Brickell Buick & GMC in Miami, FL

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Brickell Buick & GMC is your trusted dealer for new and pre-owned vehicles in Miami, FL. We have been serving our customers since 1949 and know that buying an automobile is a great feeling. Whether you want something brand-new or certified pre-owned, we're here to help you every step of the way. From your first test-drive to final drive-off, we here at Brickell Buick & GMC are committed to finding the right vehicle for your needs. Our large inventory and wide selection of models, along with competitive pricing, allow us to give you a great deal on the vehicle of your choice. We are determined to give you the best price on the market - which is why we have so many repeat customers.


Established in 1949.

Brickell Buick & GMC is your trusted dealer for new and pre-owned vehicles in Miami, FL. We have been serving our customers since 1949 and know that buying an automobile is a great feeling.

Brickell Buick & GMC

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 497-4679
Address:665 SW 8th St., Miami, FL, 33130
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Brickell Buick & GMC

Veronica L. | 2015-02-27

Horrible customer service, I spoke with Anwar Rivas about to buy a car they have in stock, I emailed him three times trying to get answers about a car. He never care about to follow up or respond my emails. I finally bought a car in a different dealer.  I went to visited the dealer twice. Unfortunately this sales persons don't have the right training or don't like the job enough to make new customers.

Marcelo M. | 2015-02-10

Thank you Arturo and the people from the service department for your excellent service,  I am a new and very satisfied customer.
I used to take all my cars to get serviced to a place I was loyal for years,  not  anymore, I found the perfect place to take care of my car.

Mercy D. | 2015-01-25

I had an appointment for a recall situation on my daughters car. When I left the service department I was pleasantly delighted at the wonderful experience I had from the moment I arrived until I was handed the keys to the car. The service and attention I received was outstanding. They didn't even try to push an unnecessary service on me like most service departments do.
I will definitely be back.

Armando R. | 2014-11-27

This dealer has all you can ask for, great location, Courteous people, as well as fast and reliable service.

Harold M. | 2014-11-21

I have bought 2 cars, 1 Buick & now 1 Mazda, from this dealership & highly recommend them. Isaac on the Buick floor is awesome and Jose Bruszi at Mazda was really good too. Steve got us in & out quickly.

Robert S. | 2014-10-02

I recently purchased a new GMC Sierra and had a great experience dealing with all the staff at the dealership. From the Sales Manager Carlos Romero to my Salesman Juan Carlos Rios and my Finance person Atif Latif. A big Thanks to everybody at the dealership for making my purchase an exceptional experience.

Tamia G. | 2014-09-13

On Sep 13, 2014 you gave us this review:
5.0 /5.0 Stars

Robert Schickman was outstanding! He took the time to explain the issues my car was having and he recommended appropriate service. I also appreciated that Robert helped to identify work that needed to be done now versus work that could wait a bit. I believe that Robert was honest in his approach and treated me well. I will continue to service my Jaguar at Brickell Motors with Robert because of the excellent service I received. Thanks!

Work done:
New Battery
Ignition wiring
Spark plugs
New tires
Oil change
Bankruptcy...just kidding! :-)

It was well worth it. Great value for the extensive and excellent service!

Liz C. | 2014-07-24

The service here is horrendous! I had scheduled a 10 AM appointment online. At 11:15 am, my vehicle was still parked on the side of the lot. When I asked for my keys to leave, lo and behold they were getting ready to service the vehicle.  One of the employees was great and apologized profusely. Another employee? Not so much. He said "well, we're really busy on Saturdays" I would understand having to wait if I had just walked in and requested an oil change but I had a previously scheduled appointment! His dismissive attitude just bothered me even more! Never taking my business here again.

Terra S. | 2014-06-30

What a joke this place is! The first time I came here was to purchase a vehicle, I had a bad experience with a sales man so I went elsewhere to purchase my car.

My next visit was to get an oil change. During that visit the same salesman who lost a sale due to his poor customer service scolded me about buying my car elsewhere and not from him..... EXCUSE YOU!

My next five visits were to fix a defect that was preventing my trunk from opening. The first time they "fixed" the problem I went on my road trip, tried to get my luggage out of my trunk and no luck, it wouldn't open. I called to let them know, then brought the car back in when I got back in town. When I got here Arturo (the person who's assisted me each time) told me that "the way the warranty works" that since the truck opened when he tried it there was nothing they could do. And that he would have them look at it if I wanted but they will "most likely" say they same thing. Really? There's nothing you can do when you never FIXED the problem? (who gives an answer of no hope prior to an inspection?)

So..... What had happened was they ordered and replaced the WRONG part. Indeed the part was under warranty but if it weren't and i had paid for them to fix the wrong thing I would have probably lost it! They ordered the new piece and now I'm here waiting for them to "fix" it again.

What really pissed me off this visit and caused me to write this review before I calmed down was that I got here at 1:30 (my appointment time) was never greeted or acknowledged by anyone. I stood there literally 15 minutes before I approached someone. He said he would text Arturo and tell him I was here. Arturo knew I was here because he came to his desk while I was initially waiting AT HIS DESK and never acknowledged me. Two hours later I'm still in the waiting room and he has yet to come in here but my car has been taken to the back. Sooooooo your going to work on my car without me signing anything or you telling me anything??? I'm so done with this place! Hopefully they fix it this time because I called another dealership and they told me since this particular dealership ordered the piece they couldn't work on the car. Displeased, irritated and frustrated is an understatement!!!!

Brendan K. | 2014-01-04

I regret buying a car from this dealership and would not recommend them to anyone.  While the sales associate was a nice guy who seemed to care it became clear to me in time that this dealership in general is filled with a bunch of people who will just tell you what they think you want to hear, will flat out lie to you, and then go out of their way to avoid you if there are any issues once the sale is complete.  

I have been nothing but professional and courteous with them during and after I bought a used vehicle from them in Oct 2013. Prior to the sale I asked for specific maintenance and inspections to be performed on the vehicle I was looking to purchase.  Each time I was told the maintenance and inspections were complete.  Upon taking delivery of the vehicle it was clear that my requests were not taken seriously.  It was then realized that after I paid for the car they actually left off the deposit I put down so in essence I ended up paying that twice.  

Since I live in Massachusetts and bought this vehicle while on a business trip I have tried to recoup the deposit and get some of the maintenance concerns addressed via email and certified postal mail.  All of my attempts to get in contact with anyone have not been answered; I have also sent text messages and called the associates, no one calls me back.  

I am considering my legal options at this point, but it is clear to me these people could care less about you either before or after the sale.  Be careful here.

Paul W. | 2013-03-07

Let me preface this review by explaining that I despise dealing with car dealerships and buying cars.  I enjoy doing the research, but I hate the haggling, the fact that you never quite feel many dealerships are being completely honest with you, etc.  Because of this, I bought my last vehicle at CarMax where the sticker price in the window and the first offer they make for your trade is their final offer.  No haggling, no games.

I'm pleased to say that my experience here at Brickell Motors and with salesman Anwar Rivas was better than I'd expected.  I'd done my research and knew what I wanted, but to be honest, I wasn't in a hurry to buy.  I stopped by this dealership on a Friday afternoon after work just to check out the vehicle I'd been considering, as I hadn't yet seen one in person, only on the internet.

I was looking at the crossover I was interested in along with another couple when Anwar approached me, asked if I'd heard about this model and I told him I had.  He asked if I wanted to take it for a test drive, I said "sure".  When we got in, I told him I wanted a price with and without a trade, as CarMax will buy your trade in even if you're not purchasing a vehicle from them, and they tend to make strong offers.  Anwar asked for the keys to my vehicle so their staff could check it out while we test drove the new one, and said he'd do his best on price.

We took it for a spin, and as we were out and talking, Anwar seemed like a good guy and didn't give off the vibe of the stereotypical car salesman who'll do or say anything to butter you up and pad your ego just to sell you a car. When we returned, he offered to run and get the keys to let me hear the sound system in the exact model I was interested in, as it had a different system vs. the Bose in the one I test drove. I also wanted to check out the seats and a few other things in this other style.  He got the keys, I had a look at the car and he asked if I'd be interested in seeing what kind of a deal we could come up with.

He showed me the colors of the different paints and interiors that were available and asked which I was interested in. Luckily he said they had one in their reserve lot that matched what I wanted. Great!  He got me a beverage from their in-showroom cafe, asked me to have a seat and went to the corner office to talk with "his manager". Ugh, here comes the negotiation process I usually hate. He returned with an offer, but it didn't show me a bottom line figure of the overall cost of the new vehicle minus my trade in or give much of a breakdown of fees, rebates, etc., it primarily showed the monthly payments I'd make to purchase or lease for various periods of time with all costs included.  Since I'd done a bit of research, I knew about what I should pay and, quite frankly, what I could afford right now.  I used my phone's calculator and did some quick math based on the prices in his offer.  It was way off. The asking price was a few thousand $$ above MSRP, and their offer for my trade was low. The APR was also more than twice as high as I'd seen other dealerships offer. He asked where I needed to be, and I was as honest with him as he'd seemed to be with me.  Right!  Off he goes to see "the manager" again.  While he was away I got my phone out and did a bit more research on the internet   He came back, they were within a few hundred $$ of where I told them I wanted to be, they brought the APR down and gave me a price that I was happy with.

My next stop was to see Carlos Romero who drew up the contract, the trade in and all the other paperwork to sign. I discussed a few things with him about the APR and such, and again, he seemed straightforward in the answers he gave me.

There was a hiccup with the car they sold me, as on Saturday when I was supposed to pick it up, Anwar texted and called to inform me that when they went to get it from their other lot, they found it'd been "crashed".  He stayed in touch and called on Sunday, saying he found another vehicle, but it had a sunroof which I didn't want.  On Monday, he located a vehicle that met my specifications and I picked it up, signed the new paperwork and was off.  The manager called me on Tuesday at work to make sure I was happy and to ensure I knew that Brickell Motors were there for me long-term. One of their other staff called me at work on Wednesday to check in as well.

Am I happy? Yes!  Anwar was great to deal with and seemed genuine. I got about what my old car should fetch from a dealership trade in according to Kelley Blue Book, and I checked one well-known website which gives a "smart target price" that lists about what you should pay for a particular car in your city before incentives based on the MSRP, sticker price, demand, etc.  It appears that Anwar got me to within a few hundred of that.

Priscilla H. | 2012-10-14

These people are scam artist!!!! I went to buy a Chevy silverado and to trade my 07 mustang. All was well we negotiated back an forth and came to a price! They told be based on my credit I could get financed at a 5% making our payments 240 or so. Well we left  two days passed and Rey called to make an offer again. I told them get me a $200 monthly payment and we will close the deal. Leny the sales guy I was dealing with calls me back saying who said you would get a 5% an your payments won't even be close to $200 the will be much higher. I told him I sat two days ago in your finance guys office and he should me the computer on what my payments would. He say no I'm a liar. So I asked him " so what would have happened if I would have taken the truck and you would have sold my car since you say I would have been approved at a %5? He responds well" you would have to pay the difference or return the truck " I ask what about my car he responds we would have replaced it with something similar. WTF!  Don't trust. These people...

Laura C. | 2012-09-20

I leased a car here, so I'm locked in, done deal. This salesman Abner STILL contacts me regularly to make sure everything is going well with our vehicle.

I'm not really pleased with the dealership as a whole, for various reasons they don't have their shit together... But if you meed a GMC, please go to Abner Elidor.  He is by far the best and He really cares about giving you the best service he can.

A.B. = Good Guy

Cari C. | 2012-09-05

Just bought our first Buick Enclave and loving it! Musico, our sales rep was honest, responsive and all around fantastic service! Well be back for our next car buy!

Jesse James O. | 2012-05-03

After a set of negotiations that Donald Trump himself would be proud of my man A.B. finally helped close the deal at the numbers I wanted...... at 10:00 on a Friday night (2 Hours after Closing!!) I shopped around and knew what I wanted and these guys were the most committed I found to my earning my business. Top notch dealership and a special "fist pump" to A.B. for his dedication to getting this deal done.

Video Link to my brand new 2012 GMC Terrain:…

T S. | 2012-03-19

Excellent experience. I traded my used car and got a great deal on a new SUV. Pinky was my salesman and he and the team were able to work to a terrific deal and made a great offer for my trade in. The service and sales were excellent and I will definitely be recommending the dealership to friends and family.

Leighton O. | 2012-01-08

When my husband and I first came to this dealership we were completely fooled... Everyone was so nice and more than helpful to get us into a brand new truck. Little did we know that we had gotten ourselves into the most stressful situation ever. The second day that we owned our truck I took it into their shop to get a complimentary detail service and pick up the floor mats. As I waited for over 2 hours I was pressured into writing a nice review about brickell gmc and our salesman literally stood over my shoulder as I typed on the computer in the waiting room. I should have known this was the beginning of a nightmare. After my wait was finally over they informed me that a malfunction light had turned on and they were going to have to keep my brand new truck over the weekend ( I seriously hadn't had the truck for 24 hours!). They apologized and gave me a loaner car, which I figured wasn't so bad but it got worse. We finally got our truck back a week later then another week went by and the finance adviser Carlos called my husband and told him that we were going to have to bring them more money after we had already signed a different contract. He even said that if we didnt pay more money than we had previously agreed on that we would have to return the truck. My husband was furious and called the manager who worked out a deal with us. Oh and not to mention that we traded in our mini Cooper for our new gmc and they didn't pay it off til my car payment was almost a month late. Everytime me or my husband call this dealership it an absolute joke. Everyone gives you the run around and we end up having to drive there and wait for hours. I seriously spent almost 4 weekends In a row waiting in their waiting room staring at their creepy family portraits on the wall. We have had this truck for almost 2 months now and are still dealing with paperwork that should have been handled from the very beginning. We still have not received information on where to make our first payment and the payment is now 3 days late and we still are driving with a temporary tag. This place is ridiculous and completely unprofessional. These people have no concept of how to run a business or treat their customers. I'm am outraged. This was the worst car buying experience I have ever had. I hate this dealership. It should be called Brickell Circus because this place is a freaking joke!