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United Imports specializes in all types of luxury Pre-owned cars. We treat the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!

Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options.

United Imports

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 378-5558
Address:325 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on United Imports

Vivek K. | 2015-01-09

I have similar experience like some of other folks has with Sandra. Before even buying car she was RUDE if you are opposing her views. Doesn;t know how to write emails. WILL NOT BUY CAR from this dealership

Chinki C. | 2014-12-25

i went there a few times and these guys are indeed cheaters liars.  will never shop there again.

btw if you look at their review distribution, there are 60-70% genuine reviews which are all 1-star or worse.  the rest are 5-star which are all fake reviews written by them.  I wish such business can be banned.

Mark P. | 2014-12-13

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE.  they gave me a car fax that had no problems. well .... I went to a place to have a report ran on it and low and behold, it had major frame damage which got reported to the national car check company and they knew about it but did NOT  disclose this. the paper work proves they knew about this. the car is worth a third of what we paid, and are still paying for. I will be calling BBB and dmv  to report this. they are scam artists.

Jeff S. | 2014-10-02

This place rocks.
I was super impressed by Sandra and her professionalism.
I liked that I like that I didn't have to negotiate the price.
The price they quoted was fair and within market. I didn't need to negotiate.

Siddharth C. | 2014-09-12

This place is great! I loved the customer service there so much that I bought three cars from there. S550 E320 and GL450 within a week time frame. I have owned many cars and dealt with alot of people. The two wonderful ladies that helped me there were Tammy and Sandra. They made sure that my experience went great and smooth, no snags or issues. It was like more a friend talking to a friend not a buyer talking to a dealer. Being in business myself I know about quality of customer care and this place has it. I want to thank the staff and especially Tammy and Sandra for the great job they did. Like I said I was impressed with the customer service that I went back for the other cars with a week time. I will recommend them for sure to my friends and family.

Neha K. | 2014-08-29

DON'T GO THERE TO SEE A CAR!! I went there for a car that I wanted to buy and their sales person completely flawed his calculations! He  flawed he price (tax+registration)by hiking it $1000 and them said will give a discount of $1000.

Also, when we asked the sales rep to give us a explanation of the error - He said "Don't argue with me!!" What kind of a customer service is this.

Extremely unhappy with United imports!! THEY ARE CHEATERS AND LIERS!! SAMSUN is a big cheat!!

Lana O. | 2014-08-21

I have purchased red E350 coupe from United Imports and I am happy with
the transaction. People there are friendly and nice.
I would buy there again.

Jessica H. | 2014-08-08

Great price, nice cars, Issac and Jennifer were very helpful locating a car fits our requirement, the transaction went smoothly. We ordered second key for $230, received a brand new one within a week. We paid with personal check, didn't have to deal with credit report. They also fix the scratched rims and replaced 4 tires as promised after we purchased the car.

W S. | 2014-07-11

This is how we got our first lesson on buying a car. My friend bought a car half year ago and the dealer (a lady) claimed to have changed 4 new tires for the car. (Attention: New tires!)
But after one or two weeks, the car keeps showing warning notice of tire pressure detector malfunctioning. We were confused and thought it was just because of the connection problem.
However, after the most recent car check (we brought it to the official car makers for this brand), they told us those tires were NOT FACTORY TIRES!!!!!!! This also made all the rims of the car broken and needed to be changed, and we had to pay to make it fixed.
The truth is: in order to give a lower price to attract customers, they changed tires or other parts to cheaper substitutes and claimed they are new or mis-report the history of the car to have a clean title . That is why they do not have TEST DRIVE! (do not want you to find out!) and this is how they were making huge margin of profits by selling worse quality cars or changing parts to cheaper substitutes.

Please do not be the victim and I already told you the TRUTH.

Bruce S. | 2014-06-25

I almost made the mistake of buying a car here.  I am one who reads all the fine print on everything. After two hours of test drive, and talk about how clean the car was, they required that I sign a disclaimer that the car had frame damage which had been repaired.  Samsun and his buddy kept pointing to the clean CarFax, but wouldn't sell me the car unless I signed the disclaimer. Something smells fishy here, I walked out without buying.

Raj B. | 2014-06-23

We decided to buy a car from here, they claimed everything was good, we applied for credit as well. At the end, when u r signing a bunch of papers they give a paper which says that dealer has informed u that this car has been in an accident and has suffered frame damage and u agree that the dealer has given u this information. While they keep claiming that this is very clean car and this is just their template ... Bla bla.

We asked them to give us a copy of the form they were asking us to sign and they disagree on sharing this. We had to walk out after wasting 5 hr's at this dealer.

Somehow they are playing tricks to make u believe that the car has good Carfax etc, but actually they are covering a lot.

Keep away from such dealers at any cost!

Shelly R. | 2014-04-13

Do NOT buy a car here. These people are dishonest and unprofessional. I purchased a car from them - a 2010 Mercedes e350 coupe. Payed approximately 36k. Found that they put 4 hard inquiries on my credit report which did affect my score. They offered to order a 2nd key for me since my car only had one. They would give me a great deal - 200$ for a 360$ key, because they are so generous. I paid the 200$ and two weeks later received a used, beat up key in the mail...obviously the second key that should have come with the purchase of my car. I returned it and got my money back because they were so rude and had lied. I contacted them twice regarding the 4 hard inquiries on my credit report and Sandra would not respond. Once you are on to them and challenge them with their lies, they are extremely rude and inappropriately argumentative. No customer service.

My car has damage that wasn't pointed out that I did not notice on one side by the wheel. When I finally turned on my air conditioner, there is a moldy smell that I cannot get rid of.  This may be my own fault for not noticing - but BUYER BEWARE.

Dishonest, insincere, unprofessional and lack customer service.

Prince A. | 2014-03-20

I called this dealership few days to gather a bit of info on a E class 350. A sales man called me back by name Samsun or Sanfran has very rich foreign accent, he wasn't very clear on stating his name for whatever reason, introduce himself as the manager.  however i spoke about one minute in the 10 minute conversation with him and multiple times i asked of him to allow me to ask questions he wont even allow me to  finish my question. Thereafter i asked for someone else to speak with, he stated "theres no one here I'm the only one and I'm the manager and i can only help so if you need something ask".  asked for general manager he give name Michael and did not provide the last name even though i asked few times in the conversation.  EXTREMELY RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL HE EVEN INVITED ME TO COME IN AND COMPLAIN IF I LIKE.  
He also said "I'm the one who runs this business".
This individuals is over his head with his customer service, after all I'm the buyer with out the buyers your business would not and will not exist.

Adriana P. | 2014-02-03

not sure if we are all taking about the same dealer where I just  bought my X5.  but here's my experience...  Jessica was so helpful and patient.. everyone was nice and friendly, never felt pressured, no one run our credit score until we decided to buy,  we test drove couple SUV's before buying and they had no problem moving cars around to get them out.  their prices are fair!!  way  better than many BMW dealers.. and I did my research before buying.  
I certainly will recommend to friends and family ANYTIME ! and I also heard a friend that bought a car there, he is also happy with the car he got.. way cheaper than other places and still running.
I am happy camper!! thank you Jessica!!

Aman K. | 2014-01-28

This is one of the worst dealerships ever, if you can call it that.

This guy Samsun said that the only way we can test drive a car is if we were willing to finalize on a deal right after, otherwise taking out 10 card parked in front of it to get ours out would be of no use. Seriously? Why in the right mind drives a customer away on that pretext.

Anyhow, they definitely have lost a potential customer. I was honestly planning on buying from there, now this option no longer stands. Congratulations,  I hope Samsun manages to meet his sales requirement with that atttitude.

V R. | 2014-01-18

Buying a car is never an easy task, but United imports made it smooth! I have to thank my man Samson for the help and patience and, of course, Shaun for working things around to make this possible. Great people, great deal.

Now the details:
I went there to buy a super cool/sexy Prius with "Plus" modifications they had posted on Craigslist. I had look around dealers/Craigslist/Google and the possibilities were narrow. Then I saw this Prius And decided to call Shaun. He was very patient and answered all the questions I had about the car. I told him I wanted to check it out, and he had the car ready for me to test drive when I got there. I took the car for a ride (without the credit check that some someone here have talked about).

When I decided to talk numbers (buy the car), Shaun introduced me to Samson. Samson worked the numbers for me and was patient enough to examine and explain to me a lot of options (warranty, down payment, monthly payment, etc.). These guys worked really hard to get me the best deal and the best financing possible (I even got a discount from the price originally posted!). I went home with the sexiest Prius Plus in town.

Thank you United Imports!

Ravina D. | 2014-01-16

If I could I would give them a ZERO!

Yesterday, My boyfriend and I went to go check out a nice 535i. We spoke to Isaac over the phone and made sure to meet him as soon as we got there. We had driven all the way out from Chico just to come test drive this car. The car was exactly what we were looking for, all of the paper work seemed good and we were ready to purchase. It was late in the evening and so we said we would be back the next day with my boyfriends mother to finalize the purchase.  

Isaac said he would be coming in especially for the sale since it was his day off. We assured him that it was a done deal. We stayed out here and got a hotel. We literally just gave them a call to let them know we are coming in and were told that car just got sold to a lady.


So I called and asked for the manager and spoke with Hamson... well well of course I told him that this wasn't okay and that how could they sell a car that was being held. He went on to say that "they do not hold cars." ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Why wasn't that said yesterday? Not sure how these people work, but its not right.

If your selling a car, or promising a car... let the other salesmen know what the hell is going on with your inventory.

Isaac had said he had to pull out 20 cars to get this to the front so we could test drive it. So the other sales people didn't realize that it had been looked at?

I told Hamson to get his team on the same page. No wonder why they only have 2 stars on Yelp. Wish we would have checked this before even considering buying a car from here.

CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KEY. Yeah you might have nice cars, but you are not very nice when it comes to making people happy.

Learn from your reviews people. AND COMMUNICATE with one another about the cars being looked at or "promised."

What a waste of time!!!!

Ren P. | 2013-12-04

Bunch of liars! I bought a 328i from these guys and was promised a spare key which the car did not have when it was bought in an auction. Sales manager told me that it will take a week to order and program. and when i called he wanted me to pay for it! Fucking BS! Never again will buy a used car from a third party dealer!

John K P. | 2013-11-24

actually 0 star would be better for these guys
scam scam scam
no test drive till they check your credit... f... that..

gisselle j. | 2013-08-05

Let's start off with the reason for the one star...

I unlike most of the other reviewers did find Sandra, whom is the "lead sales" rep there to be friendly. However, there were a few things that boggled my mind if you will. My credit score had to be run before I test drove the car? I worked at a used car dealer awhile back and don't remember ever doing this before the client had test driven the car (which was not offered and when asked if I could they didn't allow it due to mileage/sales bs.). I believe my "soft credit check" was ran to see if they could even make a sale off of me. But this is just speculation...

So on my third visit around Samson "assisted me". While sitting at the desk I notice an acceptance from a bank and the interest rate was pretty low. But U.I's deal included the same bank with a higher rate. When I asked Samson about this he was hesitant then stated that the bank made a mistake that they needed to charge me more interest??? Confusing right? Well get to the best part...

The owner Peter comes to take over. As we are discussing the deal (mind you I was interested in a mini cooper that was about $13,xxx with 5,000 down).. This should be pretty simple and I'm providing him my paystubs, references and what not.. He has the audacity to state that they need legit paystubs and if I do in fact work for the company on my paychecks or if it's a friend trying to help me out???? Insinuating I provided false documentation. I nearly fell out of my chair.. I was so flippin flabbergasted.. Are you serious? I, actually to my own surprise did not react in a harsh manner perhaps because he was easy on the eyes.. And let's face it stupidity can be overlooked when you're good looking. So.. I went as far as to show him my insurance card and even invited him to go to my office if he wished or contact our HR what ever they needed. I was actually very offended. Well here is the kicker..

I may be out of line here but this is my "review" from my own Point of view, right!
So I'm going to just put it out there..

Right before he tells us to basically f* off, I take a call from my boss who speaks Hebrew. I spoke a few words in Hebrew then stepped out to finish the call. When I returned out of the blue, He tells us that I should go buy a car somewhere else that I don't want a mini. That I should go to my friends' dealership or an auction!!!

WTF!??? Now I'm not going to make any insinuations......but really?

I could not believe what I was hearing, one of the most bizarre experiences ever. I felt very disrespected and discriminated against (for whatever reason). I've been in sales and customer service for many years and have many acquaintances who run businesses and am shocked that an OWNER would act that way and be so absolutely cold.

Bank approved me, you have all my documentation, you have a substantial down payment... so why the shadiness? Was my money not green enough? Was I asking to many questions??

Needless to say I walked out of there scratching my head in absolute disbelief. Everything happens for a reason and a higher power was looking out for me. i haven't written a review for a business in quite awhile however this has stuck with me till now and wanted to share my experience with fellow yelpers.

Sad thing is.. I was actually hoping to have a good experience with them and eventually write them a positive review however that was not the case and now I understand why they have so many bad reviews.

Tiffany S. | 2013-08-05

Do not buy a car from this dealership unless you have a great cheap mechanic, wonderful tow truck company connection, extra time on your hands for the break downs and the extended warranty. I purchased my BMW 528i about a year ago, and my car has been in the shop 8 TIMES, for everything from a new battery, to starter issues, to cylinder issues, to window issues, to speaker issues, to headlight issues (which I found out was not a BMW bulb so I'm waiting for an extra $800 in my budget to get that fix as well). I have only put 18k miles on this car and have come out of pocket over 2K thus far, while First Automotive has paid about $2500. This car has stopped on me 5 times, leaving me stranded for hours while waiting for a tow, and I am so familiar with my local BMW service department that they know my voice when I call. Before I purchased the car, I wanted to take it to MY mechanic, but I was told that I couldn't drive it that far. I was told I could take it to the San Jose BMW around the corner, and after paying $275 for their 'inspection' I feel as though this was a waste of money as well. I was also never given a manual, or second key, and upon my first issue it was brought to my attention that the cars computer system had been wiped out so all prior history on my car is gone. Although Sandra and the staff were friendly, it has been a super frustrating experience. I believe I took every step to protect myself prior to purchasing this car (Carfax, inspection, test drive, etc) but I regret my purchase. I ignored the reviews, but please take heed, the hastle is not worth the pretty shell.

P R. | 2013-05-09

Response to the owner comments:

If I am lying and if none of what I described happened, how do you know which transaction I am referring to? While I didn't say anything when I am at your shop, it doesn't mean I don't notice stuff. And if your business practice was that great, why do so many people rate it badly? Are you saying all these people were lying too? Oh btw, I bought a different car with same exact spec few hundred dollars lower from Lexus of Stevens Creek. And to think that price was the only thing you had going for you...
Good luck with everything, "Shayna"!

S S. | 2013-02-01

I bought a cat from these guys. The price they offer are competitive. But, beware! These guys ended up selling me car that did not have a clean carfax. The car did indeed have an accident record. Although a minor one but it still has an accident record. At the time of buying, the carfax record they handed me was that of a different car and I foolishly did not verify the VIN number. Once I came back home, a week late I realized the VIN numbers were totally different and the real carfax had an accident record.

Fortunately the car was under warranty and upon complete checkup the car turned out fine. But I would not want to test my luck anymore. I got my next car from an authorized BMW dealer with proper carfax, service records... etc.

I would not go to these people any more for the sake of saving a couple of thousand dollars off blue book price. It's simply not worth it.

Tony V. | 2012-11-24

I don't know her name, but some lady "helped" me (I wouldn't say helped, but acknowledged me looking for a particular car I saw online)

Test drive?

"No test drives unless you submit a credit application."

WTF? Why would I apply for a car I haven't even test driven.

"What car did you used to drive?"

Why does it matter? I'm serious about buying.

Are there any accidents to this G37 or anything I should know about?

"No this car is clean"

I go home and lookup the carfax, "FRAME damage" which is why it was priced so low.

Jack V. | 2012-10-02

This place is great. I purchased a pre-owned BMW 328i coupe from United Imports about a year ago. The car has been extremely reliable and it was accurately represented when I bought it. Peter was great to work with- no pressure or hassle. I was able to buy the car for a great price and I've been completely satisfied. I would recommend United Imports to my friends and family, and I'll probably return when it's time for an upgrade.

Erin G. | 2012-08-21

I had a great experience with them! I would recommend these guys to everyone I know!

Derek E. | 2012-07-25

I recently bought my first BMW and I got it from United Imports. After looking around on CraigsList and other dealerships I came across a 2009 BMW 328i at United Imports. I was wary at first because he was asking even cheaper then KBB private party value. I brought my dad to come check out the car, I was greeted by the owner Peter and we began talking about the car and features. I told him I wanted a pre-purchase inspection (still being wary about how could this amazing car could be so cheap). He arranged and brought the car down the street to Stevens Creek BMW where they inspected the car. 3 hours later I get a call from the service advisor Justin Carlos who helped me while at the dealership. He told me the car had passed inspection with flying colors!!
I have now had my BMW for a little over a week and absolutely love it! Peter explained to me that sense he has a bad location for a dealership the only way for him to stay completive is to have the cheapest prices on the net. My mom is now looking at getting a 535i from him because she doesn't like having a older car then me :-p

We will DEFINITLY be coming back to United Imports for future cars! Thank you Peter!

Anthony Y. | 2012-04-26

I was actually relatively impressed by United Imports.  It's a small operation.  They seem to move a lot of cars.  I went with my buddy who purchased a a 328i from them.  I was actually impressed with the amount of transparency they were willing to show us.  
1st and foremost they are the cheapest game in town for Beamers still under warranty, I pretty much have no doubt about it.  Cheaper than KBB and in a lot of cases cheaper than a private party.

They tried to sneak in GAP insurance on my buddies total cost which was kind of lame, I wouldn't have taken it but my buddy did even though he questioned it first but he decided to take it.  

Test driving vehicles was no problem took a photo copy of the DL and let us on our way.  
The process took a lot longer than I thought it would for a couple of reasons.  The girl that was helping us out at first was obviously brand new and she ran into some snags.  Of course Peter went to lunch during this time.  Then we were waiting around for an hour for him to get back.  They use Chase for their financing and it was hard to get a hold of the LO in charge of the thing but eventually Peter got back and things went smoothly.

I'm not sure if the reviews are true that you can't buy the cars cash there, but even if it is true who cares?  Finance the damn thing and pay it off the next month.  You are still getting a better deal than anywhere else I could find.

cyberexus c. | 2012-04-09

This appears to be a slim shady operation with slim shady associations - fabricated or not. For starters, try getting a straight answer to a straight question, which is patently pathetic for United Imports given that the average Yelp user is of above average intelligence. (The same applies to potential customers who read extensive web reviews before going shopping.)

The "United Imports" fetish for using their financier only (to the exclusion all others) gives me some serious willies. If money is money, what color is theirs? Dealer-arranged financing is not an unheard of thing in Silicon Valley, but to restrict it to just their own smacks of vertical integration from the lower reaches of Hell.

But before you get to this other weightier stuff, the thing that boggles the mind is why this outfit bothers to set up a brick-and-mortar outfit while all the while acting like a virtual dealership. Test drives? What test drives? You see that flamin' hoop over there. See how many times you can do backflips through it while singing "Hooray for Bollywood" before we let you ride in one of our cars. Seriously WTF?

Which raises the question of what criteria "United Imports" uses to choose who test drives its cars. Does it make it easy for some while stonewalling others? One wonders but I am frankly beyond giving a flying puck. This shady dealership can take its chintzy cars and stick 'em where the sun don't shine.

But from reading this site it's clearly evident that I am not the only one who feels that way. The down-trending reviews existed way before mine.

Long live the diligent reviewers of Yelp.  And long live Silicon Valley where (like in Keillor's Lake Wobegon) "the women are strong, .... the men are good-looking, and the children (well) above average."

Michael J. | 2012-03-27

If this place were any more shady, they'd be an umbrella.

Went with a co-worker over here to look at a beamer they were selling. Car seemed fine but the people here definitely make you feel rushed constantly like you're wasting there time. When we finally decided the car would be worth pursuing, we told them we would come back with a bank check to pay for it. That's when it got retarded.

Apparently, you can't buy these cars without going through their credit company. So I told the D-bag that was helping us, "So, if I was rich and had 60k to burn, you would not sell me the car if I brought you a bag of cash to pay it in full right here right now?"  The guy straight-face replied that's correct we have to get you a loan through our provided credit company.

Wow. I know SOME of the deals on these cars are appealing but you are definitely going to be gambling on this place if you buy from here.  My co-worker ultimately ran to BMW Mountain View and got a used car there. At least they can back up what they sell you and will accept cash ;)

Melissa Y. | 2012-02-18

My husband and I came to United Imports today to check out a 328i convertible.  We were very serious about buying the car, but Sandra, the woman who was helping us out, asked us to hurry up with the test drive.  She also asked us not to put the top down until someone could help us with it upon our return.  When we came back after driving around the block, my husband was honest with Sandra and mentioned that he liked the car but wasn't particularly excited about the color scheme.  We asked to have someone put the top down like we had talked about, and Sandra said that since we didn't seem very interested in the car she didn't want to help us with it.  She said they were too busy.  

There were some other cars on the lot that we would have also been interested in learning about and testing out, but we were so put off by Sandra's horrible customer service that we left.  We went across the street to Formula One and had a much better experience there.  Pete spent a lot of time talking to us about the many BMWs they had on their lot and also showed us a few Mercedes.  We didn't even know we were interested in them until Pete educated us about them.  

To be fair, my husband did accidentally leave his driver's license in the car we test drove at United Imports, and they held onto it and were planning to mail it back to us before we picked it up.  That was a nice gesture.  They won't be getting our business though.

Rusty B. | 2011-12-06

I recently bought a 328i from United Imports and couldn't be more happy. Peter, the owner, literally went out of his way to make sure I had piece of mind when purchasing a car from him. All his cars still come with BMW factory warranty. Every single one. On top of that assurance, Peter also took me (along with the car) to Stevens Creek BMW... which happens to be conveniently located down the street... and we go it inspected from head to toe for EXTRA assurance. He paid the cost for this. On top of that, he gave me 4 brand new tires since the ones that were originally on my car were half used. He also took my car to get the windows tinted, again at HIS COST. Shocking, right? I don't know any other dealer who would even consider doing that. The only thing I was missing was a cherry on top, which I'm sure he would have given me as well.

Anyway... MORAL OF THE STORY: you want a good quality BMW, go to Peter. You won't be disappointed.

Justin and Kirstin C. | 2011-11-04

Peter is the man! I don't understand why people say he doesn't disclose information on the cars he sells. He's not the owner, he re- sells them. It's up to you the buyer to have it checked out.  He can only provide so much information.

I purchased two BMWs 328i and recently a X3  from Peter. People these cars have factory warranty. BMW would not warranty a lemon. I did a  carfax and had it inspected  by Stevens Creek BMW.  All is well.

Peter is a stand up guy. I will buy from again. Customer for life!

Mohammad S. | 2011-11-04

One of the best car dealers hands down! I looked everywhere craigslist and other dealers and ended up purchasing a 335i 2009 bmw from this gentleman, he was very generous gave me a great deal and even better financed me the car at an amazing rate I would definitely recommend him to friends and family of my own as I have confidence In this mans level of honestly. The perfect place to buy a car united Import.

Mike G. | 2011-10-22

Peter is great!  I had been approved for a loan through my credit union, and Peter had got me a better rate from a different bank. Not only that, he worked with me to get my monthly payment down to my comfort zone. He also dropped the price several $100 and was more than respectful and courteous to my wife and daughter. He even gave us a free kitten! Lol. Notice how people only write reviews when things go bad? Bottom line - Don't write this place off. The inventory is beautiful and Peter is more than professional.

Kelli D. | 2011-10-15

I just bought an X3 from Peter this week, and was surprised to read the negative reviews.  I guess you cant please all the people al the time.  I sort of feel like- what do you expect when you are looking for a "cheap BMW"?  Of course, some are going to have some problems, all of which Peter is not going to know.  He's not telepathic, afterall.  I appreciate his laid back approach and knowledge with the car I purchased.  He was more than accomodating, lent me a loaner while mine got detailed, etc.  All I can say is take it with a grain off salt- especially when you are looking for a good deal.  Bottome line, Im very happy with my car, his honesty and the price I got.  Thanks Peter!

Sam S. | 2011-10-05

I was looking for a 328i on craigslist and after sometime I gave up on those people and saw this place by my favorite cafe I went in and after doing my research got the car I wanted at even a better price than I was seeing on craigslist and I felt better about it to because it is impossible to track down the seller on craigslist after you are done dealing with them. I know yelp is not the perfect place to find a car dealer, nothing beats a good research in buying a car but beware of craigslist people and check these guys out too. :-)

Justin S. | 2011-08-04

Sorry Peter bro, you seem like a chill dude but the cars you sell are not. We went to go look at an IS250, pretty damn cheap and priced around private party KBB internet price. Somehow they advertise way more expenses prices on their sticker. We negotiated a deal that was good between two parties, but it all went downhill when we went to go get the car inspected by our family mechanic (VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT). Through inspection indicated there were frame damage, AKA involved in an accident. Driver door did not have original factory stickers. Do you know how much shit that would've costed me later down the road? Peter man you gotta disclose these things, cos I definitely don't want the next poor uninformed chap to buy it .If your business model is snagging uninformed people ... I suppose it's a lucrative practice but MAN, it is not ethical at all.

Edit: A few folks have contacted me about finding frame damage to their cars after posting this review, and being shown outdated CarFaxes. I can't re-iterate this enough: GET YOUR CAR CHECKED BY AN INDEPENDENT, TRUSTED MECHANIC. Once you sign for and drive the car off the lot, it is now your liability. $200 inspection is better than $20,000 lemon and future maint costs.

Richard L. | 2011-05-11

Horrible horrible horrible! This small dealership is owned by Peter. He posts his ads on craigslist & it's a scam. He claims that his bmws haven't been in any accidents & that they're all brand new. However, if you look closely all of his bmws have been repainted and he claims that "HE DID NOT KNOW." Horrible customer service -- he brushed us away after we asked if the prices are negotiable. I looked at a 2008 bmw 328i with 19k miles & if you look closely, everything has been repainted, even the grill of the car! The trunk of the bmw was completely replaced and the car didn't even have power seats, like he claimed.

Natasha C. | 2011-05-10

Ready to buy a BMW we did our research.  I called United several times, asking several questions - confirming that the Carfax information was correct (state of origin, accident free), stressed that I was coming down with 2 small children and didn't have the luxury of wasting time.  They assured me all was as posted.  In brief - they lied.   Wrong VIN number on their site; car has been in an accident; rust on the underbelly (car is from the Northeast, not Hawaii); punctures in the tires.     Wasted my time ; misrepresented data (they have yet to correct either their e-bay listing or their craigslist listing with the correct info);  and led to a lovely evening with nap cut-short children.  Disrespectful and dishonest.  Avoid.

Teja B. | 2011-05-04

I just went to buy a BMW 328i 2008 from United Imports. The car looked really neat, very low miles, and was fully loaded. The engine looked ok and i drove it myself. The car was priced at 24,888 and Mr. Peter was soo sure about the deal that he would not want to go below 23999. All the while he was bragging about how good the car was, why the cars are priced cheaper than the dealerships and such fancy rosy stories. I checked the "CARFAX" and the "TITLE" and they both looked clean(Please note this point here)Honestly, i was too overwhelmed to get the price for a 2008 car fully loaded car at one point, but i decided to get a BMW pre purchase inspection done. While I was doing the Pre-Purchase inspection, i noticed certain things which looked a little spooky, #1. The neons were changed to non- BMW and #2.bumper was painted(luckily, the tape that they used to cover the logo) still struck to it, which were hmm no too relevant but then. I called Mr. Peter to ask if he would be willing to either fix the bulbs or decrease the price, but his answer was a strict "no"(the dude thought i was really in his trap). Then came BMW Stevens Creek to my rescue(the place i was getting a pre-purchase inspection done). they ran a car-fax report again and wooh what did i find.... The car was involved in a major accident on 01/17/2010( and its 15 months since then). I called up Mr. Peter to ask him what was going on.. and he said he doesn't know anything about the accident and the car-fax he had was just 10 days old and that the guys from Car-fax updated it just yesterday(what a joke...)

Folks, i actually thought i was wasting 250 bucks on a pre-purchase but then when buying stuff from such shady dealers, trust me it is totally worth it. As far as United imports and Peter Amin are concerned, Sorry I would not recommend and openly claim him to be a low class cheap cheat. I would give a -100 rating if yelp had one, but unfortunately it does not, i have heard him saying that somebody from Oregon was coming to buy the car tomorrow(which i highly doubt, based on his reputation.. but just in case there is one, please rethink .. you are about to buy a heavily damaged car which was brought in an auction)

Please avoid this dealership at all costs.

I learnt a lesson, there is nothing like a cheap BMW :)