Braman Mini of Miami in Miami, FL

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Braman Mini of Miami

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 410-9315
Address:2060 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, 33137

Reviews on Braman Mini of Miami

Carol M. | 2014-12-16

I'm a regular here, this is because I leased a car that does not feel like working at all sometimes and has even had to be towed on a couple of occasions and sent to this dealer for them to figure out how to make it work again.

As is natural, this bothers me somewhat, however, the dealer makes it up to me by giving me good service and a very nice loaner. The staff is very nice and I understand is not their fault I got stuck with a less than perfect car, so, I'm not going to blame them for my misfortunes.

I do not recommend anybody buying a mini, their recent models have a lot of issues, I say this based on my experience and that of the towing company guy which greeted me with a "¡todos los días estoy recogiendo minis quedados!" Or "everyday I'm towing stuck minis"

Liz M. | 2014-08-18

I've had 2 Mini Coopers in the last 6 years and I've never had a serious issue (Thankfully! other than minor ones). However, I will say this dealer is a hit or miss.

For sales: I recommend Roberto Bey. I've had 2 cars with him and he always has given me the best deal. Never felt ripped off and instead he has gone above and beyond to make sure I am completely satisfied.

When dealing with the service department, I've had good experiences with Ryan and Alan. However, with other service reps, I've had issues, such as requesting that all liquids be checked - only to receive the car and guess what? LIQUIDS WERE NOT CHECKED! LOL. I sure as hell complained about this but I doubt anything was done to rectify any future mishaps as I had to fill the coolant and other liquids myself. One of my power windows had an issue several times and I had to have it fixed on more than one occasion. The good news is the loaners have always been covered.

Unfortunately, my maintanence warranty is up - but like any other dealer, the prices rip your wallet to shreds. $100 for an oil change, $139 for brake fluid (when it's $70 starting), $100 for air filters, etc. I spent $400 on just a few minor things that could have cost me half the price elsewhere. Oh well.

As far as brakes, I will take my car elsewhere. They quoted me $600. No thanks.

All in all, it's an OK place. Make sure you are on top of your service adviser!

Ms C. | 2014-08-08

MINI has very unprofessional management. The sales manager, Ryan Mullins was very rude and nasty about an issue I had with my MINI. He did not offer any other options for a broken timing chain THEY REPAIRED LAST YEAR!! He didn't want to give me a loaner in the meantime of getting my car repaired and having a pending claim with corporate. Tony, was VERY HELPFUL! Ryan was only concerned about making a sale and treated me like I was scum. DO NOT GO TO BRAMAN MIAMI BECAUSE OF RYAN. Go to MINI LAUDERDALE! Much better service! Trust me!

Lawrence D. | 2014-04-14

I returned this Sunday to test drive a Cooper S Hardtop, merely longing for a glimpse at the 2015 model pre-launch, even if for a millisecond.

The dealership was empty at 3:45pm when I asked to drive a Cooper S Hardtop. The salesman assumed I meant the 2015 model, and replied "No!" as if the question had been asked numerous times that day. He stated bylaw 101.35(a) that "No customer shall see nor drive a 2015 Hardtop prior to its launch," the way an actor may declare, except he was far less believable.

Me: (confused) How about driving a new 2013 or 2014 model?
Him: "No sir, we have no more."
Me: (further confused) How about driving a used 2013 or 2014 model?
Him: "No sir, we are all out."

I am left wondering what dealership would be so willing to turn me away, and what car dealership, well, has no cars for sale or test drive? I had priced out the model and package I wanted, and recently spoke with my bank about financing it. The last decision was 2014 Paceman vs. 2015 Hardtop.

Thirty-five minutes later I opened my browser and navigated to… .

to learn that 163 new Mini Cooper models were on sale, and 425 used ones were available and ready for a test drive at BRAMAN MINI OF MIAMI.

Never again, BRAMAN MINI OF MIAMI, Never again.

Ana M. | 2014-03-29

I've had a fantastic experience with Braman Motors. I went in interested in buying a Mini Cooper. The salesman, Melvin, was really polite and not pushy in that way that makes you run screaming from a car dealership. He was helpful and attentive to what I wanted. He took me for a test drive to the lot where they keep their inventory so I could pick the one I was interested in. He showed me other options, without being pushy about it. Just being informative.

When we drove back, I negotiated my trade-in value. He looked over my old car and gave me a pretty good deal. He kept going back and forth to his manager to find a way to get my monthly payments down to what I was comfortable with.  The manager also came up to me at some point and introduced himself, which I thought was nice. Overall, it was a really smooth transaction.

While I was filling out the contract, Melvin went ahead and moved all the stuff from my old car into my new one, and even hung up my trinkets and whatnot, and affixed the license plate. When I walked out with my contract inked, all I had to do was drive away in my new car. For something that can be so stressful, this was an excellent experience.

My favorite part is that Melvin calls every so often to check up that everything is fine with my car and to see if I have any questions. You can't ask for better customer service.

Candy P. | 2013-12-10

I bought my Mini there in 2011 - First time i negotiated a deal. i got it and left happy. Recently, i went to trade in my mini and get a new one... Well, they treated me at the beginning normal.. when i didn't want to agree to the deal they were offering the salesman said that he "was done" with me.. The manager didn't even care about us..!! Looks like they don't need to sale cars anymore that they can afford to loose potencial customer at the time and in the future. Horrible... NEVER GO TO THAT DEALER!!! BAD SERVICE. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Go to the Mini Dealer in Fort Lauderdale.

Alejandro S. | 2013-11-09

Their repair shop is a complete Joke.  They can sell you cars!  But their repair shop is not BMW standard.  Took our Mini Copper for some bumper damage and it came out with one nail in the tire and a dead battery.  Tire blew just 3 blocks out of the repair shop, but they claimed our fault.  We had to spend $400 on a tire.  A day later we got stuck with a dead battery.  Never in three years had our car had any problems until we had to take it to their shop for that one and only repair.

Ute L. | 2013-09-19

Recently got my mini serviced at Braman and had a perfect experience from start to finish. Their new shuttle driver Marcos is a gem. He keeps a chart in his car with your phone number, pick up location and time and guess what?! He shows up when he says he will. Pretty much unheard of in Miami and deserves a 1-star upgrade.

Julia S. | 2013-09-13

I can easily see why everyone knocks this place, it's expensive, always busy, they have weird policies, BUT my last couple experiences have been rather good. Mainly due to Allen at Mini service. He's your guy.
And Miguel at parts (I think that's he's dept) who went above and beyond to help me get my new remote entry key. You can find good people if you have patience. So a big thanks to those great guys!

Camila P. | 2013-08-09

I just would like to state my frustration regarding the service advisor and service department of Braman Mini Miami

My car battery died for the second time in a period of 3 1/2 years.  After trying to contact my service advisor without success (voice messages, email and confirmation that he was working on that day)  I spoke to the service department and I have been told that batteries do not have warranty.

Since "battery was not covered" and I could not afford to be without a car I decide to avoid all the towing hassle and buy a new battery.

This morning, to my surprise, I received a reply from my service advisor stating that the batteries are covered for 2 years as long as long as the report does not show that lights were left on or vehicle sat for to long etc.

Due to the lack of training from their service department and lack of commitment from their service advisors I had to spend unnecessary money and now even if I want to go and use the "battery warranty" for a battery change it can't be done since when you purchase a new battery they keep your old one.

I for sure wont recommend their service department

Renato R. | 2013-06-02

Mini sales is horrible. After my research, I went to this dealer and was told to wait 3 weeks for the Mini with the color and optionals that I was looking for to arrive in stock after a promise from a saleswoman Antonella. She called me several times to give me the status of the car. We spent a lot of time since test drive to price agreement before the car arrive. I went to the store three times and we agreed on price. When the car was finally released from the port one month later, I went to the dealer minutes after receiving the call from the store that the car was in stock waiting for me. I called Antonella but she didn't called me back. When I arrived in the store, a weird thing happened. Another salesman said that Antonella was off and he would help to close the deal. Since this is not usual, I though that some emergency happened to her, but he confirmed that she was just off that day. I called her and text her again without receiving any call or text back. It was so weird since she was very responsive until this moment. Here is why: When I asked to see the car, to make sure that the car was the one that I have agreed with Antonella, he said that the car was sold few minutes before I arrive but he could get the same car and color with way more optionals that I don't want in 2 more weeks, and the car would increase the price we agreed only in 6K. I explained that we have agreed on the price and the car and they sold the car, so I was not interested to pay 6K more for the same car and they simply didn't care, they said this is a popular car and they couldn't low the price. I wasted so much time for nothing! Don't buy from this place, they are not reliable. If sales is like this, imagine the service! They don't want you as a client, they want to gamble with you. I called the manager and asked why they call me to come over to close the deal if the car was sold and why they didn't call me to let me know that the car was sold. He said that he didn't know the case because they sell so many cars within minutes. They act like they are the owner of the market, but they are arrogant. They really think that you are stupid and would buy anything they want to sell to you. There are several more reliable and transparent Mini dealers in the area. I am back to the starting point after 4 weeks because of this place. Don't believe what they say, even if they promise that the car is there. I am so angry with their lack of respect and professionalism. I though that I was dealing with a top-tier brand dealer, but this is a butch alike sales deptm dealer who doesn't care.

Kris F. | 2012-06-26

Wow, so reading through these reviews, I must be super lucky.  I've got a MINI and called into the service department to have some warranty issues fixed.  Jenny was a great help and even called me a few days earlier to tell me to come in at any time, that she'll take care of me.  Well, I couldn't go in until my actual appointment, but it was a breeze.  Got in, told her the issues, picked up my loaner, and left.  They called me towards the end of the day and told me that I could either pick up the car before 8 pm or just go ahead and keep the loaner until the following day.  Every aspect of everything was extremely cordial and professional.  When I took in the loaner (A BMW by the way, not some crappy rental) to pick up my car, everything was simple and easy.  The problems on my car were fixed and I was out of there in less than 15 minutes with a washed car.  I really don't have anything bad to say about them.  I'm actually not giving them 5 stars only because I don't want people to think I work for them, but if you're reading this, they should get five stars from me.....if that makes any sense.  I will definitely be bringing my car back there for service again.

George M. | 2012-06-19

If you could deduct stars this place would be in the negative .SA she won't return calls and all she cares is that you score her 10 on those surveys. When you drop off the car no one attends you you have to ask for help even when you seem lost. I had my MINI there for three months with my extended warranty and they still didn't fix it just patched it up and returned it to me with a misfire. Horrible don't waste your time head north to Lauderdale BMW /MINI .

Eddy A. | 2012-05-05

Undoubtedly the worst service department in Miami!!!  

I took my car in for repair due to a loud knock kind of noise that was progressively getting worse. when I took it in they looked at the issue and after 2-3 days they called back saying i need to pay $6000 to repair two parts i was at fault for.
I couldn't believe what their reasoning was...They assumed I got my 4-wheel drive towed incorrectly and that it damaged the rear differential and the gear box.
by the way, MY CAR WAS NEVER TOWED!!!!!  after arguing they were like "i dunno sir"

I've researched online and found from multiple Mini owners who have documented the same issues with the same exact model and were covered by MINI's warranty elsewhere, so i picked up my phone and called Mini national customer service to complain about Braman and their swindling practices. A few days later Braman called me back saying that everything is now covered by warranty.

This experience earns a 1 star, hell i'd give it negative 5 stars if Yelp allowed me to.

There is poor communication between the service agent and the customer. She just put whatever the mechanic said without considering first if this part could be a defect.  I've asked to see the damage myself and spoke with the mechanic directly, service agent was there with me but was on the cellphone and not paying attention to the situation at hand.

I fought this accusation for 3 weeks and the vehicle was eventually fixed and returned without any out-of-pocket payment thanks to Mini's national customer service and NOT braman mini.  I will not send my car in for service at braman ever again. I'd rather go out of my way to Lauderdale Mini for the rest of my lease.

Whitney R. | 2009-12-30

This will be a review of more than one department:
Mini Cooper Sales:  One sales man was helping me, I knew what car I wanted and that I did not want to sport edition. On the test drive he seemed taken aback that I didn't like to go to Mansion and buy bottles, and that I listened to WVUM. Hello Im buying a mini cooper! Can someone say hipster! His attitude was rude and annoying. So I got another sales guy named Calvin to help me and he was awesome! So nice, not pushy. I ran into him at Midtown and he remembered me, my grandma (who bought me the car) and that I liked scuba diving. Great guy, if you are looking to buy a mini ask for him.
PS: I ended up with a Chili Red Clubman, and I freakin love it!

Service: My advisor, Ida, is okay. She seems so "i dont care". This is my expensive car, my baby and she often seems to look at me with shock when I have questions about my service etc. She is nice, but I would want someone more personable. And it took about 25 minutes to bring my car around, when they had said it was ready way before.

Steven K. | 2008-01-20

Very unprofessional staff, bordering on unethical.

After scouring the internet for my dream car. I finally found it at Braman Motors. I test drove the red Mini Cooper, I was impressed with the car itself and the options/price were exactly what I was looking for. I was sold and that new car feeling rushed through my body. My parents were doing the purchasing. We sat down in the office to sign the papers to make it official.

It turns out, during our test drive, Braman Motors underhandedly sold it behind our backs. It takes 6 weeks to order a new one. Great job Braman! The one star rating is not a fair, where's the zero stars?