked out of there with a headache that lasted all day.

Elizabeth D. | 2008-10-19

After writing my previous review, I felt like I got a lot off my chest and  renewed my want to get a new car. I went back. Yes, I went back. I know... why? Because it's true - they have one of the largest inventories of Toyota's, at least in Miami.

Unfortunately, the price still wasn't right, but I did get a great salesman (after batting away the horde). Wasn't annoyingly pushy and surprisingly knowledgeable. If I end up deciding on a Toyota, then I will definitely call upon him. If you go, definitely ask for Alberto.

Andres P. | 2008-10-18

Customer service is not found in this dealership. I was in the market for a hybrid and wanted to see the Toyota Prius, upon driving into the lot, I was greated by more than one salesman.

After "choosing" a salesman I let him know that I was looking for a Prius and his demeanor changed completely, from helpful to almost rude. I asked if I could see the vehicle, he pointed at a car in the lot a promptly disappeared.

When I tried to open the car door the vehicle was locked and I realized it was used, I then walked into the lobby of the dealership and asked for the salesman,  he was paged and arrived as if nothing happened. I asked him if they had any cars I could look at and he promptly replied, "didn't I point the car out to you in the lot?"

Needless to say I did not buy the Prius or a Toyota for that manner. Will never visit this dealer again and WILL NEVER buy a Toyota.

Gianni D. | 2007-11-18

Like any car dealership... its the salesman that you get that defines your experience. When you drive in you will be confronted with literally a mob of sharks waiting to attack. And like Rye's observation, the majority of the dealership is very Hispanic. Which not bad for the majority of people that go to purchase a car at Kendall Toyota.  Consider that most of the Hispanic salesmen do speak English.

I was recommended to a sales man by the name of AJ. I had a lease that was up in 3 months and went to see AJ, another salesman would have pressured me into getting out of the lease and closing the sale. He just asked me to give him a call when i was closer to the lease return date. Just went today and leased a new toyota sienna, AJ and the finance manager were very helpful, polite and made the whole process the most bearable car sales experience that i have gone through.

AJ deserves the 5 stars, kendall toyota for their shark mob got a 3 so the review averaged a 4.