Lipton Toyota in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Lipton Toyota located in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale Florida on 1700 West Oakland Park Blvd. It is our mission to create your most pleasant auto buying and ownership experience. We are a family owned business for twenty-five years. Stop by and visit our brand new state-of-the-art sales, service and parts facility in the area. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. We have received the Prestigious President's Awards for 12 consecutive years and we are also 1 of 10 dealers in the Southeast United States to receive the elite award from Toyota Motor Sales "Board of Governors". What does this all mean to you the customer? It means that Lipton Toyota knows how to take care of its customers.
Our Sales Staff is very professional, respectful, and knowledgeable on our vast product line, in order to provide you with the information needed in order to make a truly exceptional purchase experience...


Established in 1989.

Lipton Toyota has been a family owned dealership since 1989.

Lipton Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(954) 626-8616
Address:1700 W Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33311
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Lipton Toyota

Paul F. | 2015-04-10

Purchased third car from Lipton in recent 18 years. One Camry and two Rav 4's! The financing guy even recognized us again! Very nice guy. Grandpa passed recently but even he and grandma purchased their vehicle there many moons ago. Many thx Lipton Toyota!! Thumbs up!!

May M. | 2015-04-02

You have a responsibility to address concerns from customers and not charge them for doing nothing! Apologizing is not taking care of the issue. Please do share what he witnessed as I expressed concern but in a professional manner. What has been done to prevent future customers from being taken advantage of as I have been? From the rest of the reviews on here, Yelp, and Twitter, not to mention the BBB, you have a lot of unhappy customers all complaining about the same thing. An apology only goes so far and loses value the more its said. Its so sad that you give such a great brand of cars a bad name! Shame on you and your establishment!

Manuel S. | 2015-04-02

Service dept was great again. These guys and personable and professional. I like going to places where they know my name when I come in. I have been to Al Hendrickson, Deerfield Toyota and Hollywood Toyota, not even close. Lipton is the best and strongly recommend.

Elizabeth C. | 2015-03-28

Never knew you could go and rent a car at a car dealership! Turns out that's a thing.

My car died on me and I needed a car asap. My boyfriend told me about Lipton and their low rental prices, so I gave them a call. I got a rate of $33 a day for a week- my total with tax was $147. Not bad at all. I got a 2014 corolla with all of the options. It was a fun little car to drive around for the week.

Best thing about Lipton was that they came to my apartment to pick me up to bring me to the office so I could get my rental. This was incredibly helpful and unexpected. Hopefully I won't need a rental again anytime soon, but if I do I will definitely come back here!

Jay O. | 2015-03-03

Finally fantastic service from guys who say something and mean it.
I was shopping for a new Tacoma and 2 of my 3 local dealerships were not being very cooperative. I had planed to get out of town to do some fishing and just to do some price shopping I called a couple of south FL dealerships. Lipton seemed to be the best choice, I walked in and spoke with Antony Venezia a sales Manager. I told him the deal I wanted and he was honest and said "I will try " He did MUCH more then that he and the salesman he referred me to Shaheed Khan blew me away with their customer service. AND they actually gave me the deal we agreed to. I was done in about an hour with an awesome new Tacoma lease.
The finance Manager Anthony something was very professional and no hard sales too.
Finally car salesman I can trust, Thanks Anthony Venezia and Shaheed you have a customer for life.

Vinny M. | 2014-12-20

I purchased a 2012 Camry in May of 2012. The experience was great from beginning to end. I just had my 30,000 mile maintenance and I give my service rep Bob Stanisich and the service team an A+ rating!

Great S. | 2014-11-17

On 11/15/14 Eric Jones took in my truck and my wife's van by appointment. I was 15 min late, he was nice, and I couldn't have been happier with the service and the time it took to do it.

Oil change for my truck, battery change for the van, both Maintenance/Service covered when I purchased the vehicles there, $0.00.

By the time I went to get burgers and hot dogs at the Sales entrance, came back to find the newspaper, conncet my kids to the wifi in the waiting area and sit down, they called my name that both vehicles were done. They didn't even get a chance to play. 10/10 would do it again.

Nicholas M. | 2014-11-02

The best service ever.. i drive from south miami to go to this was exceptionsl from purchasing to service

Jennifer B. | 2014-10-23

I have had the opportunity to lease and buy three cars so far from Lipton.  I found their professional and pleasant service does not stop when you drive your car off the lot.  The service department has always been great at helping me by working around my schedule to get me in and out quickly.   Also, I have not found any better pricing in South Florida.     Thank you and keep up the good work.

Nicole S. | 2014-10-16

The only reason this place is getting one star is because the service manager is doing all he can to help rectify a really bad experience.

I bought a certified Prius from them last May, figuring I'd be getting a clean car with no problems. The short version is that it had a defective tire that I've been complaining about for 7 months now, and it finally had a blowout.

Then, after my own fender bender, I discovered that it had been in an accident, with right side impact (discovered only after the insurance adjuster pointed out a pin stripe on one side, but not the other)

The used car manager tried to appease me by a) blaming the other dealership I brought the car to for service and b) offering me new tires at "his cost".

Seriously, a year after paying top dollar for a "certified" car, I'm on the hook for TWO NEW TIRES?

The new service manager took care of me, but BUYER BEWARE. STAY AWAY,

Victor C. | 2014-10-08

Management (Ruben) & Sales Staff (Louis) provided Excellent Service. They answered all my questions and was very patience and professional. You now have one loyal customer.

M H. | 2014-10-07

Once again, thank you Lipton Toyota's Service Department!!! My daughter and I had both cars serviced today, great experience as always!! We even had a complementary sandwich and cookies while waiting, nice touch!! I have always had positive experiences and will continue to service my cars at Lipton. Professional and helpful staff from the Porter to the Service Manager. Beautiful waiting area, and clean rest rooms, well done Lipton, thank you!!!!

Jeff H. | 2014-09-30

Called Lipton about a Tacoma with manual transmission I was interested in purchasing. Was told they had one in stock. Drove half hour and after a phony golf cart ride around lot was told the vechicle was in Jacksonville. Jerky salesman offered no apology and pressured me to buy one they had in stock "today" I can see why they get such horrible reviews. This place is crap and Toyota should be ashamed to give them a franchise

Mehr K. | 2014-09-14

I have been to other Toyota dealerships and not had the wonderful experience that I had at Lipton I can't speak for anyone else but I arrived here around lunch time with no appointment and they took my car right in for service and said that it would be done in an hour while I was waiting there were comfortable seating and semi private work stations I could sit at well I did say it was lunch time and I was hungry they provide sandwiches and cookies and water free they gave me a bottle of water and unfortunately all they had was ham and I don't eat pork so I asked one of the guys outside where I could grab something to eat that wasn't so bad and he suggested a subway and he drove me there and brought me back and another employee asked me if I ate everyone was really sweet thoughtful and warm and they had my car done in an hour ! I

Stacy S. | 2014-09-12

After being contacted by J.R. Merritt, a top ranking Sales Manager, J.R. was both professional and straight forward.  I was extremely appreciative of his professionalism and his expertise.  After discussing the issues, we were able to come to a satisfactory agreement and resolve any issues that I previously had.  J.R. restored my faith in Lipton Toyota and car sales as a whole.  I want to also thank Anthony Spence form finance, for making the entire transaction both easy and efficient. He was helpful, polite, and professional. There are so many times where "hiccups" happen at the finance level, but there was absolutely none with him.  Our final salesperson, John Tavares, was also helpful and in no way a factor in creating any issues I previously had.  It was actually a pleasure walking into the dealership knowing that all issues had been resolved honestly and openly, and only dealing with the three individuals listed above in a timely and expedient fashion.

Goksun E. | 2014-08-19

I recently purchased a 2010 Prius III from Lipton Toyota. From the first call that sale person Jose made after my request for more details on AutoTrader website, my experience with them was great...

Before I decided to take a look at the car, I asked Jose some specific questions regards to the car's features. Unlikely other dealers that I called and got response hours later, he told me that he was going to walk to the car and make sure that the car was equipped with promised features as the ad. I made an appointment for next day at noon to go in... ( basically took a risk since I've had gone to different dealer last week for a similar vehicle which ended up being base model with nothing in it )

Prius was certified and in great shape. After the test ride, we went in to talk about the details. They were quite helpful with my 98 Jeep Cherooke trade in value.. Even more helpful, with my limited credit history due to not being in the country long enough and spending quite some time out of the country for work. They explained me why I needed to expect little more monthly payments, however, they were going to do anything possible to get me a good deal.  

Regardless DMV system was down, finance director Sean completed my process with helping me even more with adding GAP protection without damaging my pocket.  Then, while I was filling out the paperwork with Sean, Jose told me that they were getting the car washed for me. Honestly, the car seemed already super clean to me. Still nice gesture by Lipton Toyota.

At the end, Jose walked me to my Prius and told me that he apologize for the long wait time and will leave me alone as soon as he connects my phone via bluetooth.  Couple minutes later, I was on my way home with super clean Certified 2010 Prius with only 41k miles on it.  

I might not go there for getting my car serviced since there are many others closer to where I live, however, I will definitely visit them next year or two to renew my Prius with a newer model.

Thank you Lipton Toyota...

Azn F. | 2014-07-27

What a bunch of con artists!

I was helping my friend buying a car.  Saw a Certified Camry we wanted on AutoTrader and called this lame dealership to see if the car is still available.  Tino, the sales manager answered and said the car is still available so we came down and got there in 15 minutes.  We walked in and asked for Tino but this Hispanic salesman (I forgot his name or otherwise I would throw him under the bus too) said he will take care of us.  Mind you we're standing right outside Tino's office, looking at Tino but Tino was "too busy" to even walk out and say hi to us.  What a shitty first impression of this dealership.  Then this salesman said that car is being sold as we speak and pointed to this room.  I looked in that room and it was empty!  I should've walked out but then Tino finally came out and said he has similar cars available and he will "match" the price of the other cars if we stayed.

So we test drove another Camry and back at the dealership.  The salesman asked for a copy of my friend's driver license to start the transaction to which I told him we're only looking and just wanting to get the out the door number of this car.  He insisted to get the driver license and when I stand firm on not giving it to him, he said FINE! with an attitude (he looked so stupid actually and I wished I had my camera phone with me) and walked into the office.  

Then he came out with a price that's about $5000 more than the previous Camry.  I asked him why and he said the Certified Warranty is an option and if we want it, it would cost another $1000.  I said WTF because every other Toyota dealerships we went to wouldn't say a car it's Certified and then says that's optional and if you want it, add another $1000 to the listed price.  Then the other costs for something really bs, like nitrogen on the tires, administration fee this, another administration fee that.

So we told him we'll look for other cars to which he told us to sit down while he go talk to Tino.  After he left, we just walked out and didn't look back.

Buyers beware - When you see CERTIFIED cars on their website, make sure to add $1000 to the price listed on the ad if you want to keep that certification.  Lame business practice that I experienced first hand!

Bill T. | 2014-07-24

Horrible experience at Limpton Toyota Ft Lauderdale
I own a 2008 Toyota Prius and each time I am forced to replace the headlight I am amazed at the cost.  I say forced because the manufacturer has designed the car that people can not change there own headlights.  believe me I have tried the front bumper has to be taken off to replace the light.  This is my third time replacing the headlight the first time over five years ago where they charged me around $365 for the headlight and a class action lawsuit was
Filed against them from someone that was way more diatribes them I, so a small settlement check was mailed out.  So the next time the headlight went out I decided not to replace it and after 6 months driving around town I brought it in to Limpton and it cost $265, YES, $265 for one headlight!  Then a week later I was driving to the gym at 5 am which is my normal gym hour someone told me that my other light went out, I said no way your mistaken!  No they weren't mistaken.  So once again I drove without a headlight again then finally I decided I had to get it done.  Coincidentally there happened to be moisture in the shell of the light.  Bottom line as you can see from the bill it cost me $1,020.45 to replace the light.  This amount is really suspicious and the fact my other light went out a week later is also suspicious since these days there no reason to lift up the hood
I find the sales people fake and i question there method of doing.  I will Berber bring my car there and If I chose to by the 2016 4th generation Prius  I will not buy from them and will I sit from the company I buy it from a warranty on the highlights if they haven't fixed the headlight replacement issue.
If anyone has had similar issues with headlight fees please share
Also they took WAY to long to do the job and the driving service reliability was very pour if your time management is important I suggest you find a ride from a friend.  I give it two stars because the driver was a nice man and played good jazz on the radio

Jan L.'s comment on your review:

Thank you for taking the time to post your review, Bill. And thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our Service Manager. The computer behind the housing of the headlight on your Prius was waterlogged and shorted out. The only way we could have known that was by removing the bumper. There was water entry into the headlight and the headlight assembly was replaced. This included the housing, the high intensity light bulb, as well as the waterlogged electrical ballast. We are truly sorry for the terrible experience that you have had to endure with the headlights on your Prius. We sincerely hope that you can give the Lipton Toyota family a second chance.

Bill T
It appears if the mechanic really looked at the light issue that it would of been discovered that the moisture issue would of come from the ballast part and the the lighting housing unite didn't have to be replaced especially since there weren't any cracks or scratches on the light unite.  $1,020.45 is a lot of money for a light, and if your company was really about customer service and quality service that once the ballast was discovered to have been the problem that your company could of make a phone call to say there is good news.  Rather then the actual news of the phone call of "we have discover that the ballast also needs to be replaced and that is an additional $240.00".  It appears that profit is more important then protecting Toyota's reputation as a good quality car that takes care of it's customer in a fair way

Jan L
Bill, we truly are sorry for letting you down. You have been a loyal customer since 2008, and we appreciate you. Please consider giving us another chance.

Bill T
How are you going to make this situation correct?

Jan L
ur Service Manager, Nelson, can help rectify the situation. Please call our Service Manager at (954) 735-1330. Thank you.

Bill T
Hello Jan
I just got off the phone with Nelson he was very short and said he could not offer me anything different then our last conversation.  Why did you ask me to call him?

Jan L
We genuinely do appreciate your business. Our Service Manager, Nelson, is the one who can help rectify your situation. Again, we apologize if you did not have the experience you had hoped for.

Bill T
How is the next person to talk with.  Your company scammed me in replacing the headlight shell when it probably didn't have to, this must be resolved.

Karol M. | 2014-07-24

If service staff were as nice as the guys outside who receive your car, they would win my 5 stars.

Marie K. | 2014-07-15

I called the dealership and spoke to one of the managers, Scotty, to express my displeasure with the transaction.  About a minute into the phone call, he stated he could not help and promptly hung up. Continued horrible experience with this dealership.

Michelle N. | 2014-07-15

This dealership was shoddy at best.

I was assisting an uncle in finding a car, said uncle doesn't speak English so I was mostly going as an interpreter. After running through the basic "what do you want in a car" conversation, the sales rep asked which car we wanted to see. While it would've been better to have a suggestion after we just listed numerous things (thereby wasting everybody's time), I figured a Camry would be okay since those are seemingly a lot of hype, I was just rolling with whatever name I knew.
When we got into the car the rep kept saying how nice it was. Every time I asked for clarification he would dodge the question or completely ignore it. So when we got out, I knew nothing of the car other than that it was nice. No gas milage, no perks, no bonus features, I found out nothing about the car to relay to my uncle, so I had to run a quick google search and find the information myself. It led me to rightfully assume that the guy knew nothing of the car other than that he owned one and that it was nice.
When he asked what my uncle thought of it, his response was that he didn't like how the car drove. "That's so strange." The rep stated over and over (four times, I counted) as if it would suddenly change his mind. My uncle reluctantly agreed to look at pricing to see if it was worth the trouble.
The rep sent out a manager to speak with us when we seated ourselves. Whom immediately took a condescending tone with us. I don't know how often other adults appreciate being treated like a child, but I was almost sure it was not the way to speak to a potential buyer. After explaining a pricing deal my cousin had apparently talked about over the phone with another rep, the manager said it was impossible. Thus it was fact that we were misled to think that the car pricing would be that low. His preschool teacher tone continued when he said "we don't use those kinds of bad words here."
The overall experience was awful. While not only was the phone call misleading but also the idea that a person would get decent customer service when we walked in. Clearly, the rep had no interest in selling the car to us and the manager had a very small vocabulary. While he may not have personally misled my family, someone in his institution did, and rather than correcting it or explaining the situation. He said not to use a bad word. Very professional, good sir.

I implore whomever has read this review, please find another dealership. Especially if you would much rather be given an informational and professional experience.

M D. | 2014-06-26

Well I'd give 0 stars if I could here. My first experience a little while ago was to get work done here for a recall & for that I'd say what many others did: it took way too long and they tried to basically tell me my car would blow up if I didn't spend a ton of money. This shady behavior from a dealership/service center was completely expected so nothing new there. Side note to Toyota, this is why ppl go to firestone.

But today I had a far worse experience. After getting a mailing to bring in my car to see how much it's worth, I brought it in. It doesn't start until tomorrow so I came in on the wrong day, but I'm wondering how hard it would've been for the guy to get off his lazy ass and tell me what it's worth. Especially since I'll probably lay down tens of thousands of dollars there (well I won't now anyway). I dunno where to begin with this guy. Right from the start it was nothing but rudeness & the guy acted like he was optioning me some favor by even talking to me. There was no handshake, no offer to sit (though I too it upon myself to do so), the guy barely looked up from his computer to insult my friend and I. He proceeded to insult my friend, asking if they wanted their $50 too. (They offered that in their mailing for having your car looked at and test driving a car). We were especially insulted by this considering that we didn't give a crap about their $50, but instead were both probably looking to trade up/buy a new car. After he then insulted us further by telling us what my friend's car was (probably) worth (we already looked it up needless to say, he was way off), we got up and left. Oh and he was also pretty rude when I asked if it would take four hours when and if I did come in. I should've told him not to be so quick to laugh because that's how long the recall took-it was painful. So our experience then ended-No pleasantries exchanged, no 'come on back, we'd love to have your business', it's basically up to me to figure out what to do next since this guy was too busy on the internet to tell me what to do. I wasn't told who to deal with, or maybe what the best time to come in would be..hell he didn't even ask ME what kind of car I had. So thanks Toyota, for the crap customer service. I'm now looking to trade in my car basically ANYWHERE but there & probably spending another $20-30,000 somewhere else.

And do me a favor and skip the reply where you say 'we are very sorry..sorry you had a negative experience...blah blah blah'...#1-it doesn't mean anything AFTER the fact (your chance to make a good impression was earlier today)...& #2-it sort of loses it's sincerity when you copy and paste a form apology for your incompetence into every single poor review that you get (& there seems to be a lot of them).

CC .. | 2014-05-05

I wanted to find out how much for 60k maintenance on my Lexus. I got 199.99 quoted on the phone by a polite gentleman, so I drove there only to be told it was going to be over 400.00, then when I said no, I was told that since I was quoted that they would do just an oil change and filter replacements. I got up to leave and then I was told it would actually be higher because I was being quoted on a 6 cylinder. Talk about disillusioned, I said I came here because you quoted me a lower price, and the guy says well Lexus will charge you 800-900, I said no they said 60k would be 499.00. So I realize you want customers to spend money but this sort of tactic is uncalled for. When I say tactic, I mean flat out lying!

Phillip M. | 2014-05-04

Purchased a new Toyota and may, I repeat may, have gotten a fair deal.  I don't know.  Came into dealership with what I thought was a straight forward, guaranteed car buying service, internet price (Total MSRP).  My head was spinning after talking to the sales manager and his manipulations with the numbers and extra fees, charges, and add ons.  The bottom line price was more than I expected.  I was beaten down and purchased the car.  Days later I reviewed the details of my purchase and found charges for features I didn't understand, want or need ($399 for Nitrogen air in my tires, come on!!!).  I did give dealer an opportunity to explain, but got no response.  Suggest you go to several dealers before you purchase, have salesperson breakdown in detail all costs, and read the paperwork before you sign.  My image of car salesmen has not changed, beware and be skeptical.

Laura C. | 2014-05-03

I tool my car in for service and the people were very friendly and helpful.

Despite them being extremely busy, my car was done by the time they said it would.

Uttaresh M. | 2014-04-09

My rearview mirror came off. It was a Lexus, but as Toyota owns Lexus, it was a Toyota mirror. Anyway, all I needed was one tiny spring about a third of an inch long.

Without even looking at my car, the mirror, or the part, they said they don't provide parts and that it would take $900 to buy a new mirror.

I found the part online for $8.50 -- also from an authorized dealer. What the heck, this dealership is a scam.

Katie R. | 2014-03-22

Renting a car at Lipton try before you buy is great. It went seamlessly and the waiting area is lovely with coffee and some sandwiches.  However that is where "the dream" ends.  When we went in to negotiate with the sales staff about buying a car, I was quoted some prices that were at least 2000.00 more than was sent in an email from the sales staff a few weeks ago.  The attitude was so poor from the salesman I'm wondering if he gets a commission for not making a sale.  I believe he said he didn't have the time to invest in cooking the books err changing the numbers on the piece of paper..because that's basically the extent of "the work" these guys do.  Buying a car shouldn't have to be so painful.  And I would like to plead with all car salesmen to please cut down on the number of trips you have to make to your overseers!

Mara S. | 2014-02-08

I bought my Prius here in 2008 and had a great experience with the sales department, however the service department makes me wish I'd bought my car elsewhere.

I went in for a recall service that, when scheduling my appointment, was told would take "about an hour". When I checked in with Bob S., he seemed irritated already. Perhaps he was having a bad morning. He told me the service would take 2 hours and would call me when my car was ready. I left to do some errands and get lunch and 2 hours later, I returned to find out what the status was. When I asked him if my car was ready, he said curtly, "If I didn't call you, it means your car isn't ready."  Oookay. I asked how long it would be. He told me 10 minutes and I told him I would wait. It is now over 30 minutes later and my car is still not ready. I don't even want to approach him again to ask what's going on because I don't need the attitude. Needless to say, in the future, I will be taking my car elsewhere for my service needs.

On the plus side, it looks like they've done some remodeling inside and the waiting area is comfortable and appears well-maintained.

Samantha S. | 2014-01-28

This dealership fraudulently diagnoses cars to get more money. They do not provide clear OR accurate diagnostics. I have a toyota corolla and went in for service after my check engine light came on. They had my car for 2 hours and when I returned there was a huge scratch on the back end and they wanted to charge me 650$ for a "front cover" leak.  After telling them about the new scratch they proceeded to pass blame and not solve the issue. I went to another auto repair center for a second opinion where they told me the diagnostic report from toyota was a joke and they were intentionally trying to scam money. Toyota's description of "front cover leak" is not even a real term. These mechanics quoted me 180$ for the repair. I am thoroughly disgusted with the way toyota handled my car and service. I am in the process of filing a formal complaint with the branch manager. Think twice before taking your car to this scamming dealer.

Timothy L. | 2013-09-24

Not happy to have to write this, but BUYER BEWARE......

I had looked forward to buying a car at Lipton since Ive had good luck with Corollas for 12 years and theyre down the street from my house.

I stopped by to browse and was treated very rudely.  Contacted them and told to please come back. I did and was shown a new 2014 Corolla by a salesperson Al, which drove great and I asked about a trade in for my vehicle.

My 2004 corolla had 64000 miles and was in good condition, KBB value around $5000-6000. I wanted $6000

They offered $3000.........

Later the mgr came out and said "what can I do to get you in this car today?"    We went back and forth until he said the car is only worth $3600.

Lie #1 (they said it was only worth $3000, now $3600)

I left, came back the next day after doing some more research and deciding I could go down to $5000 on the trade if I got a good deal.

They offered  to throw in a tire hazard ins plan free, and promised I would get a deal on the service agreement if purchased which I did want.

When we get to finance, then they tried to back pedal saying they were including the tire warranty that comes with the tires!  Which didn't even make sense as they are included anyway.  We had specifically talked about the cost of the tire hazard policy, so it wasn't miscommunication.

We add the extended mtc plan which is supposed to be at half price........then they say they cannot do that.  We go back and forth and they agree to do the low interest rate to offset the discount of the mtc plan.

I later learn the low interest was available to me anyway.

Not the most honest group over there at Lipton........the dealer add-on fees is where they are making their money $699 for nitrogen in tires.  $995 dealer fee, $700 in title and registration and processing fees, etc.....

Delivery of the car :

Car was dirty, stains on headrest and seat and armrest   - had to make appt for another detailing at a later date since I couldn't wait.  Had to work that night and tags were already transferred.

Car didn't have auto start or an alarm which I was promised and we spoke about during test drive.  I accept some responsibility since I should have been more thorough in double checking the features for myself rather than relying on the bumbling salesman.  

There were two guys there who were on the up and up.....Jason in finance helped save the deal and was honest, and helped rectify the dirty car and missing items.  John in internet sales, who should have been helping me, but was out, later came on the scene and has been most helpful in getting the car to delivery condition and arranging service.

On a side note, their svc dept has always been good.  But for a new car, I would be very cautious.

Christine P. | 2013-06-10

I have brought my car here for service for 2 years now and so far, so good. I usually bring it in for a standard oil change and I'm in and out in under 30 minutes. The service guys are always friendly and, unlike other service places, these guys have never tried to push parts & services I don't need. The last time I brought my car in the the service was going to take a while so I asked if they could take me to my office. No problem, a driver took me to my office and picked me up when my car was ready. A++ for customer service.

G G. | 2013-02-02

Walk up to the front desk only to be confronted by the coldest, bitterest woman.  Her steely demeanor should have been an indication of what was to come... as "sales guy" with an accent so thick you could not decipher what he was saying.  When I inquired about car's features, he pressed button and pointed to screen.  That was it.  Are you kidding me?!!!  Will spend my money elsewhere.  Do hope that woman at front desk gets an attitude adjustment or moved to back room.  She should not be in customer service position.

Howard H. | 2013-01-23

Yes, I bought my 2012 Prius here, but I would not recommend anyone to buy a new car here.  The only reason why I bought the car here is because our sales person was nice and friendly, and the finance guy got me approved for financing.  BUT, the sales manager Hakim is an a**hole!!!  When negotiating for the car, the tone of his voice was very condescending and I felt like he was talking down on me like he's better and smarter than me.  Showed him an ad for a Prius V from another dealer see if he can match it, but he tried to sell me a regular Prius Three instead, which I thought was very unprofessional and dishonest.  Promised me I will get a load of free accessories if I buy a car there, but after I signed the paper works they said the parts department is closed and I should come back on Saturday to pick up my free accessories.  Went back on that next Saturday and first pretended they didn't even know me, then said too bad you already drove the car off the lot so they cant give me anything.  When you make a promise, you better keep your promise!!!  I am not talking about buying a match box car at Toys R Us.  This is a major purchase of over $26K, so honesty is very important!   Not to mention a lot people already felt most car sales person are dishonest people.  So don't just lie and say whatever to me in order to make a sale!!!  I got 2 years free maintenance with my new Prius and guess what? I am NOT going to take my car back to this dealer for the maintenance.  I am going to take it to the dealer near the place I work.

Xsta L. | 2013-01-13

Great place and fair price. Very honest for car rental. The guy who looks like usher is really cool. Very friendly and honest, he is in charge of car rentals. I think his name is Marco.

Chad U. | 2012-11-23

I wish that 0 stars was an option. I went to this dealer on three separate occasions and every time was greeted by horrible service and ignorant sales people. I was trying to purchase a new FR-S and each time I went I received very different information. First I was told they had two available. After driving around the lot for an hour on a broke down golf cart they concluded they had none. This is 2012..don't they have computerized inventory?? I left as I couldn't stand the sales person that attacked me at the door. I came back a week later hoping to find someone that actually knew about the car but instead the same jerk recognized me a chased me down before I could at least have the opportunity to find someone that even knows a little about this car. Nope. He told me that they don't have any again. I asked if I could see a color chip panel as well as a brochure showing me the trim levels available so I could still order one despite the horrible service. They told me they didn't have any and to go home and look up the info online. I had already done plenty of research online and knew the color and trim I wanted to order but wasn't placing an order until someone had knowledge of the product. I gave it two more weeks and returned one last time. Each time I drove up I was in a brand new Porsche Panamera so I think it was obvious I had the funds to purchase a new car and I thought they would take me a little more serious. I came three times knowing exactly what I wanted and practically begged them to take money. The third time was much faster than the previous two visits. I brought my fiancé so she could see what I was buying and again we went for the dreaded golf cart ride with no results other than a bash to my head after he ran over some large object while driving. He swore there was one on the lot but again there wasn't. As soon as we made it back to the showroom where all the sales men were outside laughing and joking using foul language for my fiancé to hear we got in and left for good. Fortunately the FR-S has a twin! Subaru makes the BRZ (as well as the FR-S for Toyota as its a joint venture) so we drove straight to the local Subaru dealer. They knew all about the car as its the best driving car on the market today and they had all the information I was looking for. I placed an order for a fully loaded BRZ in the color I wanted and was told 6-8 weeks it would arrive. That was 6 weeks ago and they called me on Friday to let me know that it would arrive this week.

The point is, don't buy a car here or even waste your time stopping by. The sales people aren't trained properly and it shows. The worst dealership experience I've ever had. They had three attempts and in the end lost a $30,000 cash sale. I'd drop by to show them my new car but I doubt they would even recognize it as something they sell.

Rhino B. | 2012-11-14

tricky tricky

Justin L. | 2012-07-09

I'm sorry to see all the previous negative reviews.  I have to say I have had much better experiences here myself.  

When I hit economic woes back in 2008, Lipton Toyota was there to help me get into a more affordable ride.  It went all they way to the Manager of Finance to make it work, and I appreciated them for it.

Since then, I come to get my car serviced here.  The only people that have bad service experiences are those that are ignorant about their vehicles.  If you keep tabs on your ride, you know what it needs - when it needs it.

They recently had a special on tires (buy three, get one free).  I wanted a specific Goodyear that they did not carry.  Eric did his due diligence to find the tires I wanted locally and brought them in to Lipton to get them put on my car.  Same day.  That's what I call customer service.

The shuttle is a great bonus so I don't have to wait at the dealership for longer service time needs.  But when I do have to wait, it's comfortable and clean in the waiting area.

Jessie L. | 2012-06-27

This is the most unprofessional car dealership that I've ever been to. Steer clear of that sales manager Hakim, or whatever his name is. He had brown teeth and a shit attitude. Maybe his brown teeth are a result of him being full of shit. Anywho, he's rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. I went here with my friend who was trying to lease a car and who doesn't speak very clear English. Ojo originally helped us out, and he was a nice guy, but then he brought over Hakim once the numbers were in. Hakim was rolling his eyes and was clearly annoyed that he couldn't fully understand what my friend was trying to say. He was cutting him off and just being plain rude. My friend had a 1993 car that he was willing to trade in on top of his $2,500 down payment, and when he said that he needed another day or so to think about it and come back, Hakim was arguing with him for 20 minutes and then handed us his business card. I ripped it up right in front of him, and he said to my friend, in a very sarcastic manner, "Well, good luck with your '93 with the blown transmission" and walked away laughing. I don't usually do this, but I will be calling corporate to get him fired. Go to Maroone Toyota instead, this is where I bought my car and they're very professional there.

Adam C. | 2012-06-15

I've been bringing my '97 Toyota Camry and '02 Lexus LS430 here for years for service.  I use several different places for servicing my cars but Lipton is one of my favorites.  I've had some major work done but usually just minor things since these cars are built so well.  Everyone in the service department has always treated me well.  

My service advisor is Bob Stanisich and he almost always fits me in without an appointment, even when they appear quite busy.  He even offers me a loaner vehicle which is expected at the Lexus dealer but not Toyota, so thats always nice.  Rob is my usual tech and he's always courteous to me, plus he's very thorough with discussing any work on my car.  Both seem to pay close attention to my needs, even for minor services.  The prices are very reasonable and fair, especially for a dealership.  

All in all I'm happy with my experiences here, and with so many incompetent auto repair places here in S Florida it is nice to be treated well once in a while.

Colleen R. | 2011-12-16

Ok, I have to update my review because Eric, my service advisor, saw my review on Yelp, called me, and asked if there was anything he could do to make things better.  He also apologized again for what happened.  Kudos to him for that!  I have to admit I was very impressed.

Here was the story on what happened:

My 2009 Prius's radio went out. I went in and they said it was the radio.  They needed to order the part and they would call me when it came in. They didn't.  I called them, part was in.  So I went in the next day to get the radio installed.  WHOOPS! Its not the radio, its the amplifier.  I had to wait extra for them to get the serial number on the amp so that they could order that part.

One week goes by, I call them.  Nope!  Part is not in yet.  Another week goes by and I call them... they say that they didn't seem to have the amp even ordered!  (sigh) Then, I had to come BACK in for them to get the serial number off of the amplifier.  I'm totally confused why this was necessary - don't all 2009 Prii have the same type of amp?

About a week later, the amp was finally installed and I had tunes again.  But it was about 45 days without music in my two year old car.  Those of you who know me know Colleen - Music = Crazy.   I'm much calmer now that I have had music for a full month now.  

Anyway, for those of you who are stopping by for other service or oil changes, etc.  its actually a pretty decent service center.  

They have free cookies, pizza, sandwiches, etc. around different times of the day, a comfy lounge with a bunch of individual sofa chairs, a HUGE flat screen TV, four separate quiet work stations for those that want to bring their computers, free wi-fi, and free shuttle service.

D D. | 2011-04-15

I had a negative experience at the used car center from a sales manager who spoke negatively about me from inside his office when his door was wide open and I could hear everything. Many "F" words used about me when I was right there a few feet away. Also "Buyers are liars" was said about me. I heard paper being crumpled up and thrown at the wall while he was chewing out the salesman because my offer wasn't what they wanted.

Are you kidding me?? All I did was make an offer on a used car, and my offer wasn't far from their number and I get "F" words at me?

Who wants to buy a car from someone like that? Not me.
I felt completely uncomfortable so I left and I wouldn't recommend them to any of my friends or to anyone I've ever met in my entire life.

I choose to purchase a Honda instead.
I would recommend going to Holman Honda instead as Holman was professional, friendly, treated me with respect.

William W. | 2011-02-27

I'm from out of town and needed an oil change while I was in Ft Lauderdale. I read some of the other reviews and was leery of Lipton. I went anyway. They did the work at a good price, were polite, and didn't try to sell me anything else. It took over an hour, but they have a nice waiting area and even gave me 1/2 a turkey sandwich. I'll go again when I'm back next year.

Nathan S. | 2010-09-09

I am not a customer yet. But if I buy  a toyota I will  likely buy it here. If the price is right. Went to test drive cars and spent a couple of hours with a salesman named Donnie. Drove several cars without being badgered about where to drive  or the hard sell. Maybe because I let him know I was not ready to buy, but he respected that.

Chris H. | 2009-10-28

Can I give no stars? I went in for a simple oil change, and proactively inquired into the fluids for my 2002 4Runner. The service tech gave a big cock and bull story about needing to replace all my fluids for $400 as per the vehicle scheduled maintenance. It turns out, that not only was he wrong, but when I complained to the manager, she told me that they were supposed to "upsell" customers, and offered no apologies! Unless you want to pay for unnecessary work, stay away from this den of thieves.

Jai K. | 2008-12-10

I've seen better service, but its a car dealership that also services the cars that were purchased there, so thats what im reviewing here.

As a matter of a fact, I've stopped going there because seems like everytime I've gone there for a miserable oil change, I was always told that either my engine is about to fall out or my breaks are so bad that Im going to die in a crash as soon as I leave (all that on a 2004 car that Japanese car Gods produced!!). And instead of paying $30 for a simple oil change, I was always paying triple that.

Oh, and when I bought the car there, they also included a "free tires for LIFE" package, HA! well guess what, when the time came to changing the tires I was secretly advised that this program is no longer in effect!! Say What?!?! I thought its for LIFE, c'moooon dude.