Dadeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Miami, FL

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Dadeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 603-0865
Address:16501 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL, 33157
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Dadeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

G G. | 2015-04-21

The absolute worst service I have ever had with any dealership in the 25 years of driving Jeeps and Dodges.

I purchased a jeep from this $%#$^ outfit and questions the odd transmission shifting.  I was told it was an "intelligent" transmission.   I did not really believe it from the sales guy, so I spoke with one of the mechanics.  They said the same thing.

Well, after three months, I was still having a problem with the car jumping forward when I was braking, not good.

I contacted the dealership "Dadeland" and they had me wait a week to bring it in, whereas they "flashed" the Eprom.  And said, it will learn how you drive and it is all fixed.   I had to take a half a day off and have a friend pick me up, because they refused to tell me if I could get a loaner until I had already dropped off my car and they said they do not give loaners...

So, I drive it again for a couple of months, SAME PROBLEM.  I would try to accelerate and the car would sit there running the engine up to 6000 RPM then it would drop into gear with a huge bang.

I tried to take it in again.  They said they don't have a mechanic to work on the transmission at the shop and call in two weeks.   I did, then they said, we can make an appointment for you in two weeks...  I was going out of town and could not make that appointment... fast forward, I finally am able to get an appointment several weeks in advance.  I take in the car, again, I can not get a loaner because I can't talk to the service manager has not come in yet (10:30AM), so I am renting a car (Hyundai Santa Fe, cost less and is a better car).  

So, 24 hours go by, the dealership still has not called me.  So, I call them.  They have not checked to see if the mechanic has even looked at my car, because the mechanic has not shown up yet.  I call again, the mechanic was in, but left again without telling anyone what was going on with my Jeep.

So, now I am paying to rent a car, when Dadeland Jeep has no idea if anyone has touched my Jeep or if they can even fix it or how long it will take.   Don't you just love being ignored.


John D. | 2015-03-18

I have owned Jeeps for the last 11 years. My current Grand Cherokee is from this dealership. There are THREE (!!!) recall notices on this car and I can get no help from anyone at the dealership with any of the them, This has been going on since July 2014. (9 months) I was forced to lodge a complaint with the Feds! I will never buy a car from any of their brands again.

Keith L. | 2015-02-21

Hands down the absolute worst customer service I've ever received in my life. I wish zero stars was an option. To be clear, this complaint is for the service department only. Although one can assume if they have such low standards at the service department it would transcend throughout the entire company.

I took my car in to get serviced and was told it would take a day or two before they could look at it, ok whatever. I call back two business days later asking for an update as I've heard nothing back from them. Of course the paperwork was JUST dropped on his desk. The part that needed replaced was discontinued so they would need to check one of THEIR VENDORS (this becomes important) for stock on this part. It turns out the vendor has the part and it will be shipped overnight. Wrong. A full day later I inquire as to the location of the overnighted part. My service advisor had no idea when it would be in, maybe tomorrow. How can this be? I can buy a $2 pack of pencils online and track it through every destination all the way to my door, along with being proved an eta immediately upon purchase.

So another day goes by, and of course I had to call again (not once throughout this ordeal did they initiate contact). He tells me the part is in and being installed and to pick it up at 5:30. I call at 5:00 to make sure we're still good and it turns out they ordered the wrong part and waited until I called 30 minutes before scheduled pickup to tell me. They would say the fault is on THEIR VENDOR for sending the wrong part. The correct part will be shipped overnight. Of course, this took another two days. I called to see if the part was in and it was--but alas, the wrong part again for the second time.

At this point I spoke to the manager who told me that it's not their fault that they are being sent the wrong part by THEIR VENDOR. The problem with this argument is that they chose this vendor as a reputable partner to represent their business. If they fail to provide good service, it will obviously fall onto dodge. But NOPE, nobody is accountable for this monumental failure. In fact, I was told by the manager, I shouldn't be complaining as her daughter has had her car at BMW getting serviced for close to a month. So the now 6 or 7 day wait pales in comparison. Besides, this time they took a picture of the part to send to their vendor, surely they would get it right the third time.

WRONG. The third time in a row they either ordered or received the wrong part. At this point I've had enough and informed them I'd be picking my car up. When I go in to pick up my car I'm informed that neither my service advisor nor the manager is in. And oh, I owe them $80 for a diagnostic fee for them to tell me what was wrong with my car and hold it for TEN DAYS, even though they were too incompetent to fix it. This I especially liked. I asked to speak to a manager, anyone in charge, and was told there is literally nobody in charge that I could speak too. No one. What a joke.

Eventually someone that appeared to be a mechanic would come by and stumble through helping me get the ridiculous $80 fee waived. And in a moment that sums up the professionalism of this place perfectly: I told him "thank you, I appreciate it," and he responds with a smile "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID." Perfect.

As an added bonus, three days later my car stalled at a stop light. This has never happened and is not a symptom of the problem dodge diagnosed. I would later find out that it stalled due to a vacuum leak in the seal connecting the EGR tube to the intake manifold. What a wild coincidence, Dadeland Dodge had removed my intake manifold days prior.

Thank you Dadeland Dodge for showing me what I can guarantee will be the worst customer service experience I will ever receive.

Steven I. | 2015-02-03

By far the WORST dealership that I have ever dealt with. My truck was in numerous times for warranty work. The last time a new transmission was put in. The truck is a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited. I contacted Jeep to take the truck back as a lemon. When Jeep agreed to take it back the dealership said that they could not do the swap because there is no money in it for them. They were quick to take the warranty payments though!!!

Double L. | 2015-01-16

They can't even rotate tires.  I am 100% serious !!.  The simplest task on a car is rotating tires, and they damaged my lug nuts.

Ray C. | 2014-12-29

I took the van in for a simple repair (battery terminal had become oxidized and needed replacing) and the service was weird. They wanted me to do my stuff DYI and were giving me alternatives to them servicing the car.  My attendant Bill was rushing me and I had to tell him "If I thought I could do it I would. It's badly oxidized so I want you guys to work on it". Then when I left the rep says that if I get a questionnaire that 9s and 10s would be appreciated and I'm looking at him like he's nuts.

Chris J. | 2014-12-09

Not sure how this place can stay in business. I literally could not get the sales Associate to return a phone call or text message. I even told him " i Ned to buy a jeep, and my financing is complete, just need the right car!" The finance manager is a common crook and crooked as hell. STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! Spitzers in homestead ask  for Kip the manager.

Joan V. | 2014-09-23

Crooks! Go somewhere else. My Jeep was in a minor accident...I brought to it to Dadeland for repair! i will NEVER go there again. It took almost a month...what was really going on was that after the insurance adjuster was there they kept finding new things to repair...and claimed it took A MONTH to get the parts. BAD communication. Lies upon lies...if I could give zero stars I would. The worst experience I have ever had at a dealership! I would have been better off taking it to a random gas station!

Adrienne C. | 2014-09-17

ANGRY!......With few exceptions, I've driven, purchased or leased almost nothing but Chryslers since..... since forever.  Airies K wagon,, Polara, Mirada, Lancer, (that only spoke to me in French), Cordoba, Concord (because of which I had to abandon parallel parking for 3 years because I could see neither the end of the hood or the end of the back). Now I'm on my third PT Cruiser , a 2009 and the only reason it's not a 2010 is because a blatently lying salesman (Carlos O. and his wimpy Argentine side-kick@ Dadeland Dodge- Chrysler -Jeep.  

Went in, was greeted by this "team" I told them what I wanted to spend, they told me what I offered was doable we shook hands,  But, according to the credit manager The deal was TOTALLY impossible, not even remotely reasonable, pie-in-the-sky, ridiculous and who EVER told me that I could buy my 2010 PT at THAT price...and when I told them the salesmen's names, he only smiled and shook his head. He KNEW!!!

. Well, at 11: 30 at night we finally came to an agreement. I SWEAR I dunno why I stayed, I felt beaten, hoarse and worn out .MY fault for not turning and running.. Motivating me to stay was the fact that my lease on the 2006 was up in 15 days and I'd have to come up with an enormous payment to extend it and I could only extend it for a minimum six month period at that absurdly high rate.

Now seems I owe them an additional $973. because I did not lease or buy the new 2010. which  I had wanted.. ( Not GOOD enough that I bought a 2009), Seems, in the small print of my 2006 P.T Lease, it said that I would have to purchase or lease a *NEW* Chrysler when the lease was up or be subject to a almost thousand dollar fee. They're right, It was in the fine print on one of the myriad papers that I signed and failed to catch. Totally my fault for not having read every word of the 'fine print' Caveat Emptor!!

This is their idea of customer loyalty ? I feel punished. I will NEVER drive another Chrysler or deal with Chrysler Credit Corp again!

PS. They also 'lost' the extra ($200) . micro-chip key but offered to sell me one for a mere $160.!

Bettina A. | 2014-01-24

Where do I start?

Besides the fact that buying this car was a mistake I knew I made almost immediately, Being a single woman, I was pushed around by the manager of Dadeland Jeep.

Then I came in to have the hard top on my Jeep Wrangler put in, a service I had to pay a lot for.  After installing it, they told me the hard top was used, not new.  But that they did it to "save me money".  Upon inspecting the car, I realized the windshield wiper for the back window was not installed or even connected.  After spending the entire day waiting, I now had to come back (an hour away from my home) at a later date to get that installed.

Today is that date.  I also had them look into various leaks that the car has when it rains.  I have been here for two hours and they just came to tell me that they don't have the part.  After two hours.  In total this has taken three hours from my work day and another hour it will take me to get to work when leave here now.  And all for them to not have the part and tell me that I have to be inconvenienced again and come back out here once AGAIN in the hopes that on the third try, they might get it right.

I have thus far had a horrible experience at Dadeland Chrysler Dodge JEEP Ram.  The only kind person here is named Cheriss but even her sunny disposition can't make up for my lost work time as a person who runs my own business.

Alexis F. | 2013-10-03

I wish Yelp would allow me to give zero stars because this place deserves just that! Earlier this month, the sunroof on my husband's Jeep suddenly broke, instead of paying close to $3,000 to fix it, we decided to sell the car to Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep and lease a new vehicle. Our sales rep was very friendly and showed us all the available options, but when it came time to discuss the numbers, they had us speak to the finance manager, Fabian. To make a long story as short as possible, Fabian is the most disorganized, disrespectful, unprofessional, fraudulent, underhanded and flagrantly rude person I have ever worked with. He refused to honor a nationally advertised lease deal published on the Jeep website and dragged out the negotiation for SIX hours before finally making an appropriate deal. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable that he has access to my personal financial information and I have taken steps to closely monitor my credit in fear that it will be mishandled and misused. Our deal was structured so that Dadeland Dodge would pay off the remaining balance on our old vehicle, allocate a portion for inception costs of the new vehicle and pay us the remaining balance within 10 business days. Yet, three weeks after we made the deal, still no check for the remaining balance and still no payoff on our old vehicle. We called and were told by Fabian that he was missing a copy of a driver's license and could not issue a check without it. This was strange for three reasons: 1) he had taken a copy of this license already, 2) the lease for the new vehicle had been processed without any problem, which could not have been done without a copy of this license he now claimed he didn't have, and 3) he never once called us in those passing three weeks to request an additional copy. We expressed these concerns to Fabian who responded with, "you know what, I don't care about your license and I don't care about your check" then hung up on us. He also did not seem to care that because he had not processed the payoff for our old vehicle, our monthly payment was now past due, affecting our credit. Realizing that Fabian would not resolve our issue, we called again and spoke with Mr. Martin, the general sales manager. Mr. Martin was pleasant and assured me the payoff for the vehicle and our check would be issued immediately. This was on September 25th. Yet 5 days later on Monday, September  30th, still no payoff, still no check and still no returned call from Mr. Martin or Mr. Travaline (general manager). After calling several times and leaving several messages without any response or resolution, we finally realized that no one would help us if we did not threaten legal action. Thus, we were forced to leave work early on Monday to go down to Dadeland Dodge and make our requests in person. It was only then, with our threat of filing a civil suit and calling the police, were the payoff and balance check finally submitted. The irony was that it took them all of 10 minutes to complete what they had dragged out for a month! It is a shame that such a large business is incapable of appreciating its customers' business and respecting its customers' time. I would never do business with the dealership again and in reading other Yelp reviews, I now realize that this is not a one time mistake, but instead a general practice of fraud and misrepresentation.

Robert R. | 2013-08-28

My Sales person was awesome, but this is one of those dealers that treat their sales people like replaceable cartridges. I did not get the best deal, but I did not get the worst one either.

- They have a great online business team. The best in Miami in my opinion.
- My in-store sales person was awesome. But in my opinion, she can do better in a auto sales company that appreciates their sale people.
- My online contact. Incredibly awesome too. Was very helpful, honest and clear at all times via email and phone.

- The in store experience was very negative compared to the online experience
- Long waiting periods, one man shows!
- Very little inventory
- Too far south if you live in Doral.
- Old timers as managers. They need to replace these guys that simply look tired!
- Finance department is very shady.

Lesson: I regret not buying my Jeep in Miami Lakes Jeep. After reviewing my paperwork and research from visiting more than 12 dealers I found their offer is cleaner, was much better and simply had a bigger inventory. Their Internet staff was ... But I after I basically told my initial contact to go fly a kite, a higher Business Development staff member intervened and showed turned the situation around.

Paul W. | 2012-09-13

Several months ago I wrote a fairly unhappy review of Planet Dodge.  When I needed service again recently, I decided to come here to Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep.   While it is a longer drive for me to come here, I hoped the experience here at Dadeland would be better than those I had previously at the other place.

One of my power windows had the drive system snap, and it fell down into the door, never to rise again when I pressed the button.  This is a well known problem with one of Mopar's more popular models, and really the only thing you can do is to take it to a dealership, get the problem fixed, pay for it and then fight like mad with Chrysler to try and get them to refund at least part of your money.  With this in mind, I figured I'd have this work done here, and could compare pricing and the entire experience between Dadeland and the other dealership I'd reviewed previously.

The first thing I noticed here at Dadeland is that it's a fairly plain jane looking operation.  No ornate buildings, gardens, fountains, overhead vine trellis work, high ceilings or chandeliers in the lobby as they have at Planet.   When you walk into the service area at Dadeland it's small with about 4 cubicles set up for you to chat with a service advisor, and there's a small waiting area with a TV, water cooler, coffee machine and free wi-fi. It also has a kid's play room as well.  In short, Dadeland is not the palace that the other dealership tries to be, but all the essentials are covered.

The staff at Dadeland also seem a lot more down to earth and friendly.  At Planet Dodge, the service advisors you meet with seem to be a bit stiff and matter of fact.  Here at Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep, the guys were joking, they seemed to empathize when people would speak to them about a problem they were having with their vehicle, and in one case when I was waiting, they went to bat for a customer who claimed he was being overcharged for the service they'd quoted him for.  While I was in the waiting room, the service advisor also stopped in 2 or 3 times to give me updates and to check on me.  At the other dealership, I sat there for about 1 1/2 hours without hearing anything from anyone, and even then they'd only done their basic diagnosis after all that time.

The actual pricing for everything I had done here at Dadeland was a bit cheaper vs. the other place.  The price of the oil and air filter changes I had done were about the same, but here at Dadeland, their hourly rate for service seems to be about $20/hour cheaper than Planet so the price of the repair work I had done was significantly cheaper.  Also, I noticed I was in and out much faster - Everything I needed to have done was completed and I was out the door in under 2 hours.  This compared to the hours long experiences I had at the other dealership.

I think Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep has won me over!  If for no other reason than their pricing is a bit more fair, and again, their service advisors seem more down to earth and personable and they seem to get their work done a bit faster than the other place did.  I must say that a few of the sales staff here were also friendly.  I explained that I wasn't looking to buy, just waiting on my vehicle to be repaired, and they still took the time to chat with me and shoot the breeze while I waited, even though they knew there was no sale in it for them...

Hilary D. | 2012-08-28

I came in for service of my Jeep Wrangler. I had a little shimmy and that can be dangerous on the road. My biggest concern was not even addressed. They said it was fine, but I needed new tires and all of this other stuff that would of course amount over $1,000.
I was suspicious that they did not even see a problem in my steering stabilizer. I guess they thought since I was a girl I wouldn't know anything about Jeeps.
I went to another location, the steering stabilizer was in fact broken and even better it was under warranty. The tires also have a lot of tread left as well, and didn't understand why they would have suggested new tires.
My suggestion to the Service Dept. is that you make more sales when you're honest. Repeat costumers is where the money is at.
I took my money elsewhere.

Krystle C. | 2012-07-17

The associates at Dadeland Dodge were not helpful whatsoever. First of all, I called before I arrived, got transferred 3 times even though I clearly said I needed the Service department. When I got transferred the third time all I ended up with was a voicemail message prompt. Strike 1. Frustrated, I decided to drive all the way from Planet Dodge in Doral over to Dadeland to see if I could get any help. Drove over, arrived, went inside, came up to the desk towards a lady and explained to her my issue. A man by the name of Jorge Moreira jumped in and asked if i needed help with a bit of an attitude (mind you I was being very courteous anyway) I explained that my trunk latch wasn't closing for some reason and it just happened an hour ago from the time I arrived at the dealership and I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. I knew it was going to be a simple job and needed some guidance and I knew it was only going to take 2 minutes. After I told him my issue, again Mr. Moreira with the attitude told me that I needed to possibly leave my car overnight or wait a long time (his words exactly). I told him that I could not leave my car overnight, so then he suggested that I rent a car, I told him I could not do that either. Mr. Moreira then said "well that's why you need to make an appointment" attitude again. Strike 2. I told him that I knew it was going to be a simple job and just needed someone to quickly glance at it. He took my information and told me that it was going to be $80.00 for them to just look at the latch and not do anything and $140.00 to fix it if it needed to be fixed, he also said $54.50 so they could do a quick fix if that was the case. To say the least I was shocked. I told him that I didn't think it was an $140.00 job, nor an $80.00, nor a $54.50 job. No alternative suggestions nothing, all I got was a "well its going to be this much and that much and this much". Strike 3. I understand the dealership was busy when I arrived but any ounce of help would of sufficed. I left after I told him that i'd have to talk to my boyfriend about what he told me. My boyfriend suggested I go to his mechanics shop in the Blue Lagoon area by the airport. I arrived and Mr. Luis who was way busier that this dealership and not to mention about to close at 4pm (I arrived at 3:30pm) looked at it, poked the latch around with a screwdriver and figured it was the emergency latch that was accidentally pulled. Oh! and guess what Dadeland Dodge?! it didn't cost me a dime and took two minutes. Keep up the good work...not! Why don't you work on not ripping people off and maybe work on being proactive? Unfortunately if you keep this up especially with the economy, you probably wont be in business very long :(

Omid Z. | 2012-04-25

This dealership is awful.. I used to be in the car business and can't believe the amount of lies and shady business practices going on there. I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Dadeland and the negotiation time took 2-3 hours. Even with publicized specials on the Jeep website and reading the fine print together, they still tried everything to avoid giving me the SUV special lease. I bluntly asked the salesman why he was messing around when we both could see the deal is on the Jeep website, he responded-- 'I like this, playing this game is fun for me.' At least that was a bit truth coming from him. I had to go back and forth several times, the type of negotiation that customers hate to go through. Btw - watch out for their high dealer fee.
The deal finally got done, but my frustration had only just started. As part of the deal we made, I would get a check back for partial equity that I had in my trade-in. They said the lease had to clear the new bank and they would cut me a check in a 'few days.' I called a few days later- no one took my call and no one returned my messages. (Not sure what this other yelp reviewer is talking about, I had a poor experience dealing with Alain) I waited a few more days and went into the dealer requesting the check and missing floor mats. The manager told me that they had a delay in the deal and to come back in two days for both the check and mats. I waited and called the dealer to make sure both were ready for pick-up-- no manager will take your call. Don't believe me, TRY IT. If you already bought a car, they could care less about customer service after the sale. Fast forward one month.. still no check, the manager told me that my trade-in had to be paid off before I could get my check (not what we negotiated at all) and put me in touch with their accounting dept., which I think would be their responsibility. Accounting kept telling that they paid the car off and stopped returning my calls. After repeated calls to my bank, I figured out that the accounting dept. sent a check to the wrong bank. After several phone calls trying to get the message to the accounting dept. about their mistake, I finally got my check 7 weeks after buying the Jeep.
The fact that they made a mistake did not bother me. This is an awful dealer because of its old school used-car-dealer-culture and the shady practices tolerated. Not only was the initial negotiation ridiculous--  I had a legitimate problem afterwards and no one cared, they just blew me off over and over.

We all have the internet now, stop repeatedly lying about prices and finance terms. It's all out there now.

Jose C. | 2012-04-07

What can I say? This place may not have the resources to offer you a latte and lounge on an italian leather couch while you look for your next ride but they sure do know how to treat a customer... When it's all said and done, the service does go a long way to provide for the whole experience... Go there and ask for Cheriss... very low key... def not the typical sales rep looking to make a quick sell... Manager Ricardo and Alain are there to make it happen... Tell them Jose & Irlenne sent ya!

Angelo T. | 2012-02-22

Be advised that a car salesman will do anything to sell you a car. It is their job but there's a fine line between selling something and being honest about it. I bought a used car a couple of weeks and was told that it was in great condition. The next day, the check oil light came on so I brought it back and told me that it's the sensor needed to be replaced. They replaced it but the problem kept occurring. Unfortunately I had to leave town back to my home and the problem just won't go away. I decided to bring it to a Dodge dealership in town and gave me a list of problems. $1500.00 worth of problems. So let's just say lesson learned

E.K. E. | 2011-10-02

AVOID THIS DEALER AT ALL COST!!! I went to buy a jeep, cash!  I had shopped for a price and had a price guarantee.  They tried to charge me for the same option twice, did not advise me about any incentive though there were two I found.  Upon bringing it up, then they gave them to me.  It was like pulling teeth dealing with these people.  We had not eaten and had been told that it would take less than an hour.  Five hours later they hadn't even offered us anything to drink!  They did not want to take my cash, and after five hours, when they finally said they would take my cash, I walked out.  For each and every savings and lie I caught them in, they got more and more irritated with me for having found them.  The next day I contacted Chrysler Jeep Subaru of North Broward and spoke to their manager, Mitchell Loszynski.  I have my car, exactly as I wanted it, and saved an additional $5,000.00!  Call Mitchell, you will not be sorry.  Of all the Jeep dealerships in the lower half of Florida, this guy is amazing.  He even gave me things that were not included for free just to undo my bad experience with another dealership! I tried to give this review no stars but it wouldn't let me so it has one star ONLY because I couldn't give it 0!!!!!!!

James S. | 2011-06-18

Buyer beware!!!!  This group is by far the biggest bunch of crooks I have attempted to do business with.  The salespeople are courteous, but have no decision making ability.  The management just doesn't care to deliver on what they tell you.  Signing an order and giving a downpayment doesn't mean you are getting a vehicle here.  They will try to squeeze more money from you.  Can't even imagine what the service department is like if the management is full of thieves.  Net, net = Find another dealership or expect to feel robbed.

Maria R. | 2011-04-13

My family and I went so far just to see the jeep cars. When we arrived the guy was really nice. He sat us down at a table and I told him I would be buying the car in 4 months, he took down my information. Then he took us outside to see the cars but did a horrible job. He kept walking away faster and faster every time, he left us behind and we couldnt even ask him a question. When we finally reached up to him he was standing next to a car that he had already opened. He left us there and walked away a couple of feet, again we werent able to ask him any questions. He didnt let us see anymore cars. He took us back to the office and told us that we were done. This is the second time this happens to me at the same dealer. I will never go back and definately will not buy any car from them. Apparently when he found out that I wasnt going to buy the car at the moment he just didnt care.
"Horrible Service"!

Vicky P. | 2011-01-11

I unfortunately lost my key to my rental car over the weekend so I had to get it towed here for them to make a copy. Before bringing in the jeep I called them to ask if they'd have my key in stock they told me yes. I also gave the guy over the phone the car's vin # just to make sure a key would be available. I got it towed there around 2:30 pm yesterday and Nelson told me it would take about an hour and a half to be done. So I left and came back at 5:30 and it still wasn't done!!!! Nelson, was now running around frantic because he couldn't find the "ticket" and about a MAJOR headache because its like, how could you guys be so unorganized!? It's now going on 6:00 and the key STILL isn't done?! He finally finds the key and ticket but then comes to tell me that they didn't realize it was a 2010 jeep, and that they don't have the right computer to re-program the car...and if I could come back and pick it up tomorrow. EXCUSE ME WHAT!?! First of all I live in Sunrise and the only reason why I was in THIS area because it was the closest dealership to where my car was left stranded after I lost my key. And second of all I called before I even got the car towed there to see if they would be able to make a replacement key. I specifically said it's a 2010 jeep patriot and gave him the vin # why does it take you guys until 6:30 pm to realize it's a 2010  and that you can't make it?!? I got so pissed that I even started crying! (how embarrassing lol)

Long story short one of the guys in the back found a computer and was able to program the key....THANK YOU JESUS! After 4 and a half hours dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I also ended up paying 225.00 for the new key too.....never again!!!

Hannah S. | 2010-06-04

Hitting up a car dealership can be a little intimidating, given their generally steep prices and the fact that there's always the possibility you might get ripped off. But this place soothed my nerves and left me feeling good.

I have a service plan with my Dodge Ram, so I get oil changes for the lifetime of the truck. The bf usually brings it in for me, so today was my first time at this locale on my own. The service dude seemed a little scary at first introduction, but he was cool in the end.

My battery was dead this AM, so I had to call AAA. I asked the Dodge dudes to take a look at the battery for me, to see if I needed a new one or something was wrong with the truck itself. Anyway, I was there for a little over an hour, not bad for a dealership. They said my battery was fine, and I assume the test was covered by my service plan, since it didn't cost me any $.

I respect an honest dealership. They could have said I needed a new battery, but they were up front and didn't charge me at all. Good deal.