Gunther Mazda in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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At Gunther Mazda we are committed to creating a win-win relationship for the mutual benefit of our customers, employees, and community. All of our efforts and products are designed to meet this end result. We are committed to exceeding our customer's expectations. Our location and state of the art facility is only the beginning of the customer care you experience at Gunther Mazda. We keep an up-to-date inventory of new and certified pre-owned vehicles, so we will be better able to help you find the vehicle you are looking for. Our Mazda knowledgeable sales consultants are kept up to date on the latest technological advances on the automobiles that we sell, in order to make you a more informed consumer. So stop by Gunther Mazda today and see how we can serve you!


Established in 1970.

Gunther Mazda is family owned and operated by Gunther Motors. As Florida's #1 volume Mazda dealer our goal is to treat every customer as part of our family.

Gunther Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(954) 797-1600
Address:1800 S State Rd 7, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33317
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Gunther Mazda

William S. | 2015-04-17

Suffice to say going car shopping is a chore, much like flying.I tried the dealerships in Delray, was preyed upon like we were road kill. mentioned on Facebook my plight and a friend suggested I contact Jody Weisfeld. I sent her a text on Monday a day after My wife car had been totalled by the insurance company and we picked up the new CX5 on Thursday. it was third degree, no guilt, a wonderful experience, she tuned into our plight and worked to make it a reality. A thousand thank yous Ms Weisfeld you turned a tumultuous experience into a pleasure, you did it with class, experience, product knowledge and a perfect cup of Cappuccino.
Try the rest then go to the best Gunther Mazda made it a CX5 Reality  thank you from the bottom of our hearts .

Ashley S. | 2014-12-06

When I got there they made me move my car three times. They act like I'm driving a sports car and not a cx-5. It was hectic the final spot they wanted it in. Very aggravating and they are rude about it. Oil change took an hour and a half. The $25 coupon ending up costing $44. When I got my car it was surrounded by other cars and I had to wait for someone to move to get out. Plus my car was hosed down and not dried which upset me due to the fact I just had it detailed.  I won't be back.

Liz P. | 2014-11-25

Went to Mazda after totaling my previous car and Andi Rama took great care of us from beginning to end!! Getting into a new car is never easy but Andi made the process very smooth.  I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting such great service because normally salesmen are so pushy but Andi was wonderful! He's kind, patient, understanding, and got us where we wanted to be!! I'm so happy with my Mazda3 hatch!! Save yourself a headache and see Andi!

Daniela R. | 2014-08-13

Greatest car buying experience ever!!!
Paco Colomer of Gunther Mazda made an already grueling process smooth and drama free!
No trickery, no empty promises. He was straightforward, listened and understood what I wanted. I drove over an hour to buy my car & for service like this I'd drive 2 hours!
If only more salespeople had his moral ethics and professionalism.
Best of luck!! Definitely going back in a few months when my fiancé's lease is up.

Joe M. | 2014-07-19

Had put on our armor and go car shopping. Always a dreaded chore. Paco greeted us before we even hit the front door. I thought "here we go!" To add to the anticipated torture it felt like it was 100 degrees outside.

Much to our surprise Paco did not fit the mold of a typical car salesman. We told him what we wanted to see and our price range. He went right to work on his computer and started pulling up possibilities for us, both new and used. He was frank, congenial and professional. He showed us several cars and we took  a test drive, We  made it clear that we wouldn't be ready to buy for a month or so but the manager had to make an appearance to see if he could do anything for an immediate sale. Actually a nice guy and know he had to do his job so no real complaints.

Bottom-line is when we are ready to buy we will return.

Miranda P. | 2014-02-28

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well there won't be a second time.

From their misleading marketing to one of their patronizing salespeople to the snail's-pace service, I would not file this under my good auto-related experiences.

I was approaching 10,000 miles in my new Mazda so I knew it was time for some service. Got a flyer in the mail from Gunther saying I could get an oil & filter change for $24.95 and tire rotation for $14.95. Seemed serendipitous so I made an appointment and I was told it would take about an hour.

So the day I arrive, I pull up to one of the check-in-and-hand-over-your-keys booths and wait for the guy occupying it to get off the phone and acknowledge my existence. I don't remember his name, so we shall call him Mr. M. The M could stand for mustache. Or mysogynist.

Mr. M: What can I do for ya?
Me: I have an appointment at 8.
Mr. M: You do?!?
Me: Yes.
Mr. M: YOU DO!??!
Which he says again in that overly-enthusiastic tone that you would use when speaking to a toddler or a puppy.
Me: Yes. Why are you talking to me like a child?

Just because I'm a young, blonde girl wearing a dress doesn't mean I'm an idiot nor ignorant about cars. I regularly watch Top Gear (the original British one - not the American abomination), have a boyfriend that grew up restoring cars and even assisted him with my car's first oil change.

Whatever. I show him my flyer and he's like "this oil change price is for regular. You have to use synthetic...costs more..." Then there was an additional lotto-style 'Scratch & Save' promotion on the flyer that promised an additional $5 off. "Oh that's for the NEXT visit" he says. Seriously? Then why is it attached to this flyer with all the other coupons for THIS visit? I told him that was misleading and he kind of shrugged it off. So basically I'm supposed to keep track of this business-card sized promo piece for the next 6 months or 5,000 miles. It's been about 24 hours and I'm pretty sure I already lost it.

Anyways, then I'm escorted into a waiting room with a few other miserable-looking people and am forced to watch vapid morning talk shows for nearly TWO HOURS. Two hours for an oil change and tire rotation.

Oh yeah, and the total bill was over $60. Not outrageous but almost double the $35 I was expecting to pay based on the promos.

Oh well. Live and learn. And then find a new service place.

Gabriela S. | 2014-02-16

HORRIBLE! If I could rate them a 0 I would. I was In an accident December 25th and my car was scheduled to go to the dealerships collision center for repair. A week later the car finally arrives. No one can give me details about whether my car is reparable because they're all on vacation. I was finally told that the car was repairable and would be ready January 14th. I get a call January 14th saying my car will not be ready until February 10th because they found some more damage. I continue to call for updates and every single time I call I get a different date with more excuses. It is now February 16th, my rental has been returned (I'm out of days that my insurance will cover) I am still waiting for an update and I am still careless. Thanks Gunther Mazda.

Karen U. | 2014-01-11

If it was possible, I would give this dealership negative stars. They say car salesmen are the scum of the world, the people here - one David in particular -  take the top prize. I went in for a routine service (which wasn't even complimentary) and found found out they have never done a complete service in the 2 years I've been taking it there. Furthermore, they charged me for a tire they never replaced and tried to sell me 4 new ones today. Not to mention how terrible the quality of the tires that came with my Mazda 3 are since I need to change them after less than 22K miles. Needless to say, I will never get a Mazda again, and much less here; but even worst, the man who 'helped' me, Hepler, was the rudest, most offensive and most annoying person I have met in my life. Don't go there, EVER.

Hayley M. | 2014-01-11

I purchased a used car from Rick Case. Terrible experience. I knew within a week something was going to go terribly wrong with my car. Guess what-something went wrong. My ABS and traction light stayed on and the manual said to contact a dealer.

I went back to Rick Case and they basically said I was SOL. After I called a few people they told me to take my car back up to their lot to get it looked at.  They couldn't fix it.  By the way, Chadd-thank you for providing excellent customer service. You rock!

I was sent to Gunther where I was greeted by Teri. Chadd had told me before I left RC that Teri was amazing, which she totally is!  She got me fixed up and went to bat for me since RC didn't want to cover the costs to get the ABS pump? replaced.  

The team at Gunther even drove me down to McDonalds. Customer service at its finest. Thank you team Gunther, especially Teri!!

Michael S. | 2013-12-03

Shopping for a car can be dreadful, but Gunther Mazda really made the process a lot easier. They go out of the way to ensure you get what you want and are 100% satisfied with your purchase. I would recommend anyone in search of a Mazda to check them out. The sales woman even went as far as giving a free car wash and texting pictures of the new car.  And you can go wrong with a lounge that has free coffee!

Breezy L. | 2013-08-20

Not terrible service if you have an appointment. I made the mistake of not making an appointment for my first oil change and I ended up waiting 4.5 hours and arriving late to work. The manager was very helpful after I searched him down because the women at the front desk were of zero help. I usually don't write bad reviews but after 4.5 hours I think they need a wake up call.

Elaine K. | 2010-12-06

This was my second trip to Gunter Mazda for service on my Mazda 3. The first visit was ok, but nothing great.

This one was special...

Called earlier in the week. Requested the Courtesy Shuttle for a ride to work which I did on my last visit.

Showed up. Was taken care of. Left very specific instructions about tire pressure loss and my wheel/tire warranty.

Courtesy diver was late to work. Sat around for at least 20 minutes waiting for him.

Got in the van, dropped one other person off on the way. The driver had no clue where he was, and wasn't good at following directions. He asked if I would need to be picked up. When I said yes, he was not pleased and talked about how difficult it would be to find his way back.

Got a call from the dealership about my tires. No one bothered to follow my instructions, so I gave them again. The warranty was from Mazda, so you'd think they might be aware of how it all works.

Begged the BF for a ride out of fear that the shuttle driver would never find me.

My coupon at checkout (that I had printed out and brought with me) was stapled to the paperwork, but my paperwork still listed everything at full price. This was changed when I pointed it out.

Overall, just really not impressed. I felt like it was a huge inconvenience to the staff for me to be bringing my car in for service. I'm on the lookout for other Mazda certified places that can do scheduled maintenance.