Lauderdale BMW of Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Lauderdale BMW of Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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Lauderdale BMW of Fort Lauderdale

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(954) 527-3800
Address:1400 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Lauderdale BMW of Fort Lauderdale

Boris O. | 2015-04-24

11/19/2014 Having been to dozens and dozens of dealerships over the last two years this is by far absolutely the best experience I have ever had. From the sales man Frank Gicca to his boss the service was five stars. Frank has given me amazing advice on how to save on the lease of my 2015 435i coupe that was unparalleled by the advice from other dealers. What has truly amazed me was his endless patience and uncommon professionalism and respect towards his customers. He has successfully fielded a barrage of questions spanning technical, financial, and insurance industries. His honesty was so refreshing, I began to think he should have become a doctor or social worker. He has never displayed frustration or fatigue in answering these sometimes dumb, other times very technical questions. When he didn't know, he made it known, and has spent hours trying to find the answer from respected sources. His demeanor and smile has made this sometimes frustrating process a pleasure. More importantly, the discount he has given me was extremely aggressive compared to the industry standard. The entire experience was outstanding. I would recommend Frank Gicca and Fort Lauderdale BMW to anyone in South Florida region. Positively absolutely the best!

update 4/24/15
Frank Gicca came through for me again. My 435i was damaged and he called BMW collision center assistant manager Philip Martin to quickly order the parts and expedite the repair. If it wasn't for Geico throwing road-block after road-block, they would have repaired my car in a week. Instead I got my beautifully fixed car back in new condition within three weeks. Philip and his assistant Glen Finnegan took great care of me.

Savanna M. | 2015-03-18

The time had come for me to replace my car, and after careful research I narrowed it down to a used BMW 3 series in diesel.  Problem is, this car is difficult to find, and although I located a great one online, I waited too long, and someone else snatched it up.  So, I then decided to take my "green" movement even further and started researching electric options, which pointed me to the i3.

I came in on a Friday night to test drive the i3 and was pointed in the direction of Isaac Velez.  Isaac is the best guy to talk to regarding the i3 because he actually owns one as well.  After a quick test drive around the neighborhoods we exchanged information and left.  So far, so good, not pushy at all.  

After some careful debate, number crunching, more research etc, I decided that Lauderdale BMW was the best place to handle my lease of the i3 and ended up calling up Isaac to make an appt to come back in.  As well all know dealerships are pains and any sort of car transaction will take quite a few hours, so yes I was still there for 4 hours going back and forth over the numbers etc, but the procedure was quite painless and I was able to get the payments I was looking for.  

Trust me, I'm very happy with Isaac and the rest of the team at Lauderdale BMW.  

I haven't been for my first scheduled service yet, but by then the new service facility will be open (just south of where they are now), which will be exciting to see!

Ed R. | 2015-01-06

Terribly run dealership. Went there to test drive a car only to be told that they have cars off the grounds and they have no way of getting the cars to test drive. Bizarre. Worked on pricing for almost two hours with salesman- sent an email to him with offer and he never got back to me. Would recommend looking at other BMW dealers such as Palm Beach etc who have different ownership- poorly managed dealership.

Emilio G. | 2014-12-27

I worked with Isaac Velez from the beginning, he was brilliant and helped me get my wife away from wanting a Mini Cooper into a 228i that we ordered from the factory. We both tried hard to sway her into an i3 but maybe by the next lease, she will be ready. The final pick up was the most painless I've ever experienced. Ive been an Acura guy since 1987, no more!! I'll be back and will be looking for Isaac in 36 months.

Todd F. | 2014-12-11

No more leases.

Moises W. | 2014-11-27

This dealership is very easy to deal with. I have had 2 vehicles purchased here and both experience where very easy. The key reason i would recommend is the service department. My issues have been handled there w/utmost professionalism and efficiency.

I have to say that on my second purchase, the service department was a key reason why i stayed loyal to the brand and dealership.


Carlos G. | 2014-10-16

If you need your BMW serviced within warranty or if you're shopping for a new Bimmer then this is the place to go. I've been to pretty much each dealer (Dade and Broward) either shopping or for service and hands down this is the most professional and courteous staff of all. Their service techs are also the best in my opinion. Everything about them speaks excellence, cleanliness, organization, service and soon location as they're building a new service center. To prove what I'm saying I've purchased my last two Bimmers from them and they've performed all my warranty work.  The only reason they don't get a perfect rating is because being out of warranty and feeling comfortable going out of network you could say, I've found a former BMW technician whom is fantastic at servicing my M3, the car is his specialty actually and his prices are more reasonable. I also find him honest and he's never recommended any service that's not necessary. Nevertheless, if or when I decide to sell my 4Runner daily-driver or upgrade from my beloved M3, this is the place that'll sell me my next BMW possibly an M4, after some required bargaining of course. Give them a try, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Edward P. | 2014-09-08

Went in this past weekend to car shop after an extremely disappointing experience at Vista BMW.   Told the salesman exactly what I was looking for, and exactly what I was willing to pay.  First off, they have a huge inventory of vehicles as compared to Vista.  There was a zero pressure approach to selling me a car. And for the first time in 20 years of car shopping,  I actually enjoyed the experience.  Where else can you get exactly the car you want at the exact deal you want?  Lauderdale BMW!  By the way, I LOVE my brand new 3 series!!

Courtney C. | 2014-07-23

I wanted to update, my service tech Josh is awesome. A few of our emails got lost in cyber space and when he found out he went above and beyond to make sure my car and I were taken care of. I appreciate his honesty and hard work, and because of it when my car was totaled I happily bought another mini so I could continue coming to him for service. Hold on to this one lauderdale mini he's a keeper and I dare say the best service man I've met there in my 7 years of having Mini's.

Patrick G. | 2014-07-11

Have had a long history of disappointments with their SALES department. So much so that we've switched brands - I actually went in to put a deposit on a 335i last year and the rep didn't give me the time of day, Wouldn't bother showing me what inventory was on the water and said just to come back since "it's not like you're getting an M3, it's just the regular 3 Series man...". Needless to say, my wife is enjoying her Q5 and I love my S4...ending a 10 year relationship of buying around 6 cars from BMW.

Note that this is only the sales people. The service staff are great - although the techs are sub par as we always returned for the same issues. How did we keep going back? Dave from Service...Good man!

Jules A. | 2014-02-26

I have owned BMW's since 1985. Dave Williams and the rest of the service dept are the most responsive, accommodating professionals. Have NEVER had a situation that was not addressed

Elaine W. | 2014-01-03

My  recent visit to Lauderdale BMW was excellent! It reminded me one of many reasons why I buy BMW;)
I would like to thank Darrell Raines, my service advisor for his genuine care and attention to make sure I was happy with everything! He is the best, really!
Thank you!

Elaine Welzel

Charles E. | 2013-12-31

This place really screwed a friend of mine, very bad practice.....sold the car that he bought out from under him after he bought the car, I will stay at Mercedes

Laura T. | 2013-12-03

During a four year period my 5-series BMW was serviced at Lauderdale BMW. During that time I was never given a courtesy BMW vehicle to use, instead I was given high-mileage, dirty rentals from Hertz.

Prior to this vehicle I had a Mercedes and there was only one time in four years that I wasn't given a Mercedes courtesy vehicle to use when mine was being serviced. Understandably it was after hurricane Wilma and many cars were being serviced.

Service standards at Lauderdale BMW have been less than acceptable in my experience. The last time I took my vehicle for service at Lauderdale BMW I had a steering problem, where there was a clunking noise and steering wheel vibration only during left hand turns. Lauderdale BMW kept my car for four days. When I picked it up I was told they experienced the problem, but could not figure out what was causing it. Their advice to me was to ignore the noise and vibration.

I drove 16 miles to Vista BMW in Coconut Creek, Florida and left my car for service. While my vehicle was being serviced, I was given a courtesy BMW to use. In two days my car was ready and parts were replaced (under warranty). The problem was resolved.

Now I'm in the market for a new car. I like BMW vehicles, but I'm not willing to drive 16 miles for proper service.  I will probably go back to Mercedes.

John K. | 2013-11-16

High recommendation. I have had my BMW serviced there with Peter Hill for over 4 years. I recently had an expensive  repair  on my 2007 BMW 550i, but they handled it efficiently, gave me a nice loaner, and I believe the job was done right.  They even detailed my car before it was picked up. They really care about customer satisfaction.

Natalie G. | 2013-11-10

If I could give them 0 stars I would. They don't deserve even the one star. They are a bunch of liars.

We took our car in to get repaired. Something that the BMW dealer in NJ botched up.  The tail light wasn't blinking and there was an oil leak. They gave us a loner (rent-a-car)  for one week, promising to fix the car within this time. They conveniently found other problems with the car, which there weren't any when we gave it into them. They said we can keep the loner while they're working on it. We asked the service guy and the service manager who will be responsible for paying for the loner. They both assured us they will take care of it. We would not have to pay a penny.

They kept the car for 2 more weeks, during which time we repeatedly called to make sure they are taking care of the cost of the rent-a-car. They assured us  that was correct and told us not to worry. Well, looking at the next month's credit card bill, there was a $300 charge for the rent-a-car and just for the record, the tail light was still not working.

This is outrageous. When we called them to ask about the charge, and to honor their word, they said they would look into it. When we heard back from them, they said that we misunderstood and they did not want to pay for any of it. Misunderstood? This is a complete lie. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I would NOT recommend this service location to anyone. Actually after so many problems with BMW services, we are never getting another BMW again.

Jeff O. | 2013-07-15

Michael Kolanoski Did a Great Job as did the finance guy and the the person who did my end of lease turn in.  There is another dealer 10 min from my home which i passed on my 45 min journey to your dealership. It was definitely worth the trip.

Jason M. | 2013-05-13

Who knew a car buying experience could actually be enjoyable...  Lauderdale BMW and Michael Kolanoski made something that is usually akin to a dental cleaning a pleasurable experience.  Michael respected my time and play the usual dealership games.  He was knowledgable of both the product and inventory and truly delivered a luxury experience in line with what you would expect from BMW.

I started my day out at Vista BMW, thinking that the big building and lots of inventory would lead to a better experience.  It was so horrible, and I was not over it that I called Lauderdale BMW form the floor at Vista, told them exactly what I wanted and asked them to not wast my time as Vista had..  They forwarded me to Michael, he answered my questions quickly and accurately .. and maintained that approach through the entire experience.

I would ( and have already ) recommend both Michael and Lauderdale BMW to anyone looking to purchase a BMW.  Great experience..  Thanks guys!

Erik S. | 2013-02-19

I bought my wife's 2013 X3 here after being recommended by a friend who has purchased 2 other BMWs from them.  I made my offer via email to our sales person, Michael K. and received an answer the same day.  After a few back and forth emails, we had a deal.  We drove North to do a test drive and place the order for the car - it wasn't on the lot and we wanted specific options.  Michael is fun to work with - great personality and been there for many years - and the purchase was painless.  Even the dreaded warranty add-ons from the finance department weren't pushed on us.  He described what they did and how they worked but an easy 'no thanks' from us kept the signing of the papers moving.

I'm in Miami but the dealers here are frustrating to deal with, at best.  Drive North and talk to Michael.  You'll be glad you did.

Nina C. | 2013-01-14

When purchasing a car, of course you go check out the hottest, newest cars money can buy! Soooo happy we ended up here! Our sales man Mark was outstanding from begging to end!!! We love our new cars!!!!

Eric V. | 2012-12-19

I can't say much about the actual car dealer but the service dept is a FRAUD!!

First let me start by saying that I have a new leased vehicle with BMW so the maintenance is covered. This was the second time I have brought my vehicle in for some kind of servicing nothing major and the LAST!
My experience here has been awful from the very beginning but I gave them a second chance, :"what a mistake".
The nightmare started when I brought in my car for service hearing a squeaking sound coming from my driver's side wheel, I was told that it is my brakes and it would go away with driving the car, I was given a loaner vehicle to drive while it was being looked at.
OK the service advisor calls me back telling me that his genius mechanics couldn't find any issues but did hear the swooshing sound so they applied some kind of "brakeall" fluid to grease up the brakes on the calipers. WHATEVER that meant, and they gave me a "free" oil change. LOL THANKS! Thats already included in my 4yr 50k warrenty on a leased vehicle.
He went on to suggest I need to do a tire rotation and or a tire balancing for $200 plus labor charges on one tire. What tire rotation??? It's a brand new car!!!

I drew the line to these crooks and started to question his knowledge and his outright LIE. Anyway after hearing this nonsense I came to return my loaner and pick up my car, when returning my loaner it came to his attention that the loaner was scratched and damaged on the back bumper with yellow markings, he asked me when did I have chance to crash and damage his loaner car and where did I find yellow paint to rub up against.

He pulled out a vehicle check list and said look there isn't any damages when you took out the car. IMPOSSIBLE! I NEVER HIT ANYTHING!! I automatically started searching for the checklist they give you with the loaner and there it was EVERY SINGAL MARKING,DENT,SCRATCH all marked off on the form, He was in shock that I actually went to look for and found my copy of this form.
I asked him to see his paper copy and all of the sudden to HIS MISTAKE, it was a completely different loaner car/form..."OMG, I'm so sorry" begging for forgiveness. "Everyone is human and we all make mistakes".  
I let it go and moved on.

My next visit , I made an appt to get my brakes looked at aswell as coming back for that same swooshing sound since it still hasn't gone away as well as an instrument indicator light for washer fluid. OK I checked in gave them my car, gave them a list of things that needed to be done and was sent on my way with a loaner everything uniform and fine.
I received a call from advisor explaining that there seems to be a noise coming from my tires now rather than my rims/wheels/brakes, a "wobbling sound" and that they have been cupped and this is normal wear and tear of a run flat tire, and that I should get a tire balancing done for only $119 which originally costs $129.99 plus labor but he will give me a break on the price. LOL Keep in mind the car has only 11k miles on it now and I don't drive close to any racecar driver, additionally I never came in for a tire problem. So I denied the balancing since its something that's not covered by BMW "free service maintenance plan" as he went on to tell me he wasn't absolutely sure that the problem lies in the actual tires themselves and he will call me back later after some more research and testing, another day goes by and I receive the next phone call, "Hey we found the problem and you now need to CHANGE ALL 4 TIRES". Change all 4 tires? WHAT? Yes, he replies, that will take care of this sound your hearing and it will cost you some where around $2,500 since each tire is around $500 each plus labor.... WHAT THE HECK!? I told him I will come by to go for a ride with the forman to show them exactly what I was talking about. Me and the foremen came back from the road test and everything checked out fine no sound and the foreman advised to run the tires until there's no more tread which I was planning to do regardless, its a leased car.. I then told the advisor I will hold off on the tire change until I really need it since it's a new car and I have 2 yrs left on the lease theres no real rush. He seemed little frustrated but agreed and said "well then your good to go, I will have one of the guys run your car through the car wash and have a happy holiday". My car pulls up, clean and shiny. I hear a tapping sound coming from my back tire.. OH NO I THINK TO MYSEF!   YEP!! ITS A FREAKIN NAIL!. Not a nail, A SCREW, A SCREW with a WASHER in my freaking  tire!! The washer was placed there to stale any warning lights of a leak and was meant to be noticed after I drove off, since I declined the tire change, they tried to force one upon me. WAY! Arguing with the manager for 2 hours as to who was responsible for this "accident" they finally  changed my tire. Crooks!

Daniel K. | 2012-08-24

The sales people at this dealership are a prime example of why people HATE car dealers...I must say the the salesman was sincere, but he has only been at the job a few months.
It's the managers who are a bunch of lying lowlifes
I can only say that if you try to buy a car from these liars count your fingers after you shake hands
I have not given up on finding what I want, I will just have to go further a field...
and for sure when I need service on my car I WOULD NEVER USE THEM

ps, you are unable to give no stars or negative stars...

Rob P. | 2012-05-25

Meah.... just Okay.   I brought in my car for service, and was clear as a bell what work was to be done on my car.    There were about 5 things that had to be done.  Yowzer, I couldn't believe the price of nearly 2 grand to have ball joints and a tie rod put on the car.   Crazy numbers for a 10 year old car, with just 60,000 miles on it, but I was so busy, I had them go ahead anyway.   I asked them to tend to a few minor things as well, including replacing a cup holder.  When it was time to pick up the car, they said I needed a new battery, TO THE TUNE OF MORE THAN $350.   My assistant bargained them down to a slightly more reasonable $280 - still too high in my opinion.   When it came time to pick up the car, they billed me for two cup holders, not one, and somehow forgot about the $70 discount negotiated for the battery.  The cashier really didn't have much to say, and  unfortunately, the service advisor had already sped off for Memorial Day weekend, so someone had to hunt down the service manager - this took a seeming eternity.    The manager agreed to honor the original discount -- fair enough -- but then it took another year-and-a-half, or so it seemed for the car to be delivered, on a holiday weekend, after it was paid for.     When I finally got the car, it the steering wheel wasn't properly centered - never mind I just had paid a dear $179 to have the work done to "BMW Standard," the car had absolutely zero gas in it (my recollection is the tI left it with about 1/4 tank), there was someone's 1/2 consumed soft drink left in the car, and one of the repairs, replacing a piece of trim, which was noted to done on the work order hadn't happened.    

In sum, I paid a boatload of cash for mediocre service, w/ two things that now have to be re-done, but the biggest thing is that it seemed to take forever to pick up the car.   I called well in advance, so either they didn't have their act together, or thought their time was way more valuable than mine - - neither of which is good.  Now I'm dreading  to drive over there again for the re-work -- and wait and wait!  -- argh

Joshua S. | 2012-04-28

I bought my Z4 here.  I thought, as always, that I was getting a "sweet deal" but once I KBB'd it NOW, I think, I know I got hosed.  I can't really base this review off of that because they'd all fail because none of them are really honest, although I hear Carmax is (not sure, though).  I bought my vehicle from the Pembroke Pines location and it was overall pretty smooth until the charlie-foxtrot in the finance office with trying to find insurance not being a Florida resident at the time.  

My issue was at the service center on Friday.  I wanted an oil change...that's it.  I'm pretty sure my car got valet parked (stupid!), and then I had to wait for an advisor.  Anyways, after waiting for a bit my patience ran out and I backed my own car out without tipping the valet (because that's lame!) and drove off.  The guy came out as I was leaving and told me next time to schedule an appointment.  Yeah, okay.  Is this how BMW drivers are?  Valet at an oil change!  Sign me up to trade 'er in as that's pretty high maintenance people...uff-da!

Anyways, what can I say.  It's a car dealership.  For the record, I bought this BMW when I moved here thinking it'd be cool to have a BMW and that it would be something different.  I didn't get the memo that about 99% of south Florida owns a BMW.  They flood the streets here.  Anyways, irrelevant point.

Ginny B. | 2011-08-05

My experience with Lauderdale BMW has been nothing short of superb.  From the easy sales experience...We got what we wanted at a fair price, to the excellent service and customer service, I could not be more pleased.  This is my second BMW.  I purchased the last one at another dealer in the county and had horrible experiences all the way through.  Lauderdale BMW is the place to go!!

Marqus R. | 2011-05-03

The danger of this place isn't so much in buying a car, which I did, but in getting it repaired through this dealer. You'll end up really getting the proverbial hose put to you at their repair place located over on Andrews. On my car they botched the job twice. I needed a new water pump, but ended up having to get a whole new radiator because the repairman over tightened the radiator clamp, thereby breaking the plastic connector. And no, they wouldn't live up to it. They said my plastic connector had deteriorated......untrue! Then they ruined the holding connectors in my door when checking my power window motor. They probably ended up dong this because I wouldn't let them complete the work.

Oh, by the way, mainly because of these people I no longer have or drive a BMW.

Frank S. | 2010-12-23

We went there to special order a vehicle. Right off the bat the salesman began with his high pressure sales tactics even though we told him we knew what we wanted to order. He constantly tried to push another model vehicle as if we hadn't even mentioned our intent in visiting. After days of negotiating with other dealers, they still came out a few hundred below the others and in the end we ordered from them anyways  After all, when buying a car, price is really the only major factor. I can and will have this car serviced elsewhere. On the day the vehicle was ready for pick-up, the sale price that we negotiated increased by $50 with no explanation. I know its not much in the grand scheme of things, but it is a matter of principal. Will never return to this dealer ever again.