Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Jacksonville, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Jacksonville, FL.

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Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dealer Info:

Address:11101 Nurseryfields Dr, Jacksonville, FL, 32256

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 677-5782
Address:9600 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32255
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:30 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Valerie W. | 2015-03-25

I have a jeep and I LOVE it. Thank god I didn't have to go to his dealership to get it. We had the most boring, unintelligent car sales man who I would never buy a car from. My boyfriend was interested in some dodges and he had no idea about anything in the car without reading the paper, which we could have done ourselves. His name was Chris and was extremely annoying. Do not waste your time with pushy, bad, car sales men.

David K. | 2015-03-15

I came up from St Augustine ready to lease a 2015 Wrangler. I knew which one I wanted and already had the preapproval from Chrysler Jeep Financial. I just had one problem. I couldn't get any sales person, and I waited an hour.

So, tomorrow I will go to Atlantic Jeep in St Augustine, since they are closed today.

Vincent G. | 2015-02-21

I should have read the reviews.  I grew up in the car business and have never posted a review on anything before.  The lousy customer service, I received , and hence the anger it generated, drove me to post this review.   I took my kid's Grand Cherokee in for service, the oil pressure sending unit needed replacing.  While it was there, I figured I would let them change the plugs and do an oil change. I had a coupon for 19.95 for the oil change, lub, and tire rotation.  I go pick up the car, and am being charged 28+ for the oil change and another 27 for waste disposal and supplies.  When I question it, I am given a line that the state of Florida allows an 11% supply and waste fee, ON ALL LABOR PERFORMED.  So, rather than charge a fee that is appropriate with the work done, they will be you the maximum allowed by statutory limits by the state.  In other words, if you bring a car in for diagnostic work, and no supplies or waste is generated, the will bill you anyway.  The service person decreased the cost of the oil change to the coupon price, but with an attitude and twice told others..."I got this"  meaning she could handle my questioning as if I am nuts.  When I pointed out that they did not rotate the tires or do the lub job, I was offered to get in a line of cars and wait.  Period.  No option of taking off the cost for a future visit when I had time, or an offer for a free rotation another day.....they did not do the work... and my only option was to get in a line of 5 cars at 3:30 on a Saturday when I had to be elsewhere.  Even one their employees was rolling his eyes at the manager.  Oh, and disorganized, too....  The poor cashier was triple tasking as reception, switchboard, and service cashier.   I waited in line for about 15 minutes without any acknowledgement as the clerk was dealing with another customer, and employees check jumping in to get keys, drop paperwork, etc.  Clearly the desk is understaffed.  She was very nice, it was not her fault.  I run a business, and this one obviously needs help on the customer service side.  Truly a bad experience.

Kim F. | 2015-01-12

If you want to be completely MISERABLE with your purchase and customer service , please buy your jeep from Jacksonville Chrysler jeep dodge.. The sales people were amazing when we were purchasing our 2014 Jeep Wrangler .4 months later and 5 service visits for the same issue , the sales people were NOT so amazing . Lots of unkept promises , unreturned phone calls , slow rolls and LOTS of BS. So now we have to hire an attorney and go thru the process of the lemon law.  They say word of mouth is everything so DONT buy from here , find another jeep dealer if you can't find another dealer , buy a bike , buy a skateboard or rent horse . ANYTHING would be better then dealing with this dealer .. The one positive here is James the shuttle driver.  He seems to be the only employee that cares about the clients..

Stephanie A. | 2014-10-30

I just bought a dream truck! My salesman, Jay ,was very nice and knowledgable when it came to my truck. I bought slightly used for a huge discount. It looks and feels brand new. What's a few thousand miles to save thousands? I now am very happy with my decision to buy from here and not the other dealership I was going to use. My Dodge Ram Longhorn rides like a dream. Dierk is the finance mgr I had and super nice guy! He made my stress level less than it would normally be making such a big purchase.
Being a woman here without my husband I felt very comfortable with my whole experience. I felt they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. My little girl is so happy and is getting a stuffed ram as part of the deal.

S C. | 2014-09-07

I have to increase my rating by two stars only because my wiper fluid motor was successfully changed.

David S. | 2014-09-01

My salesman Burt tried to guilt me into purchasing a vehicle...like I owed him something.
Some manager Tony offered me 3500 for my trade in on the phone and I was ready to buy a new Jeep when he changed it to 2500 in person. They might have a good deal, but don't trust these guys...they wasted my time and they will waste yours, too.

Ashley L. | 2014-08-21

Worse dealership in jax. After our buying experience was so bad last year we didn't trust these guys for anything. They literally tell you one thing & then write up a contract as completely different hoping you're not smart enough to catch it. Complete liars. Their service department is the worst. They have no clue what cars are in their garage & which is yours for that matter. Don't go here.

Ruika L. | 2014-08-10

They were awful to my husband and I. Tue persons we spoke to first said it was his second day and didn't know much(not sure if it was ploy or not) and when a second guy started talking about prices I got confused as to who we were working with. After everything we found out online they do assumption forms, and that they may promise a certain price but they come back saying no they didn't get the price and because you signed the assumption form you can't do anything except return the car or accept the new payments. BEWARE ASSUPTION FORMS!!

Bill K. | 2014-08-03

Went here looking for a new vehicle for my wife. While they have a lot of SUV's they didn't have exactly what I was looking for. The place is clean and well kept and the sales staff is very friendly.

J. B. | 2014-07-05

I'm struggling with finding the right words to describe the horror of my experience with this dealership. We all know most car salesmen have a reputation of being pushy so it's obviously expected when we got to the car lot. "Pushy" is an understatement when dealing with the jokers at Jacksonville CJD. Of course, I would be pushy too if my making money was based primarily on having a talent for dealing with people and I was completely lacking in it. All I wanted was to look and see if they had a specific vehicle in 4x4. What ensued was being consistently given inconsistent quotes for the vehicle by one salesman, each quote a desperate plea to sign a stupid hand-written commitment to buy the vehicle if he eventually guessed the right number. No. Just... no.  I stated multiple times that I was ONLY looking and had no interest to buy that day because I wanted time to think over it. The second salesman was tolerable, although he ruined it by introducing me to the sales manager, who was SO incredibly rude, impatient, and overbearing that I almost started laughing when he rolled his eyes. He said there was no need to "think about it." Sorry "manager", but I approach buying a car as a serious transaction. You are the one who should change your approach to selling one.

I will never deal with these folks again - not even if I'm left car-less in the zombie apocalypse and they offer to toss me the keys from the rooftop to a free, brand-new, black Rubicon and a complimentary vial of the viral vaccine. Nope! Keep your 4x4, I'll take my chances with the brain-eaters, thank you very much. I strongly encourage anyone else to avoid this place and the complimentary headache, unless you are lonely and welcome the incessant influx of calls, voicemails, and text messages all trying to get you back to the dealership. God, it felt more like a bad-relationship-turned-messy-breakup than a poor car dealership experience; except in this case, Chrysler Jeep Dodge, it's not me, it's you.

Esther M. | 2014-05-21

Took my car in for a check engine light and brake issues.  $1100 later, they only fixed some of the issues, charged very high labor rates and times, and did not complete what was requested.   I will not be using them again for service on my jeep.

Will P. | 2014-04-23

Called two days in a row to schedule A/C service. No call backs. No manager available to speak with. No response whatsoever. If this is how they treat customers before they have the business, I can't imagine how terrible their actual products and service are. Good luck to anybody who allows their vehicles to be serviced by this dealer.

Alyssa Y. | 2014-04-18

My experience here was the worst I have ever had shopping for a car.  Extremely high pressure and intimidating, they won't listen to you.  Ladies beware.  I said I wasn't sure I wanted to trade my car and wanted numbers with the trade and without.  They only wanted a deal with my trade and ignored everything else.  Held me hostage with my keys and they were so rude when I said I wanted a night to go home and sleep on it.  Basically tossed my keys at me on the way out the door.

Kesar L. | 2014-04-02

This place will say anything to get a sale. They will sell cars that are not ready to sell and train their good sales guys how the beat around the bush to make it seem like it's not a big deal. I should have read the reviews before coming here. They used all the sales tactics and always pushing you to get it. I unfortunately bought a car which was not even working. They sold me a car that wasn't ready. They kept on stalling and giving me the run around once the car was sold. I had no problems with the sale guy Connor and the finance guy Paul. I did have a problem with the used car director, John. He is unprofessional by attire and attitude. Who wears a hat and shorts in a professional setting? He has zero customer service when he "took over" to help me out. He called to let me know the car was ready so I went to pick it up. I was waiting 40 minutes to be even acknowledged by him. He has a automatic defensive personality and was down right disrespectful. I've never felt so disrespected in my car buying experience. He didn't offer me a solution or even tried to put me in a new vehicle. No solution. No customer service. I canceled the deal because he failed at giving me a timeframe and didn't own up to this as a "director" but instead threw his team under the bus. I bought and new 2014 Ford Edge Sport at Bozard instead. Do not buy from JCJD!!!

Jim B. | 2014-02-04

I did not buy a car here so I may not be qualified to review it, but I come in every now and then for the express lane service. It is the fastest oil change that I have ever received. The customer waiting areas are nice enough, and overall I view it as a decent step up from Jiffy Lube at a similar cost. One negative thing- I dont enjoy being called "boss" or "bossman" repeatedly during the visit.

Josh S. | 2014-01-04

Staff is highly UN-knowledgable, found spit cups in cars (chewing tobacco spit), empty cups, trash in new vehicles. They try to get you to sign a contract saying you'll buy a car that day. Will not not not stop calling, and at all hours of the day/night.  Both locations are no bueno.

Mary B. | 2013-10-02

The absolute WORST customer service.  They over charge for parts and service.  I had service cost verified by a different Chrysler dealership and this one was charging us $400 more.  When we brought this to their attention, they admitted to their "mistake" in pricing and updated the cost.  We then took our Jeep to them more recently...made an apt for an existing service issue that they had in their computer from months back.  We show up at the appointment time, wait an hour for them to say they don't have the part.  We then come back the next day and the courtesy shuttle that they said would be available was not available and they did nothing to help us get back to our house.  They also tried to sell us a part for $228 that I could get after mark for $15.  I do understand dealer mark ups for certified parts but that is ridiculous.  We tried speaking to the service manager Eddie about our experience and he did nothing to try to make us feel better and actually stared my husband down when he mentioned leaving a yelp comment about their bad customer service and his remark back to him was "are you threatening me?".  We wasted hours of time at their dealership and they were in no way apologetic for any of the inconveniences they caused us.  

We even nicely suggested for them to comp the programming of our new remote key but they said that they can't have their techs work for free.  What about the hours of time we wasted b/c of their neglegence? It would have been a nice gesture to us considering the situtations they put us in.  The remote programming literally takes 10 mins.  

There are other JEEP/Chrysler dealerships in Jacksonville.  Don't make the mistake we did and go to this one.  They are the WORST!!!!!

Tracy G. | 2013-06-15

The service dept. is a nightmare! I bought a new jeep Cherokee and had problems with the Bluetooth. I took it in and they said it was fine. I came back the next day and they determined it had to be replaced and they would call me in the next day to fix it. 4 days later I decided to call. after 3 1/2-4 weeks of calling them and the customer service line. I left several unreturned messages also. Finally I had to call my salesman to make things happen. I got in the next day for the repair.

S P. | 2013-03-30

This dealership was one of the worst that I've ever visited!  I'll keep the story short, but they are the reason car dealers have a bad reputation.  They use every stupid trick in the car dealer playbook.  They are overly pushy, get you to sign statements to make you feel like you're more committed than you are, switch off salespeople, talk to the "manager", and try to get you to take the car overnight.  Their prices are not as good as you can get other places.  I wasted hours negotiating with them and came back the next day to make a deal.  I made it perfectly clear that I was negotiating FINAL price including EVERYTHING but tax, tag, and title.  After we agreed on a price and started paperwork they tried to sneak in $860 of extra fees.  And I do mean that they tried to sneak it in.  The salespeople are not knowledgable about the vehicles and blatantly lie about specs and features to try to get you to buy what they have.  They also tried to tell me that it was LAW that they process my registration for me and that is where $160 of the fees came from.  They are a FRAUD!  I took my business to Orange Park Dodge.  They do not have as nice of a facility, but the experience was what it should be.  No trickery, just negotiating a price and doing the deal.

Bingle B. | 2012-06-18

You know you're in a crappy situation when you keep looking around for Ashton Kutcher because you just know you're getting punked.  And such was the experience at Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge.  It all started when I bought a Dodge with a CVT transmission that no one will touch with a 10-ft pole.  Since every Dodge dealership within a 20-mile radius had closed, I had no choice but to take to JCJD for transmission repair.  That was last year.  Be forewarned that walk-ins are totally not welcomed and that the service drop off area is such a disorganized clusterfuck that you'll do much better turning your car around and going somewhere else.

Here's what I learned from my most recent experience at JCJD's service facility: each service manager (of which there are 5-6 working at any given time) have his/her own staff of mechanics.  The earliest appointment available depends on which service manager you end up having the misfortune of speaking to.  So, it's like a "luck of the draw" situation.  After being passed around to the third manager, I finally got an appointment for 4 days later.  I really should've run screaming into the night at that point, but I made the mistake of actually honoring my appointment and then I proceeded to spend the next 6 hours in the waiting room while they tried to figure out why my car's engine sounded like a jet engine taking off.  They told me that my front tires needed to be replaced.  And that I needed an oil change.  And that I needed a transmission flush because the fluid was "dark brown."  At that point, I knew they were fucking with me because I pointed out that they had just flushed the transmission about 7 months ago.  This prompted the manager to finally (!) check the service history (after 6 hours of poking around the car) and call one of the mechanics to ask if he actually checked the color of the fluid or was he has basing the need for the flush on the mileage.  The mechanic admitted that he didn't actually check the transmission before recommending a transmission flush.  Admittedly, I am a woman who didn't know how to check the oil until 2 months ago but, just because I'm not mechanically inclined, it doesn't mean that I'm an idiot.

Okay, so what did the tires, transmission, and oil change have to do with the noisy engine?  "Well, you may need some new spark plugs," I was told.  I asked if they needed a few more hours of poking around to determine for sure.  And, after I suggested that they check some specific things that were suggested by another mechanic at another shop, the service manager actually ROLLED HIS EYES AT ME.


Sara G. | 2012-03-15

DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE DEPARTMENT: I WOULDN'T GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP IF MY WRANGLER BROKE DOWN IN THEIR PARKING LOT. If I could give them a zero, I would.  I went in for an repair covered by my Jeep Chrysler warranty.  They could not find my warranty (even though this is the 8th dealership I have been to and have never had this issue before) so I had to leave and come back: Trip #2: Come back for a warranty repair and oil change.  They upsell me on the spark plugs.  I wait ALL DAY and then am told to take a rental car b/c my car is not ready.  I come back the next day, and immediately after driving off, my car is SHAKING VIOLENTLY.  Then, its starts to SMOKE.  I come right back and they say it is fixed.  I am on a road trip in GEORGIA when my car misfires.  When I get it to another dealership, the mechanic shows me the problem. When they replaced my sparkplugs, they BROKE the cap and didn't tell me.  Instead, they just TAPED the crack.  So now I am spending my vacation in a dealership getting my car fixed. Eventually I was reimbursed for the cost of the repairs to fix their mistake but not until I had to fight with the service manager.  I told him I wanted to have my vehicle inspected by another dealership to make sure everything was all right and he refused.  At the time, his desk was full of a bunch of OSHA violations.  He had other things to worry about other than customer service. I was later told by Jeep customer service the reason the dealership probably could not find my warranty was that my name had a typo.  But, Jeep told me if my VIN number was checked, it would have been found and called the dealership LAZY.  What a true statement. From the minute I walked in they cut corners and were lazy.   WALK AWAY BEFORE YOUR CAR IS SMOKING AND SHAKING!

Lisa W. | 2012-02-08

This was the strangest car experience I have ever had. It went ok from the time the salesman greeted me to the time when I wanted a brochure (which they had none) From the very beginning it was weird. They had a sales meeting where not one person looked at the receptionist through big glass windows to come out and she obviously was not able to interrupt. Meanwhile I was standing there waiting for htem to all finish, about 4 minutes. Then after a decent preview of cars, I ask for the brochure one more time. When I say I don't want to give them my email, I will I promise call him (Doc) with the sale and does he have a card? He says no (Oh come on!!) and leaves, then this guy comes out, takes over the transaction and starts bullying me about why I am not able to buy today, I told them it would be a couple of months. He told me people lie all the time and I was not being held captive to saty there and why can't I make a commitment to buy now. I looked at the first sales guy and talked to him only, told him that I would call him if I was ready and then proceeded to leave as fast as possible. For crying out loud that was the worst time I have ever had in a dealership. Run screaming and don't look back. Go to Yulee to that dealership. They are nice, on the up and up and not like Rambo the sales manager. I am so creeped out by this exchange it made me kind of sick. Scary! Oh, and he wanted to know why I had to leave at 10 am, and when I told him I had to go to work, he just stared at me. I am serious, this was so awful. I found another dealer in Yulee, I will go to them in a few months and support Rick Keffer Dodge-do the same.

Rebecca O. | 2011-08-18

Women buyers BEWARE!  I went into this dealership tonight to test drive a BMW that I saw on their website.  After spending all day looking at cars, at other dealerships, I couldn't remember the price that they had listed on the Internet.  After "checking in", which is required before you can even look at the inventory on the lot, I found that the price wasn't listed anywhere on the car.  I asked the salesman, who didn't know the price either, and that is when things started to go south.  

The salesman, while nice enough, was new and didn't really have a grasp on things.  He kept pushing me into naming a price and wanted me to sign a sentence saying I was a serious buyer...REALLY?  I came into the dealership didn't i?  With my children for that matter...no one comes to a dealership to window shop with their children.  I digress...after I signed the sentence that said I would buy and take home the car if we could comes to terms on price he went to his "managers" to work out things out.  When he came back I told him that I didn't want to pay their price and he insisted that I give him a number.  I knew that my price and their price were too far apart, but he just wouldn't quit.  I gave him my number expecting for him to come back with a counter offer or with a sorry we can't do that.  But instead he comes back with the" closer".  

This man should find a new profession.  Sales is not his strong suit.  He treated me with disrespect, was condescending and downright rude.  I guess he thought I was just another ditzy woman, but little did he know that I am the Eastern Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 company.  I didn't need to be sold.  All he needed to do was tell me that we were too far apart or counter.  Instead he lost the sale, and upset me so much that I will never buy a car from his dealership and will do my best to steer others elsewhere.

The number one problem with bad salesmen is that they forget to shut up and listen.  I wasn't some dumb broad that was going to be hustled.  I just didn't want to pay what you were asking for your vehicle and you wouldn't take no for an answer.

I suggest the dealership invest some money in sales training.  It just might be beneficial.

Anthony S. | 2011-07-14

customer service sucks... service on vehicle was good.  Very pricey

Penny C. | 2010-04-28

I just bought a new Jeep and I found the salesman to be a little too pushy.  But in the end, they offered me more for my money than a Jeep dealership in another city.  I wanted one particular feature, but I wanted it on a base model.  Jacksonville CJD told me that the feature could be added to the base model.  It took two days for the salesman at the other dealership to let me know that it could be added.  The salesman Jerry, knows a ton about Jeeps and went through everything with me.  The other dealership didn't know how the new soft-tops worked and told me that they didn't have any that had the feature I wanted.  Jerry told me that all of the soft-tops now fold down without having to zip the windows out.