AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes in Miami, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes in Miami, FL.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes in other cities in the Florida.

AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(305) 823-4222
Address:5925 NW 167th Street, Miami, FL, 33015
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes

Janet G. | 2015-04-24

I was in to take my Ford, yes my Ford for an oil change.. I asked the person that was helping me that I wanted more information on seeing a Honda Accord so he recommended Wilfredo Hernandez, what a humble and patient person!! I immediately told him I was not there to waste anyones time and did not want the same done to me, I told him what I wanted and that I did not have money to put down.. He allowed me to test drive the 2015 Accord, I feel in love with the car! Time for numbers, Wilfredo worked miracles and I felt so comfortable with him! Amazing employee Amazing customer Sevice !!!!! Once it was all settled he then transferred me to Ali .. Ali then assisted with the financing and again another professional ! Throughout the whole process it was nothing but humble and professional I was very comfortable and sure about my decision.. Ali made my monthly payments affordable and assisted me with my Ford.. I ended up trading my Ford for the Accord.. I highly recommend this group of people to everyone that wants to purchase a Honda!!! Great Cars and Great Group of People !!!! Thank you Wilfredo and Ali !!!!!!

Elisa R. | 2015-04-07

I had such a good experience buying my Honda from AutoNation. My sales guy was Raimundo Fernandez and he was completely thorough in explaining all the details of the transaction. Never at any point did I feel like I was being taken advantage of, lied to or lost. He was extremely nice, informative and professional. Plus AutoNation seemed to have a huge selection of cars (I already knew exactly what I wanted)  I recommend AutoNation, its worth the drive, and go with Raimundo if possible. I love my new Honda.

Jessica C. | 2015-01-19

Service is horrible, don't bother making an appointment for service on your vehicle. Rude service advisors!

Marlon B. | 2014-10-09

Went to to AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes for my first car purchase. The sales person Ali was exelent at doing his part, getting the cars i wanted to test and what not. After finally agreeing to the car price, went over to speak with the Finance department in this case i spoke to Jeff. upon reviewing all the papers and getting my additional coverage pvc which included 10 included oil changes and tire rotations. i was able to take my car home.

Two days go buy i get a call from Jeff (finance department) told me they were able to lower my montly payments and i had to go back to the dealer to sign a new contract.
Went to the dealer and i i signed all the new paperwork and JEFF told me everything was the same nothing had changed. all good till that point.

Fast forward till 11/14 i went for my first oil change that should be coverd with the plans i got. well, when i got there the service department told me i didnt have the plan. i showed them all the paper work i had. Still they told me i didnt have it. they took me to the finance department where i was greeted by a different finance manager i explained to him and told me that upon signing my new contract they had taken all the extra plans i had decided to purschse back when i had purchased the car.

Basically they didnt want to accept the fault that they did not tell what they had taken the plans i got  and lied to my face. then in this same visit sales manager frank carcamo comes around and then still does not admit fault of nothing told me i still had to pay for my oil changes and services because thats how life is. another manager at one point laughed at me and walked out.

Very rude finance team that didnt do atleast something to help understand my side of things.! these people lied to me for no reason, because i would had been fine if they told me they needed to take some things away from my finance.

Stay away from this dealer, better off to take your money somewhere else, where atleast they are not trying to scam you in a little or big way.

Fausto J P. | 2014-09-23

What can I say about my experience at AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes? AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I've bought 4 new cars from different dealers and I've never had a salesman so professional, charismatic, attentive to detail as Jorge Frometa. I went in looking for a new car to gift to my mom and he took her and made her fall in love with a brand new HONDA ACCORD. Not knowing we were going to buy from him he took the time and patience to show my mom what each and every button did on the car. Not only did she walk out with a new car she walked out with the knowledge on how to use it. He also did a great job working with the finance department getting me the price I wanted on the car.

If you need a new Honda, stop by AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes and ask for Jorge Frometa.


Que mas puedo decir sobre mi experiencia en AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes? INOLVIDABLE! Yo he comprado carros en otros dealers y nunca e tenido a un vendedor tan profesional, carismático, y atento al detalle como lo fue Jorge Frometa. Llegue al dealer porque quería regalarle un carro a mi mama y el la agarro y le hizo que se enamorara con el nuevo Honda Accord 2014. Sin saber si le íbamos a comprar o no, él se tomo el tiempo para enseñarle a mi mama todas las funciones del carro. Mi mama no solo se fue con carro nuevo sino con la sabiduría y el conocimiento para poder usarlo. También hizo un gran trabajo consiguiéndonos con el financista el precio que queríamos.

Si necesitas un nuevo Honda, pásate por AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes y pregunta por Jorge Frometa.


Fausto J. Pena Jr.

Joey P. | 2014-09-12

I honestly have to say that I had a GREAT experience with the Miami Lakes AutoNation Honda dealership. They were honest, upfront, but they were willing to provide me the best possible price! I spent a total of 2.5 hours in the dealership and we completed everything. That says a lot.

The funny part is this deal started with an internet inquiry. I was then contacted by Marjine Perez (who was outstanding). Marjine worked with me via the phone and email, which was convenience to me because of how much I travel. She fought for me and was able to get the best possible price on a brand new 2015 that only was released 2 weeks earlier. When I went into the dealership I worked with Carlos Lemus (sales rep) and Ted Hockenberry (Finance) and we put together all the details quickly.

I would HIGHLY recommend this dealership if you are considering a Honda. The individuals that I worked with excellent.

Richard L. | 2014-09-10

Great place to buy your car. The staff is very knowledgable and helpful. I had gone to other dealerships but felt really comfortable here.

Leatrice R. | 2014-06-24

Juan Obando was my Service Manager today and was attentive, helpful and honest. I drove over road debris today and he made sure my car was thoroughly checked and did not try to sell me services I don't need right now. Now that's great customer service!  I'll definitely come back for all my service needs.

Melvin M. | 2014-05-26

Rude, Condescending, need to know Spanish...the list goes on.

Carlos C. | 2014-05-11

After my old German car finally bit the dust and left me stranded, I found myself looking for a replacement vehicle and went with a 2014 Accord EX-L. I shopped around but ultimately ended up buying it at AutoNation Honda in Miami Lakes. Of all the dealers I visited they had the best combination of selection, cleanliness, approachable showroom, helpful salespeople, and most importantly, the lowest price. Many thanks to Patrick Burden for being an awesome sales rep and going above and beyond to find me the exact car I wanted at a great price. This is by far the best car shopping experience I've ever been a part of and recommend to at least begin your Honda automobile shopping here.

Orlando C. | 2014-04-26

Pierre is my rep in the service department. This guy really makes me feel like I am being taken care of.  I went in yesterday and he not only got my oil change but got my car washed as well.  He goes out of his way to make sure I am comfortable and that I leave with a smile on my face.  When I want to see him all I do is call his cell ahead of time and there he is.  Great service Autonation!!!!

Nicolas H. | 2014-04-13

I went in for a check up on "engine hesitation/choking". After 10 minutes there, I was offered new tires, alignment, transmission fluid, and a free wash. I didn't do any of that. The engine hesitation / choking is still a "mystery" to Autonation Honda Techs and of course, no wash. Perhaps they throw in the wash after selling you stuff you don't really need? And for pretty hefty prices?...

Oh, and when the topped windshield wiper fluid, they poured water. Yes just water into it. Good thing is that I had topped it off that morning so very little water went into it. It does not take water!

Last bit, I needed the keyless entry battery replaced. I paid for it. Guess what, it was not replaced. The keyless entry still doesn't work unless I'm a foot away from the car. Impressive.

One thing though, the tech that assisted me was friendly and not too pushy, at least after I told him I wasn't doing anything until the engine problem is resolved.

Be careful when you go here. Pay attention and don't buy everything they try to sell you.

Gladys D. | 2014-03-05

The personal at the Miami Honda are good my car I have the one I select it toke from 11 to 5 pm from the selectiom to financial and saley truck . I will change the reference from sales person to service YOU MUST have an apoimment for service other wise prepare you self to be the last .
The other I will be carefull people get tire with all the emails I did receive and I dont get the information I ask for and on tpp you end pay the DEALER FEE that is ilegal

Priscilla H. | 2014-02-04

It's been almost a week with our new car and it's fantastic. The sales associate Osciel Tamayo has kept in contact with me to make sure that the car meets our needs and expectations. Which it has, I'm very pleased with this overall all experience. Go Auto Nation Honda!

Kristine E. | 2014-01-21

They were very fast, courteous, and easy to deal with! Carlos was my dealer 3 years ago and I returned to him because of how smooth he makes the process and the respect he gives me when other dealers have not.

Ariane D. | 2014-01-16

I came to autonation honda today ready to buy a car. My boyfriend had been communicating with Sergio all day working out all the details. When we finally go there to buy the car, we had to wait 15 minutes to even see him. Once he was ready for us, we went looking for the car. He had forgotten which model it was. Then, he said he was gonna go find us the car. 15 minutes of waiting and we saw him touching up a car for another customer. Finally he drives up in the car, which was the wrong color!!! We wait again, and he said he didn't have the car in stock. Well, shouldn't he have found that out before we got there? We continued to wait because he suggested to have the car delivered and we waited another 20 minutes and still didn't hear anything from him. We just walked out. I came in with the easiest sale for someone, and now I am gonna take my business elsewhere.

Angeleen A. | 2014-01-03

Excellent customer service. Was helped by Eddie. Plus, the finance guy was super honest, have us tips and was very humorous. Would do business with then again. They were very patient with our indecision in three models and then the colors. Thanks you!

Darien R. | 2013-08-17

Im really happy with the purchase of my Honda accord 2010, but there is always the good and the bad.
-excellent customer service Osciel Tamallo was really helpful, not pushy at all, i think he suggested me the best car i could possible buy, he spend couple of hours with me even with out knowing if i was going to purchase or not. THUMBS UP FOR the sales man OSCIEL
-the maintenance guy, i forgot his name but is from Arabia or something not American not Hispanic like most of the people in Miami. was actually really nice answering all my question and giving me some advises for my car.
OVERALL the customer service is exceptional

NOW the dark side:
fist at all the finance representative Denice didn't let read all the paper be cause he said was to late and the office is gonna close, result, i end it up paying a couple more thousands for some service that i don't even know what they are and  i dont want them for sure, i realize what i was paying after the fist months and i was my statement online, well when i  came back to cancel some of the service, guess what , there is a cancellation fee more than %50 of the actual price of the service. well well well i also notice than the maintenance plan doesn't include what he told me in fist place, so i was mad for so many lies, is cool, thats the way u get ur percent i get it.
OVER ALL FINANCE SERVICE. is bullshit with a lot of hidden fees.

IM really happy with my car, was a great choice, i have no problems at all, im waiting for the fist year so i can refinance and down the monthly payment but HEY i will not come back there for sure.

Joey T. | 2013-07-02

Definitely NOT satisfied with my purchase! Bought a "certified" vehicle from this dealer 6/29/13 and found out that the back right power window does NOT work a few days after! (I never drive with the windows down). When you buy a "certified" car from a dealership you expect no problems whatsoever. They "supposedly" thoroughly check the vehicles. Will never buy from them again nor recommend this dealer to anyone.

Elizabeth P. | 2013-02-18

They really dropped the ball on this one. The finance manager (or whomever was the decision maker on my deal) was unable to handle my questions, which could have sealed the deal had he handled it differently. Seems like they are not use to dealing with the informed, sophisticated buyer.

M B. | 2012-09-11

Run away from this dealer.  They  do not not care  especially the internet department  Yadira Benitez  takes  calls on her cell phone while with a customer on a test drive, doesn't return calls,  breaks appointments-she is very unprofessional.  Jordi Lopez  the internet sales manager is useless,  did not return phone calls, meet with the customer with the sale persons..  No wonder  the sales are down 50% according to the finance manager.  And god forbid you need help the general manager, Albert Saavedra  makes no effort to really help  he sides with the sales personnel.  

Run way from this dealer!!

Carolyn D. | 2011-10-25


But.......between the salesman and the manager, they gave us two different prices and would not sell it to us at the original price they offered. Basically, they were grown up Indian givers. For future reference mr. bossman, when your salesman screws up and gives a  lower price than you would like to sell it for, honor that price. Take it up with your employee. Don't screw over the customer.

Wendy B. | 2011-10-23

I took my car here on a Sunday for a simple oil change and was really disappointed with the customer service. There was only one other person waiting and I still had to stand there for about 15 minutes before anyone acknowledged my existence. When I came back an hour later to pick up my car I was once again ignored and had to get someone else to help me because the guy I had dropped my car off with completely ignored me and didn't even remember that I had just left my car there an hour earlier. He then proceeded to give me an attitude when someone else asked me who had helped me and I said it was him. Overall, not the best experience. I get that people don't want to work on Sundays but that's no excuse for bad customer service. This guy was just rude.

Christina S. | 2011-06-30

I actually had a very bad experience here. I'm young and when I got there to look for a car I was completely ignored. When someone finally came to help me it was with attitude as if I couldn't afford to buy a car there. Only after they ran my credit did they then treat me well. Needless to say, I will NOT be purchasing a car from there. However, the service center there is great and I have no complants for them.

Sabrina F. | 2011-03-24

Make sure you throughly read the contract before signing anything!

My mother-in-law bought a SUV from Maroone.  After negotiating and agreeing to a price, the salesman sneakily added another $2K to the price listed on the paperwork.  My mother-in-law signed the contract and overpaid for her new car without realizing.

The salesman would not own up to the "mistake" and no one at Maroone woud do anything about it.

Pretty disgusting way to do business.

Michelle C. | 2011-02-06

Nice, friendly, helpful and not pushy.

We ended up buying the car from the dealership near our house, but when I was just looking, we went here twice.

Both salesmen actually knew about new 2011 Odyssey and took the time to give me a detailed tour.

We didn't have to fill anything out and they understood we were still "just looking."

But "just looking" is the extent of my experience at this dealership.

Praneeth W. | 2009-07-02

Shady Honda Dealer.

This was my first exposure to Miami and left a bad taste in my mouth. Salesman provided quote and when I went there to finalize, wouldn't honor the price that had been quoted. After many calls to the dealership management and my wife just refusing to give up (she does that when it's a just cause :)), they gave in and honored the price.

The dealership management (in '06 at least) was comprised of people who would lie and deceive you as much as they could.  I had done my research and talked to other dealers etc, I can't imagine how they would have treated a more unsuspecting buyer.