Audi Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Audi Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 460-5445
Address:7230 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32244
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Audi Jacksonville

Scotty C. | 2015-04-14

I recently purchased my Audi from this dealership. As with most all car dealerships, the car buying process is extremely archaic and could be improved from beginning to end. However, while the sales experience process wasn't too bad with my assigned sales rep, getting the paperwork and delivery of the vehicle was horrid.

None of the departments were on the same page and this caused delays in delivering my vehicle. Hopefully the service I receive now that I own the car will be much better!! Since this is the only Audi dealership in Jacksonville, there aren't many options, but they need to remember, things change and should work to improve their overall process. Sales person was great though!! Thanks Abraham!

Larry A. | 2015-02-27

I recently purchased an Audi 2015 model and received one of the best services from both the sales specialist-Abraham and the general sales manager-Tom. They were more than helpful to me and the vehicle I was looking for and I highly recommend their expertise to future buyers.

Gizelle A. | 2015-02-03

When it came time to buy my new Audi, I knew the best place to get it was from Audi Jacksonville. Having had my previous Audi serviced there for a few years, I was very impressed with their service department and the valet option, which saves me a ton of time. The service employees have also always been wonderful, very personable and honest when telling me what I truly needed to get done on the car and what could wait.

My shopping experience was no less exceptional than my service one. We were greeted by Patrick Fisher who helped guide me to the car I fell in love with. He was one of the best salesmen I have ever dealt with - informative, upfront, helpful, knowledgeable. All without being pushy or coming across in any negative way. He helped me make my own decision without making it for me. He continues to be really helpful now, months after the sale - if I ever have a question and email him, I get a response right back. Very prompt and I would strongly recommend him to anyone shopping for a car. The financing experience was a breeze too. All paperwork was done promptly, correctly and was very easy from my side. There were absolutely no glitches in setting up the loan and trading in my previous car. During the sale, any additional options offered to me were explained clearly and honestly and I made my own decision which ones to get.

Thanks to Patrick, David Corey and the Audi Jacksonville staff.

A Auto I. | 2015-01-13

Bought my Audi A4 Cabriolet and initially had good service when Mike Kennedy was my advisor.  Then he left and that's when the service went to hell.  First,  I could never get an appointment then when we did, the parts were never in stock and when I had to take a loaner (a A3 with no options) ivy Meyer charged $200 for it, even after we paid for diagnosis. I'm glad we declined the $1150 thermostat replacement,  as we brought the vehicle for a second opinion who fixed it with a $35 part in the vacuum line.   To make matters worse,  she was upset that we declined the fix she tacked on an extra $250 for use of loaner.  My wife was so upset she paid the bill because she knew I would fly down there and have to be removed as this is criminal.  I called the service Mgr who said he would review the situation but never called back with a resolution.   Misdiagnosed and ripped off, that's how they operate at Audi Jax.

Sam S. | 2014-12-23

Let me preface this review by saying there are disgruntled people out there who are just bitter and will never be happy. However, I've given this dealership plenty of chances before having to write this and I RARELY ever post negative reviews. Obviously, this pushed me to the point of doing so.

This is the only Audi dealership in Jacksonville. And they certainly act like it. I've had several major DOCUMENTED issues that I've worked with Audi the manufacturer to help me escalate in the past, and the dealership ended up doing an internal audit and laying off several unqualified service people. Not a great sign in my opinion. And they even self-admitted some of their service problems. Well the woes still continue.

Just a sampling of the major problems I've had with them:

- They lost an almost-brand new tire of mine and refuse to compensate me for it.

- It's taken me an average of 6 - 8 times to resolve ANY issue. They'll push back on almost everything at first. I have yet to resolve an issue that was covered two years ago under my warranty.

- Terribly inconsistent service. They've completed 45K mile service on my car before and the very next day my brake lights came on as I needed new brakes. Something that should have been caught. Along the same lines, in multi-inspection reports they've marked my tires below average on one visit and then excellent on the next. Which leads me to believe they don't complete them accurately.

I can list several other issues. Unfortunately, while I LOVE my car, working with this dealership has been a nightmare, but we can't really do much about it as they're the only ones in town.

However, if you decide to purchase an Audi, go down south as I can assure you that you'll save a lot of money over buying it from this dealership.

Matt W. | 2014-11-10

I have been to two other Audi dealerships for warranty work and regular maintenance. One was absolutely terrible and the other was okay. My first trip here was superb. Despite being busy that day, they still managed to get my car in and out the very same day. Something that had ever been done before at the other dealerships, even when I needed something simple like an oil change.

I have a 2013 S6 which is my baby and they treated it as well as I would. Very helpful and friendly staff. I am couldn't be more impressed.

Yolanda W. | 2014-09-24

While visiting the Jacksonville area I had to take my 2014 Q7(TDI) in for an alignment. The service rep was great and got me in the next day and provided a loaner. After driving back home to Idaho, I noticed my suv was pulling to the left again (5 weeks later). 90% of my miles are highway miles. I drove to the dealership in Salt Lake City and found out I needed to spend another $270 on an alignment! They showed me the printout from Audi Jacksonville (which I provided for them) and showed me adjustments that should have been made. They contacted Audi Jacksonville more than once to see if they would be willing to help me with this repair, since they just performed the same service 5 weeks earlier and never got a response back. I'm very disappointed in the service I received here and the lack of response from the service department. Needless to say, I will never use this dealership again when I'm in the Jacksonville area again! I expected better from Audi.....

Jimmy L. | 2014-06-30

Beware Beware Beware!!! This place is one scam after another. I purchased my Audi A4 Convertible from this dealership in 2010. I noticed a rumbling noise in November 2012 so brought the vehicle in for repairs. I was told it was an alternator pulley and paid a lot to have it fixed. I noticed the noise was still there when i pulled out. I brought it back one year later because the noise was getting worse. I was told it was a crankcase ventilation valve and paid a lot to have it fixed. I again noticed the noise was not even slightly better when i pulled out. I was so sick of paying and not getting anything for it i decided to go to another dealership - DBMW in Jax beach. Within 30 minutes (and only $75 charge) they told me that my transmission was busted and needed to be replaced. They also informed me that there was "a class action lawsuit for the model and make of my vehicle." I had an attorney to look into it and found that my car was impacted by this class action lawsuit and i was entitled to have the transmission fixed or replaced at no charge up to 100,000 miles. Guess what? I was at 100,200 miles. But I was well below 100,000 miles back in 2012 and 2013 when i first brought the car in. I had my attorney draft a letter asking the dealership to acknowledge that the issue was pre-existing prior to the mileage.  However the dealership refused and asked to have another look at the vehicle. I returned with my attorney and DBMW's diagnostic report showing that the transmission was non-functional. They agreed to review free of charge. Once my attorney left and my car was finished they informed me that my transmission was "busted" No Kidding - and i was charged $400 for the diagnostic charge (and charged my credit card without my permission). Please Please Please watch out for this place. They charge for repairs that are not needed and hide issues to lapse on manufacturer warranties. I finally gave up on having any resolution and was able to trade the vehicle in for a new car at a significantly lower value due to the transmission - NOT AN AUDI.

Beth C. | 2014-04-02

All too often we sit down to write a review to give our worse description of how we were wronged because the "taste" of "I'm going to let everyone know how I feel" still lingers.

And yes I have been there, writing a review on the heals of being treated poorly because of someone else's bad day or incompetence. Or, thinking that "well this person should just know better".

This review is based on my vehicle's last several visits and satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Yes, both can coexist.

While I think Audi of Jacksonville's newer) service manger Glenn is genuine in his approach and dealing with the customer, he also has a big job in managing a diverse group of people that may not always do the same steps as their counterparts. But it is up to him to make it "right" for our vehicles when they need to be fixed.

I try to keep this in mind when I call to have my vehicle serviced for a repair as I have had my own direct reports and subordinates to deal with and people always complaining to me when something is not right. Now I'm on the other side.....

My Audi Q5 is a 2012 and the past issues, although fixed, go unexplained so I have no idea what the true root cause was for the problems.

The 1st repair visit was to address a leak in the front on the passenger side. When it rained heavily, the inside of the vehicle under the dash was soaked from water. Carpet had to be pulled out, dried, and what ever part (also reported in a TSB) replaced. After 3 times back to the dealership they finally got it fixed. Why did it take 3 times to fix a known issue? I give them kudos for getting a vehicle out to me that day and taking mine under care to have the shop foreman (on the 3rd visit) address the issue. I can't say I would rate them high marks for having to do this 3 times.

This last trip was another "leak" discovery in the rear wiper system. Apparently, the washer pump needed to be replaced. Since I got it back and it's only been one day, I hope it is fixed. After 2 years why would this go out (perhaps that is another posting) as it was with the front of the vehicle that had an under dash leak.

After signing all the necessary release paperwork the delivery driver was on his way as I too was preparing to put my vehicle in the driveway. I got in and discovered the driver side sun visor was broken. No, can't be? Yes, my first "feeling" was anger slowed to a calmness because I knew after previous conversations with Glenn, this would be addressed. Inconvenience for me yes, and for them as well because now they have to send someone out (1.5 hrs away) to fix the visor. To the point of whomever detailed (washed and tires cleaned) the vehicle knew they broke the visor and continued on without saying a word to anyone. I have no idea who did it I just know it was irresponsible. The visor was not fixed as of this posting as they are hopefully in transit.

One thing I will say to the delivery person, don't change the settings of the owners vehicle. We don't like that! Adjusting the seat and mirrors are necessary for a safe drive and I myself don't have a problem with that. I want you to be comfortable driving my vehicle and make sure you can see out the mirrors. But don't press every button that you are now resetting or turning off some feature that we the owner have set to our liking or need. After one return, my seat memory was gone and that takes a bit to get readjusted and the interior light dimmed (this is the little button to the left of the steering wheel that must be pushed to an unreleased position in order to rotate).

The 3 stars I give are because of Glenn the service manager who has addressed the issues with my vehicle thus far.

Yelp did not post this under the correct owner of the post. This should be D. Bullock and not Beth C.

Tanya S. | 2013-04-17

I bought an Audi A5 from this very dealership 1 year ago. I can agree with Keith on the sale and all the haggling. It did seem a tad much. On the other hand it is to be expected when dealing with a business and its profit. Negotiation is everything people. Anyway my sales guy, Tom, was elated to have my business. I'd recommend Audi to anyone and if you do decide to buy in Jax please see Tom. There are some shady characters in there but seek out Tom and do not accept any part of the deal you aren't satisfied with. This isn't to say you can walk in and talk the people down $15,000 on a brand new luxury vehicle... I love my car and can't wait to get the A7 next year.

Jamie V. | 2011-05-14

I've been to the service department a few times now.  They have always been very helpful and attentive.  This is by far the best car dealership service department I have dealt with.