Stevens Creek Toyota in San Jose, CA

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Stevens Creek Toyota is  a family owned dealership dedicated to making it easy for people to purchase the car that is right for them. With over 30 years in business our dealership group is pleased to say many of our clients have purchased several vehicles from us over the years. Although we have won many awards, for us this loyalty is the greatest compliment.

Our commitment to you:
- You will be greeted promptly, courteously and treated with respect.
- A member of our trained staff will make every effort to find a vehicle that best suits your needs.
- We will not waste your time with a lengthy negotiation session.
- We will stand behind our promises, as well as our cars.

Thank you for your time!


Established in 1972.

We are one of the last family owned Automotive Dealerships. We pride ourselves on our customer service skills (always improving) and our vehicle selection. "Trust Us To Treat You Right" has been our motto for many years. We do our best to achieve that goal, but understand that we cant always be perfect but learning from our short comings or continuously improving upon our skills is apart of growing as a business.

Stevens Creek Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 984-1234
Address:4202 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Stevens Creek Toyota

Alicia F. | 2015-04-24

(This review is specifically about the Parts Department. I have no experience with the rest of Stevens Creek Toyota.)

Have you ever had an instance where you needed extra help from a company? Almost a miracle?

Well, I received exceptional service from Alfonso in the Parts Department of Stevens Creek Toyota. I was in one of those situations where I needed a particular type of part by a particular time, and Alfonso went out of his way to make sure I got the parts I needed very quickly. He was friendly and courteous in spite my urgent attitude. He assured me he would be able to help me, and he did that just that!

The store was clean and organized, but that was all secondary to the outstanding service I received. Thank you!

Teresa M. | 2015-04-23

This place is very crowded , but I still give it 5 stars. Because the three times I had my Highlander serviced there they were very friendly and they are a trusted dealership. I would not go to another dealer even if there is one closer to me.  I always have an scheduled appointment before I go and they call to remind me several days ahead of time, so I don't miss it.

Penelope K. | 2015-04-22

We have just bought a new Toyota Camry XLE and dealing with Jason Xie in the sales
department couldn't have been smoother or nicer. He is clearly smart, organized and direct in his communications.  We knew exactly what car features and color we wanted, but were satisfied with the final price which included something we had not wanted, but couldn't easily be removed from the package in this area.  Jason spent an enormous amount of time with us setting up the sale, and after the papers were signed also:   setting up the complicated 3 month trial of extra "Entune"  and pairing our old garage door opener to the new keys....He told us what to expect in first weeks of use, and very patiently went through the electronic processes that  now control every aspect of driving a car.  ("Old hat" for many readers, but all very new for us.)

We love our new car, but still have a lot of learning to do, so it seems we are
going to be testing the customer service depths at Stevens Creek Toyota!
So far it is a perfect 10.

Navneet A. | 2015-04-22

I did not have a good experience since the first time I went here. The sales person who guided me wasn't very knowledgable about the cars displayed. The manager who then approached me to work on the deal wasn't courteous either, mocking me when I said that I was test-driving other sedans as well. The second time I went after making an appointment for a test drive, there was no one available to assist me. Finally I got to test drive the camry at the third visit which was not great either. I got the same guy I had met the first time. He hardly knew the features and the difference in the trims. Overall a disappointing experience. I pity, such a good manufacturer having such poor dealers.

Houman R. | 2015-04-21

I give this place a five star in spite of their long waits. A lot of people are complaining about these long waits, that may be true but this is because they are a trusted dealership.
I took my car there without an appointment one morning because on my way to work I started hearing a weird sound coming from the tire. I thought this was because of the break pads. When I picked up my car one of the mechanics there (his name is John Smith) told me it was in fact my hub cap! he fixed it for me and they did not charge me a dime!
I was very impressed.

He could have totally ripped me off since I know zero about cars.

I will definitely trust them with my car next time.


Scott D. | 2015-04-19

Made an appointment with Andy Vu for a 2013 Hyundai I saw online. When we arrived at our appointment, Andy never showed up until a Frank eventually greeted us. He proceeded to show us different vehicles until after 20mins of nonsense, it was finally explained that the vehicle I was interested in was sold on Friday but was assured the vehicle was there on Saturday.

Here is were I become foolish. Andy Vu contacts us and apologies and begs for a second chance. I allow him to apologize and grant a second opportunity. We now have an appointment set for Saturday April 18 at 8:30am. We arrive and ANDY VU is nowhere in sight. These other workers call him on the phone which now I understand was getting him out of bed. He was never in the vicinity for the SECOND appointment.

Avoid ANDY VU and Stevens Creek Toyota. What you see online may not be available and this guy was so unprofessional with appointments that he blamed allergies for the first failure and an accident on the 280 for the second failed appointment. JUST A WASTE OF TIME TWICE. We were approved for $20,000 and this idiot could not get out of bed in time. AVOID THIS LOCATION, ANDY VU AND FRANK IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. WASTE OF TIME. DO NOT TRUST INVENTORY ONLINE

Leanna B. | 2015-04-18

This location is awsome. Kevin and Rene and Suni went above and beyond to help me with getting my car yesterday. It wasent an easy process but at the end they made it happen. Go see kevin when purchasing a new car. He is not pushy at all and makes your experience fun. The crew and i had fun through it all and had some laughs.  Thank you again you guys for helping me with getting my first car on my own.

Candi L. | 2015-04-17

I've been coming to this Stevens Creek location for the past few years now and I'm almost sorry I that I didn't make my switch sooner because my experience here has been night and day compared to Sunnyvale. This location has been nothing but a breath of fresh air after dealing with all the hassle I personally went through. I've been coming here for regular maintenance/ oil changes on my car and I've almost always received excellent and prompt service. Im very busy and use my car a lot (like most people :))so I can't go with out my car for long periods of time and there is usually something else for me to be doing or another place to go!  I'm usually greeted immediately and my car is in and out of there by the time promised which is GREAT! This last time was even better when I dealt with Dave Hardin! He was super sweet and amazing to deal with! I initially went in for an oil change and my car was done at the promised time but they happened to find a problem with my axel, which k forgot to mention, that had been recently making a noise. He explained to me the problem and the cost. I decided to go through with allowing Toyota to do the work and also patch one of my tires that had a huge nail in it! They completed all of this work one hour prior to my promised finish time and I was in and out of there in no time!! I would definitely recommend this location over  as this one seems to be more on top of their schedules and the people you deal with have great customer service skills! I would also definitely recommend coming to see Dave or if you get him by chance he will take care of you and your car!! I will definitely be back for my future car needs!

Jeffy C. | 2015-04-13

Don't go there with out an appointment you will waste your time

Daniel B. | 2015-04-08

Despite the negative reviews I'm reading here, I've had only the positive experience witht this dealershp and can recommend it to everyone.

We recently had both sales and the service experience at this dealership.  

The sales people we dealt with were courteous, attentive and accomodating.  I'm not an impulsive buyer and like to take my time.  The sales process was no brainer and the sales people including management made sure that we would be happy with the purchase and also accomodated us with various payment options.

Sometime thereafter I brought another Toyota we have in our family with the problem that I thought I would have to call Toyota HQ.  Nevertheless,  the problem was taken care of with first rate service in terms of speed, rental accomodation and everything else by service manager Neil and his service advisor John Zrinc.  

John is a great, friendly and knowledgeable guy and keeps one informed about the repairs performed.

And when I got the rental car I needed some help to transfer stuff between car trunks and got all the help I needed from the stuff.

Steven I. | 2015-04-06

Kristen Rudd helped me buy a new Toyota Prius C.  She is the best sales person I have ever dealt with!  [There have been a lot :D].

Grace J. | 2015-04-05

Zero stars ...terrible service.
We were hoping to purchase a truck but the experience with the sales associate was HORRIBLE. Unprepared and unknowledgeable about their products. We left and went to Magnussens in Palo Alto.

Lexy L. | 2015-03-26

I don't know why this place has such a low rating. I was skeptical at first because of the reviews, but I went here for my first time---I was sooo pleased with my car and my customer service. My appointment was 12:15pm. I was taken care of right on the dot. I got an oil change, they washed my car (complimentary) and sat in a VERY comfortable lounge area where there was WIFI,  a pretty aquarium, complimentary coffee, leather seats with a laptop table, tv, and I knew I would wait an hour so I brought my laptop....THEY FINISHED IN 45-50MIN. And THE ENTIRE staff was accommodating, friendly and I will be coming back.  

THANKS TO NATE AND MICHELLE who made me feel comfortable and made my expirience a GREAT one.

Charlene A. | 2015-03-24

Very first yelp review and well deserved. This goes out to Joe Agutos at Stevens Creek Toyota for making the car buying process so painless as I did this process all by myself. Joe was soooo very knowledgeable of the car and ensured that it was beautified by the time I picked it up. It was a true blessing for this opportunity to happen and it was possible because of Joe! I see the overall yelp review for this place is average but do not let that stop you from looking for a car here....make sure you ask for Joe because he will give you that 6 star (not 5) service we all deserve as consumers!

Sydonia F. | 2015-03-23

My sister found exactly what she wanted a beautiful Camery...the saleman and others were 'over the top' helpful !!!! John S. gave her all the time, information and 'space' she needed to make a well informed decision! Anil F. brought the entire package to fruition!!! Thank you all Stevens Creek Toyota

Em I. | 2015-03-22

Purchased A used 2013 car. Javad helped us and was extremely patient and helpful. For a first time buyer I appreciated his patience and he was very helpful. Home happy with a new car. Thank you SO much Javad!

Samantha L. | 2015-03-19

I tried to walk in for a oil change around 11 am today but was told to leave my car there because there is no time available until 5 pm.  I had different Toyotas  and all the dealerships I have been to for the last 20 years, I have never been told I need to wait 6 hours.  I left and I am so glad I was turned away.  

However, I am not giving 1 star review for this morning's incident.

Last year I did a oil change at this place.  Not even into 3000 miles later, every time I go up a hill and down, my car would shake and rattle and my break lights would go on and off. Plus, I had to put gas in my car every few days.  I took the car to the nearest auto shop and was told I had hardly any engine oil in my car!!!   I was thinking maybe something was leaking but the auto shop checked everything and added some oil and I drove around for another 2000 miles with no problem. I knew this dealership charged me almost $60 for a oil change and didn't even put enough in it. My children and I could of been in a serious accident!!!!

I didn't want to complain about it because mistakes can happen but after this morning, I am even more upset.  I wanted to get my oil changed here so I can let the service people know about my last experience so that wouldn't happen again but since I was turned away, I thought I would voice my experience.

NEVER coming back to this place again.  I really miss the dealership I used in San Diego.

Su S. | 2015-03-16

Well I would probably give it negative stars if there be one.
I scheduled a service with Stevens creek Toyota for a 12:00pm on a Monday. They were so overbooked I had to wait in line for about an hour before someone could come talk to me about my appointment.
When I asked them if they have a system for a scheduled appointment they were just outright mean and rude.
Well when you buy a car with them they seem all sweet and caring! Once you done with the deal. They don't care about the customers.
Just bad!

Aleksandr S. | 2015-03-16

During choosing my second car I've visited them to test drive one. After test driving I've got the following comments from sales manager:
1. That is a great car.
2. Color is beautiful.
3. That is a good choise.
4. Car is better than mine one.
5. Car is going faster than mine one.

Any of this comments your hear each and every time is annoying. Although when I asked about the price I've got sticker price even if Truecar provide me with price ~5k lower. And all of that wasn't the worst one. After that I've got a lot of SPAM from them inviting me to visit them to get a good price.

So here is what I'm say about this dealership: guys, I better will go with my current "slow, bad, not so good, 6 month old, sameprice car" or just purchase a bicycle but not going with Toyota. Only because of your customer facing service.


Antonette C. | 2015-03-15

We came here at this location not expecting anything due to our credit history or poor credit score. We are very pleased with the service we got. As soon as we walk in we are warmly greeted by Mr. GIOVANNI AVENIDO who helped us find the car that suits not just our needs but the budget we can afford. Were very glad that we came to this location. Giovanni was honest and gave us realastic detailed information that made us feel like we are doing the right thing. He did not hesistate to go above and beyond just to able to help us get something that we can drive. Mr. GIOVANNI AVENIDO is a type of sales person that doesnt just push to get sales but really helped customers what theyre getting into and really give an honest view about buying a car. If we need to get car in the future we will definitely have him as our first choice.

Emily Y. | 2015-03-13

Since purchasing my Highlander in 2009, we have only serviced it at the nearest Toyota Dealership.  Until 4 years ago, we lived in Carlsbad, CA and absolutely LOVED that location.  

However, after moving to San Jose, we started taking it to Stevens Creek Toyota.  While there have been a few questionable instances, the latest ensured we will never return and I feel compelled to tell EVERYONE about it.  A year ago or so, I realized my taillight was out and completely forgot to mention it when I dropped off my HL for an oil change.  No problem, right? They do the all-point inspection with every oil change!  Wrong.  Our taillight was still out.  So from that point on, I've been suspicious.  This last oil change I received a call from the dealership telling me I needed a new engine air filter.  

Since my husband just replaced it himself in December, we knew that couldn't be possible.  

So when we arrived at the dealership to pick up my HL, we asked to speak with our service representative (Michelle H. - who was otherwise very good at what she does), explained the situation, and were immediately brought to a different mechanic from the person who serviced our car.  After looking at the filter and agreeing that it was completely clean, Michelle apologized and offered a complimentary engine air filter when we needed one.  

A complimentary air filter?!  I was in shock.  You're telling me that we uncovered blatant dishonesty within your dealership and you're offering a complimentary air filter? To be entirely honest, even if she had offered a free oil change, we would not return.  Under no circumstances.  Be warned.

Eddie G. | 2015-03-10

Bought my car from James great service very helpful , gave me great deal on my trade in couldn't be happier, would by from him in the future.

Thank You!

Sagar T. | 2015-03-08

We bought a car from there before. The salesperson was Robbie; he was truly exceptional. He helped us really good. But, the finance sold us so many nonsense things with some conditions. That is the reason I am giving them 2 star. I suggest the salesperson but never suggest the dealership. I realized later after talking to other sales associate that I literally got bad deal as a whole. I am paying $398 for my Camry XLE without leather seats per month is lease after $3000 down payments. They also negotiated with us too much. Also, the finance manager Perry is too sneaky. He told me for the paint protection we need to pay $6 for a month and for 36 months it will be $216. But, before some days I take a look at the contract and amazed to see for paint protection he made it $1200. They also give me a condition to buy ding and dents, gap which is more $700-800. He made amount high in contract so that we can't cancel it in future. Be aware to buy a car from there guys. Trust me please!!!!

Elisha T. | 2015-03-07

My family has 2 Priuses, and we bought and get them both serviced here. Whenever I need to send my car in for maintenance, I really like working with Rick Vargas. He's a soft-spoken, serious guy, and he always does a great job taking care of my car and me.

I've worked with other service representatives at this dealership, and they are super friendly and efficient. Their online appointment scheduler is also very convenient.

Jiffy J. | 2015-03-07

We were looking for a used car, and super surprised about the awesome service we got from Paul Singh here. He was genuinely helpful and extremely knowledgeable. We will come back any time!!

A H. | 2015-03-07

Bought a used Mercedes here from Jim.  Everything went smoothly.  The car was a good buy in good condition sold below blue book value.  I would buy here again.

Joel N. | 2015-03-05

Great dealership to buy/lease all cars. This is my second time buying a car here and i feel the need to share my experience. The sales team is very knowledgeable of their cars. Not only that,They are there to answer any questions you may have. I personally reccommend coming in and looking for John Shamloo. He is very friendly and helpful. Buying/leasing the car from him is definitely a great and smooth experience.

Travis N. | 2015-03-05

Highly disappointed with my visits. I had to come back multiple times for one car issue. I had a clicking in my steering wheel and they "fixed it" but said the noise was still there and part of the car. Came back and thy realize its a big problem and they were wrong. The service advisor Robin tried his hardest to not help me. I came in upset because i called three times and the receptionist left him three messages and i didnt get a call back. I had to come to the dealership to talk to him. Im obliged to a loaner vehicle under warranty, and he gave me invalid reasons for a warranty and i had to correct him in order to get it. The sales department man named john shamley, i asked him for help where my service advisor was and he kept saying"ok?" "Ok?" With attitude and said he doesnt work in service even though he was in service and refused to help me. Treated me with disrespect. Abnormally long wait times, they don't consider your time at all when serving you. I feel like they treated me like a stranger would rather than a customer. But then again, I've had better encounters with strangers.

Sheila G. | 2015-03-03

This for the service department. I recently bought a used Prius , and didn't know a lot about the car . I took it in for an oil change , and a really nice service advisor ( Michelle Herena )  came out checked the records , and told me I didn't need one yet. Had I gone to Jiffy Lube ,they would have done it anyways. She then spent time explaining a lot of things on the car that is so complex it is taking me awhile to figure out. I will only now take my car to Michelle at Steavans creek Toyota she is awesome !! Best service I have ever had a a car dealership !

Dan T. | 2015-03-03

Less than two months ago I spent more than $360 for replacing the right tail-light pack. Here are my experiences,

Firstly, the good:
1. Even though I didn't have an appointment for coming back to fix a new problem on the newly installed tail-light, the problem was fixed in 2-3 hours despite the long line of customers who already had appointments.
2. They washed my car even zero dollar was paid for the second visit.

Secondly, the bad:
1. Found out that the problem was originated from day-1 when the new pack was installed. The different blinking speed of left and right tail-lights was the sign that the pack was not installed properly.
2.  They did not do a good quality check when they handed the car back to the customer. Otherwise, they would have noticed the different speed of blinking. (Since it was handed over to me like this, my wife and I thought it was normal.) Note: When I mentioned this to the rep., he said that "it's possible that the problem didn't occur after they installed the pack but might occur after I drove the car back home, even on day-1."

I just wished that they could say "Sorry" to customers for situation like this. The word "sorry" wouldn't cost them a penny.

For the $360 work that only installed one tail-light pack on Prius, they shouldn't make the customer come back. But, they fixed the problem and returned my car in two hours, so I rate them as 3-star (A-OK).

Cindy M. | 2015-03-02

This is the only dealership my family and I come to when needing a new car or service! We've been faithful for over 15 years and still going...

Need help with service?? Call and speak to Liliana Magana. She got me in the very next morning for the following: headlight replacement, busted backseat seat belt and a CAR WASH ... all under a half hour wait. Left the dealership feeling as if my car was new all over again (mind you, I drive a 2007 Camry).

THANK YOU Lilly!!! I'll be coming back to visit soon. And kudos to the rest of guys for always asking me if I've been helped as I waited.

Lorraine H. | 2015-03-01

My husband and I recently purchased a car here. We were very pleased with Javad, a soft-spoken, friendly and professional sales person. I would definitely do business with him again. The sales manager, Michael, was also terrific. They processed all our paperwork fairly quickly and we drove off with our new car within a few hours.

We also visited Capitol Toyota, but ended up coming back to Stevens Creek not only because they had in stock the car we wanted, but also because their overall service was better.

As part of our negotiations, we had a backup camera installed so we already had our first experience with the service department. Everyone we've dealt with here has been very courteous and friendly. I'm very pleased with our decision to purchase here. We're happy with our new Prius c.

Kev Y. | 2015-02-25

The service is really bad. They let you schedule the appointment at 5:15pm, they keep you waiting for minutes and then tell you the technician has to leave at 5:30pm and you will need to schedule the next time

Roger X. | 2015-02-20

Not an honest dealer! Bad experience.

I was in the market for a minivan, plan to buy it in less than an week. After talk about the car and test drive. they told me they can't give me an quote unless I plan to buy the car that day. I asked why, they said because if they gave me a quote, I'll use the price to negotiate with other dealer and will buy the car with them.

what a load of crap!!! if you will not give out quote you shouldn't call yourself dealer!

avoid, never visit again

Darren A. | 2015-02-20

I just purchased my third new vehicle from Dave Volkman at St Creek Toyota. Their low pressure sales and high integrity keep me coming back as a loyal customer. It always pays to do your homework before going in to make a purchase at any dealer, and I'm sure that all the sales people have different tactics they use, but I would give Dave, his management staff and even finance high marks. He was helpful a couple of years ago when I took my mom in to make her new car purchase and has been my go to guy since.
I know I will be back the next time I'm in the market.

Shannon D. | 2015-02-19

My husband and I both take our Toyotas here for regular service appointments. We usually book in the mornings, and there's always donuts, bagels, and fresh coffee while we wait. I also love the free Wi-Fi! Today I had a particularly wonderful experience thanks to Lily, who is able to fix my brake light without having to take the car in for service and leaving me to wait. In total it cost me seven bucks and took no more than 3 minutes to swap out.

I'd love to give them five stars, but we had brought in a car once and they told us we had to get a new tire, only to take the car to a separate tire shop and find out it could be patched. But hey, they're in it to make money, and if you have just half a brain and some common sense, you can definitely get a lot done here!

Rob L. | 2015-02-19

worst service ever!!! run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topher S. | 2015-02-18

WOW!  I must say my experience started off very well.  I am interested in buying aPrius and wanted to stop by my local Toyota dealership to test drive.  ALEX helped New and seemed eager tho answer my questions and score me the New vs. Used models.  As I test drove the V after the mid size one here began to give me the pitch.  As soon as I said I had an appt. at another local dealer to look art their cars he immediately cut me off, said I waisted his time and told me I should have just gone too Sunnyvale Toyota. He then got on his phone ignored me the rest of the drive and said nothing to me as I exited the vehicle or Toyota's property.  For someone who said they have worked here 11years I am so taken back by his actions it makes me want to drive the 1.5 hours to the nearest Carmax.  Kindness, humility, and thankfullness go a long way Alex.  That along with car knowledge goes a long way and makes sales, but I will NEVER return here.

Mamis V. | 2015-02-17

If I could give no stars I would.  This has been the worst experience ever. My sales guy was great but when it went to getting the vehicle I wanted it was a nightmare. Never again will I go back they took a $500 deposit from me to insure I was going to buy because they were bring my car from another dealer. I was told it would arrive if not that same evening the following morning. I told them that was fine I would return after 4pm when I called they told me they hadn't even brought the car that maybe in the next few hours they would call me they were busy closing other deals. Wow I was shocked how they just pushed me aside so. I told them I wanted my $500 which I gave them in cash they said I had to wait till the following work day to receive a check. So I Waite when I drive to pick it up the check has a completely different last name and they say there nothing they can so because the sales rep. Was off that I had to return on the following business day. You can imagine how i felt going and coming talking to this person and getting rerouted to voice mails. NEVER AGAIN WILL I RETURN

Edin B. | 2015-02-16

Was here with my Friend (Nancy Chen) and bought a RAV4. Sales was good and salesman (James) was very helpful.

Abram M. | 2015-02-09

Explored this Toyota dealership as I was looking for a new car. Customer service was just horrible !!! (except the guy who showed me the car ( I think his name is Rauf)). Rest of the folks didn't even care when you walked in to the dealership and made us wait for long even when there was not a single customer there. Then they wanted all kinds of details SSN number, address, phone # etc before they even talk to you !!!

Finally ended up buying my car from Toyota Sunnyvale. If you are planning to buy a Toyota vehicle, please make a visit to both these dealerships and you will be surprised with the transparency, respect and service you get at Sunnyvale Toyota compared to the feeling of being cheated and neglected  at Stevens Creek.

Just don't listen to me, visit both these Toyota locations and then decide yourself !

Eidrian P. | 2015-02-07

David Garcia went above and beyond through the whole service. I was fan of Toyota before but now my love for it just increased. My next car will be Toyota again just to come here for the service.

Cela D. | 2015-02-06

Where to start with this nightmare!!! This review was over due! First,I will advise any one with the intent of purchasing a vehicle from this dealer ship to steer clear or you will end up with the same predicament I am now facing!
So I bought A 2014 Toyota RAV4 4, brand new. This is my first car so instantly I was infatuated. As the first few months went by I started to hear a very loud screeching sound come from my breaks. And this noise just progressed over time. So I did what any normal person would do I took it back to the dealership where the  "supposably" checked out my car now mind you this was a new car off the lot with only 14 miles this noise would only get worse. so other a 8 month period I would bring my car back and forth with a total of 8 visits for the same reason. So I'll get to straight to the point .The lack of communication between service advisors and even the general mangers assistant is unbelievable I've worked with plenty of service advisors ranging from Rick,lily, Steve and even the general managers assistant. What do all these people have in common, it is that none of them what in world they are doing! After all these times that I have brought in my car it just so happens that my brake pad percentage has kept a steady
90%. So we contact heather she gives the okay to change my brakes and rotors has another service advisor contact my husband to set up an appointment and my husband had to inform him that our car was already there for service. This unorganized dealership can't even have enough sense to know that my car had been sitting there for a week without anything being done.! Then heather goes back on her word and gives us the same ol story that Toyota must approve the work only after she had given the approval directly from the general manager himself?! My husband and I are in complete disappointment with this company! My husband had told her that he would not pick up the vehicle until it has been fixed. And she has even threatened to charge us a storage fee! Unprofessional unorganized.
There are no core values for customer service evidently. I have already warned my family and friends of this dealership and their inconsideration for there customers.

If I had known what I know now I would have went to another dealership to save myself the headache!!!!!

Ai M. | 2015-02-04

I recently bought new 2015 Corolla, the sales person Martin Hernandez helped me with the purchase. I spent a whole day over there choosing a car, filling out papers and he did his best. I drove away on my new car :)
Thank you for your help really appreciate it.

Ben G. | 2015-02-02

I received a service bulletin letter for my Tundra for a software update that takes 30 minutes, according to the letter. I called to schedule an "appointment" for the software update and a routine 20K mile service. "Monica" in service tells me the software update will be up to a 4 hour wait plus 1-2 hours for the service.
   What's the purpose of an appointment then if all they do is put you in line once you get there? I don't think they understand the concept of "appointments". They are too unorganized (or have no regard for customers' time) to figure out when a tech will be available so they can schedule the appointment accordingly. Instead, they just throw you onto a wait list when you get there. Absolutely unprofessional.
    I've been taking my 2 cars there for a couple years and they were never like this. I log on to Yelp and see their disgusting Yelp ratings. Time to look for another dealer.
    Found Piercy Toyota who scheduled me a TRUE appointment with a 2 - 2.5 hr wait total.

Teddy Y. | 2015-01-31

I was the first one in the line waiting for car maintenance service. They keep  moving  my car let the cars behind  me get service  first .I don't  understand  what's  wrong .they keep  me waiting  for one and half hour........really pissed.

Tim D. | 2015-01-31

I recently purchased a (non-Toyota) car that was a trade-in to the Toyota Stevens Creek dealership.  I called about an ad I saw on , and Frank answered and I arranged to swing by the dealership the next day.  When i arrived Frank met me and handed me the key.  I wanted to inspect the car in detail before test driving it, and Frank let me do just that without hovering over me or trying to sell me the car.  He told me to take my time and to find him if i had any questions.  When i was ready for a test drive 20 mins later Frank was with another customer so he handed me the keys and let me take it for a long spin by myself.  At that point i came back to the office and told Frank that i liked the car but that i needed some time to think about it.  No pressure salesmanship, I walked out of the office and confirmed with Frank and manager Ray that they would have no problem if i lined up a pre-purchase inspection for two days later.  Frank waited with me while I took the car to an independent shop 5 miles away to have it looked over, which took almost two hours.  When the car checked out 100%, I was ready to make a deal.  The negotiation was professional, fair, and no hassle -- i had all the time I wanted to think over the terms, and as i requested, they quoted me an 'out the door' price so there were no unexpected line items on the final total as some dealerships try to slip in.  After the sale, Clement handled the title transfer and California registration paperwork, and offered me additional warranties and anti-theft packages, but didn't push them on me when i declined -- the process was very streamlined.  In the end I got a great car at a decent price, and with minimal stress.  Frank followed up with me on an issue with the spare key as he said he would a couple days later.  

I would like to commend the professionalism of everyone I interacted with at Stevens Creek Toyota, especially Frank, Ray, and Clement.

Holly S. | 2015-01-28

After scheduling will need an appointment to get my oil changed at this Toyota and after having several. Experiences with Toyota from buying my first car from them not weighing the vehicle when I first bought it which led me not to get my registration for 5 months to them putting in the wrong VIN number and making the process a whole lot more harder than you needed to be. When I got to my appointment I arrive 20 minutes early and started throwing up the paperwork for my oil change on my 4 by 4 Toyota Tacoma 2013. And after talking with the sales representative. I get his name because he did not introduce himself or was not wearing a name tag. I was then informed that I would need to wait an extra hour and a half to have my oil changed and when asked why do I need to wait so long I have an appointment in 20 min, I was told that there was NOT a technician waiting on me for me to arrive and that there were 3 other cars ahead of me. When asked why they made their appointments this way he said that's just how they are done. His tone was rude and agressive. After stating that I would not be coming back and walking to my car that extremely nice service attendant asked me why I was sleeping after telling him that I basically had to wait 2 hours to get my oil change he looked up old and pointed out that and service tracks to his right were open. Next time I will make sure to make my appointment an hour in advance of I ever need to come back, which I will try to avoid. I have never had this problem with Ford service management or audis.

Michale O. | 2015-01-27

one of the sales associate called me and offered me price as $6000 including taxes for the car i was interested in and I said sure i will take it. today when i came in take a test drive and pay the price. he said "he was just messing up with me on the price to see if I actually come in to see the car" and offered me price of $8250 for the car.

this was completely unprofessional behavior and basically fooling customers by telling wrong prices on the phone to pull them to the showroom and saying i was messing up with you on the price. and telling different price completely.

Is that the sort of customer experience Stevens Creek Toyota gives?

Beware of these guys, they fool their customers by telling wrong prices initially and then after you go there, they tell you that they were just messing with you on the price.

Jad Y. | 2015-01-26

Came in last week to check out their lease offers. We were quickly greeted by a friendly salesman, I believe his name was Tim (I can't remember exactly). We told him that we are in a hurry and wanted to lease a car today since we were short on time. He was very helpful through the process. He asked for our budget and tried to accommodate us as much as possible.

We were able to negotiate to the desired price, in addition we were able to get the car in the timeframe we wanted. Just a quick note, the salespeople here like anywhere else can be a bit pushy, but that is due to the competitive market.

Thanks guys for the positive experience.

Richard C. | 2015-01-26

I experienced very poor service. I called ahead about walking in for an oil change. I was told it would be an hour to an hour and a half wait. I arrived 10 minutes later and was told it would be 3-4 hours. When I questioned the manager he got a defensive and harsh attitude with me. I will never return to this place again. These guys need to work on their lead time communication and managerial attitudes.

matt b. | 2015-01-24

Let me edit this and start off by stating that the service i received from Brian Keat their sales associate was par to none, if you do go to this location ask for Brian.

This dealership made it so I will never want to buy a car or go back to a dealer ever again! Walked in with about 2/3 of the payment IN CASH just trying to get myself a good reliable car, no haggling prices i just wanted to pay for a nice automobile. Less than six months later the check engine light comes on and now i have to replace the transmission on a car that had 75,000 miles on it! Now to fix this "new" vehicle it would cost more than half of what is still owed on the car. I will never, repeat NEVER go to Stevens Creek Toyota EVER again. I'm not insinuating that anybody has intentionally done anything wrong, but this experience left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. I had a good amount of trust that the vehicles they offered were in a reliable condition from a trustworthy dealership, its unfortunate to say that this experience has been anything but a fiasco.


Yr6 2. | 2015-01-24

My last experience here was not that great. I moved in the area and my car needed service again. So because it is with in walking distance to my house i dropped off my car this morning.

I am very please with Michelle the service rep. she great with accommodating my needs.  Very helpful and friendly. She connected with my 2 boys as well. Customer service like hers is what will bring me back. :)

Tanya Z. | 2015-01-22

This review is for RAY ANSARI!!! I just got a brand new 2015 Prius Plug In on Sunday and I could not be happier.. Ray helped me and my father out ALL DAY on Sunday.... He was SO patient with us the entire day. He never rushed us and never made us feel like we were just commission to him. He made sure to go over every option I had with the Prius and even towards the end when I almost wanted to change my mind about with Toyota car- he never got impatient with us...Even at the very end he sat in the Prius with us and taught us everything there was to know.. I have never had someone go into so much detail. He helped me even set up my bluetooth and my toyota phone app for music. He repeatedly said he wants us to be happy and he truly does. He explained how to work with the navigator and even set my timer for charging my Prius! SERIOUSLY, HE WAS SO HELPFUL! Do yourself a favor and see Ray if you want a new Toyota! He is SUPER honest and will tell you which cars are truly worth it.. THANK YOU RAY FOR THE BEST SERVICE!

Andrew F. | 2015-01-20

I casually ask for a test drive of a Prius C, and a salesman, Frank, comes by pretty quickly. After the uneventful drive, I ask about a quote for a lease. Frank runs off and brings me a stack of documents to sign for the lease. I say I don't want to sign just yet and only want a quote. Frank insists that I needed to sign the lease before getting the quote for "reasons". So I'm all like **wat** and explain that that's not even close to true ever. He then counterpoints by yelling at me to sign the lease once again. We leave the store too confused to be angry.


S W. | 2015-01-20

If you are looking for someone to ignore you and show you a bunch of cars that you're not interested in purchasing check this place out. They have guys jumping at you at the front door only to try and pressure you into buying a car. A complete waste of time.

Jack K. | 2015-01-16

Made an appointment with Ralph to get a value estimate on trade in and look at vehicle options at Stevens Creek Toyota today.  When I made an appointment i was very clear when making it that I'm moving in a little over a month and relocation details with my new job aren't quite clear yet, so I wanted to get my car valued and also look at some trucks and SUVs today so that when my relocation timeline becomes more clear, I could come back in a 1-2 weeks and already have my mind made up after doing research and weighing my options.  I'm a get my ducks in a row kind of guy...and who wants a last minute holdup on a new vehicle or paperwork when you're trying to move?  Immediately when I get there the salesman, Ralph, tells me that he won't give me a quote and won't show me new vehicles because "his boss" won't allow employees to spend time with potential customers unless they commit to a transaction THAT DAY.  That's right...unless you are willing to sign over your vehicle and buy a new one immediately, they are unwilling to talk business at all.  Even when you're committed to future business, you are not worth their effort.

I've been in sales in a few different industries in the past 10 years and I am completely APPALLED by the lack of respect and professionalism I received today.  As a Regional Manager for my company, my immediate business network in the bay area (not including personal relationships) alone is several hundred people strong, and I will make sure anyone who talks about getting a new car will hear about my experience this afternoon.

Congratulations Stevens Creek Toyota, you lost more than one customer within the 5 minutes I spent on your lot today.  Clearly your 2.5 star rating on Yelp is well-deserved.

Shiv G. | 2015-01-07

Went one day, met with John Shamloo and things couldn't have gotten any smoother. John showed us all possibilities and gave us options that we had not even thought about. He was very meticulous in his work and made sure we understood what we were getting into.
He brought in multiple cars from a different parking garage and showed them to us and made us test drive in order to be convinced about our decision. I really recommend John and Steven's creek Toyota.

Rob M. | 2015-01-03

This review is about my experience today with the parts department.  I will try to be measured and balanced here...but I will certainly go somewhere else for parts needs in the future.  It is rare that I experience such unhelpful people in a service role.  Although he was attempting to be polite by saying generic (and condescending) things like "have a nice day, thanks for shopping at Stevens Creek Toyota" he was patently unhelpful.  I came in to find a Toyota parts expert and what I got was someone completely unwilling to help me, a novice, try to find the wiring harness I need by make / model / year since I didn't have a VIN handy.  Disappointing.  Ultimately I've had to resort to Google and ordering the part online from Toyota of Marin...without a shred of the expert advice I came in to get.

Harvey D. | 2014-12-31

What a difference 6 months makes.  All the bad of my first 4 services was erased this visit.  They are a changed service department.  This was my 5th time into have the routine 5000K/6 month service on my 2012 Prius C and I couldn't be happier.  

The first 4 times had been a nightmare. First I was not able to get appointments for weeks on end, and when I went in to the dealer the computer was down and the promises to call me back to make an appointment were never kept  This happened twice in the first four appointments.  Then when I appeared for appointments at 7AM the service writers were angry with me for not having an appointment and hassled me about getting my car out in 1 hour.  They made me feel like crap.  BTW I drive low mileage so I only had 14K in 2 1/2 years.  I was supposed to get up to 5 free services in the first two years with the car but arriving for the last service in the 2 year window the service writer told me I'd have to pay as THEY goofed up and used up the last two free services in their system.  I was flabbergasted as I had paid extra for the car to have an extended routine service for 5 years and here she's telling me I had to pay to fix their mistake.  Wrong!  I told her it was their problem and I didn't care how she fixed it, I was gonna get an oil change and not pay.  She was upset with me.  I also pointed out that the drivers floor mat grommets (which were to prevent accelerator issues) were falling out.  She told me it was not covered, I would have to buy a whole new set for $240, even though there was no wear on the mats and it clearly was a manufacturing defect.  She eventually got the manager to come over and he took pictures and thought he could do something for me and promised to call me back but never did.  She made another appointment for my next 6 month appointment:  Today New Years Eve.  I gave up and didn't argue with her.  

Six months later I decided to change the appointment online.  Presto It gave me lots of choices at reasonable times in a day or so.  I chose 11 AM on 12-9.  I arrived to a line of cars at 11 AM.  I waited 5 minutes and Lily Magana came to me and became my dream service writer. She was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.  Very polite and even asked me for permission to use my first extended service which was labeled 30K so we shared in the decision of how to use the prearranged services even though I drive half as much as they are usually set up for.  She was superb and had the car out in less than 1 hour including the car wash!  And she asked me when I wanted an appointment in six months and gave me MY choice. And when I told her about the floor mats she got the new Manager Neil Vitro out to help me.

Neil apologized for the bad service experience before his term about three months.  He looked at the floor mat and could see the grommet pulling out from the too big hole cut in the mat and said he would replace it then and there and deal with the company later.  He brought out a new mat and when I noticed it was a different shade of grey from the other mats, went back to check what was now available and since that was the color now produced, he changed out all the mats.  What a Prince.  He's worked to change the attitude at the service department to Customer focus and fixed the appointment booking system to boot. Because of the Changes he's made to his department and the excellent Service Lily provided that I can give them 5 stars for this visit.  I recommend them for fast friendly helpful service.

Steph B. | 2014-12-29

Came to look at some cars to get an idea of what kind we want. A car dealer Ray took us to there other location to look at more cars and turned us over to a dealer name Oscar and one we told him we would think about the car he said and we told him we needed someone to take us back to the first dealer and he said to just walk it's only a block away. As soon as you say you want to think about the car they don't give a shit. Horrible service. Wouldn't buy a car from these asshole.

Roger R. | 2014-12-27

My Dad and Stepmom wanted a new Toyota Camry - so we took them down to Stevens Creek Toyota this morning.  Ray Ansari was our sales rep - knew everything about the car - answered all of our questions - and was never pushy.  Just a good, honest guy.  We knew what we wanted - and Ray made negotiating easy.  We had a price we wanted - they matched that - and we met his boss (Ray Khandan) - and second Ray was just like the first - honest - easy to work with.  My stepmom is so happy - and the car (Camry Hybrid) is great!  Good people at Stevens Creek Toyota - thanks!

Becky J. | 2014-12-22

I had my brand new plug in Prius in here a week ago for the 5000 mile service. They seemed to do a good job, but a week later, it started giving me an error telling me that there was a problem with the hybrid system (might be related, might not...). They told me to have it towed to the dealership when I called, and gave me instructions on how to use the Toyota roadside assistance. The towing company sent by Toyota towed it there at 1pm yesterday. I was told I would get a call from the service team when it was processed that day.

I never got a call, so I called at 8am today. They said they would track down the info and call me back. At 1:30, I still hadn't gotten a call back. I called again, and they said they would try to find my car. It had been there for 1 day, and they didn't even know where it was! Then they called back and said they had found my car, but didn't know where they key was.

This place is a disorganized nightmare!!! It's now 4:30, and there is no way I'm getting my 5 month old car back two days before Christmas. And they haven't even looked at the problem, because they still can't find my key!!!!!

I'm never getting service done here again. I will drive all the way to Piercey, where I bought the car...they seem to have it together a lot more.

I'll update once they find my car key...

john s. | 2014-12-16

After having a 2012 Toyota Camry for almost three years (that I leased from here before), I have decided to purchase a brand new Toyota Camry 2015 and at the same time return my leased car (early termination of the lease). I have been assisted by John Shamloo who made this a great deal for me. Returning the leased car earlier than the maturity date, with some extra miles and one payment left and some minor interior and exterior issues at a very low cost. This is by itself a very deal I got. On the other side, I was impressed with the way he worked on my suggestions and made the deal on purchasing of the new car happen. It was beyond my expectations and I am happy with down payment and with the monthly payments. I would like to also thank Kristen Rudd who is the online Sales manager. She followed up with me and provided me with many VIP offers as a returning customer. This deal is actually made because of her hard working and listening to the customer needs.

Suresh N. | 2014-12-14

Please don't go of you have not test driven the car you are planning to buy somewhere else. I called up to book an appointment to test drive a car which I was planning to buy shortly (not today). The sales agent was very courteous and booked the time slot I wanted. On reaching the dealership we were told that the car we were looking for does not have the feature we were looking for. Then he showed another (bigger) model that had it. We test drove that. After the drive, when we were looking at other trim levels of the model that we had originally intended to buy, we saw that the higher trim levels had the feature! We wanted to test drive one of that as that was what we were looking for. The agent asked if we will buy today. When we told that we need to look at a Honda model before we finalize, he seemed to be disinterested. he said that he will be right back to take us for the test drive. He disappeared did not come back. I was waiting with my little baby. I tried calling him on his cell after 30 mins. It was directed to the voice mail. Finally, after 45 mins, we left. Although, the dealership is just half a mile from my home, I will never go there. We went to Sunnyvale Toyota after that and test drove the car we wanted.

Mehryar K. | 2014-12-12

Got ourselves a 2015 4Runner today. The trail premium model. They got the color that we wanted from another dealership in bay area the next day we asked for it.
Dealt with John Shamloo. Really nice guy. Recommended.

Bita H. | 2014-12-12

I have been taking my car to this dealership since I moved 2 San Jose which is not even 2 years.
First time I still had my one manufacture complimentary service left so I went there the salesperson for service convinced me to buy the full package that they were offering & assured me that I can use my basic complimentary service on my next visit! I trusted the person not knowing that end of the day he is a sales person!
I went back on my next service to find out that my complimentary service had a cap for millage or date so it is no longer valid despite the sales assurance that I can use it next time! Disappointed me I thought it might have been human error so I moved on!
I went back to dealership because one of my light was on NOT the maintenance light so I was concerned went in Jason the sales told me its engine light & I need full service he put in front of me different packages so I picked the less expensive one despite him pushing me for higher price, he was very rude to my husband, any how my service was done came to pick up my car noticed I was overcharged by $63 I mentioned it to cashier then I had to wait about 15 mins for Jason to come with no apology to confirm that he overcharged me! Another disappointment!
A week later the same light which was my reason to go for service went back on & I called tried to make an appointment they were not so happy with my complain it took one week to get in!!!
We went in I explained to the guy who checked us in why I am there he showed me the guy & said he will be with you. Waiting on the agent who was just chit chatting with one of cashier girls & I was about to lose my cool.  Suddenly a gentleman saw me & asked me why I am there, furious me explained & this guy EDGAR looked at my car & the light which was on & he said its for your tires' light! Surprised me asking not engine light??!! At that point I was mad that Jason tricked me to sell packages! Edgar was very helpful, he took care of the problem checked my tires. He was simply the BEST.  These 2 stars is for EDGAR & only him! If I ever decide to go back there I make sure Edgar is there! I highly recommend Edgar.

Faryar K. | 2014-12-12

Just bought a new car. we received good customer service over the phone and in person.

Gerry E. | 2014-12-11

They have done it again!!!! Thank you Ted for finding me my truck, Don for working out the price and Clement for being so fair on finances!!!! The way we got treated before and after the sale are excellent....they even go way beyond by taking care of small and some major things in all 3 cars we bought...AFTER the sales has been done. the work that was done, no need to be put in writing because, they really are true to their words. i don't know what else to say except.....YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

An T. | 2014-12-10

Do not go to this place, worst and unprofessional customer service that I had ever experienced. I was looking at Prius plug. I want to do upgrades leather sits, and sensors. The sale associated was very nice and knowledgeable but the sale manager was rude, unprofessional and age stereotypes. The sales manager did not let me know the price with upgrades but demand us to show our credit rates. I get the impression from sale manager think that we are young, don't have money, or good credit to finance and so he doesn't want to spend time talking us. I understand their needs for us  to fill out credit application but he does not need to demanding voice.Warning do not go to this place. They make you fill out credit application when you don't even know the pricing of the car you want.

Barbara F. | 2014-12-09

Lily in service is still the best ever! The customer service that she provides is stellar and exemplary of service at Stevens Creek Toyota. Will never take my care anywhere else.

Susanna Y. | 2014-12-08

My son was looking for a used Ford truck, and after visiting a few "Used" Car lots in this area, like Ford, Jeep, etc... We took our chances on visiting the Toyota "Used" car lot.  My son had his heart set on an American vehicle, so being that this was our last stop, he felt his chances of finding his vehicle were slim.  He test drove a Jeep Liberty, which he was interested in, but I knew he wasn't excited about it.  So, before we left, I asked Elyas Amiri if he happened to have any Used Ford Vehicles, and to our surprise he said, " Yes, we have a Ford F150 but it's on the Scion Lot." So he drove us over there, and my son practically ran to the Black, leather interior, 2006 Ford F150 Lariat Truck.  I knew then and there that this was it, this was our last stop.  He is a very proud owner of a really nice used truck.

What we really liked about this experience was the salesperson and his "not so pushy" personality.  Elyas was great and comfortable to work with. His Manager Jim was very inviting, and had a great sense of humor.  Even the Finance Manager Clement Chan was funny and very attentive to our needs when it came down to the last step of the purchase (signing a million documents).

Overall a very pleasant experience, even if we didn't go there to buy a Toyota.

Thank You so much for all your help!

Alexander B. | 2014-12-07

I bought my first actual car from this dealership today instead of craigslist or through a co worker, and it was THE best experience I could have had. I came dead set on a car that was of course, sold already. However Brian K was helping me out as soon as I got to the dealership and found me the same model and year of the car I was planning on buying, it was such a crazy coincidence I couldnt pass it up. I dont know much about cars and wanted something pretty reliable and Brian definitely knew his stuff about the 2006 Matrix I bought. From the moment I stepped in to the dealership everyone was smiling, very helpful and overall the general vibe of the place is great. I'll most definitely come back when the time comes and I will strongly recommend Stevens Creek Toyota to anyone I know. Thanks again Brian and everyone there, you all rock!!

Joe F. | 2014-12-05

When I first came to this dealership to check out some trucks I was test driving some new tacoma's and met Lee McKim. He was so approachable and knowledgable with every question I had, not only answering the questions but going above and beyond while providing excellent customer service. The new tacoma's were a little out of my price range so I told him the specifications I was looking for and he continued to follow up with me every time a used truck came into the dealership. I felt like i could trust him from the get go and he made my buying experience so easy. I felt so confident with my decision driving off with my new '02 tacoma with 80,000miles! Love the truck and love the service, thanks so much Lee!

Gene B. | 2014-11-30

I've contacted Toyota dealerships within a 200 mile radius and Stevens Creek Toyota was one of many. I've inquired about a vehicle they have advertised on their website and their response was referring to a lower end model that I did not request for. The quote was cut by 10K. All I needed was a price quote and to verify that the vehicle of my interest included specific optional packages for the price. The thought of being quoted a low price by a large margin didn't sit well. An accurate two line response at very least would've been adequate.

Three days later an appointment coordinator contacted me and yet I've not gotten the quote I've requested for. I prefer a written quote before heading to a dealership.

Paul Y. | 2014-11-28

I bought another car from John. He is really good and super fast. No additional cost than as you seen in webpage. It only took exact 3hours from door open to drive out with New car. I give 5 stars to him.

Sara R. | 2014-11-26

Be careful.  The used car reps are all about bait and switch.  I spent two hours haggling over the price of a car.  We agreed to a selling price and I battled 5:00 traffic to look at the car.  I waited for 40 minutes and then the sales person came back to me and said they had sold the car over the weekend and had not updated the computer.  As if they could so easily misplace a car.  Anyway, three days later and they are still listing this car for sale.  Don't trust these guys - you will just waste your time.  Horrible!!!!!!

Gabrielle G. | 2014-11-25

I took my car in to have an oil change and checked for a coolant leak. was hoping for good new in the coolant leak but it can back as a possible crack in the block.

The service manager and the vehicle manager both looked at the car to double check to make sure because this doesn't happen too often. Well sadly my car was the rare case of the crack in the block.

My whole two day ordeal with Toyota was amazing. I had to rent a car two different times and they took care of me big time. They only charged me for my oil change. No labor, no fee for the rental and the diagnostics. I was excepting to pay over $200 but only paid $16. I was in shock at the service and sincerity in the staff.

They saw how scared I was when they told me the news on my car and all I could think of was the money but they took that fear away. I'm thankful for the staff at Stevens Creek Toyota.

Adam S. | 2014-11-25

I will not be going to this Toyota dealership again. I had an appointment for an oil change that was supposed to take 1 hour. It was 2 hours and we were waiting for the truck at the pickup spot, one of the employees said it was getting washed and it will be right out. It came out about 10 minutes later unwashed. I am very disappointed with the service and will be using a different Toyota dealership from now on.

Jessica W. | 2014-11-22

First time here for service on my new Prius and had a great experience. My advisor Rick  V. was very nice and knowledgeable and I barely had to wait at all because I had a scheduled appointment! He said I would be done in around an hour and I was! Free fresh coffee and donuts and wifi! I will definitely take my car back here for service!

Erli X. | 2014-11-22

Terrible service. I was there for a regular maintenance. Wait for 20 minutes, nobody even greeted me. When it is finally my turn, they wouldn't accept my prepaid service plan because it was purchased at another Toyota dealer.

Ric F. | 2014-11-21

I bought a 2009 Toyota Camry Le at the recommendation of the salesperson based on what I told him my parameters were.. really reliable, good mpg BUT had to be.a low price point because I didn't have much downpayment and credit was so/so, in midst of repair. I needed reliability because being in music industry in both performance and teaching, I'll be putting on alot of miles.

John Shamloo, the salesperson, was very professional, not pushy, knew his stuff. He had good communication with respect to texts, phone, one on one conversation. As a longtime salesman myself, I understood what he was doing every step, utilizing sales techniques I would have used myself. ...move the sale but be sensitive to the client and listen. He did all that.

Ray (I believe that's his handles Uber) was also instrumental in my decision by pointing out facts and not resorting to insulting and pushy closing techniques. His style of closing the sale was really good, matter-of-fact, and didn't treat me like a moron.
As I said, I'm in sales myself and he closed me efficiently and professionally by treating me with respect and just pointing out realities.

So....because of those two individuals, I'm driving off with my Camry knowing I got a great deal.

All my best,

- Ric Mightybone Feliciano

John P. | 2014-11-21

Jason Xie at Stevens Creek Toyota made buying my new Toyota RAV4 EV a very easy and pleasant experience. Toyota has some great deals for the RAV4 EV and since I have leased vehicles in the past, looked up all of the essential numbers on the RAV4 EV before going in, it was a straight forward process in closing on the terms.
It started with an email exchange on what I was looking for - the RAV4 EV - to a quick phone call on the availability. They didn't have any in stock at the Stevens Creek dealership; therefore Jason arranged to bring one in that I could test drive. We set up an appointment and Jason made sure the car we spoke about was available at that time.
Family car, family affair. Brought the car seats, the kids and the wife for a few test drives switching the kids in an out. The car is very impressive, with a Tesla motor and drive train, it has pick up from zero and still has a lot of pick up at 60 mph. I had looked at other EV's no where near as impressive as the RAV4 EV, plus it gives the family some good room.
Jason and the finance guy were very transparent on the available deals from Toyota which made the lease very cost effective and also saved a lot of negotiation time. I would go back again for another car purchase and look forward to a future review of their service.

Kayla C. | 2014-11-12

Over a year later and I am still happy with my purchase of my Rav4. To have my car serviced I make my appointments with Sylvester. He is friendly, professional, and makes sure to answer all of my questions. I appreciate that he takes his time going over everything and I never feel like he is trying to get to the next customer.

Thanks Sylvester!! I would give you more stars if I could!

sam s. | 2014-11-04

I've been here couple of times for my own vehicle and companies vehicles and had nothing but a great experience with the staff. They were helpful and took care of our vehicles promptly.

Raymond J. | 2014-11-03

Can I give them more stars please?? Let me first say this dealership is by far the BEST I have ever been to. Car searching for a few months, I narrowed my choice down to the Toyota Tundra brand new. Looking for a certain color, this dealership was the only one who had it in stock and at a great price! On my way to the dealer, the internet sales manager calls me and says the car was just sold but they have it in a different color which was Blue. In my mind, well I'll just go over to at least test drive the car and so I did. Getting to the dealer, John Shamloo who was helping me out pulls the car out and its ready to go for the drive! So quick, fast and an easy process. John Shamloo was definitely very helpful and knowledgeable about the car. The paperwork process was hassle free, easy, and quick!
I was so amazed at how the bargaining process was at a very easy, to say the least its the end of the year so of course they want to get rid of their inventory BUT STILL!!!

The finance manager was very nice and helpful, yet also offered me a better deal with a different bank than what i was quoted with originally. The signing process was super fast and quick! Although I have already bought many cars before, I know how it goes =)

If anyone is looking into buying a car, stevens creek Toyota has really set a great reputation, yet this dealer in particular. A+++++ Way to go guys!!!!

Seth H. | 2014-10-31

Took my Wife's Prius for a scheduled service - I never will again at this location. Why?
- They took 15 minutes to get me to a Service Advisor for a scheduled appointment
- Car was a mess when they brought it out 2 hours late
- Lied about a tire having a nail in the sidewall which they said they couldn't fix and wanted to sell me a new one for $100.00. Local tire place found the nail in the tread (not sidewall) and fixed it for 35.00
- Did NOT check tire pressures - spare was flat instead of being at 60PSI per their report
- Told me I hd to replace the Water Pump for $599.00

Don't be hassled and suckered into work you don't need by these people. Go to Big O Tire or Los Gatos Tire.

Ashutosh P. | 2014-10-31

Stay away from this dealership...spend a few hundred bucks more at other toyota dealerships and save thousands over years....

Christopher L. | 2014-10-30

Stevens Creek Toyota made my experience amazing it was smooth, they are very friendly and my sales rep Matt went above and beyond to meet all my needs best car purchase experience I've ever had thank you Stevens Creek Toyota!

Mungus M. | 2014-10-27

My wife and I have been customers of SCT for a number of years, with most recently purchased a 2014 Sienna.
We call our salesman, Mr. Dan Zhu, a few weeks in advance in order to prep him/us for the purchase visit. Dan knows me and our family dynamics and where to draw the line. We spend very little time there as we already know what we are looking for and who will get us the best possible deal.
When we schedule our appointment with Dan we also make sure the Finance Manger, Sam Pierce, is on that same day. Working with Sam is a breeze as he is very transparent in offering products pertinent to what my family needs.
In summary, my family and I are very happy customers of SCT and feel we are not being taken advantage of and are patiently served by the employees.
I would, and do, recommend Dan and Sam to friends and family.

Roxanne D. | 2014-10-27

Everything is now remedied.
Ray called me, and arranged for my refund checks, and also assured me that not only would he give the  $200 of of extras, it would be over $300 worth!
Thank you Ray!

I just purchased a 2015 Scion, but all of the issues were down the strreet at the main Toyota store.   In a nutshell, two garbage fees were added to my finance charges, and also Ray, the manager,  promised me $200 worth of extras, but then only authorized $100 .

During the sign off of my financing contract, I was not even asked if I wanted "EXPRESS CODE"   .    When  brought this to Ray's attention, he said that he would refund my $229.   After 4 months, he still has not.

A week after buying the car, I was reading in the owner's manual about the anti-theft,  called Lo-Jack.  It is not covered in Santa Cruz County where I live.
When I pointed this out to Ray, he first of all said that he couldn't cancel it.  
I told him whether it's cancelled or not, I want my $695 back.
  I asked if his dealership is in the habit of selling customers goods and services which they can't use.    No reply.    His next reply to another one of my emails was for me to check with the finance dept. Another put-off.   He's the manager, he can check with the finance dept himself.

The next day I threatened to file a claim with the Dept of Consumer affairs.
 Ray said he would send out both checks.  This was over 2 weeks ago ..

AJ J. | 2014-10-26

Andy Vu, one of the Sales Guys is a Top Notch Rep.  He was able to answer each and every question, he was friendly & not just as a person trying to sale a car.  But a overall person he was a 10 out of a 10.

Philip T. | 2014-10-25

Service department system is way broken - this is the third time experiencing this while servicing my car here the last four times, hence this pent-up review.  First, having an appointment means you wait another 30 minutes still once you arrive. Second, the online scheduling system lets customers book with an advisor that doesn't work on the service day.  Third, this is lunch time, when service staff aren't as available because of lunch break yet they allow appointments to be overbooked so that they end up starving the customers waiting for at least 30 minutes during lunch.  

The service staff, once on your case, are typically good, but this place's system is unprofessionally broken.  Way to go to represent Toyota service at the heart of Silicon Valley - complete opposite of what customer care is.

Trevor N. | 2014-10-25

Worked with Brian K. as my sales consultant. He was helpful, pleasant and I never felt pressured while choosing my used car. Reason for knocking off 2 stars is because of my experience during financing. It's sad because when I reached financing I thought to myself how all of the "selling" was done. I was wrong. He continually pressed that I purchase additional extras than I wanted by way of making it a "better deal".

Steve L. | 2014-10-23

Called in to see if they had the same model posted on . Sales rep says yeah come on down. I drive down and sure enough they don't have the vehicle. Waste of time. Bunch of used car salesmen.

Mels P. | 2014-10-22

this review is ithe the Parts Dept ONLY.  
The SCrk Toyota Parts Dept offered a form online to request the part. i entered my name, address, phone # an email address. Three weeks later, i had not received a single reply back. i requested i be contact via email.
I phoned and asked to talk to the parts Manager. He was not there. However the parts staff told me they Do Not and never Have taken orders online! The why have the Form online? SHEESH!
Another week goes by. i  Call and order and Pay for the part.. The parts guy tells me since (today) is Thursday so it will be her on Monday,Tuesday the latest. Parts Dept. will Call me when it comes in.  Another week goes by - no phone call. I phone  and ask if my part is in. My answer "let me check,...Yep, its here!"
Finally, I GO to go pick it up.I am greeted by a very friendly (yes, friendly- JUST ONE BRIGHT LIGHT in this Customer Service FAIL) gentleman (concierge) who guides me to the Parts department. i wait for a moment for my turn. I am asked my name. the response "Uhhh.... i cannot find you in our system....uhh How do you spell your name? i spell out the first three letters, quite emphatically at this point. "Oh  I thought you said "blah" He disappears behind a bookcase and seems to be shuffling around a box of parts. he comes back
He announces, "We didn't have to order this part, We had it in stock."

I cannot believe what he just said tho i shouldn't be surprized . Seriously? i scowl at him and snatch the part off the counter. I walk out incensed. i catch him looking at his fellow staffer in a way that indicated my ATTITUDE needed adjustment. perhaps if the History of this saga didnt Warrant such SCORN.

Nancie D. | 2014-10-20

I went in on Saturday 10/18/2014.  I was there for maintenance on my 2010 Corolla.   While there I started talking to Alex whom I bought my Corolla from 2 yrs ago.  Alex is always awesome when I come in and he always goes above and beyond.  He's straight forward and no bs meaning he isn't going to tell you what you wanna hear and waste your time.  I tested a new Camry and really wasn't feeling it.  He asked me if I had ever looked at Scion.  I told him I hadn't.   We went down the street to the Scion dealership.   I spotted a new 2014 tC on the lot.   I drove it and reallllly liked it.  6 speed manual transmission fully loaded with heated leather seats!  I have to say the radio in this car is AMAZING...bluetooth compatible,  touch screen and navigation. Just for fun I drove the frs as well.  Nice car but it would get me in too much trouble.  We decided to crush some numbers with Ray (who was totally awesome too).  While we were waiting I was talking with the other guys who work there and everyone was really nice and friendly...funny too.  Good vibes at the Scion dealership.  Ray came back with something that worked for me and my budget.  No haggling back and forth,  no hardball just a really good deal!  I drove away in my brand new Scion tC Monogram series in absolutely red with a smile on my face and feeling pretty sassy!  If you're in search of a new car give Alex atToyota or Ray at Scion a visit.  You will be glad you did!

Kazuo U. | 2014-10-19

I just purchased a 2014 Pruis V from here on Thursday and cannot be more satisfied. Sale rep Waheed Ahmed was very accommodating and not pushy. He was very helpful throughout the whole process. I keep seeing bad reviews here, but in the 30 years I have been coming,  I have had no problems with sales rep or with the service dept.

He B. | 2014-10-18

" Me and my friend went to Stevens Creek Toyota last week and tried to see our options.
We did not even think that a Car Buying could be that much fun. After a long time we bought a nice brand new Venza. However it took so long, but our Salesperson " John Shamloo " made it really easy and painless. He really took care of us like his family members and had a lot of respect for us.
I would give him a real A+. I can not say more but just go to this dealership and ask for John S. He is fun and easy to work with. He will take care of you as his friend.
Oh BTW, I wrote a review in Chinese! but I do not know why it is off now!!!!

Thanks John.

Matthew J. | 2014-10-18

Hey my name is Jin, I just picked up my new ride FRS2015 today, I don't usually leave a YELP review but when I do, I fucking mean what I say in the review!! So friends, if you are looking for an AMAZING buying experience with FIVE star customer service, don't hesitate to visit StevenCreek Toyota and ask for godly sales, Brian!!

Jessica T. | 2014-10-16

I just purchased a brand new 2015 Toyota Corolla S Premium from here on Wednesday and cannot be anymore satisfied. I am a brand new buyer with barely a credit history, but luckily AnhTuan made my buying experience so easy and smooth. He told me exactly what he needed from me, how things were going to continue along, and within just a couple of days, I was able to pick up my car. He never made things complicated and was always straightforward about what needed to be done. I went to several Toyota dealership near my home before going to Stevens Creek, and I am glad I made the decision to go here as they gave me the best deal with the best interest rate for a brand new buyer like me. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you so much, AnhTuan!

Eileen A. | 2014-10-14

Don't do it. Just don't. Nike is wrong.  

Even if they give you $2-3k under KBB fair price, really don't. I felt like I witnessed a horrendous crime here. They make you doubt yourself, they tell you that there's no need for a pre-purchase inspection and that you don't know what you're talking about.  "Why do you want to do an inspection? We have high Toyota standards, we wouldn't sell it if it didn't meet our standards, we would just auction it off,OK? But OK, if you want,  you can do it after we sign the papers." Let's just say that the inspection revealed problems that make up more than the difference of the KBB fair price.

The wait time in financing just a gem. I know buying a car takes a long time, but 4 hours is too long.  Especially as 4 hours doesn't include the 2 days since trying to get them to fix the car that was unnecessary inspected.  While they promise to fix the problems, I wonder what part of the exceptional Toyota inspection happened to skim over these issues? This experience makes me not want to buy from Toyota (at least this location) ever. EVAH.  I'm in the market for a new car but I'm not coming here for sure.  Again, nothing wrong with a used car. It's just too bad these guys are the epitome of the used car salesman.  Dishonest.  

All positive reviews have to do with new car sales.  Hm.

Abbas D. | 2014-10-13

I purchased my 2015 Toyota Prius on Saturday from Sam Kreitem. I have nothing but great things to say about the service I received from him. He never pressured me into buying a car and was very helpful/professional throughout the process.  I will definitely recommend him to all my friends and family who are looking to purchase a new car. Thank Sam :)

Zandra G. | 2014-10-11

Last week my dad and I came in to Steven Creek Toyota's Used Car Lot around the corner on Kiely. The lot had a really large selection, but the only one that really caught my eye was a white 2013 Toyota Corolla Le for a fairly reasonable price and a pretty low mileage (around 38,000). The dealer who helped us was named Matt, really awesome guy with a friendly and upbeat personality.

I had to co-sign with my dad and although it was difficult because of our poor credit, Matt was very accommodating and understanding of our situation. He spent over 6 hours working hard on our case, battling with the bank to make sure they could accept our best offer for a down payment. Then he took us over to the main building on Stevens Creek to work out the car's financing, did some paper work and it was all done!

There were many moments that day I thought I wouldn't be able to get the car I wanted but Matt didn't let that happen. He's great and he will really devote his time and effort to help you out. I definitely recommend going to him if you need anything.

christina d. | 2014-10-04

I purchased a Prius Plugin this week and I am very pleased not only with the car but also with how I was treated by the staff.  I would like to personally thank John Shamloo for a great experience.  He was extremely professional and did not waste any of my time.  
Thank you!

Carlos R. | 2014-10-03

Look for Tommy at the used car lot, he was amazing!! Got me a great deal, no back and forth negotiation; pretty much straight forward!!

Steven P. | 2014-09-28

I wish I could give it a 0 star or negative star. Totally rude, not professional, treat costumer like what?? As a manager, even be rude very rude to a baby... Can u imagine it? OK, now I know this is "Toyota Stevens Creek", I will never ever come again, and I will spread to the public about my experience here.

We are just starting shopping for a car, this place is the first one we ran into, the sales person are so so, but things getting pretty bad when a so called manager come into, he pushes us to run credit to get the price, I told him we have our score two weeks ago and we just want to know what you can have for this credit...So I think normally what people will do is to give you some information based on it, however he said no, nothing without run credit, come on, we have the score, just need to know the option based on this score, as a "Manager", you don't even know anything about it, or any advise?? Finally he just gave us a "rough" price what doesn't make sense to me.. Maybe he thinks we will not buy today, then don't want to waste time, OK, then please be polite!!!

What pissed me off is when our baby holds my phone towards him, then this guy stared at my baby, said" you take picture on me", then rudely, very rudely to grab the phone from my baby without any respect, not even ask me...This shocked me!! How can he do it, this is a BABY, how can you do that, do you think you are also a baby?? Then he even see my pictures on my phone!!! XXXX XXX!!! And he didn't find anything, I was so shocked, never meet this kind of man, I am speechless, and after that he doesn't even say a "sorry" to us! So rude!

I wonder how comes this kind of costumer service exists?? I can only say shit happens! NEVER EVER I will buy any Toyota, I have so many to choose, Shame on this store!

Scott C. | 2014-09-27

Tommy V. is awesome. The car I purchased with him a few months ago was totaled and he immediately found the perfect replacement - and expedited all the paper work again. Clement was also great. The entire team at Stevens Creek Toyota is super kind, sincere and professional. My experience has been outstanding, twice so far, with these really good people. I will go back, again, for my next vehicle as well.

Han N. | 2014-09-27

Got my FRS there and John S. the sale person was really friendly and patient.

Their price was the best I've found in the internet (even Pure Price, some other dealer seems to still mark it up).  They also had the most inventory so I was able to find the exact one that I wanted!

Audrey I. | 2014-09-26

I got my new SCION TC 2015 and MY GOD it is beautiful.

But, I wouldn't have gotten this beauty if it weren't for two amazing people.

1) Javad Dabbaghi
2) Manager Ray

Ask for JAVAD as a sales rep, and Manager Ray. You can't go wrong with them.

Also I would like to give some extra props to Javad because it took me about a month to finally decide between a few cars, and every time he gave me full details about them both. Always accommodating with MY needs, and not pushy - which I loved (I didn't feel pressured at all). I also must've called at least 50 times with numerous questions - which he ALWAYS answered fully.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience here.

Again, GO TO JAVAD. I keep seeing bad reviews on here, but if you go to salesman Javad there's no way you could put anything less than five stars. He really is such an honest, great hearted salesman, and who wouldn't want to keep coming back to a man who continuously radiates positivity.

Reza Y. | 2014-09-23

i wish i can gave this dlr  o star. i have 2010 rav4 needed 4 new tires and this dlr they had 4 new tires but they wont transfer to another dlr , just because they know that brand off tyre that works for my car is in back order and no body has those tyre .           i hate the service or part manager ,,, they are major assholes ,,,,i wish i can go there and woop there ass ,, sorry i very mad at them ,,,,

Esfandiar B. | 2014-09-22

Their sales staff is OK at best, but their service center is dismal.
Everytime I go there, there is something wrong.  One time I had to go back 3 times because they kept running late and had to reschedule.
Last time I was there, everything went very smoothly, and I thought finally.  They also sold me a 5 service pack for $350, now I got the same service pack in mail for FREE!
Also a book I had on the car and ordered from Amazon is missing.

I would avoid dealing with this dealership, or at least DEFINITELY their service center.

Stephen M. | 2014-09-20

Don't even think about buying your Toyota here. Worst experience ever. Walked out in Finance

tina b. | 2014-09-17

My boyfriend recently bought our second car from this dealership and we had an overall great experience. The man who was helping us, Alex, was very patient - which was great, knowledgable, and NOT pushy! Previous to coming to the Toyota dealership, we had been down the road at the Volkswagen dealership, who apparently are owned by the same person. After test driving a Prius, and deciding against it, Alex kindly went and got the same VW that we had test drove earlier in the day, and sold it to us. He was attentive, thoughtful, and got us everything we needed. He offered us food/beverages a handful of times, and made sure we were comfortable while going through all the paperwork.

Overall, our day was long, but that had nothing to do with the people here. They worked with us, were very hospitable, and went the extra mile to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. :)

Shellu L. | 2014-09-17

Best car buying experience ever!!!  My sales person Martin made it a great experience, no pressure, stress-free, fun!  Would recommend it a heartbeat!!

Deb K. | 2014-09-16

I bought my new car here. That went well, but the Service department is UNORGANIZED !!!!!

2 times I've made appointments and 2 times they didn't know I had an appointment. I made both appointments in person, with a service 'specialist' - they fit me in, but I waited and waited for hours for my free oil changes since they 'fit me in'!!!

Then, I  needed ordered parts, it's been a month and no notification that the parts have arrived. I've called 3 times without a return call.

The service person always says at the end of service;  "make sure you rate us all excellent if you get a survey"

I've never received a survey, but my ratings would not be excellent.

They're disorganized and don't seem to care about anyone's time but their own.

Alaa A. | 2014-09-08

Very disappointed in customer service for the service department, I have been going there for almost 8 years ,  I was trying to make an appointment for the breaks, called 4 times, and each time they said we will have someone to call you back, they never did. the amazing part that when I called the third and the forth time, I mentioned that I actually bought the car from them in 2006 and I have been going to them for service since then, and I just need to get an estimate so I can make the appointment as soon as possible as it was their recommendation on my last service a month ago.  I am really very surprised and disappointment

Cas P. | 2014-09-07

So horrible! I waited for 2 visits to this location before writing a review. We were told at 8am our car was ready. We arrive and they told us to wait 1.5 hours!?! So we come back, wait 30 more min, pay and are told to wait on a bench for our car, it should only take 10 more minutes. A half hour later we ask someone where our car is. It was in the back waiting to be washed?!? So four hours later our car is still not ready. We just leave without getting it washed. I hope we can get a discount. Go to the one in Milpitas instead, even if it's out of the way, they are faster and more helpful...

Eva N. | 2014-09-04

I recently went to your dealership. I never liked purchasing cars, and have had bad experiences in the past. I was approached by a salesman named Tommy V., he  made me feel secure. He listened to what I wanted, and then explained what was practical for my  sons situation. I was impressed with his knowledge and honesty. My son loves his new ( used ) car, and Mr Tommy has a customer for life. I will recommend Stevens Creek Toyota to anyone. My friend JD Sharma will be buying from you in the next month. Tommy your Amazing. Thank you again for not BEING the typical salesman.    Eva Nelson Gonzalez

Margie C. | 2014-08-31

This is a review for their service center.  I'm not sure why this dealership gets bad reviews, but I have been coming here for about a year now to get my Prius regularly serviced and I always leave satisfied.  I never make an appointment but they always manage to squeeze me in.  The service center staffers are usually very pleasant, professional, and accommodating.  They are even pretty good at keeping me updated about the status of my car if they happen to be running behind the schedule they quoted me.  The customer waiting area is clean and comfortable and they usually offer donuts, coffee and tea.  If you don't want to wait, the shuttle service is great and seems pretty organized, plus the drivers are very friendly.

Mit R. | 2014-08-30

These guys are unbelievably rude and obnoxious! Yesterday I went to returned a Toyota that I had leased 3 yrs ago in another state. I have been receiving instructions in the mail from Toyota and no where did it say that I need to take my car to a particular dealership. They all said I can return in at ANY dealership. I took my Toyota to these guys and they refused to take the car under the excuse that I leased it in a different region but really because they didn't want to take the time and also because they knew I didn't stay loyal to Toyota and leased a different make of car this year. So I called the leasing company where I leased my car 3 yrs ago and they were surprised by the Steven Creek people's attitude! They said any Toyota dealership in the nation should be able to take your car and they asked to talk to someone at Stevens Creek. I asked the person in charge of the lease returns who was an Asian guy sitting behind the front desk to speak on the phone, he refused to take the call and said "I won't talk to anyone! I am too busy to help you and will not take your car!" Then I called Toyota of Sunnyvale, they said no problem! Bring you car and drop it here! I had 2 cars there, my old Toyota and my new car. I was going to wait for my friend to come back and drive one of the two cars away, (he left because he thought I would be dropping the Toyota) they didn't allow me to wait on their property! They made me park the two cars on the street while I was waiting for my friend (which took literally 5 minutes) saying that those parkings were for customers only! and they weren't even busy! That's right! This is how these people treat a customer who drove one of their cars for 3 years and had a few days left on the lease!
Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! There are other Toyota dealerships in the area.
I wish I could give them less than one star and I WILL report them to the corporate for sure.

Ariel C. | 2014-08-30

This place has terrible customer service and is completely unprofessional. Long story short, do not go to this dealership.

Katie V. | 2014-08-27

Service is extremely slow.

They tried to charge me for services I have prepaid for.

They also recommended replacement of two filters with no real explanation or validation that this was required other than it showed up in RED in the report. It was probably to make up for the money they lost out in due to pre paid services.

Lastly, when I went to pick up my car, I had to deal with 4 different people and 20 minutes of waiting around before finally getting my car.

Kay H. | 2014-08-25

Just bought a car from John Shamloo and he was great, no hype , no pressure. Very kind and helpful! Pleasant shopping experience.

Olivia C. | 2014-08-21

My husband and I fiananced a 2012 Toyota Tundra, which we love! Matt Behbood was fantastic. He was not pushy and very nice during the whole process. We were able to trade our 2004 vehicle as a down payment for the Tundra, effortlessly. We went back today to get a second set of keys made for the vehicle and Matt was there, again such a nice fellow. Would not have purchased the vehicle without his friendly demeanor and help. Very pleased by our experience, thank you Matt and Stevens Creek Toyota!

Christopher G. | 2014-08-21

I have owned four Toyota's and I swear by this dealership.  We have purchased two vehicles in the past 4 months, and Waheed has been our sales associate for both purchases.  It has been a hassle free experience both times.

Alex is another sales associate that took time out of his schedule to show us vehicles while we were waiting for Waheed, who wasn't scheduled to work, but came in early to help me with my purchase.  They worked as a team to help with our overall buying experience.  If you are in the market for a Toyota, I highly recommend this dealership.  

The service center is also great about getting you in for service even if you don't have an appointment.  David was courteous and friendly.

B H. | 2014-08-19

Our salesperson  Irfan Khan get 5 stars. Irfan was helpful, knowledgeable, and has a great can do/get it done attitude that helped my son get into the car he had been dreaming of. Irfan also works the used car lot at the dealership, where my son got his car. Irfan gets 5 stars!! Tell Irfan Corvette guy gives him rave reviews!

EDIT:: That being said, the "service" department is TERRIBLE. They couldnt find the car when it went in for PROMISED warranty work (repair that was written into the contract), kept it for over a week and returned it with exactly the same problems they said they would fix. They did not give paperwork when we dropped off the car (required by law), don't return phone calls, and give bad attitude when called on it. Really disappointing as this was a 5 star rating before dealing with the warranty repairs. Was told by one of the used managers when I called to complain and find out what they did do to the car that over half the cars on their used lot leak oil and that isnt covered in their warranty. Nice. Real Nice. Then they asked if we just wanted to return the car. No, we want it fixed like they promised. Taking it to my local mechanic and forwarding the bill (which the used manager said was probably a better idea).

Kamal M. | 2014-08-18

Went to this store 5 months ago to check out the Highlander when I was looking for a 7 seater SUV. As I entered the show room, there was a guy standing who nodded his head like saying 'Hi'. I responded. He did not ask me how he could help or anything. We went in and could not find anyone to talk to. So came back to that guy who was looking out the window with back towards the show room. When I said 'Excuse me', he asked me 'Oh now you are talking to me?' WTH. So much attitude. I never liked Toyota as a brand no matter how good the vehicles are but I still wanted to give it a shot so I had gone there. I came out and have decided never to buy a Toyota in my life.

Stay that way Toyota and am sure any dignified customer would black-list you the way I did.

Andy D. | 2014-08-18

I had a great experience with Stevens Creek Toyota. We got our Prius V there through Tommy, who was very friendly and helpful. It's always nice to make a deal with a positive person, and that's exactly what happened for us.

Taryn R. | 2014-08-15


you're looking at the new owner of a brand new, 0 miles, beautiful toyota highlander!

Its amazing.

Lets get down to business. Alex was my sales man, he was a little pushed off at first. My thoughts of his thoughts were -this girl in her messy bun, yoga pants and large oversized shirt, coming here to test drive cars, is never going to buy one. But that was my thoughts, not his. Alex asked what kind of cars i was looking at or interested in, and we discussed it for awhile, and then he asked if id like to go test drive the "car of my dreams", so of course i said yes! We drove the highlander on the route Alex takes all the test drivers on, and it drove really nice. Only issue, i didn't like the seats or the inside interior of the car. He said walk around and look at some other cars and see if you find a color and make you do like, and i can search other places for it. Well, as luck would have it, as soon as i started looking, a brand new(still wrapped) highlander came onto the lot, and Alex immediately asked me to come over and look at it.I LOVED IT!!

He asked if i was ready to do some paperwork, and I agreed.

Perry was the man in charge of the finance aspect of everything. He helped lower my interest rate, so i could add on all the details (window tinting, lojack) as well as an extended warranty. He was also very friendly and down to earth, which made the car buying process so much nicer.

Needless to say, i bought a car. Brought my old car here to be serviced. Carlos is my service man and he's absolutely wonderful! He fixed my old car, pulled some strings and had all the new stuff done on the new car, and ill have both cars home tonight!

And the new cars name is ALEX PERRY, which is just such a cute name for my highlander!

Neeraj S. | 2014-08-14

Walked in for the first time, very unfriendly staff and had very condescending tone. Will never visit here again

James R. | 2014-08-07

Continued poor treatment from Toyota.  Spoke with their manager DJ today who flat out said "I don't care about your problems, I don't deal with customers and frankly I don't give a s***."  Horrible customer service.

I told him that I'm being forced to take Toyota Stevens Creek to small claims court and he responded "not my problem and doesn't effect me."

The employees don't care about the company and this is their second in command.  Do yourselves a favor and save yourself the hell of buying a car from these guys.

Bob S. | 2014-08-06

Excellent place! The dealership looks jovial and the salesmen and other staffs are really helping you to get the services you need. I wanted to lease a SUV and salesman John Shamlou together with manager Ray Khandan helped me efficiently to get what I desired.

I walked in around 1 pm and walked out by 5 pm (having taken my lunch in between) after fully concluding the deal for my new RAV4. They helped me get the best possible financial deal and the car looks great!

Everything went quite fast and smooth and John spent lots of time showing me many cars and since I wanted to test drive them, it took quite some time. I also wanted to learn about various possibilities before I chose a vehicle for leasing.

I traded in my former car and they bought it with a very good price giving me the chance to make the lease down payment with my trade in car instead of paying out of pocket!

It was a great day and my new RAV4 SUV looks fantastic!

Cynthia M. | 2014-08-06

I am so disappointed with the service department! I bought my daughter a used car in April 2014, I also purchased the extended warranty.  In June 2014 we noticed the car having problems & the automatic transmission light came on. So of course we called the repair department to see when we could bring it in. They told my daughter they do not work on Mazda's. So I then called them explaining how we bought the car from them & also purchased the extended warranty from them  for a few thousand dollars just to have peace of mind. They then said, oh yes, we can work in it, just bring it in. So over 3 weeks ago we dropped my daughters car off for repairs. It took them over a week to diagnose the problem as the transmission. ( just like the dash light said) they then agreed to replace the transmission. We called yesterday to see when the car would be ready as it has been almost a month. They told us they did not even see paperwork for the car, nor do they know where it is. They said they would look into it & call us back. We have still not received a call back. I am sending my mechanic friend with my daughter to the dealership this morning to get to the bottom of this. I can't even believe the horrible service we are receiving. If I could go back, I would spend more money & buy a car from somewhere else.
If they don't get this resolved today, I will be calling the channel 7 news & see if they can help me out with this. I am so angry, how can they get away with this!!!

stephen L. | 2014-08-05


Once applied the $1,200 cilajet treatment (which is unnoticeable) cannot be refunded at all.

My experience in trying to return or at least contact anyone regarding this was met with static and smoke screen tactics.

During both visits to this dealership before purchasing, I observed predatory sales tactics as well as a complete loss of interest in me once I told the sales person I wanted to only test drive a vehicle.

I strongly recommend bringing an automotive minded person with you during all sales communications to ensure they don't manipulate you. I promise they Will try.

Test drive their cars, then buy directly from the Toyota website. Have them deliver a car to you.

Corinne C. | 2014-08-05

The service here sucks. When you call the service representative is never there and they always say they will call back and never do. We brought my car in that I just got 3 months prior because it was having transmission trouble. We told them it was the transmission and the light was even on. It took them a week to diagnose that it was the transmission and more than a week to even order the part. I still don't have my car and now when I call to check the status, they suddenly have no records of my car being there. Don't ever go to this dealership for service

Brianna G. | 2014-08-03

I originally was promised items for the used 2006 Honda Civic I had gotten a month ago and was told that they would take care of everything because they wanted to make sure I was in a perfectly working car.

Not only did they not follow through with getting me everything they promised, but they also sent me running in circles to supposedly fix the things they ha promised to fix (my car stereo, and the center console charger- which was only a fuse-)

The above wasn't even in any of the car fax and they had told us when we bought it that there was nothing wrong with the car just to find that out the next day when I went to charge my phone and use my CD player.

Even after that, they told me I'd have to take the car to Honda since they didn't know how to fix it. And that they would pay for it.

I then took it to Honda and they fixed everything and even they were surprised that Toyota hadn't fixed the car BEFORE selling it under stated conditions.

Upon bringing them the bill, they refused to pay for it and they still hadn't got the 2 keys and manual I was promised (as was part of the deal).

I spoke to a manager who said that they would take care of everything and that it would be payed for.

Today they still haven't paid for every thing that they have promised, leaving us to pay for half the bill. They didn't even pay for the service, instead they paid for a bulb and a fuse. Something that's worth next to nothing.

Long story short, I am not pleased with this company and will be telling all of my friends and customers not to go there.

Lisa W. | 2014-07-31

I bought my brand new Corolla LE here with Dan Zhu in 2010. They did give me a competitive price with rebates. For whatever reason, when I met with the finance person, I was told the interest rate I'd be able to get was something ridiculous (15% APR?) even though I knew my credit score was good (750 or so). Although I initially pushed back, I needed a car that day so I eventually gave up and just bought the car. A few weeks later, Toyota Financial Services sent me a letter explaining they had made a mistake and my interest rate should be 3.99%. I knew there had to have been a mistake on the day of purchase but no one would believe me.

I came back 5 more times for the routine service since it was covered under my Toyota AutoCare plan. During the very last covered service, I was told that the cabin and under-hood air filters needed to be replaced and it wasn't going to be covered so I had to pony up $40 for these 2 items. I don't know much about cars, so had no idea if this was reasonable or not.

Today, I called in to ask about the factory warranties on my car as I am planning to sell it soon and want to be able to show the new buyer the warranty documentation. After being transferred 3 times, I was directed to a very rude manager (didn't catch his name) who told me they couldn't find the records for my 2010 car because they had a new computer system. Mind you, I bought this car 4 years ago, not 10, and they no longer had the sale or warranty docs on file. When I told him I needed to show potential buyers the warranty information, he started pushing me to tell him how much I was selling my car for. I didn't want to answer and asked again for details about the warranty. He told me to check the Internet and that he was "extremely busy with other customers." When I asked if there were any other employees I could speak to, he put me on hold for 5 mins and I got rerouted back to another receptionist again. I was originally considering bringing my car in to assess the trade-in value with Stevens Creek Toyota but dealing with this manager just left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

This place is really hit or miss when it comes to customer service. It's "ok" at best. Don't come here unless you have no other options.

Jan W. | 2014-07-24

Switch and bait dealership!!  Had called a couple of Toyota dealerships for a quote on an oil change for a 2011 Toyota Highlander 2 WD.  Was told that synthetic oil for this car is $53.  

Based on this information I made a service appointment.  When I arrived I was told the oil change was $78 and that $53 was the price for regular oil.  

When I asked for the quote to be honored the service manager refused.

Other unpleasant aspects of the service experience:  I was greeted by staff as "boss" and had to wait some 10 minutes before talking to a service advisor even though the place didn't seem busy.  Avoid if you can.

Yamasaki H. | 2014-07-21

Had great experience to buy a car from this dealer.   John Shamloo is exceptionally helpful to make this deal happen.

David E. | 2014-07-20

We decided to trade in our current SUV and made our very first stop at Stevens Creek Toyota yesterday.  We had purchased three new vehicles from the dealership in the past.  We always had a very good experience.  Yesterday was a disaster.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a salesman named Steve.  He was very nice and showed us the Forerunner model we liked.   We wanted a limited model but they only had the SR5 model in colors we liked so we test drove the SR5 and liked it.   We were trading in a vehicle which had some negative equity and expected some haggling over the trade in amount.

There was an unusual amount of back and forth to an invisible sales manager and each time, we got a bit close on our trade in amount and monthly payment.   Then the worst happened.  Steve brought over a guy who was the next level manager, in between him and the invisible sales manager.  This guy was crazy over the top.   I took the deal sheet and wrote down our bottom line on the amount of our trade and monthly payment.  They returned and said we would have to take an SR5 model and not get the limited if we wanted to stay in our monthly price range.  We were willing to make the deal.  Then the manager came back one more time and asked if we could pay $8 more per month, approximately $300 on a 3 year lease.   It was after noon and we were starving so we told them we were going to go to a local restaurant for lunch, think about it and return.  That's when the manager went absolutely crazy.  He started raising his voice, very agitated, asking us to put down $500 so they would hold the car.  There were several similar models on the lot so we weren't worried about that.  As we got up to leave, he chased/followed us out to our car, his voice getting louder with every step we took.  We still told them we would be back in 30 minutes to make the deal.

At lunch, we made the decision not to return.  We went to another dealer down the road, told them what we wanted for our trade and our desired monthly payment.  Within two hours, we drove off with a brand new vehicle with all the options we wanted.

Big mistake crazy guy at Stevens Creek Toyota.  Huge!!!

By the way, the sales person called our cell phone all afternoon asking us to come back and apologizing for his manager's behavior.  I hope someone at Stevens Creek management sees this.  We were return customers who wanted a toyota and came ready to purchase.   What a turnoff.

Alex R. | 2014-07-19

Great experience for an oil change. I did an unscheduled drop off & came back when it was done. Good shuttle service back home also.  The checkin special made it worthwhile!

Michael N. | 2014-07-18

I just purchased a Prius from Stevens Creek Toyota.  I can't tell you how satisfied I am with both the car and the buying experience at this dealership.  Sam K is one of the best sales consultants that I have ever worked with.  He made the entire process quite smooth, fast and easy.  I got a great price, a great car and an experience that other dealerships should emulate.

Katrina E. | 2014-07-14

Tommy V is the guy to see!!  Tommy recently helped me with an auto trade in.  I called the used card department at Steven's Creek to inquire about what options were on the lot and he invited to come take a look in person.  When I arrived at the dealership, Tommy V greeted me enthusiasm and a solid handshake.

We wasted no time narrowing it down to the right vehicle.  Tommy V knew the right questions to ask and used my personal preferences to navigate the deal.  Not only was he knowledgeable about the products offered by Toyota, he matched my communication style by responding with clarity and honesty.

We took a quick test drive and then, there it was - my dream car.  That's right, Tommy V makes dreams come true ladies and gentlemen!!  Additional round of applause for the genuine amicability and sincerity that Tommy V exhibited as I ink-marked my way through the signature lines.

I am absolutely in love with my purchase!  Not only because it is a sweet ride, but also because of the good energy that went into the transaction every step of the way.  There is an energetic value that comes from excellent customer service and a lot of heart.  I left Toyota with much more than I bargained for: an irrevocable smile + a sense of pride and joy that returns every time start my engine.

Mohanpriyadarshi C. | 2014-07-12

Just bought Toyota corolla 2014. stepped out to buy civic. I knew corolla is not a bad choice. Just wanted to check out any attractive offers in Toyota. I came across John trust me guys, he is best in business. He was more of a friend than a sales person. Whole buying experience right from test drive  till delivery was awesome . Everyone was friendly they took care of me  very we'll. I would definitely recommend SC Toyota  John :)

Sam K. | 2014-07-09

This review will get straight to the point. This branch features dispassionate salesman, unfriendly manager, and general bad attitude. When I first walked into this Toyota branch, I immediately could tell that this branch is not about customer service but only about car sales. That is all fine if they give good deals, but in addition, this branch does some rather shady practice instead.

Without having agreed on price or even finished talking about the specific of the sales, they will push you to get a copy of your driver's license and try to run your credit report as soon as possible. Be sure to DENY both and not let them push you to do this without agreeing on a deal and price despite their incessant prying. Other Toyota branches do not push you to do this. Driver license copy is only needed before the test driving, and running credit report is needed after agreeing on a financing option and checking your credit score allows such option.

My last draw that made me walk out and never look back is that the manager of the branch agreed on a deal and reneged on the price last minute. This kind of business practice is unethical and extremely terrible. Be very careful. If you want to go to a good branch, the Sunnyvale one is not far and features much more ethical and friendly staff (with good price to boot).

Dennis C. | 2014-07-07

(This review speaks strictly on the Service Center)

Firstly, make an appointment if you require service on your vehicle. If not, you might find yourself waiting a while.

However, the friendly and helpful staff and amenities (coffee, lounge, etc.) make your wait there bearable.

They also have a drop-off shuttle service (I don't believe they pick you up though.)

Tiff H. | 2014-07-07

I went to Stevens Creek Toyota today to look at a used Prius.  I had never been to a lot before and frankly I was not at all looking forward to it.  I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience.  Instead of a the pushy salesperson I was expecting I was helped by John, who was very professional and not at all pushy.  He was upfront and never pushed me or made me uncomfortable.  He explained things clearly without being condescending.  After, I went to a few other dealerships to check out other hybrids and left the lots within 10 minutes of meeting the sales people.  They were slimy and pushy.  I would recommend John at Stevens Creek Toyota to anyone.

Ryan K. | 2014-06-28

Like others have posted before this dealership is a joke. I made an appointment for 1pm to bring my car in for a factory recall. My service rep was John and he assured me that my car would be finished by 5 and he would give me a call when it was ready. Surprise, Surprise at 5pm I still had not received a call from him to give me an update. I call and they say that are still working on it. 7pm comes and goes and the dealership closes and they are still not done with the car. On to the next day and it's 3pm and John says they are still working on it. So a 1pm appointment when my car is guaranteed back to me by 5pm takes an extra day and I get my car back at 4pm the next day. John flat out lied to me and never had the courtesy to notify me that they didn't do my car on time. I highly advise to stay away from this dealership and especially John.

Barbara G. | 2014-06-26

It is with regret that I write this review; I hope things will change at the Steven's Creek Toyota Service Department.  I would give this service department  a "0" if I could.  First, I have known the Service Director, Kenny Calafato, for more than 10 years.  When I first became a customer at Steven's Creek Toyota years ago, he was my service adviser and went to bat for me when I purchased a "certified" used Toyota when I discovered an issue the next day after purchase.  Over the years he has always given excellent customer service.  I think the problem now exists with the service department because no one on his staff is sharing customer's complaints.  I own a 2012 Toyota Camry SE.  Last year I had a warranty problem with my sunroof and Walnut Creek Toyota had repair it under the warranty.  I believed the problem had reoccurred and contacted Walnut Creek Toyota and asked if I could take the car to Steven's Creek Toyota since I had moved to San Jose.  I made an appointment for a scheduled minor service and the sunroof problem and arrived on time.  From there, the appointment went downhill.  The initial service advisor, Michelle Herena,  was very kind and had to seek the assistance of her supervisor to take my car in.  I went out on the road with a mechanic to test drive my vehicle in order to identify the noise.  Immediately, the noise was identified and the mechanic and I returned to the dealership.  I was told my car would be ready by the end of the day.  At 5:00 p.m. that day, I called to follow-up regarding the readiness of my car, and it had only received the minor service.  I returned to the dealership to pick up a rental and was promised my car would be ready the next day.  After not hearing anything by early afternoon the next day, I called to check on my car and the supervisor asked me had the car been road tested.  I was totally surprised, as the dealership had my car for 1-1/2 days and still had not done anything to my car to address the sunroof problem.  I finally received a call near the end of the day and was informed by the supervisor that I would have to pay $675 for the headliner as it was not anything to do with what was suspected.  I advised the supervisor that I was not going to pay $675 and advised I would pick up my car.  I attempted to call Kenny Calafato six (6) times and the ladies answering the telephone in the service department refused to take a message or transfer me to Kenny or his voicemail.  I believe this is the practice of the department to block customers from lodging complaints or seek assistance.  I picked up my car and refused to pay for the rental.  The young lady that check the rental car in went to the lot to check the car and let the door close in my face while I was following her to the lot.  She was displaying a very negative attitude.  I called the General Manager and left a message.  The General Manager returned my call and we discussed my concerns.  He stated he would investigate my concerns and call me back.  I have never heard from him.  I returned my car to Walnut Creek Toyota and the service department repaired my car under warranty as directed by Toyota Corp.  Since this experience with Steven's Creek, I am now driving the hour to Walnut Creek Toyota to continue to get my car service.  I'll drive the distance to get treated like a "valued customer" before I subject myself to bad customer service and negative attitudes.

David O. | 2014-06-22

Is giving zero stars an option?  I brought my 2014 prius in for an oil change.  Made an appt at 7:30, and was told that it would take 4 hours.  I asked them to fix some trim on passenger seat that came loose.  No problem, they say.  They don't have a shuttle service.  Shame on me for not checking, so I had to get a taxi.

4 hours later, I'm told that car not done.  Another four hours later, I'm told it is being finished, so I take taxi back.  When I arrive, they can't find my car.  Wait 30 minutes without any response, so I literally start pacing in front of the customer service folks while I'm waiting for someone to be able to tell me where it is.  Another 20 minutes and they find my car, and they tell me that they are going to send it over to get the car seat trim issue looked at.  Since they already had my car eight hours, I tell them not to bother, get my car and leave.  

Maybe buying a car here is a better experience, but their customer service department blows.  I guess since they service a large area and have a customer base built in, they don't actually care about customer service.    Will make the extra trek to the dealership in Sunnyvale, who seem to have better reviews.

Ronald L. | 2014-06-21

This dealer is not perfect. They are SUPER busy, the guys at this place are... well. not the most courteous I guess. In other dealers you may find people who greet you very enthusiastically, always smiles and just make you feel comfortable... but not this place. They get the job done and you don't get that nice and warm feeling that some other nicer dealer gives you. (And the Yelp review shows exactly this...) And seeing all the bad reviews, I really didn't want to come here in the beginning but they did something for me today that saved my day, I just have to write a review about at least that.

I don't usually take the car to a dealership for service, but recently it's making some strange noise in the engine so I figured I'd take it in for a dealer. It turns out I need a pretty big service job, but that's somewhat expected too, the car is 14 years old with over 180000 miles.

The car has been in the shop for two days, and I just realized I left my daughter's dance shoes in the car a few hours before she needs them. I went into the shop to get it back, and the car was actually BEING worked on and is jacked up, but they still helped me get the shoes and totally saved my day. I can't thank those two guys enough, now I just wish I remember their name so I can give him a shout out.

Whoever at Stevens Creek Toyota, if you are reading this I really really hope you will give those service guys something for making your customers happy. I'm doing my part to give you a 5 star review that those gentlemen earned for you.

Li B. | 2014-06-20

Wow! What a great experience we had purchasing our second car this year from StevenCreek Toyota. Michael Batten called us to remind us about the big camry sale. When we arrived to our appointment that Michael made for us. Michel reintroduced us to Steve Lawrence. Steve had two cars already pulled out for us "what service" VIP all the way. After a quick look at our options Steve and Michael sat down and made our decision real easy. With rebates and 0% interests rates who could resist. They have completly remodel the facility. You sure can tell that somebody really cares for the place. Very well done, very professional and still keeping a friendly feel. Parking was easy, landscaping was just beautiful. the fish tank was a pleasure as always. We might not be driving such a great car if it wasn't for this type of approach to customer service. Steve made our first service appointment and Michael reintroduced us to staff in the service dept. he wanted us come back and receive the same service he gave us. These two men are very nice to work with and easy on the eyes. I would recommend them to evrybody who wants a good deal with great service after the sale.

Bruce T. | 2014-06-18

Went to look at tundra trucks. There selection was terrible. So I went and found a salesman told him what I was looking for. We went to check inventory and found 1 similar to what I wanted. We went back to the dealership and I had a work emergency to deal with. He said he would get with me the next day with a price. Well no phone call no email no text message as promised. So 3 days later I went to another dealership who wanted my business and drove off with an upgraded tundra with no hassle. I won't even take my new tundra there to get the oil changed. I'll drive out of my way to go some where else

Nick L. | 2014-06-17

Very satisfied with my car and the service!!! Got a great deal on pre-owned car and the salesman Matt was very helpful and accomodating! We are a Toyota family and they know how to provide useful information and will make buying a car an easy and enjoyable experience. Thanks guys!

Christina Y. | 2014-06-12

This place is a joke. Out of all the Toyota dealerships I have gone to, this one takes the cake of being the worst one of them all.

First experience - Brought my car in on a weekday to get a simple oil change. ETA provided to me was 2 hours max. Since I had a book and a free afternoon, I waited in their lounge. The 2 hour mark came and I hadn't heard anything. 2 1/2 hours goes by, still nothing. Finally at 3 hours, I decided to track down my rep. to check on the status. Turned out that my paperwork NEVER made it to the workers! I waited for 3 hours for absolutely nothing. The rep. requested for a rush, and my car was done within the hour. He ended up waiving my fee but that was 4 hours of my life I will never get back.

Second experience - Brought my car in for service. The guy who helped me was nice and even mentioned about the shuttle service they had which I took advantage of. I asked him whether they do both drop offs and pick ups and he nodded. It wasn't until I was halfway home in their shuttle van when the gentleman driving mentioned that the shuttle service was DROP OFF ONLY. I expressed my frustration and the gentleman was nice enough to offer to come pick me up later in the afternoon. Whoever that driver was, he went over and beyond in his customer service. As for the rep., please learn the company policies...don't tell your customer false information.

Third experience - I drive long distance for work and brought my car in for a minor service on an early Saturday morning. When the rep. approached me, he asked whether I had an appointment. I stated no, and he stated there are no openings available for the entire day. Him and I went back and forth a few times with me complaining about my prior experiences when he finally gave in. He offered to get my car serviced and provide me with a free rental. The car was complete by the end of the day and the rep. mentioned that him or someone will go over the details of what was done and to help set up my next appointment when i go in to pick up my car. When I showed up the next morning, the rep. was not there nor did anyone do a review with me or offered to set up my next appointment.

Final time - This past Monday, I went online to book my appointment. I selected an opening at 2pm however the website kept giving me an error. I called in and the lady on the phone told me Saturday was completely booked and I should make my appointments at least 7-10 days in advance. OMG, seriously? I went back and forth with the lady on the phone before I told her I will no longer bring my vehicle to their dealership. Called up the Sunnyvale location and they had openings ALL DAY.

Stevens Creek Toyota has made me more and more frustrated each time I go there. Advice to their reps, learn the policies and please PLEASE do not promise your customers something that you cannot deliver.

Lance W. | 2014-06-06

From the start the worst service possible.  

The dealership stereotype lived up to its reputation.

I needed a recall fixed for a Prius which was 40k new in 2010.  I was told on the phone that I had to leave the car overnight even though I had a 4pm appointment and they closed at 7pm.  Hmmmmm.

Anyway, I arrived to drop off the car only to stand in front of the many service staff on the web searching for who knows what.  Finally, I was asked if I needed anything.  Well I said "Yes  I need to drop off a car for a recall"  
wait I was told...........ok then

Finally I dropped it off with John Z.  (he was pleasant)

My wife left her phone in the car and she called right after we left to check with no luck even after being told they would call her right back.....nice!

So I go to pick up the car the next day.  The bill was presented and the young girl at the counter could not have been for confusing with the comments on the ticket.  I am pretty smart I thought,  but WOW what a mess.  She sends me over to the parts counter for a light.  The guy looks at me and says the complete opposite of the counter girl.  Hmmmmmmmmm.

I stood there in front of them all and said "Why is this so difficult."  

Not one of them looked up from their I walked out.

Service will sell anything and there is a drastic need for training in that department here.

The only saving grace was there was a man outside that tried to talk to my wife and I, but I was done and went back to work.

I assume he helped her because I left.

As they say in the business " You get what you pay for, and I paid $0 dollars because of the recall."  So I get $0 in service.

I have more important things to do then write this because I know it will get laughed at by the Toyota staff and other yelper's

But,  I know that this happens all the time!!!! and someone needs to write it done.

It Actually cost me money / time,  I have lost 2 days ($$$$) without a car and a really big bottle of Aspirin.

The unsettling part about the is issue is that know one inside the lobby seemed to careless about us.

I learned a long time ago you never know who you are talking to in life.

Oh Ya....not sure if the phone was ever found. (That's another $300)

Thank You Stevens Creek Toyota!!!

David P. | 2014-06-05

By far the worst service i've ever had.

Kathleen V. | 2014-06-04

Three years later and I am still completely satisfied with customer service from Tommy and Randy at Stevens Creek Toyota. My sister and bother have even bought cars from Tommy too!

I prefer to have Randy as my service agent because he is thorough. explains the issues of my car in laymen's terms. He doesn't rush me and answers all my questions.

Whenever I go to the dealership for service on my vehicle I wait in the customer lounge. Tommy always recognizes me, takes the time to talk to me and offers to buy me a drink from the vending machine. Considering how many customers he has worked with, this is very impressive.

Elizabeth P. | 2014-06-04

This Review is for Michael Battin at Steven's Creek Toyota

I've been pre-shopping for a car and Toyotas are one of many on my list. I visited Steven's Creek Toyota because it's local to where I live. When I arrived at the showroom, Michael, whose demeanor was atypical, greeted me. I expected the characteristically pushy and pressured encounter. Instead I experienced polite and understated. He was smart, relaxed, and his knowledge-base regarding the details of his inventory was amazing! What was more unbelievable thought was his willingness to give me direct answers about the bottom-line cost and experience I could expect, should I decide to purchase a car from him. No bull, no pressure or patronizing (my pet peeves).  

So why am I writing this review BEFORE purchasing? Because I found the experience so positively unusual!

I have tested cars at two other dealership companies, and I have three more to check out before making my final decision. Buying a car is a big deal to me! If I choose to buy a Toyota, I will definitely go straight to Michael Battin!

Elaine L. | 2014-05-30

Great customer service! This is the second time within the past year that I have been here for a car. The first time around I leased a car and was very happy with my experience, so when my boyfriend was looking to shop around for a new car, I highly recommended to him that we stop at Stevens Creek Toyota to take a look.

On the topic of customer service, this review is for John Shamloo. He was the one who helped me with leasing my car the first time around, and he also helped my boyfriend lease a car this time as well. John is very professional and polite and not pushy at all. He really does try to work with you to make sure you walk away as a satisfied customer. Most importantly, he goes above and beyond to make sure his clients have a good experience. When my boyfriend leased his car it was during Memorial Day weekend so it was really busy, we didn't get out of there till 1:00am, cause we were the last ones to come in that day. Props to both John and Sam in Finance for being patient with us throughout the process - even though it was late, they didn't rush us and made sure we got everything done properly.

Overall, both my boyfriend and I had great experiences with this Toyota dealership. As long as the customer service is this good, we will be coming back in the future!

Seb L. | 2014-05-29

I've been a long-time Scion leaser, and out of the blue I got a call from Taylor from SCT, and ended up with a deal I couldn't refuse on a new Scion, thanks to Taylor's excellent customer service, and Floor Manager Clement's commitment to customer satisfaction. Couldn't have been more satisfied with the outcome - Thank you Taylor and Clement - keep up the excellence!

Ral A. | 2014-05-28

I spent some time researching the car I wanted and I finally narrowed it down to a Camry or Venza, so at that point I was like "let me get on the internet to request more information". I get a call from this girl and she setup an appointment for me to see Jason.

The day I came in, I was greeted by Jason who got right away into my needs and wants out of a car. We test drove the Venza and I automatically fell in love with the car. Then we go into the crazy loan process..... Jim was dealing with the bank I have an existing loan with (if I could write a horrible review for Capitol One, I would). I ultimately didn't leave with a car that day, but Jason reassured me he'd have someone work on it first thing in the morning.

The next morning, I get a text from Jason saying I he has a rate on a loan he thinks I'll like and for the color Venza I really want. I go to the dealership later that afternoon and we're back at the phone tagging with the banks. I swear I could've given Jim a heart attack, but he kept pushing those banks to give me the rate I wanted. After a grueling 3 hours, Jim ended up working his magic and got me a loan I was comfortable with. I left happily with a new car and a loan I was satisfied with. Jason and Jim are truly the best at what they do and made every bit of my experience worth it. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to these guys!

Vanessa H. | 2014-05-28

This review is for Mark Cohn. The reason why I'm giving 5 stars. I was immediately greeted by Mark. I told him I was looking for a Yaris. He was very friendly and helpful and took no hesitation in offering to drive me and my mom to another Toyota location to look for a certain one. Once there, I spotted a Yaris and wanted to inquire more information about it but for some reason another salesman took over. This other salesman was EXTREMELY pushy, rude, and made me feel uncomfortable. Not only did he not answer my questions, I felt pressured into getting into the car with him for a test drive. This Yaris actually turned out to be a great car that I wanted to purchase. When we came back, I wanted to talk more about it and have my questions answered, but this salesman did not accommodate my needs at all. I got so frustrated, I just stood up and said I was done talking to him. I was livid at the service that man provided me. We decided to go back to the Toyota location we started at to find Mark. He was super sweet and calmed me down. Long story short, we ended up getting the Yaris with Mark's help. He helped us negotiate on a great price. He went above and beyond my expectations and in the end, I'm a happy and satisfied customer. I would definitely refer a friend to Mark.

As for the place itself, it was very nice and clean. Great selection of cars. Everybody else (except for that one pushy and rude salesman) was great, friendly, and helpful.

J P. | 2014-05-26

Great team, excellent customer service.  Will purchase there again or refer friends there.  My old car was out of commission.  They came to pick me up, even fed me lunch.  Everyone was helpful and patient.  My salesperson was Alex A.  It was, altogether, a very pleasant experience.

Yummy Y. | 2014-05-15

BEWARE! DO NOT GO HERE! "Customer service" is a JOKE! Came in yesterday for a routine oil change and got my car returned with a cracked windshield. The guy told me "I would've caught this checking it in, this shouldn't be a problem to replace, I apologize, I just need managers approval." Manager contacts me the next day and takes no liability and tells me to open a claim with my insurance and have my lawyer contact him for further concerns. UNBELIEVABLE!

Jessica C. | 2014-05-13

I don't write reviews often unless something really stands out to where I have to say something.

I went to this dealership two days ago. My old cars cost for maintenance was just not worth it. I came in not really sure what to expect. Of course a little skeptical too, you always hear about car salesmen trying to confuse you with terms and numbers. This was not the case for me. I was approached by Jason Xie and asked if I needed any help. I had come in with my father (who btw doesn't speak English). It was a huge help that Jason spoke Chinese so I didn't have to do any translating.

I won't bore you with the logistics of everything. Long story short I had a great experience. Not only was Jason helpful but he was very patient. My dad had many many... many questions. I walked out of there confident of the choice We made. We ended up trading in my old car and left with a brand new Corolla.

My experience was great, and just to add all the other employees were very friendly as well. They didn't hesitate to smile hello and greet me even though I was working with Jason.

I will definitely recommend this dealership and Jason to my family and friends!

Iman G. | 2014-05-07

I would give 20 stars if it have allowed me to do so, Perfect service, kind personnel and great management.

I leased a car last year and the gentleman named "John Shamloo" welcomed me warmly and showed me all the options patiently and provided detailed descriptions about all of my questions. When I asked for discounts, they have patiently negotiated the price with me and at the end, we were both satisfied. During the past year, any time I went for service, he was getting together with me asking whether I have any question. Very nice guy, great dealer. Don't miss checking out this place if you decide to get a Toyota.

Katie M. | 2014-05-05

I left an earlier review for the service department, where I gave 1 star. It was terrible, don't take your car here for service if you can help it. But given that our sales experience was completely different, I figured I should provide that feedback as well. We worked with Jason Xie, and he was totally up front with us about what we could expect to pay for what we were looking for. He wasn't pushy or trying to close, he worked with us on what we wanted, and helped us understand what we could get if we traded in our old car, and why. When everything went to hell with the service department, he was the one that finally gave us a call apologizing for what had happened, and tried to make it right. The only negative part of the entire experience was that we literally waited for over an HOUR at the financing department, just waiting to talk to someone.

Chris A. | 2014-05-04

I've come here a few times for warranty service and it seemed ok. However, I recently got a very odd piece of mail from someone offering to buy my car. Attached to the offer was an email showing that Anthony Kim of Steven's Creek Toyota forwarded my address and told this Don fellow to contact me!

What?!  The nerve of this place. They should not be giving out customer's home addresses for marketing or any other purposes.

Too much time has passed for me to bother calling them about it now. But I won't be going here again after seeing how disrespectfully they treat customers' information.

Carlos M. | 2014-05-01

Wow, I truly cannot believe how easy and fast this experience was! I bought my wife a Toyota Highlander at this location and my salesman was Alex. This guy wasn't pushy at all which was a huge surprise and a huge plus. My last purchase at a dealership was a Mercedes Benz at Beschoff Motors. I hated it and I said I'd never be back and so I ended up at Toyota. I'm sure I will be back next time I need a car! Ask for Alex if you end up here!

Michelle G. | 2014-04-29

Best buying experience ever!

Walked in last week to look at a truck that caught our eye out front...dealt with our salesman Frank and worked the deal with Andy Kim (sales manager) and the whole transaction was so smooth and stress-free. Walked out with the truck for a great price and able to negotiate a good deal on our trade. We will be telling all of our friends and family to visit Stevens Creek Toyota!

Mel B. | 2014-04-26

*****Pleasant experiences! My dad has leased 2 vehicles from this location and have been very satisfied. My dad loves the Camery from Toyota and has had 2 in a row. We recently worked with Frank (new salesperson) & Alex (who also helped us 3 yrs. Ago) to trade in and lease the 2014 Camery. Frank patiently waited for my dad to arrive & was very helpful during our search for the perfect fit (he wanted a V6 with sun-roof ). Alex handled the paperwork and really worked with hassle or games! He's easy going and funny, but more importantly up front! He had the car washed then he even stayed to help hook up my dad's Bluetooth in his new ride! We were in & out in about 3 hours with the car that was right for my dad.  Saw some sweet trucks in the front too! Thanks Alex & Frank!

Daniel B. | 2014-04-22

Despite all the negative reviews, I was quite happy with their service the other day. I brought my Scion in late evening, howling and screeching, sounding like metal on metal. Service adviser says let them have it overnight. Next day at 8:30 says its a bad water pump bearings and can have it done at 5. Promise kept, I pick it up at 5 and running quiet as a mouse. Granted i didn't shop around but the service guy gave me 15% off. Thanks Toyota!

ShastaHanchett D. | 2014-04-22

I've been a customer for service here for 8 years. Never again. Technicians who worked on our Prius didn't know what they were doing; the car was brought in for regular service -- an oil change and inspection -- and, an hour after being picked up, has a battery (that's only a year old) that's completely dead. The technicians left off the inner and outer cover for the battery.

This happened after it took a week to get a service appointment. And a wait of 30 minutes + to pick up the car when it was done.

The previous service we had here was subpar. But this takes the cake. I'll be driving another 10 minutes to get to another dealer next time.

A T. | 2014-04-18

Worst customer service! They need to be a bit more friendly or maybe smile a bit. Also, I called on the phone to ask a simple question and the lady that I spoke to gave me an attitude. I now know where NOT to buy my car in the future.

Yagnesh R. | 2014-04-07

The worst experience I had in my whole life. Sales persons are racist and not at all professional, especially a guy named Tommy. I felt complete lack of customer focus and respect. I wasted my valuable time there, I highly suggest all not to do the same.

I bought my car from Toyota Marin, I really enjoyed my buying experience and service offered.

Completely agree with Sam K's review. Especially: this branch does some rather shady practice instead.

G H. | 2014-04-07

This is a review for the "service" department:

Made a 9 AM appointment to have a recall software update done on my Prius. At check in, I was told the car would be ready by 4:30. 7.5 hours for a software update seemed crazy, but okay. Called at 3:30 for an update, was told my service representative would call me back with an update. No call.  Called at 4:00 PM, was again told he would call me with an update. No Call.

at 4:50 PM he leaves me a message to say they won't be able to do the software update at all!  WHAT? 8 hours and you didn't do anything?

I get the message at 6:45 and call him back. Then he tells me they'll get it done by 7 PM.  

I'm not sure what kind of operation this is, but I'm not going back.

Michael C. | 2014-04-05


I bought I 2012 mazda cx7. I'll start with the smallest issue I've had. I was sold a car with no gas cap and bald rear break pads. After many calls and no resolution...I've since bought my own gas cap. Second...I was sold the "portfolio" service plan at a great price. The finance manager who sold it to me was soon let go afterward. He explained to my wife and I that we could "go to any certified actual mechanic..not your buddies house...but yes any real mechanic." Great! I hate bringing my cars to dealerships and I figured I could bring my car to my mechanic on my way to work. NOT SO...sadly.  Was given no paperwork outlining my plan (my mistake not getting something)...I was told I only needed to present my VIN# to any certified mechanic and they could look it up. So first I learned after calling 3 mechanics that this was not the case. After a week of leaving voicemails and talking to the nice front desk girls...that this plan only works at certified TOYOTA dealerships. Not happy. I call my local Toyota dealership. They inform me that they won't look at my car because it's not a Toyota. You see the issue? I'm paying for a service plan that is not usable it's taken me weeks to get this answer. This is called being ripped off and the sad excuse for customer service is a slap in the face. Run away. Run far away from steven's creek Toyota. I'm writing this while I wait for he services manager is supposedly going to "call me right back"....3 hours ago. Turns out I was sold a insurance plan that I can't use anywhere.

Antonio D. | 2014-04-03

I am moved by how caring, concerned & supportive this TEAM is!. Anyone can sell you a car. The real service comes after the fact. For whatever reason, my battery went dead on me & I had an issues. I texted the sales man , Lee McKee, at 11pm . He would have came over. Instead He sent road side assistance, got me home, made sure everything and I MEAN EVERYTHING was taken care of.He stood by my side like a TROOPER. All the staff & master tech Randy at Stevens Creek Toyota gave me service that was beyond words. If yelp had 6 stars Id give em all 6.I dont know what the other reviews are talking about, THESE PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!! I will send my family, friends and neighbors this way. I AM A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! Thank you Lee Mc Kim. There are NOT many people left in the world who stand by there word. I am grateful . YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

Yen N. | 2014-04-02

If I can give this place a 0 star I would. Went here 2 months ago to look at Toyota Camry XLE with back up camera. People that work here DONT KNOW what they're talking about. I was very clear I needed a car with back up camera and no later year than 2011. Here come the stupid 3 sales person told me the car have back up camera & navigation when it doesn't and not to mention the car wasn't even 2011 or 2012. They showed me some old cars. And they told me they can add the camera in for me with additional cost, no thank you. When my bf asked them questions about the car, they didn't even now the answer. I decided to give it another try and came back this week. However this time I found exactly what I'm looking for and I asked for the price, lol the sale person gave me the WRONG price and told me again it have the back up camera when it doesn't lol...... I wonder how those people get hired!!!!! Wasted my time! Coming back to Lexus even if the price is higher but at least they know what they're taking about.

Neil P. | 2014-03-30

So this is pretty funny just for the fact that the average rating on the dealership is about 2 stars. So just to be fair and average I'm rating the dealership 2 stars.

In terms of buying my 2013 Prius back in Jan it was whatever, it's not like the automotive industry is going to blow you away and kiss your a** for you or something. Anyway came in on 3/29 to take advantage of my 3 free oil changes my salesperson claimed came on the car. The shocking truth he was was being honest! Anyway I came in a little early just for the fact that I was in the area. I pulled in and the porters where no where to be found. Now mind you I may be a little picky just for the fact that I stepped my automotive lifestyle down from driving a Mercedes, Lexus, etc anyway finally checked in and the service adviser wasn't anything special or blew me away. What was shocking is that he brought up a recall that wasn't caught or mentioned during the purchase of my Prius back in Jan. He said that the recall just had been released and that I needed to take care of it right away. With that said everything was written up and ready to go on the RO now here's the kicker and why I'm giving my first service experience here at stevens creek 2 stars out of 5....

OH and before I mentioned why..note to all of you luxury car owners out there who think their bruce all mighty. SOAK IT UP WHILE YOU DRIVE YOUR "100k car" because when your mistress and wife leave your a** and ROB YOU OF YOUR DAMN MONEY you DON'T GET THE TYPE OF SERVICE when coming back down to life so STOP THINKING YOUR GOD GOD DAMN IT. Anyway with that said as everything was ready to go I asked the adviser if the dealer had any loaners. He made and set the expectation that this was a one day job and being that I was out a car I figured he'd take care of that expectation. Ready for the answer..."Uhh no we don't offer loaners, we charger for our rentals..." WHAT?!  I was a little taken back for a spilt second and I said ok that's fine how much for a rental..."$30" WHAT?! HOP ( Hold on player ) you're telling me if your dealer wants to give me a Corolla for a rental you're going to charge me $30?!

Asked the adviser if he can at least discount the rate for me, he was hesitant at first but then agreed. Anyway got checked into the rental and by the way ( Shout out to the rental car girl, she was cute ) Got into the rental and here's the other kicker, I was out grabbing a bite to eat and the adviser calls and says everything is done. What?! cool my car is done, however as soon as I get back to the dealership they still decided to charge me for a rental which I filled up and borrowed for no more or no less than 3 hours......Yeah nothing special at stevens creek toyota folks. I suggest trying a different Toyota dealer or find a shop that your comfortable working with. Until my "3" free oil changes are done I probably wont ever step foot into that dealership again.

Jennifer P. | 2014-03-23

If it wasn't because this dealer is close to my house, I probably would not come here. I believe I'm supposed to be called when my car is ready, but twice I had to call for this service, after the promised time, to get any information. Oh and the fact that during my first call to check on the progress he so happened to tell me I needed a major repair. Didn't ask if it was ok to proceed just said it needed to be done and almost sounded as if they were already working on it. Last time I was here I had an appointment for a recall repair and again I had to call to check on the progress of a 4 hour mandated repair.
The cashiers are always friendly, so that's a plus. Dangit, convenience over service why do I subject myself. I used to go to piercy, but since they moved to Milpitas its really out of the way. Oh well.

K N. | 2014-03-04

Very disappointing. I paid for the pre-paid service when I bought my Sienna there. The problem is that they take 2-3hrs to do a simple oil change and tire rotation. EVEN with an appointment. The other problem is that they didn't really address a problem I was having with a door. Finally one service guy said he'd look at after I got a recall on a latch, which I figured was the problem. They said it wasn't the latch but something else. They did a repair of something with the rales/wheels for the sliding door. A week later we still had the same problem. I took it back and they changed something again & I was told that basically that was all they'd do. Of course, I still have the problem. I called Toyota headquarters and we tried to resolve it, but of course never heard from steven's creek people. When my pre-paid service is over, I will not be returning my car there for service.

James C. | 2014-02-28

Service Review

My experiences at this dealership did fluctuate over time.  Very hot and cold.  Sometimes, the service was descent, other times abysmal.  On average, they were mediocre.  Both  my wife and I have switched between them and Capitol Toyota to get our 2003 Camry XLE and 2005 Rav4 serviced.  I'd give them a solid C to C-.  Capitol Toyota isn't that much better, about a C+, so really is case of pick your poison.

The worst experience was when I brought my Camry in to get a tail light replaced.  This is about a 5-10 minute job and about as basic as you can get for making sure it's done right the first time.  

Firstly, they made me wait for 2 hours because there were lots of cars that came in before me.  Ok, I'm a believer in waiting my turn in line so fine.  I walked down to BK, grabbed something to eat, then came back and waited in the lounge.  So, ok, they finally get to my car and swap out the brake light for me.  They then charge me for about 30 minutes worth of time.  Ok, my fault for never learning the trick to replace the bulb myself so I pay my bill and am on my way.

Well, I get home and decide, maybe I should test this out anyways.  So, I drive into my garage and close the door to be in darkness.  I test the brake pedal and guess what?  The bad bulb is still bad!  So, back I go.  

This time, they at least took my car straight back to the mechanic.  I watch the service guy and the mechanic  have a quick chat in the distance because this obviously really makes them look stupid.  The mechanic puts his hand on his head as if to say, oops, I replaced the other left bulb.  So, about 15-30 minutes later my car is again returned to me.  I drove straight home and repeated the test.  This time both brake lights came on, so confirmed, was just a bad bulb and a mechanic who had issues with left vs. right.

So, in summary, if they can't get a brake light replaced correctly the first time, I really have to wonder how much care they put into anything else.

Ryza M. | 2014-02-26

It was a long process going through each car that would best fit my wants and budget at the same time. However, I truly appreciate the effort of their Manager Rene Inggala and  sales clerk Frank for finding the best deal for me. I think I got the most gorgeous car ever. :)  I love love loooove my new car 2014 Scion Tcs! Time to hit the road!!!

Peter N. | 2014-02-23

The sales people here are unreasonable and unwilling to work with their customers.

We actually had one of their people tell us that they could not give us a deal different than the one on a national ad!  That's just ridiculous and stupid.

Avoid this dealership.

Julia A. | 2014-02-14


In December 2013 a friend of mine bought a used truck at this dealership. A few days later the battery died and had to be re-placed. And that's when the trouble started.

A week ago in February 2014, just 2 months after it was purchased, the truck wouldn't start at all. My friend had to get it towed from his house to the Stevens Creek Toyota dealership to get it fixed. It was a huge annoyance, but he assumed that the dealership would pay for the repair because the truck was under a warranty and had just recently been purchased. Right?

Wrong. Even though it was under a warranty, the dealership REFUSED TO PAY for the repairs. Slightly unfair, right? He put quite a bit of money down to buy this car  just 2 months prior and now was being asked to cough up more money just because these guys sold him a car that they KNEW had problems. What's even worse is that they totally left him hanging without a rental car for several days and he was forced to walk 2 miles and take a bus just to get to work and back.

It took several days for the dealership to finally update him on the status of the car and they told him that they couldn't fix it. That's right - after they left him stranded with no car for a week and refused to pay for anything. Furthermore he had military training that weekend and needed a car to get there. This guy is in the military protecting all of us and yet he get screwed over like this. What is wrong with this country?

Anyway, what finally ended up happening is that he took the car to a repair shop nearby and they were able to fix it in less than 24 hours. Bad news is that he still had to pay the bill.

So think twice before purchasing a used car at Stevens Creek Toyota.
Unless that is... you are okay with finding yourself stranded just a few weeks later with a car that won't start and a new bill that you owe.

Ali A. | 2014-02-10

These guys are worse than anyone can imagine and the ratings on here reflect that. No ethics. If you do walk in here, avoid a salesman by the name of Kevin Nguyen. Biggest liar I've ever seen in a car dealership. If you can, avoid this place by all means.

Note: if you have a trade in, stay with them when they inspect you're car. Don't abide by their word of stay inside while we inspect your car. They'll disappear with your car for 15 minutes on the road without your consent.

J J. | 2014-02-10

very very bad service, i have been in the waiting room for more than 3 hours and my oil change hasn't been done yet because they forgot.......:(

C G. | 2014-01-29

Hello! I know I may write one review and say the sales dept and the service dept and the parts dept are all great but when someone seems to stand out among the crowd, I believe it warrants some extra attention!  So, with that being said, this review is about Aurelia Magallon, one of their Parts Specialists! To keep it short and simple, she was enthusiastic, friendly and engaging! Most parts employees are helpful but that's it. It's a regular job so what's there to be excited about, right? THE CUSTOMER, that's what! And Aurelia tops the bill will all those positive attributes you would like in a sales associate.  So, if you gotta get some stuff for your Toyota vehicle, hopefully you'll be assisted by Aurelia cuz she'll really make your day!!!!

Babs M. | 2014-01-27

I should have finished my review a long time ago. I sold my 2009 Toyota Matrix XRS (custom build) low mileage to the Stevens Creek Used Car Department. They bought my car for a reasonable price and they treated me respectfully.

Chris D. | 2014-01-18

Sales staff could use some racial sensitivity training. Pro tip: nothing good can come after the phrase "this isn't racist but..."

We won't be returning here.

Lee L. | 2014-01-10

We've been loyal Toyota drivers for the past 15 years.  Admittedly, our last purchasing experience at Magnussen's was nothing short of nightmarish, but the reliability of the Toyota brand always keeps us coming back.

Recently we were in the market for a small used SUV (Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V class).  We hit several places along Stevens Creek, and this Toyota dealership was one of them.  At the time of our visit, the market had been flooded with former rentals that were coming on the market.  We arrived at the main office, and were met by an (initially) friendly salesperson.  Since we were looking for used, he drove us over to another lot about half a block away.

There were several used RAV4s to choose from, all about the same since they were all former rentals.  My wife did the test drive, since she's quite particular about engine performance and knows a few things about automotive technology.  She can't build me a Bugatti clone from scratch, however.  Anyways, while on the drive she notes that the performance of the 4-cylinder RAV4 was not to her liking.  The salesman practically took offense to her observations, and essentially told her that she had no idea what she was talking about.  Friend, that is not a good way to sell a car.  When we got back to the lot, he couldn't wait to be rid of us.  We saw an older 4Runner and Highlander on the lot, and he didn't even accompany us to take a look at them.  He drove us back to our car in silence and didn't offer us a business card.

Oh well.  We didn't like the RAV4 anyway, but a week later we started looking at Highlanders - at a different dealership.

Yelp R. | 2014-01-06

This review is for the Parts and Service at St. creek Toyota.
I would say I suspect they change out parts. I never drink coffee or tea or any other drink other than water in my car. I got my car back after service and few days later, noticed there was coffee splash on the sun visor. and one hinge was broken. my sun visors were clean and not broken before. Of course I can't prove it. Sunnyvale Toyota is no better either. My brand new car had check engine light on, and they said there was a crack in the gas tank evacuation chamber. In a brand new car?  I don't buy that, there are better explanations for that. but, proof.

Pancho T. | 2014-01-06

Excellent buying experience.

I liked very much my experience in buying a new Prius Plug-in. I love my new car and think it is the best fit for my current and near future needs. The sales person Ray Ansari and his manager Clemens Chen were very honest, knowledgeable, helpful and patient (until 6PM on the New Years Eve and even after the sale on the next morning), nice (not pushy at all), and respectful both towards me and my limited budget. Ray successfully convinced me to buy the more luxury Package 2 while I was aiming initially just on Package 1 (was out of stock). I traded in my old Prius 2009. I will definitely come again to trade in my other Sienna in 2-3 years.

Ashley R. | 2014-01-05

Terrible service. My husband and I stopped by this Toyota dealership first, as it was the closest to our house. We were interested in buying a brand new Toyota corolla, and the manager helping us was very rude and pushy. My husband didn't like his attitude, so we decided to look elsewhere. I asked the manager what time they would be closing that night, which happened to be New Year's Eve, and he said "everyone is going home early so don't bother coming back tonight." Ugh, rude. So we ended up going to the capital expressway Toyota dealership, and bought a 2014 Toyota corolla sport from them instead. The people that work at the stevens creek location need an attitude check, that's for sure.

Louis L. | 2013-12-28

I bought a certified used 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid and the salesperson promised me for two smart keys. After I had paid for the car, he said the second key was not available and offered me a new key for dealer's cost but it turned out the cost is the same retail price they charge to any customer. I had sent bad reviews to Toyota and the dealer. But nothing has happened to compensate for my loss. This has been a very bad experience for me to buy a car from this dealer.

Louis L.

T C. | 2013-12-28

Okay, subsequent to my previous bad review, i've been converted.  I went back in because my brand new Prius V was making brake noises.  Nick Taylor took great care and got Toyota to replace the brakes at no cost.  He was great at managing my expectations and truly delivered 5-star service (the four stars given is for my previous experience).  Thanks, Nick!

Heidi M. | 2013-12-27

Byron I think his name was? Horribly rude salesman with a foul attitude. Didn't even greet us, we had to introduce ourselves. Gave us grunts for answers to questions we had.

My favorite part was when he drove us to another Toyota car lot down the street. As we were looking at a truck he disappeared AND LEFT US THERE.  We walked around to look for him. We found the Prius we came in was gone so another salesman had to drive us back! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Nice trucks, but this place doesn't deserve our money!!

Ironically we ended up buying a the Mazda dealership!!!

Russell D. | 2013-12-26

All views here are either 1 star (wishng for a zero star level) or 5 star. I guess that is part of the nature and stereotype of car sales. You either get the expected sales and hate it or you don't and are very pleasantly surprised.

I ended up buying through a fleet sales arrangement through my credit union (TechCU). You tell them what you want and they set you up at below invoice. Zero hassle.

The fleet manager who I dealt with at this dealership was Ahn Tuan. Very professional and helpful and he's why I give the 5 stars.

So I strongly recommend going through some kind of fleet sales - use your credit union / bank or Costco or AAA or similar. Cut out the bits of car buying you don't like and get a known fair price.

Shane G. | 2013-12-23

I bought a certified pre-owned 2012 Prius. They claimed that the car went through a thorough inspection. However the car was clearly not inspected. The gas tank was 3/4 full instead of the promised full tank. After one week of driving the car the tire pressure light came on and I discovered that all four tires were under 20psi. They gave me a car with nearly flat tires! The brake pedal squeaks severely. And the car was dirty.

Also, there is a known issue with the windshields on the Prius. At night they create a ghosting effect on lights. There are tons of complaints on the NHSTA site and KABC "7 on your side" is investigating. I contacted this dealer and they downplayed the issue trying to make it sound like I was imagining it or that it was normal glare. I am pursuing a fix from Toyota directly since this dealer is not willing to help.

Here is the link to the story about the Prius windshield issue.…

Skip these guys. And skip the Prius until they fix the windshield safety issue!

B C. | 2013-12-23

Can I give zero stars?? My husband and I went in looking for a family car, since we are expecting our first child in a few months. The salesman, Johnny Shamloo, was extremely rude and unprofessional. He was reluctant to actually do his job and didn't even know the correct sticker prices, as he would state prices that were well over the actual  price, almost as if he was trying to scare us away. When we were done looking at the car, we asked for a quote for the model and specific features we were interested in. He refused to give us one because it would take him half an hour to do so, and he stated that he will not tell us how much the car will cost until we are ready to sign. This doesn't even make any sense! When we told him we were serious about buying a car and were making our decision that night in order to buy the car the next day, he told us that tomorrow was not soon enough.

My husband and I are in our late twenties, and he treated us like we were teenagers and not serious buyers. Little does he know, we are both professionals and possess Masters and Doctorate degrees, with credit scores well over 800! I didn't think he even deserved to know this information, and quite frankly I am thankful for this horrible experience because after being treated so poorly we went across the street to Hyundai and bought a beautiful brand new car. His loss!!

Gilad M. | 2013-12-17

After three hours that included negotiation a car drive and meeting the finance guy we settled on a price. I was with my checkbook out when the manager came in upset saying this price is no good and raised by a $1000!!!
I obviously said no and had to call back my friend to come pick me up After sending him home as I was expecting to close the deal.
Adam the salesman disappeared completely after the manager came and raised the price and didn't answer my phone call as well. I recommend to stay away from this dealership

Vivian G. | 2013-12-17

Rude Service guy who doesn't want to tell you the truth of why you had an appointment at 8:45 A.M. for oil change and recall on my car.
And at 2 P.M. after 5 hours I go there and  he said because I didn't wait at the wating area they didn't even start on my car and he said making appointment doesn't mean anything!

Becky C. | 2013-12-17

I've been at this dealership for 45 minutes in showroom and looking through the windows of every sienna and highlander outside and not a single person had greeted me. Four sales men are standing around smoking and talking amongst themselves. I'm so upset I'm going to buy an Odyssey

I bought my old Prius at Sunnyvale Toyota and got oil changes at Percy. Both dealerships were much nicer and priced better.

Stuart S. | 2013-12-16

I called Stevens Creek Toyota at 11:15AM and requested to speak with a Service Rep. to get a ballpark estimate for rear brakes. I wanted a price to resurface drums, replace pads and new hardware.  I was told somebody would call back very soon.  At 3:00PM I made 3 attempts to recontact the service department as a followup for my requested brake estimate.  I was disconnected 3 times from the service department after being on hold each time.  Not good!

Ray S. | 2013-12-08

I think these folks are really trying to make the car buying experience better.  

I was served by Steve Lawrence who was very patient, informed, and informative.   We put him through the paces changing our minds frequently, calling to discuss competitive offers and all throughout the process, I did not feel pressured with him.   He provided helpful information and was responsive to our questions and thoughts through the process.   He was very patient.   In the end, we leased a 2013 prius model four.  

Dealers seem to be struggling with how to evolve from prior sales tactics where the information balance was much more in favor of the dealer.   Now buyers have more information, although we don't buy cars everyday like these sales people sell cars every day.   They still know a lot more and it's hard to know if you are really getting a "good deal."

The final signature process and pitch for additional warranties and services is still from the old sales model and relatively unpleasant although the guy doing that job was just doing what he's been asked to do.  The sales person should probably discuss these other services or products somewhere in the back quarter of the process.  

Also, I got emails later offering discounts for parts - they should have just offered them towards the end of the sales process.   Too many thank you emails, offer emails, and surveys.  

Overall, however, I was happy with the process and the car is working out well.

Sander L. | 2013-12-06

Great car buying experience. This was the perfect, no hassle, low stress, high customer service situation that should be universal when buying a new car. Too often, it's not.

My wife and I just bought a 2013 Toyota Highlander, and I'm really glad we gave our business to these folks. The main reason was our salesperson, Taylor, who made the difference. He was super friendly, professional and a joy to work with. I trusted him from the beginning by being very flexible, transparent with the numbers, and made the extra effort to get the exact car we wanted at a very fair price.

This was the most enjoyable, painless experience I've had, and I've been through quite a few car buying experiences. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Taylor if you are interested in buying a Toyota in the Bay Area.

Stephen S. | 2013-12-05

Lame service. Their service structure is inefficient and indifferent. I had to wait almost two hours to see a service advisor, even with an appointment. And then when they tell me my car is ready for pickup, I wait another bonus hour after checking out with the service cashier.

I understand fake working like cal-trans, but this is a whole another level.

Waiting at the DMV is shorter and better.  

Only one star for the pretty saltwater fishies in the semi-clean tank at the waiting area.

Igor B. | 2013-12-05

At first i emailed the dealership asking them to get back to me to discuss the concerns of my recent visit to the dealership. It has been 4 days, no reply.
So i am on Yelp now.
Went there last Sunday. Test drove new Avalon hybrid, was ready to purchase  a new 2013  Avalon hybrid XLE at the price suggested by and advertised by the dealers of Santa Rosa and Sunnyvale . At first we talked to a salesperson Frank, who for some reason was not sure of the any car related question or the inventory, but at least he assured me that even if they do not have it at Stevens Creek, it can be transported from any other Bay are dealership. At some point he left the office and another person appeared by the name Renee (Not sure of the spelling ) who started asking me  the same questions previously discussed with Frank - what car, color, trim,options...
After i told him that we did some homework and there are cars available at  other dealerships  at a certain price and the price is also suppoerted by , he gave me a lecture on how  unreliable those prices are and that there are no cars of 2013 with such  trim available in Northern, Southern California and even Nevada.
While i was listening to him, i opened my phone and saw that at least 5 Bay area Toyota dealerships had 2013 Avalon hybrids XLE in stocks. But i had enough of the "customer service " and felt no need to go into more discussions  with the person who tries to make me feel stupid.
So i left and bought a new  car next day at another dealership.
I lost 45 minutes of my time at Stevens Creek Toyota.
Stevens Creek  Toyota lost a customer .....

Sam K. | 2013-11-27

Bringing my car into Stevens Creek Toyota was a very bad experience.  

I made an appointment to bring my car in because the check engine light was on.  When I actually brought it in it took me 10 minutes and two different service people to assure them that I didn't come in for an oil change (that they wanted to charge me over $70 dollars for!).  

Later that day I was texted a quote for almost $3,000 dollars because my catalytic converters have gone bad.  I immediately googled how much that service should cost and found out that the parts cost about $600 and it usually takes an hour to perform the service.  A mechanic that isn't associated with a dealership (and has 4.8 stars on yelp) quoted me $750 dollars for the same service, with a longer warranty on the service.  Why did this dealership feel that they could charge me $2,000 more for the same service!?  Naturally I told them not to perform the service and I would pick up my car.  

When I picked up my car this morning I found out that they charged me $75 to check the engine light and the belts!  This service is %100 FREE at any other mechanic.  

TL;DR I just wasted $75 dollars and they tried to rip me off for another $2,000.

S W. | 2013-11-23

I went to Stevens Creek Toyota last week because a colleague had recommended the selection there. Our first choice was to go Capitol Toyota, but we decided to give Stevens Creek a shot based on how we wanted a very specific model and how we were told of Stevens Creek's selection. Another reason was that we work in San Francisco and wanted to make sure we got to a dealership before they closed. My 2008 Corolla had been recently totaled in a car accident and so my husband and I wanted to replace the car as soon as possible. Because I loved my 2008 Corolla, getting a 2014 made the most sense. From when we walked in the door, the visit was not off to a great start as I was feeling underwhelmed by the newest Corolla, especially after having tried the latest Acura ILX and Nissan Altima. It also didn't help that the staff clearly had a  vibe of "it's the end of the day and we want to go home." After visiting other dealerships between 8-9pm and receiving the same kind of energy you'd get from a morning person at 9am, this did not help. The first person to help us, whose name I sadly don't recall because I would encourage people to avoid him, took us on our test drive and asked about the other Toyota we had, which on it's own was fine.  We mentioned we'd gone to Capitol Toyota in the past and had done all our services through them. This resulted in the sales person launching into a lot of not so subtle digs at Capitol Toyota. I understand this is a competitive business and you want people to not look elsewhere, but I thought it was in very poor taste to try to make another dealership look bad, especially after I established we had a long standing relationship with them. He didn't outright say "they suck", but kept saying how they're under new management in a derogatory way. I know they're under new management. I knew when it happened as
I has just taken my car in back in September. Thankfully when we got back to the dealership, we switched drivers and got a new sales person, Malachi. Now, the fact that this gets a star at all is because of Malachi. He was courteous, professional, and actually talked up the car, unlike his colleague who kept going on about Capitol Toyota, which we mentioned to him. Had we started with Malachi, while we still would not have gone ahead with the Corolla (we got a Mazda instead), this review would not have been as negative. By the time we left, my husband and I were so annoyed we didn't even ask for an offer, which we had done at every other dealership we visited. We knew if we did end up getting the Corolla, this dealership wasn't getting our business, despite how much we both liked Malachi. I almost didn't write this, but chose to call the dealership and ask to speak to a manager so they could take my feedback as they choose. This review is thanks to the receptionist who was reluctant to transfer me until I said I would post this review and thanks to the gentleman who only introduced himself by first name (Bruce) with no other information. And judging by the overall rankings, it's clear I'm not the only one to have a negative experience.

Susanne K. | 2013-11-21

I'm a very loyal Toyota owner ... my newest purchase is the Prius V.  It is nice that the recommended services are "free" and I take my car in on schedule.  However, this particular Prius had an issue with squeaking brakes.  I dealt with Adam N. (?) who really listened to my concerns and promised that the car would be fixed!  He is a man of his word;  when I picked up the car it was so shiny clean that I almost  didn't recognize it.  All my "issues" were resolved and the car drove like a new jewel. Adam called to update me throughout the time the car was in the shop (had to wait for a part to arrive).  I felt I was an important person and client and Toyota (in the form of Adam N.) listened and made sure that all concerns were addressed properly. Thank you!

Faiza H. | 2013-11-16

It's taken me far too long to update. Toyota of Stevens creek did resolve my issues and refund my $ for the xylon treatment.

Kevin M. | 2013-11-14

Sales Review:

My 5-star review is for Steve, the salesman who helped me through the entire process of leasing my new 2013 Prius. When I first came to the dealership I was looking for a used 2010/2011 Prius with low miles and over the course of talking with Steve he helped guide me toward leasing a brand new model. I He worked with me on the price/lease payment so it would fit my budget and at no point pushed me to quickly make a decision (he even let me know that the specials he was offering lasted through the month). He answered all my questions patiently and seemed genuinely happy for me to be getting the exact car I wanted.

The gentleman who helped me from Finance was nice but did seem very concerned with selling add-ons (damage warranty, paint protection, etc..), though he wasn't overly aggressive about it. I imagine this is a dealer/manufacturer mandate so I can cut him a bit of slack, especially considering he was still very nice when I politely declined.

I had originally been hesitant to come to Stevens Creek Toyota given the very large number of negative review for both sales and service, but it seems that I lucked out with the individuals I had the pleasure of working with.

J W. | 2013-11-10

Great experience, Jason Xie was super helpful throughout the process. One of the few places that takes the time to understand what you're looking for and gives you all your options without any sales pressure.

Carol S. | 2013-11-09

My husband came to Stevens creek Toyota to look at leasing a 2014 Camry hybrid. He was helped by Alex. My husband didn't have much time that day so came back a week later with me. We test drove a fully loaded Camry, a basic model and a used 2013 Camry. Alex was extremely patient with us and offered to let us drive each car to see what we liked. He gave us time to talk to each other privately. We got 3 quotes from him and again he left us alone to discuss. Before we made our decision and he answered all our questions honestly. We leased a 2014 Camry Hybrid for a reasonable monthly amount. Alex brought over the car to our house the next day all washed. We would work with Alex again. He didn't once pressure us to buy something quickly or rush our decision. He made the process enjoyable and I have never said that before about car buying or leasing.

Ghesline B. | 2013-11-03

Let's get one thing straight. This five star review goes to Kenny Cross. Here's the story:

I did my research and I wanted a white Prius 2010. Going into the Stevens Creek dealership I knew what their inventory was (even better then they did) and good price points. What I didn't realize was that Toyota has three locations on Stevens Creek.

I found myself with a little free time in the area so I stopped at Toyota/Scion (later I found out that this lot was like the sleazy twice removed cousin of the other used Toyota lot). Greaseball salesman dude hones in on me; I tell him what I'm looking for and he escorts me to a car. I was very confused because it wasn't the car I wanted and he told me to get in. Ladies, this is when your male predator defense reflexes should kick in; luckily mine were in good working order. He didn't tell me what we were doing or where we were going. He was going to drive me to a different lot, where I wouldn't have access to my car. Could you imagine being stuck on a used car lot with a predator salesman with no exit plan? I was pissed.

I drove myself to the next lot thinking it was the right one. Couldn't find a parking spot, parked in the wrong place, got reprimanded. I was apparently at the new car lot so I followed a different salesman to the next and final dealership where he handed me to Kenny.

At this point I was fuming, arms crossed, regretting having stopped by. I realized how it must feel to have an angry bitch customer handed off to you at no fault of your own. All I could do was let him know that I would try to not bite his head off, no promises.

I told him I wanted a 2010 Prius blahblahblah. He wasn't pushy or demanding. He observed that I seemed uncomfortable as I test drove the exact car I was set out the buy. He helped me realize that I really didn't like the Prius. Who woulda thunk? So we looked at some other cars on the lot, he made recommendations some of which I turned down and some I thought were great ideas.

Then there she was, like double cherry pie. The Prius C, two tone modern seats, moonglow paint. It so happen to be one of the only new cars on the used lot. In the beginning I said no way no how. No new car, I know they drop value like crazy when you drive off the lot.

Long story short, Kenny sold me a new 2013 Prius C. Because he kept me comfortable. Because he made me laugh and was easy going. I will say if you're of the conservative type and want a stuffy proper salesman then find someone else. If you want someone who provides small business family-style sales, Kenny's your man. The value of buying a new car went up because Kenny was on my team. He made buying a car painless and in fact enjoyable (which it should be; it's the second largest purchase average people make in their life).

If Toyota doesn't pay this guy well, he's going to get snatched up by some luxury car dealership. Let the games begin.

P.S. Steven Noora is a cool finance dude.

Arjun A. | 2013-11-03

Disappointing visit last week.We were shown the new corolla by Mr. Frank who was not interested or was having a bad day. Either way, he was not very excited in asking us what we were looking for in a car or anything remotely on those lines. We drove the car and came back to the showroom where we sat in one of those booth's.
Mr. Frank came straight with a credit application not caring if we really intended to buy it. We also mentioned that we wanted a trade in offer for our old corolla. I am afraid we got a low baller.
Anyway, we made it clear that we did not want to purchase a vehicle because we wanted to test other makes and models. This is when it got antarctic cold. He rolled up the credit application, got up from his chair and said we should contact him when we were 'ready' and started walking towards the door. All this time he was not making eye contact and shrugging our questions and concerns with one word or no answers.
Considering we were loyal customers who got our previous toyota from the same dealer, it was dissatisfying and unpleasant experience. Try an auto broker and save your precious time.

Mike B. | 2013-10-31

I had came to Toyota a week ago for my scheduled maintenance checkup with everything seeming to have gone well and they had taken good care of my car up until the very end. I was just about to get my car back from them when the crew was taking in thru the car wash to bring it back to me and someone decided to run into my rear bumper which they were going to fix so I had to drop off my car the following day for 5 days and came back to it not being replaced like they had said they were going to do making me drive around in a rental for 5 days which caused me a huge inconvenience. I am going to be taking my car back to Toyota in hopes that they will replace the back bumper liked they had promised and hopefully get it replaced as needed like they had said from the beginning from there careless mistake.

Caterina V. | 2013-10-29

Sales Review:

First off, once again I wish I had read through the Yelp reviews before going to this dealership.  We definitely fell victim to the sleazy sales techniques used my the Toyota salesmen at this dealership. Pressured, probed, not left alone to speak to each other, not allowed to go eat, or leave or basically do anything once we stepped foot into the building, that is until we were signing paperwork!
Second off, if you are at all concerned about gas mileage, as we were then steer clear of Toyota!!! I CANT POSSIBLE BE MORE CLEAR, MPG FRAUD!!!! My boyfriend just bought a Rav4 with posted gas mileage of 22-28. He has had it for a two weeks now and just filled up his tank, he's barely getting 18.9 miles per gallon. Not to mention that the 15.9 tank, empty, filled up at 12 gallons! I guess he will be going to the gas station twice a week!!!!

Service Review:

On our first visit to the service department with an appointment at 8:30am we arrived on time to see a backed up line of cars waiting.  We waited aprx 15-20 to see a service adviser who was less that friendly or apologetic at the long wait. He took in the car and said it would be ready in the afternoon, by the way did I mention this was on a Monday!  We waited all day to hear back, nothing... My boyfriend called 4 times and left messages from 2pm to 5:30pm with no return calls or acknowledgment what so ever. We finally went down at 5:30pm to ask for the car which still was not ready.  We got some  excuse that his battery died on his phone! Really, how professional...

Bottom line...

Terrible sales & terrible service at this dealership!  As for Toyota themselves well I'm in contact with them directly about there fraudulent posting of MPG on this vehicle, a complete and utter false advertisement.  So far my response has been, well the EPA puts those numbers there, they are "just an estimate", and it depends on the driver and road conditions!

Jay S. | 2013-10-27

I gave one star because I wasn't allowed to give zero stars.  Tried to buy a Prius from them and in the process the manager decided that he was Les Grossman...the toughest negotiator ever...and decided that trying to insult me was the way to get me to spend my money.  He was upset by the fact that I was looking for the best price.  Complete lack of class and business sense...I would rather spend more money elsewhere.  A total zero of a person and a dealership.  Stay away!  Sunnyvale Toyota, on the other hand, was very well run and accommodating...they got my money.

William S. | 2013-10-25

I have two terrible and one so-so experience at this dealership.

First off, I came in for a test drive and a salesperson by the name of Robert H. was quick to lock onto me out on the lot; other salespeople were sitting idly by chatting with each other.  I did the test drive and when we returned, I indicated that I was interested in getting more 'info' on the car.  From there, it was solid aggressiveness and pushiness.  I was only there to get more info on the car, and a quote so that I could shop around to get the best price.  Robert was determined that I wouldn't leave without buying the car.  I just wanted more info and a quote, and I made that quite clear.  Robert absolutely refused to give me a quote, even after asking for one multiple times.  The final time I asked, he simply said to take a picture of the price on the window.

That evening, I went to Toyota's website and sent out quote requests for the car I was interested in.  I sent requests to 6 different area dealerships, including Stevens Creek Toyota.  Another sales rep sent me a quote for the wrong trim level.  I emailed back informing him that this was the wrong car, and he sent another quote for another trim level that I didn't ask for!  I wrote this dealership off since I couldn't get what I wanted from them.

Once I decided on a Toyota I wanted, I went through my credit union for the auto loan which came in a little bit lower in interest than the auto loan rate which Robert H provided me.  I found out that my credit union offers a car shopping service where they take care of getting quotes from area dealerships for exactly what I'm looking for.  This was a fantastic service, so I jumped on it.  Lo-and-behold, Stevens Creek Toyota sent in the lowest quote for the correct car.  I agreed to the purchase, and the salesperson that called me to confirm the final details was professional, but not very personable.  He quickly gathered my information and processed the deal.  The only plus with dealing with this dealership is that the lady that delivered the final paperwork and car to me was very sweet and genuine.  She answered all of my questions and was enthusiastic about her work.

Ultimately, I would never choose to work with this dealership in the future.  In fact, I won't even take my car there for the Toyota Care Program, especially after reading the other reviews here.  I would rather pay for good service, than to get free crap service.

PS: Hidden Fees.  $229 for some code they stamp on the engine.  $80 document processing charge.  $225 for cheap floor mats that were 'required' for the type of purchase made through my bank.

Sean M. | 2013-10-17

Absolutely worst, most unpleasant experiences can be had at Stevens Creek Toyota! As a customer, it's good to know that I'm not worth your time since you're just there to sell me a car. Sorry for wanting to know more about the vehicle. But no hard feelings, I just took my business to a different Toyota dealership and will be signing the papers this week.

Deepthi D. | 2013-10-13

Javad Dabbagid is the guy if you want to get the best deal in Bay Area! He is patient and doesn't push you. This 62 year old man works very hard to make the customer happy.
I bought a brand new 2014 S Corolla this afternoon at the most attractive price! No dealer could even come close to this!

Christopher M. | 2013-10-09

if i could leave a ZERO i would! DO NOT SHOP OR SERVICE HERE! CROOKS, VANDALS, PLAIN OUT RUDEWe purchased a new tacoma from Stevens creek Toyota. We added a roof rack at the time of purchase and they gave it to us at cost. Which came out to 559 with the installation. They didn't have any in stock so we went home and they said they would call when it came in. This was on Saturday the 23rd we didn't get any calls so on Thursday we called parts and they told us that sales never ordered one but they keep them in stock. So we made an appointment for Sunday the 29th. We got a call at 5pm saying they they damaged our brand new truck while installing the rack and they needed to repaint the whole cab. So being very upset that they damaged our NEW truck we asked them how they could compensate us for the damages and they were shocked I was asking for compensation. I asked for running boards and they said we could give them to us at cost and free installation Which came out to 488. That seemed really high so we called a fee other toyota dealers and they said retail on them is 488. So we decided to ask about the roof racks and how much they cost. They both told us that retail is 386 and installation is 75. Cost is only 185.01!! So we were overcharged $400!!!!!! After finding this out we went and raised hell telling them that they stole from us and ripped us off. They were not going to refund us the difference.  Contacted cooperate Toyota and they said they can't do anything. Eventually the dealership agreed to refund us the $400 that they stole from us but they will only apply it as a payment to our loan, they will not give us the money. when we contacted the customer service manager and said "if we came in on satruday morning and purchased our truck with a rack, you would have gone and looked to see if you have any and you would have seen that you do have them in stock and you would have taken the truck into service to install it. correct? and she replied yes. then we said, the truck would have been damaged and you would have gone and got another truck and installed it on that one correct? and she said "yes, but you took the truck home and brought it back a week later so its no longer a new truck" we said "we know, thats because you did not go look to see if we had the part so it was not installed and we were sent home." she said nothing. we just do not know what to do because the dealership is not doing anything to stand behind their name and help us fix this issue that they damaged our brand new 40,000 truck. this is something that i strongly feel needs to be aired because this has to happen to many other people. they overcharge and rip off people and are using their power and authority to steal from people and if i am correct that is extortion. i know we are not the only people that they have ripped off and stolen from by overcharging for parts and services. and i guarantee if you read the yelp reviews for stevens creek toyota you will fine we are not the only ones to get a brand new vehicle form them that their service department damaged and did nothing to fix the problem. we go to pick the truck up today.. mind you its brand new.... IT IS FILTHY COVERED IN DIRT AND SCRATCHED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so its back to the body shop for ANOTHER paint job! DO NOT SHOP HERE EVER!!!

Christina M. | 2013-10-08

Don't trust their certied pre own sign!!!

I bought a 2010 Prius here a month ago as certified pre own. Paid about 19k for it, it's got minor dents and scratches 55k and that's about it. They never said anything was wrong with the engine or hybrid system. 3 days ago it just suddenly turned off while I was driving on the freeway. This is really dangerous! I was lucky enough to pull to the next exit and parked at a gas station on nuetral. Anyway, so I called the dealership and explained my situation and the guy didn't seem like he really cared all he kept saying was I will pass the message and someone will give you a call back. All I wanted to know was if it's still under warranty. The service department could not get back to me within 6 hours for a simple question.  I had to drive down there and walk into the service room and asked if anyone can help me. Yes, I had to ask to get some service. This place have horrible customer service! I would never buy a used car (even when it's labeled certified) from this dealer again, the dealer should have told us that there was something wrong with the hybrid system. We were debating on whether or not to buy a brand new Prius. We would have bought a brand new one! That was just bad business!!! You are better off with a different Toyota dealer if you want to buy a used car, don't trust their certied label, that's so bull... I was very dissatisfied with my purchase.

Adam H. | 2013-09-28

This review is for the service department.

In the past I've always taken my cars to private mechanics to get work done. However I will for now and ever forward from here take my car to Stevens Creek Toyota.

This is due mostly in part to the service tech Eric Rule. I feel that he looks out for my best interest and always tries to save me money, makes sure my car is up to date on needed work, and provides a personal touch to his services.  I never feel as if he is trying to "up-sale" me. In fact on occasions he has let me know that what I wanted to be done didn't need to be done and saved me money.

Thank you!

I highly recommend coming to see him for your Toyota needs.

Greg R. | 2013-09-25

Terrible service. I called twice to get an estimate for tires and they never called me back. I finally drove to the facility and asked to speak with the service manager- I waited over 20 minutes and was told he was in a meeting and couldn't talk. If you're not here for your customers who are you here for???

John G. | 2013-09-22

This Review is for the Service Dept. I took my  Matrix in for its routine maintenance. They did a good job with that, and had it back on time. No problem there Then after it was done a service employee came to us to let us know about other problems with the car, I was told my front struts were leaking and needed to be replaced. It would only cost me $1,000 and would take four hours. I thought it was kind of steep so I opted to wait. I have a friend who is a mechanic. He told me it takes two hours and costs around $500. I told him to replace the struts. I went to my friends shop and the struts WERE NOT LEAKING AT ALL. They were fine, nothing wrong at all. I had them replaced anyway because the mileage on the car was 42,000 and it was recommended to replace them at 50 to 60,000 miles. One of my axles was leaking though,and they didn't catch that. I was so angry that they tried to rip me off. If you go there and they tell you something else is wrong, get a second opinion first!!

Brian B. | 2013-09-14

Even more 1 starryness as the saga continues:

My friends looking for the Rav4 got called by a number they had not listed as a contact option (a work number from the credit report) and the salesman would not tell reception who he was, just that he demanded to speak to my friend.  When he finally got her on the line, he basically demanded that they come in and buy the silver Rav4 that they had test driven (they wanted a blue one and weren't about to settle for something they didn't want on a $50k car...).  This was all after they had been contacted 3 or 4 times by the dealership telling them that they couldn't get a blue one and that they should buy the silver one instead.

Toyota of Stevens Creek, selling a car is like meeting a girl at a party: no means no.

Deepak K. | 2013-09-05

Service is good but very Pricey. If you are looking for new/certified car .. this place will cost you more that nearby Toyota dealerships ..

Julia J. | 2013-09-03

This review is for the dealership and my car buying experience.

Labor Day 2013

My 7 year old and I stopped by to check out their Camrys after seeing some Labor day deals that Toyota was offering.  We got on the lot and weren't approached by anyone right away,  which I appreciate and prefer.  We were said hello too by another salesman as he was helping other guests.  So at least we were acknowledged.  After about 15 minutes of jumping from car to car and sitting in the cars that were open, we were greeted by Dan.  I told Dan straight up what I wanted and what I didnt want.  He took me right to a Camry that I wanted and we got in a took off for a test drive.

I knew there was a huge sale going on this weekend, so I was kinda lost when they didnt have any sale prices posted on their cars... (like Toyota Sunnyvale did)... but Dan assured me that he will no matter what get me the best deal on the car.

When it came down to wheeling and dealing... I dont understand why they just dont make the best offer upfront and save every ones time.  We went around 2 times before they gave me exactly what I wanted for my trade-in and what I wanted to pay for the car.  It helped that I qualified for a 0% loan and with all the specials Toyota was offering.  I was so thankful.  After we agreed upon a price... the rest of the experience was easy.

They detail your car for you before they hand it over... and I actually ended up bringing it right back after leaving the lot cause of some sticky crap on the ceiling lights.  This morning when I got in the car and drove in the sunlight, I was sooooo disappointed to see what a CRAPPY job they did on the windows and mirrors.  The windows dont even look like they were wiped down.  So annoyed.  I will definitely report that in the survey they just emailed me.

Anyway... overall my experience was good.  I would buy another vehicle from this place.

S L. | 2013-08-27

Horrible service.
I had my 2009 Toyota Prius towed here to have the 12v battery replaced. The car arrived at 11am and I was told it would be ready for pickup by 2pm. I worked with Dan who was very nice on the phone. He said I would receive a call from him around 2pm to pick up my car. By 4:30pm I still had not received a call from Dan so I called the service center who forwarded me to his voicemail where I left a message. I still hadn't received a call from him at 5:15pm. I called the service center again to speak with a manager. I was told the manager wasn't in but the gentleman on the phone assured me that he would personally find Dan and ask him to call me back - something I greatly appreciated. Dan finally called me back a short while later to tell me that my car would likely need to stay overnight! I was very frustrated and asked why it takes over a day to replace the battery but received no answer. In stead I was told that he would call me before closing with the status. I thought the service department closed at 9pm so I called at 8pm to ask about my car because I never received a call from Dan. I was then notified that the service department had closed at 7pm. Needless to say, I was very upset and dissatisfied. The nice lady gave me the name of the service manager who I could speak to the next day. At 7:50 am the next day Dan finally called to say my car was ready for pick-up and he would have the shuttle come get me. When I met Dan I gave him an opportunity to explain why it takes over a day to replace a simple battery but I received no explanation. I said I didn't understand how it could take this long and why when I was told I would receive my car at 2pm that it wasn't until the next day that I would get my car. I also called Sunnyvale Toyota, the dealership I usually go to, to ask how long it would take if I dropped my car off to replace the battery and the answer was 1-1.5 hours. I shared this with Dan who again had no explanation or reason as to why I was not notified that my car would not be ready by 2pm the previous day. I just wanted to get out of the dealership so I paid for my "service" and left but I plan to call the service manager and share my experience with him. I was also told by Dan that they would do a standard 20-some point inspection but when I picked up my car he never went over the inspection report! I have no idea if they even did one. When I go to Sunnyvale they always go over the tires with me and any other items they looked at. I was/am very dissatisfied with my experience at Stevens Creek Toyota and would never recommend it to anyone else. I also think the way Dan handled the situation and his apparent lack of care for the customer was inexcusable. I was very nice throughout this entire experience but feel as though I should be compensated for the inconvenience I experienced in coming here.

Elaine S. | 2013-08-24

There's always those establishments that make you wish Yelp had a 0 stars option...

This would be one of them. It's like there is no integrity here and they're so quick to try and cover their own asses, they forget what the last lie they told was.

Truly unfortunate encounter with John today who basically insinuated that I was lying while trying to cover his own half-assed work. I would think that if you are running any tests, the car will be returned to me in at least the same condition I left it in, if not better.

Telling me he has so many "other customers" to help while there is only one other customer there... Rude!

Alik R. | 2013-08-24

I came to this place to buy car.
I am new in USA and have no credit history, so first of all I have asked them to check if I will be eligible for the low APR program. I  got very clear answer yes, your financing and low APR are improved. After 3 hours, whenever I was supposed to sign for the documents, they said that the low rate was just approximation and real rate will be much higher (5.9 instead of 0.9).
The sales representative was very nice and said sorry a lot of times, but ...

m s. | 2013-08-24

Our 4 years old camry is burning oil and called toyota, was referred to the dealer for oil consumption test. Should have check yelp before going to this place. The service of this dealership is definitely dishonors and very slopping on their work. They charged $20 more to seal the oil cap with some kind black tar or silicon. When we go pick up the car and was told there is no engine oil consumption at all. We have changed oil before and know the engine is very bad in burning oil and so are many camry owners. Any one can google and find this popular problem on latest toyota. In addition to lie, they did not remove the black silicon from the engine cap. Once we complained, the service guy started trying to clean it up on the spot and some of the black silicon drop into the engine and said this is ok just dust.

Before you buy a toyota, make sure to check how the current owner's review and problems. If you decided to buy or service toyota, make sure avoid Stevens Creek Toyota at any cost!!!

Juliana C. | 2013-08-18

Since they have re-done their service department I have had nothing but great experiences here when I've taken my car in for service. Both times my car has been done within 2 hours! And once that was with no appointment on a Saturday! Lily was so helpful and welcoming!

Naci I. | 2013-08-18

I bought a Camry at Stevens Creek Toyota, and it was a very good experience. They looked at many financing alternatives that I asked about and there was no hassling.

Bob V. | 2013-08-16

BIG shout out to Francisco at Stevens Creek Toyota. He helped find the Tacoma we could not find at other dealers.  Price and financing terms were more than reasonable. He was personable and honest. I recommend anyone shopping for a new or used car to look him up.

Thanks for helping us out.

Royston N. | 2013-08-13

This review is for the parts department, I came in to buy some fluids for my 4runner and it was going in, get it, and out the door without any trouble. The salesperson part was very helpful and made sure I got the right part for the right vehicle. Also I get a 10% discount for being a AAA member too.

Julie M. | 2013-08-08

Well, I got a reimbursement check for the dead battery I had to get replaced but I'm still waiting for them to ship me the floor mats and cargo net that I have already paid for.  

Like I said in my previous review, when you get that big printout of everything that's included with the car your buying, look it over closely and make sure everything they say that's IN the car is IN the car so you don't have to go through this hassle.  

Once I actually get the floormats/cargo net I'll do another update to this review.

Kathy F. | 2013-08-07

I bought my Prius here 13 years ago and it's still going strong thanks to the good service.  I have worked with Rick and Eric in the service department - they are considerate and fair. If a car lasts as long mine has without any major problems, they must be doing something right.

Julie M. | 2013-08-06


We took our car in for a diagnostic.  Among a few items that SCT told us needed to be fixed, they also told us that we need to have our breaks replaced.  Our Sales Rep failed to break down the costs for my husband for each item.  I then called and asked him why the breaks needed replacing and he said we have 3mm left on them.  I ended up taking the car to another shop and turns out I didn't need new breaks.  The cost at the other very well know shop was less than 1/2 of SCT price.  

THESE GUYS ARE A RIP OFF AND I WOULDN'T TRUST THEM.  It felt like they were trying to get as much money from us as possible.  

Also had a bad experience with them years a ago when I was in the market to buy a car.

Ryan M. | 2013-08-02

Worked with Anil, the internet sales specialist, from the Sunnyvale location.  He was honest, transparent and didn't come across as 'salesy.'  We told him the "out-the-door" price we needed to move forward.  The good news - he gave us a price and it didn't change (no additional gotcha fees that commonly come up when the sale is nearly finished).  He also promised some extras we would need to come back in a week to pick up.  That's always the real test of a genuine sales-person - do they still remember you after the sale is complete.  Good news with Anil - he didn't change and he delivered on his promise.  When I work with someone, I value trust, price and service.  I felt like we got all three from Anil without the outdated sales gimicks a lot of the reps still try. I'd recommend Anil to anyone looking to purchase a used Toyota.

Audrey R. | 2013-07-30

This review is for the customer service at the service department, not on my purchase.

I had just bought a new car at Toyota in Southern California and drove it back up with me to San Jose. After two weeks of having the car my check engine light came on. My initial thought was that it must be the gas cap. I went into this Toyota dealership just to get it checked anyway in case. They told me it was the gas cap and to come back in a few days if the check engine light was still on. I came back a few days after because it was still on and they had told me they would run a diagnostic on it. I ended up waiting for over 4 hours when they told me it would be done in a few hours. They told me that it took a long time because they couldn't figure out how to turn on my car. I have a security feature in the car so I can understand but I bought this feature at a Toyota dealership, I assumed that they would have known or figured out how to do this. So two men yelled at me for not letting them know about that little detail and told me it was basically my fault for it taking long. I was sitting in the waiting area for over four hours, at any time they could have asked me that, instead they chose not to. I was already an hour late for work and waited patiently, i was already getting stressed that i did not feel like arguing with them so i just left it at that. Then after the over four hours that I waited they finally told me that a sensor was broken (on a brand new car) and he didn't know why. They didn't have the part and they have to order it. Just today, almost two weeks later, the part came in. Me and various people had called many times to check in with the part and no one responded. So I finally went to a different Toyota dealership to get things fixed right away with better service.

Never again will I go back here. I won't name names, but they have the worst customer service. PLUS I got hit on by one of the sales guys while i was waiting in the waiting area and it just made me so uncomfortable the way he approached me! He wouldn't leave me alone and I didn't know how to get rid of him. In my head all I was thinking was "shouldn't this guy be working?"

I suppose some positives did come out of this experience. They had free wi-fi(which was my life savor), a sitting area, snack machines, and coffee.

Johny C. | 2013-07-24

Awful salesman, terrible experience.  I went to check out the new Scion FR-S, Toyota dude drove me to Scion down the street.  Scion dude kept pushing me to buy the FR-S with the higher package with all the crap I didn't want and then said, "Sorry, I don't know if we are getting any in with the base package" and went back inside. I had to go back in and demand they drive me back to the Toyota dealership where my car was. Pretty crappy, don't buy here ever.

Deborah D. | 2013-07-20

I went to Stevens Creek Toyota about a week ago and spoke with salesman Alex Agudelo. He gave me all the information I was looking for at that time and took me on a test drive where he drove me in 2013 Prius.
I continued to look at other makes and models for about another week. I decided that the Prius was what best suited my needs. When I returned Alex was there and I drove the car with my mother. After discussing all my options I leased a 2013 Prius. Alex and the finance man were great, I would recommend Alex. I will also give the service department a chance, not sure since there are so many negative reviews.

Joyce L. | 2013-07-19

Personally and through experience, I don't find this the friendliest Toyota dealership. I'll just leave it at that.

Also, I drive by this dealership often and I can't but notice that every time I drive by, there are always a good number of employees just walking around, chatting, and smoking cigarettes.

stephanie i. | 2013-07-16

This review pertains to salesperson "Ray K." in particular.  I have purchased two Toyotas from SCT in the past (Highlander and Camry Hybrid).  I would give the service department 3-4 stars depending on the particular day, but today, I went in to get help setting up my bluetooth.  After two other guys gave it a valiant try, Ray was called to help, since he is the bluetooth expert.  Not only was he able to pair my new Galaxy S4, he also transferred all my contacts from the phone to the car.  I told him his IT skills were being wasted at Toyota, but that I was very appreciative he was there to help me that day.  He was the BOMB and gave me 5 star service.  Thanks again, Ray!

Tricia J. | 2013-07-03

This is a review for a new Toyota purchase.

I worked with Jason Xie on the Fleet side and he was very helpful, patient, and knowledgable. I did not feel pressured to buy right away though he did tell me when prices changed on certain things. I also traded in my 12 year old car and he gave me a fair price on it. The sale paperwork took too long considering there was no financing - 3 hrs from start to finish - but I was not fully prepared with pink slip so I know that was partially my fault. Jason really listened to my concerns and needs in a new vehicle with 4 children 10 and under and I really got a car I love at a competitive price. I saw another reviewer mentioned a $ 229 charge tacked on for security paint or some such thing. I questioned Jason about that and he said it was optional so they deducted that. It would be better if it was NOT on the contract as a default. It does seem shady.

The reason I did not give Stevens Creek Toyota 5 stars (and this is not related to Jason) is because the first day I was there I heard a salesman screaming on his cell phone as he walked across the open lot to apparently a potential customer. He screamed out something like "I didn't know you wanted a Fu-k--n Rav 4. You went to Gilroy to save $ 300 and we both ended up losing money."

It went on for a while. Later that night my husband who had been walking to his car on the OTHER side of the lot said, "did you hear that salesman screaming and cursing at another customer? No wonder he didn't get the sale." My husband didn't want to do business there for that reason, but I convinced him to because I really liked Jason's soft-spoken manner.

Jason turned out to be nothing like that other salesman, so I would request Jason when you go in. If management is reading this, it's time to review "how to speak polite and proper English to clients" or start firing salesman.

We already had our first service department experience (we wanted an extra set of keys made right away) and we went in without an appointment and they took care of it in 90 minutes though they had estimated 3 hrs. They were busy because of the holiday weekend.

stefan s. | 2013-06-26

To get a key duplicated, they told me on the phone would be 30-45minutes, turned out to be 90 minutes, and only after I pushed back hard so it didn't turn into 3 hours, which is what they told me when I got there..

The details...if you want them.

I wanted to get a duplicate key, and was told if I get a 7am service apppointment (right when they open) it takes about 30-45min, which meant I could avoid taking the shuttle and making transportation arrangements, etc.
I got there at on time.
It took 20minutes just for them to get to me because I need to wait for a "Senior Service Advisor"  to service me for a duplicate key.
He said it would be ready at 10am.....
I told him of  my phone converstaion when I booked the appointment, and that I was expecting to be out of there by 8:00am.
Instead of trying to make it work, he wanted to know who told me this, was it a man or woman, what was their name, and that he would never have told me that himself, nor would anyone there that he knows of.
I told him I felt a lack of him trying to fix a problem that they created, his response was it  was a "miscommunication".
There was no micommunication..I know what they told me.
He said he could cut his estimate in half, he acted like he was that he's doing me a favor...again, a lack of ownership.
After my telling him it wasn't acceptable, he said 8:30, and I was fine with that.
The car was ready at 8:30 as he commited, and all else went well.

It's too bad that many service providers often act like your time is free, while thee's is valuable...customer service often doesn;t leave the customer feeling well serviced.

Amir M. | 2013-06-25

Although I am not a Toyota buyer, I had a great experience last week buying a used car from these guys. I got a great deal as well as great customer service. I am very satisfied and would definitely go back again.

Jay S. | 2013-06-19

Wow, this gotta to be the worst customer service I had in a while.
ANIL was rude, and disrespectful and basically openly said that he's not here to show me the car if I don't plan to buy.

Leandra V. | 2013-06-19

I just traded in two cars and bought a car from Stevens Creek Toyota...I thought the customer service was great. I was car shopping all day and Jason at Toyota called me right after I sent in the info on their web site...not only that that but he followed up the call with another call asking for some specifics on what I was looking for, as he had found a few cars he thought I would be interested in. We went in and came out very happy with a beautiful car. Jason was great, as was Perry who did all of our paperwork. Will recommend this dealership to anyone.

Scott C. | 2013-06-14

I have bought three cars from Steven's Creek Toyota and the purchase experience and every visit to the service department has been easy and trouble free.  They regularly send me a reminder WITH a discount coupon when I need service.

These guys are great, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

John P. | 2013-06-11

Bought a new Sienna from Stevens Creek Toyota.  Everything went pretty well except that they charge a $229 VIN etching fee on all of their new cars.  Keep this in mind when shopping, your car will cost $229 more here than at other Toyota dealerships.  Document preparation fee was $80.

derek f. | 2013-06-10

Jason Xie was great - he did a great job helping me find a 2012 Highlander.  If you are in need of a new/used Toyota, I would recommend contacting Jason.

thien h. | 2013-06-05

Worst Customer SERVICE EVER!

let me tell you the details:

When I pulled up to the service station a gentlemen asked if I had an appointment I said "no will that be a problem?" He said "no" I talked to the service guy that was writing down my paperwork  I can already tell he is probably a new guy cause he asked his manager how to set up the paper work. After about  15 min filling out the paper work I hear him saying "fuck you bitch, lets party tonight" to his co worker or one of the mechanics. What is going on are you really suppose to be using that language around customers is this ok?

Anyways I asked about how long this will take. So he estimated to me two hours and he would give me a call when its done. Two hours later I went to the desk and asked him "is my car ready yet" ... They have not even started on my car yet. Then he had the audacity to tell me " well there are still more cars in front of you" Not even apologizing for the time I have waited and promised for my car to be finished. I then asked him how much longer he said "he will call me once it's finished."

3 hours later... 5 hours total waiting for my car just for oil change. I get a phone call from a lady telling me my car is ready. Now usually when your car is done the guy that helps you with the paper work tells you what is wrong with your car or whatever. He was not even around. What type of bull shit is this?

On a side note:

These mechanics are so annoying just talking shit about customers in spanish and I know they were talking about me I was the only chino on the lot. I'll update this review once I read the guys name and I'll post it on my review.

Erick R. | 2013-05-25

We have consistently received the worst service ever from Stevens Creek Toyota. Both my wife and I drive Toyotas and we really enjoy them. However when we do have to get them serviced it is a nightmare. Every place in the bay area is horrible, starting with Stevens Creek. We've been overcharged, over serviced, defrauded, and had people not deliver our car on time delaying an important trip out of town. Although I still really like Toyota cars, I will never get one again because the service is so bad. I hope Toyota clears this up at some point because buying a car from Toyota in the bay area is a nightmare.

K V. | 2013-05-25

Horrible service.  Consistently horrible.  We have to go there because of warranty.  I have brought my car for a simple wiper blade replacement and they broke the wiper itself, blaming me (one of the employees on his break right outside the lot witnessed it breaking and took my side when he saw they were arguing with me).  They have given us the wrong office hours so we went to get our car for a road trip and had to postpone it because they closed the door to our face.  Every repair or check we have had done there, we have had to bring the car back.  I have been overcharged, though they corrected the mistake.  We were offered a courtesy car then presented with a rental car agreement for a fee, so I was stuck without a car. I have had to stay during repairs and they always misrepresent the time they need. I am glad we are selling this car and we won't buy Toyota anymore because of them. Too bad because it was a decent car.

Christine N. | 2013-05-23

I have a 2004 Prius that has been a great. car. Recently after taking my car in for a Toyota recall, my head unit that shows maps, controls my blue tooth, radio, and air conditioner starting acting up. I took my car in on a Monday to get an estimate of what was wrong and what it would cost. I called them back in the afternoon left a message and got no call back. I called again the next day, no call back. I was also placed on hold for twenty minutes, I left a message every day for four days, and no one called me back. Finally on Friday I reached the service manager . He told me the cost was going to be over $1,000.  I was unable to determine why the unit had stopped working, and why just two days after I had taken the car into the same dealership for the recall.
I was disappointed with their customer service , as well as never really getting an explanation as to why this unit went out. Will not be going back. Disappointing

Leonid K. | 2013-05-17

Two reasons for upgrading my rating:
 1. The dealership monitors social media feedback; I received follow-up messages here at Yelp and was able to reach out to the general manager of the dealership.    
 2. The GM promised to act on my complaint and, indeed, in a matter of days I received a formal apology from the person (whose name I won't disclose because of that) for his embarrassing behavior. I was also promised that a written apology from SCT will be sent to my address.

I conclude that SCT does care about their reputation and management keeps their word, so there is a good chance things will  improve.

Matt T. | 2013-05-06

Quoted me $400 to get the back window of my sienna fixed, I went online found the parts for $18 and fixed it within ten minutes... Dealerships are the scam and scum of the world!

Terry M. | 2013-05-05

When we visited this dealership, we initially only wanted to test drive the Rav4.  It was our third brand that day.  We got to drive the car with no pressure whatsoever from the salesperson.  After driving the car, we liked it better than any other brand we had tried.  Through a Consumers Report  car buying program, I was guaranteed a certain price for the same car at another dealership that was 50 miles away.  Our salesperson was able to match that price.  We were very pleased since Stevens Creek Toyota is fairly close to our home.

Everyone that we dealt with at Stevens Creek Toyota was courteous and professional.  For once, buying a car didn't feel like such a huge ongoing ordeal!  We were quite satisfied with our whole car buying experience.  Oh, and I love the fish tank in the customer lounge!

UIM V. | 2013-05-02

The service department is totally ridiculous.
I made an appointment to replace floor mat due to a recall.
The service guy said that it will take 1 full day (!) to replace floor mat.
Previously I was thinking to bring my car to them for a 90K service, etc. Not anymore.
Cons: Their service is expensive, slow and their quality is a big question mark.
Pros: they have free coffee.

Friendly suggestion: Simply DO NOT GO TO TOYOTA STEVENS CREEK SERVICE CENTER for service. Just go to any good mechanic shop which specializes in Japanese cars. They can order Toyota genuine or aftermarket parts and do the job for less and without that crap which Toyota Stevens Creek Service Center provides.

Doreen O. | 2013-04-23

I have leased two cars through Stevens Creek and find them very easy and comfortable to work with. When you compare them to the Honda dealership down the street, Stevens Creek Toyota sales people are super-stars.

The service department is good too.

Grant G. | 2013-04-14

I have had all my work done a Stevens Creek Toyota since I bought my car in 2002.  They used to be great to work with, but over the last couple of years I've noticed that they have been recommending more expensive items need work.  This would not be surprising for a car that is older now.  

But with the last service, the suggestion that I needed to replace the valve cover for $800 seemed outrageous.  I looked up the cost of a new valve cover and the replacement on the internet an it would not be more than $400.  I went to a shop I trust and asked them to check the valve cover.  The mechanic showed me that they had not even removed the cover so how could they know it needed replacement.  He said that it looked fine and he did not think I should replace it.  He offered to remove the cover for free if I was still concerned.  He said that even if it needed replacement the worst I would expect is some oil leakage.  Not the potential damage to the valves that Stevens Creek Toyota claimed.

I'm done taking my car to Stevens Creek Toyota.

I would give them zero stars if I could because I think they have become dishonest.

Jon B. | 2013-04-11

These guys are why people think used car dealers are scumbags.

Miss D. | 2013-04-05

I cannot at this moment give a star.  I bought my car from Stevens Creek Toyota in January.  It was a pre-owned Dodge.  One owner, only had it for 15 months.  I saw the carfax yaddah yaddah.  The car was thought to be in great condition and was even told so by all the "salesman" onlookers.  I put in sarcastic quotes.  It was all a ploy to get you to buy the cars and take the lemons off the lot.  Not even 3 months later my window just stopped working.  I was not upset until I was told that when I called there was nothing they could do because of the hour.  Mind you it was at night so yes, the dealership was closed so I wasn't truly upset yet.  I was asked if I would like a tow to the dealership so it could be looked at in the morning.  I said yes eventhough me without a car is like a day without the sun (I work 5 cities away) but catching the train wouldn't kill me.  Now comes the I begin to get pissed off part.  "There will be a $70 tow charge" he says.  This is because I am not driving a 2014.  Now had I broken the window myself, I would have gladly paid this amount, but I rolled the window down to get air and it never came back up.  I will also mention it rained later that night.  So I drive to work with the sprinkles wetting my cloth seats, yet I still remain in tact, rain only melts witches - right?? So I call the service dept to explain my plight and WHAT DO YOU KNOW - complete run around, oh this will take 3 or 4 days because you bought a DODGE.  Oh dear God help us all I bought a Dodge at a Toyota dealership.  None of this was in the bylaws by the way or in some pre-written out manifesto of what type of car you should buy to get friendly service. My window is still broken as I am pleading for someone to just be able to take a look, maybe don't fix it just get the window back up so I won't melt, because yeah now I am claiming witchdom, and we will deal with it's boo boo later.  Yes, I am about to melt now because, when I purchased said vehicle it was all smiles and you are wonderful, now that I need a little help, it's who are you? Oh yes you are the one who bought a DODGE from the TOYOTA people.  So here is a caviat to you Stevens Creek Toyota, why not and here is something you may not have thought of, make sure there are working parts on your cars before you sell them.  

Thank you for your time
Completely dissatisfied

Ekay Y. | 2013-04-01

Worked with them multiple times.
This time was the last straw. After miscommunication about paint coming I call in to receive unpleasant service. A transfer after him being rude and not wanting to help me. No name given after i asked.  Would give you 0 stars if I could. This is not a review on there cars which are good. But a review on poor service

Jelle V. | 2013-04-01

One year later and things change of course. In the market for a second car I wanted to visit Anil again to check if he had the model available I was looking for. Unfortunately Anil was not present. However it took his coworkers about 15 minutes to actually tell me he was not in: then he was, then he wasn't; then he was, .... Anyways, I was not in a rush as I was having my other car serviced around the corner. Finally some douche-bag with the usual "sales talk" was going to help me out. Always nice when you put them in their place more then once because they just talk gibberish and have no single clue about the history of the car they try to sell. It's also very pathetic how they try to sell you a car. Maybe I need to spell it out to them letter by letter next time. Anyways, doing a test drive with a Porsche, broken interior lighting (which he claims that's normal in a Porsche), fake plastic left view mirror, clutch which felt very worn and moist in the trunk. When asked to check out the engine he had no clue how to open the bonnet. According to mister-sales-guy-knows-it-all the car has been owned by one of the owners of Steven Creek Toyota. When we were back inside, Mr Sale Dude's boss actually shows up. And that's of course the place where we learn that the history of the car was all made up - you could smell it from far already to be honest. Even answering my question what the total cost including tax and DMV was going to be was even too difficult to answer. They rather keep insisting on the magic "what works for you every month"-phrase ... I asked them three times but then I just gave up. I have to admit that I really had a good time entertaining the most stupid sales people I have every met in my life - except maybe those from Mazda Stevens Creek, they seem to be the same breed - until my car was ready 2.5 hours later. I wish Anil was present as he seems the only one working over there who has a working brain. Anil contacted me later on, but unfortunately (not for me) I already found the model I was looking for at another dealership where they were not selling bullshit and can answer my questions. Oh one more thing, you can at least offer something to drink for free next time ...

Gregory S. | 2013-03-21

I just received a call from my regular mechanic telling me the repairs for my Toyota 4x4 Pickup will be over $1800.  Over half of that cost was repairing damages caused by the improper installation of the intake manifold gasket when mechanics at Stevens Creek Toyota replaced the short block 60,000 miles ago.

Several years ago I received a recall notice from Toyota for my 1992 4x4 pickup.  At the time the pickup had 140,000 miles on it.  I took it to Stevens Creek Toyota and was told that they needed to replace the short block as part of the recall.  I left the truck for the recall service plus I paid for new rings, valve work, new clutch and other stuff that could be easily done while the engine was completely apart. The idea was to have a completely rebuilt engine in the pickup.

This truck had already been through two 60,000 mile services and without any problems before the recall.  So Toyota manufacturing had done a good job of building the truck in the first place.

Two weeks ago I took my pickup in to my regular mechanic for the first major service since the recall work.  He found that the intake manifold gasket had been improperly installed as part of the recall work and had leaked coolant.  The coolant had damaged wires, sensors, and injector seals which needed to be replace in addition to replacing the intake manifold gasket.

Curtis W. | 2013-03-21

I recently went here to get my car fixed, it needed several handles and wipers, etc. The way its laid out is confusing first off, I bought the part, they special ordered another part which unbeknownst to me was in one of the things I asked for, but I still got charged for the special order(not refunded yet either). Once I bought the parts, I thought the price was fair, I spent about 400 bucks, oh wait....whats that? I have to have them put it in too? Umm ok for that price it should be included but ok, where do I go. I went to the desk next to the parts station that said service, wait I cant go there? I need to go somewhere else?? Ok, I get pointed in the general vacinity of where this place might be, I walk to several office buildings where I get pointed to ther buildings. Finally I'm told to drive in my car and pull up to this drive through type area, I'm greeted by a polite big guy but he and a few others had a "thuggish" attitude going on, felt kind of weird. So I get pointed to another person to have this done, I'm literally holding these parts, just wanting them put in. I'm told at 12pm(parking lot is clear mind you) that they cant fix my car today that I woud have to schedule an appointment and then come back. Seriously?? Wheel Works across the street is just as busy and would have gotten it done same day.

So I'm told to see Carlos(I think his name was), next day I show up, same thing, Im passed around to a guy sitting next to Carlos who doesnt know how do quote me repair prices, but will take down my info. Takes down my info, looks at my car, whole 9 yards, points out to me that I'm sitting next to Carlos who is busy with other people. Ok, sure I can understand, once he is done though, he looks at me and goes "Have you been helped??" Umm how did you not see me sitting here for 30 minutes? To top that, the guy who took down all my info didnt even put it in right. So I had to do the whole process again. I asked for price and time, the only answer I got was "before 6", thats it. I literally walked home, I was not told about the shuttle or the waiting room, not even an introductory handshake, nothing, this guy who too cool for the room apparently. I get called by Carlos to ask me "what the deal was with me asking for something to be fixed, not having the part but actually having the part" , I said I didnt know and that their parts department sold me all that stuff, but to fix it, oh yeah, I'm told its going to be 340 bucks for it. So for car door handles, windshield wippers, and I believe a back light buld thats how much it was. 700 bucks total to get this stuff fixed. I feel like I was over charged for sure. I told my co workers about it who coined them "stealerships", I really felt that way. I paid though, I was just happy to get it fixed.

So the extra part not canceled, the seperate appointment to put in that part....not canceled even though Carlos knew "the deal". I got emailed and called asking when I was coming in. Ok heres where it gets better, now I originally was not going to write this review, I actually hate negative reviews, if I dont like a place I simply wont go there again, but now my car on both doors worked on does not have working power locks or windows. I emailed Carlos about this and asked what could be done and price(if I had to pay), doesnt answer me. Its been days now and nothing. So if they get MONEY out of it, they are on you like crazy, if you are doing payments on a car and slip a month or two, you cant get them to stop, if they possibly screwed up and you call them on it, nothing. Thats why I'm writing this review, I will not buy parts there, I will not have my car serviced there, maybe its just this particular dealership but its just run so poorly. What I know about cars I could fit into a thimble, I admit that, but geez do you have to make me feel like crap because of it? Plumbers dont do that when they fix your sinks, doctors dont when you see them, why do these repairmen act like hot sh*t for doing what they are paid for. I pay you, you do the job the way I want it done, if you mess up, fix it. Simple right?

JP C. | 2013-03-21

Took my car to fix a battery problem today and the level of service was exceptional, Randy was very professional, helpful and gave me a few tips on how to get my money back on my unused and expired extended warranty.

Amit B. | 2013-03-19

I had a very bad experience in Toyota Steven creek used car showroom , there was a salesman named frank (with Anil - Mgr) , who was very rude and misbehaved with my wife . I am writing a formal complain to their regional office about this. Absolutely disrespectful. I recommend please go to some other branch where you are at least get respect.

Vivek R. | 2013-03-17

A bunch of schemers and false advertisers...beware!! Found a car on their website that I liked that was in my budget (22k)....called these guys to collect it in an hour and they said it was available but they have to pick it up from their 'tent sale'. I drive 50 miles to hear the sales guy (Anil J) say that it's been sold but they have one for 35k for me. Do these guys think their customers are stupid?? It's clearly a scheme to get you into the dealership to get you to buy something more expensive. NOT COOL AT ALL! I'm going to take this further...what a waste of my time...
Mr. Anil J. needs a few lessons in how to sell a car too...after wasting my time, he makes me and my wife wait for 20 minutes while he acted like he was working on something more important. I swear I felt like socking him out....
You lost a customer forever...maybe Toyota did too....

Sandeep K. | 2013-03-09

Was very skeptical of going here after all the negative reviews on yelp .. but took my 09 Prius anyways.. Great Experience with Carlos Galvez.. A very knowledgeable guy ..Very patient to answer all your questions and listen to the problems.. Very Happy with the experience overall... The Shuttle drop off to my work was a huge plus .. Will definitely recommend to anyone else.

Mith Y. | 2013-03-08

This review is for Sales (new cars). We have bought at least 8 cars from Stevens Creek Toyota and we always walked out with a smile each and every time. We hate shopping at places where the sales force us to buy things and this dealership doesn't do that. They are very relaxing and trying their best to help us finding what we need. Floor Manager, Rene Ingalla, is one of the friendliest guy I've ever met. Him and his sales members are super awesome! We are very satisfied with what we bought from there! If you want to buy a new car, I say you ask for Rene Ingalla. You won't regret it!

Adrienne G. | 2013-02-27

We are happy customers of Stevens Creek Toyota!  Surprised to see so many bad reviews.  My family have been sales/service customers for 20 years.  We bring our vehicles (Camrys before, now Priuses) in for every scheduled maintenance, and have always had prompt, friendly, and most of all competent service -- always same-day, and always fixed right the first time.  I doubt very much that our experience is the outlier here.  Apparently, most people don't proactively comment unless something's gone wrong, presenting a very skewed picture.  I hope other satisfied customers will speak up too.

Steve T. | 2013-02-26

ZERO STARS. TERRIBLE. Avoid at all costs.
We brought our van in for a recall: Toyoya's fault. They told us there was a shuttle. We dropped the car off and they drove me to work. Great. As I wrap up work, I call them to get picked back up. Surprise: they will drop you off, but they won't pick you up. EXCUSE ME? Did you imagine that magically the shuttle fairy showed up at my work and picked me up. I needed the shuttle in the morning because YOU HAVE MY CAR. This is the most unimaginably stupid thing I can possibly imagine. I won't even go into all the over charging, the delay in getting parts, the rotten customer service. Do not ever go here.

Joe H. | 2013-02-18

Zero stars if I could. Terrible service. I stopped in on a Sat to make a 7 am appt for Thurs for oil change and to program new remotes for the doors/alarm. I arrive on time and they have no idea who I am and can't find the paperwork.  From there, we had a series of miscommunications. Long story short, I'm out $450 and still no functioning remotes.

Zero stars if I could. Terrible service. I stopped in on a Sat to make a 7 am appt for Thurs for oil change and to program new remotes for the doors/alarm. I arrive on time and they have no idea who I am and can't find the paperwork.  From there, we had a series of miscommunications. Long story short, I'm out $450 and still no functioning remotes.

Mandi C. | 2013-02-15

I stopped in on a Wednesday without an appt for my '10 Venza.  I dropped off my car around 1130/12 and it was done by 230.  I thought that was pretty good.  Then I made an appt for our '12 Tacoma for Friday at 2pm online.  Both times we were greeted right away by an attendant then a Service Consultant came out.  For the '12 Tacoma we were quoted that it would be done by 330pm which it was.  We waited in the waiting area the 2nd time.  I loved that the waiting area had a kids table and t.v. for my daughter.  The 1st time the consultant didn't let us know where the waiting area was even though he knew it was our first time there.  I even told him we just moved here.  The 2nd consultant told me the waiting area was right through the double doors and that's where he came to find me once my truck was done.

Bonnie W. | 2013-02-12

Horrible customer service on service appointments

Joe P. | 2013-02-10

Update 2/10/13

Since I bought my car, my service experience has been pretty lackluster and I am seriously considering getting my services elsewhere.

To get a service, you make an appointment and then they tell you how long your car is going to be.  This time, I had a 2PM appointment and they told me it would be 3 hours (for an oil change and tire rotation).  I told them it has never been longer than 1.5 hours.  They said, since everyone gets free service now, that they just cant keep up.  He recommended me making an earlier appointment because those get done quicker.

This made absolutely no sense to me.  The dealership should set your appointments for about 30 minutes before they take your car in.  So, if the dealership has room at 2:30PM (for example), to do a service, they should ask you to come in at 2.  The "service advisor" doesn't do anything other than type up your receipt... so the fact you have to be there that early is crazy.

I understand sometimes things get behind - but it makes absolutely no sense at all to have people make appointments and then theyll service your car "when they get to it"... how about you change your appointment system to make the appointments for when you're actually ready for the car?  

Also, why dont they put in a quick lane like other toyota dealers?  Where people getting regular oil change and tire rotation come in, talk to service advisor, car is done in an hour.  

This isn't rocket science people!! And if your service manager can't figure this out, you may want to consider replacing him.

Another thing - I've now had four services there.  Every time, something is weird.  The first oil change, the oil gasket was loose and my car was leaking oil.  They were real weird about it.  The second oil change, oil got all over my engine.  That is crazy - my car only has 15,000 miles.  And, finally, they NEVER tighten the caps to the air pressure components - so be sure to tighten those before you leave the dealership.  I am missing one and they didnt bother to give me a new one when I went in.

The bad news is I live about 2 blocks from this place, so I dont want to drive to Sunnyvale for service - but I am keeping my options open as I am tired of this.

Yong L. | 2013-02-08

BEWARE! When you send your car for service, you will have to go back, by whatever means, they don't pick you up when the car is finished! (however, they do, drop you off)

So what about you live a bit faraway? They said: "it is company policy, I am sorry".

This is absurd, next time, I am gonna go to Piercey, I know for sure that they pick up and drop off.

Donna M. | 2013-01-31

My 4-Runner had 3 warning lights suddenly appear. Went to dealership and was told I had to leave it. Might just be a loose gas cap. No loaner. Had to rent a car. Low and behold I was called the next day with a $150 bill to replace gas cap. Negotiated it down to $75. Add in $34 car rental. $7 gas. Expensive gas cap replacement. If at check in it was at least looked at I could have been on my way very happy. Don't think this was fair for a loyal customer.

Sparkle B. | 2013-01-14

The worst! I had to bring my car 2 times for them to fix a simple alignment. I am bringing my car somewhere else this time!!

Hyong K. | 2013-01-14

This was my second visit to this dealership because it was just so close from my home, but I am quite certain that it would be the last time I come here for the service. As you can see, I am not really a review writer on Yelp (I guess this is my 3rd review ever on Yelp?), but I can't help reporting the series of all the lies I've been getting from their service department.

1. When the service was done, the car had the tire pressure light still on. When I asked them about it, one of the service advisors told me that I needed to drive a bit to have the light turned off. So, I did, but it didn't go away. When I returned to show it, then they finally checked their record, and said that the technician did notice the problem, tried to air even the spare tire, but the light didn't go off. He said it must be one or more of the tire pressure sensors, and finding the defective one and replacing would be quite a cost. I left the dealership, went to Costco and aired myself and the light turned off
2. They recommended tire nail repair, but when I took the car to Firestone later, they couldn't find any nail on my tire
3. They recommended water pump replacement, but when I took the car to another mechanic shop, he didn't see any reason to have the water pump replaced yet

UPDATE: I've been driving this car over 2 weeks now and travelled a long distance once in-between (over 450 miles) and there is no sign of leakage in coolant level. Had I listened to them, I would've wasted ~$1500 (their estimate for water pump, timing belt and drive belt) by now for them. Talking of estimate..., it just reminded me of another deceitful practice they do. They tend to lure the customers in with the cheap estimate / quote over the phone, then once you are there, they try to rip you off with the additional recommendations / fake findings, I think. When I was shopping around for the water pump service over the phone, every single one of them mentioned / recommended doing the service for timing belt together. Stevens Creek Toyota kept giving me the quote only for the water pump and never mentioned about timing belt. They gave me the quote only after I inquired for it myself. I am certain when I brought back my car to them believing that all I needed was water pump with their initial quote, they would have dumped another recommendation of timing belt on me and tried to bring up the service cost.

Hoa V. D. | 2013-01-06

I was sold a car without a spare key and only know about the missing key after I actually bought the car.
I was stuck in a room four hours with a sales person who tried to sell me additional options. I found it very rude.

Prateek M. | 2013-01-03

Super wierd customer service

Its raining heavily, you get down from car looking for shelter but right there you are ambushed by a sales consultant who wants to sell u a car on the spot in heavy rain. Come on toyota please increase your courtesy level and let customer dry up a bit before you start pushing them

big c. | 2013-01-02

My wife and I was considering to purchase a family vehicle in Sep 2012. That's when we first walked into Toyota Stevens Creek. I talked to a Chinese salesman, I told him we were interested in purchasing a car. Can we test drive a Sienna? He said in Chinese, "of course, but we don't have Sienna right can go to the Toyota across the street on the other side of Lawrence Expwy." I was naive about this, really thought there's another Toyota dealership on the other side of Lawrence, but upon searching for it, it doesn't exist. The next day morning, we went in again, talked to a Korean salesman David Lim and got to test drive the Sienna. So the Chinese salesman was totally lying the night before because they not only had one but many Sienna in stock. I don't want to trash Chinese salesmen's reputation since I'm Chinese myself but it's just not right he told us a lie just to brush us off that night. Maybe he just wanted to go home. Anyway, bad first experience.

Now, David Lim, the Korean salesman was super nice and very polite. So we liked him a lot. We ended up didn't buy in Sep but toward the end of Dec 2012 we went back to David and bought a 2013 Sienna from him. I was impressed that after the car sale, he was so meticulous following what the check list says, diligently setting up the all weather floormats, bluetooth phone, etc. He didn't have to be that diligent and meticulous, after all the car was sold. But he went the extra mile. So I gave a 5 star service rating to the salesman David Lim.

Cori C. | 2012-12-31

Wish it could be a zero rating!  A very frustrating experience getting maintenance on my SUV.  I've never had a good experience with the service at this dealer, but have been going because my car was under warranty.  This is the last time I plan to deal with their incompetence and poor customer service.  I made an appointment to get fairly routine work done, scheduling a 7:15 am drop off so that I would be sure to get my car back the same day.  I woke up early on a vacation day to get it there on time.  After assuming they'd been working on it all day (there was a check in call along the way), I received a call at 3:30 letting me know that it needed to be there for another day and that I could have a free rental car. I of course would have to drive there to pick up the rental car and spend time filling out paperwork.  I suggested that they bring it to my house, they refused.  I went to get it and the last thing the cashier said was "make sure you fill it back up with gas when you bring it back" -- haha.  The biggest impact for me was felt on the next day when I had many activities planned and I had to figure out a way to get back there to pick up my car.  They clearly schedule more than they can handle and don't care how inconvenient it is for their customers.  What if I'd been leaving for Tahoe the next day and needed my suv?  What if I'd been going out of town and wasn't going to be here the next day to pick it up?

Bartok T. | 2012-12-29

I'm left wondering if I made a mistake buying my car here...
My initial experience here, three years ago, was great!  I dealt with a sales manager (I think his name was Charlie, but he doesn't appear to work there anymore), and he got me into a lease as my first new car, and it all worked out perfectly!!
My lease was ending this month, and I decided I wanted to buy out the car - I was very much decided about that, and was prepared for the sales guys to try to talk me into a new car, because that's just what they do - flip and sell.  Anyway, the initial sales process wasn't that bad, they kept trying to offer me a bunch of crap I didn't want, but I stuck to my guns and they gave up pretty quickly - though the whole thing took much longer than it needed to.  But I leave happily, thinking I got my way and got a pretty good deal.  THEN a few days ago, I get a call that my paperwork got screwed up and that I would have to come back in to re-sign everything... I was annoyed because I live in Santa Cruz, and it's a bit of a barge to fit into my schedule, but whatever, the finance lady assured me that all my corrected paperwork would be ready when I arrived, and I'd only be there for a minute - I should've known better.  
Figures, when I get there, the woman I talked to on the phone wasn't there, hadn't done the paperwork, and of course, no one knew anything about it. Great. So I get stuck while another finance person scrambles to fix my paperwork - I was there for nearly an hour.  Not that long in the grand scheme of things, but for shit's sake - GET ORGANIZED PEOPLE!!!!! This place has gone downhill since the first time I was there.  It just seems very unprofessional - as many others have said, employees just walk around like their strolling through the mall or something: chatting, texting, taking personal calls... seriously??  It's unfortunate, because the people I worked with were generally "nice," but the whole experience has left me with a bad impression. I don't think I'll be coming back.

Jesse F. | 2012-12-18

This review is for the service department. Great guys, called and scheduled an appointment for a recall part replacement. For my Tacoma in, had it done in 2 hours. No hassle at all.

Chris T. | 2012-12-17

The service department pretty much stinks. The receptionists are rude and rush you, the guys who take your car in will talk down to you like you're an idiot and tell you to "READ YOUR MANUAL" if you have any questions. Most of the time I get my oil changed elsewhere, but once every 2 years I go just in case there's some missed warranty thing or recall or something that I need.

VWOval L. | 2012-12-10

Vehicle has been in the service department on multiple occasions for the same issue. Faulty and dead battery causes vehicle not to start.

2009 Toyota has been in this service department for electrical problems since day 1. 4 faulty batteries and two faulty sensors. Service department refuses to properly diagnose the problem and continues to guess at the problem. Vehicle was in the shop once for 5 days straight while they try and diagnose a bad battery. Their response to the battery problem was that it was probably dropped. Now the problem seems to be a faulty sensor. The vehicle has had three visits and two sensors replaced(same sensor). We are now waiting for the sensor or battery to go bad again so that we can return the vehicle to have it replaced yet again. It's about time to enact the lemon law on this Toyota.

on 12/10/2012 the vehicle was brought into the service station again for another dead battery. Since the battery was over the 3 year warranty service Toyota would not honor a repair, even though the battery had been replaced with a costco battery recently.

Toyota refuses to diagnose the root cause of the dead batteries and continues to blame it on faulty batteries. The vehicle has left the owners stranded numerous times and still no resolution from Stevens Creek Toyota.    

Update 12/10/2012.

Toyota Sienna was back in the shop today with a dead battery. Guess what...5th battery since purchasing the vehicle and Stevens Creek refuses to fix problem. Dealership is saying that since the battery is not covered by the 3 year warranty then they don't have to replace it. The main issue is not with the battery but the underlying root cause of what is causing the battery to die. The car has left us stranded many times and each time the battery is found dead.

They simply refuse to find the root cause of what is draining the battery and yet again we went to the service manager, K****(removed per request of Yelp) with no luck. Apparently they ran it through all their "tests" and everything comes out fine. Even with the Toyota extended warranty they refuse to fix the problem. Talk about a lemon.

I'm ready to fight this some more and hopefully K**** will act this time.

I thought this was a funny quote from their Customer Relations web page.

"At Stevens Creek Toyota we strive to have our customers experience be the very best. Since its founding, Toyota's cornerstone principle has been "the customer always comes first" and we truly believe in this concept. "

Does a two star rating reflect "the customer always comes first"

Also worth noting that their Google site had two reviews...both are bad experiences.

Buster H. | 2012-12-09

Went there to test drive a new camry XLE hybrid. Salesman by the name of dan zhu helped us. Was OK until we offed him an amount for cash for the vehicle and then he low balled us on a trade in value but this is the most informative part for this review ... he LIED to us about the battery pack being lithium ion when they are NiMetal hydride. This is simply fraudulent.

Randy J. | 2012-12-06

Worst dealership to buy a car. Went there to replace my 2009 camry with 2012 camry, a sales guy reluctantly showed me cars parked in the lots and tossed me to lease manager. That guy showed me unbelievable lease quotes and kept saying "You are not ready to buy". What a rude attitude is that for a returning customer? I'm really disappointed seeing this kind of high volume dealerships are doing to customers.

This dealership also did very fantastic job on my turned in camry by charging me $400 for a scratch which didn't exist. I'll handle this with toyota financial, but By having the bad shopping experience on the day alone, I'll never buy a toyota again.

s d. | 2012-12-06

I bought a certified preowned 2007 Rav 4 in May 2012. As the gas tank was on empty, I took a short test drive. I failed to back it up and make sharps turns. It had 53K on it. I relaized when I got home, the steering column was making a popping sound. Didn't think anything of it and I need my car for my 2 jobs. I just took
it for 60K check up. The steering shaft is being replaced and good thing I bought the most expensive warratny as it was covered. The transmission fluid was so thick it had never been changed. The 2 back tires had very little tread on them. I was given only one key. All I say is BUYER BEWARE! Certified Preowned is not all they are cracked up to be-at least not at Stevens Creek Toyota. The car was not maintained and salesman had to problem selling it to me with his shortcomings. Live and learn.

Nik N. | 2012-11-28

The play by play:
7:15 I arrive on time for my appointment for transmission fluid drain and fill
7:29 finally get "checked in" get a quote for $250 and four hours.  I remind them that I have an appointment and I only need one thing done.  My checkin guy says he understands and yes it takes four hours.  Neighbor check in guy offers to do it faster.
8:15 my truck gets driven from its parking spot to somewhere out of view
8:22 my truck gets pulled into a garage stall.
8:29 technician leaves my truck cab with a laptop.  Weird cause The drain plug is on the bottom of my truck.
8:33 lift goes up with my truck on it, yay!!!
8:45 Nice neighbor advisor called for his add on suggestions or service and recalls, which I declined.
9:15 The service manager insists that I do the recall work and offers a free rental car and a discount.
2:30 My vehicle is done.

The good:
Free wifi, comfy seating in quiet lounge, some seats have a table for your laptop.  Free shuttle every 30 min up to 10 miles away but he can't pick you up.
My second guy from the service advisors seems like an honest guy, he took over for the young guy who initially started this process

The bad:
Drop off is a disorganized mess and there are long waits since I think they schedule everyone at the same time, regardless of when service occurs.  It takes a long time to get service as people leave as soon as they help the person at their desk, picture the DMV without the ticket dispenser guy.

If you refuse recall work, they will refuse your original labor request.  

You have no visibility of your mechanic unless you sit on a bench outside which is quite far away.

In summary:

Three stars because they did discount my service and complete the recalls that I did need.  They are very expensive service wise and its difficult to trust a mechanic that you never get to meet or speak with.

satdog s. | 2012-11-25

went here to check out camry hybrid and it felt like we were not welcomed at all. The sales guy name was Frank shek or something he's got to be rudest salesman. Not only was he rude, he gave us wrong numbers on the financing (4.9% instead of 0.9%) It felt like he did not want to serve as at all. We walked off when he asked us "You came here to buy a car right?" in a sarcastic manner. Don't go here unless you want to feel humiliated.

Sean B. | 2012-11-24

Not really shocked when I came home to write this review and found that they had a two-star rating. Not really shocked at all.

I stopped in tonight because I was curious about the new Prius C. Honestly, I'm a sportscar guy but my commute is 50 miles a day and it's really getting old to dump so much into gas, so I decided to consider it. Hopped in my car and drove over to the dealership.

As I pulled in, I was on the phone with my mother and wanted to finish my conversation. A salesman came out from the showroom as I parked and hovered two feet from my door. It was actually creepy. Then I realized that because my engine was off, he could hear every word of my conversation, about what I was looking for a in a car and why, and that made it even creepier. I faced away from him, making it clear I didn't appreciate his intrusion. Five minutes went by until he walked away.

I finish my phone call and go inside, look at the car. Now I'm ready to ask a few questions... and every salesperson ignores me. Two were chatting by the tower, a few were with other customers, and a new person was on-point by the door waiting on a car to come and park.

I left, irritated. If I go the Prius route, it won't be here. I sold cars for a time, years ago, and would have never invaded a customer's personal space like that until they at least get out of their vehicle and move a certain direction. Too predatory, just not good salesmanship.

Menlo K. | 2012-11-24

So this review is a little late (several years old, from my pre-Yelp days), but a friend of mine just had a bad experience too.

I went here to test drive a car.  I drove it and the sales person tried to pressure me to buy the car, even though I was very clear that I was not ready to buy.  I wanted to test drive several cars before I deciding.  He put on big pressure.

After test driving several cars and looking things up online, I knew I wanted to buy the Toyota, but, also, that the Stevens Creek Toyota sales person had been low-balling me.

I went back because the only car that met my desires in the Bay Area was Stevens Creek Toyota.

When I arrived, the same sales person approached me.  I told him I didn't want to talk to him because he had low-balled me.  He said he would never low-ball anyone.  I told him the car and price quoted, and he acknowledged he had been low-balling me, but told me he could still work with me.  I told him I did not want to work with him and, after repeated refusals to work with him, he got me another sales person.

I told this person the car I wanted, and he quoted me a price that was way too high.  I told him that the price was way too high and he told me that it was the only one like it in the entire Bay Area, and to take it or leave it.  I left... and went to another dealership.

The other dealership told me they did not have the car I wanted, but could do a dealer swap.  Their first offer was 20% lower than Stevens Creek Toyota's final offer.

From my experience, I would say that the people at Stevens Creek Toyota are complete scum.

Xue H. | 2012-11-12

This is for an oil change only.  I was very hesitant to go here due to all the bad reviews, but my Toyota was previously serviced there so it'd be the most convenient.  When I talked to the woman on the phone, she said an oil change could take around 2-3 hours.  2-3 hours!? wtf.  She also said that they could not do it after ~3pm which I thought was odd.  Anyway, the time seemed ridiculous.  She did not tell me about appointments, which drop it down to 1-2 hours max.  

But anyway, I made one, everything went smoothly, the guys working there were professional and friendly.  The waiting room was nice and after exactly an hour, it was all done (including tire pressure checks, etc).  Paperwork was fast since my car had been there before.  So yay, maybe I got lucky or depends on the person working there, etc.

Manuel N. | 2012-10-25

Worst Experience as a buyer, trying to take advantage, not professionals.
I was happy to get out.

Susan E. | 2012-10-19

The place to go for dependable and honest service!!!  Thanks to Carlos Galvez who always ensures the work is done perfectly!

Christine W. | 2012-10-16

I went to have my car serviced and while they fixed the issue (and charged a hefty price) they ended up ripping off the rubber strip along my door when they washed it.

Mary Pat N. | 2012-10-04

Went in for a 5,000 mile checkup, needed a replacement bulb for turn signal and new weather stripping around my window.  Came in at 10:00 and was told the work would be done by noon.  I decided to wait the two hours for the car.  At noon I was getting anxious to leave but figured they just needed more time.  After all the sales guy hadn't called . . . He knew I was waiting.  Then I noticed how men would come in, wait and leave, but all the women just kept on waiting.  At 1:00 I had had it so I called my sales guy. . . No answer.  Waited a bit and called again . . . No answer.  Then I called the general number and the said call your sales guy!  So I went down to the office.  Sales guy busy . . . Asked other people for help and they said go to your sales guy.  Ahhhh!!  The weather stripping wasn't done, needed to order the part.  So after 3 hours I finally thought I was going home . . . But nooooooo!  They had to clean the car.  I think this place must be going out of business because they used to be good to their customers.  Not any more.  They treat women terribly.  My sales guy never even apologize.

Amy Q. | 2012-09-28

This review is long overdue! Not sure why I waited so long...Anyway, I went there with my friend determined to find a car and I believe it was the 2nd dealership we visited. One of the sales people walked over to us and told us they didn't have any used/pre-owned cars there, but that he could take us to look at what they had. Long story short the sales guy drove us to the used car lot, stayed for about 5 minutes, then ditched us. We were stranded at this other lot which was too far to just walk back to the new car lot. We went into the office and asked if anyone could give us a ride back because the sales guy left us stranded. They looked confused and shocked when we told them what happened. Lucky for us there was another salesman from Stevens Creek Toyota who was driving his client back to the new car lot and he gave us a ride. It was really embarrassing to ask him for a ride since he was busy with his client. The best part was when we got back to the lot were our car was, we saw the salesman who had ditched us just standing under the shade of a tree with other employees.
I don't know if he thought we weren't serious about purchasing a car or what his deal was, but he was completely unprofessional and rude.
Too bad for him because we did find a car that day, so he missed out on that commission.
I will never go back there, and will never recommend to any friends or family that they go there...unless I hate them.

Toby F. | 2012-09-27

This review is for their service department.

I brought in my car because there's a rattling noise coming from the rear view mirror area and the service advisor said to leave the car to them so they can diagnose it. He called me around 2pm and told me that the problem was coming from the moonroof and so he ordered the parts and told me if they can keep the car overnight so that when the parts arrive they can fix my car which will then be available to me by the end of the next day so I said yes. The next day, I've waited almost the whole day for their call to update me about my car but nothing. So I called them around 3:30pm and asked if I can talk to my service adviser and the lady said he's with a customer and that she'll let him know and will return my call. After 5 mins. my service adviser returned my call and said that his guy just gave him the paper saying that the parts got backed ordered and are still in Chicago. Now why didn't they tell me that first thing in the morning so I could have gotten my car because maybe I use it to go to work. In addition to that, they don't take good care of your car cause when I got it back there's a couple of dings on it. Now for them maybe it's ok but for customers like me who appreciates their personal property small dings and dents means a lot and for them putting a couple to my car is unacceptable. They need to be careful because these type of stuff shows responsibility and quality on their side and by returning your car unfixed and with dings and dents is a bitch.

Rebecca B. | 2012-09-19

I have been taking my Toyota to be serviced here since I bought it 3 years ago. In the past I'd felt I received good service. Now that is changed. I live in San Jose and work in San Francisco, I have very little "free time"  So after work I stopped there to get my car serviced since the light was on. They are in the middle of a remodel so I pulled over to a portable office and was approached by a guy who was waiting outside to help customers. He informed me they were no longer accepting people with out an appointment. I thought this was really strange because in the past I'd never made an appointment before. So as tired as I was from having to wake up at 3 am to get to work on time, I got out of my car and went into the portable office. I sat down with a blond girl to discuss the appointment making. She basically gave me 2 or 3 time slots over the next 3 days I could bring in my car. None of which would work for my schedule. I asked when did they start requiring an appointment? and she said 6 months ago. I found that interesting because I had just dropped my car off maybe 4-5  months prior for a service with out an appointment.  

Long story short.. My boyfriend ended up switching me cars the next day and he took it to the Dublin Toyota since he works near by and got my car serviced. He found out that my car had not had its 30,000 or 60,000 mile services. I am am wondering why Steven's Creek never told me my car had needed a required service?

So any ways... I tried to reach out to the service manager, Kenny, who in the past had been nice and accommodating. He assured me he'd "take care of me". I called him back again to let him know what the Dublin Toyota had said about the missing services and have not heard back from him.

as much as I pay for a freakin oil change there, I really expect excellent customer service. After this experience, I will not be back to this dealer.

*UPDATE* I just received a voice mail from Kenny, the service manager, He wants to discuss my issues. I will call him back to see what he has to say. I may be changing my opinion.
*MORE UPDATE* The service manager never did anything to get me back as a customer... I had been going there for 3 years! For every oil change! I will not ever go back here. No wonder they have 2 stars!

diana l. | 2012-09-15

DO NOT TRUST THEM!   Find a different service center.   Just picked up after 90K service.

I have been going to them for 90K miles, and about a year ago I started to feel very odd about what they were saying about a crack in the coolant reservoir.  So I've been watching the "mysterious crack "  $1K repair unless I do it with the 90K service then $300, and carrying coolant, just in case the level goes down.  When I dropped it off on Friday, they were sure they could see the crack residue.  So... you know where this is going...

They found something "new" cracked with the "pump"  also magically $300 now or $1K  if done later,  BUT did not replace the reservoir?  Suddenly nobody sees a crack in the reservoir?  What happened to all those tiny flashlights they used to show me the crack they saw the last few times,  and what about that residue,  it was still there, I guess nobody bothered to clean it, to see what was behind it?   So, I drove back to see the service manager, but he's not in today.

Unbelievable.   Let's see if the Manager calls, because apparently there must not be an Assistant Manager at Toyota.   I just don't feel safe driving my Toyota and that is just not right!

Chris M. | 2012-09-10

Visited this dealership three times, twice when accompanying other family members on car shopping trips, once for myself.  Each and every time, the experience has been unpleasant, with unhelpful, high pressure salesmen trying to push whatever they have and walking away once they realize or are told that you are not going to buy that day.   In fairness, none of the local toyota dealerships are much better.

Cecily M. | 2012-09-01

We had a problem on highway 17 on a Sunday and it was sure nice to find their service department open for service. They took good care of us.

Jensen F. | 2012-08-29

Just leased a car from this dealership. I got a great deal and the staff were more than helpful. They really made me feel like they cared about my business and were all very professional. Everyone I met was friendly and it was an overall great experience.

Nicole C. | 2012-08-25

As of right now I don't like their service department. So I just recently bought a  new car that its not fully ready. So they let me have it for a few days and I had to bring it back in. (they have to put in an alarm and put in leather seats) I dropped off my car on Monday and was promised to get it back on Friday. No calls no updates whatsoever.. So I called to see what the hold up is...what makes it worse I had a hard time reaching my service advisor let alone the the service department.  When I got a hold of someone they told me it will be done by the end of sat but the person was not sure till i talk to my service advisor.  Finally my service advisor finally got back to me and told me they don't' know where my keys are so they can't finish what needs to be done (well more like they dont't know where his coworker had put it and he already left for the day and won't be back till monday). So yes I'm slightly frustrated that I won't be getting my car back at least not till Monday.  Maybe I had a way better experience at Acura when I take my other car in but still have a courtesy to call me back or give me at least an update on my car instead of me chasing you down every few hours looking for you.

Natalie S. | 2012-08-24

I have received fantastic service from Stevens Creek Toyota.

I bought a new Prius and our salesperson, Ford, was extremely accomodating. We found a price that met our needs and I got the exact vehicle I wanted, with exactly the add-ons (and no more) that I was looking for. He was accessible the entire time and made it clear that I was free to contact him with any questions.

I ended up scraping my bumper and called Ford about it, because he had been so helpful with the purchase. He helped me figure what type of repair to get when I was freaking out about the quotes that the body shops had given me (I wasn't willing to replace the entire bumper for just a paint scratch, like the body shops were trying to get me to do for 1k!!).

The staff has been extremely helpful, always receptive to my needs. They even gave me a lift to a car rental place after I dropped off my car for repair.

I would definitely do business with them again but for now I love love love my new Prius.

Peter S. | 2012-08-20

I give service 5 stars but sales gets a 1. Went to buy a Toyota prius yesterday and my wife found that she liked the prius 4.  Told them that we'd buy it for $2500 below MSRP.  Sale man told me that they could only go $1500 off since they only had a couple in that model.  Manager came out told me that he couldn't work with me on the price.  Went down to Piercy Toyota 8 mile away and got the same car for the price we were asking Stevens Creek to sell it to us for. Guess they didn't need our business.

Ernest L. | 2012-08-09

Worst Toyota Dealership and Customer Relations Ever! Stay tuned as I get all the information for my review. Stay away from their Service Department Manager (Kenny) and don't even try to speak to their Customer Relations Person (Heather).

Stay tuned...

Davis L. | 2012-08-08

I went for a service for my Toyota Camry last weekend. After I left the shop, I noticed my radio signal was weak. Later I found out the antenna was broken, but the shop was closed at that time. Fortunately the service manager Kenny sent an email asking about the service. I just mentioned this to him. He was kind enough to call me and left a voice mail for satisfaction guarantee regarding repairing. When I drove back on Tuesday, they replaced the antenna very quickly. No trouble at all. I'm very happy with their attitude.

The reason why I took off one star was related to the front desk. The lady at the front desk told me that the car would be washed automatically at the end of the service every time. I told her that was not my experience normally. After I got the car and found it was not washed, the service man drove it back to wash it out quickly.

Shashank S. | 2012-08-08

Have brought my Prius for service here last couple of times. Both the times, I made service appointments online for early morning and indicating that I will be waiting at the dealership for the service to finish. Both the servicess were very minor, oil change being the most time consuming. Even then I was told that the car will be done only in the afternoon. This is really terrible since its a serious disrespect of my time. I clearly wanted the service to be done as per the appointment time. Terrible, terrible! Never bringing my car back here!! By the way the service department is severely outdated in appearance.

denny s. | 2012-07-31

Be very wary of the service department at Toyota Stevens Creek:

Fact 1:  The battery in our 2008 RAV4 died on July 5, 2012.  We brought the RAV4 into Toyota's Stevens Creek service department, thinking that we only had 4 years on a 7-year battery warranty.  They charged me $97.62 to replace the battery.  BUT...they also told me that they "recommend replacing water pump that is leaking" for a total of $753.27.  I spoke with the service rep and he told me that it is unsafe to drive and the water pump will break entirely (and cause overheating problems and much worse damage to the vehicle) if I try to drive it to southern California, our upcoming trip.

Fact 2:  That seemed like a lot of money to me, especially considering that the vehicle is only 4 years old.  After all, I have never had a water pump go out on me in any of the vehicles I have ever owned over the past 34 years.  I was concerned that the rep told me it is unsafe to drive, however.  So I took the RAV4 right across the street to a Toyota mechanic (I don't know the name of the mechanic or the name of the shop, but it is directly across the street from the Toyota dealership right there on Kiely Blvd).  The mechanic there put the RAV4 on the rack and inspected the vehicle.  He told me that the water pump is not leaking.

Fact 3:  I felt better about driving the vehicle, so I took it across town to Campbell to my mechanic at West Valley Auto Tech (WVAT).  At WVAT, they put the RAV4 on the rack and Vic told me and wrote, "Found no coolant leak from water pump at this time.  Discuss with customer."

Fact 4:  I called Toyota and basically told them that two other shops found no leak.  The rep asked me to bring the vehicle back so that they "can work something out".  I did.  They put the RAV4 on the rack and showed me a little pink dot (about half the diameter of a dime) on the water pump and told me that that was the leak.

Fact 5:  I took the vehicle back to WVAT, and Vic told me it looks like they "painted the coolant on the water pump", and he repeated, "the water pump is not leaking.  You can take this down to LA with no problems".

Fact 6:  I brought the vehicle to the mechanic across the street from Toyota once again.  The mechanic there told me, "it looks like they dabbed it on there".  He also told me that the water pump is not leaking and safe to drive.

Fact 7:  We drove the vehicle to southern California and back with no problems whatsoever.

Draw your own conclusions.  I think these guys at Toyota Stevens Creek tried to rip me off by creating (falsifying) a problem that did not exist.  Personally, I will stay clear of them.

R. S. | 2012-07-30

We wanted to buy an FJ Cruiser with specific options. After building our car online, we requested rate quotes from a couple local dealerships. I never heard back from Capital Toyota, except for their initial programmed email response. However, I received a call from Ford at Steven's Creek Toyota right away. Ford was great and searched far and wide for the FJ we wanted, located it and delivered it to us at a great price. We were only disappointed with the offer his manager made to trade in our current vehicle - about half the price it's worth.

Elizabeth S. | 2012-07-29

My bf and I waltzed in here on a Sunday afternoon to purchase a truck after coming to an agreement on a great deal.  Even though, we spent a lot of time there, it was a pleasure dealing with Kevin (the sales guy), Perry (the floor manager) and Sam (the finance manager).  We were always greeted cordially, offered beverages and treated respectfully.  This was one of the better auto purchasing experiences we've had.

Maria R. | 2012-07-14

Just bought a used Toyota from Stevens Creek.  They were fabulous.  Totally stress free - they even delivered the car up to me here in SF.  Easiest and best car buying experience I've ever had.  Highly recommended!!!!

Vee T. | 2012-07-08

we went in this weekend looking to buy a highlander, our credit score is good and we had a trade in, they wanted to low ball us big time on the trade in, and we told them what payments we could afford, they kept coming back with every amount higher then the FIRM payment we said we could do. Then accused us of wasting their time!! Are you kidding me??  Absolutely ridiculous!!   they only wanted to lower the price on the car for  $500. 00 , thats nothing , we did our homework on the price and blue book on the car and they wanted $4,000 above blue book. Would not go back!! Ended up buying a brand new SUV very comparible for less then the payments we originally wanted at Stevens Creek Toyota!!   We bought it from another dealership :)

Dennis P. | 2012-07-01

On 06/30/2012, I assisted in the purchase of a car. Frank, the sales person, was not knowledgeable on the warrienties or options or  financing. Other than that he was fine. When Rene came into the deal, he had an entirely different set of numbers and we had to start over. Finally a deal was made, at this time we did not realize a lie was in process. At the end in the finance office, we realized that Rene had lied on the interest. He came and made a dramatic apology but did not correct the wrong. We did buy the car, and went on.
For future buyers, beware of the lies told. If you are dealing with Rene and frank, be very careful.
When reporting this to the manager, Joseph, he was totally not concerned that his people were lying. He also was not concerned that he had lost a long time customer.

Michelle T. | 2012-06-30

This review is based on the customer service that my husband and I received when we purchased our new 2012 Limited Highlander last weekend. To start we had narrowed our new vehicle choices down to either a honda pilot or a toyota highlander based on our research and we decided to hit up the Stevens creek toyota first to test drive the highlander first since we noticed a deal for 0% financing ( and we had a poor experience at the Honda Stevens creek a few years back).

So as we are getting out of our car approaching the lobby we are greeted by a friendly sales person name Franciso, he quickly inquired about the type of car we were interested and got us in a highlander for a test drive. He was not pushy at all and listed to want we really wanted. After test driving both the base model  and the limited model we decided that we would like to take a limited highlander home that day. So Francisco took us another lot to pick out just the car we wanted. After picking out the car, he went with us to our home in the new vehicle to pick up our car we wanted to trade in.

Next we me with Clement the fleets manager who again took all of our demands and needs into consideration. We never once felt pressured or like we were getting taken advantage of. I feel that we got a great price for our trade in and was extremely happy with the customer service provided. I again must reiterate everything we asked them for they did for us without hassel. Lastly we met with the finance person (I don't remember his name) and again low pressure and we left as happy customers (0% financing). Based on past car purchase experiences I was kind of dreading looking for a new care again. However I was pleasantly surprised with the great customer service we received and I have been telling everyone at my work about it:)

Oh yeah the new highlander is great. I am 6'1 and had back surgery last year and normally have difficulty with being comfortable in vehicles. But I fit perfectly in the highlander. The heated seats and lumbar support are awesome. We also got the keyless entry and push to start and I love it so far. This is our first toyota and I must say that the quality of this SUV is great. Needless to say after this purchase I definitely think that I would choose toyota again and if I am still in the bay area I would definitely hit up the sales team who assisted my husband and I with this purchase...

Phil G. | 2012-06-27

Went in to trade in one of my cars. The car I picked out was out of my budget at the time. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise Anil sales rep and staff changed my purchase experience with a family felt welcome. My son and I picked out a truck that we both fell in love a short amount of time, the vehicle was mine. Wont hesitate to purchase from again given the was of the transaction...even though I ass credit challenged....and my trade was less than desirable....they went beyond my expectations.

Mr D. | 2012-06-24

***********POOR SERVICE************* Read more if you think the service was ok, you might be next......

I think the average of 2 stars with 200 reviews is a little high... I went in at 7.06 AM in the morning on a non-busy sunday as per the service advisor, I was 5th in the line from the start, they took the car and advised me of a 8.45am or sooner pick up so I made some phone calls and scheduled the rest of my day, at 8.49 am, I came out and checked, I was next in the line with nothing done on my car as yet, I got a little mad and asked for my car back and the service advisor very politely voided my transaction and my wait for 1.30 hours in line after doing paper work at 7.06 AM was invaluable to him.  Thank you sir..  It was my pleasure to be of service... SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME - "OF WHAT SERVICE" Its 9.21 AM now and I am still in the line writing this review from SCT's waiting area.

Not coming here again... *************POOR SERVICE************

mike H. | 2012-06-24

My wife and I have little patience for the normal run around from car dealers when we are looking for a new car.  After spending an hour at the Honda dealer up the road, we were fairly set on buying a 2012 Civic.  Leaving the lot, I suggested we stop in at Stevens Creek Toyota to look at the 2012 Corolla.  We were greeted almost immediately by Adam Ibrahim.  Adam was pleasant, knowledgeble and efficient.  He quickly showed us all the color options for the Corolla, and talked easily regarding the available options, trim and pricing.  He stayed engaged without being pushy, and helpful when we were weighing our options.  In the end, we decided to purchase the Corolla, primarily due to the price, but in large part to the hassel free environment which Adam and the dealership provided.
In addition, the next morning, my wife felt we may have not been provided an additional cash discount and called the dealership.  Mike, the floor manager was very supportive, and quickly put my wife at ease committing to her satisfaction rather than to just sell a car.  Although it was not entirely clear if we in fact deserved the discount, new paperwork was written and we walked away with an additional $800.
We are very satisfied with our experience with SCT, and will/have recommended them to our friends.

Selina W. | 2012-06-20

we are new here. my husband and i made the decision too hurry when buying a preowned RAV4, and we found with this price we can buy a new car. so i decided to cancel the contract. although patrick and sunning(can't remember the name) work with us late that night, they are nice when we tell them to cancel the contract. they didn't charge us for any fees and patrick retuned the check to my apartment by himself. will choose them if i'd like to buy a toyota next time.

Renee C. | 2012-06-15

This update is a little late, work completed in Mar-April 2012.
Someone rear ended us. Our CSR did everything that he could to get our 4Runner back to pre-accident condition. They handle almost all insurance requests. The services very good, We will be going back to Stevens Creek Toyota.

Malia W. | 2012-06-14

Oh how I miss my Honda! South Bay Honda was a dream compared to this place! I came in for an oil change around 4pm on a random Wednesday. I work all day and use my car for work so I rushed over here after to get my oil changed. I stopped in the express lane, there was about 6 service advisers all of which were with no customers except for one. No cars in the service lines or pick up lines. But yet I still waited more than 10 minutes to even be greeted. I say "greeted" loosely because it was more like were not taking any more cars today even though we close in 3 hours.

I'm a very calm and understanding person. It takes a lot to annoy me. But seriously! How can you lie to me when it is a ghost town in the driveway except for service advisers joking with each other. You'd think the pick up driveway would be really busy since they aren't taking any more cars. And that wasn't even the case.

Already irritated I drive to Sunnyvale Toyota where they close at 9pm (I believe). There was a ton of customers, and I got helped as soon as I drove up. My car was done and washed within an hour and a half.

I find it very odd that this service department was swamped with no cars or customers insight, but Sunnyvale Toyota actually looked swamped and still took my car AND finished in a timely manner. Do you guys not like returning customers? I'm really confused.. You'd rather joke around with coworkers than make commission? Maybe I'm not understanding your business model..

And to think I actually wrote a relatively outstanding review for you guys. Boy did I have it wrong.

Josh S. | 2012-06-03

I first entered into Stevens Creek Toyota about 2 weeks ago with a serious interest in purchasing a new Tacoma truck.  I was greeted promptly by Robert Hung (sales associate) who was friendly and personable.  I quickly realized that Robert didn't know much about Tacoma trucks (i.e. different options, etc.), but his friendly personality made his lack of knowledge bearable.  Robert allowed my Fiancee and I to test-drive several Tacoma's, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Robert didn't apply any pressure to make a sale and we departed with the understanding that I would continue to do some research and return at a later date.  I wanted to take advantage of the 0% financing offer for the Memorial Day holiday and had every intent of actually returning and purchasing a Tacoma truck through Robert.

I did some additional research, which included a lengthy review of the dealership website.  As suggested on your webpage, I completed the pre-approval application online (which included information on my possible trade-in vehicle).  I only completed this process online because it was recommended by your website.  On May 26, 2012, I received a phone call from the finance director who stated that he had received my online loan application and would call me back once he processed the request.  This person attempted to convince me to come to the dealership; however I never received a return phone call to advise me of the credit decision.

I called Robert back yesterday (June 2, 2012).  Robert told me I had pre-qualified and my credit score was 625.  I clarified with Robert several times that there must be some sort of mistake because I have A+ credit and there was no way my credit score was so low.  Robert assured me that my credit score was 625; however I would be able to get qualified for a loan.  Robert told me to come to the dealership so we could discuss it in person.  

I drove all the way down to the dealership to follow-up with Robert in person, based on his request.  Upon arriving at the dealership, Robert told me I had to fill out another credit application (which included all of my personal information and a signature) in order for him to "pull my information from the system" (referring to the pre-approval process I had previously completed).  I told Robert I did not feel comfortable filling out an additional credit application, because I had already done it once before.  Robert again told me multiple times that my credit score was 625 based on the pre-appraisal application I had completed.  He could not come up with a reason as to why I had to fill out an additional credit application.  I told Robert I wanted to see a copy of my credit report, which I they are required to provide me.  He denied me that opportunity and told me there was nothing for us to talk about if I didn't fill out a new credit application.  I asked to speak with a supervisor and was referred to Perry Farahani.

I explained the situation to Perry and outlined my concerns about my low credit score (625) that Robert told me about on the phone and in-person when I arrived at the dealership.  Perry attempted to calm the situation by undermining Robert's abilities, something that was extremely unprofessional from a customer's standpoint.  I told Perry I wanted to see my credit report that was conducted by the dealership.  After several minutes of asking and finally demanding to see my credit report, Perry said he would go look in the computer and return back to speak with me.  Perry returned about 10 minutes later and told me that my credit application had never actually been run by your dealership and you had no record of my credit report.  Naturally I was furious that Robert had deliberately and intentionally lied to me in order to lull me down to the dealership.  This was an egregious falsehood that caused me unnecessary stress and concern as I don't take my good credit lightly.  Once again Perry undermined Robert's lie in an attempt to make me a Stevens Creek Toyota customer.

After having some time to reflect on the way I was treated by the sales/supervisory staff I can honestly say that I don't think I would ever do business with the dealership.  Unfortunately, Toyota makes a great product and I would love to own one (this would be my 3rd new Toyota); but after being intentionally lied to by the staff I would rather take my business elsewhere that conducts fair business practices.

A A. | 2012-06-02

I had my worst car buying experience here - so bad, that I stopped buying cars altogether, except on internet!
The sales rep was friendly at first but when we started negotiating and he figured out that I knew what I was buying and had a price in mind, he got rude. His "manager" was even worse.
They kept pressuring me to fill out their form with my SSN, address and other information. I refused. After test drive, I told them the price I will pay. They kept playing the game and finally when the manager passed an ugly remark, I got up and left.

These guys are perhaps the worst in the bay area - their overall rating reflects that.
If you want a good deal and a pleasant car buying experience, this is not the place!

Ira W. | 2012-05-31

Want to know how to completely turn off a customer? BS me and don't even make it believable. Case in point yesterday I bring my wife's car at 4:10pm for an oil change. The driveway is empty and there are a total of 5+ employees mostly service advisors probably finishing up paperwork and trying to get work done by SEVEN when it states they close.

By 4:15 no one greeted us or left their office to even say someone will be right with you. That's horrible customer service. I mean horrendous. There was no greeter, nothing. By 4:20 someone came to our car (they'll remain nameless) and asked if we've been helped, one of the advisors who walked right past us. Well he knew the answer since all he did was move from one booth to another and not one person showed up.

This individual then told us they stop taking oil changes by 2:30-3pm. Is that a SCT policy?? Or just advisors not wanting to write up an oil change. If SCT's policy is to cut off oil changes by 2:30-3 when people do not even start getting off work a full hour later is just poor business planning.

I'm not trying to be a dick and I wouldn't show up late in the day (I don't consider 4:10 late especially if your business claims it closes at 7). So you cut off oil changes at 5:30PM, 6PM, that way you and your staff get out on time you client cars are picked up and you're off, but to send someone away at 4:20 after you made them wait in the driveway for 10 minutes without muttering a word is completely unacceptable.

Sunnyvale had no issue taking us in and guess what we bought brakes as well. Guess you missed out on that sale which could've added to the bottom line, upped your hours per RO, parts sold, etc. As long as they are on the creek they may have the attitude that there will always be customers, but I am so soured by how I was treated or lack there of and just ignored that I will drive to Capitol or Sunnyvale to service my wife's car.

This was a complete 180 from what I experienced before. Pretty sad IMO.

savannah f. | 2012-05-26

Fantastic customer service!

I have heard SO many horror stories about people, especially women, going into dealerships and totally being swindled and treated like crap by the salesman. That being said, being a young female I was beyond nervous when I stepped through the door alone.

I was greeted and Don started the application process for me to see what I would qualify for, and after that left me in the capable hands of Ray 1 and Ray 2, both of which were incredibly helpful!

I test drove the Yaris and was ready to buy, even though I wasn't really excited about the car itself (kind of smaller than what I am used to). I was so scared that they would give me a bad time after starting the paperwork already that I almost didn't see anything at all, but I did end up mentioning that I would prefer something a little bigger, and Ray 1 was so understanding. We went out and found me the perfect car for my daughter and myself.

The process as a whole was long, but I expected that. I did not expect the level of service I was given, I honestly felt like I was treated more like a friend than a customer, and my needs were put first throughout the experience. I called my dad, who is in the car world himself and relayed the experience and he was incredibly impressed!

I am picking up my new car tomorrow, and I am so incredibly thankful to all three of them for making this such an easy and friendly experience for me. I highly recommend them for both new and used vehicles!

Robert J. | 2012-05-24

Update as promised.

OK, new CSR guy is nice. Techs located failing part, vacuum hose. Good. Pick up car tomorrow. Sure. CSR calls next day. Part doesn't come in. Offers substitue transportation (didn't ask if free). No need. Are you sure your Toyota distributor has the part?? Sure. Next day CSR calls, oops, no part, gotta get it from LA maybe. Need transportation? No need.

CSR calls next day: Good news and bad news. We replaced the failing part, and it's ready to pick up. Cool. Bad news: a rat chewed through the vacuum hose. So Warranty doesn't cover rat damage. Ah.....bizarre.....ok, how much? CSR says I'll be nice to you and give you a deal: $20 for the part, and $150 for labor. [Thinking, deal?]

We'll I guess that's fair. Not Toyota's fault. I say: OK. But let me see part.
Pick up car. Sure enough! Rat bites along the hose. Haha...I guess this is the real meaning of getting hosed. Anyway, i accept responsibility.

So.. re rating SCT.  -1 for taking 10 days to fix car. -1 for experience with the first CSR. I was thinking -1 for costing $150 to replace a $20 hose, but, heck, this is a The Dealer right, so lucky it wasn't more. ? So, 3 stars for SCT. Pass

Donna D. | 2012-05-16

Sometimes an experience is just so bad-that you have to warn others.  I called and spoke to Don in used car sales-had a toyota to sell-he said come on down and he would give me an honest appraisal of the car....came in got-diverted to someone else-who took all back to Don-who never bothered to even meet me or see the car-and then offered-$6000 below blue book and even $4000 below blue book trade-in....what a joke and a waste of time-they wasted my time by saying I had to come in-if they will not take VIN number over the phone-then don't bother.  Claimed they had to see the car-I walked out as they were still trying to deal with me.  What a bunch of boozos-don't they get that is is 2012?...and consumers have a lot of info...are they just waiting for the really stupid folks to show  up....Sad outfit in the used car sales anyway.

Anthony B. | 2012-05-16

Our '99 Caddy was totaled in a hit and run accident and we needed a really good car fairly quickly, but do not have the best credit. We found our dream car on the Internet at Stevens Creek Toyota.  In less than 15 minutes Derek made the deal over the phone.  Other dealerships I had contacted were taking days trying to put something together for us, and at ridiculous interest rates.  We got the old "come on in and we can talk about it."  Stevens Creek Toyota gave us a great deal, a very reasonable interest rate, and worked with us on everything and the deal was done depending on if we liked the car or not.  You would think that we had AAA credit and were return customers the way they treated us.  When we went down to get the car we were amazed at the condition of the car.  It is an 07 and looks like a 2012.  And they gave us an amazing price on top of it all.  We checked the car out, started it and were ready to sign the papers.  They didn't ask, they insisted that we test drive the car to be sure we would be happy with it.  While we were talking to Derek, Jason was busy getting the paperwork set to go.  He had everything organized so all we had to do is sign.  He explained everything to us in a way that we didn't have to ask that many questions.  This was undoubtedly the most pleasant experience we have ever had buying a car.  We will definitely go back to Stevens Creek Toyota when we need another car.

Warren L. | 2012-05-14

Very negative experience.  Was looking for a Clearwater Blue 2012 Plug-in Hybrid.  Placed a $500 deposit to get in line for when a car was available.
*Got Call from Carlos, we have a car come by quick otherwise is will be gone, left work early from Redwood City to meet with Carlos at 4:30, he had gone home and failed to call me and tell me they had sold the car already; didn't even speak to me personally just got the receptionist to relay the message - stood their aghast!
*Got a Call from Carlos ~1 week later apologizing wanted to make it up and a Car was available, not the color I wanted but come by as we have other options.  Arrived within a couple of hours; I didn't want to miss this opportunity.  Pressure sales started, take the green one you will love it - don't want green, want blue - how about white - hmm interesting; maybe - Carlos "just want to let you know we are marking them up by $5k as everyone wants one.  I left in disgust and was clear I would only take blue to get out of the discussion and get away without any further harassment; also indicating I was going to pay a markup.
*I spoke to 4 other Toyota dealers around the bay about this markup behavior and the overall feedback was Toyota of Steven's Creek has the reputation for taking advantage of customers - old school mentality of car sales - take what you can now!
I bought my Blue Plug-in this weekend from Toyota of Santa Cruz and had a great experience, no markup, they drove the car back to San Jose on Friday afternoon during rush hour, the Sales guy did it for free -  great guy - Greg.
I called TSC to get my deposit back and they gave me a hard time - so I showed up at the dealer and said "I am not interested in getting gouged buying a car from you guys so I want me deposit back"  - refunded and I exited.
In the bay area we have about 10+ Choices for buying a Toyota, don't do it here.  Based on this experience I won't even consider using their service center.
Happy shopping.

Mary Beth R. | 2012-05-11

I was called by Jason Xie after submitting a request to talk to someone in sales.  He was pleasant and professional on the phone.  He did try to talk me into a used Prius, but other than that I was comfortable with him and made an appointment.  I showed up for my appointment and he was in his office.  Another salesperson, Mike, from the used car department, called Jason and Jason told him he had to go into a training and to have another salesperson take care of me.  That other salesperson disappeared.  While I was waiting with Mike, Jason showed up and said sorry I don't feel well but I can get a new Corolla over here.  He was not friendly and acted likely I was interfering with his day.  I had set an appointment with him two days earlier - so why was I a bother?

I could go into every single detail, but won't put you through that.  I ended up going on a test drive with Mike while Jason stayed behind.  When we returned Jason refused after several requests to tell me what the additional features were on the car.  He kept saying it's fully loaded.  He also was rude when I said I might be interested in a used car that I happened to see on the lot.  He said you can't have it because we've already sold it to another dealer.

Jason continued to be rude to me and to the other salesperson, Mike.  He also had no information for me and did not appear to want to work with me at all.  He also made it clear that he didn't really want me working with Mike, even though he was the only person that greeted me and actually answered questions.  Very disappointing experience.  I would not recommend this dealership to anyone.  

I am happy to say I bought a 2012 Toyota Corolla for much less than Jason was telling me it would cost and got 0% financing.  Hooray for Toyota of Palo Alto.

Anna B. | 2012-05-09

Recently I had a very nice experience buying a car at Stevens Creek Toyota.
Anil F.was great.He listened to me patiently and then he showed me various cars, different options, explaining some valuable features.I test drive 3-4 cars. I've met many dealers in last 2 weeks and by far, he is the most knowledgeable and kindest guy out there. I was really surprised how smooth and pleasant the whole process went. Financing was also very easy.

Kayton B. | 2012-05-09

what a nightmare dealership...

i brought a prius there in 2011 and added after market bluetooth
the bluetooth never worked and it took me 5 visits before the agreed to rip it out and refund the money
i had to call them a few times from the car to show how bad the call quality was

then it took 4 MONTHS to get my refund place...
the service guys also scratched my car during the free service and wouldnt admit to it...

also my after market heated seats which i was told would be just the same as factory installed dont have a control button on the dashboard...theres a little dinky switch under the seat..completely inconvenient while driving and NOT intuitive ( NOT what iw as told)

worst car buying experience ever...!!

the service manager kenny tried to help as he could with the check but this is a horrible experience as a car buyer...
i would never go back and would recommend you go anywhere but here for your new car

Raman O. | 2012-04-12

I complained about this place not rotating my tires on my 2011 tc, and toyota emailed me saying the reason for that was because they did not want to damage my rims, well the people who work there need to be more clear about the reason behind not changing the oil every 5k miles and rotating my tires other than "Sorry that's just how we do it" or "We can't do that" like really?. But overall it's not that bad... the workers can be nicer and more professional, but the wait is still way too long. I waited like 3-4 hours just to get my check engine light turned off because my car was due for a service that I apparently did not need....

updated 8/16/12 I took my car to a different toyota dealership and they rotated my tires and checked tire pressure and did a full service with my aftermarket rims on!!! Back to 2 stars.

Michael B. | 2012-04-11

I recently purchased my 2nd vehicle from this dealership, and have been coming here to service my first vehicle for about 5 years.  I trust them to do the job right, and have never had any negative experiences here.

In fact my experience is always overwhelmingly positive, as the staff is very friendly and makes you feel like your business is important.  They take they time to explain everything they are doing, and go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable.  The waiting lounge is very pleasant with it's large fish tank, coffee/bagel bar, flat screen TVs, and abundance of comfortable chairs and desks you can work at while you wait.  The prices are also great; you'd have a hard time finding better deals.  Not to mention the impeccable quality of the cars.  I've never had a single problem with my Matrix.

The bottom line is when it is time to purchase my next vehicle I will be coming back.  I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Nick J. | 2012-04-09

This is place is terrible. People are very rude and unprofessional. I took my car for service this week end. At first they took the car and completed the paper work. The service person told me it will be done by end of the day, then he disappeared and kept me waiting for him for 10 mins. After he came back he said he can not take the car. I do not understand why he changed his mind, after keeping me waiting for so long.
People working in this place needs to learn how to respect other people. Even 1 start is too much for this place. I do not understand why other people rate this place positively, there is nothing good about it.

L G. | 2012-03-30

Would give them zero if I could. Bought my car here 2 years ago and traded in my Sequoia. They were supposed to handle the DMV paperwork for the trade-in (as is general practice), but they sold it at auction and never filed with the DMV. I know this because I got a call 6  months later from the Sonoma County DEA, who had recently busted a dealer driving my old car, which was unfortunately still in my name. (!)
Then, I recently was lured back into the dealership because they had contacted me about wanting to purchase my Highlander (the car I bought in 2010 from them). When I stuck to my asking price (less than KBB, for the record), the trade-in manager called me "sweetie," as in "Look, Sweetie, I don't think you understand how this works." I'm a 42-year-old high-tech exec; it didn't go over well. Won't be back, ever.

Lisa A. | 2012-03-27

I wish I could give this place a negative 5 star rating but 1 is the lowest of lows so it will have to do!  So ltt me start with the 4 letter word here...KENNY!  He  is the service mgr here.  We got started off on the wrong foot after I had to call Toyota direct because his team couldnt fix the issue with my brand new 2012 vehicle.  Kenny called me back once and then made himself unavailable after that call for over a week  I finally camped out on the phone and refused to hang up until he answered.  Finally after getting him to pick up my call, he cut me off, talked over me, was rude, condescending, kept repeating things I had already told him and in the end told me that he was not going to put up with the way I was speaking with him.  WOW.....I guess customer service at this place is not something they teach or care about.

I finally hung up on him and called Toyota again to not only get help, but to lodge a formal complaint against Kenny and this dealership.  

I will never, let me repeat, NEVER, take any of my Toyotas, back to this place.  Here's a funny side note about this dealership (true story).  We actually drove all the way to Petaluma to buy our vehicle because this dealership told us they don't make our vehicle with a navigation system.   Wow .....don't give this place your business.  I personally like Gilroy Toyota a lot and will now drive 40 miles just to get good service because while being close is a convenient thing, working with uncaring, rude, incompetent losers, is just not worth it.

Frank T. | 2012-03-27

Although I ended up not buying a new car after all,  I simply want to take the time to mention how professional Robert Jones was with me.  His well mannered easy going attitude and consistency in providing me with all the information I requested, earned HIM 5 stars.  If you are looking for a hassle free experience when you are looking for a Toyota, look no more.  Robert Jones is the man to go to.  I will be back when I am ready to buy!

Jan Alvin L. | 2012-03-26

Me, my friend and my girlfriend came here to test drive the new Prius C. When we walked into the dealership, Allen was the "lucky" sales person that chased us and his greeting was "What are you?" 3 times. Really Allen? Does it matter what nationality we are? So when he found out that my girlfriend was Vietnamese, he started talking to her in Vietnamese and asked her a bunch of questions. Damn, she is not even the one buying the car!

I give him props for getting us to test drive a car that was already sold. But he was very rude and maybe he thought we don't know anything about cars. The sticker price was 19,900 and he keep on telling us it was 23,000 and he said, "I don't know who told you that" in a very rude way. I know dealers mark-up new cars so just explain it to us! Since there is only one Prius C left, we asked him when they will have a new delivery and he doesn't even know! And he didn't even bother to ask anyone. He wasn't very helpful and just want us to put down a $500 deposit without giving any information. Not even trying to "sell" us the car by telling us anything about the new Prius. He even said the credit check won't affect your credit score, I work at a bank, I know a little about credit .

In the end he gave us his business card and said, "I won't call you". He judged us because we were wearing hoodies and jeans and looked young. He didn't know that we are in the market for a brand new car for a while and we are very interested in the new Prius. And we can afford it! He would have sold TWO cars to us if only he was nicer and smarter. I have spoken to a lot of car salesman all around the area and he is the worst I've had so far. We walked out of the dealership and his business card went straight to the trash bin. We might come back to this dealership but we will go to another salesperson.

A C. | 2012-03-19

My 2009 Scion was due for oil change, since it's still under warranty, I didn't want to do any service outside yet. Just in case if something goes wrong with the car, the dealership can't say it's not their fault. So a simple oil change turned into a call from the service manager saying that I need to replace my brake pads, he said it's down to the bare minimum. And it will cost me close to $400!! I know I only have 26,000 miles on my car, I know I don't need new brake pads. So I said no to him, and he didn't even bother persuade me to change my brake pads. If it's like he said "down to the bare minimum", shouldn't he be trying his hardest to convince me to change the pads for my safety? Of course after my machenic friend looked at my car, he said I still have another 2 years or so on the pads. All I have to say is, STEVENS CREEK TOYOTA IS SHADDY.

Amy S. | 2012-03-14

I am amending my review of yesterday, due to the quick action taken by Kenny and Eddie, who took over my "experience" late in the game yesterday.

Eddie (the poor service advisor that had to clean up for his co-worker) was attentive and interested in my frustration and, I felt, honestly tried to work with me.  As the work on my car was being completed, Eddie took the time to talk to his manager, who called me immediately and let me know that my experience was NOT what they want for their customers.  I appreciated the effort taken by both of these gentlemen.  Neither tried to prove that they were right or make excuses. They apologized, worked with the expenses I had incurred and got me out the door.  

Having said all that, here was my experience for those of you with Toyotas who are looking for a reliable garage...

On Monday afternoon, my car wouldn't start.  Dead, though all the dash lights were coming on and the radio.  Had it towed to Stevens Creek Toyota.

Carlos took my information and said they would call.  It was 3:16 p.m.

About an hour later, Carlos called and told me that my key was grinding in the ignition and they would need to use a different key.  I don't have another key, so they had to make one

$140 for the key

The next morning around 10:30 a.m., Carlos called and told me that my starter relay was bad, and that was the reason the car wasn't starting.  Good news 'cause the part was in stock and cost around $70 - no additional labor cost.  Carlos then informed me that my front brakes were at 20% and I needed a brake job.

$70 for starter relay
$368 for front brakes.

Later that afternoon, I called for an ETA as I had late afternoon and evening meetings and wouldn't be able to pick up the car after 6 p.m. until the next day.  Carlos called me back and informed me that they had to let the battery charge because during the course of working on the car, the battery had been drained.  About 1/2 hour later Carlos called to inform me that the battery itself was bad and that it would need to be replaced.  I was not even quoted a price at that point because I told Carlos that I had just bought a battery (from them, and they installed it) about 1 1/2 years ago and doubted it was bad already.  He said he would check the records and prorate the cost.

$??? for new battery.

Today, I waited until noon to receive a call and, hearing nothing, called them.  I was told that Carlos was off today and that his partner was also out but that somebody would call me back as soon as possible.  I waited one more hour and called again, only to be told that Carlos' partner Eddie was, in fact, working today.  I was given a number to call.

When Eddie picked up the phone, I was told that I needed a NEW STARTER.  A full 48 hours and almost $700 later, I was told the actual cause of why my car would not start and the estimate that I was given the day before had ALMOST DOUBLED.

$545 for new starter.

Now, I don't have a problem paying for work if it needs to be done.  But I DO have a problem with somebody given me costs, in phases, which get much, much higher as time goes by and meanwhile, I don't have my car and I'm at their mercy.  I definitely felt like there was something very underhanded going on.  This place is what gives ALL mechanics a bad reputation.

Final quote?  $1298...

Devang A. | 2012-03-12

I've been there once for a test drive. Person helping us wasn't very friendly.

Jeff W. | 2012-03-04

If you planning go to Steven creek Toyota I will recommend to talk to Alex Agudelo.
He really take care of his customers, I said that cause We purchased a car where need to be some refinishing done. When we pick up the car  was late a night so we did not noticed the finished was not completely to our satisfaction so next day we call Alex and told him we weren't satisfy so he told us if we could meet him at the dealer in 20 minutes. for our surprise that day was he day off and He went just for us. He took care of everything and next time when we pick up the car was excellent as we expected.

Satisfied Customer

Stephan A. | 2012-03-01

Up Stevens Creek without a Paddle

If I must give Stevens Creek Toyota at least one star may this star be a pentagram as I have been through HELL! ...For any of you considering a purchase there, know this.  Nobody there cares about you.  Not the salesperson, not the sales manager, not even the Customer Service Manager!  I find it hilarious that Toyota can even pair their brand with the word care (Toyota Care) telling me that I will receive piece of mind with my Toyota purchase.  Well, Stevens Creek Toyota, seeing you don't's a piece of my mind.

Stevens Creek Toyota gave me the absolute worst sales experience of my life.  That is no exaggeration, I assure you.  One fateful August day, I pulled into my local Toyota Dealership on a quest for information.  I had no intention of buying a new car.  I merely wanted to find out if there was a way I could lower my monthly payments on the lease that was on my 2010 Prius at that time or if there was some way I could refinance it as a loan.  Moe Aita, the failsperson, persuaded me to buy a new Camry as it would lower my monthly payment and according to him "be similar to the mileage on a Prius".  I told him I loved my Prius and if I was going to consider trading it in, the new car has to get close to the 46 MPG I was getting with my Prius.   Moe told me the only car that would give me what I wanted was a Camry.  I test drove one off the lot and it seemed to be a decent car so I decided to finance the Camry after all.  Based on Moe telling me it was going to be a lower monthly payment and get comparable MPG's I felt I got what I wanted. After driving it for a month, I realized it was giving me less than 20 MPG!  I do most of my driving on the highway too!  I was duped.  

I came to the conclusion I was sold a vehicle under false pretenses and I was none too happy about it. When I returned about a month later to confront Moe about him misleading me and looking to get my car back, he told me to "bite the bullet" not showing any onus for his misinformation.  Taking it a further step, I complained to the dealership's Sales Manager, Kenny.  He seemed to empathize with my situation and said I needed to speak to Heather Dea the Customer Service Manager.  She assured me after I told her I am not willing to put any more money down and listed all the features my Prius had that she was going to "make things right".  I came back to the dealership expecting them to make things right by at least taking my Camry in return for a used Prius with all the features my original had.  This would have been the right thing to do to avoid any further frustration from me, the customer.  I was told Alex would be the salesperson who would help me this time.  This is where things went from bad to worse...

Kenny and Alex came to me with an offer that had me trade in my 2 month old Camry for half of what I paid for it and asking for $3-5,000 down to put me into a new Prius paying more a month than I was paying for my first Prius.  A.  I didn't want a new car.  I wanted what I came in with.  B.  They didn't even care I stated I wasn't going to put any more money down and C.  They didn't even quote me the right trade in value because even the Blue Book value was $3,500 more than the $16,000 they said was as high as they said they could offer.  When this was revealed they immediately changed their tune and said, "Okay, we can give you $19,500 for it."  They were willing to ignore the customer service situation just to make a buck!  This is what angers me the most.  Looking at a used car wasn't even brought to the table until I suggested it.  They then sent me to multiple used car lots to wander on my own in the cold as Alex talked on his phone and ignored me.  I decided to test drive one of them.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted but I was willing to make a concession to put an end to this pointless night.  When I got back to the dealership, the Sales Manager Kenny said "Oh, we can't make this deal with a used car" and minutes later he just gave up on me and said, "There's nothing we can do"  I called Toyota directly to complain but still no reply months later.    

As much as I loved my Prius, I have no intention in driving another Toyota after this deplorable experience.  The moral of this story...  do your research and steer clear of Stevens Creek Toyota.

Andrew Y. | 2012-02-24

No, no, no, and no. Tacky sales people who don't know anything about their cars (they told me the Prius has 180 horsepower. seriously?). When we couldn't make a deal, the sales manager (Carlos) tore up the negotiation paper and walked away, which I thought was not only unprofessional, but down-right rude. Not recommended. Go to Piercey where you will be treated fairly.

Rachel V. | 2012-02-23

Okay I just purchased a 2012 Toyota Tundra. This review is about my Sales experience and Alex Agudelo. He was made my buying experience very positive. I got a great deal. Alex made this experience about me. He asked what I wanted and he found it. He wasn't pushy or forceful...I would call him the Gentle Giant of car sales men.

Caroline L. | 2012-02-18

Wow. Worst service ever. Came to test drive a car and was greeted by Carlos, an initially friendly man who identified himself as a sales manager. He then left and brought back a salesperson Francisco who reeked of cigarettes. Who doesn't love test driving a car with someone who stinks of cigarettes. Ugh. So that was bearable, but then we started to discuss prices and because we weren't comfortable with the price offered we said "Thank you for your time". Carlos then snatched the papers off the desk and stormed off, proceeding to rush away angrily crumpling the papers. SO unbelievably rude. Yelp doesn't lie. They only have 2 stars for legit reasons. Come here if you want to be treated like crap!

R U. | 2012-02-16

I just called Stevens Creek Toyota's service department and asked about Toyota standing behind their recall on a head gasket replacement on my 94 4-Runner.  The replacement head gasket has blown and I was calling to see if there was any warranty on it.  Before I could get the persons name, he merely told me "NO" and hung up.  If this is how Stevens Creek Toyota treats their customers, then I will never go there again or shall I recommend them to anyone.  Toyota is no longer the best product out there so they need to sell customer service if they want to be successful.  If it were possible to give them no stars, I would have.

Vishal A. | 2012-02-13

Do we have less than 1 * here?

Stevens Creek Toyota was the worst ever customer service I have seen in my entire life so far.

The guys were so rude, They just canceled my deal for a new car, for which I wasted my entire day at the dealership. at the e

Josh F. | 2012-02-13

First a couple of points after reading some other reviews (and to give you some perspective on me as a car buyer):

If you don't do your research before looking to buy a car and you don't know what you want, don't waste the dealer's time.  Auto dealers are businesses, not charities or consumer groups.  Whining about a salesperson trying to *sell* you something is asinine.

I see a lot of complaints about service (is an repair service, not customer service).  If you expect amazing service from a dealer, you will be disappointed (this is no direct attack on Stevens Creek Toyota, just a point in general).  I have *never* had a good experience with dealer service.  They're expensive, over-booked, and way too big to treat you personally.  Do yourself a favor and purvey your local service center.

I spent this weekend test driving cars at a rental dealer and realized I'd overlooked the Rav4.  I asked my wife if she'd like to try one and, since it was close by, went the Stevens Creek Toyota.  I was 100% sure I was NOT going to like the experience nor would I buy a car from them.  I have never had a good experience with any Stevens Creek dealer and neither has anyone I know.

Arriving at the retail lot, I approached a group of salesmen who were chatting and smoking.  I asked about used Rav4's and Matrix's and the salesman confirmed they had both.  First impression was that my suspicions were confirmed, this was not going to be a pleasant experience.  The salesmen definitely seemed like the typical pushy car salesman.  Luckily for us, when we arrived at the used lot, we were handed off to Josh who turned out to be one of the most helpful car salesman I've ever encountered.

We quickly looked over the Matrix and confirmed it was too small and set about identifying the Rav4 we were interested in from their large selection.  Now, don't get me wrong: Josh was trying to sell a car.  As I said above, I accept that, this is a business, this is his livelihood.  But he wasn't overly pushy and he listened to me when I said things like, "no, I don't want 4WD, no I don't care if it's Limited".

After a test drive I was convinced the Rav4 was the car we would go after (vs CR-V, Sorrento, Santa Fe, Rogue, etc.).  But I had no intention of buying a car that day and they didn't have the one we wanted anyway.

Side Note: Toyota nailed the small SUV with the Rav4, make sure you try one before you buy anything else.

On the way back to the office, with full intention of leaving to go home, we passed a Pacific Blue Rav4 Limited that hadn't been tagged or anything yet (didn't even have a price on it).  I knew, being a Limited with moonroof, etc. it would be out of our price range but Josh insisted we take a look, so we did.

Long story short(er) Josh, along with fleet manager Jason, actually fought to sell me a car way outside my price range at the price I wanted.  I won't go into numbers (I'm sure they'll appreciate this) but frankly I was SHOCKED how they went out of their way to work with me.  I've never had any experience even close to this at a Stevens Creek dealer (I'm including BMW, Chevy, VW, Honda here).  They even let us take the car home without the trade-in (and gave us above Blue Book on the trade-in sight unseen)!

I think they understood I'm a smart buyer, I do my research, I don't "haggle" (I have a price I want to pay and that's it) and, most importantly, they understood that as an auto dealer in a down market you need to *sell* cars, not make unhappy customers.

Now, to be fair, based on my first impression of the retail lot I don't think I would have had the same experience there (I think it would have been quite bad).  But Jason spent some time explaining to me that they're really trying to change the culture at Stevens Creek.  I will say the team at the used lot seems to really have their act together.

The next day I brought the trade-in and dropped it off no questions asked.  I also picked up some parts, which was another shockingly pleasant experience.  The salesman (sorry I forgot his name) was super helpful and even allowed me to take the parts without paying because I'd forgotten my Toyota Rewards number (I called and got it from my wife and paid the same day just to avoid any headaches).

All in all I'm super impressed with the used car and parts experience at Stevens Creek Toyota.

Tere A. | 2012-02-11

Today was my second purchase at Stevens Creek Toyota.  The first was three years ago and was a painful experience but this one was much better.  I recently opened a daycare so was in the market for a much bigger car.  I was trading in my Corolla for a used Sienna.  I did my online research and was put in contact with Jason Xie.  He was informative and understood exactly my needs.  He answered my questions completely and did not try to sell me more than I wanted.  There were no surprises.  They gave me at or maybe even above Blue Book for my trade-in so I was happy.  But then the waiting game started.  I don't quite understand why the paperwork takes so long - especially when they weren't financing a loan.  My appointment with Jason was at 1:30; we were done with everything by 2:30 but I wasn't out of there until 5:00.  However, when I told him I was going to go out and grab a sandwich since I was starving, he ordered, picked up and delivered a very nice Subway lunch free of charge.  Buying a car is never easy but Jason did his best to make it pain free.  It is unfortunate that the paperwork and detailing takes so long.

A. D. | 2012-02-10

Not sure where to begin here.  This place's star rating speaks for itself, so I'll make this one brief.

Pushy. Rude. "Sale at all cost" attitude ("Buy! Buy! Buy! Now! Now! Now!)...Etc..etc.  

We could not have felt less welcome or less free to weigh our options before deciding on a car.

Bottom line: These are "those" guys that give the phrase "used car salesmen" its common meaning.

Tim B. | 2012-02-07

PLEASE READ THIS!  The Experience my wife and I had from the moment we shook hands with Robert Zargarian (Salesman)to the discussions with Floor Manager Perry Farahani, to everyone on the SCT Team including receiving input from Chris (Parts Mgr), Shane Brown (technical explanation of electronics), and Dave Volkman (Service). This was THE BEST car experience we have had in our lives. We're in our mid 50's and together have purchased now 14 cars since we've been married. There was none of the usual pressure, bait & switch, manipulation or unnecessary waiting.  Believe it or not we completed the transaction SuperBowl Sunday. Robert managed and navigated the process with incredible professionalism and insured we were comfortable and had all the information we needed. Robert is new to Toyota (which is tough in the car business even though he was 10 years with a competitor) but we predict he will be a star for Toyota Stevens Creek. Perry should be managing his own Toyota Store. He is such a talent and oozes credibility.  As a four time Silicon Valley Start-up CEO I have come to recognize quality talent.  People are the (only) difference makers and without Robert and Perry we would not have purchased from Stevens Creek.  We were initially just window shopping and wanting to buy closer to home in Palo Alto. We are happy customers and highly recommend Stevens Creek Toyota.  My wife was smiling all the way home in her new 2012 Camry Hybrid. Tim and Rene' (Menlo Park).

Lenore L. | 2012-01-31

I don't doubt my review may change some the further I get, if I do. But my experience so far has been very positive. Rene and Jun helped me when I test drove a Lexus the other day. They were warm and friendly and made me feel like I mattered.

People reviewing complain that they treat us as a sale. Well, I am sure that is the bottom line, they are trying to earn a living. I think that is true of every dealer I walk into. But I really do appreciate when people make me feel welcome and like I'm not a silly waste of their time. Even when I talk about the amazing deal I want to get. They are probably lying when they say, oh yes, we will get you an amazing deal, with a huge smile. We are all looking to come out ahead. But at least they say it instead of acting like there is something wrong with me that I want a good deal.
I have yet to meet a car salesman that didn't at least stretch the truth or withold the truth. At least love me while you lie to me!

Yes, I love these guys. Nobody walks by you without asking if you are already being helped. I am not invisible. That's nice.

Keep it up fellas! Your personable skills are extremely appreciated by me. I will forgive you if you forget me, or my name. This is a huge dealership; I see that you are very busy and see many faces every hour.

Hopefully we will make a deal that makes us both happy. :)

Sofia Y. | 2012-01-30

I am surprised by the Yelp review about this place, it was totally not what i experienced.... My family was car shopping in the area. Walk into Toyoto, which turn out to be our first (and last) dealer that we stop by for the day. I will be honest, we weren't expecting for everything to run so smoothly.... Because most sales person are pushy and that just triggers you not wanting to buy the car....

After we park our car, we were immediately greet by the one of the sales consultant (Ray). Ray's has a great sense of humor and patience that a sales person should have. He spent maybe 15-20 minutes with us and explain to us different models and the differences among them. Then we were introduce to Tai who spent a great deal of time with my family, test driving a couple different models of vehicle we were looking at, spending a great deal of time with us comparing the different model. At first, we didnt really find the exact car that I wanted. But he was patient enough to walk us around the lot to see what is available, and BAM the car that 100%% fit my criteria showed up. He was even nice enough to drive the car next to the car we were looking at earlier so its easier for us to compare the two. Both Ray and Tai were super super patient as we compare, and they are not pushy at all. I personally hate pushy sales person.
Next, comes purchasing time, We were introduce to floor manager Carlos. Who spent over an hour with us to work out the price for the new car as well as the price on our trade in. Carlos gave us a reasonable deal on the car after several rounds of negotiation. It makes you feel like they want your business with the amount of time they spend with you.... and they really want to work things out with you.... just negotiate....
Then, Ray and Tai came back to sort out the paper work with us and manage everything very professionally. Being there, definitely made me feel like they really cares about your business. Later on we also found out that it was only Tai's thrid day of work... Super Impressed.
Lastly, we were brought to the financing, where Danny spent a great deal of time explaining all the paper work to the family as well as all the coverage and also the optional 6 year bumper to bumper coverage plan.

Stevens Creek Toyota Thank you for the great service and treat us like a friend/family. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Especially thank you to Ray, Tai, Carlos and Danny......

And now we are a happy owner of a brand new Toyota Camry.

Just a couple things.... Keep in mind, they are business people... just make sure you do your homework to see what car and model you really want. find out their values and go shopping....

Jason L. | 2012-01-30

Francisco "Cisco" is pretty cool, showed us all the cars we need to look at, got a pretty cool deal. 0%APR for 60 month is a killing. We trade in our cars at the price that was pretty reasonable.

tru b. | 2012-01-21

Great Service Friendly knowledgeable people.......Kenny Rocks!  
Super knowledgeable, very friendly and professional and efficient in getting my car checked in and on it's way to receiving whatever attention it needs.
I trust that he will make sure the work is done right and be completed on time, and keep me apprised of  any unforeseen developments.
 The parts department is also awesome, again very knowledgeable, friendly people who are willing to step out from behind the counter and come look if necessary to better understand what is needed.
 Thank You!  I will be back.

Hung L. | 2012-01-21

I came here with a friend who's looking for a new car because her current car is breaking down. As usual of dealership, someone was watching us and approached us as soon as we parked and got out of the car. I expected the usual song and dance of showing us different cars that are in our price range, a test drive and a "what does it take for you to take the car today" talk at the end. Unfortunately...ironic I never got that far.

My friend was interested in a Prius but we were told they aren't interested in showing us ANY cars unless we are interested in buying the car that day. WTF?!? How do we know what we really want until you show them to us?!?

Needless to say, we will NEVER be coming back here again.

Valeria S. | 2012-01-19

I had a bad experience with a cargo net I ordered for my moms highlander, I wrote a yelp review expressing my discontent and promptly got an email from a manger of some sort at Toyota apologizing and offering to make it up to me. Since then, they have sent me a check (that I'm currently waiting on) to attempt to correct any unpleasant feelings I have towards the Toyota dealership. It's nice to know that they care enough about their customers and image to offer to refund me my $ for my troubles so even though I'm still reluctant to go back I'm satisfied with the service they've provided in order to correct my bad experience.

JawkDNA X. | 2012-01-18

Made an appointment for service on Stevens Creek Toyota's website.
I made the appointment for 5pm and rolled up about 4:55, and asked where I should go to drop of my car...
"for what?"
"I have a 5pm appointment"
"ummm no you don't we stop taking cars at 4:15"
"well I have an email confirmation right here that says I have a 5pm appointment"
"oh that is odd, I'll let my manager know."

No service. I was turned away with an appointment. I was offered to make a new appointment...
This place sucks.

SS S. | 2012-01-18

Bought a 2012 Sequoia for my Wife.
And she's really happy.
The sales guy Adam was good..
Then I meet Mr. Gary.. the best guy there...funny, peoples guy, just an Awesome guy...

I would recommend this to everybody..

Thanks guys......

Kathy Y. | 2012-01-14

If you know a mechanic even if he's 300+ miles away, go there.

I'm giving this place 2 stars only because their lobby is amazing. Free coffee and free wi-fi while you wait.... nice! There's plenty of seats and some chairs have the school arm/writing table attached to it. There are TVs too. Did I mention their beautiful tank full of pretty fishies??

Nika M. | 2012-01-12

Best experience buying a new car! We worked with Robert Jones and had
a great experience - he kept the process simple, fast and haggle-free.
He offered us the best deal in this area for a 2011 Prius (we searched
around for a while) and even helped us get an add-on for much less
than any of the other dealerships. Robert was very professional,
courteous and knowledgeable. I'd definitely recommend Stevens Creek
Toyota (especially over Toyota Sunnyvale - worst experience ever) to
any one interested in buying a car!

Cindy C. | 2012-01-12

This review is for Ramsay (sales) and Perry (floor manager).  When I first called to ask about a particular model we were looking for, I asked if there was flexibility on pricing and Perry told me that numbers were the easy part as long as we found the car we liked. I figured it was typical tricky sales guy talk but he actually followed thru (after some negotiations of course). Ramsay was assigned to us, and was super patient and not pushy, letting us take turns test driving both used and new cars. We ended up buying the certified pre-owned, and Perry dropped the price over 10% to help us get out of there on budget. We've been really happy with our car so far and feel like we got a deal below KBB. Buying a car is really not easy because it's such a BIG purchase, but recommend these two guys if you're looking...they'll try their best to make it less painful

Lena d. | 2012-01-06

they were just tight ass people...hate them will never go back there even if i have to ban toyota from my life.

Peggy C. | 2012-01-05

I have to say I'm probably the most difficult customer there is: Didn't know what I wanted, penny pincher, and just okay credit. But the salesman, Ray, took all the time I needed to help me decide what vehicle was best for me (I decided on a Used Car, 2011 with 18k miles) and wasn't pushy at all. I went to many dealerships to compare types of vehicles, prices and overall value, warranty, etc. and came back several times. Each time Ray was patient and helped narrow the field.

Carlos, the floor manager, was awesome as well. He helped with the financing and when we stayed late working out details he  brought in home made tamales!! They were incredible!!  How great that he shared with his customers -- made us feel welcome and like we were part of the family.

Even financing was fast and painless. We were in and out in less than 15 minutes. No pressure to buy more or upgrade anything, just simple and concise -- thank you Danny for that. The last thing I wanted was pressure from finance -- it was an exhausting process.

After visiting every dealership from Dublin to South San Jose -- Ray and Carlos are honest and up front, no pressure and good guys. Other dealerships flat out lied to my face, did anything possible to get my business whether it was honest or not.

If you want somewhere that is no pressure, honest and simply helpful to get your new (or used) car -- this is it. They won't force you into a Toyota -- I bought a Nissan and love it!!

Michael M. | 2012-01-04

I completely and totally disagree with VWOval on Nov 10, 2011.. I purchased my 2004 Camry it had a leak in the sunroof/moon roof. This dealer spent countless days, changing parts and still it leaked. I had taken it back 4-5 times. They wanted one more chance before they were going claim lemon law. Someone flew out from the factory to do the work. My leak is not considered a life threatening issue. You must give the dealer 4-6 times to get this issue fixed. Yes, it was frustrating but give them a chance. Lemon Law is dependent on the severity of the problem. Yes, I did work with Kenny and Heather and both were extremely helpful and very polite. Furthermore, I wrote a letter to Toyota in San Ramon and they actually sent me one month payment. I was shocked. Cannot say that will happen again or to anyone but I was surprised. Finally they took my car in for the final time and took every piece of the sunroof/moonroof apart. Measured each part for specifications and only one part they never changed what the cable which was stretched 1 inch and that is why it wouldn't close properly. I haven't had a problem since with that issue and my car has 125k. I do not take my car into the dealer every time for maintenance, I never buy extended warranties since my bronco 2 as the parts that fail are never covered. Maybe it was the attitude and demands.. Cars are expensive to buy and maintain and things do go wrong. Kenny and Heather continue to be nice and polite to me. You treat people the way you want to be treated. If you are mean, they can easily say no. Kill them with kindness, even though both know the customer is frustrated. You collect more bees with honey then with vinegar.

Barbara B. | 2012-01-02

The best service EVER!  I've been going there since I bought my Corolla - always plenty of service greeters even if you drive into the No Appt or Express Lube line!  Service is ALWAYS less time than estimated.  Service lounge is clean & spacious - comfy chairs; TV; Free Wi-Fi; Coffee & in the early morning bagels & donuts.  Don't want to hang around - free shuttle to wherever!

ashley g. | 2011-12-26

Lots of issues!!! Barely got my car from here and has hellaaaaa problems now!!!! I haven't even had it a year!!!!!!!!!!they suck ass!!!!!!!!

victoria a. | 2011-11-23

I have a toyota'09 and my low air indicator was on, so I came to Toyota dealership to check what is going on. The found the one of the tires had a screw and was not repairable. They quoted me $290 for one tire, what a joke. Thankfully america's tires are next to it for $125.

Chris B. | 2011-11-11

Their parts department is among the slowest I've ever been too.
It's like they know they have you and can't go any place else so they move at snails pace.

Partha S. | 2011-11-07

Avoid these guys as much as you can. We went in almost certain of buying a Rav4 but then me and my wife were debating between the base and the sport model and stepped aside to discuss it.

A salesman named Frank kept pressurizing us without giving the right factual information. He gave us incorrect information (said that the Rav4 base model doesn't come in V6) and also complained that Toyota's website was "all over the map". He kept filling up credit checks, throwing numbers at us, trying to peddle the wrong model and wrong color and a whole bunch of childish/excessively aggressive tactics.

And when we decided that we were not ready to make a purchase, we got treated very poorly - accused of "wasting their time" by visiting the store and looked down upon as if we were bums loitering in their store.

Just a terrible experience overall!

M J. | 2011-11-05

Hate this place - Sales. Very bad attitude, does not answer questions direct and factually. These people do not respect customers infact they talked down to us and disrespected us about our choice and decisions. Please do NOT go here ever if you want a clean respectful conversation.

Steve S. | 2011-11-04

Our car purchase here was fairly unpleasant, so much so that I would not recommend Stevens Creek Toyota to anyone. The major concerns were these:

* Misled (knowingly so?) with incorrect information about the availability of colors for the model of interest. We found out only after the car purchase that the color we really wanted was actually available, only this dealership didn't have that color in stock. We're reminded of this every time we see the color of our new car.

* You are a sale, not a person. Though we had negotiated with the sales agent and manager for about 4 hours the day before, the next day neither one could remember our names, and we even had to remind them that we bought a car from them the day before. Talk about short-term memory loss.

* Trade-in experience... they offered substantially less initially for our trade-in car than it was valued. If you are doing a trade-in, do your research ahead of time - check Kelley Blue Book; check market rates. Though we got them to go up on their offer, we didn't have the car with us and so they insisted on coming to our house on a Sunday night at 10:30 pm. The inconvenience to us wasn't a consideration. It definitely left us with a bad feeling having the sales agent at our house in the dead of night, stealing our baby away.

Service so far has been ok; I'll go somewhere else to buy a car in the future.

KC C. | 2011-11-04

Hhhhmmmm, not surprised Stevens Creek Toyota got two stars.  Toyota in Milpitas didn't offer the best deal but had I known I would've been treated like crap at SCT, I would've purchased it in Milpitas.  Won't waste my time on a lengthy review as it's not worth my time.  Car took two weeks until pickup was ready.  No one called to give me a status update; I had to call three times a week to find out where the car was.  I kept hearing 'sorry, it will be here tomorrow'.  I pretty much gave up.  Completed disappointed especially since the car was paid in full.  Good deal or not, the customer service SUCKED.  Managers on site don't give a crap so if you have an actual complaint, you'll have to take it to an area supervisor like I plan to.  NEVER buying a car from here again!

C S. | 2011-11-03

I came here to maintain my car. As far as that goes, they are pretty good. They offer a one-way shuttle from the dealership to wherever (what the range is, I'm not sure), and if you come early enough (at least on Saturdays) they have donuts and coffee! If you decide to wait, they have a waiting area with lots of tvs.

I never felt talked-down to or left out of the loop, and when they promised a time that my car would be done, they never missed it.

Bill B. | 2011-10-30

Have had our 2008 Toyota Rav 4 in for a recall twice, replace a leaky oil hose. Still leaking.... Tired of cleaning the drive way, again. Trying a different dealer's service department or maybe it's time to sell the Rav, a sign of things to come....

Jan G. | 2011-10-27

I'm a first time car buyer and my experience was nothing short of AMAZING! The sales team guys, JASON and ANIL, worked diligently to get me the best deal possible and were super nice and helpful. They weren't pushy like other sales people can be and advised me on the best cars they had with the best deals I could afford. My sister bought 2 cars with these guys' help earlier this year, so even though I live in Morgan Hill, I made the drive over there to Stevens Creek to see for myself if they could help me too, and sure enough, they did!

We showed up late, it was almost closing time, and they were like ,"No worries, no rush, whatever you need!" They even called the banker guy to come in after he had already gone home for the night, to help us out! Thanks banker guy! JASON and ANIL, thanks for all the help! Go see these guys if you want a great deal, trust me they'll do any and everything to help you out. Also, the woman in finance, DARLENE, she was very helpful too. THANKS STEVENS CREEK TOYOTA TEAM!! You guys have a repeat customer in me for sure!

Devin T. | 2011-10-22

Service department is terrible!  I called to make an appointment for my oil change and they informed me that regardless of which Saturday I bring it in, I'd have to leave it for more than 3 hours.  My contact didn't seem to understand the concept of scheduling as she thought this kind of delay is necessary due to 'how busy they are'.  I also asked to speak to the manager and left a message but have not heard anything back... he's probably doing everything he can to avoid contact with his customers as doesn't care about service quality.  I will not buy any future cars from Stevens Creek.

Jessica C. | 2011-10-17

My husband and I bought a car from Anil and we had a great experience. He was really friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and patient with answering all our questions. We're very happy with our purchase and the service we had at Stevens Creek Toyota.

E. T. | 2011-10-17

They charged me $14+ for a small bottle touchup paint, which you can get for $7 from Pep Boys.  What a rip-off.  Stay away from this place.

Nandini R. | 2011-10-10

Awful experience purcahsing a used Toyota Highlander. Clement the sales guy completely untrustworthy. No integrity behind anyone's promises here. Out to scam anyone out of money - Be Warned. Will NEVER be going back!

Coreen B. | 2011-10-08

A completely horrible experience. Carlos threw a childish fit when we did not continue with the car purchase. He tried to refuse to return my mother's personal information. I'll neve be back to any Toyota dealership or purchase a Toyota ever again.

Leslie H. | 2011-09-28

So far service has been decent. I made an appointment by phone about a week ago. Don't do it online as they are still working out glitches in the system and it won't show up on the computer when you come in.

Someone came out to meet me in the line immediately as I pulled up at 8:30. The service guy, Mike, was very friendly. He told me that the 10K checkup would take about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. He also pointed me towards the waiting area and said he would come get me when it was finished. I sat outside enjoying the sunshine for a while before the cigarette smoke in the area started to get to me. Inside, the waiting area is quite spacious with ample seating, televisions, and a fancy fish tank to keep the little kids happy. Also, they provide free wifi (though I couldn't get it to work for me) as well as complimentary coffee and donuts and bagels in the morning!

My service was actually done by 9:10am, which was great. However, when Mike came to retrieve me, he mentioned that the car would be washed. When another person came to drop it off, however, it wasn't washed. I asked for it to be done, and he told me another 5 minutes. That's fine by me. Well, I kind of wish I had just it go, because that was the worst carwash I have ever seen. Understandably, it was free, but the least they can do is not leave huge swaths of wet spots.

Paul W. | 2011-09-28

Kenny still works there, is still awesome and keeps my car running great...I ask for him every time my car needs a maintenance check.  Got the 35K service today, 7AM appointment and they got it done in a mere half hour.  Thanks again, Kenny!

Sanjay A. | 2011-09-21


I called ahead and I was told to meet guy called Tommy. What a jerk he turned out to be -- rather than answering my questions, kept talking about how cool prius technology is. When I was test driving, I expressed interest to drive on the freeway - he blantantly asked if I am going to buy on the same day? I said - can't promise. He refused to go on freeway saying that Saturday is too busy and come back later on.

That's when I told him that I am never coming back and I will talk to his manager.

I talked to his manager, but I don't think he really cared.

Anyways, went to Sunnyvale Toyota and got an excellent service and test drove Prius and FJ Cruiser.

Calvin S. | 2011-09-16

NOTE: This review covers their Service Department:

I have been bringing my 2007 Toyota Camry here for service and the occasional repair for many years now and would love to put in a good word for them.

I have dealt with three people I can recall off the top of my head, Eddie Violante, Michael Snur, and Nick Taylor. I would highly recommend all three of them although Nick Taylor only works at the express lube station. Whenever I bring my car in they are friendly and accommodating. For all the reviews that call them impolite and short-tempered, these people are under a lot of pressure each day with the massive influx or cars sitting waiting for service or for those that are scheduled for one soon. What many deem as rude, I attribute to efficiency. If you're looking for someone to casually chat with, get out of a busy service department.

Every time I arrive, I wait no longer than 5 minutes before someone sticks their head out of a window asking me what I need and that someone will be with me ASAP. Regardless of how many customers they have waiting in line or whether or not they have an appointment, they make sure each and every one of them are at least greeted. When they do get started in processing my car, they always give me the best price they can offer without me needing to bring in coupons or internet deals. What more can you ask of a service visit?

As for their repairs, dealerships have been notorious for ripping off customers and many nickname them "stealerships" because of it. For the few times that I have had issues, Eddie would always patiently explain to me the problem, why I have to fix it, and how much it would cost, and if it would be covered under warranty. Just recently I had a problem with the CV boots of my car. I talked to Michael and Nick about it and was informed that because my car was lowered on aftermarket suspension, warranty would likely not cover it. Now this is completely understandable as any warranty agreement would be declared void due to aftermarket parts. However, they did a full examination and found that my parts did not cause the failure. Where many dealerships would automatically stop at the word aftermarket and charge me without a second look, this dealership went out of their way to make sure I wouldn't have to pay out of my pocket unless I absolutely needed to. (Dealerships make more money off of customer paid repairs rather than warranty repairs.) This is definitely not the stealerships I have heard of who try to gouge you for every penny. In fact, I had also informed them afterwards that I wouldn't be able to have the repairs done at their location because I'm driving back to school in Southern California in a couple days. This did not deter them one bit and they documented everything they found for me to relay to a dealership down in Socal. This really showed me that these people weren't there to try to make a quick buck off customers, but are genuinely trying to help. I can't recommend these people enough and have yet to meet a rude employee.

(Side note: While I was waiting for my complimentary shuttle back home while they examined my car, I had no less than 3 people ask me within a span of 10 minutes if I needed help with anything.)

cory n. | 2011-09-16

I just bought a certified used Toyota Matrix from Stevens Creek Toyota.
This was the first place I went Anil, the salesman who helped me was great! He showed me right to a car I liked, listened to what I needed most and when I walked away not sure I was ready to purchase he gave me a follow up call, and was able to make the financing much more appealing to me.  
The car is fantastic, and the service was too!

Ma Q. | 2011-09-10

we just bought a Camry from this shop. And we are very satisfied. Thanks Arthur Shaw and Dave!You are so patient and nice!

Christina P. | 2011-08-21

We just bought a used (or "pre-owned", if you prefer)  Toyota Sienna at this place and we had a good experience. The sales guys we worked with were helpful and they weren't coercive or pushy. We felt we got what we wanted for a fair price! After we bought it, we had some problems with the air vents not working, but they fixed it right up for us at no charge. Their people in the service department were super nice and helpful as well. We would definitely go there again! Oh, and they also have a nice big lounge area with TV's, a fish tank, bathrooms, and vending machines.  This is really helpful if you have kids because the car shopping/buying process is a long one. We had our two year old with us and he loved watching the fish and having some space to move around in.

Jacob G. | 2011-08-19

I had a great experience getting my Prius serviced at Stevens Creek. They were informative, constructive, and didn't try and squeeze me for cash. My hunch is that they aren't the cheapest, however. All around, I had a great experience, and I'm picky.

Melissa H. | 2011-08-18

This is a review for the dealership.  I have not tried the service department.

I purchased my first and only car from here in December 2009.  I wish I had gone somewhere else.

I caved to the pressure to buy the extended service agreement and warranty. A few months later Toyota changed the terms of the agreement because they switched the car to synthetic oil.  They gave you a time frame where you could go back to the dealership to collect the difference in the price.  So dutifully, I went back and asked for the difference. They argued with me, made me feel dumb, and tried to force me to agree to just overpay.  I got so frustrated that I told them to cancel the service agreement, and give me my money back (which was also an option according to Toyota).  

Finally, after over an hour and me raising my voice (I never do that) they signed a receipt and said the check would arrive in 8 weeks. The check took far longer and was for an amount significantly lower than I should have received. I tried to get it corrected, but they said I had to talk to Toyota national. Toyota national said that the paperwork was turned in too late and I had to talk to the dealership.  I told the dealership I had a signed and dated receipt from them, then they stopped returning my calls.  

I originally went to a big dealership because I thought I would get more selection and that they would have a more polished service. As it turns out this big dealership uses its resources to try to intimidate, confuse, and trick its customers into overpaying.

I will never buy from them again.

So h. | 2011-08-16

...I guess things still haven't changed in over 4 years! Two little stars for such a high profile, premier located dealership with elite bay area clientele... why does anyone shop or support them??  See the folks at Lexus! They'll provide you with the service you expect and the location is TOP NOTCH!

Sheila N. | 2011-08-10

Very disappointed.  I took my car them because of electrical problems. I informed the service tech that I am aware of alot of problems with my car, but needed see what else they could find regarding the "misfire".  I went to get my car back and they charged me just to tell me everything I told them. Nothing about checking cylinders. They didn't even try, but was too quick to get me to buy a new car.

The sales rep was rude and when I looked on receipt and read the list of things that was wrong with my car, I noticed in the comment sections it was written "dog bone".  What the heck?  I just wasted my time and money with them.

Also, when I went to get my car, they couldn't find it.  I was waiting for at least 20 minutes for this guy to walk around to find my car! That bothered me because it's not like my car could be driven off very far.  How do you lose someone's car?

They their techs were young guys running around the cars like they are playing tag hitting each other. Shouldn't they be searching for my car or fixing a car...No they were chasing each other like little kids in elementary school!. Very unprofessional and I can't believe that I paid them for those "kids" to basically toy around with my car. No wonder they couldn't diagnose it.  Unskilled, unprofessional and most of all sketchy.

Save your money and do not go them for any repairs. What ever happened to the days when they had mature techs that were professional and actually knew what they were doing?

I give them 1 star!

Lena T. | 2011-08-09

Wow, at first I thought maybe it's just me. Looking at the review, I see its not just me.  To put it straight to the point, the whole dealership organization does not value people.  They just want the money.  The rest they dont care.  For example I was talking with Rene (who is a manager of some sort - at least that's how he introduced himself as) regarding a price of a car.  He replies to me "even if the price was this, which it's not possible"; why would you talk about a price that is not realistic.  

When I asked about what finance rates they could offer, the only answer I received was "we can't tell you unless we run your record".  If I wanted my record ran, I wouldn't ask what rates you have going, I would simply say "what do I qualify for".  It's a pretty straight forward question, that can use a straight forward answer.  For example: we currently have 6%apr or something, even if its not a promotional rate.

The best part, I asked where can I send a review, I was told here's one of the bosses.  Talk to him - I came up to him and started telling him how i'm unsatisfied.  To what he begins to say i'm sorry with a smirk behind his sorry.  Not only is he practically laughing in my face, he is also leaning on a counter (I find it very unprofessional specially coming from a higher personal).  I mean what kind of example are you showing to everyone - simply that you don't care.  If that's the case you succeeded.  

This is the second time I came to visit the dealership, both times similar experiences.  Definitely will not be coming back here again!!!

Michael L. | 2011-08-03

If I can give 0 star, I will.

This review is for the customer service received at the Part Department. One word, horrible.

1) Wrong info given to customer: I called ahead and asked if 2002 Corolla and 2003 Corolla uses the same transmission oil. I was told they both use the same oil. Wrong information.

2) Extremely rude customer service: I went there after work with my wife to buy 5 quarts of 2002 Corolla transmission oil, 1 quart of 2003 Corolla transmission oil. I repeated that a few times but the CSR Grant still got it wrong. He complained I did a switcheroo on him but I didn't. My wife standing next to me heard me said correctly each time.

CSR Grant then gave me a receipt to sign while he went about the store to gather the transmission oil for my cars. I then tried to confirm with him that I bought 5 quarts for 2002, 1 quart for 2003 Corolla. He clearly heard me but ignored my question not once but THREE times. In disbelieve for the extremely poor service, I walked out of the store.

In short, this dealership should fire/replace/move Mr. Grant to other department where he doesn't need to interact with customer.

Selina S. | 2011-08-02

Great service. I recently brought my car in in to get recall work done. So far my car is running great and they washed and somewhat detailed the interior. My only complaint is that they never called me when my car was ready and I had to call them. They then said that they called my cell which they never did. Overall I'm satisfied.

Dinesh G. | 2011-07-30

This place sells cars and does service.  I read some of the reviews going in, but several didn't mention up front whether they went in  to buy a car or to get something fixed. If you plan on writing a review, mention at the start whether you went in for service or for sales.

I went in to the SERVICE department. I have a 2003 Corolla for which the airbag light came on. When I went in, the guy who checked me in etc. was very very polite. This is the first time I've been to a dealership and of course I was a bit awed with all the show and pomp (fancy waiting area, several lanes for check in etc. etc.) After I was done, they also had a shuttle service which I took back home.  So far so good.

Then I got their assessment and the music stopped. Without much of an explanation, I was told that the entire air bag assembly would have to be replaced - over a thousand bucks. I decided not to trust them and found an air bag specialist in Pleasanton ( ) who I got to come over for a second opinion. It turned out to be a simple continuity problem which didn't require anything more than a cleaning of the circuit that fixed the issue. I wrote a review for this service as well and you can find out more about them online if you have airbag problems.

So my learning from all this is that as far as the service center goes, as a dealer - they just want to sell you parts (which are expensive and make them a lot of money). There are plenty of good mechanics and service centers around, if you do a little digging here or on google. 2 stars for the free coffee, free wireless, politeness and shuttle service. I will never go near this place for service again.

Mike T. | 2011-07-27

This review is for both the sales and service department.  The only saving grace and star for this review is for the service and communication from the sales department throughout my whole ordeal.  They deserve five stars for being patient and understanding.

Long story short, I purchased a new vehicle and was promised a roof rack installation as part of the deal to be installed by the service department.  Sounds simple, right?  It took over four visits in a span of a month to get it done properly.  First visit, wrong part was ordered, WTF? Second visit, could not get installed during time promised, WTF?.  Third visit, finally installed but broke my car antenna, WTF?  Fourth visit, finally complete.

I wrote a complaint directly to the chief there and was given a payment credit for what they estimated for the "labor costs" and was given multiple car washes and gas fill ups.  

Oh and a week after, I got rear-ended by an illegal, WTF?

Wendy W. | 2011-07-05

A few years back.. I brought my car here for a standard service... I think it was the 15k or something like that... And it included a tire rotation... Apparently they did not screw one of my tires in correctly.. And the bolts weren't screwed in tightly.. And as I kept driving... They started to fall off... Good thing we saw this (mainly because of the loud noise the bolts were making as the car moved) and got this fixed before something terrible happened..

All they offered me was to fix it.. (not that I asked them for any compensation or expected anything)... But I didn't feel like they really cared much about the mistake and I didn't feel geniunely cared for.. Or that my safety mattered all that much..

I know this happened a few years ago.. But I just more recently started using yelp.. And I thought I'd share my terrible experience..

I know this place is typically more expensive than other toyota dealers for service.. But I was willing to pay a little more for convenience.. Since I live less than a mile away from here... But I was wrong... I've decided never to go back... Even with all those promos they've been sending me...

Kristin V. | 2011-06-30

Pushy salesmen. Racists salesmen. The whole he kept saying horrible things about Asians. Pretty much wouldn't let us leave. We left and bought a brand new car at Capital Honda.

Daniel B. | 2011-06-27

My girlfriend and I were car shopping and I visited this location because my employer purchased a Prius here in 2009.  Long story short, they played way too many games.  I knew something was up by the way the salesman pounced on us before we were even out of the car when we pulled into the lot.  I made it clear what we wanted and how much we wanted for the trade in but the smart ass salesman and the pushy "Sales manager" kept trying to get us to look at used cars and wanted to sell us a Prius with the same mileage as our trade in.  When I reminded them of what we were shopping for (a new Prius with navigation) they kept insisting they were "out of stock" of all Prius with navigation and kept pushing us toward the used models.   We left shortly after and purchased a nice new Honda in Milpitas.  One star for sneaky sales tactics and pushy salesmen.

Lisa T. | 2011-06-25

Stevens Creek Toyota,
Do you want to sell me a car or do you want to just argue with me about something unrelated to the sale?  I've never heard of this tactic.  Sure, you may think you won today, feeling smug for proving that you're right (although I still say that you're not), but you just had a customer walk away without a purchase.  Do you feel better now?

An unhappy customer

Lorilee L. | 2011-06-19

The parts department has always been very helpful but my most recent visit takes the cake.

Full-service windshield wiper replacement without a lecture about what a stupid chick I am for letting them disintegrate on my car.  For $ and service.

Thanks guys.  You rock.

Janet D. | 2011-06-05

Service was pretty good. Had an appointment to check up on my toyota corolla s they have all those recalls haha. Anyhow Randy my service writer was pretty helpful. They finished my car in a pretty timely manner and also gave it a hose down after. People on the phone when I called in were pretty friendly as well.

Mahesh J. | 2011-06-03

I bought a used Nissan Altima from Toyota Dealer in Oct-2009. This car was dealer certified and I also bought extended warranty to be safe.

After a year of driving this vehicle, I took this car to Steven Creek Toyota Service Center for scheduled maintenance and to investigate some noise in front passenger side.
After Investigation they told me that there is some problem with power steering shaft and engine belt and I need to replace it and this will be covered under my warranty with $100 deductibles.
I went ahead and did this plus there were some other fixes suggested, I did those too. The overall cost was around $575 on me and warranty covered around $700

Immediately after 1 week of this service I had a major engine break down due to leakage in radiator coolant. Due to this my radiator burst and temperature gauge showed full temp. My car stopped in middle of the road.

Toyota Service center agreed to fix this radiator and leaking issue without charging me anything.

But suddenly after 2 weeks of this again there was smoke coming out of the engine so, i took the car again to service center and they said that the radiator hose (which was changed last time) burst and they will replace the same but I will have to pay $70. I agreed but told them to check the car properly. They convinced me that they have done a regress pressure testing for almost 24 hours and car is all rock solid.

Now after 4-5 weeks of this fix again I had the same problem of coolant leakage and car radiator burst with coolant spilled everywhere on engine. This happened in middle of the busy traffic road so, I have to drive around 1 mile to reach to a safe place. When I towed the car to Toyota Service center. They changed my radiator under part manufacture's  warranty but still my engine did not start so, they full opened my engine to diagnose the problem. They noticed that Engine Gasket and there were major damages to engine. They called Warranty people but warranty supervisor checked the engine and said they will not cover this engine failure since the car was drove more than permissible limit after overheat. Now Toyota service center is asking me wither to pay around $7000 to put reused engine or pay around $10K to put a new engine. I clearly told that this all started after the faulty part replacement at your place and its your responsibility to bring back my car in running condition but they don't agree.

I am really disappointed with the way they handled this matter and put  customer on spot.

Chris E. | 2011-05-30

My expectations are very low, even with the 2 star (and 100+ reviews) Yelp rating -- not bad for a car dealership with this kind of surface area.

In any case, even after compensating for below average ethics, excessive salesmanship, and dishonesty, a recent incident leaves me disappointed.

What these guys did was criminal.  I just need to find the balance between the overhead of going to court vs. just moving on and merely writing a 30 second Yelp review.

[ Rest of that review removed since we have to move on to the next incident. ]

Kenny and Heather tried to make things right a while back, but just as we get back into a regular groove with this dealer, my sister goes in for a oil change (the service message comes up on the dashboard) -- she gets totally ripped off.  Granted she knows nothing about cars nor how much things should cost, but that's no excuse.

This time around the dollar amount is not obscene, but $80 for an oil change without any oil or filter change, some bottle of "fuel cleaner" and rotation of tires (which the service advisor knew nothing about ever taking place after looking at HIS records) -- that's just sad.  You could even feel the embarrassment in the air as we both stared at his computer screen wondering how anyone could charge so much for so little.

We've spent well over $100,000 here just on vehicles, never mind the service charges over the years.  That shouldn't matter either.  But to try to make a quick buck and piss people off -- I just don't understand.  Maybe soon, I won't care either.

Oh, just for kicks, here's the official breakdown.  Seriously:


T O T A L : $ 79.83

John T. | 2011-05-24

My wife and I went to Stevens Creek Toyota to look at a RAV4. I found that the sales people don't know anything about the cars they sell. The first person didn't know how to get the seats folded.
When we went to test drive the car, I asked the sales person to look for a model in one of the colors we wanted. After 1/2 hour of waiting in the lot we found him in the showroom sitting down doing nothing. At that point he handed us off to a sales manager. The manager offered to sell the car at list. I told him what I wanted to pay. He didn't counter offer anything, just MSRP. When I asked him for that in writing. He basically threw the piece of paper at me and walked off.
     I received a phone call a marketing feedback group on how my experience was with SCT. I told them they were rude to my wife and me. I will never walk in their store again and never recommend them. The first sales guy called me a week later. I told him never to call me back. Great internal communication on their part...

Antonio S. | 2011-05-18

I had a great experience buying my wife's car at this Dealer, all the crew were always open to help and make the possible to close the deal.

I recently came to the US and the crew understood my situation and help go thru the whole process in a very smooth way.

This is what I call "putting the client first."

Em C. | 2011-05-01

The fiance and I are looking for a new car and are looking at hybrids (you know, with gas being over $4 and all).  We went and found a "Demonstrator" 2010 Camry Hybrid.  This particular car had over 7,000 miles.  Even though it was a Demo, the salesman and his manager said the price on sticker, $32K which was the same for NEW NON-DEMO cars, was not negotiable because there was no profit margin.  Um, okay.  We were also told that there was no room to move in pricing "because of the tsunami in Japan".  Seriously?  After deciding that they were boring us to death, I said, "C'mon honey, let's go look for a German car since they haven't had a natural disaster lately."   We are still looking and really like Toyota, but even if I had Oprah's money and there wasn't another dealer within 200 miles, I wouldn't buy anything from these people.

Marisa S. | 2011-04-25

My hubby and I wanted to buy a Highlander but the Sales was so rude and arrogant we bought a Audi Q5, ääätsch!!!

First they dident came up to us, then once we asked a salesman he was not interested in us and in the end he just walked away because another customer he knew walked in. INSANE!!!

That was the worst service I have ever seen! I told all my friends and family to never ever buy a Toyota at Steevens Creek again!!
Sad it's a good brand, but sales people like this makes me throw up!

Teena d. | 2011-04-25

Stevens creek Toyota is a great place to get work done. I hav a scion xb and bought my car here. They are so friendly and helpful. When ever I need work done they are so courteous and they always have at least a few appointments availinle for the week if you call on a Monday most of the time they can get all the work needed done same day. :]

Heather M. | 2011-04-20

My original review was in 2007 for my experience buying a new Prius (see below for purchasing review). This is an update review of my experience with the service department since then.

I take my car in for the prepaid service plan, supposedly every 5k miles but I can never make it on that schedule. Sure, I probably paid more than I should have for the prepaid plan, but it's so worth it for the convenience and for the assurance that my car is being properly maintained. Even though I've fallen behind and am well over the mileage that was supposed to be covered by the prepaid plan (55k miles), the service team happily tells me that they will honor all of the service appointments that I paid for.

Every time I bring my car in for service, I'm greeted by a friendly rep. They give me a sense of how long the service will take (usually a couple of hours), and offer a free shuttle. I don't use the shuttle because their waiting room is awesome. Spacious, comfy chairs, free donuts and bagels in the morning, free wifi, outlets, TV, clean bathrooms, and a quiet laptop station. Once when I was there, a customer complained that there were no more bagels, and one of the Toyota employees went out to the store to buy the man a bagel. I love that I can get work done in comfort while waiting for my car.

The service reps always tell me any issues that might be upcoming for my car (usually related to rodents that get under my hood), but they have never even suggested extra service that would cost money. I feel like I must be going to a different Stevens Creek Toyota than other reviewers, because every time I get my car serviced I leave with a car that is in tip-top shape, confidence that I know of any potential problems and that recall issues have been taken care of, no bill, I got my work done while waiting, and everyone I met while there was smiling and friendly.

Ramin N. | 2011-04-12

Just want to give a holler to anyone out there who needs to buy or sell a car, I had a great experience with their used car department.
Amir Vafaie, their internet manager was great. He quoted me a price for my car over the phone and promised to try to do even better once I take the car to them. Well at first I was very skeptical and hesitant to take the car to them, but after going there this morning and meeting with him and the used car manger Reza Khandan, I was pleasantly surprised and glad that I was dealing with them.
As Amir promised over the phone, I got more Mulla for my car than was quoted on the phone and there was no grinding or games. The whole thing took about half an hour, and afterward they even gave me a ride to our house which is about half an hour away. They paid the full price that I was asking on my ad and people were giving me headache for it. They paid private party Kelly Blue Book price for my Camry.
Great customer service, friendly staff, very efficient, and honest. I definitely will return to Mr. Amir Vafaie and Mr. Reza Khandan to do more business with them. I am very happy with the service I got.
Again A+++ to Mr. Amir Vafaie, Mr. Reza Khandan and their staff.

stacey p. | 2011-04-11


I've been taking my car here for service for a few years now.  Almost every time I pick up my car, something is time those tire pressure caps were missing, battery reader paper was in my passenger seat, they forgot to write down my next service mileage, and EVERY SINGLE TIME i leave, my tire pressure light comes on.  This means I've had to bring the car back in several times to get this adjusted because their technicians forget to reset the light.  Big pain in the behind.

A lot of times I also get the feeling---like at most dealerships---that they are out for my money and are recommending service that I either don't need or is much cheaper some place else.  I've found myselft a new non dealership place that seems a lot more trustworthy and honest.

ClosetDork .. | 2011-04-10

MAJOR Yelp disappointment: the one-star review that I posted for Stevens Creek Toyota back in 2008 when I first got my car was removed.  No explanation was provided, however I have a strong feeling that it is to do with the fact that this dealership has a sponsorship deal.  In any case, I was severely disappointed (because it was a valid concern that I did raise with the dealership without any appropriate follow-up on their part) and happy (because even though they managed to buy off my review, they can't spend enough money to buy off the rest of the bad reviews, hence a 2-star average over 100+ reviews).

2008 - Concerned that my then-current Toyota (under lease) had too many miles in it, I went back to this dealership to explore my options.  Lo and behold, the new model was rather pretty and there was a particular one on the lot that caught my eye.  So a deal was struck.  

Unsure if I want to keep the car for more than 3 years, I got into another financing deal.  Stellar credit rating and past history of being a good customer apparently translated to a smaller lease payment, or so the slimeball salesperson communicated.  Unfortunately for me, said slimeball failed to mention that the Ursula incarnate of a finance manager would coerce me into buying sh!t that I wouldn't even need, including pre-paid maintenance (a $70-a-month incremental payment would allow me to get my car serviced for free... the catch is, each 6-monthly oil change costs less than $60 - something that I didn't find out until my first oil change, at which point it was already too late to do anything).

Needless to say I walked away with a great car, a bad taste in my mouth, and a much more expensive monthly payment (seriously, with that same amount of money I would've gotten a Lexus from the dealership across the street).

Was hoping that somebody would call me for a follow-up, but guess it was too much to ask.  A few months later and no follow-up, I wrote an email explaining the concern.  To this day, I still have not received any response.  But then again, why would they? They made the sale (pulling all sorts of cheap tricks), and that's all that mattered.

They of course forgot to report that I had early-terminated my original lease.  Two months later, I got a call demanding payment on the lease of a car that I had returned.  Seriously?

Fast fwd to 2011 - With two months to go on the lease, it was a no-brainer that I would not choose to continue the relationship with Stevens Creek Toyota (I neither forget nor forgive - a character flaw).  

I thought returning the car would be a walk in the park - car was in an excellent condition and I was under the mileage (just).  

I thought wrong.  

I called multiple times, every time:
1) The call would invariably be answered by an extremely rude young lady who obviously hates her job and never bothered with pleasantries.  
2) I would get put through to a finance manager who never was at his desk (since when finance manager needs to be walking around so much? Nothing screams  "back office pencil pusher" more than a finance manager at a dealership)
3) I would leave a message that never got returned
4) Repeat 1-2

After several attempts, I finally got put through to a Joseph W.  Getting him to explain the return process was like extracting teeth from an alligator - excruciatingly painful.  Rude, dishonest and not transparent, there was no mention that tires would need to have a certain level of thread unless I would get charged for a full brand new set.  Thankfully I'm not that bad in asking pointed questions and finally got that out of him.

I then noticed that there was a very faint scrape at the right corner of the front bumper - nothing major but certainly worth looking into (At this point my sentiment toward Stevens Creek Toyota was one of a complete distrust and animosity so I decided to not take any chances!).  More unsuccessful phone call attempts ensued, so I decided to walk in one Sunday afternoon.  Joseph was just as unlikeable in person as he was on the phone, and was exactly as I imagined - unhelpful and rude as ever, he didn't get why we are so concerned about the return.  Well, duh.

The next day I called Toyota Financials, asked for the car to be returned to another location, explained the long and painful ordeal and a few minutes later, got the dealership's "relationship manager", Carlos, for some damage control.  

So I took my car (… ) and money elsewhere (… ).

Yelp: kindly notify me prior to removing my posts.  As indicated by my other reviews, I'm not trying to game the system.  This is an unbiased review of a real experience, and, to the best of my knowledge, is within the prescribed Content Guidelines ( ).  Kthx.

Paul S. | 2011-04-07

I locked the keys in my Camry, parked in front of the dealership.  The service guy from Stevens Creek Toyota unlocked it for free, saving me from a major hassle.

Maria G. | 2011-04-05

This review is for the service department.

With my brother on deployment, I bring his car to the shop for maintenance work and being that I live on Stevens Creek, I decided to bring his car here. Big. Mistake.

When I came to pick up his car, the handbrake was broken and the AC sounded like something was stuck in the fan.

How in the living f*ck could they return my bro's car with a broken handbrake? There is a damn checklist and they marked it as "passed". After all the crap the brand has taken because of failed brakes and what not, you have half ass service staff "passing" broken parts in the car. As for the AC, apparently a rag or paper towel got sucked up in there. Fan-frickin'-tastic.

Even if I have to drive farther, I'm never taking my brother's car to this service center ever again.

Ebony M. | 2011-03-29

this place I thought would be a good place to buy a car from but it turns out... its NOT. Salespeople act like they are doing you a favor selling you a car! I was lied to and told that my brakes, tires and everything were all new, but it turns out, the rotors were bad, when I call the salesman to tell him, he acted like it was all a lie and someone was trying to up sell me. When I told him it was a place that they sent their cars to for repair, suddenly, he couldn't speak on their practices... Carlos ( the salesman) was such an ASSHOLE! He basically stalked me until I bought the car, and when I needed things he took his time to respond.  He prolonged my deal for 2 months, and when fire was put under his ass, he would call me and act like it was all my fault when I had already turned in everything I was told to, I was even calling my bank to find out when my payments were due and why i had received no paperwork.  Needless to say, the people there all act like its someone elses job and love to play the blame game... I would NEVER buy a car from here or recommend this place to anyone. SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL.  BTW in addition, when I took my car to have it looked at about the rotors, it took 1.5 hrs ( with an appt) and I was told that "i had to talk to the service mngr. because there was nothing they could do, but they saw what I was talking about!

david s. | 2011-03-26

I sold my car to this dealership this week through Amir Vafaie.  Amir was courteous through the whole process and they gave me a fair price for my vehicle. Amir is very knowledgeable about the car business and offered good advice.

Dorothee G. | 2011-03-25

This is a review of their service department... They provide quality service, accurate quotes, but the advisors are not always "up to standards".... I really recommend you ask for Carlos... He is courteous, knowledgeable, he keeps track of your car and the services needed.

Vanilla P. | 2011-03-13

We came in here to buy a car.
We found the car we wanted.
We made an offer (based on tons of research and shopping).
We were rejected.
We went 5 miles down the road to Capitol Toyota.
We bought the car there.
We bought it for the price we wanted.
We drove by Stevens Creek and honked on our way home.

Randi L. | 2011-03-09

Looks like 4th time was the charm.  It was a total 180 turn in the level of service I received.   Vinnie the service manager contacted me directly asking if I can bring the car back to them to rectify the matter.  He was very professional and apologetic for the run around I had been getting.   He assured me he would have Gabriel, his technician who specializes in noises dedicate his time to working on our car.  

Throughout the whole process, Shane updated us with the progress.  They gave us a free rental car because it took longer then expected but we didn't mind.  Gabriel ended up finding the cause of the noise to be from the transmission shift cable brackets that were not properly secured/insulated and the evaperation heater core assy was loose and contacting the fire wall.  I am relieved that they were able to find the cause of the noise.

I commend Vinnie, Shane and Gabriel for their dedication in making us feel like true customers.   We will definitely be buying another Toyota from this dealership in the near future!  Thanks Stevens Creek Toyota for winning us back!!

Frank H. | 2011-03-08

I went in and asked the receptionist for a sales person, and for the next 10 minutes, 4 sales staff who were all trolling for a "better" victim all but walked through me as if I didn't exist.  After 10 minutes of utter invisibility, I was finally approached by a sales manager who then tried in vain to tag 3 sales persons who all claimed to be "busy".  Finally, he tags one by surprise and the latter mumbled, "fine, I'll take care of this guy" within earshot of me, the customer.

Then he tells me that I can only test drive one car, we get in a Highlander and he drives!  I'm the one buying the car!  Anyway, we hit 90 in a busy 35, and I felt that I might just not make it out alive to actually buy a car that weekend.  We never got on the freeway, just did a loop around the block.  I asked to sit in a Venza, and he says he doesn't have one.

Well he dumped me off as quickly as he can.  I walked around the lot a bit more and say a Venza just sitting there.

Given the run around, being ignored, disrespected, and being lied to all withing 20 minutes...hmmm.  I bought a 2011 MDX tech the next weekend.

Ken A. | 2011-02-28

I've changed my review. After complained on their survey, there was series of emails addressing my problems/concerns. It turns out they had read my review on Yelp! They apologized, and told me what the new policies were. Their response in here in full:

So, to answer your question what new policies have we implemented.:

         A menu system, which has the pricing of the extra items
        Training on the different model vehicles, including the warranty coverage..especially Prius, since it has it's own warranty for emissions (CA).

It's always a learning process and we appreciate you giving us such great input. If it wasn't for our customer's letting us know their experience, how are we as a business to change or improve overall.
Thank you again, if you have any other questions please contact me.

Heather Deal

Based on my experience with Clement Chan, I hoping to be working with him when the Prius v comes on sale (not the "Prius Five", the "Prius v". Weird...). My wife looked at it last week and it looked good. I still won't be getting any of the additional packages, though....

My previous review: ************************

I got a great salesman (Clement Chan) who I really trust. He gave me a great deal and was open, honest, and willing to spend almost 6 hours with me figuring out models, accessories, etc. Cool guy, and I recommend him. I bought a Prius Five w/Nav.

However, the guy to sign the paperwork was a complete liar, scum and hardball salesman (I think his name was Bill). Here's what he tried very hard to sell me:

LoJack for $1,195: The features hooks up with police if my car is stolen. A standard feature with my car is SOS which not only does that, but if you crash your car, they will call you and see if you need help. If there isn't an answer, they will call 911 to your location (comes with the Nav package). It's redundant.

Xzilon for $1595: Basically a warranty against interior damage, stains, rips, etc. I've got the top of the line leather. If I take a knife and slice each seat, I can replace it all (including the dashboard) for less than that with Coach leather. Heck no.

Portfolio Elite Protection Plan $2,499: Extends the warranty from 3 to 7 years and ups the from 36,000 to 100,000 miles. You can buy it anytime before three years go by, though he really pressures you to get it THAT DAY because you'll get the "money back" guarantee. If you don't use the repairs before 100,000 miles, you get the money back. Sounds cool?

Get a copy of the Warranty book before you buy. Warranty for basic stuff is 3 years/36,000 miles. Hybrid system is 8 years, 100,000 miles, Powertrain and Restraint systems are 5 years 60,000 miles and Corrosion Perforation systems is 5 years, unlimited miles.

Here's the expensive stuff: IN CALIFORNIA, all emission system parts are 15 years/150,000 miles (performance, defect, battery).

What's left is insuring whether the bumper or other part falls off from the 4th through 7th years, the rest is covered.

Basically you are giving them $2,500 that they can invest, doubling your money in that time, and then kindly giving it back to you. Toyotas are reliable cars, don't get an extended warranty!

Toyota Care Plus $1,760: Pays for all maintenance for 5 years. This is the one that he was really pushing for. "You are going to spend the money, might as well get a discount now".

He quoted prices to me that were wildly inflated (2-3x) from the actual service prices from the dealer ship to scare me. I called the service guys and got the real numbers. Every 5,000 miles is $36.55, every 10,000 is $120.04 and every 30,000 is $263.84. The first 2 years/25,000 miles are a freebie from Toyota.

A spreadsheet is useful here. Suffice it to say that using the Toyota's dealership to maintain my car that that time comes out to be $1070.55, for a savings of $679.45! Now, I asked Tires Unlimited on Stevens Creek (I've used them for 15 years and is a Toyota approved repair facilty) their cost and it was $520, which includes changing the synthetic oil every 5,000 miles rather than the 10,000 miles like the dealer would. I also like and trust them, and I'll be taking my car there even for the first two years (it's only $200 bucks more, incudes 3 extra oil changes and I trust them better than the Toyota service).

Total charges that bastard tried to sell me was $7,039 over the price of my $30,000 car. Don't do it.

S C. | 2011-02-13

Don't go here for service!   The staff is rude and their policies are weird and don't include the words 'customer service' in them.

The service rep, supposedly a manager - named Kenny - could not tell me what was wrong with my bluetooth.  He said to leave the truck there for 2 days so they could check it out.   Wow - 2 days for a diagnosis??  And all this while being condescending as if I was the incompetent one.

Then he said he wouldn't pick me up 2 days later - he could give me a ride back to my place but not pick me up when it was done.  I don't get it.

Just FYI - I took this to another Toyota dealer and it was diagnosed in 2 hours.  And I got the ride to and from work when they were done.

This place was simply unbelievable, I'm never walking in there again.

Josh C. | 2011-02-13

i'm reviewing both the sales department and the services department.  first of all, after my experience here, i'm never buying a new car again.  i bought a toyota prius, and at the time the car was a hot seller, so i could not negotiate the sales price.  they still did not hesitate to pull all the shady sales tactics during the paperwork process - different sales people coming in and out, making me wait, etc.  they sell you services and say they are giving you a discount, when in reality the services are already marked up big time and still a rip off.  

as for the services department, same thing.  who isn't a scam artist/salesperson at this place?  i tried to claim a warranty on paint service that i had purchased, and they made me wait over 4 hours before telling me i had to bring my car back another time.  when i did, i left my car there the whole day, and at the end of the day they called me saying they could not honor the warranty.  you couldn't tell me that at the beginning?  first you sell me a shady warranty, and now you won't even honor it.  do the people working here have a conscience?  

lesson learned is to do as much research as possible ahead of time, whether you are buying a car or having to perform services.  when in doubt, always say no.  unless your car is completely not drivable, you can always get the services later, hopefully at a local mechanic you trust.

miz t. | 2011-02-01

Traded in my old Nissan Sentra for a used Mazda3. Ask for Amil/Amir (Sales) gave me an overall nice buying experience.

Lance K. | 2011-01-18

Awesome buying experience at Stevens Creek Toyota.

My wife and I have been looking for a new car for the past couple of months. We had looked at many other manufacturers before coming to Toyota with no success either because of the car selection or the dealership experience.

From time we walked in a Sales representative was ready to help us (sad to say that was not always the case at other places such as Acura). The sales person listened to what we were looking for and then took us out on the lot to show us different options that fit. We found 2 different models which we thought was good and test drove both of them. He gave the pros and cons of each vehicle and wasn't trying to push any in particular or upsell us on different options.

Amazingly my wife and I actually agreed on a model and color which we both liked. However, there was none on the lot or in the warehouse. The Sales team searched the dealerships in the area for the exact match. They were able to find one all the way in Sacramento but promised to have it there the next day if we wanted it.

The price negotiations went smoothly and both sides agreed to a reasonable price very quickly. I got a good deal and didn't spend more than I wanted and the wife got a new car. She was able to pick up the car the next afternoon as promised and she has been happy since. I would definitely buy another car from Stevens Creek Toyota in the future.

Cindy F. | 2011-01-15

I've been coming here for my 5k services ever since I first got my car back in 07. Now I'm sitting here for the 8th 5k service and all i can say is that their service has gone down lower and lower each time I come back...

3 years ago, they'd provide several large boxes of decent  bagels/donuts/varies pastries and a nice coffee machine that allows you get free hot chocolate/cappuccino/water to make your waiting time worth while.

Now...they have 1 box of bagels (all cut in half) and 1 box of donuts, which is fine. What's horrifying is that there are tons..and I mean at least 15+ tiny tiny insects flying around landing/feeding on these open boxes of food. Just..W.T.F.? Oh they also took away the free machine for water and hot chocolate/latte and replaced it with vending machines.

The recent service guys are pretty un-reliable as well. I'd always come around 6:30AM to wait in line before they open at 7AM so I can be done earlier (maybe around 9 or 9:30AM). Last time I came at the same time and had to wait till 11:45AM till my car's ready even though they've promised that it'll be done by 10AM the latest. Reason? The service rep of mine went to lunch and never bothered to pass on the info about my car being ready to anyone. I had to check up on my own about 3x before they could find info about my car and get all the paperwork ready for me to sign and leave. I hope this dealership realizes that we did PAY for their 'service' and is getting none right now.

When my mom came last time for service on her car, they 'talked' her into replacing some tubes associated with the AC. Not only did they take their time and charged her over $800 of "service fee" @ a ridiculous hourly rate, they also broke some other pipe in her car which we found out afterwards had to go back couple days later to fight with them and get it fixed. Not only did they try to push off responsibilities,  they even tried to add on horrific material AND service charges.

This dealership has seriously ruined my perception of Toyota as a whole. Now i'm questioning what kind of 'maintenance services' are they REALLY providing to my car while I'm sitting in the waiting area.

Btw. I'm surrounded by flying insects while sitting in my chair right now. The lady sitting next to me is about to go crazy.

Leah C. | 2011-01-10

I'd say there are definitely different things that I have to rate here.

Sales Department - 4 Stars
Service Department - 3 Stars

A couple of years ago I came to buy the first car I would buy on my own. I decided on a AWD Toyota Sienna XLE. I came in with a pre-approved letter from my bank. They didn't have my first choice in color, but they were willing to negotiate in price. I did my research and I know how much they can come down and they did. When I took the offer and went to financing she actually looked at my loan pre-approval and said she could beat the APR. So, I actually ended up with a loan from Toyota Financial Services. My experience with sales was good.

The service department on the other hand can be difficult to deal with. I get my car maintenanced here regularly. When I come in they tell me in there opinion that it is time to change this or that, like an air filter, cabin filter, brakes, tires, etc... I simply tell them that I can't do it this time, then when I get home I get my family members that know more about cars tell me the truth, and if something needs to get changed I have them do it, instead of the 300% price increase that the service department gives. This has been my same drill for this car and my last car and well... it's nice to have family around that know about cars.

When my car was still new some drunk took a beer bottle to my sideview mirror and broke it. I went to Toyota to see what I could do and they said that I could buy the mirror and they could install it. The mirror was $300 because its heated and has the turn signal. The mirror arrives and then suddenly they told me that they couldn't install it. They said it would be too dangerous and they might break the glass. Well this was really upsetting to me because it was my new car and all I wanted was the mirror I bought from them installed. They told me that the parts department shouldn't have sold it to me like that and they should have sold me the whole housing which was over $600. No one told me that, and shouldn't the different departments talk to eachother about this stuff? Well I ended up speaking to the manager and he could tell that I was really upset and said that he would actually try to install it but no promises. So I left and came back a few hours later and they were able to install it. So it was a bad situation diffused by that manager. So thank you to him, or else I would've raised some hell.

B.D. S. | 2011-01-06

Very unhappy with the Service Dept.  After a recent minor accident with damage to the exhaust pipes, they recommended unnecessary  and costly replacement of parts.  Instead I looked elsewhere and  repairs were accomplished  for a tenth of the cost.  I have three Toyotas and have been a loyal customer for many years. When I spoke to the Service Manager, he was unresponsive and found nothing wrong with their business practices or recommendations.  I won't be going back!

John E. | 2011-01-03

Made an appt on-line, went to dealer and they say their busy come back another day. They did not even have the common courtesy to phone.
Never returning!!!!!!!!!!

S K. | 2010-12-29

This dealer has an Express service for oil changes. Toyota at a national Level promotes this service for busy professionals. Stevens Creek Toyota told me it would at 3-5 hours for them to do an Oil Change on my car. I questioned why they call it Express Service if it takes almost an entire day. The Service Manager rudely responded " Go someplace else if you think they will do it any faster". So I did. I drove over to Piercey Toyota and they did an Express Service in 20 minutes. Far exceeding my expectations. Stevens Creek Toyota in my opinion has terrible customer service. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone, not even my worst enemy!

Brian W. | 2010-12-22

My review is based on the level of service provided by Jason Xie. Although I was not able to complete the deal (the vehicle I was looking for w/ my specific options was not available), he took the time to search inventory and explain my options. He returned all my emails and showed a genuine interest in assisting me.

Aileen L. | 2010-12-08

I had issues with the Service Manager at Stevens Creek Toyota. His name is Vince something, and he's appallingly rude.
One month after I'd purchased my brand new Camry, the paint started chipping and flaking on the driver's side bottom door rail. He insinuated that I'd done it myself with my heels, even though I'm almost 6 feet tall, and the damage was too far back for my heels to have touched it.
He was rude, condescending, and attempted to belittle me at every turn.
I called my husband, who is a people manager by profession. Within 10 minutes of my husband arriving the service manager has insulted him and attempted to belittle him also. It got so bad that I had to step in between them. We escalated the issue to the regional manager of Toyota Motor Corp and ended up splitting the cost of repair with them. Now, after almost 3 years, the problem has not recurred...proving to me that the part was defective rather than my use of the vehicle being at fault. I switched the service of my vehicle to the Sunnyvale dealership, and they've been wonderful. I now need to hand the vehcile back at the end of the lease, and I dread dealing with Stevens Creek Toyota again. One thing is for sure, though...I will never, ever purchase another vehicle from them, and after arguing with the regional manager, I will probably never own another Toyota. Well done guys - another repeat customer turned away.

Christine W. | 2010-12-04


My car died on the freeway the other day so I went shopping here with my husband trying to compare to other new sedans and possibly buy a new car. Stepping out onto the lot, I remembered my mom saying that she had nothing but bad experiences with this dealership both on the sales and service side. I should have listened. It took over 45 minutes, 3 very rude salesmen who refused to help us and 1 new salesman to look at and test drive the cars that I was consdiering.

When we were searching for someone to help us, I witnessed one of the lead salesguys chewing out the new salesguy that finally showed us the cars. He was very demeaning and it made me feel bad for him. Something like that shouldn't be done in front of people. I wish I could have bought a car from this guy because he was actually great. Also, while he was showing us the cars we were interested in, that other salesguy stole his appointment. No matter how bad I feel for this new salesguy, I won't ever buy a car from this dealership. The whole atmosphere seemed underhanded and have the worst customer service out of the 5 dealerships I visited today! If I purchase a Toyota, it will be from a better dealership.

The third condescending salesman (I think his name was Carlos) was by far the rudest out of all of them. He was trying everything he could to steer us his way and not have us test drive with him. Also, this is a very hard sales atmosphere so if you don't want to do it his way, he treats you poorly. He sighed and rolled his eyes at me when I told him that we only had a little less than an hour since we spent so much time trying to find help. He told me to come back and make an appointment on a different day. That is when he led us to the other obviously new guy so we could test drive cars. I was confused about what was so wrong about us that he didn't want to continue to help us. It wasn't like we were rude or dressed poorly (not that this should matter, but in a place like this, I'm sure it does). I guess he didn't want to spend time with someone who was still comparing vehicles.

My husband and I left feeling like we were not valued as potential customers and just wanted to get away from the negative atmosphere of the place. My recommendation is to listen to my mom and go to another dealership.

K L. | 2010-12-03

***This dealership is very dishonest and a scam and I highly recommend anyone who is in the market for a Toyota to avoid this place!!***

This is meant to be a NEGATIVE star review but unfortunately, Yelp doesn't offer this option.  This review is definitely long overdue.  I was in the market for a new Prius a while back and tried to trade in my existing car.  The sales team and I negotiated a deal and we did the paperwork. As I was doing the paperwork with the sales manager, I noticed the numbers were not matching up so I asked the manager to explain it to me. He told me at the time he had to back up on all the math to make it look legit since "he gave me a really good deal" and confirmed that it still comes out to be the deal we negotiated (bad move on my part!). I trusted him and signed the paperwork, but the car needed to be detailed before I pick it up, so I agree to return later that week to do so.

When I returned home later that night and reviewed the paperwork, I recalculated everything and still was unclear why the trade-in value he wrote down was so low so I called the manager the next day. When I made the call, I asked him nicely to just clarify a few numbers, but he responded very rudely and defensively saying that the trade-in value I requested for was unreasonable so he changed it to what he thought was reasonable and completely changed our entire deal!  How awful and dishonest!  When I told him that wasn't the deal we negotiated and what he did was very dishonest, he told me that's too bad.  I highly disagreed, went back to the dealership to talk to him in person and told him I was going to report him to the Better Business Bureau and other news stations if he doesn't cancel the deal and give me all my money back, but he didn't back down and spoke to me very unprofessionally (maybe because I went in alone as a female).

I returned to the dealership later that week with a friend whose sister is a manager at another Toyota dealership and has the inside connections in terms on who I can report this guy to within Toyota to get him into some serious trouble.  He and I teamed up to approach this manager demanding for him to refund all of my money and  cancel the order. After two trips and some very unpleasant back and forth where he made some very mean comments towards my friend, he eventually agreed to cancel the order and gave me back everything I gave him.

Beware of this dealership!

Adam G. | 2010-11-20

Took my Prius in today for its regular service and oil change. At 9am on a Saturday there were several cars in line. I had to wait a few minutes, but that was expected. Once I spoke to the service rep he took care of my needs quickly and efficiently. They promised my car would be ready to go before 1pm and they did deliver on that. Very good service and easy to work with. When servicing my car again, I would reccommed Toyota Stevens Creek over the other dealerships in the area.

VL S. | 2010-11-14

Just bought a Prius at the dealer.  Quick and seamless process.  Did all the negotiation online including a credit check and negotiated the full car before even entering the dealership.  Once at the dealership - I was in and out with a loan approved and test drive within an hour.  Ray Khandan and Donovan are excellent.  I hope post-sales support will be just as good.  Thanks Guys!!!

Rob Z. | 2010-11-10

I have bought three vehicles from them in the last five years and have had them all serviced at Stevens Creek Toyota. I always feel like family here. The Service Department keeps me informed when I drop off my truck and is great at explaining my vehicle service needs. Five Star Customer Service all around!

Ryan K. | 2010-10-13

Best place in san Jose to purchase a new Toyota! I'm already on my 3rd Toyota from this store. Friendly staff and great service!!!

Diane L. | 2010-09-21

Do not take your car for service here. BEWARE!!!

I asked my grandma to take my car in for a recall repair. They took advantage of her by charging for a bunch of unnecessary services. I know they were unnecessary because the same services were done only a month ago by another repair shop.

I just replaced the drive belt on my car and they said it needed to be replaced again. They charged  three times the amount that I had paid at another mechanic. They also prematurely changed the break pads.

They do repairs that you don't actually need and then overcharge you for them.  Never take your car here for repairs or maintenance.

Mark W. | 2010-09-18

Very good parts department, been here several times for parts, great service!

David S. | 2010-09-15


I have received the worst customers service of my life at Stevens Creek Toyota. I brought in my car on  Saturday, requesting for my battery terminal to be fixed, and figure out where the smell of mold was coming from.  I asked Eddie if he was able to match the quote given to me by Piercey Toyota, and he told me to get a written quote from them to give to him.  I requested a written quote from Piercey, and they said they don't give out written quotes. I then called back Eddie, and he said don't worry about it and he'll "Hook me up!".  

After visiting Stevens Creek Toyota for several service repairs, I thought I could trust Eddie, but I was WRONG!  Eddie said he'll give me a call by Tuesday to give me an update, but NO CALL!  After the 3rd voice mail, he finally returns my  call, and says that they couldn't find the problem, and the bill is at $500+.  I was furious as Eddie said that he can match the price of $300 that Piercey had quoted over the phone.  Eddie told me that he couldn't find out the problem, but will cost another $1000 to take apart the dashboard or something ridiculous to find the problem. Also, he stated that by doing this procedure, its not guaranteed that they will find the problem. Initially, he sold me, and I said continue on with the work. Then 5 minutes later, I realized this guy is probably telling me fluff, as I discussed this problem with several friends.  I tried to call him back, and yet again NO ANSWER! I left a voice mail with the Service Manager, and then called him back again, and he answers.  He picks up the phone, I ask him to cancel the service, and he says ok, and hangs up.  He didn't even say when the car will be ready to be picked up or anything.

Tuesday rolls around, and its been 10 days since my car has been in the shop.  I leave two voice mails with Eddie, and yet, no call back.  Aren't service reps supposed to be helping you out and at least updating you on the progress of your car?  Well, Eddie did a FAILING job at this.  Being very frustrated with Eddie's service, I decided to contact the service manager again.  Thank goodness I did this, because within a matter of minutes Eddie calls back.  He said my car is ready to be picked up and that the final invoice was comparable to the quote that I got from Piercey Toyota.

I went to go pick up the car, and here is Eddie, the rude, inconsiderable service rep, simply ignoring my presence and going into the office.  Patient as I am, I am waiting outside by his little office window, and he comes out and says "Did you see the cashier"?  I told him no, and he told me to go in and see the cashier.  I was soooo pissed off at this service that I just wanted to blow up on this guy, and ask to speak to the manager.  But I thought it would be better if I saved my energy, and share this to the whole world.  I will also be emailing the manager, to make sure that this does not happen to anyone again.

Finally, I get my car back.  The smell is still there (Paid $225 to get no answer), the negative terminal was not replaced because supposedly I declined that service request, when Eddie NEVER asked me if I wanted to replace it.  They found a nail in my tire, which he DID NOT explain to me over the phone to get it removed.  And the car wash in the invoice says it was completed, but the car was NOT washed, and the guy who was working there said it was broken for the day; therefore, my car was even dirtier then when I brought it in.  I am never going to Stevens Creek Toyota again in my LIFE!

Mark N. | 2010-09-10

I was all bummed about my car as a guy totaled my car as it was parked on the side on the street. I was excited to get a newer car and I found what I wanted... The sales guy was very nice and he spent the day with my fiancee and I to find the right car. However, when I got my car after waiting several days for them to "take care" of the car. I had many problems:

1) the car was filthy it has stains and somebody threw there takeout cofee lid in the back seat

2)  no gas

3) the windows were filthy

4) They gave my no instruction manual for the car and no extra keys

5) My maintance light came on the first weekend I had it

As for now, I would not recommend this place and say go somewhere else who will treat you first class! It's like they gave me a great steak serving it on a garbage lid!

Chris T. | 2010-09-08

All I want to know is: "where is my mixed berry pie?"

It's actually a reasonable question. You see, a few months back my wife and I purchased a certified pre-owned Rav4 from here (the certified cars are located on a lot down the street from 4202 Stevens Creek Boulevard on Kiely). Our car-buying experience was fine.  Thanks to Consumer Reports referral service and the accessibility of Stevens Creek Toyota's online inventory we identified a low-mileage used vehicle that caught our interest. After picking out the car, we headed over to Stevens Creek Toyota to take a look and test drive the Rav4.

The car was in great condition and drove smoothly (confirming a Carfax report that we had looked at prior to our arrival). But we didn't appreciate the dog and pony show that followed our arrival to the car dealership.

Our charming salesperson (who shall go unnamed to protect his identity -- message me if you care to know) appeared friendly throughout the sales pitch -- even offering us his "specially brewed," "home-made" iced tea (served in an Arizona iced tea container). During the pitch, the salesman made it a point to emphasize that he was not a conventional used car salesman and he could credit that to his only having been a used car salesman for about two years and that this was not long enough to pick up "bad habits" for which his trade is notorious; he added that he had been in beverage sales before selling cars -- an entirely different skill set to be sure. That was all well and good and quite believable too.

But the show went on.

He continued this all too unnecessary "nice guy" act by emphasizing how much his customers loved him because he and his wife love to cook and his wife enjoyed making food for his customers.

"How nice," I thought.

After said salesman failed to negotiate in good faith (that is the price remained virtually unchanged after I made two offers for a lower price), my wife and I went ahead with the purchase because the deal was still quite reasonable and we liked the car. As we finished up the paperwork and waited for the car, the salesman "called" his wife (on his cell phone about eight feet away from us)  and asked her what kind of fruit they had in the fridge and then turned to ask us if w would be okay with a mixed berry pie (strawberry and blueberry -- based on the fruit available at their home).

It's not that I doubt his wife's baking prowess, nor would I really care to eat pie made by a complete stranger; but if the salesman went to the effort to make (or feign) the telephone call and write down my phone number, I expect a pie. Heck, I would have settled for a pie purchased at the neighborhood grocery store.

We received no pies whatsoever.

But this review is not about pie -- it's about honesty and good faith, both of which the salesman lacked substantially. Instead of exerting so much effort into the dog and pony show, the salesman should have focused on finding a way to make us a better offer.

In any case, this "rookie" salesperson proved to be a more than capable used car salesman -- he is in fact the best personification of used car salesman that I have come across. His secret: being completely insincere about his sincere insincerity.

Deep S. | 2010-09-07

All sales personnel & companies are great and sweet "before" the deal. What matters is how they behave "after" you're committed. It is the latter which compelled me to write this review.

My overall purchase experience (actually a Prius Lease) went smooth all the way from test drive to handover. At every stage, I dreaded the traditional "annoying part", however, all was fairly amicable and better than expected. I went end-to-end in a couple of hours.

What really stood out was the post sales followup by Perry Farahani (I believe he is the sales floor manager) to ensure that my needs were taken care of. He even oversaw the setup of an appointment with the Service Department to have my minor gripes reviewed. These little gestures had a major impact on my overall experience and opinion about Toyota.

For now, this review is specific to the sales part. I guess I will know about the rest in following years. At this time, I am happy enough to spend time writing this review & giving the dealership a strong endorsement.

Jerry G. | 2010-09-07

I had an excellent experience purchasing a new FJ Cruiser last week at Stevens Creek Toyota. After completing my research on SUVs, options I wanted, etc, I checked out all of the area Toyota dealers online.  S.C. Toyota had a good inventory onsite, competitively priced. I exchanged e mails with their Internet Sales Rep Oscar Martinez and we set up a meeting. Oscar did a great job of showing me the inventory, taking me for a test drive, explaining the functionality of all the options, and walking me through the various option packages.  I never felt rushed, or the high pressure sales tactics like I've experienced at other dealerships in the past.  Once we agreed upon price, they moved through the paperwork process fairly quickly. ( a thanks to Bill in finance).  Then I wanted to have a few options added to the vehicle. Carlos in service did a great job of giving me priority. I thought that I would have to return in a week to have the work completed, but Carlos expedited the job. A couple of parts had to be ordered, but it was all completed within 48 hours.  Leaving the vehicle with them,  Oscar provided me with a ride home and even picked me up on Friday to pick up my vehicle with all the new options installed. He even assisted the detailers with finishing it up so it was ready to drive off the lot. I mention this because I thought that was great extra customer service. The sale had already been completed and it would have been very easy for Oscar to have moved on to his next potential customer.                                                                                                         All in all, a very good experience, I am very pleased with my purchase, and I hope that I will continue to receive this high level of customer service.

Michele L. | 2010-08-26

warning!  if you are thinking of their express lube service think again!  i had a terrible experience (my first time)  bringing my toyota car in for a simple service of a oil change.  when i got it back, i found scratches , dents, nicks on my car prior to my taking it in and the tire valves were missing. when i complained to lube express management, they never called me back.  now i've only had the car for 1 month and found it returned to me in this condition?
i cannot recommend this place as there is a negligent employee working in this area and they don't care!

Angelica C. | 2010-08-23

Just as I was about to give up on my car-finding pursuit, I decided to check out Stevens Creek Toyota and apply for their College Graduate Program to see if I'd qualify and potentially...get a car.

Before deciding on whether to apply, I visited Stevens Creek Toyota's website to check out their online inventory; while I was perusing their website, an IM window kept popping up onto my screen saying, "Jason Xie is available to answer your questions right now!" So since I was interested in the features of the College Graduate Program, I decided to IM Jason and see if everything the program offered was credible.

Through sharing my initial intent to apply for the College Graduate Program, explaining my circumstances, and overcoming my apprehension, Jason helped me with everything. I say that I was "apprehensive" because throughout my 2-month long car searching experience, everyone kept repeating how I was, "Every car salesman's dream because of my ignorance and scant credit history, and that I was going to get taken advantage of".

I'm extremely fortunate that Jason was honest, patient, and genuinely looking out for my best interest. Now, I'm wallowing in the delight of my new 2010 Corolla!

Neesey M. | 2010-08-19

I've been coming to stevens creek Toyota since 2007 when I bought my Scion tc. I've always had good experiences there, my first advisor was Kenny, he was cool but I now go to Eddie for everything. Between warranty and regular maintances I always recieve great service. Everyone at this dealership is really friendly, and the prices are very reasonable!

Greg J. | 2010-08-16

I did a lot of research before coming here to buy a Yaris. Came in, the folks were friendly enough, Jin Han helped me. Took a fine test drive, picked out the Yaris I liked and told him what my price range was. He told me what kind of Yaris I could get, including one of the stipulation I had, which was cruise control.

Over the next few days, we go back and forth over email negotiating the price, and Jin keeps telling me that the car has all these things, including cruise control.

Saturday rolls around and I go to trade in my car and take delivery of my Yaris, and Jin comes out to meet me, and the first thing he says is, "Hey, I was wrong, this Yaris doesn't have cruise control." From this point on, I'm pissed and they offer me nothing in return. I had to haggle with Jin, then Jin's boss for $300 to make up for the cruise not being there, and then after telling me my credit was approved, they tried to get me to do a conditional sale, which for those that don't know, is when they give you a price, let you drive off, but don't actually approve your credit. When they DO a few days/weeks later, chances are they approve it only at a higher interest rate (jacking up your payments) or, of course, you can bring the car back.

I walked out. It was incredible that I actually read about spot-sales and bait and switch techniques, but didn't think anyone would actually try something like that on me. Very shocking that the experience was so stereotypical and predictable.

Nicole L. | 2010-07-25

I went there yesterday to check out their RAV4 and 2011 Sienna.  The sales guy was Sam Rad.  He was such a liar.  He thought I didn't know the sales tactic.  He and the manager wouldn't budge on the price and they were quite arrogant about it.  Instead, what they tried to do was to lower my monthly payment by increasing the number of years for financing.  But, in the meanwhile, they didn't change the base price at all.  

They gave me a sheet with the car description and price.  The manager yanked it out of my hands at the end.  Rude!   I asked for a copy and the manager said that he would make a copy.  The sales guy came back and when I asked about the copy, he told me that the copier broke down.  When I asked him if he could print it out, he said the printer broke too.  What a BIG, FAT LIAR they are.

I totally understand that all dealers don't want to have their prices known.  At least have the decency to say that and be honest about it.  Instead I found them to be very untruthful.

If they are like that now, I can't imagine what else they will lie about to get the sales.  I would not go back to that dealership again.  I have found a car at another dealership with more decent people.  Too bad for them.

Regina P. | 2010-07-21

Wow, I having nothing but the best to say about the service department at Stevens Creek Toyota.

I am puzzled at some of the other raters' negative reviews, but I have never had a bad experience at Stevens Creek Toyota, especially considering I had a horrific experience with  service departments at other Toyota Dealerships.  I give Stevens Creek Toyota 5 stars.

They are so courteous in the service department. I think the guys are all nice, but Eric R. seems to help me the best. He did not treat me like an idiot who doesn't understand cars.   I've always felt he listen to what I am saying, took the time to discuss my options, ask a lot of questions so they can properly diagnose my car without spending all day in the wrong area of my car. If time is of the essence in your life, they are great at turn-around.

Eric called me right away with approximate pricing and details; he sounded like he had all the time in the world to talk with me.  All-in-all a GREAT experience.

Don't mess around with any other dealership folks visit Eric only he seriously goes the extra mile for you no doubt.

Allyson C. | 2010-07-20

Pathetic. Went to see them to fix the blue-tooth on our Rav4. They made it worse so we took it back. They said, "there's nothing wrong" after having waited until 4:45 (they close at 5:00) to start work on the car. They gave us a rental and said they'd try again the next day with help from the Toyota mother ship. Failed again. Took the car home, tried three different phones-- it was actually worse. Took the car back for a third trip-- repeat the little dance, "nothing's wrong" (again they waited till 4:45 to start work on the car.) gave us a rental...came back the next and just called it quits. our Rav back filthy and still with a broken blue-tooth. FAIL.

Oh...and we have the pleasure of watching the service staff mock another customer behind their back. A pack of incompetent a#$holes if you ask me.

Jeff G. | 2010-07-19

**Insert comment about wishing I could give it 0 stars here**

I walked in 2 hours prior to closing time wanting to test drive a camry hybrid with the intention to buy, though most likely on another day, since I believe it is impossible to close on a car in under 2 hours.  Terrible experience from top to bottom.  Walked into the showroom, no one really seemed interested, receptionist was on the phone (seemed to be her husband), so I was ignored for about 5 minutes and then instructed to go outside to the lot to get help.  Went out there and there were 2 salesmen there talking to one another about sports.  Walked over and asked if one of them could tell me about the camry hybrid.  One of them looked at me, then said there is a paper on the window, read that - and went back to his conversation.

I was dressed pretty casual, so I think he believed I was not a serious buyer, but this is the bay area, come on!!  Almost want to bump them up to 2 stars for saving me from getting a camry, I LOVE my lexus rx hybrid :-D

Lauren F. | 2010-07-13

Stevens Creek Toyota has been servicing my Prius for 4 years and I've been complaining about my smart key not working for nearly 2 years now. The entire time they said it was my iPhone (WHAT?!) and never checked it. I finally took it to Vacaville Toyota and $400 later I now have a new key. If only Stevens Creek would have diagnosed the problem before my warranty was up then maybe I wouldn't be out that $400. They were so busy listing $1200 in service that my car would need or I'd "break down on the side of the road" that they didn't actually listen to the real issues with my car. As a women I feel taken advantage of by the service staff. The service advisor then told me that they "would go ahead and do that work". He didn't even propose it as a question. After taking my Prius to Vacaville Toyota they verified that things like the spark plugs don't need to be replaced until at least 120,000 miles. I feel betrayed by a dealer I've trusted for years in order for them to make a quick buck. Unacceptable.

David T. | 2010-06-28

My mother and I came to check out cars and with a few friends, decided to engage the salesman for some negotiating.  In the mist of the insane Toyota deals due to the recall, we really wanted to take advantage of it.  So I am not much of a negotiator (whereas my mother, who can probably negotiate terrorists into dancing ballet in tutus).  There were three deals we wanted to take advantage of: College Rebate Incentive, the 2 years of free maintenance, and the O% down.

The guy we got was a really nice Indonesian guy, and I can tell he was just merely a player trying to just give honest business.  His superiors though are something else.  First off, they tried to tell us the 2 years of free maintenance was a "gift" from the dealership, but in reality, we know that it came from Toyota in general since Toyota was trying to maintain its loyal customers.  The car we wanted and test drive at 88 miles on it already, so of COURSE we are going to try to push the out the door price.  We pushed for them to give us a lower price WITHOUT the college rebate FIRST, and eventually, they did (which was awesome!)  However, just the check was signed and in their hands, they came up to "clarify" some things -- like how the out the door price they were giving us had included the college rebate already...even though the agreement was WITHOUT the rebate in the first place.  My friend got his hand on the check the minute the placed it on the table and shift it towards me to handle (just in case if they tried to pull anything).  Overall, a whole afternoon of negotiating and test driving went down the drain because of some stupid move they tried to pull in the end.  And worst part was, as we were leaving, I could hear them mocking my mom -- effin' douchebags.

Carolyn T. | 2010-06-18

Not a single person I spoke with had a clue. All I want to know is whether or not I can get a new dash kit/ wooden panel replaced in my car.
I spoke to 6 different people and was transferred back and forth between departments and only one person was polite and helpful.
One guy said, "uh.. NO... thats why I sent you to them in the first place."
Thanks. Thats a lot of help.

Stanley C. | 2010-06-07


Came here with my girlfriend to look for a brand new Corrola. Friendly car salesmen service as they were approachable and accommodating. We were met with a salesman immediately, so that's a plus. We came here during the busy Memorial Weekend 0% interest sale, so it was great that we got immediate attention without any fuss. We told the salesmen that we were shopping around at the various Toyota dealerships in the Bay Area, and they were able to match the lowest email offer that we got. We drove home that night with a brand new silver Corrola, happy that the car shopping experience turned out great!

Marevie T. | 2010-06-01

I really like it here! For some reason whenever I pull up, I always seem to get Carlos. Lol! Anyway, the service is great here even for days I come rushing in at the last minute needing my car by a certain time. The people that work in the service offices outside are real nice (I dunno what its actually called) and my car is always clean when I get it back. Nothing to complain about really, just that the receptionist who takes the calls for appointments NEEDS TO GROW SOME PERSONALITY. That is all. But I won't take a star away for that one =)

Kristine R. | 2010-05-24

I came to Stevens Creek Toyota after a terrible service experience from Magnussen's Toyota Palo Alto (see reviews of Magnussen Toyota Palo Alto). I needed the inner wheel well plastic cover to be replaced because it had come loose and was rubbing against my tire. The service manager, Dave Hardin, was very helpful. I got there at around 7:30 am and I was on my way to work by 8:30am.  Now that is how a service center is supposed to operate.

Jim S. | 2010-04-10

I bought a new Camry here years ago.  I was promised a $500 cash rebate by Salesman 1.  When I came to pick up the car, Salesman 1 was on vacation and Salesman 2 couldn't honor the rebate.  I would never buy another car here.

I leased a Toyota Sienna three years ago and the lease was up this week.  The bank wrote to me and told me to leave the car at Stevens Creek Toyota.  I called and made an appointment to drop the car off today.  I cleaned out the car and drove it over.  The manager refused to take the car because the lease did not originate at this shop.  I asked why he made the appointment and he kept repeating that he wouldn't take the car.  I asked what I should do, given that my lease was over and I still had the car.  He just kept repeating that he wouldn't take the car.

Avoid this place!

CM M. | 2010-04-02

Horrible service and charged me for service that is not done. when pointed  it out, gave me free front breaks and apologized. Always recommends something or the other and tries to extract more money from you. Can't trust them any more.

Ed H. | 2010-03-31

This review is for the sales experience there.

I was recently looking to buy a truck. My interest was mostly focused on the Toyota Tundra. This involved contact with virtually all local dealers.

First, contact to them via phone was frustrating to say the least. Their primary sales number on their own website would not work. Eventually I spoke with one salesperson and also used their very glitchy and poorly done web site.

Some days later I was contacted by a "fleet manager" from their Scion side who stated they had gotten in a truck that was exactly what I wanted. And it was pretty close. I had been used to dealing with "fleet managers" or "internet managers" that would offer a decent price and therefore alleviate the need to negotiate. He quoted me $500 off of MSRP. I told him I wasn't happy with that but would come look anyway.

Meanwhile I found out this truck was a "special edition" and while I didn't care about that, it was what I was looking for. So given the timing of Toyota's current incentives and what I have found so far as inventory goes, I aimed to go buy the truck.

Once I got there, I test drove that truck with a nice enough salesperson. Then we ended up at their Scion building. It was of course nearly entirely customer free as most Toyota dealerships are these days. I think I saw one other. On a Sunday.

I ended up negotiating with the original salesperson's "manager" who right off started playing hardball. Nothing off of MSRP. Period. I was about to walk but thought eh, I'll pay it because otherwise I miss the Toyota incentives or buy a truck I don't really want. Supply and demand. And I would be happy enough with that.

But. In the process, I got him to "throw in" an accessory, which he deceived me into thinking was worth $700 but he was "giving" to me for $200. Also, I usually get the Toyota warranty, and I was quoted what I thought was a large number for it. But he told me no, that's what they cost these days.

Both of these turned out to be lies. So in the end, I was quoted $500 off of MSRP and lied to about the price of both an accessory that I could buy myself for what they charged me and added to that I was ripped off for nearly $1,000 of a markup on the warranty.

I am complaining loudly to Toyota about this tactic. I could have waited and bought the warranty later. I had no idea they were marking it up. They were in fact lying to me about it.

I felt ashamed enough to give in to the price given this dealer was lucky to sell anything on that day. But lying to me? Unforgivable.

I had been taking my traded in 4Runner to them for service for six years and was happy enough with their service department. However, I will never darken their door again. I won't even take the truck in to get the accessory I paid for. I told them to keep it. Give it to the next buyer, should there ever be one. Phooey!

I honestly don't mind the hardball. I accept that I had requirements and timing that put me at a disadvantage. However, I expect honesty. Yeah, I know, car dealers may not be capable of that. It's a shame.

Update: while I would likely not subject myself to buying there again, I had used this dealership for service for years for a 2004 4Runner and have ended up going back after less than happy service experience elsewhere.

So after some seven years I remain a regular service customer and as always they are delightful to deal with, know their stuff and provide excellent customer service. I would recommend them in this regard.

Akash K. | 2010-03-23

I've been to all kinds of dealerships in my life, but never had to deal with one so uninterested in service.

My buddy drives a Scion and let me borrow his car for a few days, so I thought I'd get it serviced for him while he was out of town. I took it to Stevens Creek Scion (a dealer who has a website that shows they have a service department), but the place has three cars and three salespeople and feels like it's built out of an old Burger King. No service department to be found ...

I drive over to Stevens Creek Toyota knowing that Scion=Toyota; that's where all the fun begins.

1. There's no sign for parts/service.
2. I asked several salespeople where the service department is, and they ignore me. IGNORE.
3. I finally drive up to the right place by accident, and the service guy tells me to back the car over to his station.
4. With the car standing right next to him, he proceeds to ask me what color it is and whether it's an automatic.
5. He tells me it'll be done the next day and that he'll let me know.
6. He never calls the next day.
7. He calls a week later (I didn't bother calling because I was busy and had my own car) and is pissed I haven't picked it up.
8. When I show up, I have to wait 20 minutes to get the paperwork processed because there's nobody at the service counter.

9. This isn't the dealership's fault, but freaking $100 for an oil change is ridiculous. You Scion people are getting ripped off.

I would never shop at this dealership. I'd happily pay $500 more to get people who understand customer service ... and a website that is functional.

Nha H. | 2010-03-22

I bought my Yaris here a few years back and I thought the sales was alright. It wasn't the greatest, but I did get a good deal out of it. Now I usually take my car here for service because I bought it here and I like Eddie Violante, however, this time I couldn't take it there on a weekday because I'm busy, and I know Eddie doesn't usually work on weekends, but nevertheless I went. I also went without an appt which I should have made, but every time I went without an appt, they took me in so I thought what the hey, I'll just drive in. I forgot that the recalls probably backed up their service.

When I got there, there were only 3 other cars that was there doing paperwork and I thought to myself..great! I can get the car in. Pulled up the the Express Lube side and waited. I then got out of the car so they didn't think I wasn't ready. Got out of the car and stood there for a couple of minutes. Some other service advisors were busy with customers, but two service advisors on the very right were sitting around laughing . Finally one of them who looks like he just got out of highschool noticed I stood there and he asked if I needed help..NO DUH, no..I just want to stand there for fun. I told him I need an oil change, he then looks over his desk turn to me and then said, we aren't taking anymore in.'s 1PM and they don't close until at least 5 or 6PM and they can't get an oil change done? I'm not here for recall which is free, I'm here to PAY for a service. He didn't explain to me why, didn't ask me if I wanted to make an appt to come back...just said we aren't taking anymore in..THAT'S IT!

I usually like the service here, but the way that service advisor talked to me...makes me want to call the service manager. Next time I talk to Eddie to get my car in, I'll be sure to mention that.

PS: I went to Walmart to get an oil change..took them 30 minutes..

marla t. | 2010-03-19

Well, now I understand why this service department gets such low ratings.  We have a Certified Platinum Plan, supposed to cover most everything -- yet they want to charge several hundred bucks for "diagnosis" and we won't get charged if it is covered under the policy.   Most of what is not covered is not in the operating/running works but rather lights, handles, wipers, wheel/rims etc --- brakes and acceleration appear to be covered.

Then, when calling the Service Manager to get clarification on these items, two days have gone by without a return call.

Me thinks Melody Toyota is a better deal for mid-peninsula folk.

Stephen P. | 2010-03-18

So I've got a 2010 Prius that needs the recall and a 10K service.  Stevens Creek won't set an appointment, doesn't have any loaners, and needs you to leave the car all day.  They can't tell you when to come in, and they can't tell you how long it will take.  How convenient.  This is the wonder car and the wonder service company?  Oh well...I'll probably have this car at least 10 years, and they just lost all of that service business.

Carolyn M. | 2010-01-31

Have been car shopping for two weeks. Today checked out Toyota. Was really impressed with the sales person, Kenneth and the floor manager Charlie. There was no pressure and they were very helpful. Checked out  the Matrix and the Yaris. Test drove the Yaris and then left to think about the cars. Went back and test drove the Yaris again. No problems. Everyone at the dealership was friendly, couteous and seemed like they really wanted to make sure I chose the right car for me. Decided to purchase car and now am owner of a Yaris.

Paulo A. | 2010-01-28

They overcharge and take advantage of there customers in the service dept,if you aren't car savvy. they know there demographic has a majority of wealthy clueless asians who buy Toyota's out of brand loyalty. Naturally cars don't last forever and will need maintenance. Armed w/ these 2 pieces of info they will sell you repairs you don't need and overall scam you!

Take for example my gf's Rav-4. When it came in there was water dripping on the garage floor and they immediately told her that it was a bad water pump. But we both knew that she always keeps her air conditioning on and based on her mileage and type of driving, her water pump was not due for changing.

Mike K. | 2010-01-26

When the economy goes down, THAT'S the true test of a company's quality.

I've been dealing with Stevens Creek Toyota's service department since I bought my first Prius in 2004. I was so happy with the way I was treated and the service that I bought my second Prius from Stevens Creek in 2007.

The Toyota corporation advertises "Express Service" in 30 minutes; Stevens Creek used to manage 45 minutes to an hour. But since this economic downturn started, the time has gotten longer and longer. Yesterday I was told 90 minutes; when I said I'd wait in the lounge the time got revised up to two which point I said I'd take the shuttle home and the service advisor said they'd call when the car was ready. That call came almost THREE hours later.

In addition to a 5K level service, I needed the service department to install a new "starter" battery (the one that starts the car, runs the accessories and the lights) which I had purchased from their parts department on Saturday when the service department couldn't take the car for service that day.

My FIRST shock and dissatisfaction came when I was told the battery cost $170!!! I had tried to buy a battery at Pep Boys prior to going to the dealer but found out that this battery is PROPRIETARY and nobody can make/sell one except Toyota...hence the price gouge of $170.

My SECOND shock came yesterday when I was told that the fee to install the battery I had already purchased was $130!!!

That's $300 for a friggin' battery. Come on, Toyota. Come on, Steven's Creek Toyota. This ISN'T the space shuttle; your customers aren't the Federal government; how the heck do you justify $300 for a basic battery?

Sadly these events have made me come to a conclusion: my most basic service needs (oil and filter change; tire rotation) will be handled at drive-through service venues at far lower prices than Steven's Creek Toyota is charging. JiffyLube and their ilk do a fine job changing oil, and they do it quickly. And America's Tire Company, where I've purchased my replacement tires, rotates them for FREE for life.

As for Toyota products, I've got to say that the $300 battery will make me think two or three times before I buy a Toyota vehicle again. Especially since this is the SECOND time I've had to replace that battery.

Nasser D. | 2010-01-22

I went to go take a look at their new models one day. I parked and started walking towards the car's sticker price nothing in particular. Salesman goes up to me and introduce himself. I just told him that i'm just browsing. So in return, he took out of his pocket a business card. He said "Well, if you decide to buy a car or have questions just let me know." Then he walked away. Wow. I guess sometimes when they learn that a customer is just browsing. They don't want to waste their time. Looks like they are just looking for the customer lottery whom they can actually sell to.

Emily G. | 2010-01-15

Not surprised to see all the horrible reviews of this place. The finance department has zero customer service and I'm going to name names just because they pissed me off so much. April Little and Sunni Singh have zero concern for customers, take weeks to return phone calls, and just pass the buck instead of dealing with customers' issues. One positive: the guy who sold us our car was excellent and competent--a rare find in this joint I'm guessing. If you buy a car here, ask for Christian. We felt like he was really on our side.

Bamboo G. | 2010-01-08

pretty good service experience

Dino G. | 2010-01-07

So we tried to go carshopping here... Emphasis on TRIED. We wanted to test drive a RAV4 so went and parked our car and went inside to have someone help us. All of the car salesmen were just standing around doing nothing - except for talking to each other or eating/drinking coffee. Note that this is 3 days before Christmas, i.e. high season to sell cars.

After a while my partner decided to go outside to see if there were any cars on the lot he'd like to try at least. After doing that we went back inside and we encountered the same scenario - so we finally walked up to one sales person and he flat out told us to go talk to someone else, pointing vaguely in the direction of the reception desk... I was about to explode at this point, but whatever. So we walk up to the desk area where a couple other sales people are milling around but no one acknowledges us (I did think 1 or 2 stared at us for a second not having a clue what we could possibly be wanting to do at a car dealership where they supposedly work).
I finally walk up to someone and told him "Is anyone working around here or what?" Super-arrogant, I know, but hey. That person points back to the one that told us to "go talk to someone else". I ended it right there and said we didn't need their help anymore and we walked out.

My partner was all miffed with the situation as he really wanted to test drive the RAV4 and is looking for a new car - but we both agreed the car wouldn't come from Toyota on Stevens Creek.

Melissa T. | 2010-01-05

Now I know why this place has received poor ratings and I don't blame them! Brought my car back to get its 5K mile maintenance. I had called previously to check the hours and see when they'll be busy. The girl who answered the phone was not helpful at all. She told me that hours fluctuate day to day and could not tell me when the peak hours were. I guess it's never a good time to bring in your car here.

No matter what, you'll always be waiting in line at least 15 minutes waiting to get helped at the service/express lube area. They open at 7am and I highly recommend coming in the early morning.

My two previous interactions were great. Eddie Violante helped me out and was fun to work with. He always honored the coupons and told me of new deals. My third time (today) was with Dan Romani. He was OK, might of been having an off day. He told me the wait could take 1 hr 45 min. Instead, it took 3 hours and he never came to apologize or inform me that it would take longer. I had to go find someone to check on the status of my car, to only be passed around. I originally had a meeting scheduled but luckily it was cancelled.

Got my car back and it was in good condition. I really like how they don't move your seat when they drive it. However, this time they didn't give my car a rinse. Normally, they always give my car a good rinse after work has been done.

I checked the inspection chart they did and am really confused. It now states that my brakes are perfect when the last inspection said they were wearing out. I don't believe they gave me new brakes either. There's inconsistency with the reports. How can you trust the work done here?

The best part here is probably the waiting room / lounge area. Fast wifi, comfortable seats, TV, salt water fish tank, and complimentary bagels and coffee.

For my next maintenance, I'll be trying another location.

R V. | 2009-12-28

Bunch of ex-cons! I had them do a timing belt on my 98 toyota camry. 3 months later I had an oil leak from a bad oil gasket near where the timing belt was replaced. Several mechanics told me that it is fairly routine to replace the gasket when a timing belt job is done. The gasket only cost $10 when doing a timing belt because they have access to this area anyways. I went to Stevens Creek but they treated me like dirt. I am never going back there.

Mahesh H. | 2009-12-21

The worst for service.(happened today) If you fall in line, they split the line and dump you in a corner and attend those who came later first. In fact I ended up waiting for 30 minutes looking at folks behind me getting attended, and I finally left the place.
Once( in OCT) I gave my car for inspection & repair, they say they would be done by 4 hours, after 4 hours they had only done inspection.
After they did the work, the vehicle has the same problem....

The service attendants are rude.
I went for last 7 regular maintainance services here and finally going somewhere else, as these guys are just horrible.

Nancy D. | 2009-11-29

First let me say that I have been a loyal and devoted Toyota owner for many years.  I purchased or leased my last 4 Toyota vehicles (the latest  was a top of the line touring Avalon) at Stevens Creek Toyota.  I think this tradition is now done.  Recent;ly Toyota has been having huge recall issues, with the accelerator, floor pads, and now the oil line.  All that aside.....

The last time I went in for service everything was done, a regular oil change, tire rotation etc.  When I returned home and drove the following week I noticed that my car shook when going over 55 MPH.  I called SC Toyota and said it didn't do that before my tires were rotated and was running smoothly.  The service manager (or the one in charge that day) told me to bring it in to see ***** and that he would relay the problem to him and be ready for me and get me in and out.  I brought it in saw ***** who knew nothing about it nor was he advised that I would be coming in again to have it checked out.  So that said strike one,  I then go into the waiting area...wait wait wait,,,,,,hmm thought I was going to be in and out....2 hours later..I finally go up to the cashier she said "oh they didnt tell you your car was ready"...uh NO....  so ***** comes out and proceeds to tell me that it wasnt the tire rotation that it is worn out wheel bearing...but hey my car had less than 50,000 miles on it and before I had brought it and had them work on it it was working just fine..  I asked him about how much this was going to cost...he said oh..about a thousand dollars....what!!!  no way....I said I just can't do it right now...he said come back and see him that he would give me a deal.   Something just did not sit right with me.
Several days later I thought...hmmm wonder if I take it to a tire store and have them rotate the tires would it still do it.  I took a chance.  Glad I did.  They rotated my tires..looked at the bearing..said no problem with them....I drove out and my car never shook again.....

This among other times of waiting for my car and seeing others who came way after me were called that their car was ready....again had to go see for myself only to find out the service guy never brought the paperwork to the cashier.  so I was never called up.....then while waiting for my car they drove up with the wrong car and handed me the wrong keys....very negligent attitude.

So.....Stevens Creek Toyota will not get my return business.  A good run had ended for them.  I will go to Capitol Toyota for my services and when I am ready to get my next Toyota (and I will) Capitol will get the sale.  

It's a trust issue...and after my last experience with the service department and the bogus repair can I trust them again.  Too bad they lost a good customer.

Sandy G. | 2009-11-10

Two visits ago, someone in the service dept stole the GPS disk out of my car and replaced it with an older version. As a result, the DVD system did not work. I brought it back and they gave me a 2009 disk. However, then I brought the car back to get the DVD player replaced and AGAIN the 2009 disk was stolen and now replaced with a 2007 disk. I hate this store. I have to go back to get this disk replaced but I will never go back again.

April C. | 2009-10-07

On 10/3/09, I went to this location to look at some used cars. I bought my previous car from them almost 10 years ago and she finally passed away to that big car lot in the sky. My experience then was good so I thought I would be a repeat customer. I was wrong! The salesman, I believe his name was Ken (I think I might still have his business card buried in the depths of my purse), saw me leaving another dealership before I walked onto theirs. The first thing out of his mouth was "I saw you leaving XXXXXX*(not their real name. Name not disclosed to protect the innocent). Why would you buy a car from them? They are bad! " In my opinion, bad mouthing the competition is bad business.

I tell him up front what I can afford and what I will be using as a down payment and he automatically wants to do a credit check before even looking at any cars. I was a bit taken back at first but then thought, what the heck. I'd least I know what I qualify for!

Credit check comes back and he tells me he wants to show me a car. Just one car.  When I ask him what it is, he said I will show you. He wanted me to get in another car with him and drive somewhere. When I asked him where he said he doesn't keep the car on the lot that we would have to go somewhere. He wouldn't tell me where this "somewhere" was. I tell him I'm not comfortable and think I will look elsewhere. He starts shouting at me "Why?! Whats wrong?! Is it me?! What did I do?!" Then he grumbles something and walks away in a huff.  

I guess he doesn't take rejection well. It's car salesmen like him that make people not want to buy a car. He was like a vulture swooping down on his prey. I had barely stepped a foot onto their lot when he was up in my face.  A suggestion to car salesmen; give the customer a chance to look around before you approach them. You will have a better chance of making a sale.

***UPDATE*** The very next day after posting this review I received am email from the owner of the dealership apologizing for the behavior of her staff member. I thought that was pretty awesome of them. Apparently, they read all reviews posted on here.

Laura P. | 2009-09-11

This review deals with the service department (not the dealership):

I own a Corolla and have been coming here for the past few years to get it serviced. Of all the people who have helped me, Kenneth was the best. On that day I came in for a regular oil change. Unlike others, he didn't push me to get other things done on the car. He said it would be about a 45 minute wait (I arrived at 7:30am), and about 30 minutes into the wait he came over to the waiting room to tell me that he noticed the timing belt should be replaced soon. I asked if it was an urgent matter, and he responded by saying the sooner the better. I decided to get it done that day, since I was already there. I was happy that he told me about it then since my car had about 135,000 miles on it (and it would have been an even worse situation if it broke while I was driving). It was going to be another 2-3 hour wait, so I decided to have a friend pick me up and I told them I could come back later that day to pick it up. At around noon I received a call, letting me know that my car was ready and I could come by anytime.

In general, I haven't had any serious problems with this place. Oil changes take around 30 minutes and if I get other car maintenance things done then around 1 hour (assuming I arrive by 7:30am). I've had people try to persuade me into getting unnecessary things done, but when I say no, they back off.

One thing I don't like is how inconsistent they are when pumping the car tires up. My car should be at 30 psi, but I tend to keep it at 32 for better gas mileage. However, when I get my car back it ranges from 30-38 psi. It's not a BIG deal for me since I'm able do my own tires, but I do make sure to check them when I get home.

Ryn C. | 2009-08-26

let me preface by saying that i did NOT buy from stevens creek toyota bc they totally jacked me over.

i called on a tuesday to check availability for rav4's and the car with the exact specs that i wanted was arriving in "2-3 days". so, even though the sales guy was brash and had zero phone ettiquette (minus 1 star), i put a deposit of $500 down so that i could "reserve" my car.

i kept calling back to check on the status, but the arrival date kept getting pushed back (minus the 2nd star). by friday, the car still hadn't arrived, but i needed to trade in my clunker in order to meet the government's deadline for the deal. so, i agreed to bring my clunker in on sunday in exchange for a loaner until the new rav4 arrived.

sunday rolls around and now suddenly, they don't give out loaners. ooookkk... do you want my sale or not? oddly, the sales guy offers to lend me HIS car (minus the 3rd star) - which totally weirded me out. when i was ready to come into the dealership, i called the sales guy only to find out that he has "already sold my car" (minus the 4th star).

WTF, right? how can my car be sold if: 1) it hasn't even arrived to the dealership and 2) i have a $500 deposit on it to reserve the car?!?!!!?

this dealership has no ethics and horrible customer service. if i could, i would rate this dealership NEGATIVE 4 stars.

Albert C. | 2009-08-17

I've been coming to Stevens Creek Toyota since 2004 for regular maintenance on my Corolla and have had pretty good experiences in the past. Their standard service usually takes about an hour (especially if you come early in the morning) and the one time it took 3 hours, they gave me a discount for the wait.

I rolled in at 8am on a Monday morning after a night on call. All I wanted was the standard maintenance and was told it should be about an hour. At 9am, they come out and tell me that my transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid need to be replaced. Expensive, but it's the first time for the steering and brake fluid, while it's been about 30k for the transmission fluid. I say ok and am told it should be another hour...

3 hours later, at 12 noon, I finally get my car. Minimal explanation, just a "thanks and see you next time". Granted, I was rather sleep-deprived and in need of a hot shower, but having to wait 4 hours instead of the 1 (then revised to 2) hour original wait seems a little ludicrous.

They're fine for regular maintenance stuff (as long as your car doesn't have problems) but if you need more extensive work done, be ready to wait at least 3-4 hours. Time to go searching for a new service place...

Elsei Y. | 2009-08-17

Thanks to Tom and Mo in Stevens creek Toyota for helping my parents.  We traded in 2 clunkers for 2 new cars-Corola and Rav 4 in one week.  They made the normally-torturing-car-buying process easy, painfree and actually pleasant.  They helped us find the perfect car matching mom and dad's needs and preferences, and gave us different options for the payment.  Of course, good deals are always a big bonus.  They treated us like family and never pushy for a deal.   LOVE THEM.

S G. | 2009-08-09

I felt the finance dept of Stevens Creek Toyota were very dishonest. They told us that we hadn't scored that high on our credit rating and for that reason to finance the car to get a lower interest rate, we needed to purchase one of their extra warranties, which we didn't want in the first place.

It was an extra $1,000! We did it because we really wanted the car and we believed them.  The next day, I went to my credit union to try and finance through them, instead of the Toyota finance, the credit union told us we had excellent credit!  I was furious. They lied to us and took advantage of the situation.

We got our money back for the stupid warranty and will never do business with this out fit again. The people were rude and couldn't explain why they did this.  Don't trust these people! Go to any Toyota but here. I love my car, but will never deal with Stevens Creek Toyota again.

Christina C. | 2009-08-06

Doesn't everyone hate getting their oil changed? I usually prefer to go to a Jiffy-lube because its so quick and there's a pretty OK waiting room. The only catch is that they charge a lot. My dad suggested I go to the dealership to get it done. But I was worried about the hours of waiting. And I definitely didn't want to go to those small grungy places that are dirt cheap. I'd rather pay double for decent waiting area.
So I go to Stevens Creek Toyota and Eddie Violante greets me and tells me the wait is usually an hour but he'd see if he can get it done sooner. Then he walks me over to the waiting lounge. Swanky! It has a large tropical fish tank and comfy chairs and its CLEAN! I am definitely going there to get my oil changed from now on. You don't need to make an appointment either.

Eric D. | 2009-08-05

Following this review, customer relations of Stevens Creek Toyota contacted me to try and make things right.  While I've set my sights on another vehicle, it seems they monitor these issues and take the appropriate steps to fix them.

Logan S. | 2009-07-30

I went to Stevens Creek Toyota in Santa Clara CA and met a salesperson who humored me with about 6 test drives, between three separate lots, over a period of about 45 minutes. I found the car I was willing to buy at the Stevens Creek VW lot (that is owned by the same people) but the price was just a little high for what I wanted to spend on it. I told the salesperson I will pay "this" for "that", can you do it?

He sat me in a room, took my license and pre-approval letter from my credit union and disappeared for 30 minutes. I assumed; wrongly, they were writing up the paperwork for the purchase. He came back and relayed a question to me from my credit union. I gave him the answer and re-inquired; "Can I get that car, for this price?" I was met with a "We are running the numbers right now".

After 15 more minutes he came in with a credit application; which confused me. Since I had already secured a loan for what I was willing to pay for a car why did he need to run my credit? When I told him I would not allow it he continued trying to convince me he could get me a better rate. I told him no, 3 more times before he left the room.

After another 15 minutes I was informed that we had to drive from the Stevens Creek VW lot over to the Stevens Creek Toyota lot to complete the deal. I told him; "If someone does not let me know if I will get that car for this price within 5 minutes of arriving at the Stevens Creek Toyota lot I was going to walk. After we arrived, and before we went in the building, he told me I could get it for $1,000 more than what I was offering. He knew this before we even got in the car to drive over to Stevens Creek Toyota. I threw up my hands in frustration and started to walk away, "Thank for wasting our time and I am now severely frustrated" was my comment. He said that "It was not set in stone and we still could get the deal I wanted"

After 10 minutes at the Stevens Creek Toyota lot the salesperson said we had to drive BACK over to the Stevens Creek VW lot because they would have to charge me more if I purchased it at the Stevens Creek Toyota lot. At this point in time I should have just walked away, but I am a true glutton for punishment.

On our way over to Stevens Creek VW I again stated, "If I do not get a yes or no on the deal I want within 5 minutes of arriving I am going to walk". When we arrived the salesperson went into the dealership for about 10 minutes. (I hope you this point, I have invested HOURS in this whole operation and just wanted to either get the deal I asked for or just go home). BUT, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The so called "Floor Manager" came out and sat me down on the bench outside and started going over the wholesale, retail, Blue Book, etc... Value of the car in question.

I stopped him and asked AGAIN, now for the 11th? 12th? 13th? time. "CAN I GET THAT CAR AT THIS PRICE"? He leaned back in his chair and said NO.

AFTER 2.5 HOURS, DRIVING BACK AND FORTH FROM LOT TO LOT, ASKING AND ASKING AND ASKING. TELLING THEM IF I CAN'T GET THE DEAL I AM GOING TO WALK ETC... They now tell me NO. I stood up in frustration, asked the salesperson to drive me back to Stevens Creek Toyota (where my car was at) and said, "We could have saved each other a lot of time if you would have answered that question an hour and a half ago."

Then the verbal abuse began.

"You don't deserve to be my customer!"


"You don't deserve to own an Audi!"


"You don't know the value of a car!"


"Get off of my lot!"


"Go home, and don't come back!"

"Expletive, expletive, expletive!"

When I tried reasoning with the "Floor Manager" stating,

"Why do you have to make this so hard?"
"Why are you treating me this way?"
"I can not believe you are treating a customer this way"
"How can you do business like this?"

He replied by yelling at me "Get off of my lot".

Binu P. | 2009-07-29

Unfortunately I need to change my review that I had give earlier.
After three months of buying my used car from this dealer, I haven't yet got my documents from DMV. When I checked with DMV I came to know that the dealer has not submitted the records at all. Then when I checked with the dealer, I came to know there was some paper work issue about the previous transaction. I was disappointed that they sold me a car where the paper work is not complete, and then even after 3 months they couldnot resolve it. Also never got any calls from them mentioning about this issue until I called them.

Barb B. | 2009-06-19

I have many Toyotas in my life: A Previa van in my soccer mom days, a Corolla still going strong, a Matrix still going strong, and my current Tacoma (which I LOVE). I have been taking my vehicles here for over 15 years. I feel they have always been up front about repairs, let me know the costs by phone when they get into the vehicle, friendly staff,  free shuttle within a certain radius and they used to have donuts and coffee for service folks in the morning (I don't know if they still do this in this crapola economy)! I still take out vehicles into this place. I don't feel like they are ever trying to rip me off. I have taken my cars to other places whose prices are about the same or if they were cheaper, something ELSE would go wrong afterwards. So I come back to this service department because the service they do on my cars and truck is pretty darn good.Just bring back the donuts please.
Just don't venture into looking at the vehicles for are watched like vultures waiting for Kirstie Alley to go down in the Mojave and then swooped down on within, I swear to gawd, one minute.

Leslie N. | 2009-06-08

This review is for the service deprtment, not sales. It would be five stars, as Kenny and Carlos are amazing at their jobs, HOWEVER, when I got into my car afer they had finished with a simple 5K checkup/oil change I couldnt' help but notice two things that put me off a little and caused the loss of two stars:
1: My AC was on Not really a big deal, but I sort of make it a point to never use my AC because it uses gas, so it bothered me that they had it on (full blast) while they were just checking the brake pads), and
2: SOMEONE USED MY CHAP STICK. How did I know this, you may be asking? I ALWAYS leave my chap stick rolled up all the way, if not a little too much to ensure that when I'm blindly grabbing for it while driving I don't have that hoprrible sharp-plastic-edge-to-lips experience, and when I grabbed for it when I returned to mycar, it was rolled COMPLETELY down. I had used it right before I handed my keys over, so I know there was no way one of my friends/family members could've used it and left it down.
I find this to be absolutely disgusting and I strongly feel Steven's Creek Toyota, as petty as this sounds, owes me a new cherry flavored Chap-Stick brand chap stick.

Thank you.

Less than an hour afterposting this review, I was contacted and am being sent a new chapstick. Still gross it happened, but very nice of them to send me a new one, and quite frankly, I'm excited to receive a chapstick in the mail. :) :)
Adding a star for a prompt response.

Chris T. | 2009-05-27

Like my profile says, I still like my SUV. And I like to make sure it is well taken care of. I had dealership trouble when I had a Nissan Pathfinder years ago but that's a distant memory. When I bought my 4Runner over 3 yrs ago from Stevens Creek Toyota, I have had it serviced there ever since. I dealt with a lot of the Service Advisors and they have all been very courteous and professional. About the last year and a half or so, I have been dealing exclusively with Carlos Galvez and his customer service has always been exemplary.

The last couple of times, I have shown up early to the dealership
in the morning because I had no ride out and Carlos has made sure
that my work has proceeded in a very timely manner. Carlos has always
answered every question I have had and is always willing to go that extra mile for his customers. He really makes the maintenance chore easy.

The whole service operation is run very efficiently IMO. The mechanics
have always done a great job for me. They run a shuttle service to work
for people and in the morning, coffee, bagels and donuts are served
in the customer lounge.

Lori C. | 2009-05-27

if Sam Pieracy is working don't buy your car from here!  We went through all the time and effort it takes to get our price for a Rav4 sport with the floor manager (Rene), he got our price for us but neglecated to tell us that it was either 0% financing or $500.00 rebate.  They applied the rebate to our purchase which was fine, they told us what our payments were and we confirmed 0% financing this is when the sales guy said 7.9%.....we said...WHAT?  I thought it was 0% financing.  Sam Pieracy the sales manager behind the booth heard our voices raise and decided we were unhappy so he said he would refund our $$ and let us walk.....we were sitting in a booth w/Rene so how did he know we were not happy?  We met Sam and he was the absolute biggest Jerk ever, if he had just apologized and said you can have either 0% or $500.00 rebate, sorry we didn't explain that we would have still taken the deal but he assumed we were mad and refunded our $$ w/out letting us talk.  The reason he did this we found out later was when you buy a car you are requested to complete a Survey which is solely applied to the Sales reps commision it's HUGE for them so if they have the slightest inclination that you could give them a poor rating they won't sell you the car which is exactly what happened to us.  The sales guy (GIN) great guy in the parking lot was dumbfounded.  We bought our car from Fremont Toyota and they actually said if we gave them a excellent rating on the survey we would get our price, we now have a new car and didn't have to deal w/the jerk Sam Pieracy.

Gokmen E. | 2009-04-28

They should give up the OLD way of doing business, like the typical foxy car salesman tactics. What's up with the question "How much your monthly payments to be?"  No price for the car, no financing information, no rate... etc. As if the monthly payments alone is the measure of the cars value.
Tsk Tsk Tsk,,, too bad guys, lost the sale to Honda down the street. Wanted to buy a Toyota Venza, ended up with Honda Accord.

Tai T. | 2009-04-23

Just went to Stevens Creek Toyota for my 25,000 maintenance service and it was the best experience ever!  This is my third time at this location and the second time that the Service Rep Jason helped me.  His full name is Jason Lawton (from business card).  All in all, he was the friendliest guy ever and was always smiling.

The first thing he did was put on a plastic seat cover for the driver's seat and cover the floor with those paper covers.  (Stock Tires are very bad and almost wore out on my 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid) So Jason described to me the different types of tires as well as good brands and where to get them.  He even looked online and got me a close dealership for recommended tires.

And to make things even better, I got a free carwash from him!  About an hour later, he called me (I was using their waiting lounge which btw had free wifi) and I went to pay for my car.  After paying for the service and checking out my car, I noticed that they went an extra mile and dried my car after the car wash (I can see the lint while driving) and wiped my tires with those protective chemicals.  Wowwww!!!  

Overall the service is just amazing!  All this cost me $97.55.  Besides Stevens Creek, I also went to Fremont and the Piercey Toyota.  My last visit to Fremont cost me about $149 for my oil change.  Maybe it was a minor premium service but I can't remember exactly.  As for Piercey, their quote for my 20,000 service was overpriced (About $250!).  I was like....that's too much! And the service rep told me he'll give me a 10% if I service there.  But why would I get a $250 service maintenance for a CAMRY?!  Then I asked about geting new blades and he told me it'll cost $100.  What?!  They were trying to rip me off.  Anyway, my point is....I can't speak for all service reps at Stevens Creek but Jason was excellent.  He got what I needed and answered all my questions.  I was very happy.  Thanks Jason.

And for those that had a bad experience here, I'm sorry to hear that.  The amount of low ratings almost got me to not come back here but after today, I know Stevens Creek is the best for me thus far.  I even created an account with Yelp so I can praise the service b/c they definitely deserve it.

Oh yeah! One more thing.  I think they have some new kind of warranty benefit because this is the first time I saw this.  They put a benefits paper stating that I have (up to 180 days of benefits): Nationwide Roadside Assistance, Road Hazard Tire Protection, and Emergency Rental Car.  There's value/price limits on these but it's nice to have.  The new service sticker has the number to call for these warranty.

Jeremy G. | 2009-04-09

We have purchased 3 cars from here in the last few years. Always very easy to deal with. The service dept is great always on top of things. They are the only ones I trust to fix my cars right. I haven't had any problems with any service. The parts dept was very helpful when my daughter came in with a list of parts she wanted for her new car, and even gave her a discount! They will always get all my Toyota business!

Jill E. | 2009-04-01

I went in a few days ago to get my oil changed after buying my Scion in November of last year. The oil change went quicker than expected & the employees were friendly. If my review were based solely on this, I'd give 5 stars.

However, I ran into the man who sold me my car & the first thing he did was bring up the review I left on Yelp after my purchase. At this point I had forgotten that I had even left a review at all, let alone what I said. He talked to me about it for what seemed like twenty-minutes or more and was really guilting me into changing it, even telling me that I wasn't being truthful in my review. He also mentioned how another review on here about him was really inappropriate and he wants it removed too. He even said he almost called my cell phone about my review after he read it - and I honestly don't feel I said anything very negative at all. I wouldn't have bought the car if I didn't feel comfortable enough to. A friend was with me through this whole encounter & we both found it rude & unprofessional.

My one other complaint is that someone at the lot at the time of the sale told me they were contacting the DMV to get me my 2nd plate ( for some reason my car only had one) and it would be mailed to me. It's been nearly 6 months & I still don't have a license plate. So when I asked the salesman about it he called & found out that I have to call the DMV myself & they can't get it for me. So, I've been driving around without a back plate for almost half a year & now I have to wait another half a year because I was misinformed. Very frustrating.

Ritesh C. | 2009-02-25

I'll just share my experience at Toyota showroom located at Stevens Creek Santa Clara so that potential buyers are aware of what kind of tricks are played by some dealers and take care to be attentive.

Last Sunday, I visited the showroom and checked about Camry LE. I said very clearly this is what I'm interested in and what's going to be quote. Since I've already driven Camry LE, didn't bother to take a test drive and went to negotiation table.( This apparently was 1 mistake which I realised later). Sales guy said approx 21k. I told him that I'm getting 20.5 from Sunnyvale dealer. Then the manager came in and started negotiating. He started with 20,400 and then 20,000 and then 19,000 but the condition was car has to be taken immediately.

I found the offer very lucrative but was skeptical about such a low price for a brand new car. The manager reassured me that there's nothing to worry. So the deal was almost done and I thought to have a quick test drive. Entering the car, I realised that it doesn't have power driver seat(which is a standard feature of Camry LE) so came out of it, aborted the test drive and questioned the manger, rather informed him that there is no power driver seat.

Guess what was the reaction of him. Without offering any explanation, he just asked me to leave and buy it elsewhere. I realised, he was perhaps trying to cheat and sell the base model CE. I still maintained my composure without casting any aspersions and asked what would be the price for an LE with the standard features like power driver seat. But he was just not ready to talk and asked me to go out and buy the car elsewhere

I'm not going to take names here as I don't intend to get personal. The sales guy and the manger were perhaps doing their job which is to sell cars. But the way they went about their business I think is questionable, in fact deplorable. It was very unprofessional of them. I learnt my lesson though and hopefully this post will help the buyers and if someone from Toyota Steven Creek is reading this and has some authority, please have some conscience and revise your business conduct

Diana Y. | 2009-02-10

I'm glad I didn't look at the reviews on Yelp for this place before I went because my experience wasn't so bad.

When I first got there, I had to wait 15 minutes to even be helped (there were a lot of cars in front of me so it was understandable) but as soon as I pulled up, my service adviser, Eddie, was more than helpful.

Since this was my first time at this dealership, he walked me through the process, explained anything and everywhere to me, and just made sure that I was always happy with the service.

My oil change took about 45 minutes and when Eddie came to get me, he told me that he checked my vehicle parts for me, free of charge, since he had originally promised me my car in under 30 minutes.

Such a friendly guy, if you ever go to this one, ask for EDDIE. He likes to build customer relationship and I could tell he was very sincere in caring for my car's needs and I feel that he's very trustworthy.

Lorrie M. | 2009-02-01

I'm not sure if this is a typical experience, but my family came here to buy a Toyota Sienna mini-van and even though we made the purchase and have owned the car for a few years now, it still wasn't a great experience from the get go.

We basically got ran around the lot for about 2 hours before really being able to stake the salesman down to just us as his customer as well as the specific minivan we wanted. Then we spent another hour browsing through the cars inventory lot because supposedly he had a better option. In the end we really did find the car that we wanted ... but that's when all the trouble started.

They said they would finish up paperwork with us while they cleaned out the car to prep it for us to take it home, however ... instead they put a dent into the trunk door of the minivan and then attempted to blame us even though we were inside the entire time.

My family is VERY meticulous with buying cars and notice every single ridiculous little nick, so there was no way that we could have picked out the van with a dent in the back. However, the papers were signed and they tried to push it off on us and tell us that we officially have to take the car and it is not their responsibility. WTF?

After much arguing, they offered to refund some money on the car because now we've been there a total of four and a half hours. WHOA ... making me dizzy.

Now in retrospect, we should have made them take back the car and get a new one ... the trunk door has a hard time locking that is getting harder with each passing month and must be slammed so hard sometimes you hurt yourself just shutting the damn thing.

Steven C. | 2009-01-29

This review is strictly for the parts department. I decided to go here to grab a replacement cover for my 09 Camry since I didn't want to drive all the way out to Piercey in Milpitas (those guys are good btw) but this dealership was just down the street.

I'm not sure what counts as organization but the inventory appears to be in a huge chaotic mess when you walk into the parts department, stuff lying everywhere or thrown about in no particular manner, they could really use some structured shelves... even a gift shop is more organized.

The guy that ended up helping me was pretty damn slow, you'd think getting a single simple replacement accessory for the exterior would take less than 5 minutes but this guy took his sweet time, even stopping along to listen to another coworker rant about their life problems. I ended up waiting for ~15 minutes or so before I got my part, only it was the wrong part. Back to the service counter I went. While I "patiently" waited a second time for the right part, I couldn't help but notice the customer who showed up after me got his part in 5 minutes or so from another worker.

Total time spent @ dealership: 35minutes.
35 minutes of my life I'll never get back :(

Joanna B. | 2009-01-20

The service department sucks!  I had an appt for a couple of weeks to get a new seatbelt.  When I arrived on the day of the appt I was told that they don't have the part in stock.  He said the people that take the appts only take appts, they don't know if the parts are in stock.  What??  He said he could order it for me and I could come back another day.  And btw it 'll cost $339 and I'd have to pre pay.  No way.  I'll take my business elsewhere!

Darlene W. | 2008-12-30

I came here early in the summer of 2008 to test drive a 2008 Yaris.  This is by far the worst car dealership experience I have ever had.  The first salesperson who greeted us said he could get a Yaris, but that he had to go 2 miles away to get it from some other lot.  We waited around for him to come back.  We got sick of waiting for him, went next door to the Mazda dealership and took one for a spin, then returned to Toyota.  The guy still hadn't returned so we went in search of another salesperson.  Everyone on the floor seemed pre-occupied so it was tough getting anyone's attention.  

Finally some schmuck shows up in a faded sweater his grandmother must have knit for him 20 years ago.  He introduced himself with a handshake, while licking the remains of a vanilla ice-cream cone in his left hand.  Talk about professional.  So he says that he can take us to this "other" lot which is now 4 blocks away, not 2 miles.  It turned out that this other lot is just a bunch of cars crammed in as tightly as possible.  So he says, "Oh, I would get you a Yaris if I could, but I can't, so I won't, because it's parked behind all these other cars.  But here, test drive a Matrix, it's a great car!"

I took it for a spin just for the hell of it, but I didn't want a gigantic car.  This place was so bad that I stopped looking for cars for several months, until I bought a Honda today.  But if you want a Toyota, go to the Sunnyvale Toyota dealership and ask for Stan.  (see my review of the Sunnyvale Toyota)

Thirty-Cen T. | 2008-12-14

Overall horrible experience. Even though we got an OK price on a car we needed that day, the whole experience was bad. Tiny middle eastern guy salesman over there is a total moron. This guy was making up things left and right, and outright lying (I researched the car and the trim levels before hand). The finance guys are also a last stop at pushing a useless pre-paid maintenance plan on you and can't take no for an answer. I am used to dealing with these people so not really a problem for me, but I would not recommend anyone to buy anything from here.

Bert M. | 2008-11-23

I'm not professional salesperson, so these people would likely outsell me in any sales contest.  I do, however, think I could beat them in a Not Being a Jackass contest.

Problem #1:  Sexism.  The first salesperson asked who the car was for.  My husband said mostly me.  The salesperson, who had just been talking specs on a specific car, turned to me.  "Do you like the color?"  Well, it's okay, but you do you have the same thing in pink with a unicorn on the side?

Problem #2:  Racism.  As I test drove a very nice car, the second salesman, Mark, piped up from the backseat about how "people of the Chinese persuasion" are bad drivers.  "Especially the women."  So unprofessional and rude!

Problem #3:  Kidnapping.  They have several dealerships on the same street a few miles apart.  They will insist on driving you from one to the other, so that you're trapped and have to stay until they drive you back to where your car is parked.  Don't let them do this!  Eventually, we "test drove" a car back to where our car was parked just to pick it up, so we could leave when we wanted to.

Problem #4:  Bullying.  When we said we wanted to sleep on buying the car, Mark, got extremely pushy.  We said it was beyond our budget, and he suggested "just throw the last $3000 on a credit card".   He'd bankrupt us to just to sell the car.  My husband suggested that, perhaps, we felt a little beat up by Mark's pushy sales tactics.  Mark countered with, "I feel a little beat up! My time is valuable!"  Buddy, this is your job; you knew what you were getting into.  We just want to buy a car.

Being ridiculed and guilt tripped was the last straw.  We left.

Two stars, instead of one because, though the people are the lowest I've seen in sales, they do have nice cars, good warranties available, and fair prices on many of the inventory.

Only go here if you personally know one of the salespeople because if you don't have any personal connection, they'll eat you alive.

Shaina B. | 2008-10-03

This dealership was amazing!  I had been looking for a new car for the past 5 months when someone referred me to check out SC Toyota.  Immediatly I fell in love with a car.  Rita Lima was one of the sales associates that helped me and I am so thankful for all her honesty and meeting all the needs I requested.  She sold me the best car on the lot in my opinion!
When it later came to negotiating prices, another sales men named Nick X. helped me get the best deal possible.  I could not be more happier with both of their services, and have in fact recommended several friends to go check out the dealership.  Not even a month ago, a close friend of mine bought a brand new Prius with the help of both Rita and Nick.
We are both equally happy with our purchases!

Jennifer G. | 2008-09-25

you have got to be kidding me.  This is NO way to run a business!

I saw a tire special on the website "buy three, get one free" so I called to get a quote.  After holding for several minutes (and they kept picking up and putting the phone down) a guy picked up the line and asked what I needed.  I told him, he asked for the tire size, and I gave that to him.  "Oh, I don't have my tire guide with me so let me transfer you to someone that does."  

WHY?  Why pick up the phone if you are useless?  Why waste my time?

After being on hold (AGAIN) the same guy picks up.  No one available, so he went and got his tire guide.  WOW, THANKS FOR COMING TO WORK PREPARED.  I give him the size (again!) and he says "Oh, we don't stock those."   He then goes on to tell me if I come by they can order them.  

I'm sorry, do you know gas is about $4 / gallon and p.s. I have a life.  I'm not driving down there to get a quote.  I'm calling someone else!  I ask if I can get a quote before I consider driving down there, and he says yes, but guess what - HE CAN'T GIVE ME THE QUOTE.  He has to transfer me to someone else!  

Apparently I have given up on productivity today, so I allow the call to be transferred.  When a voice mail message starts to play, I hang up.  

NEXT!   Toyota Fail!

Christopher L. | 2008-08-02

Try looking for another repair/service shop. Don't get your car serviced here. When you see a check engine light on, for them to stick a hand held device to the car's computer to see the problem costs you $120. To replace a part is to two to three times labor cost. If your radio antenna is stuck and making annoying noise, to fix a radio antenna costs roughly $250. They don't care who you are, they will rip you off.

White K. | 2008-07-10

If you don't care to read the whole story, just don't take your car to get serviced at Stevens Creek Toyota. In short, they're a bunch of patronizing jerks who will try to steal from you. Just because they do it with a smile doesn't mean you're not getting taken for all they can get. If you want to know why, read on:

The stereo and power adapter on my 05 Scion xA went on the fritz and just stopped working one day. Being the world class paranoiac that I am, I purchased an extended service warranty when I bought the car. I took the car in to Stevens Creek, told them I had the warranty, and he said no problem, they'd take it apart, find the problem, and call me. They called me back a few hours later and reported that the fuse had blown and that it wasn't covered by my warranty, so it would be $65. I said that was fine. Soon as I hung up, I thought to check my extended service contract. Sure enough, fuses WERE NOT on the list on things that weren't covered. In very plain english, the contract states EVERYTHING is covered unless specifically excluded. I read that contract three times. Nothing about fuses.

I went in to pick up my car with my contract, and the lady working the register brings out another service guy, since the one who'd lied to me already went home. He tells me its not covered. I show him the contract, saying I've read it over and over, and there is nothing that indicates fuses aren't covered. He insists "Well, lots of things aren't covered. They're not all listed." I calmly insist, "But this is a -contract-. A LEGAL OBLIGATION that states, right here, that everything is covered except that which is specifically excluded." He looks me up and down with a smirk on his face and scoffs "Well, we called and its not covered. So you'll just have to take it up with them." He writes a number on my paper, says "by the way they're closed. So you'll have to do this tomorrow." Fine. I pay and ask for his name and business card. He looks at me like I just asked for his social security number and grudgingly concedes. The lady at the counter points to some vague line on the receipt that says "not under warranty" and says "see, that means the mechanic called to find out. Just so you know." Fair enough.

So I called Toyota. The lady on the line LAUGHED and said "of course fuses are covered. Why wouldn't they be? It's right in the contract." No one ever called to check, that was for certain.

Two of their supposedly "GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!" reps lied to me in order to take money I didn't owe them. Screw these guys. Maybe they assumed they could get away with it because it was just $65. Maybe it was because I'm young and female. Whatever. It doesn't matter. Everyone I spoke to, with the exception of maybe the register lady, straight up knowingly lied to me and treated me like a goddamn idiot when I called them on it. Unacceptable.

James R. | 2008-06-10

After a horrendous experience (bait and switch?) at Capitol Toyota, my wife and I drove over to this dealership and all went smoothly.  We got there and were greeted by a friendly staff who showed us what we were looking for.  It wasn't dead-on, mind you, but close enough.  And Kia (the salesman, with an odd name for a Toyota dealer...) offered to look around and find the exact model we wanted.  We declined, as my wife fell for a nice '08 Highlander hybrid, minus the navigation system.  We were in and out in about two and a half hours, which isn't bad at all.  They met our price and we are happy with the entire deal.

I bought my '04 RAV4 there four years ago and was glad to see that they still live up to the standards to which I was treated then.  Low pressure, a freindly, knowledgable staff, and a great selection...  Who could ask for more?

Tina S. | 2008-05-12

I've been to a couple dealerships and this by far was the most horrible experience ever! They kept me there for HOURS and not once did they listen to my needs. I wanted a simple base car yet they kept showing and pressuring me cars with leather seats, navigation etc. They practically kidnapped me and my father to different lots (located blocks away from the actual dealership!). The guy that drove was such a crazy driver! You would think that since I wanted a Rav4 and he was driving us in a Rav4, he would drive slow etc to show us how smooth and quiet it was but this guy drove like a racer!  When we got back to the actual dealership he stuck us in a cubicle and left us in there for what seems like forever. While I waited, I looked at the next cubicle and this family looked as if they were trapped too. Turns out, they didn't even have a vehicle close to what I was looking for! The only reason I was able to get out of the lot was by saying I had reservations for dinner. I should of known the type of service I was about to receive by looking at the dealership; it looks ghetto and their other lots look like a junk yard of new cars. Stevens Creek Toyota is the epitome of a sleazy car sales lot. They use the old school four squares method where one square is your trade in value and so fourth. AVOID Rene, he is a pain and will try to squeeze every last dime out of you! Lastly, don't be fooled by their attempts of being buddy buddy with you.

Jean K. | 2008-04-21

This dealership is so freaking rude to potential customers.  For starters, they don't listen to what you're saying.  I was trying to purchase a car at the end of 07, and I wanted a 08 car.   This lady goes on and on about how the 07 is the same model as the 08 and wouldn't even initially give me the price for it.  WTH?  

Anyway, when they did give me a price, it was pretty darn high.  I ended up getting my car from another dealership for about 2,000 less than what they told me.  Ironically, my new car from another dealership had brought in the car from Stevens Creek Toyota.  Umm... okay.  They won't sell it to me for less, but they're willing to lower their price a lot more to sell to some other dealer that's selling it to me.  I wonder if that sentence was too confusing...

Javan E. | 2008-04-15

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with the cars they are selling but this review is about the service and treatment you get from the sales team. I've been here twice to look at cars and both times I walked away and down the street to Honda and bought a car there. The first time I went the guy kept walking behind me and talking and asking me questions about what I wanted EVEN after I told him right off the bat that I wasn't going to buy today so I just want to look! The second time I go there (a year later) the same thing happens but worst. The first guy comes up to me and I tell him I'm browsing and if I like something I'll come and get him. The guy backs off. I don't see anything I like so I walk off and as I'm walking to my car on the street another guy comes running into the street and leans on my truck and asks me why I seem upset. I said I'm not upset I just didn't see anything I like. He starts to pressure to come back as he leans on my car so I can;t leave. I step out of the car and tell him to take him a hike and go on about what a piece of s*** the sales team is there. He keeps giving a dirty look as if he wants to throw down with me. I'm the customer retard, didn't they teach you how to act in salesman 101 class. Don't even waste your time with these idiots. Go down the street to Honda. I would give them a negative star if I could.

Nic C. | 2008-04-09

Reading all these bad reviews got me thinking about offering up my 2 cents. I'm the type of person that does quite a bit of research and pro/con listing before any purchase, especially one of this magnitude.  I bought an '04 Black 4Runner from their used car division. Albeit, I had done the car finding, research, and carfax review myself making the salesmen's job extremely easy, I am very happy with my decision to buy this great car.

I hate sales people with a passion. The only thing that bugs me more than a salesmen at a business establishment, is a salesmen type personality. I was pretty much sold on the car during my test drive, but still wanted a day or two to think it through. One of the salesmen kept pushing to start paperwork and get this done the same day. I don't know about you, but I'd rather risk having someone else buy the car then make a $20k purchase 30 minutes after a test drive. The next day, another salesmen that turned out of have lived on the same street as me as a child helped me finish up the paperwork and get my car.

I do think the main reason I am happy with my purchase here had more to do with the vehicle than it did how I was treated or the quality of employees that worked there, but I was and am pleased with how things worked out.

Remember people, the price tags are suggestions not set in stone. I went in with a lowball price I offered for the 4Runner which was accepted. Even though I bought it for a bit below bluebook, the difference between the asking price and the price I paid was $2500, nearly 10% off. Go in knowing what you want; you know they're going to do what they were hired to do...sell.

Molly M. | 2008-03-01

This has got to be the worst customer service Toyota dealership I've dealt with. Been trying to buy a 4Runner and I got strung along with the possible one that was going to come in. I drove all the way down there from Oakland. Oh, they didn't have it.
Get another call that they have the vehicle I want. I drive down expecting it to be sales ready but the detail job was much to be desired. Spilled food in the coffee trays, wobbly rear view mirror, etc. They kept saying - Oh well we wait until the person really wants to buy the car and then we clean it. Uhhhh That's What I Drove 50 Miles To Do!
So then I continue the madness and believe they are going to fix these things and to come back in a week. WHY - Oh Why did I believe them? Of course its not ready. Meanwhile I've lost three weeks on the purchase of a car. I'm starting the search over and forgetting these guys.

Rich k. | 2008-02-13


Beware of a guy named Hamid.  STAY AWAY!!

Corey S. | 2007-12-28

SHORT & SWEET: AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COSTS; Great sales guy (Nart) but TERRIBLE sales management; unfair trade offers; bait and switch; will waste your time saying a deal is possible, then make a low-ball offer; trying to move cars to make trips to Vegas; not the way to run a business; AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Michelle C. | 2007-11-14

This was the first time I've had the chance to own and buy a brand spanking new car.  Back in Feb. 2007, I walked into this dealership after my Kia Sephia broke on me on the highway at night during a rain storm.  So I already knew what I wanted, Yaris baby!  The guy helped me didn't pressure me, cause I didn't go in blindly.  

Since my purchase I've gone in for oil changes.  They are super helpful and fast.  Word of advice, use the Toyota Loyalties card, cause after so many oil changes you get one free!

swamy b. | 2007-07-27

Unfortunately i bought a car here. I always had the suspicion that they gave me a lemon, but car ran nicely until we sold it after 5 yrs. Yes they are sleazy dealership, never trust those guys.

Mark G. | 2007-06-26

Their parts dept. sucks balls. I had to return a part, unused, the same day because it turned out it was the incorrect part. They charged me a "restocking" fee of 20%. What j*rkoffs--I could see if it was a week or two later, but it was a SAME DAY and unused return. They gave me some mallarky about "automated ordering", where once I bought the part, their computer automatically ordered another, as if they couldn't stop the second order. Restocking fees are not unheard off--it is basically up to the dealer to charge them or not. And in this case, they did. Well, it looks like I've got company in my low opinion of them. A**holes.

Jay S. | 2007-05-23

UPDATE: Even more LOLs from Stevens Creek Toyota!  A certain "jamie s." who wrote a review of this dealership sent me a yelp message saying that I needed to "get a life" and "look in the mirror". Judging from the review she gave, she either works for the dealership or is somehow related to this Omeed Farahani person she mentioned. The sleaziness of Stevens Creek Toyota has reached new depths!  Now they are even hiring Yelp trolls to harass reviewers.


This is your textbook sleazy car dealer. I went to Stevens Creek Toyota on a Sunday afternoon to test drive a Toyota Prius. I've done a lot of research on the car and plan to buy one very soon. I still don't know where I'll get it from, but Stevens Creek Toyota is one place I definitely WONT get it from.

The guy who helped me was a real piece of work. Before I test drove the Prius, he 'test-drove' my girlfriend with his eyes. Noticeably leering at a potential customer's girlfriend isn't a good sales tactic. During the test drive I was told a series of lies which were changed as the guy realized I wasn't a complete idiot. I was told that there was no way I could get the car in the color I wanted, which he quickly took back when I told him that Sunnyvale Toyota said they could get it for me. He told me that the Civic Hybrid 'isn't really a hybrid', which is bullshit. I was already sold on the Prius over the Civic. Finally, he let me know that the Prius was 'much more fuel efficient' than my current car (a 2000 pontiac grand am). Wow, really?  

The real kicker was that he was trying to figure out how rich I was the whole time. Dude, obviously I can afford a car if I'm looking at one. Whether I started working at Google before the IPO is irrelevant. Slyly asking me if I 'play the market at all' is transparent. They did claim they would 'beat any price I got', but to me, it's worth a few hundred dollars not to give these clowns my money.

By contrast, Sunnyvale Toyota was extremely respectful and Courteous. I think I talked to Rob there...  They even told me that I was much better off getting financing somewhere else because I could get a better rate, which is surprisingly honest.

Avoid Stevens Creek Toyota like the plague.

Frank G. | 2007-05-01

Typical slimy car salesmen! I joined Costco to take advantage of their pre-neogiated price discount. We walked into SC Toyota, and they told us they were part of the Costco program (but later, I found out they were lying!) Ended up overcharging us about $1k; when I confronted them on it, they refunded the money, but nevertheless! They even keep a notebook with a downloaded Costco logo inkjet printed on it!
  They hire young, naive guys to greet you and put you at ease; but when it comes down to buying, the manager comes along. Yes, they're friendly, and yes, they'll be helpful. But it's your money they want.
I believe that Toyotas are the best cars made, or I wouldn't have gone there.
  Beware of Gabriel, the finance guy. He's good at throwing doubt on everything, playing on your fears so you'll buy all their dealer markups. NEVER BUY LOJACK on a Toyota. It's unnecessary, as there are plenty of high end cars to steal in this area, plus the higher end Toyotas have a built-in ignition cutoff if the key isn't nearby. Gabriel tried to sell us an alarm system, and told us that the Toyota didn't have doesn't, but it does have the ignition cutoff so the car can't be hotwired. He said, "A professional could get around it." Yes, but why would he bother when he could steal a new BMW or Porsche?

SKIP THE EXTENDED WARRANTY; it has many, many conditions you must meet, or it's invalid. If you make ONE claim, they get to keep all of the money.
SKIP THE PREPAID DEALER MAINTENANCE. It stops short of the 60k (the biggest cost) maintenance point. Except for the smaller 30k mile maintenance point, you're paying for $120 oil changes, which you can get for $20 on nearly every corner.

Next time, I'll go to Piercey Toyota near 880 and Great Mall Parkway. They ARE a Costco dealer, and Tak will be straightforward and helpful.

Sof V. | 2007-03-09

I walked into the dealership not wanting a Toyota, but my friend convinced me that I would LOVE the Prius... thank goodness we were lucky enough to get Ryan as our sales person. Young, cool, white guy who didn't pressure me at all.... best car experience I had. All the other guys in the dealership were the typical "used car salemen"! ASK for RYAN K. He deserves the business! He took care of me... and I love my Prius!

Carolyn P. | 2006-06-18

Ugh! Hate this location! They always forgot to do the little things like re-program the sensors/signals after oil changes, tire allignments.  When I got my first new car it really freaked me out as I'd leave the shop and all of a sudden an (!) would show up on my dash. I'd pull over and get my manual and it would say "Get to your dealership" WTF!  I just came from there, but I'd go back and it was just a sensor/light they needed to push in a few times but didnt. I know how to do all that stuff now myself but damn it stressed me out in the beggening. Hmmm shouldn't they know my car better than me? Guess not.