Stevens Creek Scion in San Jose, CA

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Scion sales, service and parts. We have a great selection of new and used vehicle.


Established in 2003.

When Scion was first introduced, we were one of the only stand alone Scion Dealerships in the Nation.

Stevens Creek Scion

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 610-1000
Address:4942 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Stevens Creek Scion

Ben C. | 2015-04-13

After numerous attempts to find the perfect deal to lease my Scion FR-S, this dealership specifically found the best suited plan for my 2 year lease. I want to thank Tai Lee, Frank, and Suni (Toyota dealership down the road) personally for helping me out and dedicating so much time to cooperate and make sure I was getting the best dea possible. This dealership hooked me up with an affordable price while also providing friendly service.

David H. | 2015-04-07

I would give negative stars if I could. Tai gave me terrible service. I went in wanting to lease or buy a new car. Test drove one and was ready to lease/buy. Ran my credit, came back with rates. Didn't get to the deal I wanted and the bank was closed by that time so Tai told me he would call me back tomorrow. I called the next day as it was a little bit later and already thinking he forgot about me. The person who answered said Tai was off that thanks for telling me. Called in the next day and was told the same thing...!? Called in again the 3rd day and finally got him on the line. He said because my credit app was too old he would need me to come in and fill out another one. I said "so because the app was ran 3 days ago I have to take another hit on my credit?" with no empathy he just responded "yes". I then asked "why didn't you or anyone else call me the following day if that was the case like you said you would?" he responded saying "what?". I then repeated myself and he said "ok nevermind were not gonna do it thanks for calling." AND HUNG UP ON ME! If you're looking for a scion, don't go here or if you do, definitely don't work with Tai. He's just going to waste your time and credit points.

UPDATE: called back to complain about Tai and to see if I could make a deal since my credit was already ran. Talked to Andy, one of the managers. Andy was very professional and apologized profusely. At up an appointment to go back in and work something out, but was kind of jaded at that point and I am doing to hold off for a bit. I originally gave them one star, but they ended earning one back because of Andy's stellar redemption.

Antonette C. | 2015-03-15

We came here at this location not expecting anything due to our credit history or poor credit score. We are very pleased with the service we got. As soon as we walk in we are warmly greeted by Mr. GIOVANNI AVENIDO who helped us find the car that suits not just our needs but the budget we can afford. Were very glad that we came to this location. Giovanni was honest and gave us realastic detailed information that made us feel like we are doing the right thing. He did not hesistate to go above and beyond just to able to help us get something that we can drive. Mr. GIOVANNI AVENIDO is a type of sales person that doesnt just push to get sales but really helped customers what theyre getting into and really give an honest view about buying a car. If we need to get car in the future we will definitely have him as our first choice.

Jacqueline A. | 2014-12-23

I am extremely pleased with the service that we received at Steven's Creek Scion. I went to several dealerships that were located in closer proximity to our residence in the East Bay, but the service that I received at Steven's Creek was exceptional. I came in on a Sunday to take a look at the XD with Andy and came back in on a Monday to purchase the vehicle.

I appreciate the "no pressure" approach. I received one identical offer from another dealership, but decided ultimately to purchase the car from Andy b/c he provided a very warm experience. I would definitely come back here in the future if I am in the market for another car.

My family is extremely happy with the purchase. Thanks Steven's Creek Scion for making the deal completely seamless.

Thomas V. | 2014-10-15

Frank and Sean were helpful and friendly in their sales approach. Was able to walk away with a car within a couple hours. Ray, the finance manager, also handled the paperwork promptly and gave me the best APR as a first-time buyer. Overall, the customer service was excellent. While negotiations were meh, they were friendly sales representatives who deserve recognition in the competitive market of car dealerships.

Travis N. | 2014-10-11

Went in to just look at a scion and I was greeted with a welcoming hello by Giovanni. He allowed us to test drive and he talked to us and was friendly during the whole time. He also allowed us to negotiate the price and get a fair price for a trade in to make us satisfied. We were on a tight schedule and he tried to accommodate us to the best of his ability. Giovanni also was not too nosy but not too distant as a salesperson which made him professional, friendly, and courteous. I also love my new scion ^^

David F. | 2014-05-26

These guys are really a great group...
Pierce helped me find the perfect car, a 2008 BMW 328i.
Its been a couple of weeks, I just got back from a trip to Pinnacles National Park (incredible place) and I couldn't be happier, best car I have owned.  Pierce was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and had some great advice, which helped make my decision easier.  Giovanni, his partner, was also very accommodating and friendly.  He took me on a second test drive and told me all the in and outs of the vehicle.  They were able to fix a small ding I noticed during the walk around with no problem. Ray, the finance manager, gave me a great deal, and was able to work with me. He even put me in a car rental,  while I was working out my finances, because I didn't have wheels at the time of the purchase. Lee also gave me great advice on where to service my vehicle, and great places to take it for a ride.
All in all a wonderful experience.  I felt like they all wanted to own the car right along with me, which made me feel really excited about buying and driving the car.

Sara H. | 2014-02-14

Worst dealership ever. My husband and I went there because we we were interested in a Ford Ranger. The sticker price was $6000. We took a look at the truck and decided it wasnt what we wanted. We started to walk away and the salesman Ken tried to get us to buy the  truck.  he even lowered the price to $4500. I left and came back two days later to try and get a better deal.  When I got there Ken told me his boss wouldn't lower the price to $4500 like ken said. So I went into the office and talk the sales manager (his boss) to ask him why the price I was told wasn't gonna happen? He told me his guy made a mistake and he won't honor his price quote. He told me he'll sell it soon to somebody if not me. I thought that was incredibly rude. so I left. Basically Stevens Creek Scion's sales people are either liars or incompetent and they rude. So watch out if your gonna go there lookin for a car

Jelly W. | 2013-12-30

Worst dealership and service ever! The people there not knowledgable about anything I ask and kept on putting me on hold on every single questions I ask. I have a nail in my rear right tire and the tire needed to be replace, however, I lost my key to lock wheel, it's was urgent. I called on Sunday to their service department. I got transferred three times and they still kept  transfer me to service department. Irresponsible service! Lucky I found me key to the lock later and glad that I don't have to deal with them. Poor experience.

Tina A. | 2013-10-04

Please let me start by saying I just happened to drive by and see the car of my new dream sitting in the mid- day sun. I then quickly pulled over and thought this may very well be the one I was looking new used car.  After reading the specs and seeing the sticker price I knew this all was spot on, as my research showed me. It was spot on!!!

I was met by a friendly, and easy going salesperson(Giovanni) there wasn't any pressure.... he just listened! Then he made suggestions to help me realize this was worth a test drive.
It was After that test drive I realized on the spot this car was perfect for me that is when I was proceeded to be amazed by this happy, easy going and above all courteous staff.

Please let me add, I recently suffered a hardship and really didn't think anyone would be able to make what I felt was an impossible, quite a deal breaker into a dream come true for me...the Impossible, Possible. The whole process was quick and easy. I was amazed at happy all the customers were..Not one stressed out person in the place.

I especially want to take the time to Thank.... Tony (the sale Manager), he made me feel like he (and his well supporting team) cared about me, all the while he was  working his Magic in getting me a down payment and a payment schedule  that I could truly afford.

He also actually took the time to talk to me about my true love in my life, LOL. My old car. I was a bit ashamed as to how dirty, the bumps and scrapes and it's running condition. Tony offered up that he could see I loved my car.  So I said Good-bye to my baby and then said, hello to my new love!!!
I really must say Thanks to  "Jason" ( the closer, in my opinion) for his endless smiles and happiness he gave to my two young daughters to make them feel like they were included in this "little dream come true as we closed the deal.

Thank you Guys!

Krystal C. | 2013-07-02

Stevens creek scion. Amazing customer service and went out of their way for us.

Let me explain
Well my husband and I went to go look at scion since my husband is 6feet 8 inches tall and played football we knew not many cars accommodated his build. We decided to try the XB just to see we were not planning on buying just sitting and seeing since we had tried every other type of car out there with no luck. We were shocked! He fit very well. We knew after a test drive we would want one one day. Well the very nice man Thai lee really wanted us to talk to a sales rep telling us they could help us with price negotiation. We still didn't want to buy that day but spoke to see what we would be looking at. We are young 23 and 26 we have just started our credit and are newly married so expected to be turned down immediately . However the wonderful guys there Kevin , tony Khatib and Richard Batista gave us a offer we could not only afford but not turn down! We were floored they also gave us a very generous credit towards our old truck. They allowed us to run home grab pay stubs and insurance info as well as keeping them there hours late doing paperwork. They helped us figure out a down that we were ok with doing. They really went out of their way. They told us they would make it happen and did. On a brand new car. We had gone to a few other places and couldn't get it on a used car of the same price. So we are very happy. Very happy with service plan and warranty. We will buy our next car from them.

Seb L. | 2013-03-28

The reviews look pretty polarized but my experience with Stevens Creek Scion since 2008 (when I leased my first Scion XD - I now am leasing a 2013 model) has been consistently A-grade. This is why I will keep going back to them every time I'm interested in getting a new Scion. Without fail they worked with me on getting a new lease while still in mid-lease, getting me the car I wanted, and in general made sure I was happy with the deal. From what I've seen they treat all their customers really well, and if you get to be a repeat customer like me, they take care of you no questions asked. I love my Scion XD and I hope Scion will keep making great cars in the years to come. Their lease program is also one of the best available out there so it's a no brainer why I've kept coming back lease after lease.

Patricia T. | 2013-02-27

Salesman was helpful. Floor manager was beyond rude! Too many other Toyota dealerships to chose from, don't waste your time.

kate a. | 2012-12-19

I bought a used car here and traded in my old one.  They were very helpful through the process and I love my new car.  When I got it home I found that my DVD player didn't work and I brought it back.  They got the problem figured out even though I had already bought the car.  Stand up place!

Afshin S. | 2012-09-17

Best service I ever had at a dealership!  Definitely recommend getting your new car here. Talk to Israr, he helped me purchase my sexy new tC.  I've never owned a car that turned heads until now.  It's a great feeling and the purchase experience really was "hassle free."  Thanks again! =)

Tom N. | 2012-08-19

After checking out a few dealers we settled on Scion for an xD. The sales people were typical but generally nice. We went through the typical "sales experience" and ended up with their "lease of the week" deal. They offered us way less than our trade in was worth but apparently it had been in a minor an accident before we bought it and they said it would affect the resale value even though I'm sure they would wholesale it off. I got them to throw in an option worth $300 so we had a deal. The biggest problem was how long it took. We were there for 4+ hours, partly waiting to get the car "detailed" and gassed up and one of the sales people left with the keys in his pocket so we waited for him to drive back and drop them off. They gave us credit for an additional tank of gas. They also, were really busy that day. Wife loves the car, free service for 24,000 miles and 3yr/36 month warranty. So far 31 MPG average.

S J. | 2012-07-08

We should have read the other reviews before visiting here - they were right about how scary the place is.

You only see this kind of car dealerships in movies - dysfunctional sales team not only lacking knowledge of the product but also backstabbing one another, sleazy finance person, and a sad experience overall

Chris H. | 2012-06-04

I recently purchased a 2012 Xb in Army Rock color-- i had no issues with the dealer, Geoff and the salesman were professional, the deal was good , and very fast-- i buy alot of cars and have had different expeiriences and this was perfectly normal. My Scion is made in japan and the quality is like a expensive fine sewing machine, even the tires are my favorites, got the automatic.

Melanie C. | 2012-05-28

I went to stevens creek looking for a used prius. I saw an advertisement online. Unfortunately both of the used prius I was interested in had already sold. I got there pretty early at 10am. I was helped by William Crom he was very helpful and worked on trying  to find a way for me to get the prius I wanted. He mentioned that leasing new may be the best option. I had never considered leasing before. But for 2 years all maintenance is free road side assistance. The prius he recommended was the prius c. He and his friend/coworker Trun bought them when they first came out. They worked on getting me the best rate possible sam pearcy in finance was super helpful in discounting and explaining what I really needed. Trun did a great job detailing my new car. The manager Derrick Doss let me drive it off the lot before I had even given the full down payment. William had a huge amount of  knowledge about the car. I love love love my new car!  I wouldn't have even considered it if it weren't for everyone who helped me. It's so nice to have electronic locks. I especially love that I just touch the driver side door handle to lock my car. So easy! I know what people say about car salesman but at this dealership everyone really seemed geniune and wanted to help any way they could.Oh and as an extra bonus they said they'd refill my gas tank for free(giving me 3 vouchers). Not that I don't save a ton on gas right now anyway but every little bit helps. I had a really excellent experience and highly recommend them!

Yolanda K. | 2012-04-25

The salesman was just ok, he wasnt great, but wasnt terrible either. their selection is quite small however.

me and my husband came to buy a used car. we thought we had finished everything and took the car home, but got a call that we didnt sign some papers? weird because we had signed everything that was given to us, and the man checked everything before he put it in the folder. so we had to come back good but thing they didnt make us drive back their on the same day as we dont live closeby.

so we get there and sign about 4 more sheets? hmm.....wonder how we missed so many the first time? anyways so we sign everything and ask "this is everything right" and the salesman assures us this is it and were on our way.

a week later we get a call from the dealership.....guess what, we had more paperwork to sign WTF?!?!? so yet again we had to take time out of our busy schedules to come in and sign.  

im ok if theres alot of paperwork, but lets just get it done all at once. this was hands down the worst car buying experice ive ever had. ill stick with HONDA.

Christina G. | 2012-03-21

Scion will not address their Defective Rear Hatch Handle.  The technicians at this particular site have confirmed with me that this is a well known and common problem.  Technicians were polite with me but I still feel I cannot give a good rating because I am an unsatisfied customer.  I paid over $20,000 for my car, I think I am entitled to a functioning trunk.  Scion said they would pay for my part ($170 for a plastic handle---get real) and I had to pay the labor which was $150.  Scion owners are fed up.  If you are one of them take some action:

Here is the link for the class action law suit:…

Here is the link for petition to recall:…

Visit Facebook:…

Watch this News Story on CBS:…

Maria H. | 2012-01-09

The workers here are the epitome of douche bag salesmen. I went in looking to trade my car in for a brand new xb, I went with my boyfriend who use to be a car salesman himself. When we arrived he recognized the guy there as some guy he use to work with, who got demoted from salesman to detailer for his inability to sell anything. Alright we get there, and I explain I am interested in the xb, he shows me the ones he has on the lot,  we test drive one, I like it, then we proceed inside. I fill out the paper work, and the guy leaves and then comes back about 20 minutes later after talking to his finance guy, and gives us this ridiculous amount for my car, with like 3.5 percent interest and trading my car in for $4000 less than it's worth. We explain we might get 2.5 percent interest through out credit union, he then laughed at us and walked back to his finance guy. After waiting even longer we walked over, and the finance guy was a total nasty wanna be Christopher Walken. I could smell his cheap cologne 20 feet away. He keep badgering me for not taking their shitty deal, I told them I wanted to leave but he kept telling me why come if I didn't take a car.. blah blah. My boyfriend and I told them no deal, after arguing with the asshole I walk out and they had parked my car all the way in a back in a separate parking lot. I told him I'd rather buy a car from a different dealership, like one where fiance managers don't keep a collection of cologne he bought in a parking lot at Safeway on their desk or wear faux fur jackets they bought at Nordstrom's rack, we're in San Jose sir, not Antarctica. Overall I will NEVER go back to that dealership EVER again.

P.S. The dealership is so crappy, the salesman of the month only sold 3 cars.

Alyce M. | 2012-01-05

Have not had a new car for about 10 years and just hit 152,000 on my Montero. ... so I walked in on Monday 01/2/12 evening around 8pm.  Before walking into Stevens Creek Scion I went to the Toyota/Scion in Milpitas across from Elmwood. .... I was never greeted and there were sales men everywhere......  I walked around for 15 minutes and when I finally decided to walk to my truck a man came running at me to see if I needed help.  O well their loss and Stevens Creeks Gain... So I walked up and looked at the Scion Xb... Have been doing my homework for the past few months comparing the Element/Cube/XB.  And I really was happy when I finally test drove the XB.  Eric the Salesman was really nice and helpful.  He helped and explained everything to his knowledge.  Then we sat down and spoke to Tony the Sales Manager.  Pretty helpful considering his circumstances that he was dealing with.  And then spoke with Jason the Finance Manager after and signed my soul away for 6 years(LOL).  Really nice explaining the ins and outs to what I was signing.  Hoping now that Toyota approves my College graduate incentive and I will even be more of a happy camper with my new 2012 Scion XB

Thank you :) A new Faithful SCION driver

Happy New Year 2012

Ryan D. | 2011-11-21

This is the best dealership to come to if you want friendly service and the best price. They were very helpful and got me exactly what I wanted and it was quick service and hassle free. I highly recommend Stevens Creek Scion.

Trung N. | 2011-05-16

For years, this place was pretty much a secondary home for me. In between classes while I was at DeAnza I would be hanging out in the back shop with a close friend that pretty worked by himself. Friday evenings, he would stay open late, and friends would come over to hang out and talk about cars and everything else.

That place was where I learned pretty much everything that I could possibly learn about my car, as well as other things about the other cars. There was a great relationship between the people he interacted with, and the salesmen did their own thing. As the economy went down years ago, and layoffs of technicians happened at the primary store.. It was only a matter of time, and inevitable that he had to close up shop and transfer to take care of the main store down the street.

Pretty much the one mechanic/technician I would trust in all of the bay area, works here at Stevens Creek (Toyota)... and to this day, would recommend hands down for any service done to your vehicle. So if you go to Toyota to get something done.. ask for Dave Gille.

On the sales side, the guys I've met over the years.. pretty much respect me and without a doubt, don't question my knowledge of the vehicles.. as they know it very much exceeds theirs. Not to say they don't know anything about the vehicles themselves, but for the average consumer looking for a vehicle.. they have plenty of enough knowledge for that and sometimes more.

If you're looking for a good economical car that has a pretty good value... well, stop by and take a look. Nowadays, I'd suggest go to a salesman named William if you want to talk about cars. He's a car enthusiast such as myself, that takes that extra time to research on the vehicles to know more than he needs to.

Venus B. | 2011-04-26

It is places like this that give dealers a bad name. My husband and I had been on a search for a very specific car and when we found out this dealership had one in stock we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try to make a deal. After first glance the car needed major work and the price tag was way over priced. We were tag teamed by two dealers trying to make a deal. After days of back and forth we finally came to a deal with Jason. It was his day off but he was still trying to make the deal work. He was really straight forward and no BS from the beginning and the fact that he was calling on his day off was a big plus. However, hours later we got a call from the other guy, Milad, who was completely the opposite of Jason. He told us that the price we had agreed to pay with Jason was no longer on the table because his commission wasn't included in it!!!!! He would have to charge us almost $1500 more because he had to get his cut. Needless to say that after that conversation we walked away and never looked back. Not to mention 2 days later we found a newer version of the same car, with less miles and 5k less on the price. I guess it turned out to our favor that the deal went south but buyers beware. Not only are there cars overpriced but they try to rip you off on the extended warranty they sell. All in all if i were you i would run the other way and never look back unless you like burning your money.

James D. | 2011-02-26

Yeah, I think no, never again will I step into this place they call and car dealership. First of all the place that directed me to this crap hole online was very misleading and inaccurate. When stopped by a few days ago at night to check out some possible car prospects this one guy named Kia, told me that the person I was looking for, Paul, was no longer employed.

WTF, ok, nobody called me to inform me of that or try to set me up with someone else. Anyways, Kia and I agreed that I would meet with a finance specialist the next day along with himself to negotiate a possible deal for a loan on a car to finance.

The day I came in as agreed was probably one of the most horrific experiences of my life. As I sat there probably for an hour and a half doing absolutely nothing after filing an application Kia did nothing to as to talk to me or anything. Just took my info and left. He occasionally came back to check up on me and made sure I didn't leave.

I was bored and unsure of what was going on, and had to listen to some douchebag manager? talk about his life. Like complaining about how he has to take his kids to a batting  cage for $45/ half hour. WTF, nobody cares especially the customers, way to be professional, sir.

But anyways screw this place, ultimately Kia told me my ONLY option was the finance an 05 Scion XB for like $12g's for 5 years. Screw that deal, it wasn't even one of the cars I wanted that I saw from the online dealership that had used cars. Nothing under 10k, none of the used mercedes or hondas, nothing.

I wouldn't recommend coming here unless you like wasting your time/efforts with this losers.

Payal S. | 2010-09-27

The experience that me and my husband had at Stevens Creek Scion-Toyota was so bad that I would never walk in that dealership even if they sold out cars for free. I wish there was an option of giving negative rating, I would have rated these guys -20.

So on Saturday I walked into Toyota dealership at Stevens Creek to look for used cars and almost immediately we had a salesman taking us around showing cars. Now he asked us to get in a car and drove us around all the Toyota dealerships in the area. But wherever he took us he would just randomly drive around and not even stop by and give us time to look for cars. He just got a few details from us like our budget and if we are planning to go for financing etc. I have no idea what was the rush all about, he would just keep going to different locations in the area and not even wait or give us time to decide if we liked any car.

Then he takes us to show a car at the Scion-Toyota dealership and tells us that since he only deals with new cars so this sales person will help you with the used cars here and just drives away. At the Scion-Toyota dealer we were just checking the details of one car which looked pretty good and this sales person comes and asks us if we wanted to take a test ride and we just said sure.

So after the test drive we sit down with the sales guy who was helping us with the final rates and financing options. Since we had a fixed budget in our mind and didnt want to deviate from it we were hesitant in finalizing a deal. So when the sales guy came to know we were hesitant in buying the car he took us to his Manager who just started embarrassing us. We just told them that before we give any confirmation we would like one of our friends to have a look at this car as he is experienced in dealing with cars. But to that the Manager just kept insulting us saying "So is you friend going to decide for you if u want a car or not and many such things to the point that we just walked out of there feeling so bad and embarrassed.I would never ever walk in that dealership and would also stop my friends from ever going to these dealers ever.

These people have no professionalism and show no respect to a customer. Stevens Creek Scion-Toyota SUCKS!!!

Christine D. | 2009-11-06

I was not ready to buy the day I went into this dealership, but I knew I wanted a Scion.  The first salesman to help me was either too new or just did not like his job.  He started to tell me and my sister his life story and how he had lost everything when moving to this country.  I felt for him, but did not want to buy a car from him.  

He kept asking me how he could close the deal, and I kept telling him that I was not ready, but that if and when I was ready having the bluetooth installed by the dealer was a deal breaker for me.  He kept saying he could not do that (even though their cost to do this is only about $100), and then kept asking me how else he could close the deal.  Um, you can't!

I got up to leave and was tag teamed by Jason Xie.  This guy is smooth, and really knows how to talk to a woman!  He was so reassuring, telling me right away that the bluetooth was no probelm, and telling me he understsood my desire to leave and come back later.  Then he sealed the deal by allowing me to "borrow" the car for the rest of the day.  I am sure he knew by the time I came back I would be in love!

Well, it worked.  I worked with Jason Xie, Tony (manager) and Jason Xenos (finance guy) for about an hour and a half when I got back.  They tried to back out of the bluetooth (offering to pay half) but ended up giving it to me.  I could have probalby held out for more on my trade in, but in the end I am happy. They got me a good rate on financing too.  

I did not feel overly pressured by any of them, although I will say Jason Xenos was not willing to let me back out of the extended warranty wtihout a fight, but in the end he respected my decision.  I have to say I love, love, love my new car!  (And my bluetooth!) For my first time as a single mom to buy a car on my own without a man there to help with the wheeling and dealing, I would say it was a pretty positive experience.

Angry K. | 2009-10-07

I think it's a pretty well-known stereotype that some car salesmen can be outright jerks. And boy, did I meet one! My brother & I went to Stevens Creek Scion on Sunday (9/13 - the 2nd dealership we visited that day) so I could test drive a Scion tC. They didn't have any new ones (1 used), but I just wanted to see how the car could handle (inventory was all depleted because of Cash for Clunkers).

When we arrived, a salesman approached us immediately. He seemed cool @ 1st, especially when my brother told him about what the dummy @ the other dealership had said. Mr. Salesman asked me what I was interested in, & i said I wanted to test drive the Scion tC but was also considering a Corolla. He perked up instantly & asked me over & over (pushed me) to tell him which car I was leaning toward more. He said the tC is considered a sports car & I'd end up paying more insurance on it, & "you don't want that". He also told me they wouldn't get any more inventory (tCs & Corollas) "for months".

He then said that they happened to have a new white 2010 Corolla LE on their lot. I told him I didn't want white, but was considering a silver Corolla; he saw in the computer that there was a silver LE over @ the main Toyota lot, so he wanted me to test drive the white LE down the street to check out the silver LE.

When we got to Toyota, we found the silver LE had been sold, but there was a brand new silver S still on the lot. We drove over to look at it, & immediately Mr. Salesman jumped out & started pressing me about how I should get the S. The price difference was about $700, "but what you're getting is worth at least $3000!" I insisted I didn't need all that extra stuff (though the steering wheel radio controls could be fun) but he kept pushing. He said he had gotten his wife the S the previous year, & if I were to ever resell the car, people would pay more for the extras that came w/ the S than they would w/ an LE. (???) He said something to the effect of $700 not being a lot of money... um, I just moved to the area, & startup costs are hefty, so yes, $700 is a lot of money to me.

Mr. Salesman went to get the keys for a test drive, but when he came back, he said the sales guys were hiding the keys. Then he went into this whole speech about how "they're playing games" & that if I was really serious, since the car is still on the lot, he can still sell it to me & they would NEED to produce the keys. Hey, I really didn't give a crap about what kind of competitive office politics BS you guys play, okay? I just wanted to buy a car that I wanted.

I said that I really didn't know about paying extra money for all these options I really didn't need, & he asked me if he could get the price down closer to the LE's price, would I consider it? I said maybe. So we headed back to Scion so he could talk to his manager about it.

Toyota is offering a manufacturer's rebate ($500) right now on Corollas; after talking to his manager, Mr. Salesman came back & told us his manager was only willing to go down $100, $150 at the most (+ rebate). He then came out & said because inventory was so low, that no dealership was really interested in negotiating prices or budging. Hmm. While I normally appreciate honesty, it was also a little arrogant of him to say outright.

He kept trying to convince me to get the S b/c of the value & the options. My brother kept shaking his head, & I had to agree - the S just had options I didn't need.

During that time, it turned out that the S was already sold by the main dealership. When they were hiding the keys, there was a buyer already on the way down to test drive/buy the car. Since we had already wasted time waiting there for a while, Mr. Salesman told us his manager was willing to give me the white LE for $750 off ($500 rebate + $250). I told him I didn't want the white one.

After another 40 minutes of him pressuring me & whatnot (& ultimately not being completely thrilled w/ the price), I finally just gave in & agreed to put a $500 deposit down for the next silver Corolla LE that would be arriving in about 2 weeks. (Not "months" as originally stated?) I was assured the deposit was refundable, so I handed over my credit card. All I got was a receipt. There was no sales slip or anything in writing saying what I had paid the $500 for, what the price was that we agreed on, nothing. My brother asked & asked about it, & Mr. Salesman insisted that they "do things informally around here" & not to worry.

I ended up getting better price quotes from 2 other dealerships, & had a much better, non-pushy experience w/ the dealership I ended up buying my car from. I did ask Mr. Salesman's dealership for a refund of my deposit & eventually received it, but felt that the process took longer than it needed to.

In short - that guy just proved the stereotype of pushy car salesmen who only care about making a sale & doesn't care about what you really want. I never did get to test drive that Scion.

Melissa R. | 2009-08-03

So I go to a SpeeDee oil change place and the mechanic informs me that my car was missing a cabin filter. Called Stevens Creek Scion to see, what was up with my "certified" used car. They said they couldn't reimburse me the money I spend on a whole new filter, but he could give me a carwash. Ooookayyy? I actually trusted this place, but I feel like I got jipped. I mean, it's called certified for a reason. Plus, when I bought my car, the cupholders were dirty, glitter stuck on the seat, dusty, melted candy corn under the seat, and a ring pop ring out of the wrapper. Next time, I'll be more observative before I drive away.

Khanh D. | 2009-07-09

Poor car industry + small 2006 Xa + 1 year old baby = new big 2009 Xb

How did this happen?  I drove by the Scion dealership late last night (around 9pm) just to ask for a brochure.  I saw an Xb on Monday at the Stanford mall and loved the look of it.  On a side note, I'm very glad they got rid of that boxy look and made it a little curvier.

Anyway, I had no intention of trading in the Xa because we still owed more than the trade in value, about $3K more.  We went to the Toyota dealership in Sunnyvale a couple weeks ago and the salesman there would have added the extra amount owed from my Scion to the loan of a new car.  No deal whatsoever, so I decided I'd wait.

Back to Steven's Creek Scion.  As I walked in, I was greated by a couple salesmen ready to go home for the night, ties unraveld with the look of fatigue on their eyes.  I asked for a brochure, but instead got sucked into the office.  Immediately they asked if I wanted to trade in, what I was looking for, etc.  I explained that I owed more than the value of my car (checked with Kelly Blue Book) and said I had to wait until next year.  Then came the pitch.  "If I can help you get even on your loan, would you buy a car?"

"Um, let's talk"

Long story short, I traded my car in for $10K (Kelly Blue Book value $8.4K) which left about $900 on the loan, which was added to the new car.  The payment was about 20 bucks more a month, but included the GAP insurance, which I didn't have before.  Not sure if I need it, but I'm a sucker for insurance.

It was surreal as I was cleaning out our old car (baby seat, stroller, tons of toys, etc) and putting in our new car.  Let me remind you, it was around 1030pm at this time, so I was doing everything by street light.  I'm surprised they took the old car, with cheerios and random nicks included, above KBB, but now I know how bad the economy truly is.

I'm glad two mutual goals (needing to sell a car and needing a bigger car) met with a satisfying outcome.  It was nice connecting with our salesman, Tony, as he had a baby girl at home too.  Ours was there in person and he was showing us pictures on his computer during the process.  Beautiful with big eyes.

The beauty of it all is when I got home, I checked the scion website (I know, something I should have done prior) and noticed there was $1000 cash credit towards students for purchases of a new car.  YES.  Once I get that applied, my monthly payment will probably be the same as it was before.  And since SJSU grad students are getting a $210 / unit fee in addition to tuition, I'll call this even.  Kind of.

Either way, I get a bigger car.  So if anyone needs to trade in for a bigger car, or likes any of the Scions, I recommend you go now, it's a buyer's market.

A C. | 2009-06-30

Even Scion advertises their "one price everywhere you go", it doesn't seem to be this way at Stevens Creek Scion. I went in to buy a brand new XB and they kept trying to sell me this used 2008 XB with bunch of stuff I don't need. And the sales manager was playing games with us by lowering our monthly w/o telling us the financing term is 12 months more. Very disappointed by their dishonesty and customer service. I would not recommend anyone to buy a car from them.

Lil B. | 2009-01-25

Contrary to popular opinion (sorry, Mi Sun, what a crappy situation), I actually had a pretty good buying experience with these guys.
I showed up late in the afternoon and was greeted by Mark.  We cut the crap and went for a test drive.  That's all I wanted - just to see if the car was worth getting into a big bullshit discussion about the $$, features, reliability, blah blah blah.  The car was!  I loved it!  They had exactly what I wanted on the lot.
With Scion there's no negotiating price - what you see on the sticker is what you pay.  Any dealer caught negotiating can get a hefty fine.  Knowing that, I was sure it would be an easy deal... No haggling and no 6 hour ordeal to buy the car.  
I did have a car to trade in though.  I had done my homework prior, so I knew what the KBB trade in value was and I held to that price.  The Scion guys actually gave me what I was asking for.  Sweet!
Next came Jason the finance guy... He hooked me up with a good rate, threw in the warranty and service package, and I was on my way.  Took me all of 2 hours to buy the car.
Now I'm rolling in a hot new Scion tC and I love it!

PS - Forgot to mention, I found a little knick on the car before driving it off the lot.  The guys were super nice and buffed it out for me right there on the spot.

David C. | 2008-09-08

Well, this is one of those times where 0 or negative stars will totally work in this system ...... warning LONG post also with RANT

If it wasn't for his way too pushy attitude in his first call to me (not to mention that when I requested the quote, I explicitly state that e-mails only, no calls), I would totally go to this dealership to try out the car and such. Thank god I did not go through the buying progress with these guys, or I would totally regret it.

But what made me give the above rating was simple. The salesmen here were pretty much so full of themselves that they will not try to earn your business, you will have to make sure you buy the car before they will do ANYTHING for you. Take myself for example, I was asking around for trade in appraisal linked to a potential xB purchase ... don't know if I expressed myself wrong or what, the moment I walked into the dealership. The guy I worked with over the phone sat us down and started asking about our income and such, basically I didn't really realize it until he started asking about my SSN and all that info. I was like ..... I came here just for an appraisal today, I am not going to commit to anything today, then he said ... without us agreeing to a term, they cannot appraise the car for us, not even a general number .... maybe I am wrong or something ..... but do I have to pay more than 15 K for a word on the price of my car? I don't think that's necessary, and taking about 10 minutes away from anyone's workday for a job they SHOULD be doing anyways will waste them anything, let alone effort, because to me, they never really try to make the deal attractive to me, just trying to sell me a car so hard that they forgot what a customer really is.

Anyway, so onto my trade, try not to bring it to the guys to appraise the cars, they might tell you "oh I owned one before, and I didn't like it" and I will save another 2-300 words that is about talking down my car so badly that I thought I owned a early 90's geo or something which didn't cost a penny or something like that (no offense) ..... what they ended up doing was digging up old records to the last car that is the same model as mine and gave me the price of that car, which was about 50% less than even the lowest offering we got. By this time, we got so offended, my gf actually could not take these guys anymore, and had to walk out the door. What a waste of 40 minutes on my saturday .......

why still one star? well first, the system doesn't allow 0 stars, second, their manager tried to make up for it and such , this is for consolation i guess. Sorry I am still a little pissed when thinking about this ....... basically ...... you will never see me here again, end of. Thanks for the worse car buying experience of my life Stevens Creek Scion.

P.S. one of their selling point is that they are physcially separated from Toyota and according to them , is better compared to other dealerships ....... didn't see it as that ....

Mi Sun K. | 2008-08-26

I purchased my sleek and sexy TC from this dealership and I paid sticker price. I also decided to go ahead and get the service package as well. The guy that sold me the car was nice, personable, blah blah blah, but this is where it gets a little tricky...

I'm not too sure who made this remark (his name may have been Kevin, a manager?), but I was sitting at the desk with our salesman, talking price and whatnot. I had my grandma with me and she was asking for a discount in the price, since we were paying full price AND buying the service package. This guy with a mustache pops outta literally nowhere (he must've been listening in on the conversation) and says in a condescending tone, "Discount? That's the only word I hear coming from you!"

Whoa there, buddy. I was immediately pissed off. I'm sure steam was coming outta my ears or my eyes had hellish reflections of flames or something cuz I was trying extremely hard to keep my composure. I can't believe this fucktard just made that comment! Maybe I took it the wrong way, maybe he was just joking, but that was completely uncalled for. Two seconds after his comment, he must've realized what he said cuz he had this "oh shit" sheepish look on his face. The salesperson I was working with also looked embarrassed for him. Nice one. You don't say things like that to little Asian women looking out for their granddaughters. Yes, I told him off and I had him still apologizing as I was walking out to my TC to drive it home. Asshole.

To make things worse, I had to call the dealership multiple times to find out how I should be making payments cuz I wasn't receiving any statements in the mail. The receptionist told me I'd be getting a call back from one of the account managers. Okay fine. I waited more than a week and nothing, so I just kinda let it go and hoped I'd receive something in the mail.

A few weeks later, I FINALLY get a call saying that they need to redo all my paperwork cuz something about my loan didn't go through. Whatever the case may be, shouldn't they have noticed this when I purchased the car? If not then, maybe a couple weeks later? And why were my calls to give THEM money ignored? Hmm.

After making some changes to my schedule, I made it out to Stevens Creek (a long trek from Redwood City) and signed everything all over again. I was not a happy camper. I made sure to let the man that was helping me know.

You're lucky I was already attached to Jules (my sexylicious TC) pre-test drive!

Stevens Creek Scion, YOU SUCK FAT SALTY BALLS!!!

pec i. | 2008-05-03

Some friends gave me Jason Xenos' card.  They had just bought a highlander hybrid, from him.  I did a lot of internet shopping, and he had the best price.  He was also incredibly helpful when we spoke on the phone.   I dropped by the lot one day to take a trial drive of the Prius.  Even though I had been talking with Jason, Nart spent a lot of time explaining details of the prius.  He was polite, patient, and personable.  The next day Jason wasn't available, so his brother Nick took my husband for a test ride.  He was also helpful and patient.  The night before I was going to go in a buy the car, someone told me about an even better deal they got at another dealership.  I spoke with Jason, and he happily met the lower price.    Jason also spent a lot of time with me in the car before I drove away, showing me all the cool things the car could do. There was no hard sell- I feel like these people are now my friends.  Jason even called the next day to see how I liked the car.  I wholeheartedly recommend Steven's Creek Toyota.
Dr. Pec

Marevie T. | 2008-03-16

Great customer service! I met with Kevin and he took care of me! Although I gave him a heart attack during my test drives with a manual and then an automatic XD, he still sold me the car and kept me there hahahahaha! Anyway, I traded in my Contour SVT with no hassle and got me approved for my XD in no time! I recommend going to this dealership cuz the people there are real cool folks. I drove my XD home the same day!