Braman BMW in Miami, FL

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Braman BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 215-1576
Address:2060 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, 33137

Reviews on Braman BMW

Simo M. | 2015-04-19

Not only sleazy rip-off tactics..but now they have thieves at he repair shop, so beware, and Braman, please read the reviews.
I took my car for minor repair/maintenance. The guy called me for the estimate and said it would cost $3500! ( to fill the AC and a fuel alarm)..I said no way, and that i was coming to pick-up the car. He said he talk to his manager. Miraculously, after 10 min, the price dropped to $1100, and he said he gave me a good price , bla bla bla....I agreed, got the loaner. After 1 week !, i finally recovered my car, they stole my BMW carpets, ...and made a dent on the least they gave me new one when i insisted, even though i was questioned if I even had carpets to begin with!!! unbelievable..

Previously, my wife took the car for repair, they stole the windshield wipers, and put crappy ones instead...we did not realize until it started raining a week later, and i don't have time to go deal with this clowns....I don't know what other parts they must be graciously "changing" for their customers..

Colin F. | 2015-03-06…
They have never made this list for a reason.

Nahuel S. | 2015-03-05

Horrible experience i took my car bec some tech problems and they quote me an extremely high price compared with other bmw authorized service centers and when I decided to not have my job done there they charged me 240 dolars just bec they inspected the car and they never told me about before they inspected about any charge for the inspection, horrible service and crazy prices and zero honesty the worst ever experience at bmw and i am always taking my car to the official bmw centers where i am from don't recommend at all the one in miami braman sucks!!!!!

Arron R. | 2015-02-28

Dropped off car for a $1500 repair.  Was told I was getting a loaner car.  They have a company called ASAP rental car, LLC.  I've been waiting 45 minutes for the loaner.  Slow is an understatement.  Very surprised they have this type of system and service.  Very poor indeed!  Low end loaner, not a BMW lol!

Esto N. | 2015-01-28

First i want to start off by saying I'm a proud owner of 4 BMWs and i must say by far braman bmw has to be the most unprofessional car dealer i ever had to deal with. Not only has my 5 series been in and out of service for the same problems they gave me a loaner car that wasn't registered in the state of florida so south Miami police pulled me over and nearly arrested me for driving a car that isn't registered. Long story short i went to braman bmw the next day to let them know the situation and to pick up another loaner and the manager there was very unprofessional and refused to give me another loaner stating that until he gets the car that was impounded by the police he couldnt give me another loaner. Thats not my problem, its braman's responsibility to provide their customers with registered cars and regardless how mad a customer is they should be professional and polite. I will never again bring any of my cars here and i will make sure to spread the word to my family and friends also im going to take this to social media

Marco V. | 2015-01-06

I would explain my self and the 20 awful experiences i've had, but just look at the other reviews.
Yes, its is a great car buying experience - like it should be with anything worth over 40 grand.
Apart from that, awful. Do not get your car serviced here. Starting from the management, to the people transferring your calls - Please braman start hiring people with a higher than High School education.
For some reason I kept going back expecting things to be different, but after my previous experience i'm surely never going back.
Marcos Rodriguez is a terrible service adviser- Greedy, shows no care for his customers, and not well mannered.
The only good aspect of Braman is Marcos Melida, probably the nicest and most professional sales person i've ever dealt with.
If you're looking to buy a car from Braman, i HIGHLY recommend MARCOS MELIDA.
Apart from that, this place should close down.

Eric F. | 2015-01-02

The service dept is a rip off. Seriously don't come here unless it's your absolute last resort.

Andrew W. | 2014-12-30

I bought a car here yesterday from Manuel. Very friendly and took care of me. Braman has always provided the best car buying experience I have had. A notch above others for sure.

Go see Manuel.

Sidney P. | 2014-12-22

I have to agree with most everyone here regarding how they treat customers.  I went in to ask about I8 and they get salesman that was sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Right off the bat he acted like it was an inconvenience for him to even get up off his ass. I asked about the car and he goes yeah for that you have to give me a check for full with tax right now.  It was really hard not to laugh.

Gregory J. | 2014-12-18

Terrible experience with Levi sales rep when I was going to price compare a 435 I. Just plain nasty and not nice very standoffish and didn't want to make any kind of commitment or talk to me about making a deal for a brand-new car

Philip T. | 2014-12-11

Fun things I've had happen to me at Braman:

-3 days to replace tires. Crappy loaner.
- service rep told me to "drive over a nail in Hialeah" so my tire insurance would cover replacement before the tread wears down
- 2 days for a scheduled maintenance servicing. Crappy loaner.
- if you don't have an appointment, you will wait. A long time.
- sales people seem to be under the impression that they are doing you a favor by selling you a car.  Good luck finding one who speaks English
- they wanted to overcharge when I made the stupid mistake of going back for my second lease. Went up to FT laud BMW. I paid $5000 less over the 3 year lease by driving a few miles north. Same. Exact. Car. Not the same model- the same exact car the Braman was going to ship down for me from FTL BMW. Unbelievable.
- my husband has had exactly the same issue. We're a BMW of FTL household now.

Doug S. | 2014-11-18

I had an 11am service appointment which turned out to be surprisingly terrible service. It all began with me calling the nearest BMW dealer to make an appointment for a few issues on my 2014 X6 after having recently arrived here for the winter as a first year snow bird.
The person making the appt asked if I would like a loaner, and I said "yes please."  We made the appt for 11am today. After arriving I sat at a desk for 15 minutes waiting on a service advisor.  After finally introducing himself as Kristoper, we signed in the vehicle with the items that required service. He then guided me to another desk to pick up my loaner only to be told that they had no loaners and we needed to wait for some to be returned, but they could offer no timeline. I was #4 on the wait list. I asked why an 11am appt was made with a request for a loaner if they had none available. I got only a blank stare in return. I said I would go eat lunch and return. After returning 50 minutes later they still had no cars and only one returned since I went for lunch.
I found the service advisor and asked for my car back due to the issue. I too have a job I needed to return to. Again, only a blank stare in return. While I was waiting for my car I overheard someone else having the same issue, but she was told that they could have a shuttle drop her off at her location. I then returned to my service advisor asking why I wasn't offered a shuttle as a troubleshooting option. After another blank stare, he said because I wanted a loaner. I suggested that maybe alternatives to help troubleshoot the issue might result in a mug happier customer rather than wasting 3 hours and still leaving with a vehicle not touched. My car was brought down and I left a remarkably surprised and dissatisfied customer. Not even one time did anyone offer an apology, or anything whatsoever. Wow!!

Ethan T. | 2014-10-24

Condescending service representative, inability to find my correct warranty, changed terms of loaner vehicles with no notice to the customer. Thank you for wasting my timed. Actually took my key back and left.

Emmanuel M. | 2014-10-16

Took my 335i for an oil change and it had a recall for "some screws", as they put it. Fine, i left it there for two days while it got worked on. After recieving my "fixed" vehicle, i drove for about 30 mins and as the temperature was rising so was a massive cloud of white smoke!...I wouldve made Snoop Dog jealous.

Spent 3 hours of my sunday waiting for a loaner, since my car was far from drivable, only to be handed a Kia as a loaner. ..A F**King KIA! Three days later i finally pick up my vehicle. So after this week of driving hell, the service agent apologized for the inconvenience,  begged for a good survey response (i guess its their report card) and sends me on way with a coffee mug bribe. I love to drive and i love my car way too much to leave it at the hands of those neanderthals again.

Lindsay B. | 2014-09-23

Such a complete lack of customer service I never even walked in.

I sold me car last week and am very anxious to get a new one. I have been driving around a rental car which happens to be a Chevy Tahoe. When I pulled in to the Braman lot, there is a sign pointing for free customer valet as that is their only parking option. When I pulled around, the valet said, "I'm sorry but your car is too big to park here." I couldn't believe it. He then told me I would have to find my own parking. I responded by saying "you realize I am here to buy a car right?" And his response was that I should try Cadillac. !!!! I was so shocked that I said "thanks for nothing" and drove away.

The BMW I had in mind to buy was about $60,000. I'll be taking my business to Lauderdale BMW . I don't care if someone is coming in to test drive a $20k Honda or a $60K bmw, you treat them with courtesy.

Shaun H. | 2014-09-10

I was at Braman BMW this afternoon in complete AWE of the BMW i8.  We will see your Tesla & RAISE YA!  #BeTheDudeInMIA

Ja A. | 2014-08-24

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS (Just as written in other reviews)

I am completely flabbergasted at my recent experience at Braman. The car sales man that are currently representing the brand are overly arrogant. I have never dealt with one person in Braman who has a dose of humility.....Unbelievable what happened to the "customer always being right?"...

My experience was not a pleasant one here we go... The first two minutes of the conversation with the sales guy is him having the courage to say "are you gonna buy a car today or are you gonna make me waste my time like I did yesterday with this other family that made me stand in the hot sun for 40 minutes"
Then he has the audacity to say that he will only show us the cars if we are completely interested because it's in the other lot in Midtown (which is only a 5 minute drive away)..  I mean hello I am here trying to buy a car ... OFFCOURSE I wanna take a look in the scorching August sun at what you have ....

Then we go to the lot and he says alright let's stay in the car and from the inside we can just drive around and when you see one you like we will get down... What the hell??.... No thank you we got down to walk and see the cars ... He was in no mood what so ever to stand outside and show us the car it almost appeared as though he was doing US a favor to be standing in the heat or like he was Norman Braman himself and was to important to sell us anything.....

I was so in shock at this whole thing that I just ran out of there. It made any car I ever wanted look so un tasteful that the only thing I wanted to do was leave and go to any other dealership but this one. All I could think of was if this was the way I was being treated when I was going to buy a car I can't even imagine when I would have the car serviced... Thankfully I had such an experience like this to avoid all future costs of disasters and frustration.

To the sales men: congratulations for driving us interested informed customers away. Looks like this dealership can only cater to uneducated, uninformed, gullible buyers....

To all others I suggest driving the extra mile to VISTA or FT.Lauderdale because this is just an utter disaster.

Elizabeth H. | 2014-08-19

The only good thing I can say is that the couple of times I have needed a courtesy shuttle to my downtown office, the driver has been super nice.  

The service advisors are nice to your face (at first) and then ignore you and/or overcharge you.  At 4:30 pm on a Friday, I had to hunt down my service advisor (Marcos) only to hear that they did not have the part they needed and would have to order it.  I said he could go ahead and order the part and call me when it had arrived.  In the meantime, I would come get my car.  He did not care one bit that I was upset at having to track him down (after leaving messages that went unreturned) at the end of the day.  When I arrived to get my car, even though NO work had been done on the car, I had the pleasure of waiting in the cashier line, finding out the paperwork wasn't ready, waiting for that, and then waiting 30 minutes for my car.  This experience is fairly typical.

It's too bad.  I really love my BMW X5 and planned to get another one in a year or two.  Maybe I still will, but never from this place.

Melissa C. | 2014-08-11

Please do not use this place. Reviews are true unfortunately.  Erick limatuj one of the shop advice need to be away from customers people even. Think he is the owner when he is not. This place need new management

Julyse M. | 2014-08-03

I was shopping around for my new BMW 3-series and had gotten different quotes from Pines BMW and Lauderdale BMW. I was about to sign with the Pines dealership but decided to check out Braman because they had great deals on leases for the month of July on their website. I'm definitely glad I went there instead of signing with Pines (even though the Pines salesman was extremely nice and patient). Braman was able to not only give me a better deal than Pines had given me, but they also (after I negotiated my ass off) beat the Pines deal by adding the premium package. In addition, I walked out of there with no money due and only paid multiple security deposits (which BMW gives back at the end of the lease). My sales person was Mauricio and the finance guy was Alvaro. Great guys, they worked with me patiently and even followed up after my purchase to make sure I was happy with my new car. Great experience, I'm definitely happy I did business with these guys, and I highly recommend them.

K T. | 2014-08-02

Zero Stars!  I called Braman BMW to see if they price matched their competitors.  I saw an X5 50I on both South Motors BMW and Braman BMW that had the exact same specs, the only difference was the color scheme. Bramans markup was an additional $6K.

Called Braman to ask why and I was immediately told by two unprofessional salesman that they could 'GUARANTEE' that it was something wrong with the other car.  After I told them that I checked the specs,  the CARFAX, and the less expensive BMW was a CPO BMW with a warranty, had the difference of 2k miles, and was from the BMW dealership I was told they would call me back.

Received a call back in about 10 minutes, maybe this was enough time for the salesman to get his lies together... He goes on to say our car has rear seat entertainment which is why it cost more.  That was a lie, I compared and checked the specs on both vehicles before I called Braman.  And both vehicles were exactly the same model.

He also goes on to tell me how much money would not effect my daily activities after I told him how much I was not willing to pay for a car note.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  After the salesman figured out that I wasn't an inexperienced car shopper and didn't feed into the lies, he was no longer interested in talking as I was no longer interested in listening and ended the call with, "Well, if you want to drive here and see the car that is up to you."

No thanks, I'll go elsewhere!  Thanks South Motors for the excellent customer service and my new 20K mile CPO used BMW that I drove home in.

Renato R. | 2014-06-24

I've been to this dealer to repair my car a couple times and have mixed feelings

My service advisor is a nice guy but not all the problems with my vehicle have been fixed.

J E. | 2014-05-26

The repair shop is staffed with sleazy con artists. We received multiple estimates all with different prices. They need to be investigated for these tactics. What a shame that BMW allows their brand to be tainted by places like this. I will never come back or buy a bmw here

I recommend the drive to another dealer for repairs. The repair estimators must be commissioned as they do not have the customers needs at heart. We took our car to another dealer and most of the things braman said were wrong the dealer up north said they were fine. I'm surprised this place hasn't been shut down. I have had this experience multiple times at braman and now enough is enough.

Abigail G. | 2014-05-15

I will never come here again.  I brought my bmw in on May 7th because two notifications popped up. They looked at the car, gave me an estimate of $1085 plus tax, which I signed for.  I was unable to get the loaner at the time, so I told them I would come back later that day when I could get the loaner.  I returned around 3pm, and was notified two days later on May 9th that the car actually needed $2600 worth of maintenance and repairs (not sure what changed from 9am when I left with the car to 3pm when the car was back in their possession, but I have a good idea. While we were driving back to Braman, the car began overheating and the air conditioner stopped working).  I told our service agent, Rodrigo, that I had to talk it over with my boyfriend, and that it might just be time for us to purchase a new vehicle (our bmw is a 2006 with 103,000 miles...KBB is around $8k). After talking with my boyfriend, we decided to not get our car fixed and put that money down toward a newer vehicle.  When my boyfriend went to return the loaner and pick up our car, Rodrigo said to him that I had already signed for the first estimate and that I'm obligated to pay the $1085 plus tax and they will perform the stuff on the first estimate.  I told them that's bs, because I was under the impression $1085 was how much it would be to have the car completely fixed...but now they are telling me it will take $2600 to get it fixed.  All I wanted to do was to pick up my car so that we could start shopping for a new car.  After bitching to the manager, forwarding him emails from Rodrigo where Rodrigo states for me to just let him know whether or not I want the repairs done and that he will wait for my answer, and threatening to have my lawyer contact them, the manager reduced the price for us.  It's pointless however, because there are still things "wrong" with the car.  Also, I sent the estimate to a BMW shop in Chicago and my guy told me they don't need to flush the coolant system AND replace's one or the other.  So yea, I will NEVER be coming back to this place again. Also, my mechanic in Chicago told me that if the car started overheating and the air conditioner stopped working simultaneously, then he thinks when Braman first looked at the car, they emptied the coolant to begin to flush it before I decided to take the car back until a loaner was available.  This place is full of liars and con artists.  So disappointing.

Kirk A. | 2014-04-14

So lately I've been shopping around for a new BMW because my lease was expiring. I went to several BMW dealerships looking for the best deal. Because there were no 2 or 4 series convertibles available yet, I decided to keep my current car.

That being said, all the dealers came in at the same price for the models I looked at. Service a Braman was respectful, professional despite the fact that what I wanted wasn't available. Never once did they try to push me into a car, just to make a sale. (unlike the other dealerships)

I bought the car I was leasing and the experience with Simon, Ariel was very positive. The woman from CA who processed my purchase was super-nice and totally was supportive of my buying decision, understanding my need to wait until the right car was available for purchase in the fall.

Thanks Braman!

Oh yeah, and I always have good outcomes in the service dept.

Angel R. | 2014-03-26

Please do yourself a favor don't go to this location for anything.

They should fired the girl on the counter and the service personnel are liars, they only

care about getting your money that it.

Madelyn M. | 2013-12-16

My husband and I went to see and possibly test-drive the new 2014 BMW X5. They had none inside or outside the showroom. After the desk agent called over a sales person, he, unenthusiastically, agreed to drive us to the garage a few blocks away to take a look at this new SUV. On the way, he told us how they probably only had two, which were probably already sold. We arrived at the garage to see about 8 of these SUVs parked outside, all locked. He mentioned that he "could" go and find a key. In other words, we drove there to see the exterior of these cars; something we had already done online. First impressions are important; particularly when you are considering spending this amount of money. We left the dealership CONVINCED that we would probably buy this SUV, but NOT from BRAMAN.

Leilani D. | 2013-10-07

I bought my BMW at this dealership, and since I live close by (and am terrified of screwing up my car/invalidating my warranty) I always come to this location to get my service done or any issues checked out.

I would say all two stars go to the service agents - the ones that actually sit down at a desk with you and help you when you first bring your car in. I've never had any issue with them, and the one I've had the last two times I've been in, Maruf, is great. He's very no nonsense, which I definitely prefer over the "used car salesman" personality. If this was all about the experience of dropping off your car, I'd probably give it 4 stars. I've also never had any trouble with the service that has been performed, but lets be real, what do I really know about cars?

Unfortunately, once you come to pick it up the whole thing just falls off a cliff.

-The girls that work at the cashier could not possibly be more miserable. I don't understand why they hire these awful young women. People are here spending a lot of money to get a SERVICE and you'd think that these girls - all of them - were about to commit group suicide. I have legit not seen a smile on any of their faces, ever.

-Getting your car back is a nightmare. They park all the cars like 3 blocks from the pick up area, so you're looking at a minimum twenty minute wait no matter what. No one there can tell you how long it's going to take to get your car back, there's isn't adequate (or enough) seating, and since it's Miami you're usually closer to getting heat stroke than getting your car back at any given moment. An egregious waste of time. This last time, the guy actually told me that it was late because they were washing it. If a car wash is included, shouldn't that be done when they call you and tell you your car is ready? Also, there was bird shit left on my windshield. Since it was dry, I know it didn't happen in the 10 seconds it took me to walk to my car. You really have to have a lot of balls to tell me that I was waiting around for a car wash, and I come back to a car covered in bird shit. Unbelieveable.

After my warranty expires, I think I'll definitely be taking my car someplace else. I can't imagine anywhere else could be this inconvenient (or depressing).

Jackie P. | 2013-09-16

Well, despite the terrible reviews I am just now seeing about this dealer I have nothing but glowing remarks about them.  I was looking to buy a new BMW and I went to BMW South first.  I met with a sales guy who was recommend to me and I must say there was nothing special or helpful about him.  I spent three hours (of my life that I will never get back) with him to walk away without a car -_-  
I then got a call from Alan (a sales guy at Braman BMW) who got my info from some website I went on I assume.  He gave me more information in a five minute phone call than any other sales guy has ever given me in the past.  When I went in to meet with him he was pleasant, chipper, and friendly.  When I walked out of the finance office to see my new car he had already moved all of my things from the old one to the new one.  He even put my stuff in the same place (in the new car) as I had it in the old one.  He truly went above and beyond to make my first BMW experience a great one.  Then if you can believe it, less than 24 hours later I noticed a pretty noticeable scratch on the front fender.  So I sent him a text message and first thing Monday morning he was at my office to take the car to get it fixed (he even greeted me with a hug, sweet).   He brought it back in no time and even brought me the aux cable needed to control the ipod from the car.  I will recommend Alan and Braman BMW to anyone who wants a new BMW!

Ralph R. | 2013-07-18

If you bring your BMW in for service go to Felipe he is the best!!!!! The 5 ***** Stars are for Felipe other wise I would give this place a 1 Star.

Ricardo B. | 2013-06-28

I was on the market for a new car because my lease was about to come to an end.

After deciding what car i wanted, i started shopping for dealers and Braman BMW was very pleasurable to deal with. My salesperson (Oscar Pava) was amazing. We actually ended up leasing 2 cars since my partner was also thinking about trading in his car.

Pava was very knowledgeable and a fantastic salesperson. No bull, no running around in circles. When dealing with finance, it was also a very pleasurable experience.

It also helped that we were pretty much done in 3 hours (more or less)

Jeffrey C. | 2013-05-17

The tailgate door on my X5 won't stay up.
I called Braman to get it repaired, mentioning that the struts need replacing.
They booked me for a service, I asked were the parts in stock since it's a small job and I wanted to wait on the repair.
I was told to ask parts "myself", not what I expected.
I called parts and they said the parts weren't in stock. I asked them if they would order them. They said no because the problem hadn't been diagnosed. I asked how much they were and they said 99.00 each. I said it didn't make sense to cause me to have leave the car with them waiting for parts, make two trips and that they would have to loan me a car.
They refused to order that parts although I pleaded that was certainly the cause of the problem.
I offered to pay for the parts in advance but they refused to take my credit card on the phone.
I gave up and called "Foreign Auto Specialists".
They said they would get the parts and as soon as they were in they would call me.
They got the parts called me and I popped in and was in and out in 10 minutes. They also charged me less for the parts and labor than Braman had quoted just for the parts.

Tulin L. | 2013-04-20

We got a recalling letter for our BMW and took our car to Braman BMW service center.Making appointment was very easy with them. When we arrived they greeted us and took care about our car in 2 hrs even though it was very crowded because of the recalling issues. They even offered us a complementary ride   back to our place or  somewhere else. Their lounge area was very clean and calm. They called us 2 hours later when our car was ready. They also cleaned and washed our car without a charge. Two days later they called us how we liked to service and if any possible issue with our car. My husband and I really impressed with the fast service . Our service advisor name is Marcos Rodriguez. He was very helpful and friendly. Thank you  ;)

Cindy B. | 2013-04-17

Have always had a great experience at Braman. The people they have working there are so nice and helpful and really know their cars! I have had many friends buy their cars from Braman and they love it too. Very professional and they have the nicest service center and collision center I have ever seen. Very clean! Definitely recommend!

Cristina H. | 2013-04-08

This is by far the worst BMW dealership I have ever been to (have been to 6 dealerships in the12 years and owned 3 cars). This is my 5th time here and every time I have had a problem. I had an appointment for 8am today yet I wasn't seen until 8:30. I was assured when I booked my appointment that a shuttle would be able to take me to work. It is now 9:30 and the only shuttles have been full so i am still waiting. Now to see if my car will be ready when promised...previous experiences have had no appointment when I arrived, long wait times, car not ready at the end of the day when promised for routine repair, car returned with other maintenance done not what the at was originally scheduled for (trim repair) and then not having the trim in stock (despite my asking when I scheduled for them to check and speaking to 3 people to get the person who actually checked the stock).

Update: after more than 2 hours the shuttle took me to work. I requested the status of my car prior to leaving in case it would be done shortly. I got a call 15 min after I left (after I had been dropped off at work) stating my car was done.  I can not express how frustrating this was

Emily G. | 2013-04-02

I felt my car salesman was a true shark. I leased the car because what I truly wanted was a BMW, as a little prize for entering my Masters program. The salesman was not patient with me at all or my mother. When I went back to the dealership because a rebate that was supposed to be given, never was calculated, they gave me some run around about how it was added, just didn't show up on the final calculation page. (BS!!!) Then they charge extra for the color of car I wanted to lease. Next, they rant and rave about this "Q" program, well, where on earth does it exist? This Q passport clients are supposed to get, I never got. It is supposed to allow for smoother relations with the service dept. and less wait time with vehicles because the loaners are supposed to be ready for us. This Q passport never showed up and even though I wrote, called and went in person, all they said "They did not have it available at ANY of those particular times, but  I'd the first to receive it in the mail." Well, I am going to turn in my lease tomorrow (3 years later) and low and behold and this Q passport for smoother service never arrived. Furthermore, I received incentives to lease another BMW, offering to pay my last 3 months on my current lease, the only problem was, I only had ONE AND HALF months left on my lease. Lastly, my car had so many issues with the AC, I tried to talk to my representative in the service department, but he told me I was not eligible to apply for lemon law.  I brought the car in FOUR times for the same issue! (And now upon my return my AC is once again an issue, it smells like cat urine any time I turn on the car) This will def. be the last time I ever do business with Braman. I was treated better at Toyota with my first car and it was half the price!

Keith P. | 2013-03-30

My father is on the market for a new car, so we stopped by the Braman BMW and Rolls Royce dealership.

When I first arrived, I saw the show room, and it looked marvelous. There was a show room for Rolls Royces, Mini Coopers, and BMWs. There were three show rooms to see cars. Impressive! The waiting room was also impressive and was a round glass room in front of the main showcase. I was able to sit down and watch "Cupcake Wars" as my dad shopped.

After watching the end of "Cupcake Wars", I went to the lot and found my dad looking at used cars and talking to one of the salesmen. He was friendly and answered all our questions.

Looking at everyone's reviews, I feel I should be more analytical, but I wasn't able to pinpoint anything wrong. We got all our questions answered and that was that. If we had stayed longer, maybe I would have noticed some major flaws, but unfortunately, I didn't notice any.

Whitney K. | 2013-03-20

You just  called your insurance company and realized you don't have rental car coverage.  Your snarky adjuster conveniently can't inspect your vehicle for another two weeks.  Oh right, and that fender bender? Yeah, it caused four figures worth of damage.   I walked into Braman motors calculating the fallout costs, hassle, and general headache of the whole situation and left with a shiny loaner BMW and a service representative who graciously took care of all the details.  When I pulled into the body station, I was greeted by a gentleman named Carlos who could tell I was already distraught.  Fifteen minutes later, he was coaching me through handling the claims department and pulling some strings to get me a loaner free of charge because I'm a Q member (which, by the way, I highly recommend).  My "baby" is resting in the shop getting a little TLC, my adjuster was miraculously able to "squeeze me into his schedule" after I explained what Carlos told me, and I was out of there and on my way to work on time.  I have never - and I mean NEVER - experienced such exceptional service at a dealership/garage/service center.  After this, I can honestly say I will never purchase a vehicle anywhere else.  This is service done right.

Alex H. | 2013-03-18

(sales review)

It pains me to write a ONE star review for a brand that I actually like. Quite frankly, I am amazed that Braman BMW is still in business and sells/leases ANY vehicles. I was in the market for a -new- car and my first stop was Braman BMW in hopes that my top choice (BMW) would be my final choice. The convenient thing is BMW new and pre-owned are on the same lot. "Score!", I thought to myself.

As I walked in, I could tell that there was going to be problems. I got 'looks'. The looks said to me "Oh, he is not a serious buyer so we will give him the worst sales person. Why waste the time of our top sales people?" Unfortunately, I was right.

Sidebar... I am a picky shopper. I shop for quality. I shop for need. I shop for what I want and will not stop until I get it.

The sales person clearly didn't take me seriously. If I'm showing up at your door, you should take me (and other people) as serious buyers. I did get a chance to test drive a 2013 BMW 328i and fell in love almost instantly. The car drove like a dream. Unfortunately, as I started moving forward towards getting a quote, they explained "we don't really do numbers here; we are about the experience". Seriously?? A dealer who doesn't haggle? A dealer who is ironclad about their price?

I left. Saddened the dealer didn't think I was serious and didn't want a sale. I never even got a call back from them even when I left them my number. They didn't even have any flyers; they only pointed me to the website to 'view the specs'. Fail.

I went to the BMW pre-owned straight from the new car lot. The first sales person I found was friendly and took me right to a 2011 328i. He pulled out a key and I sat down. Since it was pre-owned, I knew there are some miles on it, which wasn't an issue. No visible damage around the body. Then I started the "let's play with all the nobs and switches" game. I need to make sure everything works. Right? Sad to say, parts of the car started PHYSICALLY falling off as I fiddled with them. Seriously?!? A car falling apart before I even drive it off the lot?? Ugggghh. I was soured.

I sadly walked away. I was really hoping that the one star reviews I saw weren't true. But, I was wrong. Do I love the brand? Yes. Do I love the drive? Yes. Do I hope Braman BMW closes it's doors and leaves this planet? Yes please!

Bottom Line: A mire of issues will make me never visible Braman BMW again; but I might try another BMW dealer.

Teresa K. | 2013-02-11

I took our car in for a couple of minor issues. After sitting there for almost 3 hours without any status report or anything I finally asked what was going on. Then my car was ready shortly thereafter. Unfrotuantely the 2 issues I went in for were not fixed and we kept having the same problems, in addition to 2 new ones. So we brought the car in a second time.

The second time we dropped off the car and got a loaner. They had the car for 3 days and refused to fix anything, claiming that the car was in an accident and repaired by someone unauthorized to do so. We followed up with the people who sold us the car and verified that the car has never been in an accident and that these repairs should be covered under warranty. After the terrible service we received and the fact that our car still wasn't fixed, we then had to go all the way up to Ft. Lauderdale, which we will be doing from now on just to avoid this place at all costs.

Jonah K. | 2013-02-07

Wow, this dealership is truly incompetent when it comes to service. I have never seen such a disorganized mess of a dealership. I brought in my car, and got a loaner, they needed to do about 2 hours of work on the vehicle.... 2 days later, they had never called. Finally I was able (after leaving 2 voicemails) to hear back from my service manager. He made up a bunch of BS about my car, which was completely incorrect. I spoke to the service director, and he placated me, but offered little help.

Do yourself a favor and drive to Ft Lauderdale BMW, you will thank me when you avoid this horrid dealership.

I have complained to BMW corporate about the practices and the way this dealership is run, it's a disgrace to an otherwise excellent brand.

Michael M. | 2012-12-31

Recently leased an X3 from Braman and let's just say, I'm not impressed. First, the "new" car began to shake at speeds over 60mph. Took it in and found out it was the rotors, calipers and tires. On a NEW vehicle!!! Took 9 days to get it fixed (I will give them credit though, the loaner car was nice).  Also, I was owed $4000 from the excess value of my car. The finance manager assured me it would take no more than 10 business days to receive it. It's been 14 business days and all I get is the run around... no check....  I know that buying a new car is always a hassle, but why does it have to be that way???

Raul S. | 2012-12-07

Horrible Sales Associates at this place! I went to see a brand new BMW m3, and I have never dealt with such ignorant sales people in my life. This guy was acting like he owns the place, what a joke.

I hate this place! I bought the car from Pembroke Bmw and moved on.

Andy G. | 2012-10-27

Don't go there. I took my 535 there on several occasions and problems persisted. In the end they charged my $500 for a faulty battery. They said it was because I left my parking light on and told me its a 'European thing.' Guess what fuck wits I'm european and the lights hadn't been left on. Rip off, rude, don't waste your time or money.

Adriana P. | 2012-08-19

Horrible service! What a nightmare. I won't get into details but i will just share the last piece of this nightmare...i took my car home one night and they called me the following day to let me know that the car was ready for me. I said: are you sure you have my car? Yes madam, we did everything that needs to be done and you can pick it up. I said, strange, because I have my car! I am still waiing for the manager of the service department to call me back! I complained with the General Manager...i am still waiting for his call. When you don't care about lients, it shows. PATHETIC service!!

Janet V. | 2012-08-16

Not so bad as some people are describing this place. Most people are mad just because they got either a Honda or a Chevy as a loaner instead of a BMW. Hello people it's call a loaner for a reason while your car is being fix they lend u a free one to take you to work etc. the place is clean the staff are nice and very helpful and even though they don't have 100 BMW rentals for you they always end up with a car at least to give you for the time being. I went one time to drop of my car in service and waited for a rental and a girl was upset because her mini cooper was being service and she could not be seen in a Honda! Lol .. But then comes a guy, owner of a Bentley and they give him a Honda and the guy was super cool about it. The girl with the cheaper car made a big deal for nothing . People like this need to get over it I would hate myself if I ever was like that type of person. It's funny how the rich people don't care but then comes the $50,000 car owners and they think it's the worst thing ever that happen to them and some of them drive with cars that are more expensive then their own home.crazy!

Elaine S. | 2012-08-02

My review is 2 part.  The 1st part is related to their sales department and the 2nd is related to the service aspect.

Part 1:
(note: i did NOT go through the new car buying process with Braman.  I moved to Miami in the middle of my 3 year lease.  For the record, I had an amazing experience with the car buying process at BMW Freehold, NJ and genuinely do not believe that BMW dealerships are dirty)

My 3 year lease was coming due in the summer of 2010 and I had already crunched my own numbers and decided that keeping my car was the best financial option, given my low mileage vs. what was already amortized.  Knowing this, I go into the Braman dealer to buy out my car.  The process should be fast and simple and i had already brought all my paperwork with me.  

I was greeted by the sales associate named Amir.  I told him that i was here to buy out my lease and not there to buy a new car.  At first, things were smooth, we talked about the interest rate, whether i want to certify my car, all the customary things, everything was going smooth.

Then, things turned sour QUICK.  Because I wanted to certify my car going forward, Amir asked for my keys so that he could bring my car to get it checked out with service so that everything looked smooth before they certify my car.  This might have been where i let my guard down - i gave him my key and waited at his desk while he took my car away.  15-20 minutes later, he came back with a distressed look and told me that ALL four of my wheels were completely bent, and that ALL four of my tires also had bubbles on them.  Not only that, he said that my car's alignment was completely off.  He said that i would have to fix all those problems so that they are in certifiable condition.  

This is where Amir completely screwed himself and showed his hand.  He said that he had never seen this problem before and that it would likely be a much better deal for me to just buy a new car and return my leased car in current condition.  Logically, i asked why wouldn't I get penalized returning this leased car in this condition.  He said that he would keep the condition of the car under the table if I were to return my lease and buy a new car.  How many customers have you really taken as idiots, Amir?  It was obvious from the start that my car would be much more valuable to the dealership because of the low mileage I had accumulated over the last 3 years (18,000 miles) vs. what I had leased for (30,000 miles over 3 years).  

Keeping calm, I responded that I just had a new wheel and tire put in a couple months ago by my trusty service advisor Luca (part 2 to come).  And also I told him I would have no issues replacing all my tires and wheels if that were really true because I had purchased wheel & tire insurance and they would get replaced for free.  At the end, I told Amir i would think about this situation and i bounced the f--k out as soon as I could.

On the way home, i stopped by a Pepboys and just asked one of the guys in the back to quickly check out my alignment and tires, superficially.  No problems there, except maybe for a bubble in one of my tires.

I asked my boyfriend to bring my car in to the service dept the next day or 2 to get it checked out by my trusty service advisor.  To noone's surprise, my wheels and tires were NOT f--ed up.  Wow i totally did not see that coming, said myself in a sarcastic tone.  The icing on top was that Amir accidentally ran into my boyfriend while on the way out of the service dept.  BOOM.

Over the next week, I called Amir professionally and said I would like to continue with my lease buyout with no certification (god i would never let him even touch my key again) and he said nothing except that he transferred me over to the finance manager to complete my paperwork.  Never heard from Amir ever again.  To this day, it still surprises me how much he tried to hustle to get a new sale even though i was firm just on buying out my lease from the very beginning.  Unbelievable.

It was THE dirtiest and sleeziest experience I had ever gone through, and I lived in Miami, for crying out loud.

Part 2:
The lone bright star of Braman is, in my opinion, their service department.  Luca was my service advisor and he had been nothing but helpful during the 2 years that he was responsible for my car.  My 335i with sports package (low suspension, larger tires) was sometimes no match for some of the Miami streets.  He took care of all my issues over the years with great care, friendliness, and quickness.  I am actually surprised by some of the negative comments said of him here.  Also always received good loaner cars. Zero complaints on their service.

Andrea B. | 2012-05-16

After an absolutely horrific experience at SOUTH MOTORS on S. DIxie Highway, I decided to bring my Connecticut registered 328i to Braman, at my son's suggestion.  The service was wonderful!  I got there at 8:20, car taken immediately, spoke to Ray, and one hour later I was driving out of the dealership!  All problems resolved.  Absolutely shocking.  Thank you, Braman. I'll be back.  Maybe I'll buy a Rolls there.

Pedro G. | 2012-04-04

I'm really not going to bother to repeat everything that's been said about this dealership in the other reviews, but want to add a bit of extra information.

Incompetence really runs rampant at this place. From sales to service. In our last visit our car was there for an entire week and not once did the service adviser call us on his own to let us know about the car. We were the ones initiating the communication and each time we had to leave messages and be called back. I really don't understand that they can be that busy all day, if you come in in the afternoon you can see them sitting around at their desks.

Anyways, to my point. The latest issue with their loaner process. Granted, it has gotten better, but only because they seem to have more cars. The cars have now the stick-on type of Sunpass transponders. I found out when I was returning the car and asked about it that I would be charged for the actual usage + a $2/day "convenience" charge. I told the lady that nowhere in my rental agreement did it mention this and, of course, she produced one of the many papers I signed when I got the loaner (which I was not given a copy of). I told that I was not given a choice, that I have my own portable transponder that I use for cases like this and that when I skimmed over the section about tolls in the document I just inferred they were talking about being responsible for violations. She just told me, "that's the way it is"

As usual, the service adviser and the paperwork I was given when I got my car reminded of the survey I will receive. They always make a point to mention that the loaners are handled by a "separate company" and should not influence my survey answers. Well, like I have told other advisers I have dealt with in the past, I really don't care how you separate the service process, to me it is all one and the same, and it will affect my review.

I used to be able to say that people who bought BMWs in South Florida liked the punishment of not only overpaying for cars but bad sales experience and service. Unfortunately, I can't use that argument anymore. My wife really wanted an X5 and Infiniti does not offer a comparable SUV and Braman was the only one that had a good CPO so we are stuck with them.

I have owned 6 Infinitis and the experience is night and day compared to BMW (I hear the same about Lexus). Granted, these are Broward dealers I'm talking about, the ones in Miami are almost as bad as Braman.

Maxine V. | 2012-03-02

In general, most people come to an understand that quality generally cost money and you get what you pay for. This is not the case at this Braman BMW location. I went there for 3 years and I'm not really sure why I went back. I believe its due to the fact I live so close by. It is next to impossible to get a hold of my service representative, unless I call and leave a message for the manager (who is also impossible to get a hold of). It seems a month is the longest time I have gone with out something in my 530i breaking, and of course its weeks before I get it back. Another time they hit my car and dented it while it was in their care, then they let the battery die (they had it for over a month). Overall if find their service to be very unsatisfactory. I have had to call corporate several time to get "warranty" situations sorted out. Btw the # for corporate is 800-831-1117

Georgina S. | 2012-02-19


I had my BMW towed here when the ignition stopped working and needed to be replaced. When I picked up my car, I discovered that the stereo didn't work. It had been fine before, so I brought the car back. The guy I'd been dealing with -- who was, by the way, not the actual mechanic, but some third party who seemed a bit unclear about what had actually been done to the car -- admitted that they'd had to disconnect the battery and that this somehow might've caused the problem, but that "it's old," so it wasn't their fault. He told me to go to Best Buy and get a new stereo. While I'm no car expert and I understand that working on the ignition logically shouldn't break the stereo, the fact is that it worked fine until they had it, it was broken when I got it back, and they were totally unapologetic about this and just rolled their eyes at me like it was crazy that I was even bringing it up.

It is true that my car is old, and kind of a beater; I wouldn't have taken it to such a high-end place if I hadn't been in a towing situation finding shops on my cellphone, and I actually thought I was calling the place around the corner on 20th Street across from Fight Club. Man, I wish I had been! The people here were snotty about my car being old, and at first they refused to wash it (they claim to offer free car washing, which I only knew because the paperwork they gave me with my dirty car said they'd washed it) because they they "thought it would leak," I guess because my car is old and kind of battered and not up to their standards?? I mean, it's really impressive that you work at the BMW dealership and I understand that you don't want to be tainted by contact with my grimy out-of-style car, but you didn't have a problem taking my credit card, which works just as well as people's with brand new BMWs. It wasn't my idea to have you wash people's cars, but if you only want to wash people's *nice* cars then say that on the paperwork, right?

Finally, when I picked up my car I asked if they had a chance to see why the "check engine" light was on. The guy told me that they didn't have time and I should've mentioned this when I brought it in, which like, yeah, I definitely should've, so I know I can't really complain, but I do think it's weird that they had my car for a week and didn't take five minutes to plug in their computer and find out what they could potentially charge me several hundred more dollars to fix. I mean, aren't they mechanics? When mechanics see "check engine" lights, don't they usually check engines? It's not like they didn't see it, because on the paperwork they gave me it says, "Check engine light is on." Uh, thanks. I guess they didn't have time to look into that, maybe because they were too busy mysteriously breaking my stereo.

When I recover from the shock of paying for Braman's "service" and my new radio, I will take my trusty old car around the corner to the Bimmer Shop and ask if they can tell me why my check engine light is on.

Anyway, this was not a good experience. Maybe they're nicer to you if you drive a fancier car, but like, you never know, you could lose your job and wind up driving that 2012 BMW for the next ten years, and don't you want a shop that won't look down its nose at you then? In the future I'll be a lot more careful about going to actual mechanics where they don't make this big show out of providing ritzy customer service and then screw you way worse than a normal shop would.

Larry C. | 2012-02-10

The Experience in this dealership is always so awkward and weird, not my cup of tea.

Adam C. | 2012-02-08

I am not happy after my experience at Braman.  This review is going to be pretty cut and dry.  I arrived for an appointment I made online for 7am the following day.  When I arrived, I was told that my appointment was not in the system "because we always have problems with the online system."  Luckily, they could take my car.  I asked if a car wash was included.  I was told it was.

I then called a few hours later, and was told my car was ready.  I got there an hour later, and was told the paper work wasn't ready.  No big deal.  Finally the paperwork is ready.  I give the paperwork to the valet, and then wait.....and wait.......and wait......almost 30 minutes for my car to get down from valet.  It arrives unwashed.  I ask about the wash and I'm told my service provider didn't indicate that a wash was needed.  Really?  You needed to see a checkbox on a piece of paper to know that my car isn't clean?  To the service guys credit, he said he could take it to get washed then.  After spending 40 minutes there, even though my car was ready, I wasn't going to wait another 15 to get it done.  

The other interesting part was the "ees no my yob" attitude exhibited by the two people I asked about my car when I was waiting at valet.

Mike W. | 2011-11-04

I'm having a tough time trying to find the words to explain just how horrible & unprofessional these guys are. I have a 2011 328i plagued with electrical issues and for the past 8 months all they have to say is "We can't seem to find anything wrong with your vehicle. Please come and get your car or we will have to start charging you a $25/day storage fee"....really???  7 visits/26 days out of service with "Service Engine Soon" light, "Door Ajar"  warning messages while driving & 3 flat beds due to a dead battery.  The Service "Director" Jorge Roucu is absolutely useless....he says "so what do you want us to do?? If we can't find the problem, how are we supposed to fix it"....can you say IDIOT?  Hey Jorge, have you ever heard of the word "LEMON"?  And forget BMW Customer Relations in NJ.....this is by far, the WORST, WORST dealership I have ever been to.  Unless you want to add even more stress to your life stay far away from this place!  Hey Jorge, can you say ATTORNEY?  Can you say LEMON LAW?

adrian s. | 2011-09-14

These guys are unbelievable.  I'm not even going to talk about the sales department but FYI, they are such a sleazy outfit that even though we live in Brickell, we opted to go to Lauderdale BMW to get our latest Bimmer, just so we wouldn't have to deal with them again.  

As far as service.  It's a joke.  Easily the worst service at an auto dealer that I've ever experienced.  When I had my M6, I took it there like 5 times for the same problem.  Since they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, they kept telling me that the uneven shifting that I was experiencing was normal.  Except, it's not.  I noticed it.  My wife noticed it.  Every person who I let drive my car told me the same thing.  But these guys wanted me to think it was normal.  I ended up having to sell the car at a loss, just to get rid of it because something was wrong and they couldn't identify it.  

Then my wife started having some problems with her 2011 Z4.  We took it in and explained the issue.  They drove it for 3 days and eventually got back to me, telling me that nothing was wrong with the car.  I explained to them that I had experienced the problem first hand when I drove it also.  They kept it an extra day and then got back to me with some BS story about how they got an updated software from BMW and that fixed the problem.  First day back, my wife noticed it was doing the same thing.  The following day, the car actually shut off on her when she hit the brakes. We called them back to report the issue and left a message... nobody has bothered returning our calls.  

During that same time, I left my X5 in the shop for a FREE DETAIL.  Now, why was I getting a free detail.  Well, because the last time I took the car in, they returned it to me looking like crap.  They normally wash the cars when they are done servicing them.  Not this time.  I got the car with grease marks all over and inside on the carpet and they didn't even bother hosing it down.  So they gave me the Free Detail.  When I took my wife's car in, I also left my for the detail over the weekend.  They had 3 days to do a detail. I got the car back on Monday.  Guess what?  Nobody did a detail.  There was dust on the dash.  Crap on the carpet.  No shine or polish or armor all or whatever on anything.  Now foam on the tires or on the plastics of the exterior.  The rims were washed over quickly but half the cracks had oil smudge all over.  Not even a decent car wash.  I got the manager to come out to look at it and asked him, "Does this look like a detail to you."  He immediately admitted that it was obviously not a detail but said, "we were very busy."  So if I had paid $125 for this, would you have been too busy to do it right?  Thank god it was free.  He told me to bring it in again and they will take care of it.  

They are an absolute disaster.

Nikki R. | 2011-07-20

Okay, I will agree with all above, that this place is horrible, but not as bad as the experience I had as South Motors. So, really, its the lesser of 2 evils. Bad part is, I'm on my second BMW, I'm only 28 and I have went to BMW dealerships all over the country and am treated like a queen when I walk through the door. South Florida is really the first place I have experienced this; seems like the demand is so high, they feel like they do not have to treat customers how they should be treated when buying $50-90K cars. I have even traveled to Ft. Lauderdale and its really no better. People here and South Motors act like you are more of a burden than anything and you feel like you have to pester anyone just to help you. No one even asks if you need help. I always thought I was a BMW owner for life, but I'm rethinking that. I have even wrote to BMW to complain about my awful experience at South Motors. They make you feel as though you are ordering a burger in a fast food joint rather than paying $500 to replace a run-flat tire on your $50K car! I just really don't get it. Think I'm going to go with Lexus for my next ride.

David G. | 2011-07-06

Wow......seems everyone loves to hate Braman!  I guess that goes for car dealerships in general. I bought my 335i from Lucas (he's now in service) and he was pleasant to deal with and made sure I was satisfied.  My service person is Jessica, she is always a pleasure to deal with, and my car is always serviced properly, even though it has issues (factory related).  I also get a free rental every time the car is serviced, not sure if that is by BMW or Braman. The dealership is nice and modern looking, and has it own gas station, a plus when returning the rental.

Jonathan f. | 2011-06-16

If I could give this place LESS OF A STAR I WOULD! One of the worst dealerships I've ever been to! I went to the dealership to fix a trunk problem for the 3rd TIME. The service was completely horrible for the fact that Luca Reyner had put on an act of a street wise, shady street rat. He basically told me that I was the cause of the problem. (what kind of person says that???) He can't be put in front of a customer to save his life. Answering your questions with as much as giving you an attitude, almost as if just trying to brush you off because he is scared help somebody out. This character should be put to cleaning toilets along with the one who hired him. Obviously he is getting his training from somebody. Highly advise anyone to take the time and drive the extra 100 miles just to find a BMW dealership that really cares.

Erik D. | 2011-05-21

The worst of the worst! Simply put, if you like you car and you don't like getting insanely angry at utter incompetence bring you vehicle for service ANYWHERE else!!! You can thank me later!

Leslie S. | 2011-05-01

If you want to be ripped off and treated like you are an idiot who falls for whatever these people tell you when it comes to purchasing or leasing a vehicle, then this is the place for you.
The lease on my Z4 is up this month so my husband spoke with a man named Gus about options for us when I turn in my vehicle.  This guy must have thought that we are like most people that walk in through the door: shark bait.  Boy was this guy wrong!  Little did he know that my hubby and I are logical, reasonable, and intelligent people who do their research online, go to car auctions, and call other dealerships for pricing.  We know a lot about the value of cars.  My husband buys cars at auction and sells them to the public.  We were looking at Braman's certified pre-owned vehicles and came across a 2011 Z4 35i in white which I fell in love with.  Mind you, this vehicle has 13K miles and is leasing for $549.  When we looked at BMW's leasing offers for their new vehicles, the brand new Z4 35i's are leasing for $479 a month.  We called Gus and asked him about this because it made absolutely no sense to us.  Since I was interested in the CPO Z4, my husband told him that the price of the lease would need to be lowered considerably since a new Z4 was being leased for $479.  Gus would not budge.  He said that the white Z4 was valued at $66K, even though it was selling for $55K, so the price could not be lowered at all.  My husband kept telling him that the price of a NEW Z4 is $66K, so how could be keep telling is that the value of that USED car is $66K when it has 13K miles on it?  No matter how reasonable and logical our argument was, Gus kept insisting he was right.  He kept comparing renting an apartment to leasing a car.  Hello, wrong person to be arguing with!  My husband is also a real estate broker.  I mean, doesn't he know that they value of property appreciates, but the value of cars depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot?  We got pretty fed up speaking with this guy.  We then asked him if they had any incentive programs for BMW customer loyalty.  He said $750 to $1000 off.  We called South Motors BMW  and spoke with Jimmy who said that their customer loyalty incentives were $2,000 off.  Wow, we couldn't believe how this guy Gus was trying to suck us into his stupidity.  Does this guy think we are idiots?  Does he think that we fall for whatever ridiculous words come out of his mouth?
If you come to Braman BMW, don't deal with this guy.  I've also had some pretty terrible experiences with their service department.  I left my car once for an oil change and the car was given back to me completely filthy.  Grease stains all over my carpet.  Had to bring the car back so they could give it a complete detail free of charge, but even then it took them about an hour to get the car out of the back when I came to pick it up.  Just horrible.

Alex G. | 2011-03-23

I use an auto broker or buy my BMW used from private persons, I despise dealerships but use Braman for warranty and service.  My advisor is great (Ivan).  Not 4 or 5 stars because the loaner people are horrible and the wait is long.  When you go pick up the car, they have wash it first before giving to you which is a good thing but it takes time.  Why not have it washed already.

Thomas M. | 2011-03-22

This Dealership and Service Center gives BMW a horrible reputation. The reviews are just as horrible on Google by the way. When I was in the market for a brand new convertible the sales staff could not have been any more arrogant and thought I could not count. Be prepared to pay MSRP and not a penny less and they think there aren't any other BMW Dealers in South Florida. Save time, nerves and money go to Pompano, I saved over $3,000 on the exact same car.
The service at this dealership is a complete joke, they are always over run and under staffed. Their parts never arrive on the promised day having the vehicle return delayed. Communication seems to be a constant problem, if you are not on top of your service advisor they take forever to call you back or not at all. TWICE I was told my car was ready and when I showed up the necessary part was missing or not all the requested items were fixed. If it wasn't for my love for BMW cars I would have traded my BMW for an AUDI by now. Go to South Motors you get much better service.

Alissa W. | 2010-08-22

All they want is a sale and once they get it then refuse to take your calls. I got my pre-owned 2 door 335i there it was the exact color combination I had wanted even though it wasn't really available yet for sale. I guess they just got the car, and did not do a complete service check up on it.  They lied to me when I got in and the car was in the shop 3 times in 2 weeks, Yes they give you a loaner but, it was a cheap 4 door 328. I wanted the car I bought and didn't want to buy a car and be in their loaner for 2 weeks.  I would call and ask to speak to the pre-owned sales manager and  left very nice messages  ( plural) for him to call me back. Guess what he never did ! WOW are you serious you take my money, and do not care about your customer  service.

Rob D. | 2010-08-09

Horrible service.  

I went through three different service advisers until I finally found one that wasn't trying to deliberately screw me over.  CHRIS PAGAN is a GREAT adviser but at the end of the day he's not the one working on your vehicle.  In most cases I had to call the head of the service department in order to get my car fixed properly.  Even then in a week or two a similar problem would arise and it'd be another sensor.  

Bottom line get a Mercedes because you'll spend more time in a loaner than in your own beemer.  Plus the only loaners they have are 3 series, mini coopers, honda accords, and sometimes a chevy so turning in the 5 series for a compact car sucks.  I've always wondered what they do with their Bentley customers.  

At least everyone at ASAP car rental is friendly and on their job.

Mit P. | 2010-05-23

This dealership really does not live up to the BMW brand.  After moving here from Atlanta, I had to switch from a really great BMW dealer (United BMW in Gwinnett) to these guys.

I am astonished how bad these people are.  The sales staff assume you are dumb and try to sell you everything at MSRP.  I understand that if its a brand new 2011 model, but not for a 3 series that's been on the market for years and for which they have boat load on the lot!  It's really annoying to do business with people who assume their customers are mugs.

The service department though really takes the biscuit.  One time, they kept my car for 10 days, because they didn't have the part, then they ordered the wrong part, and then they forgot to install the right part when it arrived.  Another time they scratched my wheels and tried to cover it up.  They did make good and fix them but I had to push for it.  A third time, I was buying new tires for the rear wheels, and they replaced all 4 without asking me and tried to spring me with the bill for four tires when I only ordered two.  Also they don't have certain skills.  For instance every time I did an alignment my car would come back with the steering wheel off center.  In the end I started taking my car to Sears for alignments.  Can you imagine: Sears does better wheel Alignments than Braman's BMW service department.

Their service waiting area is pretty basic and reminds me of a ford dealership.  And they are expensive.  I recommend go elsewhere.  The independent BMW shop across the street is a lot better.

The one positive thing I can say is that they have a solid loaner fleet and they give out mostly BMW loaners as opposed to third-party brands.  Usually though they are entry level models.  However while this is better than the local Mercedes dealer, you do sometimes get fobbed off with a chevy loaner.  My Lexus dealer always gives you a Lexus and usually the same model you are having serviced.

Kolja P. | 2010-04-09

The service dept seems really clean and organized but the service advisors (or at least mine, one Mr. Gonzalez) are not very nice. My BMW didn't start and they told me it was the key. I bought a $250 key, had to wait for one day for it to arrive only to be told that it wasn't the key but the starter. I was getting anxious because I needed the car back and it was Friday so I called several times during the day to get a status. I left messages but the advisor wouldn't call me back. When he finally did he was arrogant and unfriendly because of me being insistent. That's not the way to treat and/or keep customers!

And it gets worse: When we finally picked up the car, NONE of our keys, including the new one, worked (meaning they started the engine but didn't lock/unlock the doors or trunk)! When we complained they told us that we didn't tell them to do that. Wait, I have to specify that the key needs to have all functions on it working??? They've got to be kidding!

And it gets worse: Luckily, we walked around the car before driving off and OUR BMW WAS HIT on the rear bumper while it was at Braman! They didn't bother to tell us proactively. I mean, if we had not noticed and left their premises, they would have assumed zero responsibility.

So now we have to schedule another appointment and leave the car at this place to get done what should have been done in the first place and to repair what wasn't broken before we went!

Can it get any worse?

EDIT: We left our BMW at Braman again to have the damage repaired and the keys programmed. It took 4 days... I wasn't offered a loaner car until I asked for it. I refused to be attended by Mr. Gonzalez and got another service advisor, a Mr. Caceres. He was much better and I can recommend him.

However, when I picked up the car it was DIRTY! Greasy handprints all over the car (it is white) and also the interior (light gray leather). Also, some residue from the masking tape they used on the bumper was still there. I got the service advisor and showed him and he got the car washed in 10 mins and promised me a free detailing later.

Again, a mixed experience at best.

EDIT: Update 5/27/10

Our experience with Braman today was (again) not what it should be. We brought the car in for a non-working Xenon headlight. My wife made it abundantly clear that she needed the car back that day and that the service advisor (Mr. Caceres) was supposed to keep us informed of the progress. She had a new client appointment at 6pm that she didn't want to be late for.

After we didn't hear from them all day, my wife called at 4pm and left a message for the service advisor. No response. I called at 5pm and got only his voicemail. I then transferred to the front desk where I was told that the car was ready and that Mr. Caceres would be there until 6pm.

We then rushed out of the house to be able to still make it. On the way I called the Braman service dept. again and spoke to a lady. I asked for the service advisor and was told that he had left at 4:30pm!!! I then asked her to make sure that our car would be waiting for us when we arrived but she told us that that wasn't possible as I had to be there in person before they would get the car from the shop. Now I got upset and told her that we were in a rush due to their negligence to perform their duties (keeping the customer informed when the car is ready is definitely a very basic function of the service representative in my books) but that didn't make a difference. Indeed, the car was not waiting for us when we arrived 10 minutes later. My wife got to her appointment late...

I did speak to the Service Director about this as I think that a BMW facility should have higher standards than this. Maybe they care about client feedback but the many bad reviews Braman already has don't make me too hopeful.

Jessica C. | 2009-10-08

Even though I originally got my car in another location, I always went to Braman BMW for servicing since it was closer to my house. When it was time to return my car I decided to go to Braman and I'm so happy I did. They made my lease process an absolute pleasure! I was able to return my lease and drive away in a new car in less than 4 hours, including test drive and final inspection!

The service is top notch and definitely worth the 5 star rating they always strive for. I now have my dream team, which consists of employees from every section of Braman BMW: sales, finance, service and parts. They're always more than happy to help and go above and beyond. I also love that the dealership was recently  remodeled and is now modern and more spacious.

Most dread having to go to the dealership for any type of problem or service, but I look forward to it just to say hello to my dream team!

Alex T. | 2009-06-13

If there was one word I could use to describe Bramen BMW it would be "Criminals"
By far the worst dealership I had ever dealt with, and I am talking about the service here not sales that every review out there claims is the worst (Google it). Service is a no brainer and simple service that in under warranty (Scheduled maintenance extended warranty) will end up costing you something somehow... Even when I never authorized any inspection, I get charged for it anyway... go figure!
To add insult yo injury my car came back to me and the engine stopped working as soon as I drove off, have to contact BMW of America to sort this mess out.... Please note that this is the second time I went there for service, thinking that perhaps the first time was a just a misunderstanding(Please see my previous posting about Munich Autohaus).
Don't ever ever and I do say again ever go to Breman for anything!!!!!!!!


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