Brickell Honda in Miami, FL

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Brickell Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 856-3000
Address:690 SW 8th St, Miami, FL, 33130
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Brickell Honda

Erika K. | 2015-04-24

Every time my husband or I bring his car here, it always ends up worse off then when we brought it in.  I once took his car in to get the brakes fixed only to have a horrible lurching and clicking noise every time I breaked.  Luckily we had a good service tech that time.  I took it back the next day and he fixed the problem for free, so I was satisfied at the time.  Then my husband took the car in for service and maintenance a few months ago.  Immediately the next day after he picked it up the car would shake and wobble back and forth whenever we drove it.  My husband took the car back the next week and after inspecting the car and taking it for a drive, the mechanic informed my husband there was absolutely nothing wrong with the car.  Unfortunately my husband, unlike me, isn't the arguing type and continued to drive the car for two more months after being told there was nothing wrong with the car.  I finally set my foot down and made my husband take the car back as we are about to take a long road trip.  It turns out that there is a BROKEN part causing the wobbling that was NOT broken before taking the car in for routine maintenance several months ago.  Apparently the replacement will cost $800 which I find completely unreasonable considering the damage was caused by whomever worked on the car originally.  This is on top of the amount already paid for the original service.  My husband explained the situation to the employee who assisted him and apparently it made no difference.  I am really unhappy with how the dealership handled the situation and it has diminished my trust that they will handle repairs with honesty and integrity.  We will not be doing business here in the future.

Jesus D. | 2015-04-23

I have a flat tire on my Honda and went to Bickel Honda for Repairs I found the Services Tech MIGUEL DIAZ right away he took the order and in few minutes I have my car back with the new tire
Thanks Brickel Honda

Laurin P. | 2015-04-16

Horrible-there are no other words for this place. I came here years ago and had horrible service. I had requested a particular service, when I drove home it was not done. I tried calling but was put on hold for so long I drove back the 15 mins and arrived before anyone answered my call-there were plenty of associates available when I arrived too so can't think of any reason they would put me on hold that long other than they purposefully were avoiding my call and just waiting for me to hang up.

Then, when I explained my issue, the associate told me that he didn't have the part so they didn't do it. He didn't find any issue in the fact that they didn't make me aware of this and let me drive away thinking it was done.

Today, I went back figuring I should give another chance. Same exact horrible service. I called and was quoted $50 over the phone for a service (seemed reasonable as this is what I had previously paid at Pepboys). I was told I didn't need an appointment. When I drove in today, they quoted me $70 labor alone not including the parts. They would not honor the quote from the phone. I told them to call Pepboys and get their price, so they could price match -10% (a coupon I had showing they would price match competitors). They told me they only pricematch other Honda dealers.

I took my car and left. Not only are the customer service reps here rude, they are looking to take advantage in any way they can and they have no interest in EARNING business, they just rely on customers who have the money and don't want to deal with the hassle of following up on their pricing. Shame on them, especially Miguel and Julio. Horrible service and rude from both of them.

Will NEVER be back.

Ruth A. | 2015-03-31

If I could give zero stars I would...rude, discourteous, bad transfer numbers, Brickell Honda...10+ minutes on hold transferred to full voicemails, incorrect referral numbers, and irritated receptionist had me demanding to speak to first a manager and then anyone. It was so bad that it seemed the receptionist deliberately directly to wrong numbers. It was Saturday mid afternoon and a tow truck was on the way I needed information quickly. It was about an hour later that I gave up and called South Motors. What a difference. Brickell Honda I don't know how any business can keep customers treating them this way AWFUL

Ingrid D. | 2015-03-12

What a HUGE difference from Kendall Toyota. Night & Day.
I'm so glad and grateful to have made the transition.
Thank you Brickell Honda for my new 2015 Honda Accord. It's the best car i've had to date. And the service, impecable.

Derek M. | 2015-03-11

Shady switch and bait business practice.

They advertised a cheap oil change on the website but they charged nearly double when I arrived and refused to honor the website price because I didn't physically print the website page even though I had the website pulled up on a mobile phone.

Earlier in the year I came here for the Honda airbag recall, had them inspect the car and said they needed to order the airbag and would notify me when it arrived. They never called and said they had no recollection of my airbag order when I called them a week after my initial checkup.

Overall, I would avoid this shady establishment if at all possible and drive the additional 30 minutes to give a more honest Honda dealer your business.

K M. | 2015-02-15

Watch out for this place.  Your car is likely to come out in worse shape than it went in.  I brought my car in for some routine recall work and was told that they could offer me a good deal on a trade in, but that they'd have to check it out. They drove it off.  When they returned, the trade-in they offered was nothing compared to what I could sell if for, and then I saw why, they had allowed a gate to come down on the hood, removing paint in several places.  They denied they had done it, and now I have had to deal with their damage.

Otty B. | 2015-02-09

Scheduled a Maintenance & decided to go near where I leave. Terrible Service,  disoriented.
Don't recommend it

Jessiana E. | 2015-01-26

Great service. You can leave your car at anytime with the key drop box and then the staff keeps you updated with the service status tu pick it up. Highly recommended.

Renato R. | 2015-01-21

I went with my brother to help him find a car. Since Honda's are typically known to be reliable and affordable, it seemed to be an easy choice. I've purchased at least 12 cars in my life so I'm not new to the process

We met with a sales person, found a car, and wanted to run the numbers. We discussed leasing, ran credit, and he returned with a monthly payment. I told him I wanted to see a breakdown of the numbers, not just a monthly payment. Easy enough, right? Not at this dealer

When I asked about the cap cost, he had no idea
When I asked about the money factor, he responded with "What?" I responded the money factor is basically the interest rate (money factor x 2400) He literally responded "I've been selling cars for 5 years and have never heard that term"

Either this guy is full of shit or the dealer is. Either way, we walked and my brother bought a car from another dealership.

This dealership and others in the area appear to take advantage of dumb consumers that don't seem to know or care about what they're paying for a car

Rainer A. | 2015-01-13

I wish I could rate this 0 stars , stay away this assholes wanted 3 thousand dollars down for a car that cost 11000 and the financed amount will be 12450 i don't get it!!! You guys thing i did not go to school? Wtf???

G E. | 2015-01-10

The last time I went for an oil change, I took with me a coupon that was amazing.  It had an oil change for a discounted price, a free car wash, an oil and air filter change, all the fluids topped and full inspection of the car and tires, and a free tire rotation.  it was too good to be true.  They were even doubtful of the coupon but nonetheless I got if offline and it was legit.  

I left the car trusting that the services were being done came back took the car, didnt think anything of it.  The only thing I noticed is that the car was not washed.  Now 4 months or so later Im scheduled for another oil change.  I start hearing what I know to be a power steering sound since dealt with cars for a long time.  My car nonetheless never had any mechanical problems until this moment.  

So I popped open the hood and realized that they had not filled any fluids including my break fluids my transmission fluids my power steering fluids.. none had been even touched.  Im sure they never rotated the tires either!!! so what did they do?  just the oil change and the oil filter apparently.  

so i topped off my car fluids and took it to braman honda.  They said my power steering pump was now broken and its $5oo something dollars to replace it.  ARe you kidding me????

I will never take my car there again.  Apparently the team there is a bunch of lazy liars who pretend to do work on your car and only do the basics...  Braman Honda didnt want to get involved but they did say to me that the air filter was way due to be changed.   It was never changed at Brickell Honda like they were supposed to.  BE careful in taking your car here.  You might be paying for services your not getting.  And dont bother taking any coupons there... They apparently dont honor them.  

Now my car is damaged and I can't get Braman Honda to back me up and put it in writing...Not cool on behalf of any of them.  I can't believe a cr dealership that well know can get away with this..I am not a happy customer and I will never come back here again.  Unless they fix the power steering problem they created.

K T. | 2014-12-29

I I have owned a Honda all my life and been to countless dealerships, this is by far the worst. I just needed a form signed for the dmv and all they had to say was sorry unfor tu nate ly we are unable to do that here, instead they were extremely rude. I would drive further away to another dealer just to avoid this place. Never coming back.  The most rude and unhelpful people I have met I have a long time.

Jay B. | 2014-12-17

I just had the worst experience with this place. It was so bad that this review couldn't wait till I got home, I'm currently in their lounge waiting for my car.

I only came here because I leave on a road trip tomorrow and the Honda dealership that I usually go to is too far away, but after today, I realized that the drive will probably be worth it.

First off, the Customer Service Rep that set up my appointment was an idiot. I specifically informed and asked prior to scheduling that I had prepaid my oil changes for the first 3 years with Aventura Honda and wonder if they will honor it at this location. She said she'll ask and after a brief hold, came back and said it's fine. I get in the day of my appointment and the guy checking me in said that was incorrect and that if I wanted to just go back there. No apologies or anything just "you can go there if you want". I guess the level of incompetence within the service department is tolerated because he was just indifferent and unapologetic.

Second, they came back in after 10 mins and said that I needed both my engine and air filter replaced. Interesting, because I had those replaced 6 months ago at my last oil change, and it's hard for me to believe that 6 months later it would be as dirty as they said it was. I work from home. The car is rarely driven, hence the reason I didn't need an oil change till 6 months later. I read an article that a lot of dealerships have dirty filters already off hand to show customers who didn't know any better (actually, as I'm typing this, a service guy came up to two other waiting customers, showing them that they needed their filter replaced, and the dirty filters they're using seriously looked like the one that they showed me) and essentially scam them.

Needless to say I'm never coming back here. LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS!

PS- I read in a couple reviews that the language barrier is a problem. That is completely accurate.

Alex B. | 2014-11-17

I took my car in for Oil change. first to drop the car off, the staff started talking to me in Spanish and I didn't understand. I started respond him back in English, but he continue to speak in his language. why???? u live in the US, please learn how to speak English.

then the second staff came and get the key. I asked him about how long, what kind of oil that they use, and some small talk. He didn't look at me and and answer me with his irritated tone.

their customer service is very poor. I wait till my car is done. went to the cashier to pay, the girl who work at the cashier, didn't say a word to me and seems like she have some problem with her computer. She walked around and talked to other staffs, let me wait for 5 mins also without telling me what was going on. " just standing there, i will get back to you when i feel like it !!"

bad bad experience! will not take my car back there.

Jen J. | 2014-10-25

As some others have said, this place deserves negative stars. Not returning EVER.

First of all, I made an appointment online and arrived right at the time of appointment. I was told by one of the guys out front that 'too bad, other people have made appointments too and we're behind' so I wouldn't be getting my car serviced at time of my appointment.  It took maybe half hour after arrival for some service advisor to meet with me.

Then the fun really starts. I let him know my car is a lease from another dealership and I was told at time of lease that all I had to do was follow the service reminders on the car and any Honda dealership can take care of the problem. I let him know I called in advance and got a price quote and also noted the quote on my online appointment. Of course, he didn't honor the price and said he had no idea what I was talking about. He gave me a much higher price and then told me about some nonsense 20% additional markup I had to be charged.  For what? Again this a leased car, and while not new, is only a couple of years old being driven in normal conditions so I don't get why this car maintenance seems to be so difficult. The service advisor also seemed displeased to honor my lease agreement which includes the lifetime oil changes. When I got upset, he also tried to make it seem he was offering me huge discounts when I can see online coupons offering prices he's quoting, which aren't that great of a discount anyway.  Now I'm paranoid they didn't actually service my car.

I'm not sure they these people are called service advisors because there's no element of service  at all.

As an added bonus, there's no water or snacks available at the dealership...all of the other Honda dealerships I've been to have these small amenities.  So I can't seem to find a single redeeming factor.

Alejandro F. | 2014-10-24

When I initially purchased my car, the salesperson (Danny) was very helpful and courteous. I was very happy with my purchase and the attention i received. Even though the car's gas tank was almost empty when I drove it off the lot, the manager told me they would fill up my gas tank when I took it back for the first oil change. At the time of the first oil change, they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about, and I had to argue with them in order to get a simple tank of gas that was rightfully mine. Secondly, I paid my car loan off after 2 and a half years and up until that point there had been no other mishaps with Brickell Honda. After paying off my car, I received a letter in the mail from Honda Financial Services stating that I was entitled to a refund for the unused portion of my GAP insurance (approximately 2 and a half years). At this point I went to my dealer (Brickell Honda) and filled out a GAP Cancellation Form, which the dealer never sent to Honda Financial Services, and therefore was never processed. I called back every 2 weeks and even showed up there in two different occasions to ask about the status and they would tell me not to worry about it that it was in the mail. After nearly 6 months, I decided to contact Honda Financial Services directly and I found out Brickell Honda had never made contact with them and they had not submitted my claim. Because of that, I lost a portion of my GAP insurance. The person at Honda Financial Services even said "Yeah, Brickell Honda dropped the ball, again." This is unacceptable and the reason for my one star review.

Eli S. | 2014-10-05

HORRIBLE TUNE UP SERVICE. DONT GO HERE went there yesterday for an oil change and filter they took the car to the back brought it back 30 minutes later.  Today my husband check the car THEY NEVER CHANGED THE OIL NOR THE FILTER NOR ANY OF THE OTHER LIQUIDS.  My husband took it today to Tire Kingdom to check it again oil was black filter had never been changed water low break fluid low DONT GO THERE SCAN ARTIST

Catalina M. | 2014-10-05

SCAM! Went to take the car for an oil change. They took the car to the back for 45 minutes. They didn't do anything! The oil was black, they left the same oil filter on it, didn't check any of the fluids, didn't inform me that they were low - power steering, brake, radiator coolent. Can you believe they DID NOT even fill up the windshield wiper fluid?!?!????!?!?!??? DONT go there!!!

Claudia G. | 2014-07-18

I know when it comes to dealing with cars specially if you're buying one, women tend to have the worst time because you feel people are taking advantage of you. Well this was not the case at Brickell Honda.
I want to thank Carlos Flores for taking the time to really listen and paid attention to my needs.  I explained what I need it and the budget I had to work with. I ended up leaving more than happy in my brand new Honda Accord.
Carlos F. was friendly, patient, cautious, and thorough while explaining each car, benefits, and deals at Brickell Honda.
Keep Brickell Honda in mind next time you're looking for a car, and don't forget to ask for Carlos Flores!

Sara M. | 2014-03-01

It is pretty rare to have a bitchin time while getting your car serviced and one doesn't really expect this task to be fun, I do however expect something fairly painless.

Brickell Honda service center deserves negative stars. I bought my car from here in November, and today, it was time for my first oil change. Since i live in Fort Lauderdale, I wasn't too into the idea of driving all the way down to Miami to get my car tuned up, however, since I bought my car here, they told me that I could get a loaner for the day, free of charge, while my car was in shop. I was told this by the sales man who sold me my car (..shoulda figured). Then as a nice surprise, I received a coupon book with a bunch of free oil change coups, along with ones for free rentals and a handful of other services.

I decided that saving the $40 bucks or so was worth the inconvenience, so I called Friday afternoon to see if I could get squeezed in for sometime on Saturday, and that wasn't a problem. The girl who answered the phone was surprisingly very pleasant and helpful. I told her what I needed and that I wanted to get the loaner for an hour or two and she said okay and that she would make a note of it.

When I came in this morning for my oil change, my appointment started off shaky when I was greeted by handful of men who didn't speak English. I know we are in Miami here, but these guys couldn't even cary out the most basic of conversations with me in English, like "whats your name" and "do you have an appointment?" It was pretty frustrating. Eventually, we were able to get on the same page and I was told to go inside one of the offices and wait, as someone would be right with me. Well, someone was not "right" with me. I had a 10am appointment to which I arrived to a few minutes early. Someone didn't help me until 10:23. I set me alarm on a flipping Saturday morning, missed my zumba class and even skipped breakfast, the most important meal of the day mind you, so I could arrive at 10am and be at my 10:45 haircut apt. on time.  which I planned on driving to with the loaner car that I specified I wanted. So when I get somewhere on time, I expect the same courtesy to be bestowed to me.  And I am a really patient person, it's one of my few good qualities, so I am totally forgiving and understanding of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and even at 15 minutes I typically sit quietly and wait happily. But it took me opening my mouth after 20 minutes of being walked by and ignored by employee after employee to finally get someone to come in and help me.

When, 23 minutes later, that actually happened, I explained that I just wanted an oil change and that as I had told the girl I made the appointment with and the guys out front, that I was getting the rental too. This guy, told me no-can-do. They apparently don't do this for shorter services and only if your car is going to be in the shop for a while. WTF. This is not what I was told when I bought my car nor did the girl say anything about there being an issue when I made the appointment. So frustrating. Since my next appointment was in 15 minutes and I had no way of getting there if I gave my car over, I had no choice but to come back later and wait for it..

The only saving grace was that when I did come back, they had it in and out for me in only 30 minutes so I didn't have to wait a super long time which would have probably been the case since I saw people in the waiting area who had been there since I first tried to drop off my car at my appointment time, which was at that point nearly 2.5 hours earlier.

I don't even think that the next time I am due for a service I will come here, even if it is at no cost to me. After this experience, I would rather pay however much money it is to actually receive a decent service. Oh and while I am on my rant here, when I bought my car here back in November, the tire pressure light was lit up. They sales guy said it was  just that cars sit on the lot and in the sun without being driven alot and the tire pressure goes down, so he filled up my tires before I drove my car home and the light obviously no longer lit up. Come one week later and my light was lit up again.. turns out I had a nail in my tire which cost me $30 to fix. It's a small amount, but the point of it is, the sales guy took the lazy way out and whether he knew the nail was there and just lied or he didn't really know, he should have checked to make sure.

Not recommended.

Nicolas G. | 2014-01-22

Worst service ever! I went with the idea of getting a civic. The salesman was more obsessed to make me get a Buick than nothing! Each time I tried to go back to civic he was again being pushy with the Buick, really annoying! Then because I wanted a lease, a basic civic and had recently stablished credit he didn't made much effort, he left me waiting 4 hours in the office (while he was with other clients) and then told me that he was going to call me, 3 days without specific answers!!! I got mad, went to VW and got the car I wanted for the price I wanted! Now, I am enrolled in program in which basically has new 20 persons per year coming to Miami. No way I would recommend this place for getting a car! Now I understand why everybody told me to go straight to VW.

Brendan K. | 2014-01-04

I regret buying a car from this dealership and would not recommend them to anyone.  While the sales associate was a nice guy who seemed to care it became clear to me in time that this dealership is filled with a bunch of people who will just tell you what they think you want to hear, will flat out lie to you, and then go out of their way to avoid you if there are any issues once the sale is complete.  

I have been nothing but professional and courteous with them during and after I bought a used vehicle from them in Oct 2013. Prior to the sale I asked for specific maintenance and inspections to be performed on the vehicle I was looking to purchase.  Each time I was told the maintenance and inspections were complete.  Upon taking delivery of the vehicle it was clear that my requests were not taken seriously.  It was then realized that after I paid for the car they actually left off the deposit I put down so in essence I ended up paying that twice.  

Since I live in Massachusetts and bought this vehicle while on a business trip I have tried to recoup the deposit and get some of the maintenance concerns addressed via email and certified postal mail.  All of my attempts to get in contact with anyone have not been answered; I have also sent text messages and called the associates, no one calls me back.  

I am considering my legal options at this point, but it is clear to me these people could care less about you either before or after the sale.  Be careful here.

Jennifer C. | 2013-12-10

I originally had a very bad experience at this particular Honda service center. I have owned Honda's for years and have always gone to the dealership for service because the quality and convenience was so good. However, my initial experience at Brickell was sub-par. They did not wash the vehicle on completion, they didn't check the fluid levels, I was not given a copy of my report, the blades on my wipers were never changed, etc. I was livid. I contacted the Honda service center and was told they were under new management. They were quick to rectify the issues that I had experienced. FIrst, they dispatched a porter to my place of business to top off my fluids. They then made arrangements to pick up the vehicle and run it through another inspection (replacing my wiper blades). They offered a free oil change, but I was at 90% so thus I declined. Next, they did a total detailing of the vehicle for free. I was very happy with the service that I received.
I am giving four stars because my initial experience was 1 star at best. Also, the waiting center is rather bad (uncomfortable seats, loud, no wifi, etc). They also are not the best at follow up either. Still, the second experience was excellent for service.

Yanyn S. | 2013-12-04

Let me start off by saying that buying/leasing an new car is never a pleasant experience. It takes a ridiculous amount of time, and I end up dreading to go all together.

I decided to try my luck on 'Black Friday' as I was coming close to going over my miles, and needed a solution ASAP. I was helped by Mario (the Italian) and it was frankly the best experience I've had yet.

I was able to take care of the miles situation, and get a brand new car in less than 3 hours. Also, within 4 days with less than 100 miles I got a flat. After speaking to Mario and the service adviser Izzy, they were able to handle the flat- at no charge to me!

I'm pleased with their service this far, and I'm just sorry to hear about others who've had a crappy experience. If you're looking to get a new car, I'd recommend Brickell Honda and specifically working with Mario to get it done. When you want to service your car, Izzy is your man.

Aaron J. | 2013-12-03

I love Honda. This place is dishonest. I went in to buy a new tire, to replace a flat. When I returned, they told me I needed a second. They then showed me a bald tire on my car. My car had been inspected at another dealership in Fort Lauderdale. The had check the treads, handing  me a report with the info (along with info on my brakes, battery, etc). My tires were all in good shape at the time. I didn't call the police or demand to see the security video, but regret not doing it. I drove my car off the lot, without the second tire. I'll never go back.

To add insult to injury, they took my Honda license plate placard of my car, replacing it with their own, without ever asking.

U. B. | 2013-11-13

Here are the facts. You be the judge of why I'm giving this "establishment" the prestigious stinky of the stinkiest 1 Star Award:

1. After purchasing my brand new Honda I took the survey they asked over the phone. I gave the sales guy a 4/5, which I thought was an excellent rating. Little did I know he needed a 5 as it affected him compensation for the sale. Shame on him for not telling me. Next time he saw me he insulted and berated me calling me everything but a child of God.

2. Had an issue with my AC earlier this year. Took it to them like I always had for maintenance. To fix "the problem" they quoted me a price of over $1,400. At a friend's suggestion I took it to a repair shop near the airport. They replaced the fuse with an original Honda part. Never had a problem since. Cost - $70 including the labor and the $10 tip I gave the guy for his lunch.

3. Took my car in as the horn was not working. A whopping $680. Again took it at a friends suggestion someplace in South Miami. Again, a fuse type part was installed. Never had a problem since. The cost $17.

I know the dealer is supposed to cost more, but damn, do they have to legitimately rape you?!?!?!? THAT does not sound like fun under any circumstances. Serves me right for not wanting to "sell" them my car so they can "upgrade" me to a brand new one. Needless to say I will not be taking my car to them again. Is honesty too much to ask? Maybe it is.

Renee T. | 2013-10-01

I'm not much for bad reviews, but sometimes I think it is helpful for a business to receive valuable feedback.  I brought in my Honda CRV to replace a few cosmetic parts that were showing signs of wear and I walked out $600 later with many other services.  

The new service area at Brickell Honda is very nice, and modern.  There are plenty of seats in the waiting area, computers for patrons and wifi (i think).  I was also pleasantly surprised that they provide many copies of a US Today to read while you wait.  If I were a coffee drinker, the free coffee would have been quickly in hand.  All nice additions to make us feel better when we are waiting multiple hours for our cars to be serviced.

The sales associates are all very helpful- even if they do try to sell you more than what you were intending to purchase.  As I waited for my vehicle, every woman in the waiting area was asked if she wanted the other services that they felt were important for maintenance.  Each one said yes- go ahead.  It's true we are innocent targets in the car industry.  Unfortunately, I'm sure we all needed the extra services, but when it happens every time, it was a little disheartening.  It also put me in an argumentative mode when it was my turn to hear all my additional services.  I got away with half of their recommendations.  All valuable, I'm sure.  

The gentleman that run the parts department was my favorite.  They were straightforward and honest about which parts were necessary and which were not.  They even told me I could probably install the parts myself, if I wanted to - I opted for them to do it for me.  

In terms of price, they are very competitive.  An oil change is 29.95- rather than 49.95 that it used to be.  I also got a transmission flush- which I googled that prices typically range from 100-150- they are $109.95.  I had a mailer with coupons and they were very good about letting me use them.  

My biggest complaint- which is important for any working professional trying to get their car serviced during working hours- the shuttle is poorly run and the service associates underestimate the time it will actually take for your vehicle.   I was told my car would take about 1hr and a half.  After waiting that time,  I asked one of the service associates for the courtesy shuttle and waited 50 more minutes.  Once my car was complete after 4 hours, the courtesy shuttle took over an hour from the time I had first called to the time they finally picked me up.  There should really be a system in place to get people to where they need to go in a convenient, time-effecient manner.  The least they can do is provide reliable transportation.  I had even suggested that I would call a taxi and they said no- the shuttle was around the corner.   It was so unpleasant, I'm not sure if I'd go back there.

Ernie K. | 2013-06-29

Brickell Honda impresses me ever time. When I bring my car in for service, I am sure that the person who "helps" me is the most incompetent and useless customer service person alive. Yet, when I meet another person who works there, they turn out to be dumber and more useless than the previous person! If you love waiting 2 hours for an oil change and nobody helping you, Brickell Honda is for you.

Wonder Woman S. | 2013-03-19

My husband was in the market for a car.  He found the vehicle he was looking for online at Brickell Honda.  He drove down there and was unable to reach a deal with them.  We followed up with them for over a week afterwards trying to reach a deal, but they came back with excuse after excuse stating that the vehicle had been sold, even though it very obviously had not (still on dealer lot for sale).  When I called to ask if the vehicle was still available I was told yes and they wanted me to schedule a test drive.  Once they determined who I was, they all of a sudden changed the story that the vehicle had been sold; I told them that they had just told me it was still available and tried to schedule a test drive.  They said they'd call back and that was 4 days ago.  Needless to say, we went to Autonation Delray Beach and had a much better experience.

Angela W. | 2013-03-03

If i could give them negative stars I would.

Every experience I've had with Brickell Honda has been a horrible experience. They have shown time after time again that they are incompetent liars. I wish I never bought my car here so I wouldn't have to deal with their constant bullshitting.

I got my car refinanced and I went to get my gap insurance check. I spoke with Gilbert because he is the finance guy. I didn't know much about the process of because Ive never refinanced a car and he took advantage of that. However, he basically dug his own grave. He told me that I had to bring another gap insurance document which the finance manager should have given me when I bought my car. I told him that I don't think I ever got one. And he said that if they were a good company, they would be honest and tell you that you are paying for additional gap insurance, but if they are shady, they usually lump in the price without telling the buyer.  I proceeded to tell him that I bought the car with Brickell Honda. That was when things turned around. He started being not so friendly.

I asked that since I bought my car there, shouldn't they have a record for me? I was surprised that I had to even ask the question because he should know better to tell me that they had my record. Basically, he was trying to rush me out of his office before I realized his scheme. He said that he would contact the accountant to look up my record, but I highly doubt he did. I told him to call me when he processed the papers so that I would know.

A week goes by, and I don't get a call. I call his cell number he gives me and someone who sounds just like him told me that it was the wrong number. I call again and it goes straight to voicemail which said, this is gilbert, leave a message. That was when I knew he was trying to avoid me. Today, another week later, I called again. The same thing happened. The person who picked up said he was not gilbert. He also sounded nervous. I called maybe 4 more times, each time going to voicemail that said this is gilbert, leave a message. Finally at the 5th time, he picks up. I told him who I was and that I was calling about that gap. And he said he processed the papers a week ago (ok, then why did I not receive a call?). He proceeded to rush me off the phone by telling me to contact the accountant. I asked for the extension, he said he didn't know. Of course he knew.

Basically, this guy is a liar. They never told me that I bought their gap insurance and now that I can get it back, they are doing everything they can to make it difficult for me.

I can go on and on. My first experience with buying the car was unpleasant as well as the salesman left my drivers license in the copy  machine. He wouldn't answer my calls when I asked for it back, and made me drive all the way back (i live maybe an hour away) to wait yet another hour until he got out of a meeting to get my ID back without an apology. Also, my first time getting my car serviced there, the mechanic took my keys off and kept it in his desk drawer. There was no need for me to reach and grab my keys because he ignition was already on when I got back in my car. I get a call after I get home that he forgot to give me the rest of my keys.

To sum up, Brickell Honda is unprofessional, they are liars, and are incompetent.

Jennifer D. | 2013-01-11

I'd like to commend Brickell Honda for its outstanding employees. A few months ago, I was helped by Hugo in the Service department, and he was kind, sincere, and got the servicing of my Honda Pilot taken care of quickly. Then yesterday I came to the Sales Office to see if I could get an estimate to have my car bought back. I know that for a Salesman, a query such as mine promises no perks, such as a commission; regardless, Mr. Raymond Trull, a Senior Sales Consultant, treated me as if I was the most important customer in the world. He went out of his way to get me an estimate, and was polite, benevolent, and just plain nice. I'm moving away, but I know I'll be back to Miami someday in the next few years, and when that day comes, I will return to Brickell Honda to buy my car. Thank you so very much to both these gentlemen, and to whoever employed them. In an otherwise aversive industry, they are truly diamonds in the rough - as corny as that sounds.

Felix J. | 2012-11-28

In less than two hours, I left with the car I wanted, for the price I wanted, which was the price advertised online. There was no back and forth, no haggling, no "extra fees," and no stress. My sales guy's name is Manny Huerta and he was awesome. He treated my daughters and me like friends, never divided his attention with anyone else, encouraged me to "really drive the car" during my test drive, and much more. In addition, Alex the C.O.O. and Rick the General Manager passed by and made sure things were going smoothly and asked if there was anything they could do to make my experience better.

Obviously, there has been a shift towards optimum customer service at this dealer. The negative posts are quite old and I assure you Brickell Motors will exceed your car shopping expectations!

Good luck to all... I think I'll go for a spin in my new wheels now!!!

Claudia D. | 2012-10-15

I found the car I was looking for at the right price last week on .  I called and was helped by a delightful young man named Sergio.  He is not in sales but he helped me anyway.  He went out to the lot to see the car to answer some questions about it that were not listed on the site.  He called me back later to let me know that there was an error in the price and the car was selling for almost $4000 more than advertised.  

I asked to speak to the sales manager, Atif, and he adamantly refused to honor the price which was now a "computer glitch".  He told me repeatedly he would not sell the car for the advertised price.  This "computer glitch" had put in the wrong price for the car on and on their own site.

I asked for the name of his manager, Gilbert Mendoza, and had the hardest time getting in touch with him.

About thirty minutes later when Gilbert finally did answer his phone he was rude, yelled at me and told me that I didn't need to worry about the price of the car or the glitch because all of a sudden the car was no longer for sale because it had been "sold" the night before. Even though Sergio and Atif had confirmed for me that the car was still available for sale no less than 30 minutes prior and Sergio himself had gone out to see the car for me.

I told him that he was a bad businessman and that if someone at his shop had made a mistake he should have taken ownership of that error as the boss and honored the price instead of trying to give me a run around.  He told me that he wasn't running a bad business and had the audacity of trying to offer me another car.

Gilbert Mendoza has no respect for potential clients and hasn't the faintest idea what customer service is.  He obviously has never heard the age-old adage, "The customer is always right."  He lost me as a customer and I guarantee you that anyone that I know will learn that Brickell Honda is not a place to take your business.

Samir V. | 2012-09-11

I would give this place a zero if I could... This little prick with a Napoleon complex treated my sister in law like shit, disrespected her verbally and degraded her... If you're a strong independent woman that is looking to buy a car, do not go here...

Concerned C. | 2012-03-02

Buyer Beware.

You can't go for service here without the "technician" trying to scare you into fixing 100 other things with your car that they now tell you have to be fixed immediately or your car will fall apart.  It's disgusting.

Also, don't listen to verbal price quotes.  When you sign out they will tack on an extra $50-$60 in "shop fees" that they neglected to mention before.

Run, don't walk away, from this place.  There's no need to go here unless it's for warranty service you won't have to pay for and even then get ready for scare tactics for needless "maintenance."

Whitney K. | 2012-02-18

Let's be clear: if you're here, you're probably buying a Honda. Not a Benz.  The type of five-star service, ass kissing, and general fawning that occurs at your luxury dealer isn't going to happen here.  That being said, my dealer (Ray Gonzalez) was able to work magic.  I was in the middle of a lease -- ah, parting is such sweet sorrow -- and in the market for a hybrid.  I wouldn't say I got the most amazing deal I've ever scored at a dealership, and I wouldn't say I was sipping champagne while filling out my paperwork, but the staff was friendly, welcoming, and efficient.  No one likes the process of buying a car, but I DO like driving away in the exact model I wanted at a price that isn't going to make me cry from a dealer I know was looking out for my best interest.  And I know you know that's the best case scenario.

Sabrina M. | 2012-01-01


The end.

That's all you need to know about this place but I will elaborate. I just moved and I wanted to get an oild change at a Honda dealership so I went to this location for my first and last time. I called early and made an appointment but when I got there, I was told they were about an hour to an hour and a half behind...I really needed the oil change so I opted to stay and I began reading my book. Fast forward to two and half hours later and I was still there and people who got there after me had already left.  I looked around for the person who was attending me and he was out at lunch. When he returned he told me my car had been done. I basically waited for no reason and he didn't think to call me after he supposedly didn't find me in the waiting area. When it was time to pay, I showed my yelp check in special and it needed to be run by someone this point, I was left at the register and wasn't told to step to the side or that I would be attended to in a bit so I stood and waited...again. I finally moved when transactions were being done with me just standing there. The front register women were far from friendly. I finally paid and went outside to pick up my car and a person who got there and paid way after me got their car first...because, you know, I hadn't done enough waiting. When my car was finally brought to me they had changed my license plate frame for one that read "Brickell Honda." I immediately requested it be removed and replaced with the one I had before.
I will never go here again!

Carolyn D. | 2011-10-25

Here's the gist of it:

The manager verbally assaulted my husband when my husband told him what price we were looking for on a civic. We immediately walked out.


David G. | 2011-10-18

They deserve lower than a 1 star rating. First of all I came in to this dealership back in April / May. I was interested in a Honda S2000 that I wanted to buy but my credit was too new and I only had $3000 for down payment. They told me that they were going to find me an approval, which then they proceeded to send my credit application to more than 10 banks after I had left the dealership. I can only imagine how much that affected my credit.  Their customer service is atrocious. Beware of their bad business practices. I eventually purchased a beautiful low mileage S2000, 1 Previous Owner with both a clean AutoCheck & Carfax report at an excellent price from The Car Shack in Hialeah.

Drew D. | 2011-09-17

You won't get the pricing that you want or expect here.  These people are talented at bait and switch tactics.  I'd never buy a car here!

Alyse S. | 2011-08-17

I was really impressed by the staff and customer service at the service section of Brickell Honda. I took my car in for maintenance and was informed all the way along about the time it would take to repair as well as the price. It was so great not to have sticker shock when I went to pick up the vehicle. Gabriel Gonzalez was a huge help and a great asset.

LORI F. | 2011-07-29

Bad, bad place!!! GO ANYPLACE BUT TO BRICKELL. .
They neglected to pay off my trade in a timely and appropriate way.
They tried to keep incentive money.


Michelle W. | 2011-05-31

Well, when I first came here I thought all the bad reviews were kind of crap... I called for an oil change & made an appointment, drove up & got right in. I was in the market for new tires as well, but assumed I would not get them at the dealer because I thought there would be mark up. I thought they would say something about my extremely worn tires, so I had done some pricing of tires before I got there. Amazingly, it was only $20 more than Costco for the entire set (not per tire, the set). So, I went ahead & got them here. Plus, I had a 10% off coupon with my yelp check-in, bonus!

So, Ariel was the service guy that took care of me & was super cool. When you get there & check in, it is a bit of a cluster fuck. Everyone is just running around & you don't really know where you are supposed to go or what you are supposed to do. They did give me a ride to my place while my car was being serviced & came back to get me. Super nice that I didn't have to sit in the dealership for 5 hours (I had some other 30,000 service done too). They also ordered a part for me (my visor melted down & was still under warranty). This is where things fell apart.

They called to and left a message that it was in when I was out of town. Every time I would call back there after it make an appointment it would go to voice mail. I did get a call or two back, that I would miss & when I would call back, again nothing. And you can only schedule online appointments during the morning, which I can't do because of my schedule. Anyhow, when I finally did get a hold of someone they were like, yeah just come in. Why didn't they just say that on the message in the first place?!?! I would have just come in, instead of playing phone tag for 3 weeks...

So, when I went in the same cluster fuck mess to check in. Again, Ariel ended up taking care of me & was very nice and apologetic for said cluster fuck. I would give Ariel 5 stars, he was great. They just really need to work something out with the check in process.... They replaced my visor relatively quickly & I was on my way.

That being said, I don't know what is up with the review war. I will probably upgrade them if they can fix the check in process. Overall my experience wasn't too bad, but I have experience better.

Cory L. | 2011-05-16

I visited Brickell Honda a few months ago when we had considered downsizing our current car. That visit went okay, though they low balled our trade in by a few thousand dollars and didn't seem willing to negotiate at all; we kept our car (a 2009 with under 30k miles). Fast forward to today, I called the dealership to schedule an appointment to service the brakes on our car. The flyer we received advertised that they now service Acura's at Brickell Honda. I called the first time and remained on hold for several minutes and eventually hung up. The second call was answered by a quaint female who took minimum info, asked no folllow up questions and hung up prior to me saying anything in response to her. Upon reading the reveiws below, I've made an appointment with Rick Case Acura to have our car serviced there instead. Thanks for the reviews, I get enough rudeness from the rest of Miami and don't want it at a car dealership.
*Rick Case Acura was well worth the drive north to have the car serviced.

Cecile S. | 2011-05-02

I came to Brickell Honda to test drive a Honda accord after my car recently broke down. Researching online i found some really great incentives and was eager to see if the car met all my expectations. I was greeted by my sales associate Raymond Trull and we immediately discussed what my needs were for this car and how each one would be fulfilled. After taking the car out for a spin I was extremely happy with the performance. Any questions I had he was able to answer without hesitation. He really seemed to stand by the Honda brand and made me feel secure that I was making the right choice. When it came to the negotiations I didn't feel like it was in a bidding war. It was all very simple. I gave him my number, he came back with his, some additional adjustments were made and poof deal was done! I got my car at a great deal with amazing financing. They walked me through everything, even getting my insurance updated. My car was nicely detailed and ready for me the minute I finished. Before Brickell Honda I had been to many different dealerships where sales reps had used bait and switch tactics, rude and offensive comments, and either were not well informed or purposely misquoted me. None of these were my experience at Brickell Honda which is why I am so grateful to them for their exceptional service.

Diana G. | 2011-04-30


I was looking for a used car through their internet site.  I found a used Accord with a great price and proceeded to contact their internet manager. I confirmed both by the internet and through the phone that indeed this car was on their lot for the price stated.  On the same day that I went into their site, I again confirmed the availability, description and price.  I wanted to make sure the car was available as I was 1 hour way from their location and did not want to waste my time.

I get there and I am greeted by the Internet Manager, led to the used car area and handed off to another sales person.  The Internet Manager then DISAPPEARS and can not be located.  The used car sales man proceeds to "try" to locate the car that I was interested in and of course, it is not available.  I show them the printout with the VIN from their  website and they just don't know where that car is on their lot. He proceeds to elevate my inquiry to his manager and they can't locate it but will try and locate a similar deal, which is no where near what they had advertised.

I wasted a total of 3 hours with these people!!! 2 hours of commute time and 1 hour there trying to purchase the vehicle they had falsely  advertised.

Buyer beware as these people are the epitome of used car sharks!!!

Carol C. | 2011-03-01

I did not buy my car here but their location is very convenient for oil changes, etc. Every time I end up here I regret it. What a rip off. It's incredible how many skeezy old men they hire, how misinformed they are, how good they are at lying when telling you what services due or needed for your car, and how easily they jack up the price.

Try to avoid this place. It's so convenient and I'm fighting the need to go right now - my low oil life light has come on - but I know I'll hate myself if I cave in.

Enrique G. | 2011-02-26

In late November, I leased a Honda Accord with Brickell Honda.  It was my second such transaction with Brickell Honda.  It will also be my last time ever dealing with your dealership.

First, I am still waiting for my license plate and I'm currently driving on an expired temporary tag.  Mitchell Ortiz assured me that the tag was in the office and committed to sending it to me this week.  He failed to do so and I'm now at risk of receiving a ticket because of my expired temporary tag.  I called him today and he said to call back on Monday, at which point he he hung up on me.  It's been three months since I leased the car and I still don't have an official tag.

I have never had such a miserable experience with a dealer as I have with Brickell Honda.

B Lauren S. | 2010-11-10

Dear all 1 star reviews.. and claiming any good review is a fake..(that always makes me laugh) I'm confused? I had to check the business card to make sure the address was correct and this was the right place. I was looking for a new car, well, a new car in particular.. Brickell Honda just happened to have it! Thanks to Oscar!! He works in sales and worked with me over the phone and through emails, filling out paper work and such. He actually is the only reason I found the car through facebook! (Thank you by the way..) He was so friendly and I will admit I'm a bit of a pain in the butt.. but he made my whole month year (However long until I forget about my super bad ass car)...experience better!. He knew I was coming to look at it.. and there it was waiting for me.. under a tent, washed..shiny.. beautiful.. staring at me...  I was sold upon entering..He then had me meet with Jose B.(per business card)  Who was just as friendly as he was! They made all of that horrible car buying.. waiting.. sitting..paperwork,...experience great!   Which by the way.. This is my 3rd car.. and that whole "4 hours of paperwork"..  it wasn't like that here. I left and ate.. got paperwork, brought it back.. they didn't try to push it.. But I honestly honestly honestly.. love my car... and getting it wasn't some crazy stressful car buying situation. Service is everything to me, and here it was perfect... So thank you guys! Hopefully I wont need a new car for a while :) but I will absolutely recommend you guys to anyone I know looking for a new car!

Elizabeth D. | 2010-07-12

Buying a car is synonymous with gouging your eyes out.

After buying a Honda Insight with my husband this past weekend at Brickell Honda, I can say this particular experience was not as painful.

Eduardo Mesa was our salesman and Carlos Santos was the finance manager we worked with. Both gentlemen were very courteous and surprisingly, a pleasure to do business with.

I say "surprisingly" to any of those out there that understand how annoying it is have to go through the process of getting your credit run, bargaining the price and constantly cringing at quotes.

The Sales Process:

- Our salesman was not insanely pushy (I have left dealerships immediately if I'm annoyed from the start), knowledgeable and seemingly genuine in wanting us to be happy with our purchase and for the price we paid.

- We were able to test drive the car as often as we wanted without a long wait and without much hassle

Makin' the deal:

- The scary part is always the finance manager. I die a little every time I get a snarky look from these guys who tell me there is absolutely no way I will pay the price I want (by insulting my credit score, or other obnoxious tactics).

Carlos Santos was the opposite of the stereotype I had imagined. Very pleasant guy to deal with.

We worked through the price we wanted and he was extremely knowledgeable in all the options. He also used some very good real-world examples for us first-time car buyers.

Ultimately, we left with the car we wanted, at a fair price, decent interest rate and as a bonus, he made good on the free iPad promo currently on their site.

General checklist to avoid having a less-than-pleasant experience:

- Know what kind of car you want. You can also make appointments on their site to test drive any car available. I did this, walked in and was immediately handed the keys.

- Try to see what the dealer is selling it for online (have their internet price handy)

- Do some research and find out what people are buying it for on average. Makes haggling so much easier.

- Brickell Honda protip: Good location for those comfortable with Spanish. They have salesmen that are perfectly bilingual, but remember, you're in Little Havana. So bring your suegra to haggle down the price for ya ;)

I look forward to servicing our new Insight at this location and hope to continue to say positive things about these guys.

Misty M. | 2010-04-19

I wrote this exact letter (below) to the sales manager of Brickell Honda (Carlos Santos) and have received no response.

I will be completely honest - I did not appreciate the way I was treated, nor did I enjoy my experience.

I was told by the gentleman helping us that he would get me the price and the keys to test drive the 2007 Honda Civic.  Suddenly, while waiting for the keys to drive it, we were asked to complete the financing application and fill out various paperwork.  I didn't even know the price on the vehicle yet!  Why would I want to fill out a finance application if I didn't even know how much the car would cost?

When I finally became irritated and told Carlos Santos, the internet sales manager, that I wanted the price on the car, I felt as if my request inconvenienced him.  He literally yelled out "SHE WANTS THE PRICE ON THIS" with pure irritation in his voice.  Furthermore, I requested that my credit not be run until I made a final decision.  Instead, my credit was processed and we were manhandled through the finance portion before I was even sure if the Civic was the car I wanted to buy.

Several other events bothered me, including:

  1. - I was not even given the opportunity to negotiate the price of the vehicle
  2. - I was asked what my "desired monthly payment" was, and based on that, the gentleman helping us decided that we could afford a vehicle that tagged in at 11,990, even though I told him when I arrived on the lot that I was looking for something under 10k
  3. - I was asked for 6 references before we even got to the finance manager!  Am I applying for an apartment or am I buying a car here?
  4. - We were asked to lie about my husband's income
  5. - Even though I made it very clear that my top payment per month had to be less than $250, I was told that the price per month would be over $300!  I wouldn't have waited two hours to find out that you were not going to meet my request for a payment under $250
  6. - I was told that my interest rate would be lower because my husband's credit was better.  Yet, when we met with your Finance Manager, we were told that our interest rate was going to be 14%!  Is that considered low for you?
  7. - The finance manager argued with my request to remove the GAP insurance (you can get GAP through your insurance provider or bank for much less, NEVER buy this from them)

Our number one complaint is that we felt the staff completely ignored our intelligence when it comes to buying a car.  I'm not an idiot - I've purchased several cars in my short lifetime.  Pushing people through a car buying meat grinder is disrespectful, rude and completely void of customer service.

Florida is a giant state with many opportunities and dealerships who will not hesitate to meet my needs or give me the service I deserve.  I certainly don't have to bow down to the scumbags at Brickell Honda.  A complete waste of 3 hours of my day.  I will NEVER recommend this company to ANYONE.

Andrea F. | 2010-02-24

Your fake reviews are really annoying and no way to generate business.

Praneeth W. | 2009-07-02

Cost me $40 for an oil change on my under warranty Civic. The original quote was $34.95 and final bill added "shop supplies."

I asked if I could get my tires rotated and was told for that I had to get the next service level which was ~$230. Ouch! Obviously said no to that.

The price sheet for service on the wall is all zero'd out, I wish I took a picture of it, this is as of July 2nd 2009.

I need to find a better vendor for servicing.

[UPDATE: a short time after publishing my review one of the owners of Brickell Motors reached out to me to apologize for my experience, to explain the pricing for the oil change and offer me a free tire rotation. I like the gesture and the fact that they care about not losing customers. I will be updating this review after I visit Brickell Honda.]

Carlos R. | 2009-04-28

My girlfriend purchased a vehicle here along with some family members who are not very financially savvy.  

After I reviewed all the documents and did some research,  I determined that she had been drastically ripped off.

I don't appreciate businesses who take advantage of folks who might not have expertise in a given area.

Nick R. | 2007-12-10

Shady salesmen.  Wasted 2 hours of my time while they were 'making calls' for prices.  I was getting a Honda Fit for $16k out the door (had competing quotes), so I go in there to get a quote (didn't tell them about the $16k) and they said $17,500 is the lowest.  A little bargaining and BS, and I tell them I'm walking if they can't match $16k.  They say no and want to BS some more.  I get up to leave and they ask me 'what if I could get you in this car for $16k out the door?'  This is literally 20 mins after he tells me $17,500 was the absolute lowest.  

update:  the manager called me to apologize, so it's good that they check their reputation and try to uphold it.