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Our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers in the city of Miami and those surrounding suburbs near Miami Beach, Hialeah and Coral Gables. Our online Honda dealership web site was created to enhance the buying experience for each and every one of our customers. Our dealership is one of the premier Honda dealers in the state of Florida.  We offer one of the most comprehensive Honda parts and service departments in Miami, Florida.

Braman Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 877-3079
Address:7000 Coral Way, Miami, FL, 33155
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Braman Honda

Miguel E. | 2015-04-04

It took me less time to drive from West Kendall to here than to get a price for a part over the phone. Service is horrible specially from the parts guy. Buy online from Amazon or Majestic honda. Better prices and no dealing with chusma...

Adrian T. | 2015-03-27

These people sold me a terrible car. I took it back twice within 30 days requesting inspections due to lights on the dash board turning on in the car and even requested  to switch my car and they insisted that I could not. The air conditioning  stopped working 2 weeks after i bought it. Then the car would turn off while I was driving, I purchased a new battery, had the compressor, condensor, water pump, all changed and the car was still a lemon. Considering Ernesto has sold myself entire family many cars for several years, you would assume he would have a bit more integrity and help when I show him the issues instead of telling me to take it to another dealer. Craziest thing is the car was a 2010. Extremely upsetting and they will forever get a terrible review and referral from me

Fernando V. | 2015-02-24

The Salesman tried to hook it up but their Finance guy tried too hard and lost his sale.

The sales guy (don't want to get anyone in trouble) tried to really hook it up when working out the price. He walked in and said to ask for the sports upgrade and leather package included for the price they were asking for. The guy handling the finance wouldn't budge so we left.

The next day, they called several times agreeing to the leather package but we had already leased our Accord elsewhere for less down, less monthly, and a Sports upgrade.

Chandra B. | 2015-02-05

I don't even want to give it 1 star. Horrible customer service I dropped my car off for a diagnostic test at 8:30 am feb. 4, 2015 & my car wasn't ready until 6:45pm. Remember this was just for a test. Nobody from Honda called to say it was going to take longer I had to consistent keep cling them & then complain to a manager. The service here is a reflection of management, the manager didn't know the definition of customer experience either. That's sad, don't take your car here!

Armin H. | 2015-01-26

I went to Braman Honda on Coral Way to get the first oil change for my brand-new, 2014 Honda Civic. When I got my car back it had grease all over the tan car seats (passenger-side, driver's seat, and armrest). They cleaned my car and apologized so I forgot about it and continued to go there.

Second incident:

I went to have a spot removed from the armrest.  They took care of it but when they brought the car back they tell me that they saw some black stuff all over the seats but they cleaned it for me. I was like OK thanks and left (Funny, I never saw any black stains on the seats). Next morning, I see a huge stain in my car seat from the cleaner they used on my 'supposedly dirty seats and something that looks like they spilled espresso coffee by the gearbox!"

I took it back to the service department to show them and they try to clean it again but not without  first telling me that I am the only person who has ever had all these problems.  I respond, "This is the only place I have ever taken my car to be serviced where I have experienced so many issues."

Service department management is very nice but you cannot trust the guys in the garage who work on your car.  Save yourself the headaches and go elsewhere.

G E. | 2015-01-10

How about another unhappy customer!  We don't hear those stories often enough..  So let me tell you a little story of what happened to me.  I purchased a very expensive Honda vehicle back in 2009.  Top of the line 2008 Honda Accord Coupe V6  fully loaded including leather seats, moon roof, sun roof, power everything, even came with satellite radio. The car was almost a year old 13000 miles  perfect condition, one owner and Honda Certified.  after 3 years of having the car the "so called" leather seats that I very much remember discussing with the sales man due to the price increase because of the leather seats... have started to rip and tear for no apparent reason and have exposed the inside of this so called leather.  Since I do remember that being one of his biggest sales pitches to charge me more for the car, I specifically remember that he mentioned the two front seats were leather and the middle console.  And I remember going back and forth about how much more the car would be because of these leather seats.  So, with that being said I began looking inside the ripped seats and noticed that this so called leather which is actually vinyl or plastic, is not real leather.  Apparently, this is what Honda calls leather or a leather type.  I'm so furious as I was and still am because its been a few years of dealing with this issue, I called Corporate American Honda and they advised me with the vin number that I was correct in stating that my car when sold to me states on their record that the car comes with leather front seat and middle console.  This car is not equipped with leather therefore, that's false information and I was sold a vehicle with the pretense that it had leather seats when in reality it doesn't have leather seats or console.  

So they advised me to take the car to any dealer and told me I might have to pay for them to look at it and evaluate the damage and the supposed leather interior and if I was right they would probably have to change the seats and credit me for the diagnosis.  I brought it over to Braman Honda where I purchased the car and was given the runaround by the service guy that was being instructed by the service manager, Alex Vizoso. They tried first to tell me that it was leather.  I immediately told them it was not and that was a lie.  Leather is not backed with mesh and it doesn't feel like plastic. like these seats do in the inside.  They are completely smooth vinyl in the inside of these seats and middle console. Anyone can see and feel that this is not leather.  So that was the first lie.  Then he left and came back and said that this was Honda Leather!! really?  I guess that means they shot the vinyl couch to make this Honda Leather... Come on man!!! really?  I told him look I already spoke to corporate.  All they need from you is something written in the system stating that it is not leather and that is is ripping because it's bad quality or defective and they will change it for me.  This is what corporate instructed me to do.. To come to the dealer and have them look at it and make a record of my visit with the real information.  

The reverse side of this so called leather type which is what his third answer was, when he returned is completely smooth like vinyl.  You can even smell the plastic.  I didn't pay an extra few thousand dollars for a "Leather Type" of seats which on the fourth try started to get a little more honest and said this leather type fabric is a mix of leather and vinyl.  That's not what i payed for. So I asked him to tell his manager that I needed him to document all this on paper or his computer so I can call Corporate American Honda and discuss this further.  He refused to do that and basically dismissed me.  I told him this wasn't over and that I would be contacting corporate about this.  

Now the car is a 2008 and the interior looks like its a 1988.  its ripping all over the seats for noooo reason and on my door panels and middle console.  Mind you I already had them change the middle console once before 2 years ago and is now breaking again. So the problem is not only that it's not real leather but also that it's poor quality.  What kind of a car that I payed close to $30,000 for is going to be ripping after 3 or 4 years of use.  That;s unheard of.  And if that's the norm nowadays, I will lease from now on nut never again from Braman Honda or Brickell Honda.  I have a story about them too.

What is going on in America when people are allowed to lie to you in your face and not take responsibility for fixing what they know is wrong.  My family has purchased more than 10 cars from Braman Honda in the past 20 years.  I will never again make that mistake.  I will not even go for an oil change there or Brickell.

I am going to call Corporate Honda and let them know what they have done to me.

Dalgis A. | 2014-12-20

Horrible experience! I have been a Honda owner my entire life. I have always gone to South Motors Honda but decided to give Brahman Honda a try as they were closer to my house. I knew exactly what I was looking for so from me it was a quick pick as they had the Honda I wanted. I worked with the sales person Silvio he was fantastic and did not waste my time with back and forth. That part was quick.

When it got time to finalize the negotiations with finance is when the problem started. I literally was waiting for almost 3 hours, when I started to get frustrated I started to wait around the finance department after a while I realized they were taking in other customers that came after before me.

I'm not sure if the sales rep have some sort of side business going on with finance to get their customers in by skipping but this just ticked me off especially after I saw that these customers came in after me.

I was livid and apologized to the rep Silvio because it was not his fault and walked out. I don't think it is reasonable to make someone wait about 3 hours and then skip people in front. I will be taking my business else where. They lost a highly qualified customer sale. I will never go there again and will prefer to drive to keys if I have to.

Diana D. | 2014-11-29

I have mixed feelings.  Usually they are quick with the oil changes, but yesterday I went and the service sales man convinced me to do the rotation on the tires, he guaranteed it would make my car drive better.  He told me it would take an hour to an hour and a half.  When it came time the service man comes again and finds that I have three minor problems in the car and told me the first is priority. I said ok and picked the most important service needed to be done.  I asked how long it will take and he said half an hour.  Not really it was more than an hour.  I had to reschedule my appointment.  I went to them because it was the day after thanksgiving and my mechanic was going to be closed.  I only use them out of desperation.  

Although it is funny but my car is driving a lot better.  LOL  but this experience was frustratrating.

Pranav G. | 2014-11-15

I describe below my 3 hour NIGHTMARE at BRAMAN HONDA for what I thought was a done deal, walking out feeling frustrated, thoroughly CHEATED and (Thankfully!) without a car.

In late Oct 2014, we decided to lease a 2015 Honda Odyssey EXL with Rear Entertainment system. On Oct 30, I spoke with Internet manager Alexi Sosin and while on the phone finalized the exact trim and color of the car, agreed to the SIGN & DRIVE lease price (clarifying that meant $0 to drive out with the car). Alexi confirmed the car I wanted was available and based on that, we arranged an appointment to come in next day (Oct 31).

As agreed, I called Alexi Oct 31 morning and he sent someone to pick me up. Only once I got into Braman, they tell me the trim I wanted and which Alexi confirmed isn't there. They gave a story about "....inventory changes all the time..". Wtf, why pick me if you don't have the car I want?????

Wait - this is just the beginning - the plot thickens.....

Then they tried pushing the next higher trim on me, a car I don't want. When I said No Thanks, they then offered to sell me a cheaper trim and to add an after market Entertainment system for the same price or a few bucks less. Really? That's the HONDA sales experience??? Shameful!

When I refused to switch to a different car, they finally said they found the car I want but it's in Palm beach and I'd have to wait. I agreed and waited, meanwhile completing my lease paperwork, and getting the finance manager everything he needed.

Alexi comes back to say my credit is as is expected and I'm all set I'm all set just have to wait for the car and meanwhile they're preparing the contract. Handshake, congrats all around, and I'm relieved at this point.

Finally, 30 min later, a totally new guy shows up who I had never met saying congrats on the new car, and asks me to pay lease inceptions - tax, title, registration, and other fees etc. I said its SIGN & DRIVE so that's all rolled into the lease price I had negotiated with Alexi, so there should be no payment required. This new guy said they can't meet that price and it can't possibly be what Alexi had agreed. I walked into the office of the finance manager who was doing the lease contract and told him what just happened - he said I was right that sign and drive shouldn't involve any upfront payment and that's how he had set up my lease - he too was confused and went to check for me. I never saw Alexi after that and they didn't budge, verbally offering me a new deal that was much higher ($30/month higher) - complete waste of my time. Only the finance manager and the guy who picked me up apologized to me for this, everyone else acted like an ASS$$LE.

I bought the car from my old dealer (out of state) got it for $100 per month lower ($3500 saved over lease life!!) than what Braman offered.

BRAMAN HONDA is destroying trust in the HONDA brand with their actions, deserve 0 customers and to have their dealership pulled off the market by HONDA.

Alex L. | 2014-11-04

Purchased a car 3 months ago. The salesman told me the first oil change at 30k miles was free.

I just paid 45 dollars for an oil change there.

Don't bother with this dealership, I know car salesman are bad everywhere, but this was just a downright LIE. Don't come here expecting not to get shafted.

Johnny H. | 2014-10-16

This dealer has the most diplorable sales department. I went in about 5 months ago looking to check out the new civic si, and when I asked a salesman if I can look inside and sit in it to gauge how I like it he said "oh we keep the cars locked so that people don't ruin the interior." Walking around the lot and showroom all you see is salesmen carrying on conversations amongst each other with ZERO INTEREST in helping ANYONE. The only good customer service I ever received was from the parts department. I wouldn't buy a car from a dealer that treats the public liks garbage.

Vanessa J. | 2014-07-16

Before I begin, I'd like to mention that I purchased my car here with probably the best and most honest car salesman in the state. He was kind, he was patient and he was not pushy! Loved him. His name is Idelfonso. If you are coming here to buy a car, you have to ask for him!


Why the FUCK I decided to bring my car to the body shop here is beyond me. It was pretty much the worst decision I have ever made in my life, and trust me, I have purchased the wrong mascara before and I have gone out in extremely uncomfortable heels. But this literally tops it.

Some old hag crashed into my car and ruined my entire back bumper. My mother thought since it's a brand new car, why not take it to the actual Honda dealer to get it fixed? I mean, it totally made sense at the moment. I took my car and I was convinced I would get it back like new.

It was very convinient that Enterprise has an office in there, because I was able to drop off my car, and drive off in the rental. The entire process took about two weeks but I totally blame the insurance company for that.

When I was finally called in to pick up my car, I did so the same day at about 5:00pm. I took a look at my car and since it was parked under the shade, it looked good to me and so I left. Only to come home, park my car and look at it again. At this moment the sun was hitting it and to my horror, Rhonda looked like SHIT. The bumper was not installed correctly so there was a space between the bumper and the rear quarter panel. There were also paint drips! How the fuck can you give someone their car back with paint drips! UNACCEPTABLE! But it doesn't end there, the edges of the bumper had ridges as if they had not finished smoothing out the paint or whatever the fuck it is they do. And finally, the actual paint was dull and full of streaks! It did not at all match the actual paint of the car.

The following morning I woke up and went directly there. My poor Rhonda, I had to leave her again in the hands of these imbeciles. They gave me another rental and told me they would try to have it ready the next day. Well, they called me about 5 hours later, and told me my car was ready. God forbid Honda pays for a full day of car rental. When I picked it up they fixed everything they said they would, and I left, still unhappy because they pretty much wasted my time and didn't do their job correctly the first time.

Seriously - fuck these people. I will never come back here again.

Jon S. | 2014-06-21

I set an appointment up for an oil change and tire rotation for Saturday at 8:10 am.

I showed up Saturday at 8:05 am. My consultation lasted until 8:23 am. I asked them to check the bluetooth too because the car is new and i bought the extended warranty.

I received my car back at 11:32 am. 3 and a half hours.

I don't know what they mean by "express service." This was the longest oil change and tire rotation i've ever had in my life.

Never coming back.

Diem N. | 2014-06-04

Hey guys,
If you ever want to become a con artist/ swindler/ or someone who commits fraud, I know just the right place for you. Its BRAMAN HONDA of CORAL WAY, Miami.
This is my story to show you how DISGUSTING Braman Honda of Coral Way is.
When I walked into Braman Honda, the salesman named Jose R. Cancio asked me what kind of car I wanted. I SPECIFICALLY told him I wanted to see a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L V6. He asked me what color and I said Silver. Jose Cancio could not find a silver V6 for me so he said lets test drive the same car but in another color and we can search in the inventory for a silver after. We test drove the car and I liked it. Then we went to his desk to discuss the price and he even got the manager to come and spoke to us. Finally, after several back and forth offerings and negotiations, the manager accepted my out-the-door(OTD) offer. I was so happy thinking I'd drive the car back the same day. Jose then gave me the form with the OTD price on it and asked for my signature for the purchase. Thank God I told him to bring the silver car down first. I test drove it and thought the car was different.OF COURSE it would be because it is a v4 not a v6. He brought down the exact same one as far as the exterior and interior, only difference was the engine to try to trick me. Did he think i was stupid?? I specifically requested a v6, test drove a v6, and discuss the price on a v6, and now he brought down a v4 right before purchase. What kind of shit is that?
I confronted him and his reply was "you wasted my time too".
When i went inside for the manager, NOBODY WANTED TO DEAL WITH ME. They're all cowards and bloodsucking dealers that try to rip people off.When I walked in wanting to buy a car numerous people approached and offered to assist me but when I need to confront and complain about something THEY did wrong all of them were cowards.
It's unbelievable how someone could deceive you in broad day light. A car is a pretty big and obvious object not something like a fruit that you can switch like that. I was offended for they must have thought I were stupid to not realize the difference between a v6 and v4.
I still cannot a believe such a big company can deceive their customers like that and not felt ashamed of themselves. I wish I knew the name of the manager who accepted my offer because Jose Cancio wasn't the only liar but the manager was also. I asked a guy there who claimed he was the manager, "How would you feel if I go tell everyone I know the kind of disgusting and deceitful business Braman Honda provides? It's not worth it to ruin your reputation is it?". Of course the guy didnt have anything to say back. To conclude i just want to make my point that Braman Honda of coral way is the MOST DISGUSTING DEALERSHIP I'VE KNOWN. If you want to learn how to trick people please come here and they'll teach you the art of fraud. Please help me spread the word to anyone you know who is looking for a car to avoid Braman Honda of Coral Way.
They would thank you for saving their time.

Brian Q. | 2014-02-15

This place is awful! It's auto hell! Ask me how much if my life I've spent here--it's waaay too much of it!

Everything is slower than slow (right now I've been waiting 25 minutes, claim ticket in hand, waiting for a "porter" to fetch my car from the shop! WHAT?!), and more expensive than it should be. A replacement Honda tire for my C-RV was $196, and a 15,000-mile "service" (read oil change) was over $250!

The way things work here, they already are in possession of your car by the time they tell you how much things are going to cost, so you're kinda stuck. Furthermore, once you enter their Byzantine, Spanish-speaking system of chaotic lines that aren't lines (whatever happened to first-come/first-served?) and directions that aren't posted (wait, you don't have the right color ticket!--but it's the one they gave me!--sorry, you have to go back!), your entire day is shot!

I don't understand what's so difficult. I will not recommend this place to anyone, and I will not be coming back if I can help it.

Catalina L. | 2014-01-13

I left a good review for the salesman and the manager as the service was outstanding. I like to leave reviews so others can know what exactly are they getting there self into. I bought my car and 2 weeks later i notices that the tire sensor was turning on. I took it to the service dept. in braman honda in coralway.. a gentleman by the name of Yordi told me a needed a new tire that it had a nail and that it couldnt be repaired.. I did not have the money at that time i had to wait "Thank God" I would of being ripped off.. So i took it to good year and they looked at my tire and they said that it can be repaired that whom ever told me that wanted to sell me a new tire, they could of easily fixed the flat.. I just want everyone to know to get a second estimate before trusting this guy YORDI, That is not cool I really trusted braman honda until you get to the service dept.. Please look into this thanks..

Alan R. | 2014-01-06

Quickly fixed my window and replaced my stolen stereo after a break-in. Geico has offices on site. Traffic around the area during rush hour is completely crazy... schedule accordingly.

Theja V. | 2013-12-30

My friend came to buy a car, So stopped by as he lives nearby, Checked couple of cars and finally decided to buy a new car. The dealer quote was 6000$$ higher than kbp, Which shocked us, as we did our back ground work before coming. Later he reduced it to kbp like any other dealer does.
This place is really crowded, you need to have all the time in  world to check in here. I have waited more than 4 hours to get the car, which should ideally take 1-2 hours at a similar location. I don't recommend this for buying a car.

Andres R. | 2013-10-31

Brought my car for service without making an appointment. If you need an oil change you don't have to make an appointment, you can just take your car.

They received it and after half an hour it was ready.

Installations are good, service is fast and friendly.


Clint W. | 2013-10-18

Great Service in a Time of Need!

I took my Honda Civic to Brahman for service when another Honda dealer did have the wheel bearing I need. I quickly drove over to Brahman (which was a bit of distance) to see what they could do. I came out VERY satisfied.

I got to the dealership at about 8:30 AM and it wasnt too crowded. I was led to my service rep Frantzy (You say it like Fonzie in Happy Days) Francois. He got me in to service in no time and made sure they did a full diagnostic. I also noticed they took the car for a test drive since my issue was with noise coming from my front wheels.

The dealership itself is clean and modern. There is even a small cafe inside the dealership if you get hungry and a Pacidos de Los Jogos accross the street, so you wont starve. I took the time to conduct some business on my phone and use their WIFI.

After about 3 hours, Brahman had my car fixed (under warranty) and back on the road safely. They even offer to give your car a carwash (nice touch). Frantzy kept my updated on constant basis so I was never guessing.

For all their hard work, Brahman has earned its 5 stars. I will DEFINITELY be thinking of them for the next Honda in the future. Looks like they have good people working there.

Alfredo P. | 2013-10-17

I went in today with my 2007 ridgeline which I purchase 100,000 mile warranty from rick case honda. I have taken the vehicle there before to get a oil change. but I went today to get a replacement battery which was stamped November 2010 from honda with 100 month warranty. First of all as soon as I sat down the gentleman had an unfriendly attitude about my request for free replacement since the battery has in warranty. Then the supervisors called into the office and I went ahead and explained that the battery was tagged from November of 2010 which is after the warranty of the vehicle, therefore the Honda brand battery was not paid by the warranty but  from me.  The supervisor also, explain to me that unless I have a receipt the warranty battery or replacement paid battery would have to be paid again and cannot be replaced for free. None of these two individuals neither the young gentleman or that Spanish lady that was the supervisor even open the hood of my car nor suggested any help in order to get a replacement battery. She said I could purchase one for $130 and that I will be able to replace it anywhere because I have a hundred month warranty the same as my old replace battery already. by this point I was extremely disappointed. The Spanish lady supervisor has to have the worst attitude and be the least prepare supervisor with customer service I have ever encountered. On my last visit to Rick Case Honda all of them were super nice and look for alternatives which is the key word in order to get my problem solved.  It is unbelievable to me that Honda dealership will not try to satisfy the warranty under product. I will send a letter to the main Honda representative of United States to complain about Braman Honda. I will never go to Braman Honda not even for an oil change they have lost me as a customer this review should steer people away from them I hope someone takes notice there and explain to the customer reps that they're supposed to help customers find solutions to people's issues and not be so stubborn without even looking under the hood of a vehicle. I forgot their names but you can't miss the supervisor.  since I thought we were not going anywhere with the supervisor lady I suggested to her to get someone else and very cocky she said she was the last resource to my issue so I grab my car and left. I went to Walmart out of all places got a replacement battery for under $100 and the lady explain to me that without a receipt they will definitely change it in the first three years. With the best attitude. Too bad for Braman because I respect him as a person in Miami but his businesses have to be more helpful to customers.

Yanaisy H. | 2013-08-19

I went to have my 2013 Crosstour servised there.  The service advisor was very sweet and helpful, however the entire department was complete chaos!  I was there 30 minutes before anyone helped me.  No appointments are accepted to make this process easier and more organized.
I asked to have the windshield and back window of my car cleaned because it had a dirty film, it's now worse than it was before. I'll be going back to Esserman Acura to have my Honda services from now on.

William L. | 2013-02-03

I took my car in to get serviced for a noise I was hearing. It was still covered under an external warranty service I purchased. I told them about all the other issues I hadnt gotten around to as well. They ended up diagnosing everything and it was all covered. They were super friendly, and fast. Will definitely be going back.

Nino R. | 2012-12-14


My Accord was due for a timing belt change and I was hoping to wait until after a road trip to New Jersey to do it.  Unfortunately, the responsible side in me kept nagging so I relented to it and decided to have the service done in Miami.  I called several garages for a quote and they were all comparable in price.

I brought my car in yesterday afternoon at 1pm and it was completed by 8am this morning.  I dealt directly with Michael Tarrau, he's the Assistant Service Manager, and he was very up front with me.  I spent a total of $900 for the service and all major components were updated (timing belt, drive belt, seals, tensioner, water pump).  $900 is a big chunk of change, but piece of mind also comes with it, and it's hard to put a price on that.

Whenever you need a major repair done, always call around.  Use Yelp, word of mouth, or even Angie's List if you have to.  Make sure you do your research first online and try to acquire as much info as possible so that you're not too surprised.  Get yourself acquainted with the parts that need replacing and familiarize yourself with the cost of aftermarket parts and genuine manufacturer parts.

Don't just go to the dealership thinking that they'll lead you in the right direction.  They tried upselling me on a new power steering reservoir, a $165 repair-labor included, but I passed.  I knew I could complete the repair myself and you could too if you had the time (it's an easy swap).

If you call the dealership asking for the price of the timing belt change they'll give you one price.  But if you do your homework, then you'll know that the water pump, drive belt, oil seals, and tensioner need to be changed as well.  No dealer or mechanic will include the cost of those parts in their quote.  Not sure why that is, but my best guess is that the extra parts don't always need to be changed in unison with the timing belt.  However, those parts will eventually break down so you might as well get them changed while you're getting the timing belt done.

And if you do need to have a major repair done at Braman, they'll foot the bill on the rental.  What's convenient is that there is an Enterprise Rent-A-Car office on site, so there will be a minimal wait.  Do make sure you have a credit card with you for the $50 security deposit, which will be credited back the upon return of the vehicle.  And the cherry on top is that they'll wash your car after the repair is done.

Do your homework...

J. P. | 2012-10-22

Do not buy a used car from this place!!! Boris at the Used cars department doesnt honor his word. Worst Salesman ever.  He was supposed  to give us a second key and he never did.  He always has an excuse, so six months later we decided to talk to his supervisor, same thing. Oh and btw they were supposed to revise the car before giving it to us, two weeks after we bought our car, the battery died, when I told the guy about it, he even started screaming.
If Pirates of the Caribbean had a car dealership, this would be the place.

Sonia A. | 2011-12-24

Free car wash with repair service! : )  Even though the car wash wasn't working properly.  The guy who ran my car through water was nice enough to tell me to go by some other time to get the "real" car wash.  I don't know if I'll actually remember to stop by or if they will honor his word on this but it was nice of him to offer!

I actually came here to get my headlight bulb changed because other places were charging me more.  I was surprised to find them to be one of the cheapest and was happy because I do drive a Honda.

Katherine M. | 2011-12-22

In Miami, Braman beats Brickell Honda for cost and service! I switched from Brickell to Braman 2 service visits ago and I am so happy I did it. I can't believe I used Brickell for 2 years. Their service is terrible. Go to Braman!

Jose S. | 2011-09-15

When it comes to Oil Changes, Engine Check, and other serious engine problems, this is where I go. I've been here 3 times for services and they do a perfect service job. They want Honda's to last and they want to treat you and your car with the $$ it's worth.

Price-wise; you might find cheaper service with other mechanics, around the city, but according to "How to Buy a Used Car" Manuals I read, The dealers are the safest and best bet to handle your car with the proper care. I see this reflection with Braman Honda and I come in for engine problems. Other simple things like tires, A/C, Radio, brakes, etc... I research other places for better/cheaper service.

Sometimes the time they say it would take to fix 'x', is not true. Then again, when doesn't this happen. But just a heads up on that.

QUICK TIP: Bring a laptop! They have free WIFI, ...or a book, or a magazine... They got a TV too.

Of Subject: While I waited, I wondered if the Braman employees have a bra on... The Bra-men.

Ruby L. | 2011-04-18

This place is a complete disaster. I went in to purchase a Honda Civic and five hours later walked out with nothing. The service was incredibly slow, the salesperson's logic of pricing made no sense. And he would disappear for 30 - 45 minutes at a time with no explanation of what he was doing or where we stood in the process. It was exhausting, frustrating, and sketchy. The next day I went to a competitor's dealership and walked out three hours later with a new Honda Civic, registration, and insurance at a much better price and overall experience.

Jennifer L. | 2011-02-15

Four stars for friendly and professional service. Every service advisor I've had has been polite and efficient. Three stars for prices as they are your typical dealership. If I have to go to a dealer for service in Miami, it would probably be with Braman.

Nick R. | 2010-02-24

As for the service, they are a classic stealership.  Don't call in blind saying you need your 30,000 mile service, as this price is higher than getting a quote for all of the separate services they'd perform.  3-stars for service because they do quality work, but the hourly rates are outrageous.


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