Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in San Jose, CA

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Welcome to Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM SRT

Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 248-1800
Address:4100 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

Randy W. | 2015-04-23

This place is great for service. If you need service please come here and speak to John Phelan, he is a great service advisor and aims to please.  He gives accurate information including the time you should be leaving with your Jeep.  Fast, easy, and painless service.

Norse Y. | 2015-04-18

Thanks Mike G!!! This guy is a Legend! Called to inquire about their scat pack,went to their dealership.. drove home with a brand new 2015 Challenger!! Hassle free buying Indeed!! Unlike other dealership that gives you only headache. To all the people at Stevens Creek Dodge .. Thank You!!! - Kris

Elioness L. | 2015-04-14

I was hesitant to come to Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep because you have only two out of five stars out of 289 Yelp reviews. I'm glad I did because I met Mike G., who ended up being a great man to buy a vehicle from. He was very nice, honest, and I got a sense that he was looking out for me. He is the reason why I bought my new Jeep Cherokee. Without his pleasant assistance, I was fully prepared to shop somewhere else. Thanks Mike!

Sahil G. | 2015-04-13

I recently bought a 2015 Grand Cherokee from here, and I was helped all throughout the process by Richard Travers. He was absolutely amazing and very helpful in answering all of my questions. I was trading in an Audi, which they were able to take care of, and that made my whole situation so much easier.

I would recommend these guys to anyone! Even after the sale, Richard has been extremely helpful in answering my questions. 5/5!

K O. | 2015-04-11

My five star mainly for their young sale person Samuel who was very helpful when we went there looking for a car. He showed us several cars and explained the difference between them and was very patient to explain each car options. Finally, he helped getting us a very good price. The other sales person were also nice and helpful.

Jiarui L. | 2015-04-05

This is the place where I got my first car, which is a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. I finished my  deal with Samuel "EL REY" Salgado, who was a great help. The first day I went there, I had a wonderful test drive with him, he gave a comprehensive introduction about the car and was very friendly. He told me he was new to there but with no doubt, he did a good job. After talking with him, I made up my decision to take the car, and then when I went back there on the second day, my friend and I had another test drive. Feeling good and then we went to the price part, we agreed on the price with his manager Tony very fast and then signed the contract. The whole process was very efficient, much faster than my expect. During the time we were there, he also provided lunch to me. To sum up, my experience for buying the first car was great. I haven;t been there for service until now, so I hope it will be great too in the future.

Priscilla W. | 2015-04-01

I came in wanting to get a used vehicle and not expecting something too new or even nothing at all due to my Low credit and Oldsmobile, that's not worth more than $1500 on KBB. I Spoke with Mike G., the Internet fleet manager, who was very helpful and very polite. His welcoming attitude made me feel confident on getting a good car. After running my credit and using my horrible, discontinued suv as a down payment, I'm leaving VERY content and pleased with my brand new 2015 compass!! I'm soooo happy!!! Thank you mike and everyone at Stevens creek jeep!! Fast service, good deal!!!! And overall very comfortable with coming here again and referring my friends and family!

Matthew M. | 2015-03-23

Came in on Saturday just to look around the lot, I ran into Van Darathep as I was walking around. Now this guy is good at his job, he got me into what I wanted and helped me get a really good deal. Thanks Van!

Claudine S. | 2015-03-19

the worst experience ever from just about everyone at this dealership.  they will treat you like royalty when you walk in but after you purchase a car from here they will treat you like shit!
as a woman i had to stand up for myself and knock them out with my intelligence!!!!!
i bought 2 cars in one day from this wack dealership. i was promised to have my used car detailed and the tire pressure reset and they did not meet none of these promises. management needs to get re-trained on how to treat people with respect!!!!!! the salesmen actually yelled at me like i was a child.the guys will lie to you just to get your money!!!!!!! don't trust the devils smile from this dealership because that's what you will get an evil service from everyone!!!!!!!!

Vicky L. | 2015-03-15

Archie did an excellent job with helping us get the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 with a great deal. Explained and answered all our questions and exceeded our expectations. Look for Archie when you're ready to purchase from Jeep.

Cupcake Q. | 2015-03-14

I recently purchased a car, everyone was great. No hovering salesmen, no one being pushing.
And the people in the automotive dept are super helpful.

Add K. | 2015-03-14

Just got a new car from here. Van D, the sales man we great. Helpful and not pushy at all.

Rose B. | 2015-03-12

Worst dealership, worst service I have ever experienced. Read the reviews below, something is definitely wrong at this dealership, it is mismanaged to the core. I had to bring in my vehicle on Monday for a routine oil change and it had an issue I wanted taken care of while it was there. No one ever called me to say it was ready or not, I had to call myself and was told it was all set, I had to have the shuttle pick me up, got my vehicle back went down the road and quickly made a u turn because my vehicle still had the same issue I brought it in for, does anyone there test drive these vehicles to ensure it is fixed? Evidently not.
I certainly was not going to bring it back so again I had to take the shuttle, I rode with a few shuttle drivers and let me tell you, they are unprofessional to say the least. Finally on Tuesday I go to get my vehicle and they can not find my keys, could not find them for at least 30 minutes. WTF???
Talk about a pissed off woman, that was me, did they even offer me a drink while they were searching for my keys? NO-they did not. Finally after 30 minutes my keys were found. I at this point was very angry.
I called the dealership next day and asked to speak to the General Manager and was told there was none, each department has its own Manager. I got transferred to Dennis Miller who I have experienced his service in the past which was zero to none. I told him about my unhappy experience there and the loss of my keys for 30 minutes-his answer? Well, that happens!!! REALLY? GOOD ANSWER! He said we service 60-70 cars a day. Oh, I see, an EXCUSE, try to come up with a better one.
You are responsible for the customers keys, what kind of establishment loses a customers keys and has to search tooth and nail for them? And let me point out, there was another gentleman there who they also lost his keys, but, they found his before mine.
I have never experienced such terrible service ANYWHERE as this place, the service advisor looks like he is pissed at the world and doesn't even speak, we chalked it up to it was Monday and/or he hates his job as he certainly acts it.
Dennis,instead of giving the customer some lame excuse about all the cars you service in a day-which I could care less-those were my keys that were missing, try offering the customer some sort of compensation, such as a free oil change, something to say-hey, we are sorry, this should not have happened, instead of saying IT HAPPENS. I will NEVER, EVER go back to this joke of a place, I did not purchase my vehicle there nor would I ever consider purchasing anything there in the future and from now on I will go to Normandin to get my vehicle serviced as they are a very professional establishment and care about the customer and their needs.

Wu Y. | 2015-03-12

bad service first, and you can't even get the first oil change for a brand new car.bbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Dexter C. | 2015-03-07

I drove by looking for info on the new jeep renegade. I have to concur. this place is horrible  

there was no parking. it was packed with inventory. it was a merchandisers mess. no sense at all. cluttered. confusing.

I managed to find a spot behind another car that probably wasn't parked properly to begin with.

the sales staff was sloppy looking. untucked shirts. very casual. when I got out of the car this guy in a dealership shirt was walking next to me twirling keys. I thought he was maintenance or service but nope he followed me into the show room and turned out to be a salesman. pretty bad if you ask me. didn't greet me outside.

being in the market for a new vehicle I've visited a lot of dealerships and this place feels like you're gonna get ripped off like bad used car lots.

once I asked about the renegade they said nope they don't have them in. won't be in for 2 months. even tho all other sources say March. they're very uninformed to say the least. and instead of asking for my info or maybe trying to figure out what else I could buy they just turned and went back to talking to each other.

I have a feeling the dealership doesn't look at yelp because they've got so many problems mentioned in the reviews. easy fixes. they're in need of help and their Yelp "offer" is laughable. I'd pay $250 to never have to buy from them.

complete garbage.

stay away. you'll feel better.

Kiki C. | 2015-03-07

RICHARD TRAVERS was the best sales guy I could have asked for. I hate the pressure of buying a car but Richard was so honest and just wanted to make sure I was happy. He was patient and allowed me time to think, walk away and get feedback from others. He took the time to walk me through car features and answer all my questions. If you're looking for a jeep, dodge or Chrysler, come here and make sure to ask for RICHARD because he's an actual advocate for the brand, not an insecure or pushy salesman. In addition to all this, he's just a wonderful person... Be sure to ask about his adorable grandsons!

Michael J. | 2015-02-28

This Dealership is ridiculous.  They have no clue of what's out there.  I asked one of the sales persons will they be coming out with the Dodge Charger Scatpack and he said that they are only making the Challenger Scatpack! No Dummy, they are coming out with a Scatpack Charger as well.  Also they mark up their cars insane.  I won't be going to this place anymore!

nastasha s. | 2015-02-28

My fiancé and I were in the market looking for a grand Cherokee limited and were extremely settled on a white one. We came in with a pre-approval and had a general idea of what we wanted to pay anyways. I was originally contacted by Omero, super professional and knowledgeable of the vehicles. We arrived considerably early and because Omero had a prior appointment and we were so early, we ended up working with Archie. He was very nice, personable and very honest. Our entire experience, from test driving the car, working out the numbers was greatly assisted by Archie. When it came down to signing papers and figuring out numbers we were assisted by both Sal the sales manager and Edwin the finance manager. Sal came over to us pretty much as soon as we sat down to talk numbers, introduced himself and let us know he was there to help. When we finally settled on the car that we wanted, sal came over and worked my fiancé and I the best deal possible. He asked us what we wanted, we told him and he came back with exactly our terms. Needless to say, we drove off the lot with our brand new grand Cherokee. Omero, Edwin and especially sal and Archie made our car buying experience amazingly easy and stress free. We were able to leave with our new car and felt extremely satisfied, which is such a funny feeling considering you are now +40 grand in debt. If you're in the market for a Chrysler, Jeep, etc I would highly recommend this location. You will be taken care of!

Andrew A. | 2015-02-27

Came in the other day looking for a specific car and found what I wanted.  Jin helped me out quick and got me in financing because I really wanted this car.  The sales manager josh and jin got in the car and helped me out big time.  Just want to give a shout out to them for the great service and the car!! Thank you!

Jordan D. | 2015-02-23

Great service from Jin Val!! Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I came and got exactly what I wanted for a better deal than I expected. Thanks guys! Highly recommended.

Clare T. | 2015-02-22

Had the absolute best experience ever purchasing a Jeep! I spent more than a week comparing vehicles, dealer service & cost.
Francisco, warmly welcomed me to the lot the moment I walked on & answered every question I asked & was never pushy.

He was very knowledgeable not only of the actual Jeep I was considering but the entire transaction that would eventually take place.
I compared the price of Stevens Creek Jeep to two other local dealers & no one could compete. Also, no one was prepared to go the extra mile like Francisco & not only check in w/me regularly during my looking stage but also & most importantly he found the actual vehicle I was looking for.
No other dealer was prepared to actually spend the time checking back w/me nor could they find the car I was looking for.

Francisco also patiently spent time explaining the operation of the vehicle once the actual purchase transaction was complete.

I can't recommend them enough, especially Francisco! It was very simple, straight forward & the best price in town. I wouldn't hesitate in giving them a 5 star rating for this entire process!
Thank you gentlemen!! I look forward to working with you all again when I purchase my next Jeep!

Dilma A. | 2015-02-21

Francisco assisted me with my first brand new 2015 jeep Cherokee Laredo... He was never pushy or pressured me in any way. He always responded to my calls and emails promptly and nicely. I went in 2 times just to look at the car and ask questions, he never hesitated to help even if I was just browsing. On top of him being nice and helpful he gave me the best price available. I researched for almost 3 months and he got me the best deal in and outside of town. Go to francisco if you want to buy a car, you won't be sorry!!

Susan N. | 2015-02-16

I just bought the beautiful Jeep_Wrangler from Stevens creek Chrysler jeep dodge dealership.
Great service from " Jin Han", so helpful and deep knowledge on the cars!!!
I'm very happy with joyful satisfaction of my new baby!!!!
Thank you Jin! Good job!

Sarah B. | 2015-02-16

Mike G the internet fleet manager is AMAZING! He took care of us from start to finish.  We got a great deal on a Jeep Cherokee and he treated us fairly and had us on and out in less than 3 hours.

Edwin was very helpful during the finance process. It was very quick and easy.

I would absolutely return to this dealership! Great Service!! Awesome people.

jeremy c. | 2015-02-14

This has to be among the worst, most corrupt, and larcenous repair shops I've ever experienced!! I took my dodge magnum to this place for repairs due to a hole forming in my upper intake. I was initially quoted $650 for parts and labor...2 weeks later, I was looking at replacing not only the upper intake, but also the lower intake because they broke it and refused to take responsibility, and an entire egr system...and my quote was now at $3,400! A week later, I was forced to find the parts myself and deliver them to the dealer because they made no attempt to do so, and did not communicate with me at all! Finally, I'd had enough and filed a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and exchanged harsh words with their service manager Dennis Miller, and miraculously, after over a month, my car was repaired!!! WTF.....Bill Souza and this service department should be under criminal investigation for fleecing customers with unnecessary repairs, damaging their vehicles to upsale repairs, and usurping. Over a month and $1022 dollars later, I finally have my car back, but fully intend to pursue a complaint and claim against these crooks. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THIS PLACE!! You will regret it! Btw....upon reading my bill, it seems that the computer updates that Bill Sousa told me specifically did not exist for this vehicle, despite a service bulletin from dodge, were performed. But only after a BAR complaint. Very shady person!

David H. | 2015-02-13

Great job by Jin and Joshua. I told them what I wanted and we got it done quickly. I don't like spending time waiting to buy a car. They exceeded my expectations by getting me in and out with the exact ride I wanted.

Valerie H. | 2015-02-11

I wish you can give negative stars...

DO NOT buy a vehicle at this dealership. I purchased my Jeep there 6 years ago and have recently been having issues with it idling hard/shuddering and it's even completely shut itself off. I have an extended warranty on the car, so my husband and I went into the dealership at the end of December to get it fixed. They gave us some BS about the warranty being expired (which was NOT correct - we actually still had another week left on it). They then told us that we needed to talk to their Finance Dept to get this resolved. Annoying, but we did as told. Almost a month and a half later and we are STILL getting the run around from them. Chaz in their Finance Dept has been horrible. My husband has called almost every day for a week straight and left a voicemail - with no call back. The only way we've ever gotten him to talk to us is by going into the dealership in person and when we did, he had the audacity to be rude to us! Still waiting..

What ridiculously horrible customer service. Share and warn your friends and family! If anyone knows who the top manager is or how I could get in touch with them, please let me know.

Claudia L. | 2015-02-09

Horrible/worse/ service ever.. This would be the last dealer ship I'd ever go to..not to mention how manny times they run the credit (10) times with different banks to be exact!!!!  wich oviously made my credit score go down when we had been promised to be runned only once.. (Juan) i belive that's the sellers name  and his boss are so pushy trying to make you buy  the car that is best convinient for THEM! To sell. making ignorant comments like "that's NOT the right car for you" screw you're opinion im the one buying! These people try so hard to sell a car and with a horrible attitude way to go . .

Diane A. | 2015-02-04

I found a vehicle that fit my budget; however, when working on the papers, they gave me a payment amount and I asked what the interest was, but they wouldn't tell me until I sat down with the Finance Manager.  I asked to see the CarFax and saw that there was an accident report.  They kept telling me that it was ok.  Since it is my personal preference not to purchase a car that has been in an accident, I declined their offer.  The salesperson basically told me I didn't understand what it meant.  When I was backing my car out of the parking place, one of the employees actually ran after me.  They are way too aggressive.

J B. | 2015-02-04

I was really concerned, as they didn't have good yelp ratings.  However, they had a fantastic selection of vehicles in the arena in which I was looking, so I thought, well I'll go and just take a look.  I met with one of the Assistant Managers, and he actually was good.  I did make the purchase, worked with another sales person, and he was good too.  The finance guy was great.  All in all a solid experience.  I can't say you will get this kind of experience if you go there, but they earned the four stars with me.

Jennifer S. | 2015-01-31

Let me add my latest miserable experience to the other terrible reviews of this dealer.  I can't wait to never have to deal with them again, since the next time I won't even contemplate buying another Chrysler product after my numerous bad experiences with this dealer.

My minivan had been making a strange noise under the dash, and since it was (supposedly) still under warranty, we first took it here.  I had made an appointment for a week in advance for 8:30 in the morning.  We dropped it off on time.

We didn't hear from them all day.  We called and called and left message with Joe Rodriguez but he didn't call us back that day.  The next day (day 2 without our van) I managed to get through to him and he said that they were "looking at it".  I asked it he had not touched it yesterday, but he assured me that it was a big job and it was all torn apart and that was what was taking so long. Of course, they said the part wasn't a covered part, and told us that they needed to take the entire dash off to fix it.  They wanted to charge me $1850, plus some work on my battery terminals.  We were happy they didn't try to sell us new tires like they usually did.  

We naturally decided that it was too much.  It was obviously from the sound it was a plastic part, not some major transmission problem.  So we paid our diagnosis fee, and moved on.  We were told that we couldn't pick up the van until later that second day because "they [the mechanics] need to put it all back together."

The sad and angering part about all this is that they lied that they looked at it.  It was quite obvious that nothing had been touched.  The dust on the top of the dash--flawless.  No marks or fingerprints or anything anywhere on the right side of the dash.  Glove boxes--undisturbed.  Probably someone sat in it, listened to the sound, identified it as a blower door problem (it is apparently not uncommon) and just tried to charge us the absolute maximum that it could cost.  Ridiculous.

Instead, I called another mechanic, Akins, based on their wonderful ratings. (Please see my review of them.) He told me that it could be inexpensive and easy to fix, or difficult and expensive, but there were options and we would talk about it as soon as it was diagnosed.  It was an easy fix that could be repaired right through the glove box, as there is a door from there that he could pop open and get through-- another reason that the dealer tried to cheat us..  Total cost:  $230, including an oil change I asked for.  

The sad part about this all is that this is not the first time that this dealer has messed up a repair or tried to overcharge us.  We had an equally frustrating time with my driver's side sliding door which took multiple visits to fix and ultimately they ended up changing out pretty much every part associated with it and cost $1200.  If the laws were changed and Chrysler could actually sell cars directly then I can't imagine that this dealer would be allowed to stay in business.  I wish it was possible to give them on this site lower than 1 star rating.

Rainnel D. | 2015-01-26

What a horrible place, I walked in expecting to look at their 2015 SUV lineup. I got stuck with this guy named Richard, I patiently listened to him explain stuff for 2 hours that any high schooler should have known, I didn't want to interrupt the chap cause that would be rude... When I finally indicated that was interested in this particular car which had a 4K discount on it and had everything I needed, the guy did everything possible to discourage me (you don't want that, that's just a "bait car" and doesn't have all the fancy trimmings, best of all - I can't find the keys to it), it took him an hour to finally find the keys to the car!!!!

All the while he kept saying this is a good deal, and you should be picking it up no questions asked. In his own words "you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth"!! And best of all, we took one look at the vehicle and he then ushers us back into the showroom to SIGN PAPERWORK!!!

Here's the best part, when I politely refused to hand over my SSN (gosh I haven't even decided if I'm buying the car and he wanted to run my credit) - the guy just gets up from the table in anger and shouts out saying "I just spent 3 hours on this"!

Way to go Jeep, where do you find your sales ppl!!! I hope no one has to go through your sales process, I think folks would be happier taking public transport...

Quick tip - if your sales folks are so bad, do you really think a customer will trust you with service and spares?? All the best.

Mark S. | 2015-01-24

My review only pertains to my car buying experience, which was awesome.  I worked with Richard Travers, their internet sales and fleet director.  I wanted a unique combo of features for my Ram 35000 pickup.  Richard worked hard to find a match for me, even looking at dealers 200 miles away!  In the end, we sat down and built the exact vehicle I wanted and ordered it from the factory.  I was told it would take 8-10 weeks to come in, which was fine with me.  It came in exactly as ordered in 7 weeks!  Richard contacted me to schedule delivery and took all the info needed from me in advance so that when I went in, I was in and out of the showroom in under 2 hours, including a walk thru of the truck and a complimentary $50 of fuel!  My experience with their finance guy was good as well: prompt and efficient.  I've purchased several new cars over the years, including a couple of BMWs, and my sales experience at this dealership was very satisfying.  I was treated well and got a great price.

Will S. | 2015-01-21

It took two days for someone to turn my AC on and tell me it would be $1850 to replace an actuator motor.  As a former Chrysler automotive engineer, and having a feel for the parts costs, I estimate the dealer would be charging me at least $500/hour for the labor to do the quoted repair.  

Even better, after they called, they said I could get it in two hours after they "put it back together again".  The contents of the glove compartments were untouched and the layer of dust on top of the instrument panel was pristine.  I assume "put it back together" means "close the driver's side door".

I was glad to only be out the $150 "diagnostic fee" and lose the use of the car for two days in exchange for the few minutes it took the service team to concoct their fairy tale.  At least they didn't break anything else (knock on wood) while they had it.

Kelly K. | 2015-01-15

This is only my second review I have ever done!  

I hope that this dealership finds this helpful and uses the information to make this a place for customers!

Customers should have a place to sit and WORK or read a magazine.  The people are all nice but.... The customer waiting area is the most crazy waiting area ever.  This is the employee break room, the toilets, the vending machines, the receptionist, scheduling this is the gossip area, this is the constant chaos!!  I will not use this dealership for any future service work for this reason alone.  I think that customer service is #1 so hopefully you will resolve your crazy enviroment for the customers enjoyment as that is what this is all about the CUSTOMER!

Kathy R. | 2015-01-09

The 5 stars goes to Mike G, the Internet Sales Manager, and Shaz, the Finance Manager. They went above and beyond to find me the best car at an excellent price. They were patient, thorough and efficient. I was out of the lot with my Jeep Cherokee in about 3hrs-awesome! Other places take all day. Clearly, Mike's 18 years of experience makes a huge difference.

Jeff R. | 2015-01-08

I just purchased a new 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk from Mike G. the Internet / Fleet Manager at Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep. He looked all over for a vehicle locally, but we ended up ordering it from the factory so I could get all of the options I wanted. He gave me a great price. The SUV came in quickly, the paperwork was quick and easy, and I am a very happy owner of a great new car!! I would definitely recommend calling Mike if you are looking for a new car.

Janet L. | 2014-12-23

Calling for the service department is so aggravating and the receptionist sound like your such a nuisance to them.   Just upset that this place doesn't provide a loaner car while your car is being serviced for more than a damn week.  Especially during a recall fix.   Calling to at least let me know whats happening instead just making me wait..damn!

Robert L. | 2014-12-20

This place sucks. They have had my truck for 6 days, stringing me along with lies and they still haven't worked on it. After four days, the best the service adviser could say was you can go ahead and take your truck home and come back, Wow, I don't even want to talk anymore about this. Just avoid this place people, its under staffed and service advisers are not honest.

Melinda M. | 2014-12-15

I went to Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge just to look - seriously. I really had no intention of buying. Mike G. was so patient and never pushy. He really took into consideration what I wanted and worked with me to get it. I got way more than I ever expected. I LOVE MY NEW CHEROKEE LIMITED. When you go to this dealership ask for MIKE G. You won't be disappointed!

Janice S. | 2014-12-05

I just purchased my new Dodge Journey here. I had great service as soon as someone picked up the phone before I went in. As soon as I stepped on the lot, Tony and Brian were there to help me out. They worked really hard to get me a deal and I walked away with a new car that night. I wonder why there are so many bad reviews because they were nothing but nice to me and my sister. Brian is always there when we need him and always willing to help even after we bought our cars!

Courtney G. | 2014-12-04

I came to this dealership on a referral from a close friend who had worked with Mike g when she bought her jeep. I came in after work and he worked with me on the prices of the wrangler I wanted. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions as well as got me an amazing deal on my jeep! If you want no pressure and a good easy car buying experience come see Mike g!

Jillian S. | 2014-11-22

I just bought my first brand new car from Francisco. What a great experience! I had no pressure or stress. Best car buying experience you can get.

Ashish L. | 2014-11-22

We bought a Town and Country minivan from here and had the best experience. Came here once when shopping and then returned the 2nd time to buy. Jesse Salarian was patient and understanding with my family. He also allowed us to negotiate a deal.

Brandon W. | 2014-11-21

I worked with Mike G and he was fantastic. He treated me well from start to finish and was honest and upfront the whole time. He worked with us on whatever we needed and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend calling him before you come in.

Joe M. | 2014-11-18

I leased a 2015 Jeep Cherokee from Mike G. He was very polite and informative. I loved how he was very patient and was not pushy in trying to sell/lease me a car. He was very informative and showed me how to use all the features of the vehicle. If you're interested in a Jeep, Dodge, or Chrysler make sure to ask for Mike G. - Internet Fleet Manager.

B B. | 2014-11-11

This review is for Mike Ghazwai, Internet/Fleet Manager. Mike helped me with my purchase of a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Situation: After 10 years, my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee was starting to have issues. In a morning, I went online to start my research on a new car. Since I've been extremely satisfied with my Jeep, my research started here. I reviewed the following websites: Costco Auto Program, local Jeep dealerships, and Kelley Blue Book. In about an hour, I had exchanged several emails with Jeep dealerships affiliated with the Costco Auto Program and received copies of the Window Sticker and Member Price Sheet. In general, I had a good understanding on where I stood and what I was getting into. During this time, Mike Ghazwai and I had exchanged several emails regarding what I was looking for and my budget requirements. Mike stated if a 2014 was not available he would offer me an excellent price on a 2015. We scheduled an appt for that afternoon.

On-Site: My meeting with Mike was friendly, easy, and informative.

Here's how the deal played out:

1. Customer Focus / Priority: We sat down and discussed cost first and what Mike could offer me. Note: Stevens Creek CJDR-SRT is not affiliated with the Costco Auto Program. I received 3 separate Costco Auto Program Member Price Sheets from other local dealerships. Mike was able to match the "best" price with a "better car"!
2. Review Car & Test Drive: I found Mike to be very informative and knowledgeable on the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He encouraged me to ask questions to ensure my concerns / needs were met. The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is truly a great SUV! If you are in the market for a new SUV, I highly recommend you take one out for a test drive.
3. Purchasing / Finance: Pleasant, easy, and hassle free. No haggling. Mike got me an excellent deal on a better car! The Finance team was fast and efficient.


1. Hassle free experience.
2. My top priority - budget - was the focus.
3. No haggling / aggressive / unpleasant buying process.
4. Easy / Pleasant experience with Sales and Finance.
5. Time on-site: 2.5 hours (Includes test drive)

Cons: None.

I highly recommend anyone considering a car purchase to contact Mike Ghazwai at Stevens Creek CJDR-SRT.

Henry P. | 2014-11-09

My favorite salesman Van helped us find my moms in-law find her a ride. Josh stopped by to say hi & Tony helped us finalize our search. Big thanks to these guys.

Marcella R. | 2014-11-09

Sorry but don't trust this place. We went there to see a car that they advertised on the Internet. When we got there I met this young pretty girl with an accent. She couldn't find that car but showed us some other cars. While we were looking a few of the used cars we saw I noticed the mats were not inside so I asked. She told me if we were to buy a car that the mats were missing not to worry they would get the mats for us. Soon a young gentleman named Javier came to speak to us and took over. He tried to show us one car and said that if we bought a car that was $5000 more because it's newer it would be better and come out about the same price as the cars a few years old because of the interest rate. He showed us a Chrysler 200 and told us that it was $12000 to $15000. We drove it and liked it. We did paperwork and he said my son was not approved because he had no credit being so young but I was approved with a co-signer. So a few days later I got a co-signer. I called him back and told him. He asked us to come in then because he had a live banker and he was doing great deals. I called him back and told him we wanted to meet up another day because it was my birthday and I didn't want to spend my birthday in a dealership trying to buy my sons car. Also I explained we are Mormon and don't do anything on Sunday's. He assured me it would be no longer than 30 minutes. I told him I had bought many cars in my life and had never spent less than 4 hours in the dealership. He again assured me, he said because he is the top sales person he is able to put us to the top of the list for the banker and it would take a very short amount of time, and no longer than 30 minutes. He said we wouldn't be able to get the deals we could get that day another day. Reluctantly we went in. After being there 40 minutes I asked how much longer it would be he said no more than 30 minutes. I reminded him we weren't supposed to be thee more than 30 minutes in the first place. Then after being there for several hours on my birthday we find out the car is actually $22000 so then he shows us another car that we find acceptable after we tell him there is no way my son can pay more than $300 to $350 stretching it. We sit back down and he is trying to get us to pay $490. Then he shows us another car. After everything is said and done my birthday was gone it was 9 at night and he says they are discounting this car $8000 that it is a $22000 car and we are getting it for $14900. We were so tired and he said they got the payment to $350. Oh but as we are getting reading to go into sign we find out no he can't get me approved the whole deal has to be bought under my cosigner. So that was a lie too. We asked for a night to think about it, they were relentless and wouldn't let us walk out of there. My cosigner is now the buyer. I'm not improving my credit or establishing credit. After the car is purchased. They tell us they are not giving us the mats for the car they promised. Another lie. They had talked us into borrowing money for a down payment with the understanding they would make they payment 45 days out so that we could use the next month to repay the money. Another lie the first payment came due one month exactly from the purchase date. They didn't care there was no way for us to pay both. They are all liars and scam artist there. Especially beware of Javier and Josh they are liars and have no conscience. Buyer beware. The only good thing I can say is the car is a good car but way overpriced.

This is an update after trying to get us to buy a warranty and asking us to pay $380 we said no and were walking out, he asked us to pay ONLY $353 and we would still get the warranty. We agreed but didn't want to do it. Really at this point a single dollar was enough to make us walk we were so upset. We did sign. And now we find out they tacked on the $380 that we absolutely said NO to and got up to walk out. They chased us out to the parking lot and brought us back in. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE.

Trisha I. | 2014-11-07

I like many despise the process of purchasing a vehicle.  I have purchased several cars over the years and have numerous instances to compare my experience at Stevens Creek Jeep.  Francisco Solorzano was who I worked with and along with the Finance department collectively made this the best experience I've had purchasing a car.  Francisco went out of his way to find exactly the vehicle I wanted, worked through variations of vehicles so I stayed within my budget and I have driven off the lot with the perfect Jeep Cherokee for me.  

Additionally, I traded my BMW in and received excellent trade in for it.  This has not been my experience in the past even though I keep my vehicles in top condition.  I highly recommend Francisco to anyone looking for any of the makes and models they sell at Stevens Creek Jeep.

Celina J. | 2014-11-05

Had a great experience purchasing my new Jeep. Mike G. understood my budget and worked with me to get the most bang for my buck. Very knowledgable and was able to answer all my questions. I really appreciated the time and information he provided. Over all great experience! Thanks Mike!!!

Scott S. | 2014-11-03

Now I know what everyone else is on about with this dealership. Cary is still a star in sales and I really liked working with him but the service department did the unthinkable. I had a speaker replaced, which sits behind the seats, and not one but BOTH SEAT RAIL BOLTS were left COMPLETELY loose by their tech. So much so that I noticed because of rattling against the bracket. For those of you who don't know, this is a major part of the safety systems in the car and is INCREDIBLY dangerous.

But this was a mistake made not just by anyone. This was done by their SRT tech, the guy who works on the Vipers and Hellcats and all the SRT vehicles. He's supposed to be the best tech there, and a mistake like that, especially after taking over a full week of fumbling around with the car (and multiple visits) just to diagnose it, I am taking the car elsewhere.

I have had a lot of cars, and I've seen a lot of mistakes, to the point where I've lemon lawed a car and been refunded its full purchase price. I've never, ever seen such a blatant disregard for the customer's basic safety, let alone the condition of their vehicle. I would say I'd never return, but they sold me gap coverage on the purchase, which was then declined. What a mess.

Angelica Q. | 2014-10-26

I'm not quick or particularly inclined to pen negative reviews, but people should know what to expect here. My spouse and I would not consider buying here because:

1) as written in other reviews, stereotypical car salesperson behavior was very off-putting. We were very clear with the salesperson that we were only there to do some hands-on research, not to buy a vehicle that day. As we were trying to walk to our car to leave, the salesperson who had "helped" us (see next paragraph) insisted that we meet his colleague (we politely declined, explaining that we were on a tight schedule). Despite everything we said, he brought this second member of the sales staff over to our car. This man physically attempted to keep us on the premises by hanging in our car window demanding to know why we were leaving after we had repeatedly (6+ times) - starting from our arrival - told them we were just doing a preliminary search.

2) don't expect to be treated like a customer if you are a woman shopping as half of a male/female couple. The salesperson (via comments and behavior) assumed that I didn't work, and once he learned that I do, assumed that my income would not be significant to the purchase and only wanted to talk to my spouse regarding matters of finance (& any small talk).

Ridiculous, out of a bad movie, couldn't-get-out-of-there-fast-enough experience.

B H. | 2014-10-26

This review is specifically for the salesman named Sasan.
I was shopping for cars with my husband after mine was totaled in an accident. We saw a beautiful car on this lot and pulled in to take a look. After about 5 minutes Sasan came over and asked if we had any questions (other dealerships were on us as soon as we open the door to get out of the car), my husband said that we were looking for a car for me, and Sasan treated me with respect instead of just talking to my husband.
I did not end up buying the car that we saw (which was lovely, but not right for me), but I received a follow up call from Sasan the next day asking if there was something specific he should keep an eye out for for me.
Sasan was polite, respectful, and knowledgeable about what they had on the lot even when it was apparent that we would not be buying it. I hope he sold that car today and got a fat commission off of it.

Pranjal S. | 2014-10-24

About my first service. Tony was really helpful and good with communicating the updates. But never have got a car back from first service without even washing/cleaning the car. Not even got the wiper washer liquid filled !! Really disappointed with the service and the feel to the customer

Dar D. | 2014-10-22

I read the reviews, but since I needed help ASAP I called to make an appointment. This is where I started realizing that my problems would only continue if I continued down this road, but I did just to see what would happen.

I called and was promptly transferred to the service department where the phone rang and rang and rang. Then I got an answering machine and left a message. After two days I got no call back.

I called again and got transferred again. Same story as above. "Does anyone work there I thought?" I left another message, this time for someone named Debbie.

Still no call back. I tried a third time. Finally got someone on the phone. I told them I needed to make an appointment. She said sure and asked for the information. Halfway through "Oh... my computer went down" the woman on the other line said. "Can I take your information and call you back when my system comes back online?" I gave her my information. She has yet to call back so I am now leaving this wonderful review of this place where I will NEVER take my car or buy a car from.

Roger Y. | 2014-10-13

I purchased a pre-owned 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan.  Vahn was the sales person and was absolutely outstanding.  Shaz was the finance manager and was also terrific.  I received excellent service and was able to negotiate the price I wanted to spend.  I will definitely go back to this dealership when I need to buy another vehicle.  Well done, team!!!

Stefan Z. | 2014-10-06

Service department. STAY AWAY from this place AT ALL COSTS. We had two month old, basically brand new car towed there after a minor collision that damaged the front bumper and radiator.

Between the dealership and the body shop they worked with, it took them over six weeks (43 days, to be precise) to complete the repairs -  despite my daily followups with them.

What's worse, when we picked up the car, they left it in an utter mess. They had taken all our belongings out of the storage compartments and strewn them around the cabin. The car was dirty. There were oil stains all over the interior. A custom radar detector we had mounted had been taken off and chucked onto the passenger seat.

Sure enough, when we brought this up, close to tears after seeing what they had done to our BRAND NEW vehicle, they shrugged and told us it was all the body shops fault, and said we could come back the next week to have it detailed.

After I got home, I inspected the repairs further, and there were additional blatant oversights. Parts in the engine bay were not screwed in correctly, some even not attached at all.

So to sum it up:
- Slow.
- Shoddy work.
- No empathy, no care for us whatsoever, from any of the service advisors or their managers.

I'd rather poke a fork into my eyeball before ever dealing with this service department again.

Gabriel M. | 2014-09-25

If I could give 0 stars to this place I definitely would! For anyone looking into getting a new Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler DO NOT GO HERE! the salesmen are pushy and insulting as well as a bunch of liars and don't even get me started about their service department. I only got one word for their service department and that is "INCOMPETENT!" They never completely solve your issue, regardless how small it is! My dad has bought several new Dodge vehicles in the las 10 yrs and they always have some type of issue that can't be resolved. His last big purchase was here (a RAM 3500) and these assholes lied to him about what he was really getting and marked up the price regardless, they ripped him off with over $15000!!! He thought he was getting what he ordered and then he found out that they lied to him when he took a look under the truck. (He had ordered a specific transmission for heavy duty towing). We tried to take it back and they straight up told us to Fuck off! And that we were liars! Now my dad keeps having issue after issue with the truck and they don't even wanna take care of it because according to them he has to wait... So if your thinking of buying a car there please DON'T! You will seriously regret it!!!

Brian S. | 2014-09-23

These guys are rip off artists.   I had purchased a Jeep Wrangler, agreed on price and trade in value for my car.  They had to order the Jeep to be built and I had to wait months.   I went in to pick up the Jeep and was told they could no longer honor the deal we had and basically extorted another 1K out of me in order to get the Jeep I had just waited for.   These guys are super shady and I will never purchase another vehicle from these people who I believe use these dirty sales tactics.  I should have sued these guys, but they know 1K is not going to pay for legal fees and time so they can get away with being shady in their practices.  Done with this place for life, and I have written a letter to Jeep letting them know.  However, I dont feel like they care or will do anything about this.  People, please do your research be smart before attempting to purchase a new vehicle from anyone, and in my opinion especially these guys.

Harish T. | 2014-09-22

This review is for the Sales Dept. For Cary. For the ordering process.

Knowledgable, personal, smart, and efficient. If you want to buy a CDJ vehicle, go to Cary.

I had a pleasant experience ordering the jeep.

B M. | 2014-09-13

What a joke this place is!  Although my sales rep was nice, management was a complete and utter disgrace.   Not to mention, the guy in finance is a complete dick!  Do not buy a car from here!  They are giant db's!  Go somewhere else!  There are a couple of other dealerships in the area.  I'm actually just going to buy my car somewhere tomorrow.  Thanks Ahmad for pushing me towards Normandin!

Michael G. | 2014-09-09

I bought a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 from here. Everything prior to the point of giving them the cash was good. Afterwards, it has been nothing but getting screwed around. For example, this truck has the new FOB kind of key - they only gave me one key and told me I needed to pay $300 if I wanted a spare. They told me that mats were included with the vehicle and, surprise surprise, they weren't. I know car dealers are sharks, but seriously.... deal with different sharks.

Isaac M. | 2014-09-03

This review is in regards to the service department:

I had an appointment for 7:30 am and I dropped it off on time; I didn't hear back from the service associate until after 2 pm. Even then, John only called me back with estimates.

I paid $225 for them to tell me my truck needed some repairs. $225 just to look at the vehicle and not even start doing the repair I asked them to do.

I understand the mechanic needs to be paid for his time, but I also expect to hear back with a price within a couple of hours of dropping off my vehicle for the appointment so that the work can be completed in a reasonable time.

$75 to tell me window switch is bad
$75 to tell me wheel hub needs to be replaced
$75 to tell me exhaust manifold is leaking and needs to be replaced

Nicole W. | 2014-09-01

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. If it was possible to give 0 stars I would. Horribly rude and gave us the run around. Go to Capitol instead

Chia-Chuan W. | 2014-08-29

I am writing this review because I just leave that hateful place . Three days ago, I was looking for a 2014 dodge challenger. The dealer in this company tells me the price is 19,500 without tax. I haven't decide yet. Today, I think the price is good, and so I come to that place again. But The dealer suddenly changed his attitude. Probably because his manager appears there. The manager says it's impossible, manager keeps questioning how that price is possible?  Who give you this price? He forces me to give him the answer. His attitude is extremely impolite. We struggle like 20 minutes until my friend tells him that "it's your staff who sit next to you gives us the price" The dealer does not say a word. The manager keep insist the price is not possible We left directly. This is the top ridiculous dealer and manager I have ever seen. I would never enter this place in the rest my life.

Adam M. | 2014-08-27

Took my truck in to get an oil change and replace the electronics cluster in the dash board as my temperature gauge no longer worked.  It took them 1 week to "fix" the problem.

I pick up my truck after I am told that everything is good to go....NOT SO dome light no longer works, my dimmer switch for my interior lights no longer work, and my key fob to lock and unlock the doors no longer work.  How is is possible that they actually created problems while "fixing" my original issue????? Absolutely terrible....still waiting for a call back to find out how they plan on fixing this problem.

Anyone know of a good dodge mechanic in the area?

Heather Y. | 2014-08-22

My husband and I used this dealership to purchase our new Grand Cherokee this past weekend, after visiting another dealership in the area that was advertising amazing prices (but those prices turned out to be lease-only, and we were looking to buy).  I had spoken with Archie on Friday and he was very eager to win my business, which I really appreciated.  Being in sales myself, I always find it intriguing when a salesperson actively pursues my business instead of simply waiting for me to show back up at their door.

We saw a great 'deal' at another dealership over the weekend, and drove there to check it out.  We called Archie first, but he wanted to speak with his GM to see if he could meet the price.  He called us back pretty quickly (unfortunately our phone's voicemail wasn't working, so he couldn't leave us a message).  After we realized the other dealer's offer was BS, we decided to give Archie a try, since he had been so excited to earn our business.

When we arrived, we asked for Archie and he arrived pretty quickly.  We rehashed what we were looking for, and he explained that he had called us back to say we should go to the other dealer and buy the car - their price was far below MSRP and there wasn't going to be a way for him to meet it.  I really appreciated his honesty.  He point-blank asked us how much we were looking to get for our trade in and ran it by his GM.  He then asked us what color of car we were looking for (we already knew the particular model type we were looking for, so we didn't need to go over features or anything like that), and he went to go pull the appropriate car from their lot.

His GM came over and started talking numbers with us, and he was very to-the-point.  Both the GM and Archie flat out told us that they were trying to earn our business, and that they would be as flexible as possible.  We went for a test drive and were very happy with the car, and then sat down to negotiate.  At the end of the day, we only went through one offer-counteroffer process before a deal was made!  

We really enjoyed working with Archie and felt like he truly appreciated our business.  I highly recommend him (I don't recall the name of the GM, but he was nice also).  Their finance guy was helpful in explaining the options we had in terms of warranty, theft coverage, etc.  All in all, this was a very pleasant experience.  I am aware that there has been a change in ownership and that this dealer is working very hard to change their reputation, especially here on Yelp.  As always, I recommend doing your homework and finding the best car/dealer for you, but our experience here leads me to believe that more good things are coming from this dealership.  Hope this helped!

Matt S. | 2014-08-20

My first one star goes to these guys. Terrible customer service. I mean terrible! Their service department is full of incompetence and when you need to talk to a manager you get a voicemail instead. Spend 60K on a truck and you get treated like crap. That's a sure way to get a customer to come back. Next truck will be a Ford or Chevy..

Kate H. | 2014-08-14

Worst service experience in my life. I just bought a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 Limited. I searched forever, and I mean forever for the right car. One thing I failed to look into was the service dept. I took that for granted at first, which was bad decision. I took my new jeep in for its first oil change and it also needed a software update. They said it'd take 2 hours... 3 hours later it's finally done. Not only did I have to take a 3 hour lunch break from work that day but I got in my car and it was filthy!  Dirt, leaves on the floor mat and gressy black finger prints on the tan leather interior of my door and console, no joke. I just sat in my car looking around, astonished. They didn't even walk me out to my car to send me off. I most likely would have said something to them if they did. Do these people have any respect? Like even Jiffy lube has the courtesy to vacuum the floor and send you off in your car to make sure you're happy! Honestly, I'll just take my jeep to Jiffy lube for an oil change, not wait so long, have a clean car and have friendly service. Aren't service depts at dealerships supposed to be more fancy than places like pep boys or jiffy lube? Just recently I scheduled something to be fixed on my car. They said it would be a half a days work and because I didn't get any kind of service package, besides the basic warranty, they couldn't provide me with a loaner. So basically I have to take a vacation day to wait in the service lobby for my brand new jeep to be completed. Who cares about getting stuff done under the basic warranty, because you still have to take off from work or pay for a rental. You spend money either way. I work in palo alto so this so called shuttle service wasn't available to me, go figure. Do these people have any consideration? Who has all day to wait in a lobby, honestly. Some people in this world actually have to get back to work, it's just so inconsiderate. The sales guys that work at the dealership are so nice to you the 1st day you buy a 43k car but they treat you like crap when you have a question or come in for an oil change. True sleezy car salesmen, seriously. I had a small Toyota before my jeep, 130k miles on it (we'll over the warranty) and they treated me with so much respect every time I came in. There was several times I came into Toyota to get my tires aligned, oil changed, etc. and if it was going to take more than a 1 1/2 hour they always gave me a little loaner car at no cost, nothing fancy, just something to get to work in. TRUE Service.
Whatever you do, don't waste money on a carwash before you come here because they will just dirty it up again and if you buy a car make sure you mention "everything" under the sun to them in the contract so they don't screw you over. Maybe Jeep would make more money and sell more cars if they put more effort and time into their services. Trust me, I would've never bought this jeep if I knew the 1st oil change/stuff that happened after that would cause me to write a Yelp review. I should've bought an Audi from the Audi dealership down the street. Buyers remorse is no fun;(

Abraham W. | 2014-08-13

Had heard about the reputation but bought anyhow. First call to the service department (keep in mind just spent $40K) and had a question about the cost of an upgrade for navigational.  The service rep seemed annoyed that I would ask for a quote. Was quoted an absurd price for $1000 just to allow the nav to work on the existing radio. When I express the high cost he said if they had to replace the radio it would be $3k. I guess it was made of gold which is fine they are in the business of gouging. When I told him I would look at other options he advised me to look at new phone options and hung up. I expect this is going to be the beginning of a reminder I should have bought elsewhere

Buffy M. | 2014-08-12

This review is specifically for the service department.

Brought my 2014 Cherokee in for its first oil change this morning.  There were some system updates that needed to be done as well.  I decided to wait, besides by the time you get home and get settled its usually done and then just have to wait for the shuttle to go back.

Well it ended up taking 2x as long as anticipated because the software update on the radio kept crashing so it took a while.  They apologized for the wait, and didn't charge me for the oil change service due to the inconvenience.

So the wait sucked, but they handled it great!  So it was an a-ok visit.

Francesco V. | 2014-08-10

I waited a few weeks to write this review.  I wanted a chance to cool down and give this dealership an opportunity to make things right.  It's been about a month since my visit and I am still frustrated.

I would not recommend this dealership.  In fact, stay as far away as possible.  You don't have to read too many of the reviews here to see why.  This was my experience.

We knew the model and style of car we wanted, but they did not have it in stock.  After describing what we wanted, the sales manager presented us with a spec sheet for a car that fit the bill.  In fact, this car had more features than we were originally looking for.

We negotiated a price based on the spec list.  I thought we had a fair deal.  Fast-forward a few days when I was to pick up the car.  It's missing 3 key features that were on the spec list.  I specifically remember one feature because I didn't want it, but the other features made up for it.

I've called multiple times, being hung-up on once, and getting nowhere with any of the staff.  I don't like to give negative reviews, but I have never been so frustrated with any purchasing process in my life.

Some words I would use to describe my experience: fraud, bait and switch, deceitful, and painful.  I don't know about you, but this is not how purchasing a car should feel.

Sarah J. | 2014-08-04

Will come back over and over again the manager and Archie were amazing! Highly recommended (:

Mark W. | 2014-08-03

Went to Stevens Creek Chrysler/Jeep today and had a bizarre car shopping experience. First the good: the sale rep met us before we exited our car (something that seems really common here in CA). He immediately got us into to a Grand Cherokee similar to what we were looking for and took us for a test drive. Seemed reasonably informed about the car.  All of this is good, and would get them a solid 4 star rating from me.

Now let's start with the weird: sales rep took repeated phone calls during the test drive, requiring me to give my wife directions back to the dealership at one point. He also told us a lot of bizarre stories in the car (including -- and I'm not kidding -- telling my 6-month-pregnant wife a story about how he just watched a youtube video of a baby getting run over by a car).  Not cool man, but my wife's pretty level-headed: only star off for this weirdness.

The part that just drove me nuts, though, has to do with their bizarre pricing. All of the cars are priced $4k-$5k **above** MSRP. I asked the sales rep about this, as I've never seen such a practice in my many dozens of trips to shop for a new car over the last 10 years. His response was that "we have to make some money too".  I asked if Jeep didn't already provide them with an MSRP several $k above invoice -- as is easily evident on edmunds or KBB -- and he said that he "didn't know anything about this".  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that he was just lying to me at that point, for which I'm docking two more stars.

Maybe this is how dinosaurs compete in the age of internet shopping.  Regardless, I wouldn't go back here. I have to imagine negotiating would be an old-school hassle with these guys.

Sam M. | 2014-07-31

DO NOT PURCHASE HERE. Seriously. Pushy to the point of being insulting. They relish in excuses not to honor prices given. They will not return calls. Or emails. Or requests from Chrysler's Executive Referral group to call a customer. They will laugh at you when you call them in frustration. They will transfer you to "GMs" who are actually just the moron who sold you the car pretending to be the GM and using a deeper voice. They will tell Chrysler anything to get you off the phone - and Chrysler will tell you they have to believe the dealer.

Oh well, I have a conference call between the GM and a member of the Executive Referral group tomorrow.

DO NOT PURCHASE HERE. If you have, complain the hell out your experience. Don't give up when you get one of these morons harassing you. Angry Tweet @chrysler to get someone from Chrysler Executive Referral. Enough complaints and there's hope for getting these idiots shut down.

Curtis W. | 2014-07-22

Thanks everyone for your honest reviews. I was considering going to this dealership to buy a charger but HELL NO! they got more bad reviews than a pasture of goats wearing old spice cologne.

Emanuel R. | 2014-07-18

This was my first time buying a vehicle from an established dealership, but not my first rodeo. After unhappily buying from one of those hole in the wall car dealerships a few years back I wanted to make sure this time was better.
         So here I am at Stevens Creek Dodge and it was just a I expected. The salesman all a bit urgent to be of assistance to you, the over zealous salesman in the fresh suit assisting the salesman that's assisting me, and free drinks. The intern was good and he was probably the reason I even dealt with them. The manager overseeing the deal was  really eager to get a deal done; I was there for hours the first night negotiating. The turning point was when the other aggressive  manager ( they sure do have a lot of managers) came by and was being obnoxious. I left.
        I ended up returning the next day after my phone had no more room for voicemails; they were calling me like we had just broken up a long term relationship the day before. So I really wanted the car and that was that. I just had to walk over to the guy who was approving or not approving the numbers that I was throwing out. It turns out he agreed with my numbers and my salesman wanted a bigger profit. He obviously was not happy, but I was.
        So all in all they get the three stars for 1. The intern 2. The beautiful car they sold me 3. The cheeseburger they bought me because I was hungry and going to leave. When you sit and think about it regardless on how the people are if you really want the car and it's a good deal might as well take it. I don't know how the post- buy customer service is but I will yelp to update when I experience it.

John A. | 2014-07-13

The last time I checked, the service here is still SHIT. To all the Service Department personnel, FU all .....

Esther A. | 2014-07-11

WOOWAA!, thats a lot of one star reviews. Infact I experienced a one star review as well. But it always feels better to write a good review. We as humans should appear recite each other more. . And for one employee named Mr. Sotero I would give a 10 stars on customer service. He was awesome.  You should ask for him if you want quick professional and curtice  service. Thanks from the person you got the TMC for the mini van. Attention should be made for the negative reviews,perhaps undercover boss can put Mr. Sotero in charge of this dealership.

George M. | 2014-07-10

i bought my Jeep way back in 2009 sales rep as i figured lied about extended warranty most of the stuff its not covered now and even before . last week they call me back with welcome back service special because i didn't go there for many years so i thought they give me good deal on oil change, SHIT it took them 1,5 hours to change the oil, at list during that time they could wash or vacuum the car.  they also wanted me to pay fo putting in new battery that i brought. This package should be called never go back. and at the end price for the oil change was the same as in JufyLube

John H. | 2014-06-30

I brought the family in to purchase a Jeep Rubicon early this year. After the test drive, I told the sales person to tell his manager and Finance guy, that we can't be here all day going back and forth on the price becuse I have two kids with me. I stated here's our offer on the Jeep and if you guys can't do it, we'll leave right now, no hard feelings. Wouldn't you know, two hours later we still didn't come to an agreement and we were about 8K from making the deal happen. If they would have just told me that my offer was too low in the beginning, we could have all saved each other a bunch of time. We ended up buying a Toyota 4-Runner in Santa Cruz.

Joey I. | 2014-06-29

So im looking at a used car and this asian guy runs up to me starts asking if I want this car, I say no I am only looking for now, he barely speaks english, could not understand a word he said, then he keeps asking me if I want to buy it. I say no, he still continues, I just leave

Kev L. | 2014-06-27

Went here a year ago, was considering a new Dodge Dart lease. A salesman offered us a testdrive, we never asked. Then they wanted to check a credit score and refused the testdrive when we were afraid to reveal our SSNs. Very prejudice staff. Then we were thrown outta the showroom and not even allowed to look at the cars. Horrible experience. I shoud have filed a complaint against this dealer.

Heather B. | 2014-06-23

Horrible customer service after you buy the car.  Asked for the service record told oh yes no problem. Called stopped by still can't find but while signing the paperwork to buy it then it yes of course as soon as we are done signing I'll grab them. Now after calling and stopping by for two days they asked if we could call on Friday. Absolutely will never buy from here again. No follow thru what so ever!!!

Natalie W. | 2014-06-01

I'm really surprised by all the negative reviews on Steven's Creek CJDR. I had a great experience here. Alex was amazing (sad he's moving back to Atlanta) and finance was nothing short of pleasant. I would highly recommend this dealership and the folks I worked with. Oh and I LOVE my new 2014 Jeep Wrangler - Willy's Edition. Thanks, guys!

Robin V. | 2014-05-31

I was contacted by the dealership by mail that they wanted my car for their lot. Following up on the letter, I spoke to someone who was going to give me an appraisal and give me "top KBB value" for it. Upon going in (after getting my car completely cleaned and ready for her interview), the salesman I had been speaking with  by phone was busy so he passed me to his  (kid) floor manager for help. I just got through dealing this absolutely rude sales manager, who was only willing to give me half of what I was originally offered and was disrespectful, rude and insensitive, especially when they found out I couldn't afford to make car payments since I'm not working. Although I kept asking for the original salesperson I spoke with, he never did resurface. Instead I was kicked out of their showroom, as though I was wasting their time. Felt as though I could was possibly discriminated against because of my socioeconomic status or possibly my age. Sitting in my car doing this review on their lot before I left, another even MORE disrespectful (older Persian) salesman approached my car and told me I was trespassing! I told him I'd be finished in a minute it & would leave. He cussed me out with words of obscenity and threatened to call the police on me! I have never ever been so humiliated and treated with such disregard than going into a place like this. I haven't read the other reviews on this dealership but I am by all means even report them to the Better Business Bureau after this!

Grayson S. | 2014-05-21

All I really have to say is FUCKED UP!  1st time I went with my girlfriend to loom at challengers and chargers for her and jeep wranglers and ram 2500 for me. Got a sales man asked to drive one jeep he said he doesn't want to take it on the road. So I say fine let's take another out then. On the test drive I was talking to him about the car. He knew nothing about the Jeep wrangler unlimited.  My girlfriend knew way more than he did and all she knows is its a jeep with a 3.6 peristaltic engine. He didn't know even that.  Next I know him and I are about to start arguing in the Jeep during the test drive. Got back from the drive and have parked the Jeep and walked away without asking saying would you like to see any other vehicle on the lot.

2nd. I went just to take a look at the charger and ram cummins.  I get a sales woman. Taking a look at used trucks. She brings her manager. Next we are at the new ram trucks and he is judging me and she leaves. I ask to take the truck out and he doesn't want to either. He says ok. During the test drive I was asking him questions and he wasn't answering anything and he was just judging me.  Also during the test drive traffic was slowing down and he yells "slow down slow down slow down". Then about  5 minutes away he gets a call from the saleswoman who was helping me before saying she has other customers who want to test drive a car. He answers ok I dump the car and meet up with you. Get back to the dealership and he parks the car and completely leaves doesn't say anything at all.  

Long story short they are completely FUCKED up no respect. I wouldn't waste your time at all! Worst dealership I have ever been to! If I could give negative stars that would still be too nice.

Jeff K. | 2014-05-19

RUN AWAY from this dealership no matter what the price. They are dishonest and cannot be trusted.
On Saturday I agreed to buy  a jeep grand Cherokee summit. It is a beautiful car with a significant price tag. They took the car away to detail it while we sorted through the financing. They told me it would take " about ten minutes" to detail. Financing took 1 1/2 hours. Afterward we were still waiting. After one hour of people coming by every 10 minutes telling us the car would be ready in 5 more minutes I began to get impatient. When I started to ask questions the " sales manager" arrived to tell us we could not have the car that day " because they ran out of DEF fluid and couldn't get any until Monday", but they would deliver the car on Monday. Today I heard nothing from them so I called and got another " sales manager" who accidentally let it slip that the gas tank was out but should be replaced sometime today. It turns out they accidentally put the DEF in the gas tank, but we're not going to disclose it to me when I had just agreed to pay 55800k for the car. The sales manager and the salesman I dealt with both boldly lied directly to my face. Stay away from this dealership especially Alex, And Ali. Buy your car somewhere else. The service department can't be too swift either if they don't know where to place fluids in the car.

Peter M. | 2014-05-16

Needed to update the fact that the finance manager Edwin is a stand up guy. Was a big help in facilitating my concerns and needs.

Thank you Edwin!

Leighann B. | 2014-05-12

I purchased a  pre-owned car here and I got hosed, majorly. I won't go into details. Let me just say the buying experience was great, all friendly and fun. Once you're off the lot and the car is a total lemon that nearly causes you to go bankrupt in repairs (because they throw in a bunk warranty that amazingly doesn't cover anything), they want nothing to do with you and treat you like scum. Please don't go here, or be smarter than me and go in and get over on them. If you don't, they will get over on you. Sleazy place. 8 months after purchase and $3500+ in repairs and the car still cannot be fixed, I'm cutting my losses and trading in for a brand new Honda. My car was in the shop every month for 8 months. Stevens Creek Chrysler Lemons. Don't go here. Please don't. Don't even send your enemies here. No one deserves this.

Bob G. | 2014-04-29

Due to a disappointing pre-sales experience, we decided NOT to buy our new Jeep from Stevens Creek CJDR.

Our experience started by registering for a "VIP Internet appointment" last Saturday (4/26/2014).  My wife, my 86 year old father, and I showed up on-time and met our sales representative, Francisco.  

I asked him for an education on the current Jeep Grand Cherokee since we had never owned one.  He asked me what options I was looking for, specifically, and with no idea what was available I did my best to name what I thought would be nice features to have in a vehicle I had done little research on at the time.

At this point, we walked the entire lot, (including the back lot) looking for a vehicle that matched our desires.  While looking at a few vehicles, Francisco was taking calls on his cell phone and at one point even excused himself for a few minutes to do other business.

The moment they LOST OUR BUSINESS was when Francisco asked if we could "come back in later in the week when they are not so busy."  

I was surprised by his dismissive request and (since HE did not offer) I asked if there was someone else that could help us.  He said, "I think there is someone.. let me go check" and left us for about 10-15 minutes.  

He returned with a much more helpful salesperson, but at this point we were so  soured on the experience with Francisco that we decided to take our business elsewhere.

That evening, I contacted several other dealers and made arrangements to visit Fremont CJDR on Sunday (4/27/2014).

We took delivery of our new Jeep Grand Cherokee yesterday.

My advice is shop around (include Stevens Creek for comparison) but buy from Chip Rosen in Fremont like we did.

Happy Shopping!

S H. | 2014-04-10

I called and was greeted by Amanda who was cordial and transferred myt cal to the parts Department where they immediately said "Can we put you on hold please". Without waiting for my response they put me on hold.

For the next 8 + minutes I waited.

Finally the guy who put me on hold picked up the call. I asked for a simple price quote on two items, sway bar end link bushings and control arm bolts for my 98 Ram 2500. I was then told that without my VIN number he couldn't help me.

Sure, let me hop in my car and take my lunch hour to drive home and get the VIN off of the truck that is sitting broken in front of my house. Then drive back to work and wait on hold again.

I think not!

So I will assume  that, when Chrysler was bailed out by the US Government all of the employees were converted to federal workers as the guy who answered the phone did nothing waste my time, just like a government drone.

Cash M. | 2014-04-08

Dads new truck review:

About a month ago we started looking for a new vehicle for my dad. He had a limited budget and needed something soon.  He was working with another dealer in Fresno and almost ready to buy a 2013  used truck with miles about 22k.  Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge was able to get my dad into a 2014 Dodge Ram with no miles on it for almost the same price.  We called them and worked with Arash the sales manager along with Amir.  I can tell you that my dad is not easy to deal with but Arash made the whole process easy and quick.  

Takeaways: We got a 2014 truck for almost the same price as a used vehicle from another dealer about 300 miles away.  Sales experience with Arash and Amir was beyond expectations.  

A current customer and a customer for life, thanks again for helping out my family.

Stephen H. | 2014-04-04

Let me put it this way, this is the first review I've EVER written.

Long story short, stopped by and was greeted by a salesman named Ben (Great guy, easy to work with, zero complaints there).

His manager (Tony) came to join the negotiations and instantly creates a hostile situation. He is quickly defensive when the people on the other side of the table have a calculator of their own, question his math, suggest other idea's ...ya know....that whole NEGOTIATION thing...

We reach a deal after hours ...I trade in my truck..leave on a Saturday with no car and am told my new car will be there Wednesday, when they get it from another close by dealership. Papers signed, Truck Cleaned out and done Deal.

I found an alternative vehicle to drive over the 5 days and was called Wednesday, they told me the car they reserved for me was sold. Then tried to get me in lower model of the vehicle I purchased..(apparantly they didn't call the other dealership at any time before Wednesday?). "Don't worry, we'll add leather seats, heated seats and put a Moon roof in".  Sorry, I don't want all these after market modifications to my BRAND NEW CAR.  Then Tony said he could order my vehicle the same way I purchased it, but I would have to wait 6-8 weeks. I agreed and said no problem, do you have a used vehicle I could use in the mean time. He said I couldn't use one of their used vehicles... HELLO... YOU HAVE MY 20 THOUSAND DOLLAR TRUCK STILL?  

Deal off, took my truck back...then my business elsewhere.  Made a deal in 30 minutes for less money. Save yourself the time and go somewhere else.

Justin C. | 2014-03-31

Coming here was a terrible experience.
Ben decided he was going to help us buy a Jeep. Unfortunately we had just left the audi dealership and a jeep just didn't seem right for us. I tried explaining this to Ben but he kept talking over me, making random offers for cars as he pointed at them.
"I think we need to look around at other cars a little more."
"How about that grand cherokee for $35000?"
"I'm just not sure we're ready to buy a jeep."
"An audi is going to cost you at least $40000. I could sell you a fully loaded grand Cherokee for that price. Are you saying you'd rather have an audi than a fully loaded jeep?"
At some point in the conversation he actually insulted me, calling me weird. This guy was your typical pushy car sales guy wearing a pen stripe suit. Had he not been the one to "help" us, we might have come back. Now I can safely say we will never go to this location again.

Brian L. | 2014-03-07

I was dumb enough to go back to this place because my wife was looking for a car and we were in the area and decided to just look around and see what they had and I was also curious to see if this dealership had improved since the last time I was there. And to my amazement they are all still the same very rude disrespectful and very unprofessional. It started off by one of the salesmen coming and talking to us about what we were interested in and I made it perfectly clear that we were just looking and not interested in purchasing the car today and that my wife just wanted to get a sense of the different cars that were out there so she would have a better picture of what she really wanted but I made it perfectly clear that we were just looking and not wanting to buy. But he continue to push us into a car and tried to get us to pick something and he kept pressuring my wife to decide what kind of car she wanted and when she looked at me because he was making her feel uncomfortable with questioning and the rude way he was talking to her I told him very nicely thank you for your help we are just leaving. And at the end he asked me if I was interested in a Lexus or BMW and I responded to him possibly she has been looking at those cars online and his answer to me was "well there is a BMW and Lexus dealership across the street that you can go look at." Wish I could give a negative stare rating.

Kevin M. | 2014-03-01

An appalling experience, so be warned! This dealership exemplifies the stereotype of car salesmen as being sleazy and underhand. As others on this site have noted, practices include the disappearance of the car sticker with numbers appearing on pieces of paper with sleights of hand and disinformation. Certainly "shame-on-me" for not paying closer attention and recognizing a rip-off game, but I mistakenly thought that I was dealing with professional salesmen, not con artists.

I have been in, and run, enough organizations to know that corporate culture is defined by the management and works down into the organization. Hiring managers recruit people who fit the culture, so don't expect this to be one bad apple - as can be seen from the number of people who have had a bad experience. This dealership seems rife with charlatans and swindlers.

What I do not understand is how a major brand like Chrysler/Jeep condones a dealership operating with such practices since in the long run it must hurt business on multiple levels. If the purchase of a new car is a good experience, the owner is far more likely to return for car servicing and to purchase a new vehicle in the future. I would not trust this dealership to service my car (see comments on the service department on this web-site too), or dream of returning in the future. There are many competitive products and I would buy another make rather than risk that experience again.

I have given one star in recognition of my own culpability (otherwise it would be zero), but my strong recommendation is to avoid this dealership - there are several alternatives within a short distance. I wish I had taken the time to check the blogs before heading out since clearly my experience was not unique.

Adrienne D. | 2014-02-27

I don't even have a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram vehicle - but I had to comment on the most ridiculous situation I've heard of.

My sister took her car in for a recall service - and found out later the car has to be there overnight due to a part that needs to be ordered.  To her dismay, they do not offer loaners, nor were they willing to offer a rental - even a discount at that.

Instead - after a bunch of phone calls, she gets a call from the service manager, who says - all the while, stuttering - that she can call corporate to see if they will offer her a rental.  A few minutes later, she received another call from the same service manager, offering a 1 day rental and if the car needs additional time - she will need to contact corporate for a rental.

Are you kidding me??  What kind of service is this?  A rental car contract for a dealership service station is NOTHING...really?  How about extending some customer service so you can have repeat customers.

Tacky.  Tasteless.  Terrible.  Unprofessional.

And this is exactly why I love my service station at Capitol Subaru.


From my Twitter account...

Heard most #ridiculous thing - @StevensCreekChr told my sis she could pick up her car while a #recall is being handled - #NoRental?!

@StevensCreekChr - take some tips from my friends @CapitolSubaruSJ - #bestcustomerservice #loanercarprogram #happycustomer = #returncustomer

Maggie M. | 2014-02-17

It took these people 2 1/2 hours to change my oil, and that was with an appointment. They never even apologized for the wait... actually they were annoyed that I kept asking what was taking so long.

I really wish I had read these reviews before I came here, but I was a dummy and had a coupon, so I didn't even think about it. If I could give this place negative stars, I would.

Matt R. | 2014-02-15

I made a fundamental mistake and did not read the reviews of this place before going. The 100+ reviews of Stevens Creek CJD are completely accurate. Like 100% on the nose. Let me add my own top cautions if you absolutely have to go here.
1. Do not by any means agree to purchase a vehicle here without leaving and coming back.
2. This will probably be the worst consumer experience you have ever had or will have.
3. Look carefully at all numbers on sheets you are signing. As mentioned in other reviews, they are probably not the numbers you agreed to with the sales manager
4. The sales managers are strong armed, cunning negotiators and will belittle you to the best of their ability. Do not let them take advantage of you. Walk away the minute that one of them comes over.
5. They absolutely will not listen to anything you want in a car. Best advice, go look at the cars but go to another dealer.

I am not going to tell my whole story because it is incredibly long. However, know this: I went in with a particular price point and asking for four features in the car. They absolutely did not listen at all to these requirements. I ended up buying a car under a false pretense and accepted the offer because of that pretense. I rejected a higher offer and would have walked away under the other offer. A week later, after I had my new car towed in since the transmission was smoking, I ended up being forced into the higher offer I rejected the first time.

So take this advice, you may think that you got a good deal when you leave, but it is just the beginning of the worst customer experience you will ever have. Be very diligent in dealing with these crooks.

Brad G. | 2014-02-12

Does the thought of dealing with the shadiest dealership you've ever imagined intrigue you? Do you enjoy lies and bait-and-switch tactics? Do you want to feel dirty and violated when your transaction is finally complete? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the place for you!!!

Here's my nightmare experience:

The wife and I were in the market for a new Durango R/T. After talking to a couple dealerships both online and over the phone, Stevens Creek had given us the best price, told us they could get exactly what we wanted from another dealership and said they had a model similar to what we wanted that we could test drive. A couple hours later we're there test driving and crunching the final numbers. While filling out the paperwork we were told we had to pay a down payment in order to get the car we wanted from the other dealership - it was the only way they could get the car to their location. Say wha? You want me to put money down on a specific car I've never seen or driven before? That didn't seem right to me but I warily agreed. This was on a Saturday afternoon - the salesman told me they would call me either Monday or Tuesday when the car arrived. Fast forward to Wednesday, no call & no car.

Here's where the ordeal started to get FUBAR:

I called my salesman Wednesday morning to see what was happening with the car. He tells me, "The vehicle was damaged when it was being unloaded from the truck. I have another one that came in that has a few upgrades (sunroof, aka leaky roof & leather interior, aka sweaty ass - neither of which we wanted) your car didn't have for only $3000 more." Let me get this straight, you're telling me the car I purchased has been wrecked and you're going to let me spend $3k more for stuff we don't want?!?! Thanks for hooking me up, bro! Now let me talk to your manager...

Here's where it became completely FUBAR:

I spoke to the General Manager and told him the story his salesman told me. The GM's response, "That's not true at all, your vehicle was never damaged in delivery. When we contacted the other dealership to purchase the vehicle from them it had already been sold to another customer. I apologize for my staff being dishonest with you, he will be reprimanded. (Supposedly he sent him home for a day or two, who knows?) We do not do business this way, I would like to make things right with you. We can either order a car from the factory exactly as you purchased and you can have it in 12 weeks or I can give you the car I have here with the upgrades for the exact same price." Ultimately it was my wife's decision since it was going to be her car - she chose not to wait 12 weeks. We were starting to feel much better about our dealings with this place, the GM seemed legitimately embarrassed by the actions of his staff and was trying to make things right. Right before our dealings with the GM were done, he informed us he was going to throw in 3 years of free oil changes and give us our extended warranty at his cost. I thought to myself, "Wow, this dude's alright in my book! He really stepped up to turn this bad situation around!"  That was until we went in the little room in the back with the finance guy. He said, "The GM informed me you'll be getting 3 years of oil changes free and an extended warranty at our cost. Which package would you like?" Of course I wanted the best option I could get, I was getting it at cost! 10yr/100k bumper to bumper, please! "That'll be $4500." WTF? I know for a fact that's not cost! Let me get my dear friend on the phone that works at a dealership and see what she thinks. Of course she tells me it's a rip off! What happened to the GM telling me I was going to get it at cost??? After a couple of minutes being on the phone with my friend and haggling with the finance guy he finally asked me who I was on the phone with. I tell him and it turns out they know each other and used to work together. After handing the phone to him and them chatting for 5 minutes the $4500 warranty magically turned into a $1700 one. All he had to do was pull out his other binder with the real prices in it. I see what you did there, Mr. GM, the $3k you would have lost on the car was going to be made back on the tail end. You really weren't going to give me any kind of deal at all, were you? Sneaky prick.

Needless to say, by the end of my transaction here, I wanted to light this place on fire with all the employees locked inside. I vowed to never step foot on this property again, and I won't.

T. C. | 2014-02-07


I was inexperienced when It came to purchasing cars .. in my early 20's yeah yeah...
I get it... maybe its my fault maybe I should know more about cars... anyhow ..
I know car sales men are said to be all about sales and not care about customers. . but WOW they really could give 2 F&#ks about you! I was taken advantage of at least I felt like I was.. I made horrible decisions here!.. I guess I was asking for too much to think that maybe they can see a young female and maybe try and help me choose a car that might be best for me.. but I was wrong.! Way wrong.. I live with my mistake a couple years and learned my LESSON!  I then moved on was ready for another car this one HAUNTED me lol..! So I went down to VW Stevens Creek and let me tell you the experience was so much better. . yeah they might not give two F$%ks about me there too(maybe) but at least they acted like they did. . lol
and I am happy with my purchase .. YAY we all make mistakes.. but we grow from them!!

Señour P. | 2014-02-07

OH NO NO NO NO stop there! You better think twice before you even go and have your vehicle service here. It's just full of BS and lying to costumer, all they want is your money.

I have an appointment at 7:30am and I got there around 7:20am pretty much no waiting in line (the reason why because they don't like the service). Advisor promise me my van should be done around 1 or 1:30pm. All I need is oil change and transmission check. Nothing really major work that needs to be done. So I left got breakfast went to the store, then lunch came. I have lunch with my wife then went back to the dealership to pick up my van.  

Guess what, come to find out that my van never left at the same spot where they park it since that morning. Now my boiling point is rising, why my van is not getting work done. Advisor came by and I told him that my van never left on the same spot since this morning. He said wait let me find out, he didn't come back after half hour. Wait a minute here just to find out what is going on it will take you half hour. OK, they only have 3 technician that is working right now. Well what do you want me to do, don't promise something that you are not gonna do it. Now it's almost 3pm, Oh your van is done but there is something wrong with transmission mount is torn and that's why I'm getting that thud and jerk. What kind a shit is that the van still has factory warranty and they would not honor the warranty. And they have the guts to charge me $150.00  just check it and $52.00 for oil change. It's fricking american and family van. This is not high end japanese car, european or not even korean car. I am done with them!

Brice P. | 2014-01-28

They put an estimate of $150 to inspect my jeep to see how much it would be to put back to stock (I have a 6" lift). I thought that would just be a placeholder amount. Nope! They never updated that amount when they charged me. Seriously! $150 to inspect my vehicle?

Now let's add on the fact that they said it would take an hour and I had to call them 8 hours later to see the status. This is by far the worse service I've ever received for my jeep.

*Update* I called to discuss this and apparently any inspection beyond reading an error code is $150 period. Are you kidding me?

carlos l. | 2014-01-28

All this  yelpers are right on point with their complains . Can some one please do something about it ? I get the you can't believe anything it's express on yelp ,but this is way far than just some one having a bad day . We are talking of thousands of dollars that you spend in this place. It's pretty frustrating not being able to get them to snap out of it ! Even if you go to the big dog ..he doesn't have time for that .powerless .

Gabriel N. | 2014-01-23

Service ok. As one of their customers I went to them for advice on where to take my vehicle for minor repair. This review is for them referring me to Modern Bench Operations auto repair, the facility they use according to them...which turned out to be one of the worst experiences I have had.

Also I drive a challenger RT classic and they have me down as Durando in their system (kinda of annoying) when they call and email.

Esenbek A. | 2014-01-19

OK, so I decided to change my dealership after I started having issues with my touch screen in my brand new Dodge Dart, my dealer couldn't fix it and I went to my local dealer, they said they can fix it under warranty, ok, great, set an appointment, left my car.... but no luck, they said they changed my radio but couldn't fix my problem and need to order other parts, that was 12.20.2013 and today 01.19.2014.... still nothing, can't wait anymore and don't want to call them....

Sherry R. | 2014-01-10

Stay away from this Dealership.  They operate on a culture of lies.  Anything to get you in the door.  It doesn't matter what specific vehicle you WANT, they will say anything to get you to drive well out of town for a vehicle their salespeople swear they have on the lot (in our case, we were told 'they have 3 on their lot').  They had zero.  Total waste of time and gas.  We should have driven to Gilroy.  If you want something specific and this dealership swears they have it, insist on a photo of the vehicle taken in front of their dealership and that day's newspaper clearly visible in the photo!

Mera O. | 2014-01-04

We purchased a new Dodge Challenger a little over 1 year ago at this dealership. If anyone told us what we would have to put up with in their service dept, we would not have purchased this vehicle. The manager is uncooperative and clearly intent on ripping off customers. We took the car to 2 outside mechanics who confirmed there is a problem with the transmission which is covered under warranty. We took it to the dealership service manager who has been misdiagnosing it for over 2 and a half weeks and  refuses to honor our warranty prior to fixing a so called issue (that does not exist) which would cost us a large sum of money. He said otherwise he is not making any money!! Unbelievable!! In all of our years of purchasing and owning cars, this has been a horrible experience and we would never purchase is too bad that finally, they come out with nice vehicles only to ruin it with lousy customer service. The problem is still unresolved.....Horrible experience so far and I would not use their crooked service department!!

Sean G. | 2013-12-18

Sat in line for 40 minutes for a service appointment. Ridiculous.

Ben P. | 2013-12-16

I bought a Durango here a couple of years ago.  It was not the best buying experience of all time, and the salesman was extremely aggressive.  I have no idea why you'd have your salesmen hang out in front of the showroom and accost anyone who parks out front.  Does that really seem like the best way to engage customers?  Having said that, I knew what I wanted and was able to get it without too much hassle.  I'd probably give the buying experience 2.5-3 stars.

However, this review is for the service department.  Yikes.  First of all, if you bring in your Durango, you're not given a comparable courtesy vehicle.  The whole point of the large SUV was because I need the seats.  Secondly, if you don't get the extended warranty, your rental is on you.  It took the service team most of a day to diagnose the issue, and then took several days to order the part I needed.  Meanwhile, the rental expense keeps adding up.  All told, we had our car in the shop for 8 days.  I have no way to judge whether that amount of time was needed, but I received exactly one call telling me what was going on in that time, and the timeline given was incorrect.  Other than that, it was up to me to check in on the car, and if you don't remember your service advisor's name, prepare to get some grief.

Bonus negative points for the process of setting up the appointment.  I had a check engine light on, and I brought the car into Union Auto Care.  I've brought a couple of cars there, and Norman always does a great job (go there if you can!).  He told me within an hour (and for free), that it was an issue that required a dealer to look at it because his computer showed that the car needs a software update before going forward.  Easy, and in-and-out right away.  When I set up the appointment at Stevens Creek CJD, I mentioned that I already had it checked out, and this was not popular.  "Why would you do that? It's under warranty.  If he reset the check engine light, there's nothing we can do."  Well, if it didn't require an entire day to get an answer, I wouldn't need to bring the car to Norman first.  If it was something he could address easily, I'd much rather pay him than bring the car to the dealership under warranty.  That should tell you everything you need to know.

James L. | 2013-12-14

The sales side of the operation is a bit haphazard. However the service guys are great. Didn't buy my Jeep from there as I got the run around - however all the servicing I've done there has been well handled and timely.

Ron D. | 2013-11-24

Terrible sales! Just drove my new fully loaded truck home and found 2 dash light bulbs out and the truck shaking at 65mph. Left after buying a truck and realized they only gave  me 1 key and it was missing the key fob keyless entry. Went back and they said the door sticker was a misprint and they demanded the paper back. They refused to give me a second set of keys and a key fob and was night and day attitude. My sons tried to talk to them about the situation and they were rude to my kids and refused to deal with them now that the deal was done.All nice and promised the world until I signed paperwork. Promised to touch up paint while we were signing papers then after the deal said they wouldn't touch up the paint. I wish I would have checked yelp first and avoided them altogether. Am going to file a complaint with better business bureau as well as Chrysler.

B W. | 2013-11-13

Showroom sales staff at Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership unprofessional.  Organization in need of re-structuring.

My recent trip to this dealership was to look at a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Two sales people approached me on the lot at the same time.  It was uncomfortable to say the least.  I had to hand over my driver's license for further assistance.  I ended up inside the showroom floor.  I sat in the center of a large showroom area with the salesperson.  This seating area was very far from the sales manager counter.   The sales manager had to yell across the showroom floor to talk to me.  On my left, were two other sales people playing catch with a football.  I wasn't sure if the sales manager and sales person was laughing with me or at me, but the experience was so bad I had to quickly conclude my visit.  After three failed attempts to have my license returned, I had to walk over to the sales manager counter to demand it back.  

I feel dealerships represent the brand and image of the manufacturer.  After this visit, I am no longer in the market for a Chrysler/Jeep brand car.  I can't imagine trying to get the car serviced.  The company may not stand behind their products once the car is sold.  What a low class and unprofessional establishment.

Vla H. | 2013-11-13

My dad bought a new jerp here last year... Engine light came on... They wouldnt provide a loaner. They should kick'em out make room for a carwash and have the managers and poor staff clean cars as punishment!!!

Mr Al .. | 2013-11-07

stopped by to look at a used jeep, met with the used car seals manager, this dude had a terrible attitude, disrespectful  and abrasive personality. i just stood up and walked out, i will never cross this doorstep again.

Monte S. | 2013-11-01

I bought a used 2012 Jeep Liberty from the dealership several months ago.  The experience was good, bad, and indifferent all at the same time.  It's a typical dealership with the sharks (err...sales people) congregating outside in front of the office.  We had a decent salesman, though.  You will notice that none of the cars on the lot have a price on the window.  I really don't like that.  Despite the lack of a window sticker price, we tried to negotiate a decent price with the sales supervisor and salesman, but they wanted too much.  We were within $500 of their price, but we walked out.  A few hours later, they called and said they would sell the car at our top price.  
Within a couple days after purchase, I noticed that the exhaust system looked very rusty.  I took the car in for an inspection, showed some photos (on my camera screen) to the service advisor and the mechanic looked at it and said it was "normal".   We'll see.  At the same time, I ordered an extra key, since it came equipped with only one.  I had to go to the parts dept. for this order.   In the process of getting all this done, we must have left our Canon G12 digital camera at the service advisor's desk or at the parts dept. desk.  We noticed it missing when we got home.  The next day, I went back to the dealership and asked the service advisor if he had found our camera.   He seemed evasive and wouldn't make eye contact with me.  The parts dept., and the front office "lost and found" didn't have it either.  So, I'm out a $500+ camera.  
As a used car, it seems OK.  We took it back because the radio antenna was missing and the floor mats thrown in the cargo area were from a different car.  They graciously replaced these items.  The DMV paperwork they submitted, the VIN number was typed wrong with one digit incorrect.  This gave me a couple weeks of extra work calling the dealership, my insurance company and sitting on telephone "hold" for the DMV, and two trips to the dealership.  It was frustrating, but understandable how it could happen.   The last thing I want to mention is about their handling of phone calls.  Every time I called, I was unable to reach the person I needed to talk to.  They were either in a "meeting" or weren't working "today".   The last time this happened, I asked for the salesman and then the sales supervisor.  Neither of them were working that day, according to the receptionist.  I decided to go to the dealership.  When I arrived, both of them were at work and available.  I think this dealership is trying to change its image, but I don't think they know how to do it.

Kris B. | 2013-10-30

*******BUYERS BEWARE!!!!*******************

I'm going to keep this short & simple:

2. HORRIBLE SERVICE  - you are dealing with SHARKS!
3. They are infamous for selling LEMON CARS and not taking ownership of any issues at hand and before selling them, too!

Purchased a used 7series BMW - BIG MISTAKE! As soon as I drove off, the car was already leaking. Took the car back and they had their guys "inspect it" - yeah right! They came back with some BULLSH!T excuse - "this is normal and most used BMW's tend to leak .. blah blah blah!" Had to take my car to a personal mechanic who works on BMW's and got a totally different story! Car was in pretty bad shape and the leaks could have caused the engine to blow up!

Total cost of repairs -$4K!

Please save yourself the headache and $$$!

Joe H. | 2013-10-23

Well, i write this as i sit here again in the service waiting area.... I brought the Jeep in for an oil change with a coupon for a $26.95 oil change which they have honored in the past.  Well now they add a surcharge for extra oil price is now $40.  Bad sign.  Well they said an hour to and hour and fifteen minute wait.  Well that was two and fifteen minutes ago.  i just went out and checked well my jeeps service hadn't been started yet.  This is typical of this place and I will never bring my Chrysler products here again.  It is routinely over priced, over promised and always under delivered.  BTW, the internet doesn't work and the waiting room is a mess.  Well, update they are doing the oil change now for free.  A nice gesture but I would have taken the shuttle back to the office versus waiting for 2 plus hours.  Since they picked up the bill I will get them a 1-star otherwise 0-star.  Avoid this place.  The sales dept. while being #1 in California is bait and switch with high pressure.  Buy via the internet and don't deal with these guys in house.  High, High pressure.

D R. | 2013-10-17

In the months and months we took to carefully research various vehicles and visit several dealerships, we had never run into any experience as horribly SEXIST as we did when we went to Stevens Creek Jeep!

By the time we went here, we knew exactly what we were looking for. When we first met the salesman, we told him just that...and then he proceeded to show us a vehicle with different specs. When we told him again that we checked their inventory online and told him again exactly which Jeep we wanted to test drive, he was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do next. In walk the manager, who then had us sit at a desk and had US look up the Jeep on their online inventory. After providing him proof that he had that particular vehicle on site, we then had to wait 20 minutes for them to find it. We finally got to test drive, which went well, except for the burning smell coming from the engine...which the salesman assured us that it was normal!

Curious about numbers, we sat down to talk about price. Immediately, the manager raised the sticker price by $4000! We literally laughed at him. The best part was his explanation..."Well, we have to make money. It's like when you walk into Nordstrom's and buy your $50 lipstick." First, neither of us (especially my soft butch wife!) were wearing any make-up and second, neither of us would ever pay $50 for lipstick!!! Again, we laughed in his face!

Obviously, this manager and employee are clueless as to who are their potential clients, unfamiliar with their inventory, and flat out socially inappropriate!!! Thank you, Stevens Creek convinced us to go back to Ford! And thank you for the laughs!!

Wes D. | 2013-09-26

Run Away if service or followup after the sale mean anything to you.  I wish I had checked YELP before I bought.  The low rating for this dealership is completely deserved.

I bought a 2014 Grand Cherokee in August.  With less than 200 total miles on the vehicle, the transmission blew up and left us stranded far from home and no where near Missouri.  Numerous calls to Stevens Creek dealership led to no assistance what so ever.  Their response:   "its under warranty, get it fixed"   I was told by the Chrysler Care manager that she had no luck engaging this dealership for support on our behalf.

In fairness to Chrysler Care (and the brand), they have been fantastic and another JEEP dealership in Auburn CA has taken great care of us.

Will we buy another JEEP - DEFINITELY!  
Will we buy from Stevens Creek - NO WAY!!!

Raphael D. | 2013-09-16

We've just bought a Dodge Journey here and I can say that the staff we met was very helpful and knowledgeable.

We visited a few dealerships before and they where by far the most friendly and patient.
Richard  spent a few hours with us, helped us with everything and got us the car we wanted at a good price

We recently relocated from Europe and buying a car in the US wasn't easy for us,
It's been a good experience dealing with Chrysler Stevens Creek.

Adel-Marie R. | 2013-09-14

My husband and I had a great experience with the sales personnel here. Farnoosh, in particular, was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us out and we left as happy customers. We will definitely be coming back for our next car purchase.

Shiyin Y. | 2013-09-13


Bought a Jeep from Stevens Creek jeep dealership, transmission blew out after only 180 miles on highway driving to MO to deliver car to my daughter. We took car to the Auburn Chrysler dealership to fix the problem. By mistake I called the Auburn dealership thinking it was the Stevens Creek dealership number and Auburn dealer agreed to pay for both car rental and deliver my jeep to my daughter in MO, free of charge.  After I realized that it was the wrong dealership, I called the Steven creek dealership if they could help me out.  I was told that the car warranty will cover the damage and that they are not responsible for anything.  We have taken this matter to the manufacturer and will also notify them of the not so NICE customer service from Stevens Creek and the Excellent customer service from the Auburn dealership.  

PS: This was my first American car and I don't believe that the Grand jeep cherokee should get such a high rating on safety and reliability.  I believe I was duped by the manufacturer and dealership on the reliability of this car.  High price does not justify getting a lemon car.

D T. | 2013-09-13

My complaint is with the service department, notable the mechanics. I bought my truck here back in 1999 and for the life of me I can not remember why I hated this place...All I could remember was that I did not ever want to go back. Unfortunately a recent mechanical break down forced me to go back here after over 13 years. (I was unable to find a diesel mechanics shop that was open at the time.) with my reluctance, I went back here. I will say that the service department and the service person that helped me were spot on and I was much impresses with what seemed to be a better approach from what I had received over a decade before.

  My complaint is with the attention to detail by the mechanics. The service person who took care of me, marveled at how well kept and clean my truck was. He must have said at least 10 times at how amazed he was that my truck was in such excellent shape.

  When I got my truck back a week later my leather seat on the driver side was covered in grease and grime, the steering wheel was completely filthy, and there was grease smudges all over the front of my truck where the mechanic hands had been. It is obvious that the mechanics do not put any type of cover on your seats or take their gloves off or even clean their hands before driving, road testing or moving your vehicles.

   I have leather seats, but imagine if they were cloth. The fact that these guys are lying on the ground and working around dirt, oil, grease and grime and take no precaution to keep it out of your vehicle is unexceptionable, especially if you consider what the dealership charges for maintenance and mechanical work.

  It took me a long time with soap and hot water to clean the grime off of my seats and steering wheel.

corie j. | 2013-08-31

Francisco is one of the most honest and caring salespersons we've ever met. We have purchased many cars over the years, but our experience with Francisco at Stevens Creek Jeep was pleasant, enjoyable and above all, stress free.  When my daughter expressed interest in a Jeep Patriot, I contacted the dealership and was transferred to Francisco (gratefully).  The best aspect of this purchase was that our agreement was finalized over the phone.  Francisco was a sincere, straight talker from the get go...meeting our needs and exceeding our expectations relative to the model, color and most importantly an extremely fair price.  Edwin from the finance department was also very helpful in processing our paperwork quickly.  My daughter is thrilled with her car and has passed the word about Stevens Creek Jeep to family and friends. We wouldn't hesitate to purchase another car from Francisco :)

Tony V. | 2013-08-28

Last week I purchased a new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The sales department seems to use a pressure selling technique but I was undeterred by this method as I have been in sales for years.  My concern was the in complete promises. For instance I was told that the vehicle would have a full gas tank, and it would be detailed. That didn't happen.  I expected a GPS system in this $40,000+ vehicle, no @#%$ GPS. In short, "I WAS PISSED!"

The fallowing Monday after cooling off I called the dealer to express my concerns and I was referred to a gentleman named Dr. Vee. The Dr. Vee is a unique character. Unlike the original salesman DR. Vee is a full, 100% customer satisfaction individual and this is why I'm giving this establishment 5 stars. I have my own business and I understand that I'm not perfect and I make mistakes but I work with my customers and I always make sure that they are 100% satisfied. Mr. Vee practices these values, so when you go and buy your Jeep ask for Dr. Vee!

I would also like to touch bases with the service department. I decide to bring my new Jeep for the GPS activation. I spoke with Bill Souza. This man is down to earth. I was told that this activation would be completed within an hour. I arrived at the service department at 7am and explain to Bill what I was told by the service department. Bill explained why that the information wasn't possible and he explained it step by step sympathizing with my concerns. He also addressed some factory recall and assured me that all would be taken care of and he delivered, THAT'S WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! This is the other reason why I'm giving this establishment 5 stars!

Over all I was pleased with the outcome of my purchase despite a few obstacles.
Thanks, Bill S & Dr. Vee

Art T. | 2013-08-24

Bought a new 2500 Ram truck from Dr Vee. He worked very hard to get the deal together and done. The first truck I looked at had a minor ding and they were honest and told me about it so I switched to a different truck. Very happy with the work Vee did.

Brad v. | 2013-08-22

This place has certainly earned the 1.5 stars they're getting as I write this.

I was recently shopping for a car and started out looking for a used Jeep Patriot or Compass.  They had a couple Compasses but they all had issues. One had clearly been in an accident and the salesman tried to tell me it was just the paint. Another had broken plastic on the seat. How do you not make these presentable before putting them out on the lot? When I asked about Patriots, he didn't seem to know which model it was and kept pointing out the Liberty. I found the Patriots on my own. When I was ready to leave, the salesman had to go get the sleazy "closer" to try and talk me into buying a new stripped down Patriot. No thanks.

I eventually decided to buy new and figured I would give them another shot because they were close. Big mistake. I drove a Patriot Latitude 4x4 with automatic transmission which was nice, but I don't need the 4x4. They didn't have a 4x2 auto with the same engine to test drive and kept trying to talk me into test driving a stick shift. Sorry, but they aren't going to be remotely the same. I agreed to go in and see if they had a model I was interested in at their other location, which they did, but then they instantly started with the pressure. Lets run the numbers, lets run the numbers... Once again, another sleazebag middle manager came over and started throwing out totally nonsensical numbers to try to get me to buy something and I left.

Not wanting to give this dealer a dime delayed me buying a car long enough for me to go look at the Subaru Outback, which I eventually bought - so maybe I should thank them for that?

Melina A. | 2013-07-24

My husband and I started looking into getting a bigger car since our family is growing and our current car just wont work for our family needs. We stopped by Stevens Creek Dodge to check out their Durango's. We where immediately approached by Mr. Andres who was very friendly and nice and was able to help us find the right one! The purchase process was quick and he was very attentive during the whole process. The purchase experience of this car by far was one of our best ones. Thanks again we love the new car Andres. Will definitely recommend him and this dealership to friends and family looking for a new car.

Shuangshuang L. | 2013-07-23

i still can't believe we actually got the DREAM car!!!

My husband and I are thinking about getting a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for a while, it looks so original and unique, yet it's so power for off-road situation compared to our current compact SUV. We chose Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to have a visit and some talk on a sunny weekend as it's the biggest JEEP dealer in the bay area. We came here, had our test drive, talked our salesman Dr. Vee, consult a lot of things... to be short, after 2 visits, 6 hours in total, we got our Wrangler in the favorable color with huge excitement!!!

I highly appreciated our salesman Dr. Vee, he was working so hard to satisfy all our demands till the very late night. i'm very impressed by his highly professional service and warm personality.  He shared a lot of his stories with us, to make the whole process not so stressed and a lot of fun. And I believe he was doing his best to get the possibly best offer for us. His manager Josh (i hope i spell correctly) is also good to work with and we were happy with the final offer!

It's really great experience overall, To be honest, i don't know what happened with the star rate of this store, I personally will definitely recommend Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to my friends. Thank you guys, Dr. Vee and Mr Josh for your efforts!

Jeremy W. | 2013-07-23

This is by far the worst jeep dealer, or any car dealer i have ever had to deal with. I purchased a brand new jeep compass in 2010 from there and had a horrible experience. worst mistake i have ever made from a consumer stand point. The sales man was high pressure, and did not listen to my needs. The manager (cant remember his name but was a little asian guy) was rude, and all around cocky. I have now had multiple problems with my jeep, stater problems, rear axle had to be replaced, interior warping from the heat(i use window shade), and now there is a recall on my vehicle. the service manager was a total and complete ass hat. He was unwilling to work with me on explaining the repairs, he was always unavailable, never returned my calls and bottom line should be fired. I filed a lemon law case with my jeep and the claim was denied because they were unable to identify the problem. still to this day my jeep is a total lemon. the rpms drop when im idle at a stop light and often times it will just die on me. if you are even remotely interested in buying a jeep, which i highly advise against it, go to the dealer on capitol. they are much more professional and helpful and their service team even told me that other jeep owners complained to them about the stevens creek location.

Ron G. | 2013-07-16

I hope you read the reviews before spending a moment here. The worst after the sales follow up. Still getting the run around after buying a new vehicle a week later. Really poor shallow integrity, I just hope the dodge quality isn't reflected in this less than average organization.

R. R. | 2013-07-15

I guess I should of learned my lesson the 1st time that I purchased a car from this dealership when it was in Sunnnyvale because of how horrendous the service was there and now that most of the same people moved to this location nothing has changed!!  I purchased a brand new vehicle from them in January and have already had 2 instances of leaving my car here and wishing I didnt ever have to come back.

My biggest regret in purchasing from them came recently when I dropped my car off for it's 1st oil change and not only did they forget to reset the light for the oil change reminder in the car, they also left the inside of my car with greasy finger prints and to top it off when I picked up my new "black" car it had a huge "blue" scratch on the front bumper from something they hit while they had my car.  

Well not surprised in the least that they denied it and even after having to go back & forth w/2-3 managers nothing has changed in their history of HORRIBLE customer service!!!  

I am now officially having my insurance go after them for the repair & possibly small claims court because of their blatent irresponsibility.  It's absolutely disgusting that after spending so much time & money at this place that this is how they treat repeat customers!!!  

Never again!!!

Jason K. | 2013-07-15

Took my car in to have the oil changed and tires rotated, waited for 3 hours across the street at a coffee shop before calling to ask what was going on, when I was told everything was done and the car was ready. When I walked back to the dealership, I peeked into the work area to see that they were JUST STARTING on my car servicing and hat I had been lied to over the phone and wasted 3 hours waiting when nothing was happening!!!

Terrible service. Avoid if possible.

Des B. | 2013-07-15

So my experience here as far as a sale person goes was excellent! Johnny was the best salesman I have ever came in contact with. He worked within our budget, was never pushy and went above and beyond to make us leave happy! Would highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a vehicle from a person who is genuine to pay johnny a visit!

karen b. | 2013-07-09

Read my review for the Stevens Creek Hyundai and you will realize what a horrible experience is.
We came here looking for a car to purchase for my brother, something that was reliable and that would last for several years to come. My brother is not a typical car guy and only cared about getting something that would get him from point A to point B and cost the least amount to do so.
Came to Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and was lucky enough to work with Johnny. He showed us around and let us look at all the cars that were in our price range, my brother happened upon a 2006 Saturn and seemed to like it, after taking a test drive and looking at the sticker price we saw that it was a couple grand above our price range. The guys here worked it out and gave us a price that sounded good so we handed them cash and drove off the lot.

Sarah V. | 2013-07-07

I'm a serious buyer and I'm very interested in a particular vehicle at this dealership; unfortunately, I've had such horrible customer service that I can't stand the thought of giving them my hard earned money.

The General Manager treated me with such little respect, that I had to walk away when I had the full amount of cash on-hand and was seriously considering purchasing the vehicle that same day. Additionally, I tried to use their "live chat" function on their website to get a simple listing price, and after three attempts and waiting an entire week, not a single person was able to provide me with the price.

It's concerning to me that a dealership of this capacity cannot provide a listing price for a vehicle. When I interact with the General Manager, I expect to be treated with respect and dignity. I've worked with numerous dealerships and car lots in my search for a new vehicle, and this one has by far provided the worst customer service experience.

Unfortunately, I'll have to take my money elsewhere and I suggest you do the same.

D. C. | 2013-07-07

Farnoosh was great! I've purchased my car and my truck here and the service has always been above and beyond anywhere else in the bay area. Thanks!

Dawn One d. | 2013-07-06

I was referred to Johnny by a friend. He is awesome! Goes above and beyond the norm to take care of the customer! Keeps it real and doesn't try push you to buy anything but what you want. This is my first time, well second, buying a car from him. I have no complaints! Look for Johnny if you go down here!

Oscar E. | 2013-07-06

I was at SC Chrysler to purchase a new Challenger RT. the whole process was very smooth and my salesperson Farnoosh was so helpful. I'm happy with the purchase and experience.

Danea W. | 2013-06-15

Two stars only because they did have a good selection and showed me exactly what I wanted to see. Now for the rest...

On my quest to find a new vehicle I had the job of checking out the cars on our list in person while my husband was at work, to see if they would be a contender. Let me also add that *I* am in the market for a new car and have been the one doing all the research, but my husband is the car guy(serious car guy and knows his stuff) and will be helping me with the specs and all the mechanical stuff on my top choices. Last week I stopped by this dealership to check out the Dodge Journey and if it might make the cut. I was honest with the salesman from the get go in that I would NOT be buying a car, nor taking a test drive(had two kids in tow) that day and that I simply wanted to look at the vehicle inside and out.

He showed me one and I loved it. I asked the price while looking over his shoulder at the paperwork on the dash and he told me $25,000+. I stated that the sticker said $21,000 and I was told told "No, its blah blah blah..." but was not given any explanation as to what features warranted the higher price. I just want to say, I am not a stupid person and I know that sticker prices normally go down, not up. Not my first time buying a car. I can't help but figured they were attempting the "she's just a girl and doesn't know any better" card. I knew that car wasn't worth the extra 4 grand but I wasn't going to argue or haggle because I wasn't there to buy. I was there to check out the car and at this point, what sort of dealership they were.

They played the "running the numbers" game etc... and they tried to get me to buy. I was curious as to what they would come up with, so I played along but was still very clear I would not being buying that day. I left. I was however, very excited about the car as it quickly went to the top of the list BUT I was now having that "put off" feeling in my gut. Unfortunately the car was not listed on the dealership website and I wanted the hubs to take a look at it. After contacting the dealership for the car info, another sales man emailed me the spec that were not yet in the system and included the asking price of $21,000+. Hahahaha. I already new that but was now completely turned off, especially when I asked why the price I was given on this base model was so high and were they maybe forgetting to tell me about some added-on features(I was hopeful). The response was that the demand was higher than what they can provide or some lame crap.

I understand these guys make a commission and want to make a good sale. I get that, I do. But that whole experience put a bad taste in my mouth and I won't be back... however I am pretty sure I am going to buy the Journey... off to test drive one today... just not from here.

P.S. Don't assume that a woman is an easy target. Have some respect, or you'll end up losing more sales. You lost mine.

Scott W. | 2013-06-13

These guys are the very definition of unprofessional. I walked on to the lot prepared to shell out for a brand new Rubicon. Spoke with the sales guy for nearly an hour about customization options, which to my surprise could be done right at the dealership. Fantastic. I sent them a build list and asked them to price it out so we could move forward. Cash. I've followed up 4 times and still can't get someone to so much as return my calls let alone sell me a Jeep. Why bother.

Bob N. | 2013-05-21

I went there last weekend to look for a used truck. Sales guy walked up and we chatted for about 60 seconds before he dumped me onto the sales manager. The sales manager chatted me up for a couple minutes while walking us to the office. Kept telling him I just wanted to know if they had any used Dodge 3500's. He told me he was going to get his "truck guy".

Waited for 10 minutes and I finally observed him grabbing some random sales kid (literal) and push him at me. I repeated my request a third time; "I am looking for a used Dodge 3500 with a diesel engine. I have cash and I do not want payments." Kid kept asking about why I wouldn't just buy a new one. He finally wondered off and came back with what I hoped was a list of inventory from their "5 lots in the area". He started asking for my personal information, so I asked him why he needed this just so I could look at their inventory. He told me, "We just keep it on record in case we find something for you."

He then proceeded to try to up-sell me, yet again, to a brand new $50,000 truck. I got up and walked out with him sputtering the entire time.

Josh, if you don't listen to your *customers*, you aren't going to make *any* commission on the sale you just lost. High pressure sales techniques do *not* work on most people. Get a clue.

Total waste of my time (over 1/2 hour total). Will not be back but will still buy a Dodge.

Mimi C. | 2013-04-16

Never Again!

Had to take my vehicle in twice for repairs and still they didn't get it right. Benny in Service is a total jerk talks down to you like your a child. Very rude, condescending nature about him. Acts as if because you have a warranty you are wasting his time. Does not take the time to explain why repairs are not done or why vehicle still has issues until you press him for information. Everything he says sounds like a load of bull, will never come back to this place. It's a shame this used to be a good dealership but it has gone down in the dumps.

Steven H. | 2013-04-15

What's the point of an appointment?

Brought in my new car for a scheduled service.  Even with an appointment wait time for the simple oil change still took 2 hours for a 10 minute procedure. Not like a full inspection was done. Didn't even get a car wash for taking so long. No wonder why this place gets crappy reviews. I'll be taking my vehicle someplace else for service.

Kourtney L. | 2013-04-09

Worst service at any dealership of my life. SERVICE to be exact...

For having two warranties and a brand new car that broke down after two years you can say my mood was less than grand. Coming here and dealing with these people and the lack of customer service or appreciation of customers in general really disgusted me.

One thing you should never say when someones car is in your hands is "We think it is _________" For 800 bucks you better damn well know what it is!!!

Next thing is " I don't know" Well who the hell do I ask???????

This place makes my skin crawl, the feeling of mistrust seeped from my skin at "Hello" with my service adviser.

Lastly when you clearly see a leak in my car that I point out to you, you do not put me off and ask if I live in the Country, because it is probably a rodent causing electrical wire failing. ----- This is the moment when it is better to remain quiet and have people think you are an idiot that to open your mouth and prove it by saying dumb stuff like that. No I don't live in the country I live in the city with a car housed in a garage.

Final note - the leak was the problem.......................................! DUH!

There is no apology that could fix my experience or the fact I went without a rental for two days because "Someone" was not smart enough to pull the right warranty info and told me rental was not covered. This place caused me stress and inconvenienced my life more so than it was from a breakdown.

Thankfully I bought my car in LA at Cerritos Dodge and sadly this trip made me miss my old home very much!

OavyelO O. | 2013-04-09

Worst dealership in Stevens creek! Just bought a brand new 2013 dodge charger & a week later noticed the car starting pulling to the right. sent it in to get fixed and they had the car sitting in the service department for an entire week without it being checked. 2nd week they finally took care of it and said there was a "pulled tire". In the end, it turned out to be all four tires! "Like wtf" the real problem was that, they said they wouldn't pay for anything and on top of that they didnt check the payoff on the car I exchanged & they put it lower than it is really worth . With that been said, now I'm stuck paying 2000$ more. It frustrates me and pisses me off because my credit is excellent and with this problem, my credit is fucked!!!!! there's so much other things that this dealership is horrible with but my car was the main thing. As I'm typing this, my car yet sits in their damn service department. what else can I do, they said they can't take this car back!! That's bs!
Never go to this dealership! CHEVY instead. No excellent credit needed... Always will approve and find a way to keep their customers satisfied!!!
Dodge is lucky they even got 1 star!

Kevin W. | 2013-03-29

I am not surprised at all to see so many negative reviews.

Sales rep was mediocre AT BEST.

Finance guy was a total A-HOLE!

I agreed on a out the door figure with the sales rep.  I step into the finance office and the figure was higher than what was agreed upon.  I told him I will not pay a penny more.  Finance guy gives me attitude and makes smart ass remarks like I am crazy.

Krista T. | 2013-03-18

What a negative experience my husband and I had at this location. The sales people, the car selection, the office, etc. Berhane Tewolde "Ben" sales consultant didn't know anything about the Grand Cherokee inventory he had available and lied to us about how far his inventory was located (he said 2 miles, really in Dublin, CA). He acted as if we were best friends, but didn't help us at all.

The office area was a mess - disgusting. I didn't even want to sit down on a chair.

We got up, left, went to Normandin Chrysler Jeep on Capitol Expressway and bought a brand new SUV the same day. I would never recommend anyone visiting the Stevens Creek dealer. Thank goodness for Normandin!

Ryan P. | 2013-02-08

What a JOKE!

I am in charge of over 5 different makes of cars at my facility. We get them serviced at their respected dealership. After dealing with this Dodge dealership, it makes me really appreciate ALL the other dealerships I have been to.

After paying over 1000 bucks for some recent repair work, I would have expected them to go get the car and pull it up for me. Especially since I was the only customer in the service department. NOPE she told me that she thinks the van is in front. After a 10 minute search party, i found the van in back blocked by another car. When I went back in to tell her, she asked me if I knew the tag number on the car that was blocking it.... UM I am not here to do your job.

Last time you will see our company here. You are missing out on lots of future business!

net W. | 2013-01-29

Ok, bear with me here. This may be a lengthy review, but it get's good, real good. You do want to read this before making any business with them. Do yourself the favor.

What. A. Rip. Off!

I bought my Pacifica here 3 years ago. The sale went smoothly.

Two weeks ago, I received an email saying they are doing a FREE service checkup (Winter Clinic/Service) for its customers. I figured: Why not!

I dropped off my car for the checkup, and was escorted into the 'Sales office' to wait while they do the inspection. I thought that was odd, and was expecting the sales hyenas   to jump at me anytime during my wait, trying to sell me a car.

This did not happen, so I was pleasantly surprised.

My check-up was over in ~1 hour. I received a loooong printout of things wrong with my Pacifica.

To list a few:
- Timing Belt ($1600)
- Breaks: Life left on them 3/32" (pretty much done)
- Engine mounts: 2 out of 4 worn down and sagging - very urgent problem ($400 er engine mount)
etc etc etc

I tell the guy: My car does not have a timing belt (The Pacifica does not have one, but has a chain instead).

The mechanic tries to convince me that my car DOES have a timing belt and it needs replacing. I was not sure what to think, doubting what I thought I knew.

Since that visit, they have been calling me every day, in addition to their daily emails, thanking me for letting them do the check-up and wanting to schedule me for repairs.

Two days after that Free inspection, my car throws me into second gear lock down, engine howling, lights flashing.

Stevens Creek Chrysler did not have any appointments to check it out that day: Thankfully!

Went to Fremont Chrysler.

It was my alternator (which apparently had issues for a while - which Stevens creek did not mention).

I ask them to please check out my breaks and engine mounts, and also asked them how much they would charge for the timing belt (hoping it would be less).

Now it gets really good:

My car, in deed, does not have a timing belt!!!!
My breaks have 50% life on them!
And the engine mounts are not worn, nor sagging!


They were trying to repair a non exiting timing belt! It's like telling me my car's wings need maintenance!

""If you ever watched the show Friends:
- '[on a plane] and you fixed the fellengie?'
- 'Yes, Ma'am. We even added added extra fellengies to be safe'

They lied about all the other parts!

These leeches at Stevens Creek Chrysler Service would have charged me for all that, costing me thousands of dollars! So glad my alternator gave up to saved my wallet (and car).

My opinion:

They are offering people FREE check-ups, while you wait in the Sales Office (maybe glancing at cars and what not), just to tell you all these expensive things wrong with your car hoping for:
A) You won't get them done and trad in to get a new car
B) End up fixing parts in your car, that your car does not even have!

I will go to great lengths to spread the news about this.


Stuart F. | 2013-01-28

What a needlessly negative experience!  If I could award negative stars, I would.

I brought my 2011 Dodge Ram Diesel in for some recalls and to have them check an engine light.  As long as it was there, I asked them to do an oil and fuel filter change.  The work took a little longer than expected, but nothing unreasonable.  However, when I arrived to pick up the vehicle, I was presented with a repair order showing that they were charging me for a full hour of labor ($145) just to replace the fuel filter.  I've replaced the filter myself a number of times and at most, it's 30 minutes, but probably closer to 10 minutes of labor.  It involves the removal of one bolt.  When I questioned the repair order, the cashier said she would call the service writer.  I waited for 25 minutes for the service writer to show up.  I explained to him my complaint and he told me to wait.  Another 15 minutes passed and the service writer never came back.  Instead, he had someone else hand the cashier the repair order, who then refused to speak to me.  She wordlessly processed the transaction (and he had deducted 30 minutes of labor) and never even told me how much I owed - I had to ask her.  Seriously, she said nothing and didn't even complete the transaction with a 'thank you' or any other form of acknowledgement or courtesy.  She was so incredibly rude that I was taken aback.  I asked her if I had done something to upset her, to which she replied 'no'.  I think this will be my last visit to Stevens Creek Dodge for any reason.

1/29/13 - The original issue with the truck was that the "check engine" light was on.  When we picked the truck up yesterday (1/28/13), no one brought the truck around to us, rather, we had to go search for the truck on the lot.  When we finally found the truck, it was dirty and parked in two parking spots.  Shortly after picking the vehicle up (within 2 miles) the "check engine" light came back on.  It appears that not even a short test drive was conducted to see that the problem was resolved.  So now, I've got to drop the truck off again, but this time somewhere different.  I'm never going back to Stevens Creek Dodge again and I'd recommend the same course of action for everyone else.

Dominique L. | 2013-01-25

I have been reading all these horrible reviews and I have to say that my initial experience was not bad at all. I bought a 2006 Durango 9 months ago and have not had the "pleasure" of visiting their service department. My sales person was a woman, which I appreciated. I did feel somewhat pressured to make the purchase but they worked with me on my down payment, trade in and made it so that I stayed within the general range of monthly payment I said I could afford. Not a bad experience for going in alone with no experience buying a "new" car. Who knows, I probably got screwed but I love my Durango.
Now, in the 9 months I have had it, I have received three invitations to do a dealer trade in/sell back my car or whatever because apparently, it is in "high demand" - engine package and whatnot. Today I get the 3rd notice with a hand written note with a specific quote. It's about 3k less that what I currently still owe on the loan. I asked some trusted friends at work and it appears that this seems like a legit offer that I am willing to consider IF they are able to meet my conditions which are not unreasonable, I don't think. I mean, I don't want to have a new loan with the additional 3k tacked on. I want to lower my monthly payment and still get a good SUV. This offer is enticing because while I do love my Durango, it's physically bigger than I really need, the engine package - a 5.7L V8 Hemi is WAY too much power for me, I don't off road or go driving in the snow. Plus it gets shitty gas mileage, like 14.6 mpg, which I guess is to be expected for a tank like that but when gas was over $4/gallon, I paid damn near $90 to fill it up.
So... having said all that AND reading the multitude of horrible reviews, I have come to the conclusion that I am probably NOT going to take them up on their "offer".
I didn't even know how to rate this review. My initial experience buying my car was good, probably a 4 just cuz I did feel a little pressured but they were all rather pleasant and helpful. The 1 star is for the very possible reality of getting screwed if I take them up on their "offer", especially in light of all the reviews I have just read. And I am very glad I did cuz I was gonna march in there this weekend and check it out. Glad I checked here first.

John B. | 2013-01-19

Hi, yelp, can I please give zero stars just this once?

I called one week in advance to book a simple oil change, but when I called on the day of to confirm they said that my name was nowhere to be found. So they put me on hold for more than ten minutes to reschedule my oil change. The first woman on the phone kept putting me on hold, not wanting to talk to me (this was around 10 AM, obviously the peak of their day). The second lady that finally took my call  decided to schedule me in on my original appointment date and told me to come in. It was kind of strange since it took less than a second for her to make the appointment.

The dealer lot is unique, in a sense that all the NEIGHBORING dealers are very nice looking, professional, and has great atmosphere. It's like going to a very nice, modern bathroom, and for some reason there's an old unkept outhouse in the middle of the stalls. That outhouse is Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Mitsubishi Subaru-- geeze, what's with their long name?! There's always a gloomy cloud over this specific lot, and all the sales representative reminds me of an unsuccessful Mr. Burns from the Simpsons--or sexual offenders. Seriously, why do people come to buy here?

So I head in, and it was very crowded and busy. Just kidding, there was only one car in front of me. The receptionist was poorly composed and full of pre-teen attitude. She would ask things in an apathetic and monotonous manner, and please be warned that she will raise her lips sideways and give you a glare if you ask her to repeat a question. Although in her defense, it does make her look silly like Donuld Duck! Adorable!

"Thirty-minutes," I kept telling myself. Just thirty-minutes.

Four hours later, I finally get my car. The specialist tells me to rock on and leaves. Keep in mind that I only came in for an oil change. So, Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Toyota Honda Subaru (geeze, seriously-- what a great name for a dealership), I will rock on. But I will rock on elsewhere.

Sharma S. | 2013-01-08

Stay Away, read the other reviews and you see the trend, wish I had read this previously...

Took in car for an issue, never got a call from advisor. Told them I would tow the car out since it wasn't starting. Car was not put back together when I went back (given them 1 day notice that I was was taking car) and tow driver had to get cars moved in order to get it out even though we were there 30 minutes prior and told them tow truck was on the way.

And the best part, my 1yr old bettery was dead...the was fine when taken in.

Tyler C. | 2013-01-05

Awful service. No point in having an appt time when you sit there for 30 min while 1 guy checks people in 1 at a time on a Saturday morning. Oh and don't expect a complimentary ride anywhere on weekends because apparently there isn't anyone they hire for the rides on the weekends. . . Smart business plan. Also love the fact that we waited and waited for them to call to tell us we could come get the car and they never did. Only after I called did they say, "oh your car has been ready for awhile". Take your car anywhere but here.

Jess J. | 2013-01-04

I just purchased a my new car for the first time ever and I cannot be more satisfied with the complete sales cycle, especially with the salesmanship of Javier Gonzalez.
Javier answered each and every question I had about the car with complete honesty and objectivity, whether in person or over the phone.  Over time, Javier continued to call me to check in to see where I was with my decision making with the utmost professionalism. As I neared a final decision, Javier wanted to make sure I had all of my questions answered regarding the options on the model that I was looking at and went so far as to have the specific vehicle in the showroom when I would visit him. When the day came for me to purchase my car, Javier made sure I would spend as little time as possible waiting and would constantly check with the financing person. They were patient in answering all my questions and never pressured/rushed me to purchase, allowing me to make informed decisions. They all worked as a team to help me get the right deal with the bank and surely they did! Then before i knew it keys to my new car and i was driving out the lot! My positive experience working with Javier was very different from some pretty unpleasant experiences I had at other dealerships.

I will definitely recommend family and friends to go back and ask for Javier Gonzalez for any car purchasing needs or for any future purchases!
I would recommend Stevens Creek Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to all that need or wish a new vehicle because the are now under a NEW management that surely shows they know how to treat and help their clients!

Luke R. | 2012-11-01

I came to have a part replaced due to a recall.  It took three times as long to do the work as the recall letter estimated (I waited for nearly four hours), but I could tell they were very busy.  Everyone I dealt with was very friendly.  Overall, I was pleased with my service.

Vincent L. | 2012-10-26

I had brought my car in since the mechanic I took it too told me the problem was due to a recalled part, and was told I had to take ti to the Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealer to have it fixed.  After 20min. of being on hold and several transfers later I was able to talk to someone. I found them to be very rude and not helpful at all.  I was later told that all the parts were fixed and that the recalled part was not what was causing my issue and that it would be close to $650 to fix everything. I took it to another shop to have the rest of the work done since the were only going to charge me $400.  what I learned was that the part that S.C.C.J.D.R was suppose to fix was infact the cause and had not been replaced like I was originally told.


Brian G. | 2012-09-22

Would give 0 stars if possible. Terrible service department.

Spent $1300 on 60k mile service for Jeep.  Dropped off at 7am (which took 20 minutes just to get someone to help), told car would be ready at 5pm that day.  Called repeatedly over next 2 days and never received call back (every time goes to voice mail), on 3rd day stopped by to pick up (was prepared to take car even if service was not complete).  Miserable experience at pick-up - took forever just to get paperwork, servie rep, Rob, had no clue and totally unhelpful, no walk through of work done, no updated oil change sticker in window (although oil was changed), no car wash, clock/trip computer not reset (after battery work).  

Steer clear.  In the future, would only go to 5 Star Chrysler surprise this place is not.

Dante C. | 2012-09-20

Sparknotes version: This dealership's service center is terrible.  If you have a car under warranty, take it elsewhere, or be prepared to wait two weeks for your repairs to be completed.

I've been taking my Dodge to this dealership for service ever since the one on Capital Expressway closed.  While the service in the past has not been stellar, my car was always ultimately repaired and I felt like the mechanics and service advisers had a handle on the situation.

Not so this time around.  I brought my car in after making an appointment on a Thursday, two weeks from when I initially contacted them, which was the earliest they could fit me in.  My check engine light was on, and I had a tail light that was going.  The woman who made the appointment scanned my records and reported it would be an hour or two, tops.  

Enter Aaron Stewart, Service Adviser Not-So-Extraordinaire.  He told me they'd need the car for at least the day.  It was an inconvenience, but one I could deal with.  I made arrangements to catch a ride and head back to work.  A few hours later, Aaron called me with bad news and good news.  The bad news was I needed a new PCM, which is mechanic talk for "car computer."  The good news was my bitchin' lifetime extended warranty covered that repair, so it was going to be a grand total of $0.  They placed the order for the part, which would arrive Monday morning, and held onto the car overnight.  

At this point, I probably should have inquired about a rental car.  Little did I know I had a warranty provision that allowed me to get a car through Enterprise for free.  This is supposed to be standard at all dealerships whenever a warranty vehicle needs service for longer than a day, but alas, this was not brought to my attention.  

Monday morning, I left a voice mail with my service adviser.  He did not return my call until 6:00pm, and he had no idea who I was until I described to him what was being done to my car.  He then admitted that no one had worked on my car all day, despite the fact that they had gotten the part in.  According to Aaron, there was a serious manpower shortage--they didn't have enough mechanics.  Why they made the appointment in the first place if they had a labor problem is beyond me, but he assured me it would be worked on Tuesday, and he would call me with an update.  

I waited.  I got frustrated.  I called.  I left voicemails.  I did not get a call back Tuesday.

On Wednesday I left more voicemails, including to the service manager.  The service manager eventually called me back, after he opened up my file and got up to speed with whatever was going on with my car.  He told me that if it wasn't done by tomorrow (Thursday, a week after I had dropped it off), they would write me up for a rental.  Keep in mind they should have done that six days ago at this point.

On Thursday, I called and refused to leave a voicemail.  I made the poor girl who answered the phones track down Aaron.  He gave me the info I needed for a rental car at Enterprise.  Finally, I had a vehicle after being without one for seven days, and the guys at Enterprise were as confused as I was about why I hadn't been set up with a rental from the get-go.

The next day, I received no communication from anyone at the dealership.  Friday, I called and left a voicemail, and was called back at 5pm.  They had nothing new to tell me about my car, and once again I received a speech about labor issues.  

I called on Monday and left a voicemail demanding that I get an update every day.  Spoiler alert: I didn't get any such updates, not until they called me Thursday to tell me the car was done.  

This was a two week repair with little to no communication on the part of the dealership about the status of my vehicle.  

Finally, when I picked up my car, I was told that they had washed the car.  I was pretty excited about this, up to the point where I actually saw the vehicle.  Usually, when one washes a car, one uses soap and water.  My car looked like it had been washed with a fine layer of dirt.  Either that, or they simply lied and didn't wash the car.  Guess which is more likely.  

The icing on top of the cake though is that while the check engine light was now off, my tail light was still dead.  I reviewed the mechanic's notes about how they could not figure out what was wrong with it.  

You'd think that a mechanic would change the bulb and see if that fixed the problem.  You'd also be dead fucking wrong.  I drove to Kragen's, bought a new bulb, put it in myself, and fixed the broken taillight.

The moral of the story here is to never, ever, under any circumstances, take your car in for service at this dealership.  Take a peek at these other reviews: my story is not an anomaly.  These guys regularly fuck up.  Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.

Chris M. | 2012-09-10

I had a pretty good experience here while looking at a new Jeep patriot.  The sales approach was fairly relaxed and low pressure, and the salesman was upfront about the price, which I was aware would be quite different than what was on the sticker.  I appreciate that sort of straightforward approach, because I've had enough dealers throw out crazy high prices in the hopes of catching a sucker, and it's insulting.  While I ultimately did not purchase a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicle, that was not due to my experience at this dealership, which I would visit when I am once again in the market for a car.

Carla W. | 2012-09-06

NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a vehicle here!!! It was the WORST experience EVER!!! The service is HORRIBLE! The staff is a JOKE! And if you want to talk to an actual person good luck!!! I wish I could give a negative start review! They will scam you in EVERY WAY possible!!!! I wish I had looked at yelp before buying a vehical here!!!!

Samantha R. | 2012-08-15

I would give -5 if I could.

Aaron in Service is a snake and a liar, enough said. All of the sales guys are this way too, but I didn't expect that from a service consultant.

I wish I would have gone to Capitol...I should have looked them up on Yelp and took the advice first. Or I should have learned my lesson when I caught one of their sales guys in a lie when I first went to purchase my vehicle. They don't care about their customers, not even the Service department cares.

I will not be coming back here, not even for service. I would not trust this place with my car with all the shady people that they have working here.


Dana N. | 2012-08-14

Dan R. in the service department is wonderful.  I bought my truck from this dealership alittle over a year ago, and I bring it in whenever it's needed.  He always gets my truck in and out in a timely matter, and is very respectful and informative when I have questions (no matter how weird).  

Thank you, Dan, you have made my first experience with a dodge truck a nice one.

Linda G. | 2012-08-14

This is the worst dealership I have delt with in over 45 years and has no idea what customer service is. We have a 2012 Jeep GC we purchased from them in December. My daughter noticed a rattle when accelerating so she took it to them under warranty. They said it was a faulty catalytic converter and that they would have to order one. We received a call saying it had come in and an e-mail appointment from them on Tuesday Aug 7 for an appointment on Thursday Aug 9. I responded to their e-mail on Wed Aug 8 to the address on their web site for service stating that I could not be in Thursday Aug 9 but I could be in Friday Aug 10. My message stated"... I would like to bring it in Friday only if the work will be completed so I can pick it up by 3. Call if questions. If I don't hear from you I will drop it off Friday am". I gave them my name and work phone number and made their e-mail to me part of my e-mail to them. Had no response so I assumed all was a go.

I checked in with their service advisor Aaron, told him about their e-mail to me and my e-mail back to them and once again stated I need to pick the car up by 3. He said he did not get my e-mail (is that my fault) and that they would try to get it out by 3. At 3 I had not heard anything from them so I called. Got Aaron on the phone and he said the work was not done. I told him again I emailed per their web site instructions and told him in person it was to have been done by 3. Someone should have called me to let me know it was not done. I then asked him if they had started on the work and he said no, all their techs were busy. So here we are, 3 pm on a Friday afternoon, they have had the car since 9 in the am and have done nothing and if I left it I would be without a car for the weekend. I got a ride to the dealership to get the car and still no apology! If it were not for warranty work we would never, ever go back.

Ability to communicate, 0. Customer service, 0. Customer satisfaction, 0. Prompt efficient service, 0. Arrogance, 10. Excuses, 10.

Ydna H. | 2012-08-12

Oh dear, I arrived, I test drove, credit ran, no decision made, I left. I called later, no reply, further calls made no reply. calls made to management - not returned. I went to Normandin, the clouds parted, the sun came out, I bought a Chrysler 300S from Kenny/Ronnie, life was good again. Moral of the story - go to Normandin on Capitol.

Brian S. | 2012-08-12

I wish I read yelp as well.  Horrible customer service.  Possible emergency and needed to wait the weekend before they would look at the vehicle.  Thank the heavens it was not dangerous.  They also charged for the inspection.   Waited far to long and far too expensive.  I would go to another service location unrelated to this group.

Gary M. | 2012-08-11

Had to have my wife's 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee towed to them because she was driving it and it just shut. They said that it had something to do with the ignition. Ordered part but we couldn't pick up til Saturday. Rep said make sure you bring your second key in so we can reprogram the key only take 5 min to program. Hour and a half later rep comes in and says we have another problem ABS light is on now. Tech that worked on the car will have to look at it Monday. Why in the hell didn't they see this? Car still there, I live 30 minutes away they better deliver the car or I will find another Jeep dealer to deal with.

Arian E. | 2012-08-02

This is the worst dealership I have visited across the United States. I own two Jeeps, have had them serviced all over, and I would give this place NEGATIVE 5 stars if I could. No idea how this place is in business.

First visit four years ago - the service writers wouldn't even speak to me (I was in my old Jeep, maybe I looked too poor for them?). They sat there chatting and drinking, I waited over 8 minutes (! I should add I was the only vehicle in line for service at this time, and there were 4 service writers busy chatting and drinking coffee/whatever together - was totally dead!) and finally interrupted one of the guys and he told me "to wait" and he'd be with me when he was free. So, I just drove past the service writers back to the mechanics that day. The mechanics shook their head when I told them and said they have enough business that the service writers don't give a sh**.

Second visit - for parts - ordered, prepaid for a part, never came in. I lost my paperwork, unfortunately, and so did they. Allegedly. It wasn't worth the $10 to argue with them.

Third visit - to buy a new JK - they show me a NEW Rubi that has been crawled hard. I mean hard. I saw fender-well stress. I asked the sales guy, are you sure this is new? He says "Dealer Demo, manager - all highway miles commuting to work". So, I crawl underneath...highway miles my a**. The rear driver shock is BENT at the head, and I don't mean a little bend. I mean like gonna-eventually-break bend. Skid plates are trashed. Axle covers ground. Then I see moisture.

Hey sales-d-nozzle - what's this fluid? "Oh we just washed it" he says. Hahahahaha. So, I rub my hand around in the BRAKE FLUID dribbling out on the axle, and shake his hand, then recommended he not drink whatever water this is they used to wash the Jeep. It's a lot more viscous than water should be.

Salesdude wipes off his hand, and finally starts being honest by saying: "Okay man, looks like you know a little about Jeeps." I clarify that I know when someone is LYING to me about Jeeps, and he says "Man, somebody is gonna show up here and write a check for this thing as-is and never know the difference, so they don't care".

Fair enough! You don't care; I don't care...which is why I bought my 2012 JK Rubi - fully AEV loaded - from another dealership, who wanted to earn my business more than you did.

Sean W. | 2012-08-01

****UPDATE 11/29/12****
I think it's important to update this post because I am being harassed by two of the employees at Stevens Creek via Yelp. I was foolish and gave my service agent, that I later  negatively Yelped about, my card. Now, he is posting slanderous remarks at one of my related businesses. BEWARE!!! Not only is it poor service, but they come after you! If you think I'm a psycho that's paranoid, PLEASE look at the other reviews for Stevens Creek Chrysler....

This review may be a bit premature, as my car is still in the shop, but I had to comment about how rude these people are (at least in the service department). I waited in the service area for ten minutes (no big deal), and after briefly describing my problem, the guy told me it "would be 2-3 weeks before he could look at it." I told him I was was fine with that, but, in a very apathetic tone, kept pressing the fact that it would be a number of weeks for service. I finally asked if he wanted me to take the care elsewhere, which he replied "I don't care."

I noticed several people driving up to the department who got similar if not worse treatment. If a tall, white, skinny guy with a bald head and possibly a hat approaches you, or better yet, stares at you waiting for you to speak, you might as well get back into you car and leave. That guy was a complete jerk.

I have a fleet car, so I'm forced to do work here, but if it was my money, I would run for the hills.

Marnee' M. | 2012-08-01

That is very kind of you to attempt to make this right, Josh. Actually, we already fell for that by reopening negotiations on the vehicle we had been interested in, after I wrote the post. While we negotiated for 2 more days, "the car was sold to someone else." Can that kind of poor business practice be compensated?

Jim M. | 2012-07-18

I was searching for a Black 2010-2012 Camaro. I found a 2011 at SCCJD with 7,500 miles and the price was a little high, but with some VERY stressful negotiations, met in the middle, even though they we not happy when I left, got in my car and the salesman came running out to get me. Okay, so far, so good!

The car was well taken car of, but with the amount of miles on it, it should have been. On my way home, I noticed that the radio just didn't have any, UMPH to it, but waited till I got home to read the manual. After driving it around, I noticed that the back-up warning system did not work, plus the On-Star was very low in volume. I started digging around the car a few days later and noticed that there were exposed wires in the trunk. I know this because when I pulled ot the rubber trunk mat, sparks started to fly. WTF!?

The previous owner installed his own amplifiers in the car and in his haste to remove these amplifiers when he sold the car, just cut big chunks out of about 40 wires that carried the sound to all of the car speakers. Plus, the hot wire that powered the amp, was cut and just layed in the back.

Come on SCCJD, you HAD to see this when you were inspecting, prepping and cleaning the car. Why wasn't it repaired at the time and how come this was not disclosed to me when I purchased the vehicle? So, I called them to ask.

After 9 days of waiting for a phone call, I headed down to San Jose (I'm in Millbrae) to pay them a visit. After waiting an hour and 10 minutes for someone to help me, and after several of the managers discussed the issue, they told me that no one at the deal seen this and they asked, "Are you sure YOU didn't do this and just want US to repair i for you for free?" Once again, WTF!?

I spoke to everyone there and even with some very heated talks and very harsh language from me, they out-n-out refused to fix this problem. They didn't even offer me any $$$ if I had it fixed. Luckily I have some mechanical experience and with the help of some online friends in a Camaro forum, spent an entire afternoon cutting, adding wires, soldering, taping, wraping and putting all the wiring back to the way it was, solved the problem.

Bottom line is, THIS DEALERSHIP is run by LIARS and CROOKS. If my life depended on it, I would never buy another vehicle from this group of people. If you do decided to go to this dealer, BEWARE!

ashley g. | 2012-07-06

I have been waiting to wright this review for a while because its going to be a long one! Since I have been dealing with this issue for 6 months of helll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! took my car in for the etc light coming on while I am driving with children in the car! the car stalls and I can not accelerate. they finally changed the computer and bamb the next day..again! almost got in an accident with the kids. called the manager which i think is bob. and he told me to bring the car in again..just fyi this will be the 4th time! I told him I almost got in an accident with my children and I am concerned about there safety! No care in the world. so i brought the car in again! and arron the dude that had been helping or thought he was trying to help do shit. was trying to charge me again! because he said they fixed it last time! do you think I would be pissed off if you fixed it the last time and what kind of people do they have back there working on there cars? he called me back and told me there was wiring damage that would cost like $4,000! ok well I will be right there with my camera to take a picture aron. well mam we haven't found it yet. If ya haven't saw it with your two eyes then don't assume things! because if i had to pay for the damb computer cause you assumed then I would be out of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for your assumptions! I finally had contacted dodge customer service department! So if you have any complaints please call them!!!!!! I took my vehicle into another dodge 3 times and I finally got the issue fixed! ( I hope) because this has been a living hell and i have been dealing with this for half a year like 9 visits later!!!!!!!!!!!!! not having a car over and over and having to loose money from work for this! Oh and by the way the car had all its wires checked! there was no wire damage at all! They also didn't install the computer software right. BECAUSE OF THERE IGNORANCE ME AND MY CHILDREN COULD HAVE LOST OUR LIVES! 2 ACCIDENTS WE ALMOST GOT IN!  NO JOKE! IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY AND FAMILY DOOO NOOOTT GOOOO HERE! I WARNED YOU! IF YOU DON'T LISTEN THEN THAT'S ON YOU!.......since the customer service finally realized that stevens creek dodge are not capable of diagnosing me correctly I am finally getting a refund!!!!! The only nice person here is the 110 year old man that drives people to there destination.

John P. | 2012-07-04

By 9am, the service department was already 2hrs behind. How is that possible? What is the point of even getting an appointment? An oil change and tire rotation took xxx from my schedulef appt time. Dear lord.

Joshua A. | 2012-06-26

I actually bought my 2008 Caliber in Concord at Lithia, but I moved to San Jose and because Stevens Creek CJD dominated the area I really had no choice but to take my new car there for service.
The service dept really needs an attitude adjustment. They act like they don't give a shit about you or your vehicle, all they want is to take your cash. One time they scratched my hood when performing an oil change, and didn't even apologize or offer to fix it when I brought it to their attention when I picked up my car.
But what really pisses me off is the fact my warranty expired in January this year and I took my car to Goodyear to buy new tires and they showed me that my right front strut was worn out and out of oil. To repair it it will cost me $ 500 +   Now that would have been covered under my warranty except Stevens Creek neglected to tell me about this while my warranty was active. They can kiss my ass! I will never take another car there again or buy a car from them either! If I could give them negative stars I would!


Tee W. | 2012-06-23

I recently purchased a Jeep at this establishment, and I was very satisfied.  The salesman, Tony Qasimi was very nice, helpful+++ and not pushy.  I appreciated not having the hard core sales person in my face because that is a turn off for me.  I got the best deal for the 2012 Jeep I purchased at this establishment, and I had gone to others in the area incl. San Leandro.  No one beat their price.

Jason S. | 2012-06-18

I've been having such a wonderful experience with this place...I thought I might just come back and write an update...

So it's literally been 3 weeks to the day that I set foot on the Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge lot and I've been contacted TWICE by it's employees. For starters, the first contact was from the salesman that was showing us around the lot. Clearly he is violating the Yelp ToS and posting guidelines by posting such POSITIVE reviews of the place where he works as a salesman. Don't believe me? Just read his reviews and tips...or ever better yet, swing on by the dealership and have him sell you a car ;)

Here's his Yelp profile so that you can make up your OWN mind.…

Today I get a SECOND contact. From someone that is also OBVIOUSLY another employee of the same dealership.The content of his note to me?

"Class action suit coming to yelp for negative comments about business.RSS reviews be careful what u say especially about a person"

How do I know he works there? Don't need to be Sherlock to figure it out. 5 minutes looking at his profile tells you all you need to know...have a look:…

One - Have a nice peek at the photos he's posted on the dealership's profile page. Repeated photos of people buying cars and a self-taken cell phone shot of himself. Not to mention many other shots taken from within the dealership. 8 to be exact. So...when was the last time you saw some guy walking around a dealership taking POSED pictures of customers with their sales guy and of people making deals at the sales tables? Common sense, please. Either the guy works there, or he's being coerced by a friend working there to post.

Two -  take a look at his "tips". He was at the dealership on 5/28, 4/29 (same day he uploaded the 8 photos from both day AND night time), 4/14, 4/8, 4/6, 4/5. Lots of time spent at a single dealership over two months and not a single other dealer commented on during his "shopping experience".

It's another SHADY tactic to improve the dealership's reputation with FALSE information. Naturally its employees are going to say good things. They WANT your money. It's all about commission, right?

Let me make this very clear to Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge and anyone else that might be reading this...

1. What I say on my reviews is my own, personal opinion based upon my interaction with the businesses I encounter - and is in no way representative in any way, shape or form influenced by Yelp or it's view or interactions on your company. Frankly, you sponsor them and PAY for their service. One would think you'd do a little re-training with your sales staff to improve your reviews. Seriously...13 of 117 reviews (all unfiltered mind you) are good experiences. So, 104 bad ones...your average sucks and you're still paying for this service? Think about it guys.

2. I could care less about a class-action lawsuit about Yelp and their practices. The review is based very simply about MY experience with this dealership. I have not at any time stated anything racist, prejudicial, or hateful. In fact, I'm actually trying to give the guy a little credit despite the negative experience. These are merely the FACTS surrounding my visit. The salesman came off as fake and insincere. Your bad, not mine. I don't doubt it was unintentional. I'm sure he was trying very hard to be a good salesman. He did show us every car that we asked to see. If it were possible to give this dealership zero stars, he'd be the only reason you got one star.

One last thing I would like to clarify...since I know it will come up. I am not using this post to harass the two other users mentioned above. Frankly, they contacted me first. The reviews speak for themselves folks.

John C. | 2012-06-14

Never wrote a review before so this is my first.  I will save you the drama of my horrible story right here so no need to read any further after the next paragraph.

The place is run by crooks, Buyer beware stay away if you want to avoid being ripped of minus 5 stars for this place.  Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge service dept is not only incompetent they are dishonest.


I got totally ripped off by the service dept.  My Jeep blew a piston and was making this awful knocking noise.  I dropped it off to get checked out and the service writer Aaron got back to me a day later and told me that the repairs would be 3k.  

I needed my jeep so I paid it but, when I got the car back it still sounded terrible so I told Aaron no way I'm accepting this you were supposed to fix the blown piston and you didn't so what did you do for 3k?  After a bunch of nonsense of "golly gee your car sounds terrible but, we tried I thought this is what you wanted," I pleaded for him to fully fix my car.  

2 weeks later he tells me its another 4k! So this guy is thinking I'm going to pay 7k to fix a piston!   I asked him why not drop in a new engine for half the amount and he told me what a great idea....  By the way that would cost another 5k.  

I told Aaron I'm not going to pay this the repair cost more then the worth of the car.  After arguing for another week I conceded and paid an additional 1k... I had to I needed to get to work.

But, guess what when I got my jeep back and drove it out of the lot and to the intersection not even 1 block away my jeep started to smoke the engine almost caught on fire. I was literally thinking to myself this jeep is going to blow up right here and I'm going to die because of these clowns...

I took my jeep back again and told him this was unacceptable.  Well here we go again 1 week later he tells me its going to cost another 4k.  At this time I told him to shove it and left my jeep with the rest of the pile of broken cars and promises in the back lot.

I went out bought another car from a good dealership Lexus! And told Stevens creek Jeep to keep the ride and go choke on it.

Worst place ever.  STAY AWAY they are all crooks there! I would give a negative rating if possible.  Read the other reviews and learn that this is one of the worst dealerships for serivce in the world.

Angel V. | 2012-06-13

Someone had pointed out something to me about my wording so I would like to include the following information - Honestly, I don't know if Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge will cheat anybody that reads what I posted. I just wanted to let people know about my experience which is the worst experience I have ever had (with a person or company) and hope that no one else has to go through what I did. So will they swindle you, trip you and kick you when you are down as they did me, I don't know and can't answer that, I can only speak for my experiences, share them and let people decide whether they would like to take a chance. I do still ask that anyone that purchased a vehicle from there in 2009 and retained their paperwork to touch bases with me.

Nancy L. | 2012-06-11

who are the fools??? everyone blames car dealerships. Ya know, do your home work on what they buy it for. If it's not what you want,,,, WALK away... simple.
One word. Internet.......
you WILL find a car for YOUR price and it will be in writing.
Since when do car salespeople have YOUR best interest at heart????? Is this new???? . only way to go.

Y S. | 2012-06-10

Went to the dealer today to check out some cars.  This it the worst dealership around.  The salesman are extremely rude and talk down to people like they don't know what they are talking about.  I had done my research and went into the dealership with exactly what I wanted and not only one salesman but, three (3) Salesman tried to talk me out of what I wanted (Customers have the right to say what color and model and features that they are looking for).  

My family and I walked out of the dealership in total disgust.  If my kids weren't there I would have given the last Salesman a piece of my mind as I knew what I was looking for and knew what I wanted.  I wasn't buying a car for him it was for our family.  

We went down the street and purchase a Dodge Durango (2011) for what I was willing to pay ($20,000.00).  We paid cash and you all lost out!!!!

I will be definitely informing all our family and friends what type of Male Chauvinistic PIGS that you have working for you, especially the last guy that tried to get me to buy a 2009 BURGUNDY Chrysler . . . I said I wanted a WHITE DURANGO ASSHOLE!!!!

DO YOU REMEMBER ME NOW?  Have a great day!

I have a beautiful Durango sitting in my driveway and you lost a CASH sale!!

Robert C. | 2012-05-24

I bought two used cars back in November. A 2008 Dodge Charger R/T and a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. I had a issue with the charger the first week and I was without the car for a week!!! Then a couple of months later I had another issue with the Charger!!! hat time I was without the charger for a month. Then guess what they eneded up fixing something that was even wrong and had to bring the car back 2 weeks later and had no car for 2 months!! So out of the year i had the car i didnt have it for 3 months!!!

Rob T. | 2012-05-10

Despite the scary reviews, I chose this dealership to buy my Challenger from on the last weekend of April 2012. This was more so because Steven's Creek had the specific trim line I was looking for. I had quite the different experience than what most Yelpers are telling here, however I approached my car deal very sensible. First off, I didn't bother meeting salesmen on the floor, but instead called in to speak to an internet salesman several days prior to coming in. I worked with Scott L. and Chaz with financing. I came in knowing EXACTLY what I wanted and with clear price point in mind with all my paperwork ready to go. This made my deal much easier and the process quicker!

Scott and Chaz made my transaction easy and straight forward, and gave me a great deal on my new car! It just goes to show if you know what you want and play things smart, you can get a great deal and have a good experience.

I did mark off one star from my \here because they originally did not have the manual, floor mats, and secondary key ready to go. To make a long story short, they bagged all packaging for each vehicle and put them in a room causing a huge mess. It took them about a week to find my second key. So at least they rectified the issue.

I hope my future service experiences go well. Crossin' my fingers.

Take your time buying a new car, and don't act on impulse if you wander into a dealership. You can and will have a better experience if you check more than 1 angle on your deal, and the car you want. Happy Hunting!

Thu N. | 2012-04-27

I found out about Stevens Creek Dodge through Google and I needed a new car so I called in and was assigned to Daniel. I came in to check out the challenger 2012 that I wanted, test drove it, we talked about a price, he didn't sound interested in my offer of 23,000, so i went home.

A week later he says he seen an email of me being interested in the challenger. i figured it was probably because i signed up for some website about challenger prices. Well, later that day we talked prices over the phone, mean while i was talking prices with another dealership. Daniel met me half way with $23, 250.00 i told him SOLD. through out the week he continued to call to reassure if i was coming and i told him id keep him posted. friday we spoke on the phone and agreed id see him sunday morning.

NOW, sunday morning i came in, we test drove the car one last time with my father, sat down, did a bit of paperwork, and THERE HE GOES with the games. he told me the price he quoted me expired. i needed to come in that friday. Really? when i JUST spoke to him friday and he said the deal was still on for sunday. we told him no. he went with his little managers and other team members to discuss price with their whack strategy "WHERE-CAN-THEY-GO-TO-GET-OUR-KIND-OF-PRICES?" i was OFFENDED. you dont talk about your customers knowing that theyd hear to make them feel less. i was done at that point. he came back, they told me 24-something. 1,000 MORE THAN MY PRICE WE AGREED ON.

i left crying and pissed off, but came back later since i was tired of looking for cars and said eff it. i bought it. i am HAPPY with my car. so happy. but with them, NO.

he said he was all about customer service all this hoop whop. if you were about customer service, you would of told me my price we agreed on was going to "expire" if i didnt come in later that night, after all 2 weeks of speaking. in all, i feel as if they don't hold up to their deals.

Krystal E. | 2012-04-26

Let me start out by saying if I could rate no stars, I would. Purchased a new 2010 Challenger SE in July of 2010. Really surprised these guys are in business. Bought my car with only 3 miles on it.....I negotiated in a sun roof. They told me they'd have the sun roof installed in a week no problem. Did they say anything about putting 70 miles on my car to DRIVE IT TO HAYWARD? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I get my Challenger back, after I had only driven it once & now it has 73 miles, they also managed to BREAK MY EMERGENCY BRAKE & oh yea, my NEW CAR IS NOW ALSO DIRTY. I was beyond pissed. The first new car I've ever purchased....$30k sale and this is how you treat me? The service guys don't give a crap. It took me talking to 5 people before they fixed my emergency brake....kept trying to blame it on me. Excuse me? You guys drove my car to the East Bay without even telling me you were going to do that & now you're trying to blame me? WTF  

They tell me to come back the next day & they'd have my brake fixed and the car washed; they give me a loaner Charger with moths inside until the following day & they tell me I'll need to put gas in it....the tank is empty. What a bunch of crap.

I negotiated in a 7/70 service contract with my Challenger, so I would go in for the routine maintenance. And let the fun begin again. Every time, I would call ahead & make an appointment. Usually when you make an appointment, you'd assume they'd have you in the system to come in. Whether I made an appointment or not, they'd tell me I wasn't in the books and to come back another time. Are you kidding me? It made getting an oil change one big fiasco. Nobody wants to waste their weekend doing this anyway, but these guys made is so flipping frustrating.

Let's fast forward a few months.....I got so fed up with Stevens Creek Dodge, I decided to go to Normandin...I heard better things about them. I bring in my car for the routine maintenance...oil change, tire rotation, etc. They rotate the tires, I get my car back & oh whoops, now the car is changing lanes on its own. They tell me that I have defective tires. Really? That's odd. My car is brand new. How could that be? Turns out, Stevens Creek Dodge never checked the tire pressure or rotated my tires.

Thank you for nothing Stevens Creek Dodge. I have since then traded my Challenger in for a Nissan. I will never again do business with Dodge.

Bruce B. | 2012-04-25

I really wish I had read the Yelp reviews!!!

Not a single person at this dealership made me aware of the VIP program.  I purchased a Dodge Grand Caravan from this dealer in 2007 (or so).  I have been taking that vehicle for service to this dealer since purchase.  No one ever mentioned the VIP rewards program.  Through the entire process of purchasing the Chrysler 300, not once was this program mentioned.

There is a current financing deal for 0% then .9% then 1.9% ..  no one told me about that.

And get this one..  I sent in a message through the website that I was surprised that no one said anything about the VIP program.  Here is the exact text of the response

"Sorry, there are signs and info when you buy a vehicle, here in the sales department.  I do not know what happens in service"

Read that again.  What it says is that it is my fault for not noticing the signs.  Um, I am a paying customer!!!!  Hello!!!!  And this idiot does not know what happens in service.  Again, how is that MY PROBLEM?    How about "I am so sorry you were not enrolled immediately upon the purchase of your first vehicle from us in 2007.  What can I do to make up for all the benefits you missed out on".

Further, I was promised addition of parking assist for the new 300.  Yet no one said a word about the fact that I'd need to wait for the parts to arrive.  That was never mentioned.  I was told that someone would call me a day or two after my purchase to schedule an appointment for install.  That did NOT happen.  I called and asked, and none of my sales folks were available. I did get the service shop and they told me the parts are on order.

What kind of nonsense is this!

And, during negotiation of the sale of the vehicle I asked that they send my wife a dozen roses (as she was hesitant about the purchase).  NO ROSES HAVE BEEN DELIVERED TO DATE.. AND IT HAS BEEN A WEEK!!!

This is a joke of a customer experience!  Never again.  I will take my  vehicles some other place for maintenance.  I will buy my future vehciles elsewhere and I will recommend that anyone considering this dealer RUN FAR AWAY.

Lastly, I am posting this text on YELP.  I hope everyone reads it.
Update - ok.  Checked Edmunds and the price they gave me on the car was a pretty good one.  However, the Service department still needs to learn what Service means.

I brought my Van in at 10am for new tires and a major service.  At 4pm I get a call from Dan the service guy telling me they might not finish by the end of the day.  Um, I came in at 10am folks.  And the fact that I was getting tires and a major service was not a surprise.  I made an appointment for exactly that.

Someone has to screw the heads of these people on correctly

K M. | 2012-04-25


I'm really surprised these people are still in business. I will NEVER take my car here again. They are bait and switch pros. They quoted me for a HUGE job which I found  out later took only maybe two or three hours to fix. What a sham. Save your money and your sanity and go to a different dealership. It's too bad Sunnyvale Jeep went under. Sunnyvale Jeep was honest and trustworthy.

Stevens Creek Jeep is out to get your dollar.

Note to the dealership: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Note to the employees working there: Don't bury the dealership with shady work. The sign says, "Customers for Life." You're going to put yourselves out of business if you keep running the dealership with sub-par repairs.

If I could give zero stars I would. It's no surprise they have 1 1/2 stars. I should have read the reviews. Thumbs down all the way. I really don't understand what's wrong with people these days. Seems like everyone is trying to make a quick buck and rip people off.

Eric D. | 2012-04-21

Took my car here for a routine oil change/check up in January 2012 and to have them take a quick look at a oil leak or to see if they could put some dye in to see where it was coming from. Came in around 7:15 since I had an appointment. Turns out that no one from the service department gets in until about 8:00am. That was strike one. Waited two hours until 10:00am for the car to get done. Two hours for a simple oil change and inspection, seriously? Strike two. Strike three was when I noticed they didn't add any dye or forgot I mentioned the oil leak.

With that said, I've brought my car 4/5 times here in the last 3 years, one was for a transmission failure which took 5-6 days to fix (I had to call them everyday to check on the status, no one bothered calling me). When I got the car back, I had to take it back a day later because the car started shaking violently and found out they forgot to unhook a diagnostic cable.

On another service check in, I brought my car in the morning to fix a leaky water pump. I was promised a call back in an hour or so and went back home. 3 hours pass, no call. Called the service department and they mysteriously had problems locating my service advisor but said the car was here. 5 hours pass, I call back and tell the service advisor I was coming to pick up the car. I'm guessing he could tell I was mad at this point and didn't stop me from picking up the vehicle.

Unlike most of the reviewers here, I've given this place plenty of chances and they've consistently failed again and again. If you enjoy bad service, lack of communication and being ripped off, please take your car here and enjoy the frustration.

I've taken my car other Chrysler dealerships in Northern California (Marty Franich, Autowest CJD (before they closed), Sunnyvale CJD (before they closed), Normadin, Dublin) and had good/ok experiences.

Steven's Creek CJD is clearly the worst dealership in the bay area. Avoid this place at all costs.

Ben F. | 2012-04-17

Thanks Scott D. for the Great experience at Stevens Creek CJD! My wife and I bought a 2012 Dodge Challenger RT Classic. It was hard to choose because they had a wide selection of Challengers. Mine was fully loaded and I'm loving it. The next month my wife needed a company car and she ended up with the 2012 300S. Our guy Scott D. was very cooperative with our needs and very patient when the wife and I had one of our "moments".  It was all good tho cause he made us feel like family. We came in there knowing what we wanted and they made it happen. Sorry to the other folks who had a different experience. We are having a great time with our new rides. MOPAR BABY!

Davy L. | 2012-04-14

This dealer deserves 0 stars !!!

Don't go there, you will save time and sanity of your mind.

I was there to have a look and asked what would be the price after taxes of a car. What a mistake I made... They try to push you inside the office, so they can send you the manager or other selling guy if they cannot do what they want with you (SELL, SELL, SELL). They probably asked me 10 times "Are you going to buy the car today ?" event before I knew the final price.

To keep it simple, AVOID this dealer.

Adam K. | 2012-04-03

I wouldn't buy another jeep most likely because mine was a giant turd. 28 warranty repairs in 4 years...ya 28. But when I needed to go back in...again I was always taken care of by tony. Really nice guy. Took care of me in the bills and was really communicative when I needed info. The people in the dealerships are wanks, but tony was great. But don't see anyone else the other service guys weren't great.

Alvin C. | 2012-03-28

This place is truly one of the best dealerships i've ever dealt with! The salesmen here were all very friendly and the general manager Bob Mann was also very generous and very outgoing. I was in need of a new car and they helped me right away and helped put me into one. Also when i was waiting in the showroom, the salesmen were so kind and offered me coffee, tea, water, etc. Now there's something you don't see everyday. I wasn't expecting to get a car that exact day, but the deal they gave me was irresistible. The package and options i wanted i thought was over my price range but they helped me pick out the best deal and in the end i bought my car here. Also, the color with the options i wanted wasn't in stock, but they helped me get it within 2 days! It is simply amazing how great and quick the service they provide here is! Before i came to them, i went down to other dealerships for pricing before coming to this one. This one was definitely the best one out of all of them and gave me the best prices. I would definitely come back in the future for another car and I would recommend anybody who is looking to buy a chrysler jeep or dodge to come here. They have a wide variety and is also the #1 Volume dealership in Norcal so you will most likely find the car you are looking for here and if they don't have it they will find it for you. If there was a sixth star i'd definitely make this a 6 star dealership!

Kellie L. | 2012-03-26

Flea market atmosphere. Our sales associate took us to the back of the dealership to see a car in the midst of other cars being painted and cleaned in the first five minutes. He then proceeded to show us a 2011 car that was in the front of the lot and had dog hair in the back seats, an old coffee cup and crushed cookies everywhere. I'm surprised this dealership is still open.

John M. | 2012-02-25

This dealership actually turned me away from the brand. You pull in and all you see is a large group of creepy sales people huddled by the front door, smoking, laughing, etc. I stopped by today to simply LOOK at a car and sit in it. We were stalked the entire time. Despite telling him we were not buying a car, he followed us... Inches behind us... Everywhere we went. Finally, we sat in a car and shut the doors and he lit up a cigarette, started knocking on the window repeatedly asking "what do you want to buy today?". Finally he OPENED THE DOOR, leaned into us and kept up the assault.

There are Chryslers on this lot priced higher than Lexus or Mercedes and NOBODY is going to tolerate an experience like this. We walked across the street to Kia and were treated like GODS.

If you want a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram Pickup, go to Normandin on Capitol Expressway. Stevens Creek is just terrible.

Candy C. | 2012-02-07

I always tell the mister, before doing anything, you must research, research, research!!! He did not do his research when finding the right place to take our Jeep srt8 for a new starter. He hastily chose this place and got his beeehind robbed for not going on yelp to read their reviews. As soon as he read all the one star ratings, he wanted his Jeep back right away. He thought that while the starter was getting fixed, why not have them inspect the rear brakes too? For an extra $150, sure! But first the mechanic has to dismantle the exhaust, and this and'll cost ya!

The whole experience with them was just a complete disaster! Thinking about it now brings back an excruciating headache. Be forewarned. Research other options!

tony z. | 2012-01-31

As soon as you drive to customer parking you see a pack of sales sharks smoking and lounging on the sidewalk. I've been to this place 3 times to test drive and check out vehicles and none of them had even average knowledge of the product they are selling. Which is not rare in the American new car dealerships across the area. But for me I won't go there again and deal with having to stare down the phalanx of schlocky sales types glaring at me as I drive in.

The GM and sales manager of this dealership need immediate replacing. The first impression is just awful and the sales competence is just 'meh'.

Matt H. | 2012-01-23

We loved the Jeep Grand Cherokee, just not this dealership.  All bad...

We're in the market for an SUV, so we thought we'd give Jeep a try since the Jeep Grand Cherokee is supposed to be just as good as and similarly priced to the Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander.  We arrived at the dealer and were greeted by as salesman AS SOON AS we got out of the car in the parking lot.  He was nice enough, and showed us what we were interested in.  Then he inexplicably passed us onto another salesman, who let us test drive a used version of the car we wanted.  We loved the Jeep, but we kept asking the price of the vehicle, and he continued to be vague, only telling us that Jeep Grand Cherokees START at about $32,000.  (I did my research and found several for under $27,000).  They were definitely trying to pull something because NONE OF THEIR CARS EVEN HAD A PRICE ON THEM.  Even as we went inside and talked about pricing, the salesman wouldn't give us a straight answer, and just jotted notes on a scrap paper and kept trying to insist we wanted a car that we didn't want and on terms we didn't want.   Eventually after going back and forth with the guy for awhile, he called over his manger (the third person we were passed to).  This manager basically just spoke down to us, saying insulting things like "you probably don't understand how this works, you're young and have probably never financed a car before" and "well, leasing would be better for you, but you're probably just to young to understand that" and then dismissed us, basically telling us we're not ready to buy a car!  (For the record, my wife and I have both financed cars.)

The whole experience was unbelievable, really.  Especially since we bought a Corolla from Sunnyvale Toyota last year and it was the exact opposite.  Everyone at Toyota was friendly, there was no hassle or pressure, the prices and options were clearly laid out and they had a computer spreadsheet that laid out EVERYTHING to discuss pricing.  I ended up getting 0.0% financing and $1000 cash back on the Corolla and had a wonderful overall experience.

**UPDATE** We ended up buying the perfect new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee that we wanted from the dealer in San Leandro for $25,995 (not the $32,000 'minimum' that this place quoted us)

Andy F. | 2012-01-17

A rating on their Service center (not the apparently horrible-as-well Sales center):
I don't mind paying for expertise, but I hate when I am asked to pay for that expertise twice. I brought my car in for a problem and when they diagnosed it, I went online to make sure I understood what they were talking about. The price they quoted me seemed utterly unreasonable, and after watching a video of how to fix the issue (a 20 minute fix), I wondered how they could justify charging for 2.5 hours of labor. I was told I was SOL and clearly didn't understand how much work went into making the repairs. As I say, I'd be willing to pay the mechanic for his expertise (at ONE HUNDRED FORTY FIVE DOLLARS PER HOUR), but when it comes to double counting the hours I get a bit angry.
I am giving them a star, though, since at least the problem was fixed. We'll see if it stays fixed, though!
They know they have problems in the service department: they give you a "how did we do" form at check out, asking for a rating from one to five stars; I watched as the people around me gave them charitable "two-star" ratings; their invoice says (to paraphrase), "If you receive a survey from Chrysler, we hope you'll rate us excellent; if you don't, we'd love for you to call our manager to say why you didn't."
Aside from the gouging (and, seriously, that's the kind of thing that ought to be part of a class-action lawsuit; I would sign up), there are other service issues that present more of a hassle:
1. I made a service appointment, but apparently making an appointment doesn't matter, since they won't be able to get to your car until 7 hours later and will ask [first thing in the morning, as you drop off the car] whether you mind leaving it overnight. Seriously?
2. The people at the switchboard are not especially competent; at one point when I asked to be transferred to my service manager, I was connected with someone else who was calling them from their autofinancing division. How the two of us got connected is beyond me.
Anyway, I've learned my lesson and will be sure to
a. Check Yelp ratings more faithfully next time
b. Stay away from Chrysler dealers in general, and
c. Stay away from Stevens Creek in particular.
Also: This review sometimes seems to be invisible or deleted or something, so I am updating it again, 1.17.2011

Liberty C. | 2011-12-13

If there was a way to rate this place with a NEGATIVE STAR - that would be more fitting.  My first time to the Service Department was a horrible experience.  I had vowed not to come back but 2 days after I picked up my 2008 Avenger, the same problem had returned!  I had no choice but to take my car back !  For all of their incompetence, they put the blame on Dodge for a part malfunction, made me pay for the gas on a rental car, and used 10 miles of my gas to test drive my car for their stupidity!

And please do not bother speaking with the Dis-Service Manager, Mike Frontella.  Everyone in the service department is incompetent and has the worst customer service because of Mike!  Leadership by example at the worst!

Fair warning to anyone who needs service on their Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep.

Joseph M. | 2011-12-07

I'm sorry...did I say these people were incompetent in my last posting? I was sadly mistaken...they're criminal. There should be lawsuits and prison sentences dished out for the complete disregard they have exhibited for the legal process in the state of California.

Losing our trade-in plates, charging us bogus fees after the fact, paying off the trade-in notes late so that we received late-notices from the finance companies and now finding out that we're still liable for the vehicles because Stevens Creek sold the trade-in vehicles without proper documentation.

In all seriousness, and I say this without exaggeration, someone from this dealership should spend time at San Quentin for fraud. I would sooner buy a car from a drug cartel; they have better business records.

Daniel T. | 2011-12-06

OK they i know they call it the stealership for a reason but never in my mind would i expect to work so hard to get my vehicle serviced. went in there to service my truck at 100k and sure enough they had a bad report of a dead transmission ( that was why my CEL light was on) . So OK i take the bullet and give  them the go ahead and fix it. Estimate that the car would be done in 3 days..........3 days later i get no phone call and so i decide to call them......what a waste of 3 hours of being passed from one service guy to another just because my original service went on vacation. truck was completed 4 days later than expected. Seems like i made more of an effort to find the status on my truck more than my service rep did. WILL NOT SUGGEST THEM UNLESS YOU JUST WANT TO CONFIRM THIS REVIEW

Paula B. | 2011-11-28

I purchased my new car there. Salesmen were nice- Im sure they really wanted the sale. Since the day i drove it off the lot it had electrical issues and warning lights on. I took it in and their service dept. was absolutely terrible. The service guy made me feel as if everything was my fault so i didnt bother to explain my concerns - even tho the car literally died while i was exiting the freeway and almost got rear-ended (this was a brand new car).  Every time i went there the service guys were extremely hostile and rude. I was literally scared to talk. Will never go there again for any service. I began going to the Chrysler dealership on Capital Expwy . and the guys there are ever so friendly and sincere. Rick was wonderful and listened to my every concern , then followed thru and explained my warranty to fix my issues. My advice- go to the Capital dealership, not here.

Shane L. | 2011-11-17

Service dept. practices unethical and dishonest behaviors. They are not experienced in electrical auto repair. My car had starting problems. When they looked at it they told me it needed a new wire harness. They replaced the existing harness with a substandard or incorrect part. It does not have the same amount of connections that the previous harness had nor does it fit correctly. I am experiencing problems with electrical now and the dealership claims no responsibility.


I will never go here again.

Tony L. | 2011-11-11

S-L-E-A-Z-Y!  This place employs every tacky cliche for selling cars that you can imagine.  Save yourself the nightmare of dealing with them and buy elsewhere.  Sleazy sales guys, sleazy management, sleazy tactics.  Come here to experience this mess and have a laugh ... but seriously buy elsewhere.  I purchased from them and WISHED I had stuck to my instincts and went elsewhere.

Eric G. | 2011-11-09

They were the only dealership in town that had the Jeep I wanted with the options I wanted in the color I wanted. I did my homework, went in, got my new Jeep for the price I was supposed to get it via the program I went through, didn't trade so they didn't rip me on that, went thru my credit union for the financing so they couldn't rip me on that. Finance department did a dirty trick -- stole my paycheck stub (which they were supposed to just photocopy for the credit union direct lending) in an effort to interfere with me getting finance thru my credit union (which is less profit for them). I only noticed when I got home that it wasn't with the rest of the papers they'd handed back.  I just took my new paycheck stub to the credit union the next day and brought the dealership a check for the balance that same morning, the finance guy was *quite* surprised!

Parts department is useless. You can't ever get them on the phone, and if you leave a message, they never call back. For my old Jeep, there were two different times I needed dealership parts and *tried* to call Stevens Creek Jeep's parts department.  Ended up having to go to Normandin (which had the parts in stock and DOES answer the phone, though it's inconveniently far from my home) because the way I operate with dealership parts departments is that I call them, they either have it or they don't, if they don't, I order it over the phone w/my credit card, they order it from the manufacturer, when it comes in they call me back. Every single dealership parts department I've ever worked with over the past thirty years has operated that way, including two different Jeep dealerships. Except Stevens Creek Jeep's, which appears to be utterly useless.

Haven't used the service department. The rest of the dealership is so sleazy and/or useless that I'm sorta afraid to, though the dealership is just down the street from me and thus would be quite convenient.

Conclusion: If you know your stuff you can get a good deal buying a car through this dealership, but they're the kind of dealership that created the stereotype of auto dealerships.

Sam H. | 2011-10-22

Never go to this place, they suck.  The service department tried to charge me $450 to CHECK the spark plugs.  They are slow. they are rude and I will never buy another car from them.  I wanted to buy American but these guys are prime examples of how not to run a dealership.

Jeff P. | 2011-10-19

unbelivably desperate sales staff--its scary yet amazing that PEOPLE treat this way--best way to describe it is how women get treated at clubs like meat lol
do not give them your number! they will bug you for months

Masha H. | 2011-10-04

This place is terrible. Every time I have to get my car serviced I dread it because this place is always such a nightmare but I don't want to go all the way to Fremont. It is so hard to get your car serviced at this place that I am actually not buying another Chrysler just for this fact. My car has 100,000 miles on it, I love it and was going to buy another one but what's the point of having a car you like if getting it serviced is a nightmare? When you call you can never, ever talk to someone in service- not even to get a price quote on something as simple as a tune up. Instead you get dumped into some guy's voice mail who never calls you back. I have called there twice this week trying to reach someone in service to get some pricing info. I left very detailed voice mail messages about what I want to know. The first guy called me back but with none of the info I requested. The second person I called didn't even call me back. With the economy the way it is, you would think they want the business but apparently not. Today I gave up on Chrsyler and took my car somewhere else.

Jason C. | 2011-09-17

Don't even think about taking your vehicle to this stealership for service.  I brought my Jeep in for a leaking water pump cover under warranty.  

Day 1 (8am) - The Service Advisor (I use the term "Service" loosely) told me they were very busy and might not get the replacement done the same day, which I was OK with since I didn't make an appointment.  

Day 2 (9am) - The Advisor called and confirmed the water pump was leaking and covered under warranty.  He suggested three additional repairs.  
-- 1) Replace serpentine belt - $210 part and labor
-- 2) Thermostat - $180 part and labor
-- 3) Coolant flush
Are you kidding me $210 for a belt and why do I need to pay for labor?  They have to put the belt ($48 MSRP) back on for the water pump repair.  As for the thermostat, it is located at engine side of the upper radiator hose held in by 2 bolts that are easily accessible.  No more than a 15 minute job for a $32 MSRP part that wasn't malfunctioning to begin with.  Finally, the coolant flush is not required for another 20,000 mi and what are they going to do, reuse the old fluid when they pull the water pump?  They just want to make a few extra dollars for fluid they already have to replace.  Needless to say I declined the optional repairs and told them to replace the water pump under warranty and I would change the belt myself.

Day 2 (4pm) - I called to see if I the repairs were complete and I'm told that the tech still has one car in front of mine so the repair hadn't been completed.

Day 3 (3pm) - Advisor calls again and informs me that the repair still hasn't been completed and that the tech has several cars in front of mine.  On top of that the Advisor told me that he wouldn't be working the next day so he couldn't guarantee it would be done and provide no estimate when the car was going to be repaired.  Clearly I was not pleased that my service (1.5hr max job) was likely being delayed because I declined the suggested add-ons that double/triple booked the tech time at my expense.  I told the Advisor to not touch the car and that I would bring it to another dealer.  
As a previous review mentioned when picking up the Jeep the cashier ask if I wanted to complete a survey/review...obviously I declined.

Day 4 (7am) - Brought the car to Putnam Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Burlingame.  They were professional and completed the job in the same day.

Bottom line, if you like being taken advantage of, Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge is your place.

Tamariffica I. | 2011-09-07

I wish I had read the reviews before leaving my car there for a routine oil change. I made and an appointment one week in advanced and they said the schedule was clear so I could pick what time. I chose to drop my 2009 dodge calibur off in the morning before work because they have a shuttle and my appointment was at 9am. I waited in the lobby with the most rude receptionist for an hour before calling a cab to come and pick me up to go to work. I was getting my oil changed and a 60k mile tune/check up. I called at 230pm to see what the status was, my car had not even been moved. They said for my trouble they could get me a rental car for the evening that I would pay for. The next day I had to call again to check the status of my car and they didn't know where it was, it still had not been touched and this is 130. I finally call at 430 and the receptionist who still had an attitude transferred me to another service tech who said that it was just finished and I could pick it up. I went to pick up my car and the receptionist asked me to fill out a survey which I did honestly and as I am putting my wallet (after spending $514) in my purse she throws it in the trash!!!! I will NEVER go there again.

Ed M. | 2011-08-18

Worst Service Dept I ever worked with, ever...   Service managers do not return calls, and the majority of the staff is rude.


perla d. | 2011-08-01

warranty/ no warranty...tomato/ tomatoe, or way or another. this place has the WORST SERVICE DEPT. EVER.  EVER. true story. the end.

Dino C. | 2011-07-28

We purchased a car from here in May. They really worked with us on how we wanted financing. Their service department is very friendly and hellpful.

Tu N. | 2011-07-21

How did this place get a 4 star on Google place? Actually if you look at the detailed reviews on Google place, you'll see that all the 5 star reviews seem to have been written by "professional" reviewers, with fake pictures, who give 5 stars to all business they're reviewing. I hope Google will do something about that soon.

We went in to test drive a Jeep Wrangler. The salesman who took us out on the drive was really pleasant and laid back at first but turned very pushy after I asked for the price. When he realized that he wasn't gonna be able to push us to make the decision to spend 28k on the car right there and then, he left to get another salesman who gave me one of the most uncomfortable shopping experiences of all time. This guy talked nonstop despite the fact that I told him over and over again we weren't gonna make any decision right away. He offered to sell the car to us for 20k, down from 28k, which was kinda scary.

I guess if you want to come here for a test drive, do that without talking too much into details with your salesman. I personally won't come back here.

Jessica J. | 2011-07-21

wish i could give this place negative stars....
Worst experience ever!
As soon as we pulled up in the customer parking area, there were about 5 sales guys waiting to pounce...We get out of the car and they all run to us to see who can grab us first. Of course, we get the new guy...smelled strongly of cologne, over tanned, super pushy. We told him we were looking for a used 2010 jeep gc, and the guy literally showed us one of them...rushed us inside, holding the door open for me, but letting it close in front of my mother's face...tried to force all of our information out of us (name, address, phone #, how much we were willing to pay)...and still wouldn't tell us a price. Keep in mind we didn't even want this car yet. This guy had us there five minutes and brought over the manager to speak with us. When the manager shook my hand it felt like I was holding a limp, dead fish. At this point, my mother and I said we would think about it and we left. THE NEXT DAY, this guy calls me back leaving me a ridiculously long message about us coming back to chat. Then, the following day, another voicemail from this guy..this time it got weird. He used words like "yummy" and "delicious" to describe the enthusiasm I had for the jeep gc with a creepy chuckle. He kept harassing me through messages to come back and talk about the car...I will never, ever go back here again.

Dina B. | 2011-07-15

As has been said -- this place needs a zero star option.

I went here with a friend who was trying to sort out a car mess this place had created, so I met the manager, Bob, a big intimidating man who threw his weight around.  He made us wait for awhile.  Then when he finally did come to talk to us he insisted that we were incredibly rude for just coming by, we should have warned him, the situation with the truck was our problem and not his, and ANYTHING he did at all was just out of the kindness and generosity in his heart -- like allowing us to trade in the truck for a PT Cruiser (for some reason, the PT Cruiser was the only option available).

The situation with the truck?  He sold the truck to my friend's 80 year old father who had a brain tumor and wasn't in his right mind, and her mentally disabled brother (IQ is one point above the "mental retardation" range).  Even with a doctor's note saying the father wasn't in his right mind to sign documents, they wouldn't take the truck back.  The loan for the truck was never funded (Oh!  Did I mention they managed to sell them the truck, worth $20k wet, for about $40k?  Add ons are an amazing thing) because no bank would finance a vehicle for far more than it was worth, and we kept getting rejection letter after rejection letter for loans.  They kept saying, "Yes, it is financed," when it wasn't.  We had no license plates (no funds, no DMV).  

What they were trying to do, when I visited with my friend, was get her to sign a NEW contract for the PT Cruiser, which would have been valid, because she didn't have a brain tumor and is mentally competent.  I watched as they tried to make her feel like they had her over a barrel, and she'd better work with them or she was going to be in big trouble.

I called my car dealer friend at a place in Fresno.  He confirmed the there's no way the documents were valid, the loan was financed, we had no contractual obligation to the vehicle, and this guy was being a complete jerk and totally unethical -- so we could (and should) drop the truck and keys off and walk away, while taking photos to document it.  Which we did.

Do. Not. Go. To. This. Place.  Ever.
Unless, you REALLY know cars, know how to work with slimy car dealers, know how to hold their feet to the fire and want a challenge.

Eric S. | 2011-07-02

Stevens Creek Dodge is a terrible dealership.  Manager is very rude and use s-word to call my paper work on price research.  It is not professional and definitely doesn't treat customer right.  Avoid to do business with them if possible.

Tira D. | 2011-06-27

Scott Laughton was definitely an OUTSTANDING, with a CAN-DO attitude, his DEVOTION,CARING and above all HONESTY is what sold me to seek this dealership and buy a brand new affordable, styling imaged car. Based off of my predicament I had with my old car Mr Laughton was able to present a real solution and the truth on how I can go about getting a vehicle. I have been searching for a dealership that was able to help me with my solution, every other dealerahip gave me the same story, 'build your credit and wait another year, or co-sign. On 31 May 2011, I walked in at about 715 and walked out as a very PLEASED and HAPPY customer. I told Mr Laughton do not give me a repeat on what Ive heard over the past 6 months, my options were very complicated and so were my needs. As I filled out the routine paperwork I truly believed that this was going to be the same scenario with the other dealerships, whereas they would come back and say 'well the thing is....'. Quite a few dealerships had advised me to repo my vehicle just to make a sale, Mr Laughton highly discouraged it and advused I need to look out for the future of my finances. I was VERY VERY HAPPY that I took his advice. I got a loaned approved but was not pleased with the limitations of the car that was suited to my credit, Bob Mann and Mr Laughton walked me out on the lot and pointed out to the '200 Chrysler' and said this is tge best of the bestest. My heart was sold and I am loving and appreciating all they have done. I was amazed in his enthusiasm in trying to help me out, considering my situation I kepr pushing for other options and he worked very well on getting me a 200 Chrysler. I was also amazed in the involvement the GM, Bob Mann, had taken interest into also getting me a good deal on my car. I had an upside down loan, with slightly low credit but because of the income I have I was able to pay the newly improved car note. In the past 11 yrs I have owned 2 brand new cars but never have I had the most pleasing customer service Stevens Creek has offered. Even after I walked out with my new car, their follow up was just far beyond the greatest service. All the nice gentleman are very attenative right when you park your car, the greet and escort and even ask if car needs cleaning and washing, I go every weekend to get my car cleaned. Their services is just impeccable. Although I was a bit of a demanding customer Mr Laughton is and has been patient and very upfront with the services he has provided. I have enjoyed their attention and care, they also give out good references, i.e, tinting and rims shops. Their rapport throughout the community I have found to be OUTSTANDING! Mr Laughton I wish the best and I know that your great effort go unnotice and your service reflects great credit upon yourself and Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge. I DEFINITELY HIGHLY RECOMMEND STEVENS CREEK CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE and MR SCOTT LAUGHTON. BOB MANN JOB WELL DONE to all the men and your staff. Also, to the nice gentleman in tge Finance Dept he was great in explaining my contract verbatim to me!!!

PS..The eye candy is looking pretty good at this dealership for all them Single Ladies or even those Ladies that need to be treated likw a Queen!

Sandeep N. | 2011-06-20

Untrustworthy people , even though they know the car will not run they will sell it ..If you are not a mechanic you cant find the truth in the car... They cover all the damages with temporary fixes... Bought a 2000 volvo S80 ran into the problem the very next day... I have dropped 6K into the toilet....

Arthur F. | 2011-06-19

Like others have said, this place has horrible service and i wish there was a zero rating option.

I went there today to test drive a challenger. this goofy looking indian salesman walked up and tried to help me. i told him i wanted to drive the challenger, and he told me i had to be at least 21, and have valid proof of insurance. his reason was because it is a performance car. yes, i agree it is a performance car, who wouldnt consider the r/t one. but i was just down the street and drove a new camaro SS, no problems at all. (FYI, i work at a dealership so i know that this guy was talking out of his ass.) anyways, dont go here, theyre a bunch of idiots and is the epitome of sleazy salesman.

Liz L. | 2011-06-08

As soon as I stepped foot on the lot...five salesmen were racing to get to me. One of them looked like he was about to tackle me :/ YIKES! The salesmen are extra pushy and not very professional at all. They dnt back off, its ridiculous. They sold me a car that didn't pass smog! Wtf! So I was unable to pull off in it the next day when I came to pickit up. Then, it took about five days to get my cash deposit back. Very disappointed in this place. I say Stay Away from this place!

Jim F. | 2011-06-07

I am writing a review for a vehicle and a dealership I received unexpectedly good service from. I had done a bit of research on available minivans in the SJ area, and the prices and blue book values, etc, in preparation for assisting a close relative of my wife who doesn't speak perfect English.
We had visited 3 or 4 dealers that day before arriving at Stevens Creek CJD. We met Scott, who had given us (over the phone) an "internet price" 10% off the asking sticker on a 2005 minivan. I had a blue book value that was somewhat lower. Without going in to the gory details, we ended up coming to an agreement pretty quickly and easily at almost 25% off the original asking price.
I had felt I knew the value of the car, but the deal was made with so little back and forth I had that twinge that I had agreed to a too high price. After a few weeks, the buyer and I are both satisfied!
We wanted a test drive after giving the car (what I thought was) a good once over. The battery was dead. This is kinda common, so I wasn't concerned as the car started on one jump and ran fine, and I stopped it upon returning, and it started up again OK.
After we got it home, a few problems began. In the fading light, I had failed to take note of a significant issue while inspecting the car. It was missing 1 or more lug nuts from each wheel!
The next morning, we called Scott and he gave instructions to not drive the vehicle. The dealership sent out a tow, the lug nuts were replaced, and with a little prodding, they even brought the car back to the house.
Problem 1 taken care of. Next day, van will not start. Relatives calling us frantically, we asked them to jump it, thinking they left the lights on or some such thing. It will not jump. Brother-in-law goes and buys and installs replacement battery. Next issue, we only received one key with the vehicle.
Stevens Creek CJD reimbursed us for the battery and gave us an additional key, no charge! I am happy with these guys.
Less than a week later, coolant on the ground. Filled it up, but problem persists, the dealership took the car in. Called us today, they will replace the radiator for just the warranty deductible, $100.  Very nice. I am pleasantly surprised and gratified that a dealer is steeping up to help us with all issues and I recommend Scott and Stevens Creek CJD.

David G. | 2011-06-04

I bought a new Dodge here. Had fun haggling, but if you shop around, you can get good deal. The service center is good. I purchased the 84 month "wrap-around" warranty. So far, I like my car. Hate making payments :)

Luis a. | 2011-05-20

DO NOT GO HERE! After getting sucked into spending over $2000 of "needed" replacement parts and over 3 weeks worth of shop time, I was told the main problem was found and would cost at least another couple grand to fix .

The service dept guys are a bunch of snakes! they create problem after problem while skirting around the truth. On the phone I declined to pay over $4000 for the new parts. As I said this there were repeated "wow's your'e really not going to do this" from the service rep.

Afterwards my truck stalled in the middle of the highway on the way home. Keep in mind this is AFTER already spending $2000. Fuck these guys, fuck them up their silly asses.

Noelle R. | 2011-05-18

The only good thing about this dealership is the fact that I love my car... Every other thing about this dealership makes my stomach turn. The only reason that I've delayed writing this review, is because my life has been hectic with moving, and a new job. If I had the time or the resources, I would most likely sue this dealership for the lack of tact and inability to hire upstanding and respectful employees.

If you want to get sexually harassed, or have a female friend or loved one get picked up on, send them to this dealership! Every time I went to this dealership, even if it was WITH my boyfriend at the time of purchase, or even months later when I went back to get fluids/oil changed, their sales and service team did not hesitate to make lude and inappropriate comments about my body, physique and looks.

The dealership is good at one thing, selling their cars! I will admit they bent over backwards getting my trade-in finalized, but they were also a little too kind with their offers of assistance, drinks, dinners out , etc after the sale was final.

Returning back to the dealership last week, their service team was very kind and helpful until the comments about my body started AGAIN! When I pulled in, i waited around for about 5 minutes while one of the service team decided who was gonna help the line. (No biggie). Then, a nice older gentleman named "Dan" walks up and offers to help me. He was very kind and friendly, asking me all sorts of questions and we began bantering back and forth to pass the time while we did the basic paperwork. "Do you like your car?" "How is the ride?" "I dont like the new chargers, I prefer a sleeker body type, maybe Im more old school..."  We discussed address and owner name, and since my ex's name and address popped up, I asked him to kindly change the mailing/billing address, since I was the one who made the car payments. He laughed and winked saying he understood the situation. I asked him how long the service would take because I had to rush to work in another hour and a half. He asked me what I did for work, and I mentioned I was a personal trainer by trade, but I was also a bartender. That day (Wednesday) was delivery day at the bar so I had to be there early for the trucks to arrive. He asked me further questions about what bar I worked at and how long Id worked there, and I thought nothing of it... He offered to get me in and out as quickly as possible, so I was stoked! He escorts me to the service lobby, and tells me he'll see to it personally that it gets done quickly while I wait.

(35-40 minutes pass) I was waiting in the lobby for my vehicle, and 2 other customers who had been in the lobby had now left. The only one other person was in there (the little old transport driver)... You know, the guy who shuttles the customers around while they wait for their cars? He was funny because he was talking to himself. :)
Dan walks in and says "Noelle! I got you out ahead of schedule, you're all set!" Awesome, what great service.... until.

I walked upto the service desk, and am shuffling through my stuff looking for my debit card, when I realize Its in my car (conveniently backed up right infront of the service lobby door)... I looked up right when the shuttle driver asked "Does anyone need a ride while they wait?" (Me being the only one in the lobby at this point, I glance over at Dan standing right next to me who's looking me up and down, and he says "I know I sure do".... He said it so nonchalantly it was almost as though he thought it but didn't realize he said it out loud.

I gasped and told the lobby girl I'd be right back I needed to go get my card. Dan proceeds to follow me outside, while I open my charger's driver side door and lean in to the center console to grab my debit card. When i leaned back out he was standing no more than 4 feet from me. "So what does Australian Tan mean"? pointing back towards my back windshield where I had a decal of my tanning company. I thought about the quickest response I could give him so that I could shimmy past him, pay and leave. "They're a tanning company that I use, but a sponsor, so I get free tanning". His reply "Sponsor for what?" Since Im a trainer but also a female figure competitor/bodybuilder, we get perks for tanning there. (Long story short).. So I said "Im a female bodybuilder, just a perk of the job". I walked past him as he says "So that would explain your amazingly toned body.. Mmmmm. So, what, no tan lines I assume?"  I said "Uhhh yea, something like that" as I walked inside. I paid for my vehicle while he lingered STILL by me inside. as I took my receipt, he said "Well Noelle, it was definitely a pleasure meeting you today, so maybe ill see you around (Bar name) sometime?"  as he put his hand out to shake mine. I said "sure", and quickly left

Lets just say that made my facebook status for the day before I even left the parking lot.. So I went in for quality service and left wanting to sue.

Isela D. | 2011-05-16

To make a long story short: My husband bought us a car from this dealer, financing $36,000 through our own bank and giving $3k cash down. They were pushing for $42000, but my husband persisted. Fine, $39k, they sold it to us, the purchase order was drawn up and signed by both my husband and the sales manager. The car was bought Wednesday, May 4th before we went on vacation. We returned the following week and on Sunday, exactly 11 days after the purchase, we get a salesman at our door. First, why is he at our house on a Sunday morning and secondly, why is he here at all? This salesman said we still owe them our downpayment of $3000. My husband showed him the purchase order where it was signed by his sales manager for cash received and financing received. He asked if he can have a copy. My husband said No you gave me this copy. Needless to say, we are not happy with them at all. Either someone swindled that cash or they're trying to recover their $3000 to make it up to $42000 where they originally wanted to be at. Then later that day we get a call from a supposed manager of the dealership threatening my husband to garnish his wages. That afternoon he got a call from a repo company! HORRENDOUS! If I could give them 0 stars, that would be far more appropriate. Car dealerships that operate this way should not be in business.

Jason F. | 2011-05-13

I wish there was an option for 0 stars.. The sales staff here are a bunch of a$$holes! Lying disrespectful fools. Tried to sell my dad and brother a used jeep for more then 3k over value and told them it was "rare." needless to say I had them go elsewhere and got a newer one with more options and lower miles for less money. This was after they were a bunch of punks talking crap to us. If they talked to a stranger on the street the way they talked to us, lets just say it wouldn't go well. A rare Jeep Grand Cherokee? Or you kidding me? Pleeease.

Oh and at the end, when they realized I was not gonna let my dad and brother be duked, they started shit talking, and even said "I don't care if you don't buy it, I'm gonna go home and eat my Filet Mignon, and watch my flat screen TV" hahaha I didn't know Filet Mignon came in TV dinners these days.

The people who wrote good reviews are probably employees, or customers that fell victim to their BS and don't realize.

Avoid this dealer at all costs.. If I MUST have a Jeep in the future, I'd drive Hundreds of miles before I stepped foot on this scummy dealership

Biggie V. | 2011-05-02

Looking for a Jeep SUV, I thought I would try Stevens Creek Jeep. I quickly found out that this was not the place to buy a car. The first salesman had a serious listening problem. Everything I told him didn't register. He also didn't know where certain models were located on the lot. He then brought his manager over, who sized me up as a payment only buyer and treated me as such. He also tried to steer me to a cheap used car, when I had told him I wanted a new SUV. After he left, he sent over another sales-goon who asked the exact same questions! I have bought two cars in the last year. A Land Rover and a Volvo. Both great experiences. If you want the stereotypical sleazy used car salesman experience, then I can't recommend Steven's Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge enough.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was finally allowed to look around the lot alone, only because there was an "all associates not with a customer" meeting. Right as I was leaving, I heard some sort of choreographed cheer coming out of the sales office. For a minute I thought there was a Mary Kay convention in town.

Patrick S. | 2011-04-11

With all the bad reviews I'm seeing, I wonder how I got lucky?

Just came here to buy a new 2011 Dodge 1500 Sport.
It took some SERIOUS haggling (like it would at any dealer), but I ended up with a ridiculous deal, and I got rid of my old truck. I really can't complain.

The sales team knocked one out of the park for me and really took it in the ass (pardon my colloquialism) on my trade in.

I ended up with a new truck with more options/luxuries (albeit only a half ton, my old truck was, a lower payment, a lower interest rate, and a lower total financed amount, plus I broke even on my trade.

Mike R. | 2011-04-05

Ok, it's official... Too get service here- ANY services, it's going too be at least $ 500. Last time I came in for a  $17 oil changer, walked out with $500 plus brand-new brakes.

This time, I had no choice- an urgent electrical problem popped up, and I couldn't risk a breakdown so I had to get it fixed right away. Unfortunately, I don't know any other "good" repair shops and no time to research due to the immediacy of the problem...

The Service guy was good, and professional. Then again, I'm sure he knows how to get that $500 minimum of of you!

Long story short, i got it fixed... $ 550... No Surprise! And of course they told me I need several other repairs to be done... in several multiples of $500, of course!

I don't think they are dishonest at all, it's just really interesting how it always comes out to that $500 bill....

I'm going to check out other shops this work, will see how others compare on price estimates on the new laundry list....

Oh, I WOULD think that the service department could at least have washed my car after being there for 3 days to get service... they DO have the wash area set up... wasn't my $500 enough for a car wash, too?!

Food for thought.

Tracy S. | 2011-03-23

I was freaking out because my car over-heated and Erin at Dodge helped calm me down and coordinated fixing my car.

I am so happy to have my car working again!

Nick D. | 2011-03-16

The salesman we dealt with is the epitome of what a sleazy used car salesman is all about.

We were just casually looking at cars on Sunday and figured we'd stop by the Dodge dealership to check out their inventory.  We parked on the street and when I noticed the crowd of sales people standing outside of the showroom, I told the s/o to just stay on the sidewalk.  There was one car however that was parked just a few steps from the sidewalk, right along their driveway, I figured it was safe enough distance to check it out.  Literally, as we stepped foot within the dealership, a salesman comes rushing our way.  Before we even get within distance of the car, the salesman (who will remain nameless) was smothering us.  He just kept talking, not about the car but what we're looking for, what we've got now, how much money to put down, how's our credit.  Eff dude...we barely got to read the sticker on the car, which BTW didn't even show the price of the car.  The more we tried to look at the car, he pulled out the big guns saying, "Yeah this is a fine car, V6, low miles, it'll make heads spin..." but he couldn't tell us the price of the car.  Out of pure disgust, we just turned around and walked away.

My family and friends know that I'm the go-to guy when it comes to buying cars as my average is one car every two years, so I've dealt with several car dealerships and salesmen but geez, this guy just made me realize that there are still sleazy car salesmen out there.

Maria C. | 2011-03-14

OK so I own a Jeep Patriot which I bought at this dealership. The purchase was smooth and pretty easy. Ever since purchasing the car, I've taken it twice to get an oil change and a couple other services because I am part of a "Jeep Club" that sends me coupons and such straight from this dealer. The people in the service department are horribly rude and not very willing to give customer service. They don't make eye contact, talk to you like you are less than they are, and just snatch the keys out of your hand. My most recent visit was on Tuesday of this week. I took my car in to get an oil change, tire rotation, and thanks to the coupons they send, a complimentary wash and detail. They call me about four hours later to say the car is done so I go pick it up and it has not been washed so I ask the cashier why and she apologizes and starts calling people to try to find someone to wash my car. No one wants to do it and it takes her like 10 minutes to find someone willing to do it. I wait for about 30 minutes and then I see them bring it out. The car looked horrible. It was not detailed, it wasn't even washed. It looked like they had just dumped a bucket of water on it and left it there to drip dry. I go back inside and ask if I can just get my coupon back because I am very unhappy with the service and the cashier asks a service adviser, Tony, who is very rude and he says to ask the manager. The manager takes five minutes to answer the call, finally comes to the cashier, snatches my keys away without saying a word or asking if I still have time, mind you, by now I've been here a little over an hour, and takes my car back to the "detail" area. I follow after about a minute and he's walking away saying that they are going to take care of it. By now my patience has run dry so I walk up to my car and drive off. I will never come back to this dealership again.

Carl V. | 2011-03-07

I dont write bad reviews .. But in the case of Stevens Creek Chrysler I will make an exception. If you like rude high pressure salesmen that reek of bad aftershave  and are very very pushy this may be the place for you. I really wanted a particular car they had but after all the rude salesmen and  calls I got from them it just was not worth it. They dont even deserve ! star. For the recordI would not buy a car from them if if my life depended on it , I would rather walk. . I did buy a car this weekend from a Ford dealer in Colma BTW.They were polite and gave me great service unlike Stevens Creek Chysler.

Richard Y. | 2011-03-07

Bought a car here 2/28/11 9:30pm.  6 hours later...3/1/11 2:30am, car broke down and had to get towed in 38 degree temp.  Car has been in the shop for a week now, no idea if I will ever get the car back in working condition.

Brad G. | 2011-03-05

Wow, I came to Yelp expecting better than 1.5 stars for this place, LOL  First, I must admit that I work for a car dealership (Japanese car line, 40 miles from Stevens Creek) myself, so I know the ropes and also how bad service can be portrayed by the public.  I had been searching for a new Dodge Challenger for a couple months, had talked to several dealers in Cali, and finally found James Mulder the fleet manager at Stevens Creek.  He had a car I wanted, was a no bull shit salesman (I only buy through fleet managers because of this), very knowledgeable, knew the car, and there were no surprises.  I did have to make a return visit the following weekend to pick up a car cover and some floor mats that weren't in the car (my fault for not checking) and his coworker Scott walked me right over to another car and gave me the stuff I needed.  My next Dodge will come from Stevens Creek.

Miss M. | 2011-03-04

This place doesn't even deserve one star. Horrible Service!

For the most part, I'm a positive, easy going person who doesn't flip out when things don't happen accordingly. My boyfriend received a recall notice for his 2007 Dodge Caliber and we decided to make an appointment here to have his car checked out. Dropped the car off Wednesday morning. Received a call from the dealer stating that they need to keep the car another day for a part they were waiting on. Today is Friday and still no word on the status of the car!!! The service rep, Tony does not return phone calls promptly and no one else seems to know what is going on there. We have been out of a 2nd car for 3 days now and no offer for a loaner car or any other alternatives!

With the car business being so slow, and dealers closing would think that they would step up their customer service and want to retain relationships instead of ruining them.

Save your time, patience, and sanity... visit another Dogde dealer! Thank goodness it's a recall...otherwise I would have hated to pay AND get this type of service!

D C. | 2011-02-24

didn't honor my extended warranty and lifetime powertrain warranty, these guys are crooks... this is a PRIME example of why the AMERICAN car industry is going downhill from here.

Horrible service department, horrible everything

Myong C. | 2011-02-13

DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR AT THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!!  My first impression as I walked into their lot was that I was being attacked by a pack of wolves!  I told the salesman what I was looking for and all he wanted to know was "how much can you afford a month?"  I told him to get me the best deal he can, but all he wanted to know was my monthly payment.  When I finally told him how much I can afford, he said I was unrealistic and raised his voice at me.  I got offended and started walking out the door and then he brought his manager to have a talk with me.  I told them I wasn't interested in purchasing a car from them because I didn't like the way they were pressuring me to buy the car.  Both men followed me to my car and literally stopped me from opening the door to my car.  I will never go back to that dealership!  I wish I still had the name of the salesman!  He was short and had an accent when he spoke...looked like Indian but maybe he could be a Middle Eastern person.  His manager was heavier and also had an accent!  That was my worst car buying experience I've ever had!

Martin S. | 2011-02-02

I was on the way to this service shop for an oil change, when coincidentally (and unfortunately) the transmission on my wife's Dodge 1500 Pickup failed.  

We limped into the service line and explained the situation.  The service salesman took the vehicle in and convinced us to leave the vehicle with them stating that it may just be electrical.  

He called me back with a quote of $4900 to replace the tranny.  I gasped.  I told him I don't have that much money and that I would have to tow it home, to which he replied, "then we will have to charge you $1800 for the diagnosis"  What?
I said, I had no idea it was going to cost that much.  He said there was no way to diagnose it without dropping the transmission.

I said "so basically, you're screwing me, because now I'm pot committed into you doing the work and gouging me"

to which he, a service salesman and employee of Stevens Creek Dodge replied to me, a customer,  "You're a grown up, why don't you act like a grown up and make a decision"

I had no choice but to authorize the work at this point...I was trapped into the work that I couldn't afford.

I complained to the service manager who was only slightly apologetic, and said that I could deal with him for the remainder of the job.  That's it, no concession, no remedy, no discount, nothing....

I wish I could remember more specific names to enter them in here, but I can't.
This place is horrible.  DO NOT GO TO THEM, they will rip you off

Tone B. | 2011-01-22

After reading the reviews on here, my wife and I were hesitant to go to this dealership but we're happy we did.  They gave us excellent customer service and made the deal happen.  Even after we took the car home they kept us posted on the brand new wheels they promised to install on the car.  We couldn't be happier with the service and NEW CHRYSLER 300 sitting on 22's!!!  Thank you Stevens Creek Chrysler!

Craig C. | 2010-12-28

What a bunch of thieves. I saw a Jeep I wanted and I Bijoy approached me. What a fast talking piece of crap. The first thing he asks me is what I can afford a month. I told him let's work out a price and financing and the payment will work itself out.

We work out the price and I told then to throw in a one year warranty.
They agreed.
Then they come back to me with a monthly payment. I ask what is the interest rate. They tell me and I agree.
I get into the finance office, Shaz, another thief, starts running the numbers and going over everything with me. It turns out they are charging me for the warranty. I told him that was not the agreement and that it would not work for me.
So he says, "I will lower the rate". The monthly payment stays the same.
I come to find out that they quoted me  monthly payment at more than twice the interest rate that they quoted. That allowed Shaz, a total thief, to "lower the rate" and leave total monthly payment the same.

In the end I am paying a total of $1,460 more for the car than I would have if they had not lied to me.

Be warned, they are liars and thieves and they will rip you off.

Do not buy a car from these guys, you will pay more than you could have because they will lie cheat and steal their way into a sale.

Dana M. | 2010-12-13

I worked with James on buying a factory new Jeep. This is my second time buying a factory new Jeep, (10 years ago in Massachusetts) and this experience was horrendous. James was fine at selling me the car up front, his price was adequate, $1000 over invoice, I know he can do better but I agreed to it and left my deposit. He said 6-8 weeks and I walked out of there happy. Three days later I got an email letting me know the VIN was ready, cool, and it would be completed the week of the 18th (week 7).  Great I thought, that's right on time. On week 2 I got another email saying it would leave the factory on the 25th, (week 8) but that's Thanksgiving week so I figured fine, it might make it before but probably won't. On the 24th (week 8), since I had not heard from him, I inquired about the status update, and he told me it has been built but is in storage and they're going on union break. I asked if this mean it would be another 3 weeks (week 11) and I asked for a price cut. He denied it, claimed the factory is having trouble keeping up with demand, and insisted it would arrive on the 13th (week 10). On Friday the 10th (week 10) he called me and said "it was here". It was being delivered that night, Friday, and he'd be able to prep it Saturday morning and I could come get it Saturday afternoon, he'd call me when it was ready. Saturday morning, no phone call, Saturday afternoon, no phone call. Finally I wrote to him asking what was up and he replied that it had not come. He explained that it would arrive Monday (the 13th) for sure and I should come pick it up between 9am and 4pm. Don't know about anyone else, but I have a job, and can't make it 10 miles across town, sign all those papers and be back on my lunch break.

Overall, I started happy, I think James is a smart, knowledgeable salesman who is passionate about his product.

Update: took a 2 hour lunch break to go sign papers and got my jeep. too bad the interior leather is a hideous color (quite unexpectedly).

Kimberly E. | 2010-11-03

my experience was very irritating. my salesman was ok but the sales manager was very pushy. i know his full name but lets just call him tony t. he's the asian guy that works there. buying a car is not like buying a pair of jeans. everyone wants to make sure the price is right and that they're making the right decision. this is a long term commitment. he was hovering over me and my boyfriend trying to force us to make a decision. we had only been there for 20 mins. he was extremely rude. when i'd ask him to let us decide for a moment he'd come back in no time. when i finally decided to buy the car (which i shouldn't purchased from there) the salesman not the rude sales manager said he had to pick up my car from another dealership and tony t. said i should tip him for picking the car up. to me that wasn't funny that was f!@#$%^ rude! i would not recommend purchasing a car there. as you can see they have almost 50 reviews with a 2 star average.

Nick C. | 2010-08-31

I went to look at a mini cooper nearby but found it was sold by the time I got over there. While driving home disappointed I saw one sitting out front of this dealership. I figured I'd stop by and take a look.

I went to look, the salesman approached me and we checked out the car. Stickshift. Damn. Do you have any others? Oh, one more? Damn. Stickshift.

Take it for a drive? Nah, it's a type S so it costs too much and it's a stick. Okay, fine, we'll take it for a spin.

HOLY CRAP! This thing is AWESOME! Too expensive though. You want to run numbers? Well I know you aren't going to be able to drop the car low enough for me to afford it. I'm not even sure I can get financed for the $10-12k I think I want to spend. Okay, I'll give you 20 minutes.

What do I want to pay? $1000 down and $250/mo. Maybe $1500 and $267/mo. I know, that's only about $10k...

Three tries and about 30 minutes later, they met my numbers by discounting the car and dropping my interest rate (not 'prime' credit mind you). Out of there with oil change coupons and a $20 gas voucher.

When the contract was finally done, they actually dropped my interest rate another 3/4% which surprised me, since they usually jack it up to pad their profits.

Not too shabby. Better than being raked over the coals by Courtesy Chevrolet last time I bought a car... Give these guys a shot if you're in the area. I still don't see where they screwed me in the deal... I was going to give them 4 stars, but I can't think of anything bad on their end to justify docking them the full 5 stars.

Akuma C. | 2010-08-29

NEGATIVE 1,000,000 STARS!!!! Was told by 2 employees (middle eastern descent) to "Go back to China" and "Leave before we call the cops on you" while leaving today!!! RACIST comments at a car dealership!?!?!?! C'mon!!!!!!

Catherine B. | 2010-08-22

Terrible people and terrible service

Heather F. | 2010-07-30

Please beware! I have come to this dealer a few times since my dealership closed. I can tell you I will not go back to this dealership. They gave me a quote for my service at the beginning of the day, then called and it was more than DOUBLE the amount of original quote. I picked up my car at the end of the day and was surpised to see the large monetary difference between parts and labor costs. They had my car for 9 hours and charged me for 14.25 hours. My car wasn't running properly about a month later so I took it back and explained I was not going to pay for them to fix their mistakes. I spoke to the Service Manager. He was less than friendly when I asked about the charges incurred on my bill. He explained service charges are flat rates, not per hour and each services is charged separately.  Please find a local shop that charges appropriately for services.

Calvin C. | 2010-07-26

If I could give 0 Zero stars , I would!!  I went last Friday, man.... these people are liars and crooks.... pay attention to your quotation they can massage unrelated expense after the fact.

It's so unprofessional there! Especially this pacific island guy, works in financing, tried to con us the price that was prequoted by the manager!

To say the least, some of the employees started a farting contest in front of the door in front of me and other clients!

Seriously .... horrible!!!!

Nicohle B. | 2010-07-20

Bought a car here on Friday, the salesmen Derrick was really nice, not pushy and respectable.  I explained my issues and what I was looking for, which happened to be a car for my mother.  Found a car that she liked and bought the car.  Since then horrible! we bought the car late at night and Derrick and the Manager said to come back the next day for detailing and fill up on gas.  My mom takes it back the next day and they scratch and damage the front right fender area.  THey try to blame my mother, who had drove it from our house to the delaership. They finally try to fix but they  damaged some pins in the bumper not a problem, just get it fixed.  THey said it would be ready today, just called and not ready and not only that, the manager who was helping us, is not there and the other manager knows nothing about it.  THIS IS NOT OKAY.  We have a loaner and its almost out of gas, and we need a car, since my mom is the only one who is on the car, she is the only one who can drive it. Again our inconvience.  

SO, even with the niceness of Derrick, dont go here.  They will just damage the new car you bought from them and try to blame it on you and then not know anything afterwards. I was going to go back and purchase a Jeep Commander, but Honda and their Pilots are looking nice right about now.  I had even told Derrick that i was going to go purchase a Pilot and he talked to me extensively about the Commander but now, my original thought of Honda is back and cemented in. This service is horrible!!

Steve M. | 2010-07-13

We went here looking for a new car. The guys became really pushy trying to sell us crap. I wanted a Nitro and they kept pushing a Journey at first. When they finally started trying to sell me a brand new Nitro, they started over whelming my girlfriend and I, bombarding us from different directions. A guy named Mario seemed ok, but when he called Tony(I think) over, that's when everything went downhill. He became more than a little pushy and when we said our biggest fear was having too much debt he said "that's America, were all in debt". That's when we walked away. Luckily I still wanted a Dodge.

Kristina W. | 2010-06-21

I went here to test drive a 2010 Challenger, we all know how that goes. Needless to say, I now own it. My sales person was Philip Davis. He was not pushy and felt more like a friend trying to help out( damn, he's GOOD!). We had a few kinks here and there, but all turned out well so far and I really love my car. If anything changes, I'll update. :D

Sarah T. | 2010-06-17

Don't go if don't plan on buying whatever they tell you to! The salesman was nice enough at first. When I saw in there lot that the car I was looking for wasn't there I told them thanks but no thanks. Sadly he convinced me to look at another car. It took a good ten minutes to find the car he was thinking of. One of the other salesmen had been driving it so he had to run all over the place just to find that person and get the keys. Then the guy has to take out the stuff he had in that car for me to drive it. It was a nice car. Not the car I wanted but I thought I'd keep an open mind. DON'T do this! Not here. There was no price on the car and it had so many extras like seat warmers and such that we kept telling him that this has to be out of our price range. He just keeps saying "well lets see what we can do, this is a year old than the other one you looked at"
After we were done driving the car we went inside to see "what they could do with the price" That's when Tony came into the picture. The manager. He was so pushy!
It was a joke and a huge waste of time! The lowest they could go was $2,000 more than my approved loan. I told them sorry this isn't going to work.
This is where I got really frustrated. No matter how many times or how many ways we said we couldn't do that price they just kept at us. I told them that I understood they had a bottom line, but it just didn't meet my budget. We were litterally backing out of the dealership trying to get away. That's when they wanted me to look at another car. I said no thanks. The "seemed" confused as to why not. I told them point blank that I was feeling presure from them and was done with look at cars here.
After we finally got out of the building the sales man comes running out to apologize. Ok that was nice....... if that had been the end of it.
We got in our car and even had it in reverse and he came running out again to ask if I wanted to look at another car. We had to say NO we are done.

Half an hour later I get a call from a number I don't know and let it go to voice mail. It was the salesman apologizing again and hoped that the pressure they showed didn't discourage us from buying from them. WHAT? ........ Again this isn't over

The next day I get a couple of calls from another unknown number. I finally answer it cause I'm sick and tired of it ringing. This time it's tony wanting to apologize. This would be fine I SUPPOSE if it hadn't been a means to an end. Both of them tried to sell me on the car again! ...... Still not over

A week later I got another voice mail telling me that they had a mini cooper that I might like. WTF!!! I had spent forever with these people talking about the jeeps or suvs that I liked.

I had to call back to tell them to stop harassing me. Neither of them were available, probably good for their sake. I made sure that my message was clear that I did not want any more calls not even to apologize.

I do believe that our salesman was a nice guy and probably would make an even better one if he didn't have Tony as his boss as I am certain that all the pressure is coming from him. But that is speculation and experience in the retail world.

If you don't mind being pushed and pushed and pushed and never being listened to, go ahead. But if you want a hassle free shopping experience go somewhere else.

Brian D. | 2010-06-01

I am reviewing their service only.  On the positive side, I will say that the service adviser was up-front about what services he wanted to sell me, and what it would cost me.  On the negative side, I could have easily spent an unnecessary $1000 if I did not know anything about cars, because he tried to sell me on a bunch of things that I did not really need.  All I needed was new utility belts for my 1996 Caravan.  But on the positive side, the service adviser did not put on the hard sell when I told him "no" to all the extras that I did not really need, and he even mildly agreed with me that I would probably be okay without the offered extra services.  So I would say that this repair shop is expensive, like any car dealer, but not dishonest.  And they did a fine job on replacing the belts.

Amelia M. | 2010-05-03

I am happy with my Chrysler Town and Country I bought last Friday evening -  though this dealership is working on some things that need attention, that's okay.  First let me say that I am not the type to complain easily about service - won't even complain if my food is served in a restaurant not quite as warm as it should be!  Though I am happy with my purchase, I was astounded at the lack of respect and consideration and the aggressive sales tactics shown by sales management.  It took my son in law only a few minutes - he was with me -  to decide to go to a different dealership for the purchase of his own new van!  Full marks to the sweet young receptionist who was especially helpful and gracious, and who knows, at her young age, that treating people with dignity goes a long way.

Andres and Samantha P. | 2010-04-29

HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE PLACE TO BUY YOUR CAR! DON'T GO THERE!!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND HARD EARNED MONEY! Learn from our mistake. But if you must go, stay away from Justin! He's a liar, does you dirty, does and says anything for a sale. All I can say is, how does he sleep at night? We just bought our car a little less than 2 weeks ago, and it's already in the shop :( I wish I could rate this differently because it doesn't even deserve a star.

Stephanie G. | 2010-04-10

I am reviewing their service only, not the car.  

Every time my fiance brings his car there for a service, whether or not we have an appointment, we are waiting anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour in line.  They only appear to have one person checking people in, and for some reason, checking each car takes about 10+ minutes.  It is not very efficient, and there really is no clear purpose in having an appointment if we are going to be there an hour on top of that.  It is extremely frustrating, and happens each and every time we go there, no matter how early.  If there was another one close by, we would go there instead.

Wendy L. | 2010-04-10

First and foremost I want to say I love my Chrysler. Ive had it for 10 years and it hasnt done me wrong yet. But Im car searching and thought I would go back here since this is where I bought my Chrysler I have.
This had to be the worst experience EVER and Im not kidding. My credit isnt the best but who is stupid enough to buy a car and pay the same amount of the car in finance charges?  I told them about my credit,  what I had for a down payment, monthly payments I want to make and car that I wanted (Chrysler 300 SRT-8) and I didnt want them to run my credit until they were positive they could give it to me, they assured me they would take care of me and make it happen!. The pressure was extreme. It was an uncomfortable situation and I got sick to my stomach in the end. They tried selling me something I didnt want and ripping me off for what I wanted. In the end I left without purchasing, they ran my credit anyways and I have vowed to NEVER go back. I couldnt hardly leave the place they were trying to push whatever car they could on me and make the sale. They didnt return my car registration. I called and asked them to hang onto it for me. When I went back down they had shredded it! You couldnt give me money to return there. What happened to the good old Chrysler it used to be? I guess everyone is money hungry and customer satisfaction is of little value. Good Luck selling cars Assholes Im telling everyone I know not to go there...... Justin the salesman asked me for a tip as I was leaving. I have a tip for you, think outside of the box and genuinely make your customers happy. Money comes and goes but a return customer could be repeat pay. Not to mention they will tell their friends about you which is more money again. DUH!

John I. | 2010-03-30

Ha... Jeep Chrysler Dodge...
I think I could spend the whole day writing all the bad experiences I had here. So Let's start.

First, the day I purchased the car. I got a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. As people say, great on the outside / inside, but the engine / mechanics... piece of shit ! I really mean it.
So when I bought the car, everybody was so nice, they almost bought me lunch.
But the next day, when I found that 2 speakers were broken and there was a crack on the window, nobody could help me. Of course it's my mistake, but I couldn't find anyone that could help me, except "go here to fix it", or "pay that"...

Few months later, I started to have serious issue : the car was stalling in the middle of the road ! For no reason (it may be warm, cold, after 5min or 3h drive). A search on the web told me that those cars had issue from 1998 to 2008. Yeah, even the latest models. And there was only a recall for the 2008 models. Owner of previous version just had to stay in that rolling coffin or pay more than $1000 to change the PCM. What is it ? Oh, nothing, just the brain of the car (which handle all the electronics part)... Pretty scary huh.

I tried everything, talk to the manager, telling that it was a shame to sell such kind of cars. Nothing I could get. I had to pay $150 to investigate the problem, then $1000 to purchase the part and replace it. What other choice I had ? I purchased the car fro $16.000 I didn't want to say goodbye !

6months later, clutch fan broken.

Another 6months later, axle shaft broken.

Again, 6months later, axle seal broken (and of course, they couldn't see that the seals were bad when they changed the shaft).

All those repairs were $1000 each.

I had no choice but to keep the car. They offered trade-in ($2500 for my jeep, thanks).

I really hate those cars, and those people are sharks ($900 for a 30.000 miles visit). Only a guy named Scott working in the parts department was very friendly.
I think he has a really good job since those cars are broken all the time.

So my advice ? Never, never buy a jeep !

John G. | 2010-03-19

This place is a comedy dealership - TERRIBLE experience here.

I was in San Jose looking at another car which I was thinking of purchasing from a private seller, on the way back I passed this place and seen that they had a nice looking BMW out front so I decided to stop and take a quick look at it. Big mistake!

So I walked over to the car within 30 seconds a salesman is on my back telling me its fully loaded, one owner, has a full service history and that it, a 2002 540i with 85,000 miles was ONLY $19,000 - about $5000 overpriced, especially as it was far from loaded, no shiftronic gearbox, no CD changer, no heated seats and the cream leather was covered is dark stains. A bad example of the base model 540i.

Anyway, he has the key in his hand and asks me if I want to go for a test drive, figured I'd see what a 540 is like to drive so I said yes....

1. The battery is flat in the car, so he goes to get a jumper box, when he returns he has no idea that the battery for BMW's is actually in the trunk, I knew this, but it was to much fun watching him try to pretend like he knew what he was doing lifting up every plastic lid in the engine, eventually I feel so bad I tell him.

2. The car eventually comes to life, awful grinding noise coming from the transmission and plumes of dark smoke are coming from the exhaust, he tells me that's normal as the car has not been run in awhile ...hhmmmmm

3. So he backs the car out of its spot then out onto Steven's Creek, reeving the car like crazy and asking me to tune the radio into a certain frequency....I ask why do we need to radio on and he does not respond, I guess to try and hide the noise coming from the transmission?

4. We get literally 150 yards down the street and the car breaks down, completely dies.....we are in the middle of the road, its pouring rain and we have to both get out and push the car into the Smart car dealership.

5. He blames the battery - remember the car has not been run in awhile, so runs into the Smart dealership to borrow a booster box to jump start the car, he spends 20 minutes in the rain trying to get the car to start but has no luck.....tries to keep me entertained by cracking jokes, comparing the cost of a Smart car to the cost of the wig the sales guy in the showroom was wearing

6. He tells me we have to walk back to the dealership as everyone with a car is on lunch - no one can come get us, we now have to walk across Steven's Creek road stopping traffic while getting soaking wet.

7. He tells me to sit down while he goes and gets a towel only to return with paperwork & application forms for financing....he and his boss then spend the next 20 minutes pressure selling, trying every trick in the book to sell me the car, they actually wanted me to purchase then and there! After all of that!! They even told me I can bring the car back in a few days if I am not happy with it and they will give me my money back.

In the end I just got up and walked out, my patience finally ran out.

Brody D. | 2010-02-11

"Hey buddy i'm just trying to make a living to feed my family at the dealership
it's inapprpriate to say that i don't look like i got a driver's license. Well
this kid without a driver's license makes a lot more money than you do so thanks
for the compliment saying how young i look."

News message sent to me directly from a man named JT

Besides the poor grammar and spelling this is just another indication why they have a 1.5 Star Review! SAD SAD THEY MAKE MY JEEP CRY@@@@

Emmanuel C. | 2010-01-26

My family and my girl have bought 3 cars from them and the service is always honest. Trust me! i rather have them be straight up about what is being sold to me and what i can realistically can get into. My experience was great I went to the dealer with just hopes that i could get into a car after being to at least 6+ dealers that said NO! They told me exactly what i could get into and pay a monthly that was adequate to what i needed, and i walked out with a Charger. They really take care of those folks who refer, but other than that one star less because never take your car for service their, it will cost ya! BTW ask for Phoung he can get ya into a car, and plus he's got tons of hooks ups and good prices for any add ons you want to do to your car.

Dung N. | 2010-01-15

I was looking for a second car since I'm constantly running up the mileage on my current car. I usually dread going to any car dealership because I feel like the sales people will bombard me left and right. Car salesmen tend to look at you with a sales tactic, a game plan. On top of that, if you're a only makes it easier for the salesmen to do what they do, satisfying themselves and all the while leaving you confused. Sound familiar?

I pulled up to the lot and was greeted by a young, skinny man who asked the reason for my visit and I told him my situation. I told him my price range and what I was looking for as a second car. It was like explaining to him how I wanted my second boyfriend. I want it to be simple, convenient, reliable and most importantly...saving me some money! As we took a walk around the lot, he walked  me over to his manager, Tony. The first guy briefly repeated what I had already mentioned to him and it was a smooth transition upon approaching me. I had a lot of questions and he took the time to break down what was best and directed me to a couple of cars. It wasn't until I sat in the third car he showed me that I knew it was the one. I found my second boyfriend =].

I came here scared of feeling used and tossed around, but instead I left happy knowing that not all salesmen are the same. Tony really took the time to understand my situation and didn't push me too much over my limit. I'm so glad I was brave enough to come here, all skepticism aside.

Antoinette N. | 2010-01-14

I had been looking for a new car to buy for a while now and what better place to go to than down Stevens Creek Boulevard? I decided to turn into CJD and right when I pulled up, there was someone already there ready to greet me. So far so good.

He introduced himself and asked me what I was looking for. I am pretty skeptical of car dealers but he did not seem phony at all. He was genuine, knowledgeable on his cars, and listened to my inputs. I told him what I had in mind, and he pointed out a few options that not only fit my description of the perfect car, but one that would be suitable for my lifestyle. (ie. work, driving long distances, gas mileage)

I had such a good experience that I went home with a car that day and decided to write a yelp review. I am surprised to see that people would hate on this dealership. very unexpected! If you do come here, go to Johnny To. He was helpful and most importantly, I went home a satisfied customer with a brand new car.

SANTIAGO L. | 2010-01-13

I Will never go back even if they pay me to go back

Sale: I bought my car their 300c because i had a friend that work as a tech and so i when their and let them know what i wanted . And they had a the car but took way too long. I have bin with other people to go buy car and was poor to fair service so will not buy an other car from them and will no send any one their . (unless I dint like you go buy from them ) ;-)

Service: I work in the automotive industry so my standers may be high but their service suck B***'s and really will no take may car their no even to change my oil I will have my 3yr old do it for my and he wont damage my car . So took my car for some recall on moon-roof and left front door Handel replacement . So i had to call them 3-4 time to check when they would have my parts once i had the parts, I when and drive up and it must of take 10min for some one to come out and take my car. know for some one that does this for a living i was testing them and get bet a biggg fat F- . Your customer should never have to wait more than 2-3min. To even get acknowledge. And when their done i come and pick up my car same thing take too long getting my car from the back and when i get home notice that my baby seat was move so hook it back up and when i close the door notice a scratch on the door . So have to take time out to take it back and show it to them and they don't know what to say but since i took it back the same day he said" Oh okay will take care of it" No sorry for the mishap of anything like that but the scratch is so small i just let it go rather than having to deal with them ever again.......

so if your okay with poor to no service i recomend you use them but if you want service with a smille go to BK at least you
get your way....

C C. | 2009-12-07

i would give them zero stars if i could...

the service department is completely unhelpful and not at all knowledgeable.  i barely know anything about cars, but i have done enough research on my car's particular problem to know that the service guy i spoke with was a complete idiot and does not know what the hell he is talking about.

i will NEVER be contacting them again.

Ramona R. | 2009-12-04

So I posted this sometime I think in July when I purchases my new jeep.  Well here is another tail of this saga.  When I bought my 08 jeep I had paid up front to have a factory hitch installed.  So to my surprise a couple of weeks ago, I happened to look at the hitch and noticed there was no wiring!!!  Who in the heck installs a hitch with no wiring!  Luckily, I noticed it before I actually tried to tow anything!  I called the Service Dept, and they acted like, oh did you ask for it?  I spent alot of money to get that factory hitch!!  What do you mean, did I ask for wiring?  I'm sorry but only an idiot would have ever had a hitch installed with no wiring!!  I had to wait a few days for the Service guy to get ahold of a sales person to okay completing a job that should of been done in the first place!  So finally get the approval and they get the parts in, I take my jeep in, and should be just for the day, well of course not!  They ordered the wrong parts!  So had to leave my jeep over night, of course they gave me a rental, a piece of crap Toyota Yaris, geez that was a joke!  But okay, I'll give them alitte credit, they did finally finish the job the correct way, but the bottom line is, I should of never had to bring it back!
I'm going to elaborate on what my friend has already mentioned.  Yes, the first time we went to the dealership, those guys wouldn't get the clue when I said I just started my search, I will not be buying a car today!  After that fiasco, decided to try and go through my credit union.  They offered incentives by going through their website, so that just meant I did get a better deal but was able to deal with the fleet manager.  Which made a world of difference!  I did get a great deal on the jeep I found and I'm still happy with my new jeep and the price I got it for.  What I'm not happy about is the finance guy.  When I went into his office, I made it more then clear I wanted to finance this through my credit union, he even went as far as to show me their rates on their home page on his computer.  On the actual contract it doesn't state anywhere on it who is financing the loan.  I didn't find out till a couple of weeks later that he pulled a fast one!  I received my first payment coupon from a bank I have never heard of.  So he went ahead and had my new car financed through another bank, without my knowledge!  I was furious, not only did he not do what I wanted, the interest rate was a bit higher!  The first thing I did was check all my paperwork to see if I blew it by signing the contract and not noticing the financing information, but as I stated earlier, none of that information is provided.  I immediately called to speak with the GM and he said he would have to talk to finance guy first, I made it very clear what he did was completely shady and I was pissed, it wasn't like he saved my money, he cost me more!

TONY H. | 2009-11-25

This place is unreal!! I called to get the parts dept was transfered and had to leave a voicemail 5 times in a 3 day period with no return call. Have ordered parts from a john and a dean and not only got a very rude tone from both of them but they never order your parts!!!!!!! They never fax you pictures they say they will or never ever call you back!!!!! This is unreal and how does upper management not know this is going on????? Heres a clue to the gm go to parts write up the manager and tell him or her that they have one week to get this together and here is another clue!!! If you dont believe me call them yourself to what kind of parts department you have! It is very unfortunate they are the only dealer in the area and they act like it!!! I now go to normandin on capitol expressway and recomend you do to. I did have one good experience with a counter person named juan who did what said he would and ordered my parts correctly. But still have the problem of ever getting to talk to someone with out going to voicemail!!!

Tammie B. | 2009-11-14

I recently had the experience of going to Stevens Creek Chrysler as the Fremont Chrysler closed down; that is where I bought my 2008 Chyrsler Pacifica.  My car is under warranty and my regular service was due and I also wanted to tell them about some lights that came on the week prior.  Stevens Creek is the closest dealership that I went to as all the others had closed.  I was able to get in on a Saturday; I know that Saturdays are pretty busy and the wait would be a while, but that is typical for any  dealership.

The Service Manager, Dan helped me and was very helpful and friendly.  He got me in and gave my car to the service tech, Kurt; I waited until my car was ready.  I agree with the one reviewer that the waiting room is not so good, but I disagree about the ladies at the desk being rude as they were nice and friendly towards me.

My car was serviced and I was ready to go about an hour later. Dan took me in to the cashier who was very nice by the way and I got my keys.   Unfortunately, on Sunday my tire pressure light came on and then those same lights came back on Monday.  I was able to get an appointment for that Tuesday morning.  Busy as always, but I am a very patient person laughing at those thinking that because they walk up to the service office that things will stop for them...LOL!  Kurt worked on my car again and fixed the problem.  I was out again from the dealership, but the lights came back on and i made a quick u-turn back to the dealership.  Turns out the part was faulty and they had to order another part so I had to go back on Wednesday.  Not a problem, take it back, wait in line patiently, laugh at the others again and Dan makes sure I am taken care of.  Turns out that there was something deeper that was making the lights go on and they wanted to keep my car.  Kurt worked on it, said it was fixed but wanted to keep it to make sure it was done right.  I liked that he was thorough and made sure I was in the loop of things.

I found out that I get a free one day rental and I was happy about that.  Even the rental guys were nice and friendly!  I got a call from Dan later that day saying that Kurt fixed my car and everything is fine.  I returned the next day, returned the car, and gave the guys donuts for helping me out and taking care of my car.  The staff was very nice and it felt like I knew everyone; they made sure I was ok and if I needed anything.  It is nice to go to a place where they take care of their customers.

I would like to say that the staff especially Dan the Service Manager and Kurt my Service Technician were very professional, friendly and nice to work with.  I look forward to bringing my car in for service because I know that I will get taken care of.   Compared to the Fremont one, I would have to say that Fremont sucked ass and their sales staff were a bunch of vulchers!  The staff at the Fremont one were not very friendly at all and they don't even talk to you!  

Thank you Dan and Kurt for taking care of me and my car!  I give this dealership 5 stars for the service and if I were to buy a car from there....I would!!

Mc N. | 2009-10-28

Horrible dealership!

The employees are terrible. Salesman circle the parking lot like vultures. I've had to take my brand new car back to them 4-5 times because of screw-ups that should have NEVER happened. Whenever I have to go back I hold my breath knowing that they've messed something else up... AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Everyone is constantly trying to pass the buck rather than actually deal with and help the customer.

Yousef R. | 2009-10-09

There isn't an option for one star, but there should be for places like this. The salespeople here are straight up rude and disrespectful. I went with my girlfriend to look at cars for her graduation gift. They seemed nice at first, overattentive like most. But that's not what pissed us off the most.

The first salesman, a little 18 year old looking prick asked her what kind of car she wanted. She replied that she wanted something fast. He replied in a sarcastic tone: "What do YOU need that for? Why don't you just just a cute civic or something, we have one in the corner?" he says in a condescending tone and chuckles to himself. Wrong thing to insult your customer. Wrong thing to say when your a DODGE dealership. Wrong thing to say to a girl just because she's Asian. She probably knows more about cars than you do jackass. I would have told him to piss off but I have more class than that. If she wants a fast car, that's what she wants? And who cares if she won't use the power (and she will believe me) how would that make her and different than all the other geezers in the Bay Area that drives powerful cars 50 mph in the fast lane? Give the customer what they want, even if you judge people on their appearances.

We complained about the first guy to the manager, but he didn't seem to give a rat's ass and gave us a half-heated apology. The second salesman seemed polite, but kinda phony at the same time. We told him that we were here to LOOK today, but she was going to buy a car SOON. He must have ignored that part because after showing us some cars and making small talk he says:

"You told me know guys wanted to buy a car TODAY"
"We never said that. Actually we told you at the beginning that we were looking at some of our options"
"Well since you guys aren't serious I have to go help some people that actually want to buy"

He hands us his card and walks away. He would have been the only person there that was actually tolerable if he didn't act like a douche at the end. Turns out those "people" just wanted servicing. Probably transmission problems too. The best part was he said the PT Cruiser had the same engine as a Lancer Evolution, just before claiming he "built motors". What an ass.

And she was serious about buying a car. She did get one, but not from here.

Abdul Hamid A. | 2009-09-15

Their service department does not pick up the phone, period!

tuan n. | 2009-08-06

hmmmm really bad service , i never never come back again  and vote not even 1 star , i' m sorry  oh man i have to vote 1 star

Taylor S. | 2009-06-28

I took my car here to be serviced under warranty this winter. I bought my caliber from Redwood City Dodge which has since gone under, and this was the closest Dodge dealership to me.  I needed one recalled part fixed and an oil change. Everything went fine, but it took nearly 3 hours and it was pouring that day so I had to sit with an unhappy infant in a wet uncomfortable waiting room  for what seemed like an eternity, but that's not really their fault. What is their fault is the waiting room, though- it's got like, an 8" black and white TV that wasn't even on, some US Weekly's from 2005, and free coffee. Does the fun ever stop? And the ladies at the desk? Not so friendly...

After I left, I got about halfway home and realized they forgot to reset my 'oil change' light. Great. I didn't have time to go back, so I had to go back another day. Thankfully when i went back it only took a minute or two, and they were very apologetic. I'll go here again because there's no other dodge dealership around, but next time I'll go on a sunny day so I don't have to wait in their TERRIBLE waiting room.

ray r. | 2009-06-20

Just purchased a car here on June 3rd have had it one week and the ABS BREAK light went on so took the car in for service and has been there ever since . Service department tells me "it will be ready tomorrow" every time I finally get a hold of someone but tomorrow never comes . I now know I made a huge mistake by purchasing a car from Chrysler jeep will never return or refer anyone only worn people to stay away or they too can be had. will update if I ever see my car again
thanks for reading now I have to go catch a bus.

Jennifer S. | 2009-06-03

You are gonna love this...

Five weeks ago I take my wagon in for some noise in the wheel.  After having it for four days (I had to call them each day to find out the status of my little fridge) they say that it needs a new wheel but it is on back order and I won't get the wheel for 2-3 weeks.  So I wait 4 weeks and then call for the status of my wheel.  I made 2 calls and then the 3rd call to the service manager who tells me he will call me back in 45 minutes.  A day later and no phone call so I call him back.  He says he will call me back in an hour.  He does call back and tells me that my wheel has been at the dealership for 3 weeks now.  I asked him why no one bothered to call me.  He says his parts department dropped the ball and he apologizes.
So I make an appointment for the very next Monday to get the damn wheel on.  I am in the waiting area for over an hour and my cell phone rings.  It's the advisor who helped me an hour ago telling me the my wheel cannot be located and the service appointment cannot be completed.  Oh it get's better.  I call the service manager and ask him what happened to the wheel that was supposedly there on Friday.  He says that he's not sure and he can't ask because the parts manager doesn't work on Mondays (figures).  Then the service manager has the nerve to tell me that the parts department said that they contacted me 3 weeks ago when the wheel arrived.  Now why the hell would I be going through this if I was called about my wheel.  Geez.  Then I ask the service manager to speak with the parts manager and to please give me a call back to let me know what happened with the wheel.  Well it's Wednesday at 4:30 and guess what no call yet.  

Please do not use Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge at all.  I went there a while back when I was looking for my car and their sales team was the worst and then you have to put up with the crappy service department who don't seem to care at all....

jay-tee j. | 2009-05-20

This was my second time buying a car so I was familiar with the market and knew exactly what I wanted and my price range BEFORE going to the dealership. I came to the dealership with my sister and was looking to buy  a 2008 pt cruiser. As we got to the dealership we were approach by a gentlemen who we found was very knowledgeable about the model of the car. The salesmen walked us towards the parked pt cruiser and as I looked around at the sticker price, I was a bit hesitant because the price was listed a bit too high for my price range. I bluntly told the salesmen that the price was too much and before I could say another line, he tells me that his manager can work out a great deal. So he offered my sister and I to take a test drive and as we return to the dealership I wanted to hear from his manager what he meant when he said that he can offer me a great deal.

As the manager approach, I was ready for the negotiation. I was expecting an older gentlemen, but instead the manager was quite young. Either way I was ready to call him out on "a great deal". I told him what I wanted my monthly payments to be and roughly how much I am willing to pay for the vehicle. He reviewed my considerations and basically laid it out on the table. Instead of speaking lies, like many other dealerships I been to, the manager met me half way. My monthly payments turned out to be less than what I intended it to be before I walked in the dealership and the deal I got on the vehicle was way better than the previous dealership I been to.

My overall experience was quite better than some that I have been to. The salesmen and his manager knew what I wanted and worked with it. There was never a run-around about the price, instead we got down to business and I got a great deal. I will definitely return in five years to purchase another vehicle from this dealership!

Jen M. | 2009-05-06

Avoid this dealership at all costs.

Tried to buy a car here and they screwed me. FYI, since the promotion ended on Thursday I was on a time line. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work for them.

Saturday went in to test drive. They didn't have the car I wanted but he said he could locate one.

Sunday called me to say that they had located a car and we negotiated. After giving me an insulting value for my trade in we agreed on a price for the new car.

Monday they called to say they have the car, I can come on Wednesday to pick it up.

Wednesday called to say he didn't actually have the car, that the car had been sold last weekend. He wasn't sure why he forgot to tell me that three days ago. Oh and if I want a car I have to buy a different, much more expensive one. Total bait and switch bull shit.

This is the point where I hung up and called the Salinas Jeep which got me the exact car I wanted with no lies and a reasonable trade in value on my old car. Again, avoid this place at all costs.

Lara N. | 2009-05-06

Don't even think about taking your Jeep here for service...

They should get one of those YELP signs for their front door, but it would say:

PEOPLE HATE US ON YELP!  Because they suck!

Thomas F. | 2009-04-24

They would not do a recall without a $100 diagnostic fee!

It is a freaking recall!  They are required to do this free by the feds!

Companies like this, should go out of business!

Paula F. | 2009-03-16

I don't think they even deserve ONE STAR but there is no option for ZERO stars!!!!! I have a 2007 Caliber....under warranty  light has been on and off for a few days so we call to schedule appointment. "Sure. Bring it in on Saturday." Great! "What time?" "Oh, I'd say around 8." Perfect. As I'm waiting in my car for the service rep. I see ONE guy who looks cranky as hell going to the first car in front of me....(4 of 8:10) and was gone. Didn't see him for a while. By the time I was was 9:05!!! AN HOUR AND FIVE MINUTES....WITH APPOINTMENT! ARGH! Guy was pist helping me. My car hasn't been there before because we used to go to Sunnyvale dealership and they've closed so we went the this location. He had to enter all my info and says the my VIN # doesn't come up! He says that's weird....I say what's really weird is there is a line of 5 cars behind me with appointments and only one service rep!!!! Seriously? I tell him what's going on....the exterior window panel is fading (he wrote INTERIOR) AND I told him that the engine light goes ON AND OFF not ON all the time. When I dropped off the car it was off...had been off for two days. I get a message saying that it's going to cost my $145 because apparently it looks like someone tried to put an invalid key in the ignition.....perhaps it was me since my husband has a Dodge Magnum from these buttholes!!!!! So, he says he's NEVER in all his years seen such a thing...."that'll be $145." WHAT???? Oh ya! Then he says he can't do anything about the manager on Monday and tell him that we are being penalized for having two Dodge cars but he probably won't reverse the charges. Boy, the guy finally said something right! The Manager DID NOT reverse the charges! Not only do I NOT recommend this place I will NEVER buy any Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep ANYTHING!!! These guys are CROOKS!!!!

Mary J. | 2009-02-25

No Stars.  Suave Service Manager, but this dealership is fraudulent and dishonest. I paid $145 to have a "diagnosis" and labor estimate for disabling or removing a malfunctioning alarm system. My mistake...
Four hours later I was told it would take $958. to remove the 'labor intensive" alarm system, and further I needed major repairs to the rear
master brake cylinder (real safety threat) and a list of other needs:
Belts etc. bringing the total to well over $2200.  I came back to get my car at once.
The "almost new" remote somehow could not be found... never was.
I took the car in immediately to my local mechanic with my tale of woe.
He removed the wiring, checked all the "must do repairs"  He found
nothing wrong with my car, listed what he checked and signed his name.
Bill: $120.   Asking for a refund of my "estimate fees" was met with "of course not!"  I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau asap.  Local Mechanic?  check auto repairs Sunnyvale Le's Auto Repair

BILL B. | 2009-02-10

Have a friend who bought a new (2007) pickup truck from this dealership more than 3 weeks ago.  He still doesn't have it!  He bought it and they were to install two items- one being remote ignition and their story is they are havign trouble installing the remote ignition.  This is not a new dealership and remote ignition should be a snap for journeyman mechanic.  If they don't have the know how there, they either shouldn't have made the deal, or should have stepped up and farmed out the ignition job in the first week!  Three weeks later, he just keeps getting the royal runaround & false promises from everyone at the dealership.

Melissa G. | 2009-02-08

NO STARS!!!!!!!!This is the single WORST place to buy a vehicle. We purchased a car from them in May last year and have had nothing but problem after problem with the vehicle. We too bought the car and had problems with it just a few weeks after purchasing, and I mean Major Pipes bursting, car overheating, not starting problems. When we went in to discuss the issue, they insinuated that we somehow caused the problem and did not have to help us, what A**holes! We even had a $2000 extended warranty which did NOT cover the repair, even worse we had to $200 to tow it to their sister VW dealership in Hayward (the repair cost about $1000). This was just the first of THREE other repairs for the same problem! Only one has been covered under warrenty, but we still had to pay a $200 deductable. We are fed up and sick of how we have been treated. I am 7 months pregnant and breakdown over the issues every time, the money for the repairs has all come out of our "Baby Savings". I've gone as far as making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and suggest others who have had similar problems to do so as well, just go to . AND PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO GIVE THESE PEOPLE BUSINESS, DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!

Liquidman .. | 2009-01-06

Really poor service dept. They really don't like giving out the loaner cars even though I have a full 6 year service contract. They don't seem to get that if they just lived up to what you payed for they would get more customers. sad.

Tom N. | 2008-12-29

I sent the same email to three Jeep dealers in the South Bay requesting a quote on a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 5.7L HEMI V8. The other two got back to me with a quote, etc., all the normal stuff, but Stevens Creek wrote back and told me I was requesting an engine that wasn't yet approved for sale in California! Naturally, I went elsewhere and bought exactly what I wanted - with that engine - about two hours ago. This is obviously a small experience, but enough that I would avoid doing business with them even in an emergency.

mark h. | 2008-12-13

this is concerning their service department only:

i was having my 2008 pt cruiser serviced here and found the service people to be rude and unattentive.

on my first oil change, i went in by appointment and waited 20 minutes on the drive before being helped (twice i started walking toward their little service shacks and was asked to wait back by my car to be helped).

the *first* comment the gruff service guy says to me is "already got hit, huh?" while looking at the right front bumper of my car.

"uh, no, that's wax."

"are you sure?"  yeah, since i waxed it yesterday.  "looks like you got hit."

i tell the guy that in addition to the oil change i need them to fix a small piece of trim that's coming loose and examine a rattle that's coming from the back of the car.  as part of my service plan i get a free rental car from the hertz guy on-site who tries to *heavily* up-sell me.

by 10:30 the next morning i haven't heard anything from the dealership so i drive over.  after waiting 15 minutes to talk to anyone i'm told that the car's done, my trim has been ordered and they couldn't reproduce the rattle.

at 6k miles i take my car back for another change.  i wait 15 minutes on the drive and when i hand them the car i say that i still have the rattle -- i'll gladly reproduce it with a tech if they'd like -- and i had a part ordered for the trim that needs to be replaced.

one day later i go in after not being called i'm told it'll take another day to replace the trim and look at the rattle.

the next day i go in, the car's been oil changed but they haven't touched the trim and claimed they weren't able to reproduce the rattle.

i'd gone to stevens creek because they were a so-called 5-star dealer.  fed up, i took it to boardwalk chrysler in redwood city.  they *immediately* reproduced the rattle, took apart the quarter panel in the back, FIXED it and ordered my trim part.

they called me the next day to say they'd had the piece expressed and set an appointment for the following day where it was fixed.

which means boardwalk fixed in two days what stevens creek couldn't do in four months.

the work stevens creek did do on my vehicle was fine.  the way they treated me and their complete unwillingness to help beyond the oil change was both frustrating and baffling.

in short, do not use stevens creek chrysler, do use boardwalk.

Debbi W. | 2008-10-31

Do not use this facility for repair.

My 2004  Dodge Dakota was taken there to have the engine replaced.  It took a full month.  I could never talk to a service person directly and even when I left a message it took 2 days for them to call me back.  They never told me what went wrong that caused the engine to overheat and blow.

Justin S. | 2008-07-21

.Do not ever purchase or have your vehicle serviced at this dealership.  And if you can, stay away from Chrysler as well.
I purchased a new 2007 Chrysler Aspen in February of 2007.  Since the purchase the vehicle has died on the freeway and had to be towed to the dealership no fewer than four times.  With one exception, where they supposedly replaced the main computer (and there is a bit of doubt whether this actually happened) every instance they have claimed they can't find a problem and the car is fine.  I believe that Stevens Creek Chrysler simply and knowingly reset the codes on the computer and returned the vehicle they knew was dangerous to operate, with no regard for our safety.

The customer service here has been horrible, from the service Manager Jim Garcia, who can't ever respond to a phone call, to Ron Wallach the Chrysler Corporation Dealer rep who, by his own admission, does not write and thinks it's perfectly acceptable to have a new car die on the road every few thousand miles.

I have also sent multiple messages and letters to the GM Amir Farsio and the owner Matt Zaheri, with not a single response.

As far as Chrysler Corporate is concerned, they have totally stonewalled any attempt at resolution.  They have consistently pushed this back to Stevens Creek and Ron Wallach, who Chrysler Corporate knows will do nothing to solve it, and claimed that they "can't do anything other than send the file to the dealer and dealer rep"

After the last incident we took the vehicle to another dealership that immediately isolated the problem and replaced the computer.

My experience has not only made me believe that Stevens Creek Chrysler is quite possibly the worst car dealer in existence, but that Chrysler Corporation does not value their customer's patronage or safety.  This entire experience has convinced me that Chrysler is not a company I want to do business with and that Stevens Creek Chrysler is in business for the sole purpose of defrauding their customers

Cheri M. | 2008-05-14

These people really piss me off. I purchased a car there after 4 hours of fighting with the sales people. Got home and the next morning went out to start the car and it wouldnt freaking start. Called the dealership and got a TON of attitude about it. Someone said to me "Well I don't know what you've done to the car but this isn't our fault" I was like dude, i got the car from you less then 24hrs ago and it won't start, just help or get me a new effing battery. After 7+ phone calls and arguing with numerous people I decided to just go with my BF to the place to figure this out face to face. On the way there we get a phone call saying that they will give us a battery just bring the car in. I had told them multiple times before that the car wouldn't start so how the F*** am I supposed to get the car there? Anyways I get there my BF tells them to just give us the battery we'll install it ourselves. Finally after talking to a few different people they agree.

2 weeks later I'm driving my car and it won't go over 25mph its reving high and I figure its not switching into the next gear. I call they say to tow it in, I do. this was on Saturday. The dealership calls me Saturday says they have my car and they will service it Monday morning at 7am and I will be getting a call then. Well Monday rolls around and its 12 and I haven't heard anything so I call and they transfer me to my "advisor" who apparently doesn't work Monday's. He had told me on Saturday that he would call me on Monday, now why the f*ck would he tell me that if he doesn't work Monday?! Idiot. I call back and say that I need to speak with someone else since he isn't there and I need my car back. They transfer me to some guy in services he says well your appt wasnt for 7am or some bullsh*t and that it hasn't been looked at yet and that its in the "line-up". So i ask can you estimate when I will get it back because I kind of need my car? He tells me that they haven't called me because they don't know whats going on, when they do know whats going on they will call me. So the rest of Monday rolls by... Come tuesday morning no call. I call around 10am ask for my advisor who does work on tuesdays they transfer me to him, he doesn't answer, I leave a message. Come 12:30 still no call, I call again get transfered again, No answer. So at around 2 i call again and tell them I need to speak with a manager because I've called multiple times and have heard nothing back. My car has been there since saturday 4 DAYS and no one has even called me. She puts me on hold for awhile, gets on the phone and says "do you realize we are closed on Sunday's and we couldn't get to it?" NO i did not know that, it is your job to tell your customer these things and thats beside the point because my appointment was Monday 7am. Its now Tuesday 2pm and no one has had the decency of calling me. Finally after holding a few min they transfer me to someone in services, the guy tells me they ran diagnostics, drove the car and can't find anything wrong. Soooooo... 4 DAYS LATER... NO PHONE CALLS FROM THEM AT ALL.... and nothing is wrong and i can pick up my car? WTF. Why didn't they call me to let me know I can come get my car? Instead I had to call them a billion times just to get that answer.

These people have horrible customer service and I will NEVER EVER buy a car from there ever again. And i will NEVER recommend their services. They are extremely rude and don't care about their customers at all.

Tom H. | 2008-04-01

Sales: I didn't buy the car from them but they seem to have a lot of inventories.

Service:  Took my CSRT8 to get an oil change and to perform a TSB (coolant). They charged $75 for the oil change which is reasonable for SRT8 I think and the TSB is under warranty.  The service manager had very little knowledge on SRT8 and the TSB problem.  I took the car in 11am and they had to keep my car overnight.  They did provide me a PT Cruiser as a loaner.  Service Manager called in the next day around 2pm and told me the car's ready.  Got there had to wait 30 minutes for the sales manager to bring the paperwork to the cashier.   Came home opened the hood and checked the coolant tank, these people didn't even fill the coolant back to the minimum level and made a mess in the engine department, dried coolant stain was everywhere.