Deel Volkswagen in Miami, FL

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Located in the heart of Miami, FL- Just off US1 on Bird Rd. - Get the best deal at DEEL VW

Deel Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 444-2222
Address:3601 Bird Rd, Miami, FL, 33133
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Deel Volkswagen

Eli P. | 2015-04-18

No one likes going to dealerships because of all the sharks who make it impossible to just LOOK around without having someone on top of you. My salesperson was Melissa and she was so sweet! Made the whole dealership experience so much easier.

Ed F. | 2015-03-25

I brought in my 2012 Jetta for several reasons.
One was to have a replacement key programmed after the original had been lost by a valet recently. The other was to have a rear axle inspection per recall notice.

Robert Frank is the most outstanding service representative I have ever encountered.
He provides personal and detailed attention. On this particular visit he noticed the ignition key was somewhat difficult to turn and had the ignition cylinder replaced per warranty. We had been unaware there was a problem.

I always leave the dealership feeling like I have been carefully listened to and know that everything has been taken care of in a timely way.

AnaMaria d. | 2015-01-14

I came in looking for a car for my mom, and I had a very specific budget. Both the sales person and the manager of the Deel Volkswagen agency assured me they would meet my needs; they did!!! the negotiation was quick and simple, the entire time the transaction was transparent and honest. I came in and out of the dealership in 20 minutes with a deal in my hand; next step was to bring my mom in to choose the color of the car and for a test drive, which we did the following day. The deal was fully honored and my mom left EXTREMELY happy with a 2015 Passat, fully loaded in a beautiful platinum beige color. The car is a dream! the entire process, including the 20 minutes I spent the day before took a total of 2  1/2 hours and the dealer even kept my mom's old Honda Accord to return to Braman Honda, so she wouldn't have to. I dealt with Ana Bukowski and Ivan (forgot his last name! but he is the Manager)the first time I came in and they were both SUPER friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The day after, Ivan asked Julio Fernandez to help us since Ana was off. Julio was great and made our purchase very pleasant. We closed the deal with the finance manager, Phillip, who was very thorough in explaining everything we were signing, and off we were with our new Passat. I am sooooooo glad my mom switched from Honda to VW!!

Meryl G. | 2015-01-10

We leased a 2015 Jetta with the help of Harold Chong.  He was so pleasant and fun to work with -- he was professional and respectful, and he worked very hard to get us a good deal.  We definitely recommend Deel and Harold!

Laura M. | 2015-01-07

I brought my car in for a 40,000 mile check up - there was a message on the dashboard saying "service".  I took it to Tony Dejesus, who I had visited before, and he was helpful and responsive.  He called when the car was ready and I picked it up.  Because it was very busy when I got it, I just left without talking to Tony.  He called me to review what they'd done and found, which I really appreciated.  I also really appreciate that he had the car washed!  It certainly needed it but I had planned to do so after the serving.  Thanks!

Adrian P. | 2014-12-24

WORST DEALERSHIP EVER their "bumper to bumper" warranty only covers the engine battery died after 2 years and 1 month obviously thinking it was included I had to pay $300. When I went to speak to the manager of warranty across the street he said " battery is only covered for 2 years you bought it read the warranty, this is why we keep the service department across the street it's not my problem"

Yeimy C. | 2014-10-29

I got a 2015 passat. All negotiations were done with Angelo. It was a speedy & easy process. We were in and out within an hour!

PLUS, I got some (pink) Dr. Dre Beats...FOR FREE!
It was a nice surprise :)

eRnie P. | 2014-10-09

I bought my first new car from Deel and I cannot be any happier.

I loved the dealership from the minute I walked through the door. They keep a sort of country-club atmosphere, no high-pressure sales anything here; I actually never got the classic "what would it take to get you to buy a car NOW" bs line that I got all virtually every other VW dealership in Miami.

My salesperson Rob R. was great! Talk about after-sales service! He has consistently gone the extra mile for me and has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with even though I am everything but an easy customer to deal with.

I will certainly keep going back to Deel as long as they keep the employees and the culture that they have shown me so far.

Karla L. | 2014-10-06

We arrived at Deel VW and Alejandro was very polite, patient and professional from the begining to the end. He explained all the benefits of owning a passat and the whole process was a very pleasurable one. We are very happy with our decison and the car rides beautiful.

Julio G. | 2014-09-07

I visited deel on sept 6 as my wife and i were shopping around to lease a jetta. I've never received worse service in my life than i did from Alejandro in sales.  He spent about 30 min with me going over numbers and a test drive.  I told him i would think about it as i wanted to check with esserman also. After an argument between us ensued as he began to tell me that what i was doing(shopping around and comparing numbers) was unethical. He told me that he wasted his time and that hes got to eat. I told him that i had sold cars in the past also and thats business. When i told him it was business and maybe it wasnt for him it escalated and ended with him yelling at me that the conversation was over and to get out here.  I did not look to complain about him because I feel for a struggling sales representative since I once worked in auto sales myself. However he was highly unprofessional and I will never return.

Arturo B. | 2014-07-13

I have been a VW customer for two years and every visit is a pleasant one. I always work with Robert Frank as my service consultant/advisor. He is detailed, polite, and very knowledgable of the VW product. You can see that by all the awards present in his station.

I highly suggest making an appointment instead of walk-in. You can either wait or be transported using shuttle service. No loaners available afaik.

My car performs like new. My only suggestion would be to offer customers car wash service upon returning the vehicle. That would be a very nice touch.

Alfredo L. | 2014-06-07

Had a great experience at DEEL VW. Angelo and the finance team were real professionals. Not the typical car shopping experience. The whole experience was pleasant and pressure free.

Paola N. | 2014-05-27

I took my car for service and it was done super fast. Waiting room has wifi, coffee machine and TV. It was done in less than an hour. In and out!!

Angelo N. | 2014-05-20

Very impressive show room you are greeted the moment you enter and offered a beverage by the Director of First Impressions (receptionist )  it was cool a manager also appeared  and welcome us to look around,I was ask what type of assistance I was looking for I answered information only  had a News paper special from the dealership I was explain the specials did not leave with a car this day but look forward to buying one from them.

Carlo V. | 2014-05-09

First of all I want to say that I was loyal DEEL VW customer as this is the second brand-new Jetta that I acquired with this same dealer.

It all started when my lease was about to end on my 2011 car, I decided to weight my options and give the car to Carmax to sell it and start a clean 2014 car deal with DEEL.

I took the car to Carmax and had it appraised , the car was perfect nothing wrong with the car inside and out, that company does a very thorough inspection of all his vehicles because their pay cash out right.

Then I made the mistake of giving the car back to DEEL as a trade in and get a new car because I thought it was easier and less paperwork as I was getting at the same dealer.

I talked to the new car manager who was in 2011 the salesman who sold me the car, Ivan, he was very good with words and told me to leave the old car that everything was going to be taking care off, just signed the dotted line and give the down payment  to drive the new car that same day off the lot.

they took my car out back and we inspected the car one more time Mr. Ivan , his helper , my nephew and myself all four of us looked at this car every which way, there was nothing wrong with the car it was perfect top to bottom inside and outside, Just like the CARMAX report, I left that nigh and the manager told that because the car looked so perfect he was going to sell it to another client who was looking for a slightly used car the next day.

10 days later I received a letter from VW Finantial saying the car had $1500 worth of damage on the lower side of the car, I called the dealer repeated times Ivan the manager never call me back he's not responding to any of my calls.

I talked to another manager in the store and he told me that basically I am screwed that I signed the paper saying the car was subject to inspection, paper that I never signed or received.

This is a liability issue and I should contact an attorney if there is no responsibility from the dealer on cars left in a trade , the dealership should not accept any pre-inspected car by the third party they hire to inspect , just to make a sale.

They trashed my car at the dealership and now they're trying to get  me to pay for it or maybe this is just another way for them to collect extra money on a sale .

This is the last VW I will ever buy nor will ever recommend a DEEL dealer any other person

These people are money hungry and trying to squeeze every penny out of me.

Helen C. | 2014-03-20

Took my brothers car in today because two lights came on his car and I had no idea what they meant. The minute I pulled up I was helped immediately and out the door in 10-15 minutes. Great, highly recommend.

Michelle A. | 2014-03-13

I had a great experience at Deel Volkswagen Service. My advisor Tony was very professional and knowledgeable. My appointment was at 7am and he saw me exactly at that time, no waiting. It was quick and he gave me a detail explanation of the service that was done to my car. I will definitely be going back to Deel Volkswagen in the future.

Roland P. | 2014-03-09

I got a deal at Deel VW! Alejandro Vazquez, sales consultant was professional, persistent, and anticipated my next move. It's a rare and unique quality now-a-days. See Alejandro for you next deal. He makes a difference.

Z A. | 2014-01-24

visited within the last 3 months. I am not a vw owner. I dropped off my SO's car and picked it up after service. I am adding my review because of the customer service I received for my pick up visit. I was able to park in the front although there is limited space. When I came to get the car, everything ran smoothly with just a signature. I thought the front desk should ask for an ID or some verification. I realized I had two cars and one person, and someone at the outside desk advised I could leave my SO's car outside for an hour so that it would not get locked in and I avoided street parking. Pick up second attempt also ran smoothly even though we were over an hour.

Rocio R. | 2013-10-07

Super rude and unhelpful staff - will not fix my car here and give them my money under any circumstances. Take your business elsewhere!

Marco M. | 2013-08-28

Bought my car here and been servicing it here to the book over its 50k lifespan. Some ups, some downs, mostly downs but I let them all go because after a month of nonstop fighting and arguing and finger pointing they replaced my engine at no cost to me due to a manufacturer error. This is my experience from my last service visit when they emailed me asking for a "How did we do?" Don't waste your time buying or leasing cars here either as my family as leased 4 volvos and bought 2 vws over the span of about 12 years so really, there's no looking out for long time customers.

Total and utter crap. Seriously, the complete opposite of professionalism. I went in for a simple 50k service  and asked that two dash lights be investigated (tire pressure and lights) and was told it would be ready to pick up mid day. After it wasn't ready mid day I changed my work plans to accommodate only for the service department to call 20 minutes later telling me it was done and now ready to be picked up. Great news, right? No. Because after I ran across town to go pick up my car I was told an hour later when I got there that the car actually wasn't done because there was "unusual wear" on the tire treads. Okay, I'm all about forward thinking but why the hell was this not brought up during the tire rotation BEFORE I was told the car was ready? Not as I walked into the service department who said it would only be about an additional hour. Great, an additional hour I didn't have? Whatever I cut my losses and had to ask some favors to get me back to work and also get me back to pickup the car a second time around. On that note, thanks for the coupon for a tire alignment and rotation with this email, its real freaking useful now! But I digress. Now they actually did do the additional task I asked about (dash lights) or so I thought they did. Upon picking up it was all smiles about oh those lights are taken care of, heres why:

Lightbulb light was diagnosed as Headlight Motor Leveler malfunction. I was then interrogated about putting on the Bi-Xenon lights as a third party aftermarket addition. However any "VW Specialized Technician" who deals with them daily would know for a fact that 04-09 MKv's ALL came with the Bi-Xenon housings. Its fine though, long day people make mistakes so I took his word for it and told them to hold off on the 700$ repair. You know, completely believable thing after 5 years of flawless work for something mechanical to just outlive its life, things happen. Only later at night I discovered the actual problem was just a burned out bulb. I mean come on, Im even beating myself up over this one for not thinking to check the high beam bulbs and fixing them myself before mentioning it to them. All I can hope is that whatever computer weilding service guy in the back burned out his corneas trying to check if the illuminated high beam bulb was burned out or malfunctioning. So cool misdiagnosis there, techs.

Tire Pressure: it was diagnosed that the light was on because there was a nail in the tire. Okay cool no problem, again things happen. Only the stupid light came back on a sweet 7.5 miles later before I got home. Seriously? This has happened for my last 2 visits @ 40k and 45k and each time the people in the service department dont actually look into this to replace the bit I would like replaced and the stupid light stays on now completely not allowing me to know when a wheel is actually low so I can inflate it to the proper pressure.

If someone was kind enough to read all this please forward it to the head of your service department, however I don't expect a reply because that person didn't even have the decency to return ANY of my calls when valves cracked and destroyed a piston and a cylinder head in my engine that was not even 48k miles young. I was out of a car for a month due to a manufacturer error and never once got a call or was offered a courtesy car. Thanks Deel!

Should this actually make it to someone who cares or wants to follow up and my information isn't attached, my name is REDACTED, and you may email me at REDACTED to address the situation. If all this doesn't get read, please know that I wrote it at work taking time from my actual work that I don't ever half ass. Thank your stars that people like myself don't half ass work either because you can look up at the marvelous structure that you are sitting in and thank whatever celestial being you pray to that it defies the laws of gravity or you can thank people like me, engineers, who actually put passion into the machines that you people pretend to care for and repair.

Yi-chen L. | 2013-08-16

Find Angelo Nieves!! It was my first time buying a new car and he gave me a very great deal as well as a pleasant experience.  He explained every detail. Although I didn't get the color I was looking for, it definitely was an attractive deal for me to pay for what I wasn't looking for. Angelo offered wonderful service when I first walked in. Go find him and you will find yourself a very wonderful purchasing experience.

S O. | 2013-08-11

Talk to Angelo Nieves.

Hands down a respectable place to bring your business. Most car dealerships are out there to get over on you and make as much off you as possible. Unless you do your homework, dealerships can really take advantage of you.

Simply put, I did my research and shopped around. I came across a hot deal online. I was then connected to Angelo. He was very straight forward with me. He (along with Michelle in financing) helped me get pre-approved on the financing with a great deal. Although I didn't get the car I originally intended to get, with the help of Angelo and Michelle, I was able to get an even better deal than the deal I originally wanted.

Of note, this dealership is not out to get over on you. They won't yo-yo finance or spot finance you. They won't pressure you or talk you into buying a vehicle you don't want to or don't intend to buy.

As a first time buyer that has been to over 6 dealerships and talked with over 10 dealerships on the phone, Angelo and the team here are by far one of the last honest dealerships here in Miami.

Brett C. | 2013-08-11

2 stars because they have been able to complete a simple oil change. I have had a few repair experiences here that were terrible. So bad in fact i havent even been there in two years and still carry enough memory of my time there to be inclined to write a review.
I was very dissatisfied with the service technician Arturo. He would never call me to report changes or general updates on the progress of the repairs, I always had to call him. This is how my final experience went:
I was making repairs due to a break-in that damaged my car, it was an insurance claim. When I got the car back, a week later, the passenger front seat track was completely broken, it wouldn't slide anymore. From sliding the seat back and forth to get in and out to the repairs needed behind it (2 door car) the technicians had broken something that wasn't broken before. The seat was now stuck and I couldn't slide it up to let people in the back, big problem. I notified Arturo right away, who told me there was nothing he could do. I told him his guys caused the problem and demonstrated how it likely happened, going in and out and roughly sliding the seat. He said he could work up a quote but things that happen during repairs that are different than what they were working on are additional services. I asked to speak with the manager because an argumentative scene was unfolding. His name was John, and the impression you got of him totally erased any remaining faith you may have had in Deel VW repairs. He was not dignified, compassionate, understanding, cooperative, or helpful. Instead his appearance was shoddy and weasely, and he was unwilling to assume responsibility for what happened. He in fact told me that " if we are driving your car to test the wheel  or something and the engine blows up, we aren't responsible for that happening." Valid point, but inapplicable to this situation, and infuriating to hear.
VW ended up fortunate that the seat track went down as a warranty claim. If it wouldn't have been under warranty this problem would have gotten worse. So now I go to Esserman VW for service, Bismarck does a great job over there.

Silvia R. | 2013-07-31

Its the first time I lease and drive a Volkswagen!  I have to say it was a very pleasant experience dealing with your Sales Consultant, Alex Vazquez.  He was personable, friendly and very knowledgeable about the Jetta I was interested in.  Ms. Moss the one who helped us with the leasing documents was also very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process.  It was totally a great experience and I have been recommending this dealership and Mr. Vasquez to all my friends and family. Most important... I love my car!  Thank you to everyone at Deel for helping us and making it all happen!

Annette R. | 2013-07-19

This is my second time visiting Volkswagen service and I am very pleased. Robert Frank is an amazing service technician! He is friendly, polite, accommodating and FAST! He asked a colleague to drive me to a bank, then to a restaurant and back, while my car was getting an oil change. He also installed a stopper to prevent accidentally filling my diesel Volkswagen with gas - happens a lot to people, he said, and changed some filters, all for FREE :) I will definitely be back. Thank you

Jessica V. | 2013-06-10

Purchased a Jetta SE from Devin at Volkswagen this weekend. I am a tough shopper to begin with, and the last thing I want to do is spend my precious weekend time running circles at a dealership feeling as if I could be taken advantage of. SHOCKINGLY - I was in and out of the dealership in less than 2.5 hours. Devin committed himself to fast and HONEST service. I knew what I wanted and both my time frame and pricing expectations were met with zero struggles thanks to Devin. Great experience!

Jan D. | 2013-04-13

Went to DEEL based on a referral from a friend, yet I was cautious, as somebody said correctly "the second least exciting thing in life besides having a colonoscopy, is buying a car!".
However, nice surprise, I dealt with Devin, and he was great. While buying/leasing a car always tend to take so much time, it makes it better when the Car Sales guy treats you with respect and is working TOGETHER with you towards a common goal. I got a great deal, and he even tinted the windows and gave me the GTI mats for free. Nice surprise. Will most prob consider going back for the Touareg next year when my current SUV lease is up.

Juan Vicente O. | 2013-04-07

This was my first new car in the USA, and i must say the experience was outstanding, the installations were comfortable and clean, the costumer service provided by our sales consultant Alfredo Figueroa was excellent! He helped us to find the right car for us (Jetta SE with Convenience Package)and to find a fair price for everybody, also the finance director Fermin Acosta worked with us to help us get the perfect deal!

I want to thank all of the team at DEEL VW especially to Alfredo and Fermin for helping us to find the perfect car with the perfect conditions!

Katerina S. | 2013-04-05

I leased a 2013 Jetta with Convenience from Anna at Deel Volkswagen. Anna catered to all of our needs and even followed up with a phone call after the purchase. Anna took plenty of time to go over all of the options and was able to get the best package for me within my price range. She offered me a great deal that I couldn't resist. I couldn't be happier.

Luisana S. | 2012-11-30

I went into the dealership wanting to turn in my three-year lease on an Acura TSX and I had one year left on the lease. My goal was to end up with lower car payments and a car I really wanted to drive. Deel Volkswagen was very helpful every step of the way, from the first time I went into the dealership and even after I purchased my car. Thank you very much Anna for your all of your help and more importantly your wonderful service!!!

Wilson A. | 2012-10-02

I just purchased a 2013 Toureg TDI Exec Trim. This is the 3rd vehicle we have purchased from DEEL VW in the past 4 years.  Always from Ivan Alvarez, who is as knowledgeable a sales person on autos that I have ever met.  My last vehicle was a Mercedes Benz GL450 amd the specs on the Toureg surpassed the Benz in every aspect, and at a savings.  We are thrilled with our new ride, and also very satisfied with the first class treatment we received at DEEL VW.  Everything was as we ordered and at a fair price.  Upon delivery of the vehicle, Ivan took his time explainng importatnt features on the Toureg that he knew were different with respect to what I was used to in a Benz. Especially the safetty features and the new fuel tank opening for diesel fuel as well as the AD Blue refill requirements.Rick, who did the financial contract for us, was also very professional and althogh he made us aware of an optional extended warranty, was not pushy or overbearing in trying to sell me on it.  Just made me aware of it and when I declined, it was not a problem.  At other dealerships, it's a hard sell.  As I said, it was a very pleasant experience, and alhtough we live in Martin County, 110 miles away, DEEL is our favorite auto dealer.  Thank you!!!!    PS Give Ivan a raise!!!!  I own my business, and he's a keeper!

Ingrid R. | 2012-09-14

When I walked into DEEL VW dealership in South Miami, I didn't really have any expectations. I was in the market to lease a car and wasn't considering VW but in an effort to weigh out all of my options I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, as soon as I walked in the door my first encounter with a VW staff member was not pleasant. I did not catch the gentleman's name but as my father and I walked in he was right ahead of us, made no notice that we were walking behind him and didn't have the courtesy to greet or hold the door open for us. Frankly, I thought that experience would dictate how the rest of the visit would be but I was completely wrong. We had the pleasure of working with Alex Vazquez from the VW sales team. He met us right away and took his time explaining every little detail and answering any questions we had. What was most impressive is the fact that we made it very clear from the beginning we were not going to purchase a car that day and Alex was still as attentive to us just as much as if we were loyal VW customers. He spent a good chunk of his afternoon providing me with the best customer service I've seen in a while and is truly the reason why we returned the following week to make a deal. To sum up my experience with VW, the product, while very nice, does not always sell itself and that's where customer service comes in. Based on all the yelp negative reviews , I was expecting to be disappointed but VW found a gem when they hired Alex. And as for my 2013 Jetta SE, I'm in love and I hope the good customer service continues.

Sofocona B. | 2012-09-14

Purchsed Volkswagen Passat 2013. Staff was very helpfull and professional,- I was looking for a particular model in particula color, which was no longer available in 2012 inventory but did not know there was similar model in 2013, already produced and available.. With the help of VW Deel staff I found the exact car I was looking for and at the fare price. I will recoment this dealership to any of my friends looking for a new car. Thanks to Deel VW team,- I am very happy with my new car!

Sergio F. | 2012-08-31

I brought my 2012 VW GLI to DEEL VW Service to get its 10k mile check up. I had the pleasure of dealing with Dominick who, I would say, is the epitome of excellent customer service. He was friendly, explained everything in detail, quick, and efficient. He let me know that my car had a few recalls and that it would be 5-6 hours instead of 1-2. He insisted that I should take the shuttle and go on with my day instead of waiting for my car. You can tell that he puts himself second and his clients first. That let me know that he was more interested in making sure that I was taken care. All in all, I got my GLI back better than new! The things that I had pointed out, that I wanted checked, were corrected. I love the fact that I know I'm going to be taken care of and not rushed out of there. I will definitely be coming back.

-Sergio F.

Hanshi H. | 2012-06-01

Ive been there to buy a VW and serviced one (which i bought @ another dealership)

Buying experience:
this was 3 years back, i spoke to a salesman named Stephan. Very rude. His attitude was buy a car or get out. I asked him which GTis did they have in the lot, he replied are you buying one or leasing one? i replied i want to buy and if i could look at some of the color combinations they had. He replied (and i quote) "listen buddy im not a poker player, im not playing a game and im not trying to guess what you're looking for" and then he asked for my license to "check something" keep in mind i have not even seen a GTi nor asked for a test drive. I walked out.

Service experience:
I went back to the service department bc i live near by and hoping their service department would be better than their sales department. The guy who usually help me is a cool guy but every time i leave their service dept they find a way to charge me with more BS: need new brakes, need to clean manifold (who charge 500 to clean manifolds?), and just my last service i was charged for 300+ dollars to fix a pedal sensor. I didn't have the money, but of course i was charged 150$ for one hour labor (Did it take them one hour to diagnose a pedal sensor issue or do they just charge you one hour to do so? either way you look at it.. its BS). I got a flat tire a week later and decided to try out Esserman VW. They pulled a plug to patch the tire for me free of charge: thats no labor charge and no plug charge.

Guess who im going with for my next service?

Linda L. | 2012-02-24

They are rude and totally overcharged us. Alarm system malfunction at $1300 can you believe that!!! then broke my window and told me i had to pay them to fix it. Also very rude and had my car for over a week. Never going there again!!!!!

Mike W. | 2012-02-10

1st and last time servicing my VW here. The service dept is old and run down. My advisor "advised" me that the shuttle leaves at 8:30am. I arrived at 8:45 due to traffic and his response is "the metro mover is that way".  No loaner, nothing. I felt like I was in a third world country. Amazing.....

Alicia P. | 2012-01-10

Recently, I've had to take my car in more often than I'd like (in fact, more often than is normal, but I guess that's what happens with VWs) but the service has at least been pretty decent. Granted, it's not my favorite place to be, but everyone has been pretty cordial. I usually deal with the same service rep and he tends to get my car in and out fairly quickly.

The shuttle service runs at limited times but has been able drop me off wherever I need to be without hesitation (Doral, Downtown, and Kendall so far). It's only inconvenient due to the limited pick-up/drop-off times (they leave at 8:30 a.m. and no longer pick up after 1:30 p.m. or so).

Generally, it's not a bad bunch of people and not the worst service. I only wish they'd be a little more accommodating to their clients.

Krystyn P. | 2011-09-21

VW owners beware! So last year, I had a little issue with the beetle, where it would randomly die in the middle of the road. Eventually after 20 minutes it would come back to life and I could drive it for awhile before it did it again. So seeing this was the closest VW dealership I drove it there. They charged me $2500 to change my head gasket out among some other things that were intended to fix the problem.
I left Deel and 6 miles later in the middle of South Dixie Highway, it did it again. So I guess the head gasket wasn't the problem... I bring it back to Deel and since they were closed, left it in the front with a scathing voicemail. I get called back - turned out the problem was electrical. The service rep had the gall to tell me that they fixed it for free - and I was really lucky because that would have been really expensive to fix it. Lucky? You consider not fixing my car right the first time and me stalling out on South Dixie lucky?
Here's the kicker... I had moved on from my experience at Deel, and had to get some work done so I went to Esserman.  Well - I have a turbo engine. Apparently there is another gasket aside from the head gasket that has to be replaced in tandem - or it'll create a leak. Since Deel had only replaced the head gasket last year - and not both... I had a new leak on the other gasket, costing me $700.
Stay away - they're rude and clearly don't do the job right the first time.

Caro D. | 2011-08-21

I have to say, the negative reviews of this place originally scared me into a 45 minute drive to Weston to have my service performed on my car - but then when three weeks later my "Check Engine" light went off, I wasn't about to risk the entire trek to Broward County ("the BroCo") just to get it checked out.

Came here on a Thursday morning, they checked out my car and replaced my brake pads, no problem. The associate who helped me even went ahead and ordered some under-warrantee pieces that needed to be replaced without me even having to ask, and they replaced my malfunctioning key on the spot.

They're not as fancy as the Weston dealership, and their online scheduling system is completely unusable, but my in-person experience was nothing if not pleasant.

Rachel S. | 2011-07-29

I bought a new Volkswagen from Deel and it was a great experience. Our salesman, Ivan, let us test drive a billion cars. And he was no pressure whatsoever. When we came back the next weekend to actually buy the car, we were totally treated with respect. The negotiation process with the sales manager took a little while, but they ultimately agreed to what we wanted. And the process of waiting for and signing the paperwork took way less time than I have ever experienced at a car dealership. There was no shifty pressure to buy "clear coat" or anything like that. And Ivan spent forever showing us everything about the car. It was altogether a delightful experience.

Be warned, they try to add a $599 dealer fee to the price of every new car. The fee doesn't appear on the main window sticker, but on a sticker next to the window sticker. We refused to pay this and eventually they reduced the price by $600 to account for it. They will tell you that they can't waive it, but then you must insist that they subtract it from the price.

Elizabeth S. | 2011-03-22

The S/O and I went here without looking at the reviews, just to check out a few of the newer models and see if I was ready to give up my Golden Bullet in lieu of a new car with snazzy and useful bells and whistles (yes, I've named my car to the exact opposite of what it actually is).  They have an ok selection - it's a pretty small place and their showroom is crowded.  The one thing I did like is that we were out in the lot for at least 5 minutes and no one came up to us.  I know that's usually a sign of bad service, but at car dealerships, I tend to navigate into the opposite direction.  I would rather walk around, feeling no pressure, and just look.  
When we were ready, we went into the showroom and one of the sales associates came up to us after a few minutes to ask us if we needed help.  She was so very sweet and helped us come up with some rates of what they could do for payments, etc.

I would buy a car here if they gave me the right deal, but at this point, I don't really use my car all that much, and I'm absolutely in love with not having car payments as well as not having a car where I feel like I'm going to go on a renegade mission to find the person who put a ding in the side of my door.

When I'm ready to give that up, I might go back here to buy my car :)

Mike S. | 2009-09-13

These guys are criminals, plain and simple.

Brought vehicle in and was pressured for about $4000 in repairs that did not address actual problem vehicle was brought in for (weak acceleration) Was charged $100 for diagnostic when nothing appropriate was diagnosed and $30 for "restocking fee" for parts supposedly ordered that were not authorized.

Vehicle was taken to VDepot, about 30 minute drive away, and they immediately found the problem (valve associated with turbo unit) that deel failed to find. Additionally, Deel said struts were "leaking" and needed $2300 repair, when VDepot found that they were not and just needed brackets and mounts. This is classic repair shop thievery. Approach this place with caution. I wouldn't even get an oil change here. I wish I could give zero stars.

Joel M. | 2009-06-10

mediocre at best.  Took my car for two trips and scheduling appointments was a nightmare.  I had to call a few times to get an appointment, they wouldn't return my calls (after waiting a couple days each time).  Drop off/pick up is uncomfortable and needs some personal attention and communication.

As for the service I didn't have back luck with over charging or up selling.  It isn't worth my time to drive 15-20 miles out of my way to a dealership.

Alex L. | 2009-05-21

Made a mistake by not checking reviews before bringing my car here. They lied to me about the work that needed doing, as well as overcharging me for the work they'd done. It was a real battle to get them to release my car to take it somewhere else. A very hard sell. I'd avoid them.