Esserman International Kia in Miami, FL

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Esserman Advantage You can invest in a new or pre-owned vehicle from any dealer. What you can't get from other dealers, however, is a relationship with so many visible and hidden values. The relationship and benefits that you receive when doing business with us is what we call the Esserman Advantage. We have a number of extra values that will save you time and money during the entire time you own your vehicle. In addition, our extraordinary commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction ensures that we will exceed your expectations with every visit. We stand behind this commitment with our hearts and souls.

Esserman International Kia

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 330-1684
Address:10455 N.W. 12 Street, Miami, FL, 33172
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Esserman International Kia

Katherine L. | 2014-08-09

Worst experience I have ever had in my life. I first went for an oil change and they left it open and my car stained my whole drive way as well as everyone else's. Then my horn broke and I took it and it took them hours later to tell me they didn't have to peice and that they had to order it. Then they said they can only instal the peice weekdays and to come in on wed. I work so I let my father take it and it took them hours to tell me that they ordered the wrong peice and to go pick it up. Then they tell me to bring it on Monday Monday comes along and they say it's not there. Now I have no horn and I'm close to pulling my hairs out.

Francesca T. | 2014-03-22

I purchased my Kia here and I was more than happy with the staff who helped me through the process. Exquisite !!!
I can't say the same for the service of my car. They look pretty organized and fast but fast doesn't mean good. Last service I had was horrible. It was the crossing tire routine on my kia sportage and I added a note to control the pressure of my tires... The answer was :" of course it is normal routine for this type of job". The day after I was driving and the flat tire started flashing. I was afraid I got a nail or something because I just left the service the day before. So I went to a mechanic next by and he checked and they just didn't put air on the tires. So I gave him the printed document I received from the service of the day before and guess what? Not everything they said they have done was done.
Do I have to add something else to my comment?
Of course they won't see me again!!!

Albert M. | 2012-05-07

I ussually have no issue with this location although this last time they really screwed it up when doing my oil change. Went home and noticed oil puddles in my driveway, figuered it couldnt be mine until a few days later I noticed a few more, looked under the car and noticed it dripping from the oil pan. The mechanics forgot to tighten the bolt to securely keep the oil in place which could have cost me my engine on a 2010 vehicle (and I am sure they will deny the entire thing if it did happen). Anyhow, I called them up, they ask for me to return the vehicle asap, they corrected the issue in 10 minutes and assured me it was fixed, they apologized for the inconvenience and are offering to pay for my next oil change.

It is kinda strange to share the same service attendants, mechanics and waiting lobby with Acura & Kia owners. The waiting lobby is very small as well when comparing to other dealers but the free donuts and coffee from Dunkin Donuts is a nice touch...

Ivonne G. | 2011-08-15

I am on the hunt for a spacious SUV and I had seen the Sorento and I really like the look of this car so I went to Esserman to take a look at it and see what their leasing program was for this car. I was met at the front door by Darwin, who was an absolute pleasure to deal with. After such a bad experience at Gus Machado Ford, it was great to be received well by someone who was on point with the vehicles as well as the financial aspect to the car buying process. The Sorento was actually very beautiful and had all the things I was looking for, all for the right price. They didn't have the color I was looking for so they will be contacting me once the car that I want is in..I am definitely considering this vehicle and was appreciative of the good service. Quick tip: ask for Darwin if you are going to visit this dealership.

Mimi M. | 2011-03-01

The only reason I give this dealership an A-OK review is because of the quality of service.  Unlike most of my car negotiations this one was relatively smooth.  Our salesman, Darwin, was quite the gentleman and not pushy at all.  They did stay open for us but then again we did get 2 cars at the end of the month.  

I must say the location was tiny and had no coffee or vending machines, a must in my opinion due to the long hours you are there for.  Water was suffice though.  

I love the KIA's we drove off in and don't feel like we got a bad deal.

Carla L. | 2009-02-10

Carlos is gone !! GOOD RIDDANCE.  The service was a bit better and the new guy who replaced him is trying hard.

They still charged us for a battery that went bad.  It went bad because a piece that was under warranty was damaged and damaged the battery as a result...  

If thats the case why should we pay for the battery?  I don't get it.

Gustavo A. L. | 2008-12-15

I know what you are thinking ... why on earth would I return after the dismal service ??????
Here's the story... this review is not against KIA , it is against ESSERMAN and their POOR SERVICE -

KIA has done a wonderful thing in giving out 100K warranties in order to penetrate the market and it helps that their vehicles are pretty decent for the price range - SO - I bring it back to ESSERMAN for the warranty work - because it doesn't cost me a dime and since I bought the car from them, I think it is right that they perform the warranty work=

So this time I asked to have a different service rep assigned to me since we have had already problems with Carlos 2 times - but it so happens that he is the only KIA service person -

After a brief conversation, my "service adviser" which is more like an appointment setter, agreed to have someone else take care of me ... this time it was Sally ... I guess she does ACURA or VW ... anyway-

I show up with my car ask for her and she (SALLY) promptly informs me that she doesn't do KIA - so I have to go thru the same song and dance with her and tell her the story about how Carlos' Customer service skills are non existent and he is a liar ... so finally she is kind enough to take care of me -

I then mention that part of the problem has been that despite the fact that we have told him repeatedly to communicate with me and not Carla - he simply ignores that and calls her, even thought he knows that she is usually not available to answer the phone - so what happens next ???

Sally calls Carla instead of me= I truly believe they do it on purpose ...anyway --- I also forgot to tell her about some other issues with the car when I dropped it off and left her 6 ..SIX ... Voice mail messages where I very politely asked her to call me back... she NEVER called back -

SO after literally having to call every 15 minutes, I was able to get a hold of her and tell her about the heater that was not working ...

In the end 3 days later I got a call from the mechanic - telling me that the car was ready - So Whatever - They will continue to do my warranty work and I will deal with their ineptitude and that's that !!