Stevens Creek Pre-Owned in San Jose, CA

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Aside from the sale of quality used automobiles we pride ourselves in our ability to be fair, conduct business with integrity, honesty, transparency, and overall good business ethics. Our goal is to make you a long term customer, as I believe everyone need a friend in the car business.

We realize that you have lots of choices when buying an automobile and our desire is to ensure you have the best car buying experience. We consider customer satisfaction to be our highest priority. Throughout each of our departments, the emphasis is always on putting our customers' needs first.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers. Everything we do is designed to make your car buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and superior customer service all add up to create a simple and painless way to purchase a world class automobile at a great price.


Established in 2008.

My wife and I were married in 2004, and had our first daughter the following year.  In October of 2008 we welcomed our newest addition to the family (another baby girl!).  The changes in my life within the last 3 years prompted me to go into business for myself, thus allowing me more flexible time to spend with my family.

Stevens Creek Pre-Owned

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 984-5678
Address:3738 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95117
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Stevens Creek Pre-Owned

Jack H. | 2015-02-07

This review is for the shopping experience only.  I came in to see a volvo S60.  John took me out to the car and I spent 45 minutes in the lot looking over the car.  Then we went out on the road.  John was amiable and there was no pressure.  There were a few condition issues with the car and John had those fixed.  I went back for a second test drive and John let me take the car out on my own.  I enjoyed the shopping experience but decided to buy a lower mileage car elsewhere.

David S. | 2015-01-05

Great, trustworthy business. I got my used BMW a few weeks ago, and I have been very very happy with the results! They did not pressure me at all and the whole buying process was smooth, especially for someone who is hesitant about dealing with the auto buying process. They even helped me order some parts from the dealership to make it easier. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family for their next car!

Angelica T. | 2014-10-10

The best car dealer in the Bay Area!  Will give you a great deal and great service,  even after you already bought the car and drive it off the lot!  Bought my BMW here 6 months ago and I can't  be more happy with my purchase.  Tony,  the owner,  is really nice,  honest and won't let you down.  I definitely recommend this place!

Julia J. | 2014-10-09

Yes, another update from a very satisfied customer.  After Tony worked with my daughter on finding a car and giving us very sound advise, we purchased a car from someone that had a specific car we were looking for in Dublin.

I felt a little bad that I didn't purchase from Tony, as he has spent so much time with me/us over the past few months.

I decided to sell our older car via private sale.  The first day we listed the car, Tony contacted me and told me had a buyer.  I offered for him to transact the deal and he told me not to worry about.  Once again, Tony delivered!  

Thank you Tony for being such an amazing business owner and for always putting the customer first.

Judy S. | 2014-07-02

It's rare that you come across standout service like Steven's Creek Pre-owned. I seldom write Yelp reviews but when I do, I feel it is definitely well deserved.

My friend recommended me to this car dealership as he has previously purchased two cars from Tony. I was a first time car buyer and Tony made it very easy by taking me through all the proper steps from picking out what car best suits my needs to obtaining a proper loan.

Finding the right car can be very stressful and I truly value the fact that Tony did not pressure me in making a purchase. Tony was very kind and helped answer all my questions. He also provided me the car fact history free of charge. I was skeptical purchasing a BMW that was pre-owned and having to deal with future maintenance issues but Tony re-assured me that he would take care of me if any issues were to arise. Tony has gone above and beyond to help maintain my car and keep me as a happy customer. I will be going back to him in the future. I absolutely love my car and enjoy driving it everyday.

Marie V. | 2014-05-21

I am truly satisfied with the service I have received by Tony and AJ.  I recently purchased a Eurovan and they were very helpful answering all of my questions and gave me a good deal on the car.  I was never pressured or haggled.

After purchasing the van, I drove it around for a couple weeks when I noticed the transmission not responding.  Transmission issues are common with these cars, so not a big surprise.  After having a diagnostic completed by my mechanic, Tony was so kind to have me take it to his mechanic to work on it.  Ed (the mechanic) was really thorough and very polite and friendly.  He identified the issue and fixed the van in a day.  Tony covered the costs (which were more than anticipated).  He went above and beyond as he held no legal responsibility to do this (I bought it "as is" with no "implied warranty").  

Bottom line:  Great service.  Great Experience.  Highly recommend.  Not your typical preowned dealer.  He and AJ really made this a great experience and I will be back.

Karen H. | 2014-02-19

Customer service is above and beyond what is expected! Tony makes sure that his customers are satisfied! I bought a used car for my son and after a few months some pretty costly repairs needed to be made. Tony and I worked out a great deal and he was on top of all repairs and communication!
I would definitely buy another car from them!

M-S C. | 2014-02-18

Bottom line: no pressure, friendly service, and I was treated like a person and not a walking pocketbook. I have already referred others to Stevens Creek Pre-Owned and will continue to do so.

From the moment my friend and I walked onto the lot, Chris was friendly and attentive without being pushy in any way. When I told him what I was looking for (a price point, a few other general guidelines, no specific make/model), he proceeded to show me only what would suit my needs and be within my reach. After we drove and identified the vehicle I wanted to purchase, he made sure that a few additional details were attended to on the car before I drove it off the lot, reminded me that they have a mechanic that had looked the car over but who was available in the future to address any issues that might arise, and was thorough in going over paperwork and price. I felt sincerely like he wanted me to be a satisfied customer, and that was his priority over "closing a sale."

Chris remembered that I was moving shortly after I purchased the car, and when I registration came back from the DMV, he contacted me to make sure he had my current address before sending it to me. Very thoughtful.

I had a minor issue come up with the car after having the car for a while and took it to Ed at SCP Service, the mechanic that works with Stevens Creek Pre-Owned, and received equally friendly and professional service. I would not hesitate to return here for service on my vehicle.

As I mentioned above, I have already referred others to Stevens Creek Pre-Owned, and will go back should I be in the market for a used vehicle in the future.  Thank you Tony, Chris, Ed, and everyone for making this business one that I am so happy to shout about on yelp!

J W. | 2013-11-10

Great experience, Jason Xie was super helpful throughout the process. One of the few places that takes the time to understand what you're looking for and gives you all your options without any sales pressure.

Brandon A. | 2013-10-30

So I hate car lots the sales men are pushy and they never shut up. I went to Stevens Creek Preowned to check out a WRX. Well the staff here is great the sales guy Jason didn't give me a bunch of bs he simply grabed the keys and we took a ride. After that we talked to Tony and got the deal I wanted and I left with my car. They took care of me 100% and took care of an issue I had with the car after I left! they stand behind what the sell. If you are looking for a car I recommend stopping by, they are 100% trust worthy, have outstanding service and are very friendly. Defiantly a great place to buy a car.

Jo Anne A. | 2013-08-12

I'm a REPEAT "happy" customer! Thank you Tony & AJ for the great service and helping me put my son into a good reliable car! You guys still ROCK!

John T. | 2013-06-27

This place is friendly. Awesome service. They have very good shuttle service too so bring your cars here for service and the staff will try to get you to your home and pick you up again if needed.

Murat E. | 2013-06-20

I purchased a 9 year old car as is(without any warranty) here. As anyone should expect, an old car comes with some issues.
At the time of purchase, there was no problems. I even took it to an independent mechanic and got their approval. However, right after the purchase two minor problems came up. The good thing is, even though the car has no warranty, Tony took care of them for free which would have cost me about $400.
I would strongly recommend this place. From what I experience, they will put effort to keep you happy.

Marco G. | 2013-05-04

Great experience and value on my trade in. The only thing I didn't like was trading in my BMW, I'm gonna miss that car. Truck I bought has been great with no issues.

Cam C. | 2013-04-09

I came here intending to buy a car.  I got in, started to pull out of the driveway and hit the brakes before I pulled out onto Stevens Creek, when I realized something was very wrong with this car. The brakes made an awful grinding/groaning noise. The employee in the car with us pretended not to hear it and when he finally admitted to hearing it he said it was b/c it hadn't been driven in awhile.  I was hesitant to purchase the car because of the brakes, especially since the employees made it seem like nothing was wrong.  They pretended to know nothing about the car's history, luckily I had the Car Fax. Anyways, they said they'd check out the brakes and call me, etc. They did not call back the following day as promised, and when they did not leave a message.  They didn't try too hard to sell that car probably b/c they knew it had issues. I would not recommend buying a car from here.  The following day, I decided to go  to a real dealership, instead of a shady one like this, and made a great purchase.

Maria W. | 2013-02-03

We recently purchased our second car from Tony. We were satisfied customers the first time around so when we were in the market again we called Tony and told him what we were looking for and he came through. We are so thrilled to find this business; Tony and his staff are hard working and honest, in addition to having excellent customer service. Tony goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers, even after the sale! We have recommended his business and we will be back for future purchases as well.

Tom M. | 2012-11-02

Alex is the man. I was looking for the cheapest car they had so I knew I would have some problems. I bought a car from 1994 and it broke down 2 weeks later. Alex told me if there was any problems to call him. I did and they towed the car and fixed it all for FREE! That's right $0. Getting something for free is always good by the best part was Alex put up with my annoying calls and text messages asking about the status of my car. He never let me felt like I was bugging him once when I clearly was.

Awesome, awesome, place.

Sally V. | 2012-08-16

I came across Stevens Creek Pre-Owned while searching for a used Honda Element.  During my search, I'd spoken with numerous dealerships in the Northwest and Stevens Creek Pre-Owned is heads and shoulders above the rest.  Alex is a very intelligent, friendly and dedicated salesman.  He answered all my questions, provided me with additional photos of the car and negotiated the sale in the most professional and respectful manner.  Since I live in Montana, I thought there might be delays or glitches in getting paperwork signed and the car delivered to me, but it was a fast and painless experience.  I even received the title ahead of the car so was able to get it registered before delivery.  

The car arrived today and it is in even better shape than I hoped.  Alex had it detailed for me so even after a 1,000 trip to get here, it's still got that new car smell.  I couldn't be happier with my new car and the service of Stevens Creek Pre-Owned.

Not only will I always go to Alex and Stevens Creek Pre-Owned when looking for a car, I'll send all my friends there too.  They rock!

Jasson F. | 2012-06-30

Just bought an E430 from Tony and have to say i'm GLAD i bought the car. The car is in EXCELLENT shape... Got a GREAT deal and car is CLEAN as can be. I HIGHLY recommend buying a car from this place because even after purchase they take care of the little things that people forget when purchasing a vehicle Painless and no stress like most DEALERS. Even got a GREAT deal for window tint. ( ) I LOVE MY CAR and just want to say THANKS to TONY and staff.

Baothuong N. | 2012-03-14

this place is great. theres no pressure to buy. andrea was extremely knowledgeable and real with us. she went through everything thoroughly and we felt very comfortable. we got an amazing deal! highly recommended!

Peggy C. | 2012-01-29

Just bought a Honda CRV today for my daughter from Alex at Stevens Creek Pre-Owned. I couldn't be happier with the overall experience and the car. I have been looking online for weeks for just the right car for her when she moves to Seattle. I wanted AWD, safety, good gas milage and affordable maintenance.

I was skeptical to go with a used car only lot as my past experience with such a dealer was negative.

But I must say once we met Alex we felt immediately comfortable. NO PRESSURE and he knew his inventory and the history of the cars. BTW this young man has only worked here 1 month but his ability to to build instant repore, and make the customer feel welcome but not overwhelm them is spot on. Owner Tony are you listening????? Either you did a great job training him or you have been given a gift (named Alex) so don't loose him.

The Finance Manager Chris was equally likable and went out of his way to make this a WOW customer experience.

We plan on buying another vehicle soon and will go to Stevens Creek Pre-Owned 1st. I hope Alex is still there but I think he may be wooh'ed  by a bigger Dealership as he is so awesome.

I do the hiring at my place of business and I would hire Alex in a heart beat.

Thank you Stevens Creek Pre-Owned for giving Used Car Dealerships a good name!


Hilary K. | 2012-01-08

I first went to Stevens Creek Pre-Owned last April when I saw a posting for a killer deal on Craigslist on the car I wanted for a couple of years.  I am a very cautious buyer and was weary about dealing with another dealership after I got swindled when I bought  my previous car from the Acura dealership.  I brought a male friend with me just to be safe.  Well the friend wasn't needed after all!

I bought a 2007 Acura TL from Tony.  He put absolutely no pressure on me to purchase the car, was very laid back to the whole approach, informed me of my options, and really helped me out with the financing since I have a horrible credit score.  The loan is great and perfect for my budget, especially for a car I thought I would never be able to afford but wanted.  The entire process was easy and efficient. He even stayed very late to answer my questions, finish the paperwork, and get everything set up for me. He is very family-oriented and I believe he really understands needs on a budget, expecially in today's economy.  I felt safe and confident that I purchased the car from Tony's dealership.  

In fact, when I saw a posting on Craigslist for a motorcycle for my boyfriend for the dealership yesterday, I stopped my search immediately and went down there.  I thought it must have been a sign and looked no further because of my previous positive experience.  The motorcycle had just came in and again I got another excellent deal.  Tony remembered me, the car I had bought from him, and funny stories I had told him.  He truly cares about his customers to give you the best experience.  I get that he is a salesman at heart, I'm in sales, I know how it works, but I feel like I've known the guy for years, he's honest, and really has YOUR best interest in mind.  

Case in point, he asked me about my Acura, I said it was great but that I needed to get a tune up and had a question about something that was happening because I hadn't had it tuned up yet.  He came to see my car, check everything out, looked at my tires, told me I should get them replaced for safety issues, took me next door to the tire place, and told the owner he'd like to help me out with getting a deal and I got an excellent one!  He didn't need to do that, I mean he already made the sale on my Acura last year, but was very kind to do so.  In addition, he now has a shop for auto repairs so I'm taking it in next week for maintenance.  I've driven the car over 10k miles in 9 months so I've put some mileage on that car.  Perfect timing!

I don't know how to drive a motorcycle and since it's for my boyfriend Tony was nice enough to drive it to my house for me to drop it off.  If every business functioned like Tony and his friendly staff they would have a lot more profit I can guarantee that.  Look no further when buying a vehicle because this is the place to go!

Bagel B. | 2011-11-28

Stevens Creek Pre-Owned is very professional, friendly, and easy to work with.  We bought a 2007 Toyota Sienna there and had nothing but the best shopping experience.  Tony was knowledgeable and great to work with!

I first saw the listing on Craigslist.  Since we were very specific with the features we wanted and we've been in the market for a while, it was easy to see that the car fit all the criteria of features we wanted.  We were then able to use email to negotiate the price, all before seeing the car, which made it stress-free when actually test driving.  

Due to my babysitting plans falling through, I had to bring my 2 young kids to sign the papers with me.  Tony was more than patient with them, and even let me borrow a computer to let them watch a movie to keep them entertained.  Now that's personalized service and something which I really appreciated!

All in all, a GREAT experience and would recommend them to friends and family!

Brian b. | 2011-10-23

I was in the market for a used car and came across an ad I saw on Craigslist for a car at Stevens Creek Pre-Owned. It was a 2004 M3 Coupe. I called and set up an appointment and went to see the car.  They showed me the Car Fax and details of what they had done to recondition the car. After the test drive we sat down and negotiated. Over all it was a free painless and hassle free experience. I highly recommend looking into their inventory if you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle

Nicole K. | 2011-10-21

We bought our car from Stevens Creek PreOwned in November 2010 and have been grateful everyday for finding Tony, his team, and our car.  Our experience with Stevens Creek PreOwned was beyond wonderful!  Being new to the area, we were skeptical of buying a new car but after another driver totaled our Honda Accord, we had no choice.  Tony and his team were patient with an exhaustive list of questions that literally took over 8 hours to answer.  Being a young couple with mountains of student loans and medical debt, we did not want to finance a car.  We were looking for another Honda Accord but saw a beautiful Mercedes.  Tony was honest about being realistic with gas mileage and repairs for the Mercedes despite the reasonable off the lot price; he actually cared about our financial goals and limitations for the future.  My fiancée wanted to buy the car immediately and Tony (owner) told us to go home and sleep on it before deciding.  I appreciated this non-abrasive approach, went home, did research on recalls, mpg, etc.  Tony was happy to answer more of our questions and we ended up getting a beautiful 1998 Mercedes.  We never thought we would end up with a Mercedes and found Stevens Creek Preowned to be an EXCELLENT experience.  We have told numerous people about our experience there and I carry their business card with me.  I want other people to have the experience we had being treated fairly, kindly, and being 100% satisfied with their purchase.  When we do need another car, this is where we will be buying.

Donna H. | 2011-09-18

I went to many dealers looking for the perfect surprise birthday car for my daughter, even drove an hour north to test drive a Mercedes, all the while my credit score was dropping.  While walking through a car lot, on my way to a dealer I had been talking with, I was met by Jim from Stevens Creek Pre-owned, (not realizing I was actually walking through their car lot).  Jim handed me a list of cars they had on their lot.  I was a little apprehensive on accepting the list, feeling like I was "betraying" the initial dealer, but am now more than happy I accepted the list.  

After test driving several cars from the initial dealer, with each one having something wrong with it, from missing to motor slipping, along with every excuse in the book from the salesman, I decided to take a look at that list.

Stevens Creek Pre-Owned had a variety of luxury cars and their customer service was more than helpful and courteous.  Little did I know until after speaking with Nicole that I was "putting the cart before the horse" and that I should have first, "Found the car I wanted BEFORE having my credit ran", thanks Nicole, wish someone had given me that advice sooner.  

After Nichole made sure I "really wanted the car" before running my credit, I ended up leaving with a beautiful Onyx 2006 X-Type Jaguar with only 70k miles and in mint condition, priced just right.  My payments were a little more than I wanted, but were still low enough to be ok with my budget.  Tony was more than polite and Nichole wrapped the deal up in no time.  The car rides so smooth I'm considering giving my daughter my ML320 instead, lol ;-).   Spoiled?  No, worked hard to have something nice for once in our lives, plus my daughter was born on my 23rd birthday and now that she is turning 23 and has had her fair share of POS cars, It's my way of saying thank you, for the best birthday present a mom could ask for!!!

Recommendations:  If knowing the customer is coming in to close a deal, offer to have the tank filled.  Also wish the battery to the remote would have been replaced in advance... Having to go out of my way to do it isn't always so easy on a busy schedule and after a little research found out it's going to run an extra $200ish out of my pocket.  

Other than that, all went well and we left satisfied.  Thanks Jim, Tony and Nicole, we'll be back when I'm ready to trade in my ML ;-).

Ashley N. | 2011-07-17

Ive been in the market for a car for very long. I almost gave up until yesterday when I contacted stevens creek preowned. I told the sales men Tim!!! what I was looking for such as price and payments! my credit score had dropped because I have been to many dealerships. Tim was able to work with me and get everything I wanted. I walked away with an 06 altima and I'm in loveeeeeeee...... I will be back again and I will refer people to this place.

Meloni G. | 2011-07-06

They're are not enough stars to click above to rate the experience my husband and I  had yesterday with Tony. Not only do we have unusual credit circumstances to work with they were closed. Tony just happened to be there writing a check and yet we drove out of there with the car I wanted, a great rate, and a car buying experience of a life time.

Michael S. | 2011-02-23

I'm a Car Guy. In fact I am a Used Car Guy only. I pride myself on being able to buy a used car on my own and negotiate with private parties and dealers, but in this case, I needed an additional pair of eyes to help me shop, and Tony was my man in San Jose (I was looking all over the west coast). Just so you know, I ended up finding a car before Tony found one for me, but he did a fantastic job of explaining his simple no-contract approach to helping me look for one, and also his compensation scale, which was fair and at or  below private party market value.

I was looking for a 2003-2005 745Li or 760Li, with 80-100K miles and it had to have the comfort seats in the back.

I'm not giving the 5th star simply because I did not go through the entire buying process with him, but I imagine if I did purchase one from him, that last star would be there.

Now, this is important, since I was looking for a car he already likes to buy and keep on the lot for his own inventory, the process was very casual and easy. In fact if he found a nice one he knew did not have all the features I wanted, he'd buy it anyway and simply give me first look at it and first right of refusal. Wow!

Anyone buying a used car should be ready to accept the fact they are buying something used and with some risk associated with the car itself.

John C. | 2011-01-20

Stevens Creek Pre-Owned is AWESOME!  My wife was hit head on and our car was totaled. Fortunately, everyone was just fine.  So we had to start looking for another car.  Especially since the civic we had was our only car.  We did lots of looking around before coming across Stevens Creek Pre-Owned, which we found on .  There was nothing but shady dealers out there until we met Tony and Fred.  They were beyond accommodating.  Even though all their cars are checked out by the mechanics next door, they invited us to have our personal mechanic do a full check on the car.  We ended up buying a 2004 honda cr-v.  My wife and I are beyond happy with how we were treated, great pricing and service.  We HIGHLY recommend Stevens Creek Pre-Owned.

Janine M. | 2010-11-21

I bought a car from Stevens Creek Pre-Owned today. This is the first time I have purchased a car from anyone other than a private seller. I have been to many lots in the past and always felt uneasy and would leave upset. So, needless to say, I was nervous when I went today. Tony and Fred were great!!! Friendly, knowledable, and patient. All of my questions were answered. When I left with my new (affordable) car today I was and still am HAPPY! No regrets! Thank you Tony and Fred for everything! I highly recommend Stevens Creek Pre-Owned!

Monica P. | 2010-09-21

I cannot say enough about Stevens Creek Pre-Owned!  i was ready to buy a nice car and they had what i was looking for!  they were honest, and very easy to work with.  After all was said and done i drove off in a gorgeous new car at a great price.  Tony worked it out so that the car I really wanted fit into my budget, i got a great loan with a nice APR.  he fought for me, and was very patient with me.  

i called Tony a few times as i didn't know the feautures of my car, and he drove right over to meet me to make sure everything was running smoothly.  It was.

long story short, i am greatful to have found honest people and great customer service.  Tony, thank you for your generosity and patience with my ordeal.  I wish you and your dealership the best of luck!  see you when we are ready to buy our next car!  hi Sonia!

Liz L. | 2010-03-18

not knowing anything about cars at all, i was refered to them from a friend. i was really nervous about looking into a used car, but tony was really helpful and explained to me what i should look for and gave me a few pointers from his experience with used cars. he was a really pleasant guy. i was really pleased with the service that tony provided me. i didn't feel like he was going to rip me off because i am a girl. i gained a ton of knowledge and is more confident in cars now. thanks tony!

Deb T. | 2010-02-20

UPDATE: These guys bought back the car that they sold to me in 2010. i had no troubles with the car but needed a smaller more gas eco vehicle and they did not even hesitate to buy the car back. win. win. win! situation. i LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

I was looking for another car after my car was totaled in an accident.  Trying to find a vehicle and make a sound purchase while fighting physical pain and headaches was daunting.  I was actually lined up to buy a car from another lot but didn't feel right about it and had reservations after taking the car to a mechanic and having the third brake light that had been freshly glued to the back window fall off and pull out the wiring to the rear defroster on the way back. The guy from the other lot was a weasel about it and my trust in that particular purchase was shaken.  So I took a few more internet surfs to see if I'd missed anything in the area.  I was specifically looking for a 2005 Honda CRV since my 2004 CRV had safely delivered air bags and cabin protection for myself and two children in a very serious crash and the newer CR-V had added safety features.  I'd been looking every free moment and had been up late searching for nearly three weeks but ran across one at Stevens Creek Pre-Owned that I had somehow missed.  The pictures were gorgeous.  I immediately emailed them and since it was late at night, i expected that they'd get my email the next day and get back to me.  I was immediately contacted by email by Tony who let me know that since it was kind of late and he was home with his new born baby and wife, he would have his partner Neder call me in the morning. I spoke with Neder the next morning and since my single-mom-of-three schedule was packed for the day I wasn't able to get over to see it easily.  So I asked all of my questions on the phone to be sure it was in good condition and had all the things I was looking for (It had more) and even asked him if the vehicle SMELLED BAD.  He didn't even laugh.  He said, "No, it does not smell bad."  i told him that since my day was packed I was not going to make  it over there and that I'd send a friend to look at it for me and if he liked it he'd take it to my mechanic.  Neder assured me that it was in good condition and it did not smell bad.  (Again, without laughing at me.)  And he offered to have it taken to my mechanic FOR me.  :o)  He did.  And since my mechanic is near school pick ups, I was able to swing by and smell it.  ;o)  It was in GREAT shape just as he had said and smelled like leather.  My mechanic loved it.  I went the next day, drove it and took it home.  To be fair, I should mention that it had a headlight out, the overhead dome light didn't work, and the outlet wasn't getting power from a burned out fuse.  I let them know and they took care of it right away.  With it being a 2005, I wasn't too worried about these details but was overjoyed that i didn't have to take care of it myself.  I basically drove away with a five year old car that looks and smells like new, everything works, and it was an easy purchase.  I'll be back there next year when my son starts driving.  And back again when my other two are ready for wheels.  I really enjoyed working with both Tony and Neder.  They were personable, very clear about things, and I felt like they were on MY side.  :o) These guys don't WANT to sell bad cars.  They totally bash the stereotypical loud-cigar-smoking-fat-bellied-wet-armpit-used-­car-salesman image.  Two thumbs up!  :o) Check out the pic of my new wheels in the photo section.

Michelle M. | 2009-06-27

I went to this dealership to check out a BMW that I saw on craigslist & . The employees were great at first but then I got the car checked out by a mechanic in Sunnyvale... for the most part the car was a good car, BUT the rear tire was beginning to split, possibly causing the strange noise in the back while driving. I told stevens creek pre-owned that before I consider making an offer, the rear tire would need to be replaced and that I would need to make sure that the loud noise in the back was gone. Fair enough!? Their response was, "well if I change the back tire, then I need to be sure that you are going to buy the car. We don't want to be putting money into cars unless you are definitely going to buy it." That was all I needed to think these guys are shady... they were trying to sell a car with a bad tire, let alone the danger of driving off with a car that has a split tire! Their price on the vehicle itself has been changed on the websites, too, which is odd... yesterday it was $1,000 less than it is today. Strange dealership. Not one I would want to do business with. Just a warning.

Nereyda B. | 2009-03-16

After going to many car dealerships in the bay area looking for a G35 Infinity 6-speed, I found Prive Motors on Craigslist. I had the best experience buying my car from them they gave us a great price, no pressure and a great deal!!  The car is in good condition and I am very thankful for their customer service. I will send every one I know to Prive Motors in Santa Clara....You cant get any better service.... :-D Thanks Again!!

David H. | 2009-01-25

My experience with Prive Motors was NOT the typical used car salesman.  They went out of their way to work with me and treated me like a person.  I also found the car I wanted at a reasonable price.

Steph F. | 2008-11-09

Not your typical car salesman or dealership.  I have never had such an easy experience buying a car!  I live in San Francisco and I have been searching for a reliable car at a good price.  I have looked everywhere in the Bay Area and came across Prive Motors.  Not only were they willing to help me find the car I wanted but they were also easy to deal with and not pushy.  Needless to say I bought a really great car at a great price and I highly recommend checking this place out!